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Tate Modern

Tate Modern is a modern art gallery located in London, England.

Turbine Hall Black Power St Paul Millennium Bridge Tate Britain Louise Bourgeois

England is a land of creativity and innovation and examples of this type of initiative are the Tate Liverpool and t…
Modigliani, Tate Modern, review: This exhibition is just right
The new addition at the Tate Modern
Thought the prints went up on sale after Tate modern event ? Didn't stand a chance there
It's a Magritte from the Tate Modern and it blows my mind. Where did he go? Will he be back? What did t…
I am hoping to catch the exhibition at the
Can anyone in get me to oxford tonight (helicopter/ plane) in exchange for wonderful conversation and Parmesan??? A…
Follow in footsteps then see his show Modern. My piece in the
Saw Modigliani exhibition with its curator @ Tate Modern
Tuesday evening Modern for the opening of the magnificent exhibition 🎨
This thread on mansplaining is pure art. Hang it up in the Tate Modern art.
Preview of the Modern Modigliani exhibition took place today - a real treat. This was his last self-portrait, from…
We're at the Tate Modern in London for a preview of the "Modigliani" exhibition with the show's curator. Watch:
“I’m not saying you should do ket, but if you do, you should go to the Tate Modern” ok
Clear Jan day would be perfect to grab a coffee and see the view from the Tate Modern (one of the best in London imo!)
the Tate Modern's really going in the right direction with their new displays, which is partly why they…
All purpose parts banner
Today I'd have loved to have seen custodians sorting out the child invasion
"So whatever these people do, no matter how garbage, gets to go on the wall?". "Just like the Tate Modern.". I love
it's from various rooms at the Tate modern!!! the neon lights is the bruce nauman artist rooms :-)
Lost in the crowd at the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. New post coming tomorrow 👀. 📸: . Jumper - Hot Mess……
Looking forward to hearing speak about his work about the London Riots tomorrow
Tonight we're celebrating women in art! Come join us at Tate Modern for our Uniqlo
Bruce nauman's light work at Tate modern 💡
The Turbine Hall at modern is currently half-term-central, filled with swings and stripy carpet c/o Danish ar…
Want your delegates to stay in a cultural location? is near the Tate Modern, Borough Market & the Shard
This Friday, celebrates one year Modern with an party
In September, the Modern honoured the late with the "Positioning Nigerian conference: ht…
At October's Uniqlo asks you to 'mend your heart' with a new version of her iconic Mend Piece:
Yh tate modern is looking like a motive
Copy of River Thames at Tate Modern and View of the City of London October 13 2017: via
I’m so glad ! I’ve got a poster of one of their works on my wall and I’ve been to see them at the tate modern
Went to Tate Modern for the first time in years and it was very cool
oh shame! Thought you might have been having some half term fun. We've been to the theatre and Tate Modern.
On Oct 30th we’re joining up with Tate Modern to host the closing party. DJs: Stuart Baker, Andwot,…
Truly dreadful .and I've been to the Tate modern.
Join us for our FREE Art Therapy workshop at Tate Modern on 18/11 as part of the But We Are Still Here exhibition http…
overheard at Tate Modern “Kid: What does it mean. Mother: I dunno it’s art!?”
Basquiat on Monday and right now I’m killing an hour before drawing class in the Tate Modern
The new opened last weekend! Check out the modern art they have on display:
Does anyone have a contact for the Tate modern? 👀
Sounds racist to me, obsessed with her race.
Mind bending art takes hold at Tate Modern
This old power station is generating again, thanks to solar panels. And nope, it's not the Tate Modern...
This photo by me is going to be in the Tate Modern this Friday! Come through between 6-10 if you want. Man made it…
Exhibition opportunity for artits in Modern Art Museum …
Top story: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future … see more
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What do we mean when we talk about production? Explore this year's theme in depth here:…
The show is up some great comments already for example "better than Tate Modern" ! Can't ask for more than that ; ) http…
seductive nudes are among the best-loved paintings of the 20th century. At Tate Modern from 23 Nov:
Clever placement of products in including & s…
Matt said this is really good if you wanna take me? *bats long beautiful eyelashes
Also, the Yewtree and Tate Modern gags were utterly witless
"Ilya & Emilia Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future" is now open at the Modern!
