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Tartan Day

Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage on April 6, the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. A one-off event was held in New York City in 1982, but the current format originated in Canada in the mid 1980s.

Ellis Island New York City North America

Good God, that makes me so sad that I'm stuck here in nashville. They take care of…
That moment you arrive home late, put the news on and...Theresa May has been wearing 'that' tartan outfit all day. Can someone have a word?
It's all there. The inventor of Tartan Day, Senator Trent Lott, was too extreme a racist for Dubya Bush!
Even on draft day there is time for uniform talk. Will we ever see UNT Tartan on athletic unis? Could be cool js
It's game day. The raiders take on Tartan tonight JV at 5:15 at the high school and Varsity at 7:00 at Todd Field
My Aubrey tartan trousers have one day left to arrive 🤞🏽 plz come tomoz
They were in UKgov business. SNP politico were there for Tartan day.
Yes - Government business. Johnson is foreign secretary - he has to do business abroad.…
Our 1st Tartan Day on Ellis Island in 2002 - before they could spell CURRIE.
Few have asked who paid expenses re trip to New York for several SNP politico for Tartan Day! Perhaps s…
Who knew?! Each April, National Tartan Day is celebrated in Canada. Click to learn more!
I feel like I'm coming down with something. Day in my pjs with my Kindle 💛
First day in new job today. If someone tells me to go ask John in Stores for some tartan paint and a long stand I'll be there like a shot.
Six Albums of Photos from Tartan Day 2017 now posted at
A3 We would love to visit Tartan Day in New York to see how they celebrate their Scottish heritage
I never said that I did. The SNP can stop it. Govern, make tough decisions instead of wasting money. Baby boxes? Tartan day?
Just having a chilled out day to myself 👌
Thanks to all involved in especially the crowds who lined Avenue of the Americas, for a wonderful Tartan…
Kilted Yogis & pulling shapes here in on 6th Avenue's Parade h…
With marchers, onlookers and pups in we’re taking a look back at this year’s Tartan Day Parade.
Our Tartan Touch hubs had a fantastic time on BT Cup Finals Day! 🏉. Try at a hub near you in May! . 👉…
Scottish Tartan in FT colours for World Fairtrade Day? You'd better believe it :):
World Fair Trade Day receives its own tartan
Tartan Day via Follow the link and see cool things done by yours truly!
I'm doing great. First day back at work after 12 days off, including 5 in Tasmania. Reading lots of tartan noir
It's not just North America that celebrate Tartan Day. This cracking pic is from the Buenos Aires celebra Escocia event ear…
On this day in 1975, the Bay City Rollers had been No.1 for 6 weeks with 'Bye Bye Baby'. Did you wear tartan scarves and…
How most Scots would like 2017 to pan out. SNP gets kicking in 2 votes. Elsie sees sense & drops indyref calls. Scot Govt gets…
Celebrate Canada's 150th this Friday with the Celtic Cross Dancers direct from Ottawa, ONT at Tartan Day on Ellis I…
Captain Kidd was the subject for our 2015 Tartan Day on Ellis Island program.
Someone took it on the day of the NY Tartan Day parade. April.
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kilt look works verrra well for you! You're all set for the Tartan Day parade in NYC next year
So much history there. The Klan saw itself as "clannish" in the Scottish sense, and then Trent Lott's efforts for Tartan Day..
likely you'll get half of these with the others being miz, Stroman, new day. Eek.
Bray Wyatt all day. He needs it the most
Canstruction, Migratory Bird Day, Astronomy Day, Buccaneer Day Parade, Tartan Parade: there's no being bored today in Victoria! ~Shayne
I'm sure he ruled the Wellie and the Colonial (coconut joe's 80s haunt) back in the day
It's another Special Edition Tartan Saturday! We have the tartan Star Trails for International Astronomy Day, May...
It's Special Edition Tartan Saturday! Today we have "Bowhunter" for Archery Day!. Celebrated on the second...
BBQ can make any day better. All the pigs are out for .
Do you wear tartan to your day job then? Do you bellow FREEDOM at every tea break?. .
This tartan draped cake turned out Bonnie, we hope the bride and groom had a wonderful day!
For National Frog Jumping Day, we reprise the posting of the tartan "Old Frog.". By designer Carol Martin, this...
Don't invite bad luck this Friday 13th- or any other day of the year!.
