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Tara Strong

Tara Lyn Strong (née Charendoff; born February 12, 1973) is a Canadian actress, voice actress, and singer, who is perhaps best known for her voice work in animated films and television series.

Harley Quinn Troy Baker Timmy Turner Tom Kenny Billy West Greg Cipes John Dimaggio Powerpuff Girls Kevin Conroy Cree Summer Jennifer Hale Kevin Michael Richardson Grey Delisle Phil Lamarr Kevin Smith Twilight Sparkle Beast Boy

General Strikes work. If Trump orders Mueller fired & Congress refuses to step in, protests not strong enoug…
// But I met Tara Strong and I can perfectly mimic pinkie pie, I mean look at this:
Tara Strong as Batgirl is the coolest I've seen so far 😍
Tara Strong tho , she voiced a lot of our childhood cartoons and still out here looking 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Well, my girlfriend is meeting Tara Strong tomorrow. That's something really cool.
Tara Strong is...Girl plain sight...
I think we know who should play the next live action Batgirl. Tara Strong. 👍
Harley, Raven and now, Batgirl. I bet Bubbles will be Tara Strong's next cosplay in a major convention.
8am to 5pm shift at SDCC 😩 at least I got to see Bex, Geoff Johns, R. Kirkman, Kevin Smith, and Tara Strong in a Batgirl cosplay.
I think it should be a trend of women coming as Tara Strong. XD
Tara Strong is literally a gift to the world.
Although, I do have to say, you are by far, the best Tara Strong Cosplayer I have seen s…
Tara Strong cosplaying as characters she voices; truly amazing . SDCC 2016 vs. SDCC 2017
Tara Strong (voice of Harley and Raven and like a billion other characters)
How cool is it that Tara Strong cosplays!
How come Tara's fans are so strong when it comes to voting for the fandom
Every time I read your name, I think of Phil Hartman Frankenstein saying it. Uuughhh TARA STRONG!…
You look like Tara Strong, you look so sleepy just you just finished a 1000 year slumber
Not gonna lie watching Kevin Conroe, Tara Strong and John Dimaggio on a panel slipping in and out of various voices was pretty, pretty cool.
Hey Paul, if you can find her, look for Tara Strong She's at SDCC as well.
.talks with on her work as Timmy Turner, Raven, Bubbles and more on TALKIN’ TUNES!. 👀:
I love the Teen Titans cast they all seem so lovely I really wanna meet Tara Strong 😭💜
selphie would have to be voiced by tara strong or I won't play
Bummed that Tara Strong wasn't at the Unikitty signing but at least she dropping in before the panel.
Tara Strong was a large part of our childhood. She voiced everything 😂
Tara Strong voices in this new feature :)
william dafoe and Tara strong met at comic con 😂
Well you have people like Tara Strong who think that the Joker and Harleys relationship is…
Am I willing to stay here for two more hours 😬Tara Strong is gonna be in this panel
The cast and crew of from Including the super talented Tara Strong as Unikitty.
Atleast I got to see Tara Strong at the unikitty panal!
Look it's Tara Strong! She said a quick hello before the panel. 😊Saw an episode of the…
Tara honey, it's FL. Thinking isn't the state's strong suit.
Mandi your a very strong and brave woman! Tara your an amazing woman wonderful momma. Big hug ladies
Strong shear in this area as well as max lapse-rate 2-6km btween 6 to 7.5. That's much.
hey Travis I'm such a huge fan of you, and you influenced me to become a voice actor, also Tara Strong also influenced me.
Oh no not you too. If anyone can kick the *** of this disease, it's you girl. Love your guts. Be strong. 😍
It'll be a tough finish.but they will finish strong!
People who like you because you have *Tara Strong, in another VA role* aren't people you want as friends!
MFW Tara Strong gives a Like to a CWC video.
Cosmo and Wanda ain't slick . -Harley Quinn and Timmy Turner are voice by Tara Strong-
Patrick Warburton is stealing this show so far (not to mention Tara Strong), not all that impressed with Olaf.