Bit of art with the wife at Tate Modern @ Tate Modern
Zeitz MOCAA: Africa's answer to the Tate Modern has arrived in Cape Town
First look inside the new Modern Turbine Hall commission by SUPERFLEX: there's a rainbow carpet! Swings! Fun! Art!…
Tate Modern is throwing a massive Soul of a Nation closing party.
As part of our series, today we're showcasing David Hockney, one of most influential modern artists. A Big…
Sandy skies over London this afternoon, mad max style, thanks to hurricane Ophelia @ Tate Modern
TONITE at Tate Modern! Soul of A Nation discussion with Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) + curator Mark Godfrey +Sowet…
London's Modern's Turbine Hall transformed into giant playground full of swings
Emma Amos, Eva the Babysitter 1973, on display in at Tate Modern. Exhibition ends 22 Oct 2017:
I was at Tate Britain, this is at Tate Modern. Ask , she spent more than a day trawling Tate Modern 😉
No doubt we can flog the table to the Tate Modern. "We call this 'Écrit sur la Table (2017)…
This is art for two reasons: 1) I say it is; and 2) it's taken in the modern. Also, as an afterthought, my s……
Adult swings Modern! They're more stable with more people on them, and they don't work well unless there's co…
Photo I took in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern years ago (bookshop reflection) one of my favourite spaces.
Virtual reality comes to Tate Modern for Modigliani – Press Release | Tate
What does look like in an age of digital production? Come to our free event + exhibit this week at
Education Station today. Yr4s writing recounts of their trip to Tate Modern. Intro para, detail paras and end wrap.
School trip to the Tate Modern today led one Matisse to another... (Still think it is a stupid *first* name).
TONIGHT: Women, surrealism and the Second World War at the Tate Modern.
Contributors to our forthcoming Journal of Peer Production SI will be exhibiting at Tate Modern this week w h…
John Akomfrah's "The Unfinished Conversation" at Tate Modern is bloody good. It explores the life of cultural theor…
There's a big swinging ball in the Modern.
I literally spent an entire day exploring their Tate Modern Switch House. The building itself was an immaculate work of art to me.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Quite - I always say, the best thing about Tate Modern is the view it gives of St Paul's!
Full conference programme for Black Art, Black Power: Responses to Soul of a Nation (13 Oct) now available.
FACTORY:the seen and the unseen is now closed. The year of PRODUCTION has now started.
Got told to smile on entrance to the Tate Modern, just had a break up and needed to use the loo to clean my face. M…
Spending the late afternoon Modern visiting the Soul of a Nation exhibition...
We visited Tate Modern for huge project FACTORY: the seen and unseen. Read more here:
On "bewitching performance about the female body & the boundaries between human & machine":
Stephen’s of Modern. He created a loose sketch on site and finished the in his studio
There's the Soul of a Nation exhibition currently going on at the Tate Modern till next Sunday
Until Sunday, enter Clare Twomey's soundscape as production stops & the Factory opens for questions:
Guerrilla Girls Talk Back. 1985-1990. ("New acquisition at the Tate Modern, she gasps.) @ Tate…
A sound installation I recently experienced at Tate Modern had a circle of speakers on stands like the people speak…
Wonderful staff limbering up on the Superflex swings before welcoming the public to Tate Modern.
You have to visit The Tate Modern's new interactive art installation
.reviews Superflex Modern & Martin Puryear from the ridiculous to the sublime. http…
Update your maps at Navteq
Notes on ‘Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power’, thru 22-Oct at the Tate Modern
Provocative theme of "Production" 4 - what political relations could we produce via https:…
Sounds like something for the Tate Modern.
I’d offer it to the Tate Modern, but sadly this is now impossible on account of me having eaten it!
Highly recommended. Soul of a Nation at the Tate Modern. Some visually stunning pieces of art that express both the abst…
Tate Modern's Turbine Hall: Is it becoming more about taking your kids out for a fun day than art?