Day 1 of conference 😊 wearing my Tartan pencil dress in honour!! @ Edinburgh,…
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oh god. it was 'Who's the most scottish day'. including the muppet wearing the tartan designed in Lancashire. 😂😂😂
I see yer maw n da got married the day!.
Just throwing it out there that it's game day.. once again @ tartan…
Great day with Elizabeth, Mum and Dad & Flora MacCormick. Sworn in. Tartan
this is how Mrs Tartan and I dressed on our wedding day, though my hair wasn't as pink
A day in Shanghai with in our UIP Tartan Plaid Structured Stoned Shirt 🍁
Thing is, back in the day, only Highlanders wore tartan and kilts. Glasgow and Edinburgh seemed to have claimed them
Humza doesn't mess about with the first day back outfit 👌
Not feeling this morning. One more day till the weekend.
Every time I say the word plaid, I can hear my dad's voice in my head saying tartan. He wore a plaid tie to work every day & he always
Little late but here is blog on our Tartan Day antics. And penguins!
Great day filming in Edinburgh for and a new film about and
Of the 129 MSPs who will be sworn in tomorrow, 19 have served continuously from day one of 12 of them SNP http…
That would b right up his street, 300.00 per day just for turning up.
An affordable way to get a piece of your tartan that you can wear every single day!
it's a tartan skirt and black tights day, ah I wish!
I added a video to a playlist Tartan Day 2016
If you've got Scottish roots, or you're a self-proclaimed Scot-o-phile, then ... -
Walk with confidence . Our boy styling the Skull tartan jacket the other day 👌🏻
My heather coloured piece is in the kiln... A hot day and night in the studio http…
If you've got Scottish roots, or you're a ... -
First, if you live in the East or South Bay, come to Ardenwood Farms this weekend for Tartan Day and enjoy the...
Come out to Ardenwood Farms in Fremont for Tartan Day, and enjoy The Trio Of One at 11:45am and 1:45pm!...
Gr8 coverage for our Tartan Day on Ellis Island program from Celtic Life magazine!
That's what I tell wee Highland dancers on Tartan Day. I finished mine last night at dinner!
What a day! Can't wait to throw down with the band tonight at The Tartan in Oshawa 10:00pm!!
almost! I'll be in black watch tartan on the day :)
Lol it's the third day and i'm on my second tartan ID card :-)
Our sample sale shoe of the day will evoke tartan love.
I have completed day 2 of week 1 with Change4Life's free Couch to 5k app. Give it a go!
Another day... another awesome style - Channel the in this little number - the...
like then but they're over rated) so I've never given the shadows a go. I will one day though x
your tartan dms? Yours? Omg you are not having a good day today
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We'll get you to design the TT Clubhouse one day!
Great day on door to door first on Tartan in Millidgeville and then off to Martinon tonight!
this is my tartan MCB.hope you enjoyed the sunshine,rain here all day.sleep well xxx
Rainy day | Red tartan dress - 20% discount at use my code FASHBATCH via
First day of being a good ol tartan and I forgot pens and pencils :-)
Newlyweds, Sunny and Sona Sanghera on their wedding day
Thanks for that Tartan *** Im currently on 34 pills/day. Just started on killing bacteria for next 3 months. Nasty !
Such a great day being presented with the world peace tartan.
Achieving a contemporary look for Tartan in Weddings: Many couples want to use tartan on their Big day, which ...
Add a splash of neon to a grey day with these fabulous tartan Pretty Ballerinas with chain detail and…
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I seriously wanna do a Tartan Day story for Crotoonia. Imagine Merida, Scrooge McDuck, Duncan and the Scottish Twins all in the same room
The Black Watch looked absolutely magnificent in their 'government tartan' and tropical No. 1s that day
Nice sunny day and Tartan dugs at open day - pic Karen Kirkwood
Spend the day playing cod with my man. So jealous that he's got an Xbox One! Think I'll need to get myself one 👀
Is there a sports journalism equivalent of the Tartan *** Back pages are full of crap every day
for Tartan Day next year I hope :) But I can't be sure yet - will let you know as soon as I can (funding etc).
I've no idea what this Wallace day thingy is all about but taking the *** out of the tartan army is a bit low
3rd day as most read article on Scotland now 😂 nothing like boring & dull 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Game day! Kick off at 1pm at Tartan High School vs Hill Murray. Good luck boys!
Starting my day of nails off with Tartan Punk in CND Shellac.