Knowing that Tara Strong voices Sunny in A Series of Unfortunate Events makes me love it even more
Kevin Smith gushing on Tara Strong is the cutest thing there is
(Honestly, though, I'm more likely to notice non-Disney artists, like Frank Welker, Tara Strong, and Tony Todd)
She and Auron are the only two decent voices in FFX... No offense to John Dimaggio and Tara Strong, who could've done better.
Im going to be auctioning off these canvases, they are all signed by the VAs including Tara Strong. All funds goe…
only in the early 2000's would you ever hear Scott Menville, Tara Strong, and Jennifer Hale in a JRPG
Just as a reminder, Troy Baker, Christopher Lloyd, Tara Strong, Tom Kenny and Roger Craig Smith all participated in that movie.
You probably understand how to strengthen your body. What about your mind?
hope you had fun my all time favorite voice actor Tara strong
Tara Strong and Roger Jackson as BUbbles and Mojo Jojo, are not confirmed, its IMDb easy to Edit
Over the weekend, I met my favorite voice actress. Thank you Tara Strong! You made my weekend special!
Dionne and Tara blonde bouncing up and down on a strong *** on instagram:
The rebooted Powerpuff Girls is good like the originals. However, I still wish Tara Strong would play Bubbles.
yes! I am taking her to meet Tara Strong this weekend to get somethings signed by her...she is a voice actress
ICYMI: The voice of your childhood joined us. LISTEN:
Another one of my childhood voice actor!! Tara Strong is so pretty and is very talented and has…
Tara Strong, and that would be awesome. It would add more to the comic's story
I added a video to a playlist Florida Supercon 2016 - Tara Strong as Attea from Ben 10 Omniverse
Girls are sensitive, they over think every little thing and care way more than they should, but that's what makes their lov…
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I know! Her first comic appearance was the shows comic even, issue 12. :) Tara Strong did the more reecnt Harley stuff.
those cost money just google Tara strong
without checking who posted that I know it's got to be a compendium of Tara Strong voices
I knew it Tara Strong is voicing Raven and I do hope she also reprise her as bubbles in Lego dimensions
This was posted by Tara Strong (The voice of bubbles). Question: WHY DO BLOSSOM AND BUTTERCUP HAVE TITTIES?!!!?!?
Please Mistress Tara show how good it is to obey to a strong Mistress and get her sissyslut
Tara Strong from 127 Hours stars in Royal Pains about a supercilious Barista named Lazarus
Tara strong posted ppg fanart but the girls have titty???
soft:better feeling. Strong: less likely to rip. Interpret at your own risk.
Tara Strong is reprising her role as Raven in , she voiced Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls , i hope she reprise her role..
Hynden Walch is better at voicing Harley Quinn that Tara Strong is.
Mark Hamill/Tara Strong aka The Joker and Harley Quinn (Vine by https:/…
I'm strong but I break. I'm stubborn and I make plenty of mistakes...
Tonight at the Baltimore stood strong with
Trying to stay strong when people you know and love are hurting is so hard to do 😔
The Force is strong with the cat. No material is safe. No curtain cannot be touched.
oh my goodness Tara I'm so sorry to hear that. If you need anything at all or just need to talk let me know. Stay strong
Lauren Faust and Tara Strong revealed to be hosting cracked copies of Adobe software on their own servers for download
Cute cute couple! You're practically twins. (Riki Lindhome coincidentally has been reminding me more and more of Tara Strong.)
I can't wait to get platonically married to Bubby and Steve in the middle of the woods with Tara Strong and a cut out of Lana Parilla and-
is killing this year. Sam Jackson, Jeri Ryan, Tara Strong, and Danny Trejo are tops so far.
Excited for Batman the Killing Joke when I see. Kevin Conroy as Batman. Mark Hamil as The Joker . Tara Strong as Batgirl 🤗🤗🤗
was the assessment worth a lot? Do you still have a chance to come home strong? It sounds like a rest is in order.
Tara Strong voices Ferra. I wondered why Timmy Turner was telling me he was going to eat my eyes.
hang in there, girl. You are strong, and you are loved! 💗
lucas; IM NOT FACTKIN FOR TARA STRONG. me: how do you know. lucas: because IM NOT?