Tate Modern's Turbine Hall: The infantilisation of art is not a new thing
Tate Modern's Turbine Hall turns into a giant adult playground -
Superflex at Tate Modern: We explored the new swing-tastic Turbine Hall installation
Laura Cumming is disappointed by Superflex Turbine Hall installation at Tate Modern: One Two Three Swing!
First photos of Tate Modern's new Turbine Hall installation: One Two Three Swing! by -
Fascinating. I can imagine a future Turbine Hall commission at Tate Modern recreating that conveyor belt as art
You 2. Dinner in Chinatown last night. Saw "42nd Street." Tate Modern today. I always struggle for…
Next spring, Tate Modern will stage its first ever solo exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work
I am very excited to be leading this Audio Description tour at Tate Modern today at 3.30pm.
Okay but can someone just take me to Tate Modern please..
iconic works are at Tate Modern until 10 Sep: © Alberto Giacometti/Licensed in UK by ACS &…
Join artist Dayanita Singh in a celebration of books as she launches Museum Bhavan in conversation at Tate Modern:
Great composition and colour contrast. What was the highlight for you at the
The Tate Modern is maybe my favorite museum in the world.
to 2000 - the Tate Modern recorded 5.25m visitors in its 1st year, making it the most popular modern a…
Tate Modern to host its first ever solo Picasso exhibition
Fellow Anglophile here...please say hello to the Tate Modern for me
i kid u not in the Tate Modern in london there was an art piece called "coke wrapped in Kleenex," it…
This was such a great exhibition Modern. Still one of the best and most memorable pieces I've seen 🌅…
If you're in London, you've still got four weeks to catch this exhibition !!
/ Viewed from high up in the Modern's new Switch House/Blavatnik Building, looking towards the Thames.
Tate Modern has a Daido Moriyama thing on, that I would love to see.
we took bikes around London and visited Tate Modern on Friday
is the Modern's powerful new exhibition you'll want to go to
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Much truth in this. A visit to the Tate Modern was a real eye opener.
Painting on the gum, outside of Tate Modern. It's truly art!
My packing currently wouldn't look out of place in the Tate modern. I'm pretty proud of how it's turned out
Saw the Georgia O'Keefe exhibition at Tate Modern. So much more to it than what people think they know. Like these guys.
A friend of a friend emailed me the most wondrous guide. I will share it with anyone who comes over;…
My new post on my blog is about Living Cities, the current exhibition at Tate Modern includes a video by Ai Weiwei.
I had work in a group show at the Tate Modern earlier this year and another showing at PARC Sapporo next week, too broke to attend either 🙃
The Red Hat Films crew explains technical scouting as they frame up their cameras at Tate Modern. .
Excellent piece by of the on in Cape Town's
Yan's heart of a hero is a work of art. Wouldn't look out of place at the Tate Modern!
Only two weeks left to see monumental works at Tate Modern: Zeid with 'Crown Prince Ha…
inspiration tuesday modern with BOBBY-B
Today was one of those unexpectedly warm days; I wandered over to Tate Modern and the wobbly bridge for a lunchtim……
Excited to announce Networked Economies of Art programme wt IP guru Bernard Horrocks and sign up here!
is being transformed. Only two days until FACTORY opens. What will you make? https:…
This gorgeous art gallery in Yorkshire just beat the Tate Modern to be named the UK's best museum…
Tate Modern is offering free entry for its Soul of Nation exhibition this Friday | London Evening Standard
Went to Tate Modern today, the Black Power exhibition is frickin good. Follow it up with *** Art @ Britain, DO IT.
Cool, so there's Soul of a Nation at Tate Modern and there's a Rachel Whiteread retrospective at Ta…
Always enjoy visiting Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London. So much to see, such as John Constable's Yarmou…
Tate to Tate do one too. Tate Modern to Tate Britain. Also a winner is a walk through St.James's Park/Gr…
Last one for years to come ... the requisite St. Paul's shot. @ Tate Modern
St Paul's from the Millennium Bridge, fabulous day today at the Tate Modern!.