As companion post for National Iced Tea Day, we have another tea tartan, "Afternoon/Assam Tea." . One of three...
** ITS LAUNCH DAY ** Who knew I was arriving 'Bows' be sure to check them out ft all my favourites
Day 283 I found a100 metres of tartan track for sprinting, just a mile among the beach!
On our first day in Scotland, we bought some whiskey booze, a pair of boots for me, and some Clan Fraser & Mackenzie tartan scarves.
Should be a good day.6 of us traveling up from folkestone. I've even bought 6 tartan trilbys for us to wear. bit of fun.
Bad day to wear tartan trousers. Looking like a Chinese tourist walking through the fringe..
Just one more day until the tickets to the golf and dinner are no longer available! 9 holes for $35 tasty dinner...
Good day for my tartan colleagues...
enjoy the day. Hope you're wearing tartan
beautiful view! Hope you have a nice day being back at work!
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~ OUTFIT OF THE DAY ~> "LAD IN PLAID" . (BLUE YELLOW TARTAN FLANNEL). Hate will make you cautious, love…
Nice coverage in The Courier on our 14th annual Tartan Day on Ellis Island program. Over 35 thousand on attendance! http:…
The Scottish Rite masonic temple on a gorgeous Tartan Day in Washington, DC. Houses a great Robert Burns collection.
They can handle Vikings - how will NY Celtic Dancers fare against Pirates. Find out - Tartan Day on Ellis Island.
Saw the Vikings at the Tartan Day parade in NYC 2 years ago--awesome!
Amazing wee night with 💛💜💖💙 hope she's had a fabulous day. Love her so much! 🍹🍹🍹
Dancing the One O'clock Cannon at our Tartan Day Dance 2014. Thanks to the dancers and to Lee for filming for us.
More tartan because I'm up in Scotland. . This picture is included in A Dog A Day's 3 for 2 sale. Buy two dog...
Manchester to Derby following the route of Bonnie Prince Charlie army 269 years to the day. I will be in Highland 1745 clothing.
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Sigh. Today is a bad day. At least i have my pink tartan bra. That's something.
Casual smart in a tartan coat for press day! 😎🔑✨
Our big St. Andrew's Day event is coming up.
Tonight's socks- a nice fan gave me a tartan pair to wear tonight but they were unfortunately too…
It's a beautiful day & almost time for my Lady Zephyrs to clash with the Titans of Tartan in the first round of Section 4 playoffs
Busy day filming the Tartan Pride film with What's the Gaelic for "See you Jimmy" you ask!?
Also at PLACC today we have been making some tartan poppys for rememberence day next week, the children have been wearing them with pride :)
True scotsman wear tartan on their wedding day!
Tartan skirt, tights and boots kinda day
Last day to register for Weave a Tartan on a Rigid Heddle Loom. Great for beginners.
We open again at 3 today. Stop in for your "one-a-day" after work. Reminder: Tartan Tent is now on tap! See you soon!
Half way through my day. Another half to go & the weekend begins 😁😁😁
It's a giant tartan scarf kind of day today!!
Mad for The day I introduced into my wardrobe and fell in love
One more from the races. Biggest hats i saw all day.
Jeezo, today has been a very long day. Beyond tired.
Mailing day tomorrow. Our green tartan smock seems to be popular
Toby is having a bad hair day!. I am heading up to Scotland tomorrow, hence the tartan. I will sell this brand new...
Dress down day is 29 Nov. if they have tartan then they wear it then. London letter tomorrow. Plan is great
It's an ear *** kinda day, and why not match up with some tartan/check 󾌩 Love these ear *** I got in...
New watch, fred perry top, tartan top & a Nandos. Pay day ❤️
It's a tartan and Olivia Burton watch kind of Day!❤️
Green floral, green tartan, green wool kinda day
Just woke up and realised its the best day of the week coz its tonight! Luv ya
Morning Tartan Trainers! Another great day for it, we might even get some drizzle to cool us down tonight! Who's coming?
Media insurance achieved for Tartan! And God smiled upon freedom of the press this day
I think some of their previous efforts are disgraceful too. Burning travellers, the pope etc. It's tartan, Nessie, oil. whisky
The day I die is the day I see a non-white person at Tartan fields
Scotland has a great deal more to offer the world than Nessie and Tartan.