I liked a video from Top 10 Tara Strong Voice Roles
Tara's strong hit leads to two runs by Meg KLEE and Jamie Dettrey while Tara B. ran to 3rd. Nice job ladies! Keep it up 👌🏼
Tara Strong & Greg Cipes play a song for .on Untitled
is this why you have such a strong love for dogs bc I'm crying
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
One idea they can use to take Chynas place why not Tara Strong I've been trying hard to get her to come to mccc
"Drunk iz a strong wurd Tiara" [Tank proclaims as he misses a nail with his hammer 7 times..A song comes on the radio and Clay starts to >
Just accept that the only good 90s cartoon reboot (to date) is MLP friendship is magic. Good shows follow Tara Strong wherever she goes
You're a strong woman Tara, but you can only take so much. Maybe you & could see a marriage counsellor?
Advertising isn't following eyeballs- really strong theme throughout the week
Whenever you do an animated project or a voice-over project it's inevitable...
:| to be honest, Kitten sounded like Timmy Turner in the prom episode, but I love Tara Strong, so it's cool xD
Actually I think it would've looked worse if they DID use Tara Strong here.
weeks like this one makes me thankful I have a part of my best friend to keep me positive and going strong ❤️
Well at least one brave soul ain't afraid of Trump; Tara Setmayer! Love to see a strong woman taking on a big bully.
Like there were times I couldn't get into how scary azula was bc she was Tara strong.
Night two still going strong and has got this sold out crowd going!
U r loved & in alot of ppl prayers. Specially in mine. Stay well stay strong, keep moving forward!! Much love!!
ignoring the original VAs for no reason, which even Tara Strong found heartbreaking...on top of Powerpuff Girls petering out before the end.
"And I prayed to God to make me strong. And able to fight. And that's what I've always prayed for ever since." 1…
Not entirely convinced Ben Shapiro isn't voiced by Tara Strong. Anyone seen the 2 of them in a room together?
Sebastian Vettel is quietly confident he can have a strong weekend at the http…
I personally think that the Hill of Tara or indeed many other beautiful and sacred places in this country should...
Happiest Birthday to my best half, Tara. You lead by example, have an unlimited capacity for love, are devoted, compassionate and strong. …
Our 6am warrior Tara finished strong today and earned herself a spot on our board! We admire her...
"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills."
What intrigues me the most is that WB Animation apparently got a premiere voice acting talent (Tara Strong) for the role of Billy Batson.
Cartoon Network: Cast Tara Strong, Cathy Cavadini, and E.G. Daily as "The Powerpunk Girls" in PPG 201... via
look at voice acting. most of the time they'll have an adult woman do the voice of a child character (Tara Strong, Ash Ketchum's VAs)
Tara Maclay. -strong witch. -cared so much for all her friends. -endured abuse. -under appreciated . -beautiful ***
Tara Strong after seeing the anti *** bomb people: Hey, you know how you blew me up in the game? Can you do that to me irl?
Have you ever thought about getting Billy West, Tara Strong, and John Dimaggio on for a voice actor showdown?
This is the episode that brings Willow and Tara together and begins to show how strong Willow can be, which of course ends badly.
Except for the fact that this dragon is not voiced by Tara Strong. it worth asking if Tara Strong will be there this year? :)
Mine, too. Mostly because Tara Strong voiced Bubbles in the original.
my life's work.. so far. Strala Yoga (the book!) coming this August!
Squirrel Girl something only Tara Strong can do
Never realized Tara Strong was that fine...Lawd.
Lollipop Chainsaw. Boobs, blood, zombies, & Tara Strong? & an achievement for looking up her skirt? Yes
The best part is that it still says "Starring: Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball"
When my nephew was younger, there was a time when I asked myself "is that the voice of Grey Delisle or Tara Strong?"
Starring Claudia Black, Tara Strong and more, "Strange Frame: Love & Sax" has been added to the site! - TylerMirage.