Go to the Tate Modern Turbine Hall (free) then go up to the level 10 observation deck (free). Current…
If you missed the Carousel/Tate Modern chef collaboration last month, try one of Carousel's chef residencies at thei…
featured in new politically charged Tate Modern exhibition, "Soul of a Nation." 🎹🎷🎺🎼 🎶🎶🎶
•The Artful Traveler• On the Tate Modern's stunning new addition and what it means for London's future.…
Street music by the Millennium Bridge 🎶 @ Tate Modern
Soul of a Nation at Tate Modern looks great. On til 22 October
The Stirling Prize shortlist should have included !
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Tate Modern was such a beautiful experience. I'm still really inspired by the incredible art and the variety of art. Really got me thinking!
Excellent exhibition, delight to visit
Guess who we met at the Tate Modern Museum 🎨 @ Tate Modern
lovely NYT piece about the Tate Modern, Southwark, and urbanism in London.
Yours truly with a fellow Volunteer on today's Tate Modern shift.
Amazing take note Tate Modern this is art.
"Was the view of abandoned luxury also part of the museum?"
Tate Modern will pay thousands for this.more if they are cheese and onion.
Yay they are married!!! Congrats Canon Charanza and Tate! . . Venue: The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Photo:...
This morning I went to see the Soul of a Nation exhibit, it is really worth seeing!
Highly recommend at Tate Modern - great art and great books inc. James Baldwin. Below, America the B…
“We absolutely need to be speaking to the whole of our society.” Art for All at Tate.
"Uhh the curve.. I know this one well" @ Tate Modern
Front page of today's NYT Travel section. you are on your game! . At the Tate Modern, Art and Play
Ceri at 15. Acrylic on canvas. Great to visit Giacometti at Tate Modern with her on Friday. 40 this year.time f…
In the year UK decides to divorce its neighbors and does power sharing deal with DUP.. I'm not surprised at all !
.wants to know if you've visited the Modern's powerful Find out more:…
UK "is all 4 subtlety & understatement ... but occasionally 1 wants architecture that grabs ur mind, body & soul...”
Head to St Paul's Cathedral then walk across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern then wander…
The Guardian: Is the Stirling becoming a prize *** Maybe, but has another entrant, so that's good
Stirling shortlist omission of Tate Switchhouse is mad - a great new public space for London
By the way am like to go see that Tate Modern exhibit Thursday afternoon if you're around.
U.S. African-American art exhibition Soul of a Nation opens at Tate Modern
Read about each room of at Tate Modern & listen to the curators’s playlist in our exhibition guide:
Call it modern art and watch the Tate Modern and Charles Saatchi battle it out. Minimum £3m.
Back at the Tate Modern to finish the Soul of a Nation exhibit. No photos allowed
Check out our photos from an afternoon at the Tate Modern at
It'll be in the Tate Modern by the end of the year.
On way to Tate Modern. Not been for ages. Looking forward to the Soul of a Nation exhibition quite a lot.
Brilliant piece this. What kind of is valuable to London? riffs on Tate Modern & Southwark
Meet Black Singles 300x250
They should submit it to the Tate Modern. More interesting than most of the stuff they keep.
The Tate Modern and the Battle for London’s Soul
As luxury condos proliferate across London, the evolving Modern provides a model for the city’s public spaces…
Soul of a Nation at Tate Modern on until 22nd October. .
this lengthy rumination on Tate Modern, Southwark, and London is worthwhile .
At the Tate Modern, Art and Play via nytimes
Latest news update from Luisa Florez. At the Tate Modern, Art and Play
Synchronicity - a range of themes that emerged today w come together in one article
Wow! What a powerful exhibit of life and art in American!!! Highly highly recommend visiting Tate Modern for the Soul of a Nation exhibit.
Loving this Nyt video... At the Tate Modern, Art and Play, via
“A museum in the 21st century is no longer just a repository of work, but an active house of co-creation.”
Explore how African American artists innovated documentary film in our Saturday screenings: How it Feels to Be Free…
If you're in London this summer don't miss exhibition Modern. Moving and powerful, political art at its best.
I wrote a piece on the Tate Modern and the hyperdevelopment of London. (Also tahini and synthetic fog.)