Come on! Nessie & Tartan are not everything that epitomises Scotland! We need a modern Scotland not Brigadoon
Burn Salmond fine but for me they're burning everything that epitomises Scotland - kilt, whiskey, oil, tartan, Nessie etc.
Everything that epitomises Scotland was included, Nessie, Tartan, Oil, Whisky, Kilts - not about Salmond.
Burning Salmond isn't the issue - burning Nessie, Tartan and everything else that epitomises Scotland however, is.
A tights and shorts kind of day. Am totally loving my new booties from
My problem isn't with the Alex Salmond part. It's with the yes badge, the saltires, the tartan, the Nessie and the 45% …
Nessie, Tartan, FM, Recent democratic decision.. it's not just Salmond it's the heritage too.
It's gonna be a day of left handed screwdrivers, tartan paint, skirting board ladders and long weights.
Okay.. but they're not burning Salmond. It's the tartan, haggis, yes, Nessie I've said umpteen times not about FM
Not trying to create mock outrage but they've known in everything that epitomises Scotland - FM, Nessie, Tartan, Haggis, Yes
I'm not outraged merely disappointed - it's not Salmond but it epitomises everything Scottish. Tartan, haggis
promoting and burning an effigy of Salmond and Nessie whilst wearing tartan, yes, 45% badges and haggis etc.
Day 39 : Love my jacket with tartan and a primark floppy hat! 🍁.
***Back in stock***. Black white tartan . Swing dress. £12.
Successful day shopping, new top and Tartan leggings. Yayayay!🙈
How about some COLOR on this rainy day??? If you follow us on instagram, you can get an awesome discount good...
Day 3 of our tartan quiz: check out the next question here for your chance to WIN
new in my etsy shop: CUSTOM Tartan Necklace Loopy Setting- Made to Order - Jewelry Valentine&Day Gifts Under...
Here's our chosen order of the day, the design
I want a tartan skirt or dress to wear on Christmas Day 😓
It's wedding Wednesday! Just a snippet of this gorgeous couple's wedding day at the Beautiful ❤️tartan
My outfit of the day! Wearing my own clothing line OTOKONOKO Tartan Shirt with Gold… (at [pic] —
This photo is from NYC Tartan Day 2013 and is the birthday of when living legend and NY Times...
10 of Scotland's spectacular castles, falling in love with Scotland
Exciting events delivered by Aberdeen City Council's City Events team for Aberdeen's citizens and visitors to enjoy. We organise Aberdeen's Highland Games, Armed Forces Day, Aberdeen's Tartan Day, Aberdeen's Winter Festival and more.
T'was a traditional tartan day today, 4 of these to do for a client, love the fabric, she has good…
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Dressed like I'm spending a day at the beach but taken my tartan scarf just in case, sun stop messing with my head please
Highlight of my day: being told by two lovely ladies 'we love your skirt lassie'. reigns supreme
She & I fight over who will be Samantha when in NYC for Tartan Day.
The number of times american rebels identify scots as malicious foreigners is quite funny considering the rhetoric around 'tartan day'
“Edinburgh 👊” o the new tartan blazer is coming out😏 what day?
Love the Amelia Tartan Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress from opinions on this?
Hello Wandering Scots! After a brief Tartan Day and Easter break we are back at the salt mine and there are great things in the works. First of all, SAVE THE DATE: Wandering Scots' next online video discussion is set for Saturday, May 31st at 1:00pm Eastern Time. Join Dr. Michael Newton and COSCA Rocky Mountain Circuit Rider Scott Perez to discuss the experience of the Gael in conflict torn colonial America. Our current book "The Fort" provides great insight into Scots in the Revolutionary War. As our readers may have noticed, just shy of every British soldier at Penobscot Bay was a Scot and many were highlanders who came to North America as Gaelic speakers and inheritors of a much different tradition than other Scots. Dr. Newton has written and lectured extensively on the particular experience of the Gael in early American history and we are delighted to have him aboard for this video discussion. So mark your calendars and be sure to watch the live stream of the video discussion on May 31. We will b ...
It's our intern's first day AND her birthday! @ Tartan Group
Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage on April 6, the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. An ad hoc event was held in New York City in 1982, but the current format originated in Canada in the mid-1980s. It spread to other communities of the Scottish diaspora in t…
Last day of Central Region women's golf tourney gets underway at 9:00 at Tartan Park. Here we go
It's a tartan and no make up kind of day 🎀
THE TARTAN FOX will be at Ladies Day at this Sunday!!!