I added a video to a playlist [TOO FUNNY} Tara Strong & Dina Meyer Periscoping from public bathroom -
I really want Tara Strong and John Dimaggio to get married and start a race of voice-changing super-mutant children
Trying to Start Teen Titan Romances... 💞 (Feat. Greg Cipes & Tara Strong, the voices of Beast Boy and Raven)
we are always blessed with your talent. Keep Calm and Tara Strong...if that makes any sense.
XD i follow Tara Strong on vine. Her vines are silly
You can only be so strong before you break.
ech, that's a dilemma! ECCC's my fav cause it's one of the only Major cons I've ever been to. And I met Tara Strong there! :D
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Tara strong is the voice of my childhood
please for the love of everything that is holy please have Tara Strong guest star on Steven universe. ♡ please lol ♡
I'm really in love with Tara Strong 😍😍😍
.Tara Strong has been in EVERYTHING. I thought that was the joke?
I'm really starting to feel The Fear finally but I must be strong for myself and for Tara so she doesn't have to be as scared
TARA STRONG shes also Timmy Turner and bubbles from ppg lol
my main 5 chosen voices for my toons are Billy West, Tara Strong, Nancy Cartwright, Grey Delisle and Jeff Bennett
we won't stop till we are heard. One strong voice.
You keep me strong, God has a plan for YOU too, and it will be amazing. Love you, more.
Tara the power she is so strong training norbury
They must have a pretty strong suspicion. 😯😕. Which of course would be all wrong. Right? 😮
Editor's Note: In this short clip from ... -
"What does it mean to be too strong?" Inspiring words about how to from &
the GOAT of voice actresses, better than Tara Strong
i hope you can meet her. i would love to meet Andrea Libman and Tara Strong.
Tara Strong as a pony 8 hours in Photoshop and Sai Paint tool
Please welcome the amazing to PopCon 2016!
A show that could have the likes of Phil Lamarr, Tom Kenny, Rob Paulsen, and Tara Strong all in the same episode. 24
about the situation. it's INHUMANE the situation in which she's being forced to work. The light WILL shine s…
Yeah, they have all their original powers though plus one more. I won't view because no Tara strong.
Tara Strong and EG Daily really are big *** kids. Friendship goals 😭
Her & Tara Strong are the animated voices of my childhood 💯
Cree Summers, Phil Lamarr, Tara Strong, and Jonh DiMaggio are the voice acting GOATs
Tara Strong was the GOAT in cartoon voice acting if we being real
Tara Strong and Grey Delisle are the voices of all your faves. Don't @ me.
Tara Strong would be the reason I go into voice acting if I did. I swear to god. That's my baby 😩😻
Wow, Tara strong was basically my entire childhood.
EG Daily and Tara Strong are legends man.
Well, im gonna miss tara strong in PPG
Call for rest of UK to match N. Ireland’s stringent new jail sentences for dog fighting offences
I loved that Tara Strong story you made, found it from a random thread on 4chan awhile back, would love to possibly …
Imagine a game where you choose your character's voice and choices are: Jennifer Hale, Gray Delisle, and Tara Strong.
Also, one of the unicorns in that episode was voiced by Tara Strong. ...At least it was subtle
wHEEZES TARA STRONG HAS A CLASS???. i know of some vas that do but im crying OTL why cant i live in Cali yet
Indeed! Many lucks to us both! ^^ I want to take Tara Strong's class sometime - fandubs are great too tho
Also I would have Undyne as Tara Strong and Alphys as Long John Baldry
Tara Strong and Cree Summer the GOATs of cartoon voice actors.
Tara Strong, everybody. How many childhoods can be seen in this picture?
Idk how old Tara strong is but she looks good still
Tom Kenny and Tara Strong were really my childhood
Tara Strong, Cree Summer, and Tom Kenny have to be crazy rich. They play ever cartoon ever, like literally.
Tara: A trainee cop,at the peak of her physical health as she was graduating from the academy, a strong & resilient *** Jessie: Anderson
Don't worry it will pass u have to be strong girly.. I am going to pray for u.. Be safe and take care of yourself love u alot
it's a bad phase u have to be strong it will pass we r with u and We love u so much Life is full of mix things love
tbh I don't know about these self-identified "strong feminist" men, they would probably explain bell hooks to me
Margot Robbie is not THE Harley Quinn. People need to stop acting like she is. The person who is THE Harley Quinn would be Tara Strong.