History in Art: Soul of a Nation at Tate Modern
“Art is not an object but an experience.”. A moving portrait of a city, and its changing face, by .
is at Tate Modern until 10 September. Here are 8 things you should know about the era defining sculptor:
Americans are *so* cute. Tweely aestheticised view of Bankside (where I live) misses developers' Ballardian agenda
HGS PA trip takes in Tate Modern, St Paul's Cathedral and our watering hole, Cafe Rouge before The Play T…
"I suddenly became aware of the possibilities of space. Space in all directions." .
Black Power comes to Tate Modern in an urgent show charting a movement’s rise
Soul of a Nation Modern reviewed by – a revolution more painted than televised. ★★★★.
Explore the newest wing of the Tate Modern, where experiential work encourages museumgoers to interact with the art
Wonderfully enlightening exhibition at the Tate modern and great brain food before tonight's gig at Iklectik. I lov…
Opening tomorrow, Modern exhibition aims to be a ‘turning point’ for African-American artists
.Modern chronicles the rise of Black Power in post-war in which opens this week https:/…
It's called "After Hours: Soul of a Nation" check it out, there'll be workshops and discussions & free drinksss.
Just cause I can't go doesn't mean you shouldn't. This Fri there's a 15-25 private viewing of the new Black Power exhibition @ Tate Modern
Art powerhouse Tate Modern expands with pyramid-shaped tower. [
Another sublime night Modern for opening of with accompanied by guest L…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Gatwick to Southbank in London showers. Globe Theatre and Tate Modern were some of the…
Tate Modern exhibition aims to be a 'turning point' for African-American artists
The Tate Modern's new 'Black Power' exhibition celebrates the art of revolution
Whatever you miss don't miss this Modern . It's strong and beautiful, huge but perfectly formed, wonderfully…
Tate Modern celebrates work of black artists from civil rights movement
Totally wowed at opening of Modern's new exhibition Stunning work from many of the great African-America…
Soul of a Nation review – the sorrowful, shattering art of Black Power
I urge you to go and listen to Janet Cardiff's Forty Part Motet installation at Modern in the Tanks. Pure joy and be…
Was a supreme moment to meet Modern for the preview of exhibition https:/…
'Extraordinary times call for extraordinary shows' - Independent. opens tomorrow at Tate Modern:
Amazing night at Tate Modern opening with Willis Alston in this photo
The UK’s biggest exhibition yet will open at Tate Modern on 23 November! Book now:
Good morning art lovers. If you missed me on Giacometti and his stick men at Tate Modern it's here. Breath in!
Our team built the Millennium Bridge complete with St Pauls and Tate Modern
The Louise Bourgeois ARTIST ROOMS display at Tate Modern closes at the end of the month. A great insight into her w…
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Love the spider. Just after Tate Modern first opened Louise Bourgeois had two of her spiders showin…
Pretty sure the Tate Modern needs this.
Designed by Studio Tate, this bold yet refined interior is the personification of Middletown Cafe’s ‘modern muse’...
"I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it." @ Tate Modern
AI took this photo in Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern some years.My niece is on the left. The children came down via that…
The Victoria & Albert museum? Feels like more if British Museum artifact…or Tate Modern if he has an edgy style.
The view from the top of the Tate Modern. @ Tate Modern
is closing on Sunday! Don't miss out on unrivalled collection of modernist photography
Tickets for first major retrospective are now on sale! Opening 13 June at Tate Modern:
So, funny story, me and jack walked around 4 miles looking for the tate modern and we got lost and couldn't find a single tube station
My phone died faster then I thought it would, I'll do better tomorrow but here's some from Tate Modern
Wolfgang Tillmans at Tate Modern and : a major artist for the 21st century by http…
😍 Snapshot from - the Elton John Collection which was showing at Tate Modern.…
On the walls of the Tate Modern extension. Can this be the setting out point for a £200m project?
Watching The Persuaders for Roger Moore - rooftop scene showing chimney smoke of power station that is now Tate Modern
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I had a lovely day out with my youngest , James , today. We went to the Tate modern, somewhere I've always wanted...
Tate Britain could be our greatest museum – if it only loved its treasures The Guardian Another hang!
So original! So edgy! So provocative! This is the kind of thing that will end up in the Tate Modern as 'art'...