Not a fan of tartan / bagpipes / daft hats meself just thought dancing Cammo was funny! Am more convinced of YES by the day
Noncompliance acceptation tartan day of payment loans: nice charge kit all for the needy: GvDeK
Good morning Another brilliant sunny Spring day in the Highlands. Off to Inverness for tartan, new iPhone, and to find Nessie!
This is from Johnson City's First Friday Tartan Day Event on April 5th.
Me Made May day 3- the as yet unblogged tartan dress in a family bathroom for the first BBQ of the…
Product of the Day - a Bank Holiday treat...this all over Tartan Golf bag. 100% exclusive. This one's a winner
Tartan tour application forms due to Mrs. Schinkelshoek by the end of the day May 6th. Don't miss out on opportunity to get involved!
Sport picture of the day: German Touring Car blurred lines (with (Photo: Getty) ht…
Nice first ride in his new job for STD. Was that like the equivalent of go & get some tartan paint & a long stand on your first day at work.
Tartan Day at work because my wifey is leaving to move to SCOTLAND! Gonna miss her like crazy.
It's a fantastic day to be rocking a pair of our 'Anrol' tartan sneakers
Will be at Tartan all day while my wife arranges for the towing and repair of my car. This must be how Eisenhower felt on D-Day.
Forgetting it's themed day at work - tartan. Do I walk home and try find something tartan (like nothing) or just wear uniform
tatooinechick will attend Family Fun Day and Tartan Teddy Bears Picnic.
I think today I'll park my bum on the couch & watch Star Wars all day.
It's a warmer day today in Tartan dress from clubcouture
Good morning Scarves, tartan rugs, olympic appetites and endless curiosity is the order of the day Producers' Picnic.
Step inside 10 of Scotland's most spectacular castles:
Clan Currie admires Muir. We dedicated our 2005 Tartan Day on Ellis Island to his life and legacy.
Big bud day today. Breakfast at dads 1st. Need to look out some tartan.
Huggable. Tartan Day will meet him whenever that is.
“Senior prank: our schools seniors and another schools seniors switch schools for a day” but actually TARTAN & NORTH 😊
Game Day! The Raiders take on Tartan HS tonight at 7:00 PM in Oakdale.
Been dressed like a mink all day so tartan dress it is
it's 'cultural day' at college so obviously I'm representing scotland with my tartan trousers, duh !!
I don't think that's how the founders of Believe Memphis day intended for it to be celebrated
Happy decision day to all seniors out there. Blessed to say I'll be a Tartan next year. Can't wait for the challenges that await
a tartan away strip ? In time for Independence Day maybe
tartan is lovely. Not over the top. Just nice. Love it! Hehe it must seen quite "bitty piecey" doing it all bit on the day it
Last of the day my hand painted Davies Tartan xxx Get Preened xxx
MY CAT HAS A TARTAN JACKET on with your day
I wasn't going to say that just in case it was in your family home. Green and red tartan...must have been Christmas every day!
Just in time for Father's Day this Vintage 1951 Tartan Men's Knit Sock Pattern. 4 sizes 10-12 includes half sizes. htt…
Flag raising ceremony in Caledonian Society of Restigouche for Tartan Day.
News Friday April 4th War Memorial grant aid A war memorial at Clachan in North Uist is one of ten in Scotland to receive a restoration grant from Historic Scotland, as the centenary of the beginning of World War I approaches. £2,520 has been allocated for the Clachan-ath-luis, among other grants to memorials from the Scottish Borders to Orkney. The grants were announced yesterday. Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop, said: “The immense sacrifice of those Scottish men and women who died during the First World War and other conflicts, should never be forgotten. These memorials, which serve not to celebrate war but to honour those who died, are a tangible reminder of our history and heritage, and every effort should be made to maintain them for future generations. Tartan Day for Islands MSP Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant is one of a delegation of Scottish representatives who will be in New York tomorrow for the annual Tartan Day parade. The delegation, which also incl ...
NY Tartan Week got off to a spectacular start last weekend and just continues to grow from strength to strength. The NY Celtic Dancers are throwing a party at Deacon Brodie's tonight, the Caledonian Club struts their stuff at a ceilidh on Friday and then there's the World Premiere of the NY Tattoo on Saturday, April 5. Our debonaire pal Howie Nicklesby provides the perfect opening act as he leads the NY Tartan Day parade. Many more events to follow next week including Whisky Live and the Gala Dinner hosted by the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA. I need a nap already! Full details at
Can't wait to head to NYC tonight with Ally & the WGH band for sightseeing & the Tartan Day parade!