When you're in a rush in work and you try be a badass and jump 3 steps but end up falling miserably. Jumping is Not my strong point 😂
Tara Strong is giving free kisses at cons? There goes my summer.
📹 sawcleavers: transkamina: tlrledbetter: askragtatter: Tara Strong is a treasure. So this is why CN...
Tara Strong, concerning the recasting, called it "a stab in the heart." Elizabeth Daily has voiced her response about the decision too.
The voice actors for the original girls via Tara Strong (Bubbles), Elizabeth Daily (Buttercup), and Cathy Cavadini (Blossom) aren't in it.
.Read a strong piece by abt MEP struggle to get others to
You never know how strong u are until Survival is the only option...
Wanting a relationship as strong as Jax and Tara's
AND replace her voice with a tara strong voice over like the chick ruined your surprise but you're not star wars ppl will live omg chill
Start as early as you can. Make tapes of your characters.
Tara Strong is an inspiration to us all
I liked a video from Voice Connections - Tara Strong & Grey Griffin
Tara Thede, come on down! Your name was randomly drawn to get HOLDING STRONG + Ultimate T-Shirt. Please get your...
Just because I have mental health issues does not mean I am not strong, capable, and independent
I liked a video from Tara Strong, Catherine Cavadini, and EG Daily Powerpu…
My voice goes from tara strong to Morgan freeman real quick
Luv Cree. Tara Strong has been in EVERYTHING though. So many pies.
I'm not sure specifically but there's definitely parts of me in Rikku.
Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness. They are signs of trying to remain strong for far too lon…
You are not a freak,you are a fighter. . You are not weak,you are strong. You are not doomed,hope is on the way.
I dont judge Tara. How many of you are strong enough to leave a man you have loved for 13years and had 3kids for?
Hope all goes well for Peter Tara & Amina, love is a beautiful thing but it can really mess us up too, I feel for the 3 of u be strong ok?🌹🌹
Sending to Tara Strong again so she can sign my new dvd cover and I am sending an email request to Nick Saban.
Download Vine and get ready for a special hashtag game featuring Tara Strong on Feb 2 ... (Vine by
*hears character. "Are you Tara Strong?". *googles*. "Oh no, you're one of the people Tara Strong pretends to sound like"
he's still married to her because Tara wouldn't take him back cause she's a strong woman
Eron is forcing me to go to sleep Tara is not tired Tara stays strong and awake
Tara Strong's birthday is the 12th; Rebecca Shoichet the 16. So many birthdays!
I wouldn't be alive today if I wasn't strong enough to ask for help. I'm better than I was but not as good as I'm going to be
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Shootout to those who stay strong but silently suffer a mental war that they cannot control.
I mean the actor for Batman and Damian Wayne are consistent at this point but I was so hoping for Tara Strong as Raven again xP
Omg the video on vine I the video I made the voice actor Tara strong liked it😍😆
I thought Tara started well but ended just ok. I love iZombie, Jackie started just ok but now very strong (only on s5 atm)
Walked out of my session for AIO and bumped into Tara Strong and Kevin Michael Richardson-how cool is that?
It's Melody from the Little Mermaid 2 and since Bubbles from PPG Tara Strong voices too our favorite alicorn.https:/…
That moment you realize Tara Strong played Twilight Sparkle and Timmy Turner. And you just couldn't resist making t…
Are there any voice actors in the world besides Nolan North, Troy Baker, and Tara Strong?
Tara Strong and Kristen Schaal are the best female voice actors :D
Okay but consider this: Awkward Yeti’s Heart and Brain voiced by Tara Strong and Danny Cooksey,...
"Jason Todd is Joker! Kevin Conroy should voice Batfleck! Tara Strong should have been cast as Harley!"
Catching up on the Grump's Mario Galaxy playthrough. I bet it's been pointed out many times Tara Strong didn't voice Harley in BatmanTAS
Tell me about it. Give me some James Arnold Taylor, Phil Lamarr, Tara Strong. Dee Bradley Baker!