Alberto Giacometti's stick-like bronze figures serve as emaciated emblems of the postwar zeitgeist |…
That spider was in the main lobby of the Tate Modern when it first opened. Impressive artwork when viewed in person
-opinions will differ but something stinks when Brums Central Library is deemed demolishable. Should have been our Tate modern.
London: Tate Modern, The Wolseley, Harrods, Hyde Park, London Eye. Germany: which part will you be in?
Me and the missus have been to Tate Modern today and I was so arty and poncy like you wouldn't…
Happy . Ahead of opening at Tate Modern, here he is hosting Thanksgiving dinner in his New York loft…
Our photo of the day goes to leahssin for this fab shot of Tate Modern Switch House…
Loved visiting these at the Tate Modern!
That's all I'm ever going to do at art museums from now on, watch out Tate and you too Tate Modern.
Who this Tate Africa y'all talking bout huka? 🤔🤔🤔
Feel the impact of Louise Bourgeois’s intense psychological insight in her ARTIST ROOMS exhibition at Tate Modern:
My friend Eloise (6) drew this after our visit to Modern. Can you guess which works she liked?
Excited and proud to be screening Unearthing Elephant on 9th June
.Modern continues to champion female artists with shows on and in 2018
.Nicholas Serota's Tate heritage!. A story of success passed on to Maria Balshaw.
Getting some Modern Art in at the Tate Modern. @ Tate Modern
Modern master: how Nick Serota's Tate skyrocketed to success
.looks at how Nicholas Serota's Tate skyrocketed to success
Giacometti is an awkward candidate for blockbuster treatment – but the team at Tate have pulled it off
Fiona Kingsman of Tate Modern, Tate Exchange speaking at Bode-Museum in Berlin
Yes, but does he deserve the 'surprise' yacht, which his chronically under compensated staff were asked to pay for?
I know, like her giant cast iron spiders. I remember seeing an enormous one in the Tate Modern...
*The Artful Traveler:* Robert Rauschenberg, six sensational decades of work, transfers from the Tate to MoMA…
Have a read of this story from last years Playing up are coming to on Sat! https:…
Tate Modern currently showing works of Giacometti and Wolfgang Tillman
Another great Modern film club tonight - Picasso the theme. Gr8 film by interviewed by
Sigurdsson's right foot is so cultured it deserves its own exhibition in Tate Modern
Visit Tate Modern tomorrow for a book signing with Wolfgang in our Terrace Shop from 12pm-2pm
Went to the Tate modern yesterday ... some of it is just so random !
met a kind politician this afternoon trying to catch a Jynx at the Tate Modern
the Sea Girls at the Exchange level 5 Tate Modern
Looking forward to forthcoming 2018 Picasso retrospective with Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907
Excited to be landing to see our featured film of the week
Giacometti review – a spectacular hymn to human survival
If you're in London be sure to visit the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition before it closes in June
panoramic view from the Tate Modern's highest floor
Wolfgang Tillmans This is Wolfgang Tillmans’s first ever exhibition at Tate Modern…
Tate Modern Extension shortlisted for congrats: Trustees of Tate
☀️ Shield from the sun's sonic rays at a film screening of work by & at Tate TONIGHT
Iranian Photobooks: From Revolution to war - Artist and Society at Tate Modern | Tate
"You Are Welcome" is now open! How can art make a difference to society? Come and tell us what you think:
Nah, it turns out that the curating (awful at Tate Modern, superb at BM) does matter m…
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Our Friday Tap Take Over from is having a preview at Tate Modern on Thursday!
Afternoons spent together are the best 🎨🎀🇬🇧 @ Tate Modern
tate saatchi Her works are unique and unmistakable
Fantastic to see our Tap Takeover Terrace Bar of the Tate Modern listed in this week's -we're really…
Tate Modern calls for proposals for papers on 'Positioning Nigerian Modernism'. Deadline: 26 May. Details:
Fab evening at the Tate Modern with my fave couple
.on falling in love with photography. See his unrivaled collection in until 21 May:
It's not just the art you see at any given gallery/museum etc @ Tate Modern Museum
Alberto Giacometti, Tate Modern, review: It would have been refreshing to see an early painting or two
Double vision, dome of St Paul's & its reflection from new viewing gallery Modern
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