MT This Sunday celebrate Tartan Day in Peterborough with a concert by the Strathspey and Reel Society
.Will you be marching in the Tartan Day parade in New York? If you need a place to stay, my parents’ couch is wide open.
Scots days: 1/25 Burns Night; 4/6 Tartan Day; 11/30 St Andrews Day "St. Pat's Day. Scots feel left out but we'll drink anyway..."
People change like seasons. One day they can warm you up and make you smile, the next they leave you all cold and bitter in
It's taken about 3 months of hunting but today I finally bought a tartan shirt! It made my day
When you walk in doc martins all day where other shoes feel weird...
Of course yes, you were serenading and I had a tartan bow tie! what a day eh! x
Had a lush day in Edinburgh. Even got myself a proper tartan scarf (hid it in my bag like coz I ain't no tourist) x
Remember to wear tartan on Friday for Burns Day celebrations and crazy hair on Monday 27th for our Mayhem Day for
Good day out in town with . Feel better now plus new tartan jeans,tunnels and booked my tattoo
we know about registering our number to avoid this but what I'm annoyed at is this is only the 1st day with a new number
Coverage of Scotland's Global Empire has been phenomenal and that's this side of the US & Canada publication next month. Roll on Tartan Day
Are you guys in tartan time all day?
we have tartan Time all day they made it today ***
Today is a tartan dress kind of day
Wish we had tartan time all day tomm.
Best part of a very frigid Toronto day seeing the gorgeous & talented & Drew & & some incredible dog time!
Are we still having tartan time like all day tomorrow?
If it's "Unlikely no will win" then Yes is likely to triumph. Resulting in widespread tartan and Braveheart 3pm Christmas Day.
People forget that he was to leave for Portland that same day to kick off yet another sold out tour.
Tartan Tuesday music starts at 9. Storm day tomorrow for hangovers!!
Tartan day on Friday. Wear something tartan or a Scotland strip to t shirt. A checked shirt will do.
It would be awesome if school got cancelled tomorrow too and we only had a two day week.
Shirt of the day: Black/Yellow/Red Tartan Check Brutus Trimfit with original detailing // £50 // Sizes S - XXL >...
Has anyone got anything tartan I could borrow for this Friday please.. It's wear it tartan day for my work.Blazor shirt or trousers
She also just said "im wearing tartan on friday because it's robbie williams day"
Tartan day at school Friday. Any ideas??.
Why are all girls wearing tartan these day? Increase in the Scottish or?
One day of sewing with a Singer hand machine later; a lot of tartan tableware is now made.
the only problem I have with it is that we're in Tartan Time all day. I can't stand my class and have no one in it
Waiting for the day I'm able to leave my house without wearing my tartan scarf
Sarah Fey Soles Campbell ready for tartan day xxx
Ladybirds 2 are dressing up on Friday for Burns Day, so remember to look our your tartan or scottish country dress. Happy Burns Day!
Just realized there are no more paid holidays until May. I can't believe they make us work on National Tartan Day!!!
Fur and Tartan: Winter Outfit of the Day via
Last day coming to post Rabbie tartan roses
Just a wee reminder Thursday this week is tartan day in wallacewell primary remember to get your girls wearing the tartan bands x ★I have no tartan ribbon left now★
Stomping to a drum today ft: and more!
So do we have tartan time all day tomorrow now?
Another great day Our Tartan Angels and new Stationery products are in high demand
Scotland’s Tartan Day. Join in the celebrations and take part in Tartan Day Scotland events.
2014 is a BIG year for Scotland getting under way with the Tartan Day Festival starting 5th April,...
the one day I don't bring my tartan scarf into sixth form and it's freezing
Wait does this mean we have tartan time all day tomorrow then ??? 😒💣🔫
With Burns day just around the corner our love for tartan is reaching new heights! Check out some of favorite pieces!
the other day there was a woman wearing platform doc martins and a teeny tartan skirt. I'm all for it but not when you're a
Wake up. . Eat. . Video games. . Eat. . Internet. . Eat. . Sleep. . Eat. . Sleep. . ^-- A day in my life.
When booking your kilt outfit make sure you are collecting day before so YOU CAN TRY ON YOUR OUTFIT .Important
I miss Jorge A. You are so far away. In May 9 years. You have tartan, Cochran. One day I'll come to Morelia.
Isaiah Austin just had a mini documentary on ESPN.. Little did you know he played Tartan traveling basketball back in the day
If we have to go tommorow and I can't skip and have to spend the whole day in Tartan time I might die
Lynne black, purple grosgrain bow-bobble trimmed with tartan for burns day, thanks for your order, Victoria x
cause I'm not tryna sit in tartan time all day with a bunch of dirtballs.
Huish is like the South West's largest chelsea boot and tartan scarf fair every. single. day.
Homecoming Scotland is going to be very busy. First clash of events came today. Being in Arbroath for Tartan Day Scotland and in Dundee for two tours is possible. All you need is willpower - and a traffic free route!
This week we will be having a tartan day at the group to celebrate burns night. Come wearing something tartan and the kids will get the chance to make their own piece of (paper) tartan. Rebecca MacIver is on snack this week and has the task of deciding on some themed treats for us. Hope to see many of you there :-)
Should we dress like this on for tartan day? Clair Jenny Carol Carolyn Elaine Ainsley Christine Hazel Angela
A poetry competition open to non-professionals of any age and anywhere in the world has been launched to celebrate this years Tartan Day Scotland Festival.
Well, I am amazed. The Governor must be up for reelection soon. His office got me the Iowa Tartan Day proclamation in record speed this year. So, it is official for 2014 April 6th will not only be Federal Tartan Day, but also Iowa Tartan Day.
What is Tartan Day? On April 6, 1320 the Declaration of Arbroath was signed asserting Scotland’s sovereignty over England’s territorial claims. This commemorates the signing of Scotland’s Declaration of Independence. This document influenced the American Declaration of Independence. This day is s...
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Delighted as ever to be playing at Arbroath Abbey on Tartan Day as well as other venues in the town.oh and look out for a flat bed truck, a cub scout hat and as they say Its a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll! I think thats the lyrics!
Any updates on the April 5th Tartan Day activities in Long Beach? I am trying to gather players for the pipe band and they are already asking for times, etc. If anyone posted something about this event lately I cannot seem to locate it. I like to plan out several months in advance and this is now in that time frame. Several of us would like to come down the night before also to go eat seafood and be there early for the parade Saturday morning. Thanks for any information you can share with me.
wish i could get this for Tartan Day parade
K3 Sisters Band & Double Portion perform live at the Scottish Society of Dallas's Tartan Day Ceilidh 2011. Visit the band web site ( for mo...
Mark your calendars! As of right now, our 2014 schedule will be: February 15-Fundraiser set for our friends at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, NY. April 5-Tartan Day Parade in NYC June 14-Scots Day at Ft. Ticonderoga October 26-Battle of White Plains November 16-Battle of Fort Washington Watch this space for details and additions to the schedule!
Indoor Festival coming up this year on April 5. I believe this is Tartan Day weekend so join us to celebrate. New York Metro will be joining us. They are the World Pipe Band grade 2 Champions. All former and new vendors should start contacting me ASAP.
This is the 2014 Tartan Day button of The Scottish Coalition, the organization that has spearheaded the recognition of Tartan Day since 1997.
National Tartan Day parades occur in major cities such as New York on or around April 6. The US Senate Resolution on National Tartan Day was passed on March 20, 1998.
Hi all - I was trying to find out some information about the 2014 Tartan Days... where can I get the scoop on that? Thanks! Alli Johnson of The Selkie Girls
Computacenter Scotland, is it still Tartan day tomorrow?
Now here's a funny thing. With the Independence vote coming up later this year my daughter received a parcel from Germany .. not funny so far ... It was addressed to East Kilbride, Glasgow, England. Hilarious I am sure you will agree. Now, what this tells me is that Europeans, much like many Americans, already juxtapose the "British Isles" with "England". The idea the Scotland is a distinct nation with a separate identity seems only to apply here ... in Scotland. No matter how many junkets ... sorry Tartan Days wee Alex and nippy Nichola go to we are still only important internationally as part of the United Kingdom. If we separate from the UK, then the British Isles will be known to everyone else as England. The businessman in Germany will not seek business partners north of Carlisle as, even now, he has no concept that Scotland is not England. I agree with a lot of the sentiment that comes from Salmond but I want him and his philosophy to influence and guide Westminster. I am concerned that if the non . ...
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