. That happens to me with Tara Strong, Yuri Lowenthal, Liam O'Brien, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Steve Blum, and Nolan North
Jennifer Tilly is right up there with Tara Strong as far as voice work goes
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Would you want to work with Tara Strong and Kevin Michael Richardson in Non-Anime?
For all you batman fans out there. Mark Hamill and Tara Strong - The Joker and Harley Quinn
The new series decided to use Tara Strong because the voice cast was in Canada, but couldn't bring back Maurice LaMarche.
Didn't know Stephen Amell voice acts in Injustice along with Troy Baker, Tara Strong and Adam Baldwin
I'm sure John Dimaggio, Billy West, and Tara Strong would VA in an Audio Book of the L5R novel. They'd do it for the exposure, right? :D
John Dimaggio, Tara Strong, Billy West, H. Jon Benjamin, and Pamela Adlon are the among my favorite voice actors
im not joking. I always think of Tara Strong's voice for some reason
Why is it that each time i think of Harley Quinn, the voice is always Tara Strong's Harley Quinn. Its weird
I agree. Just thinking of at this point putting Liz up to separate the Austwins. Something has to be done/too strong as 3.
Well IF she ever does come back, she should be voiced by Tara Strong in a high-pitched voice, & have a zany personality.
Really though, I won't even use Tara Strong's songs from MLP even as a last resort.
Man. I wish I was voiced by Tara Strong.
My one bit of advice is that Tara Strong keeps her mouth open really wide in most of her roles, Twilight included.
I can't stress it enough to my students. It is Tara Strong sums it up pretty well.
I used to love the show as a kid though, though Tara Strong voiced him in the version I watched, I still like the characters so I got it.
hello Tara Strong, it's been a while since I last said hi
Tara have you been to see it? It's phenomenal. Truly. Strong, beautiful women 💕
He said you must strong without me :(
Hiya, I remember how we disgusted about how we love voice actors like Tara Strong!
There are only two characters I like from tara strong. Those two characters are Harley Quinn and raven I don't know why I like them.
well...I mean Tara strong voices her and all she does is teenage girl voices so
Heart goes out to Ruth and her family in such a hard time.God gained a very strong Angel tonight.Hes looking over u alway…
“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”
I'm a strong believer that whoever is truly meant to be in ur life will always gravitate back to you, no matter how far th…
Just one more week... and I can meet Tara Strong...
Una network strong gan 😃 "My girlfriend has travelled to PH but my phone just connected to her WiFi near Eko Hot…
I definitely want to do a mashup of a song sung by Tara Strong for Gangnamcore 3. Are there any acapellas or instrumentals of her songs?
i'm pretty sure everybody does, because you're effing Tara Strong.
The world can handle only one Tara Strong.
Lifeplus - Tara Christopher - Home Manufactured in the United States! Keep your body strong and healthy!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Watching Vine compilations of Tara Strong. It's so cool !!!
You are one of the greatest voice actresses of our generation. LONG LIVE TARA STRONG! The Force is "strong" with Mrs. Strong.
When Tara Strong says Batgirl, Twilight Sparkle and Timmy Turner are awesome it's true.
I think I'm dying. Tara freaking Strong favorited my drawling of her. I Am Freaking Crying Right Now. thank you for childhood ❤️
FINAL: Maysville 41 Crooksville 15. Panthers with a strong start led by 3 TDs!
inb4 Tara Strong sends you an email
We ain't going Tara Strong here, more Jasmine Guy as Sawyer in Cats Don't Dance.
mmm M m Troy Baker or Tara Strong bc I like a dinner with lots of fictional characters or just a Joker.
Down 13lbs and 23inches so far... But that's just shell of this story!. This beautifully strong lady suffers from... http:…
I liked a video from Tara Strong Tribute Impressions
They were strong esp. when they went up against each other, but together they were even more badass.
Be strong enough to let go... And patient enough to wait for what you deserve.
The brony below met Tara Strong before
Nah Tara Strong is the one rocking the photo and being all cool.
Hi Carl, 2015 marks 50 years of Mrs Peel's debut so focused on Diana Rigg. IF the response is strong, may well look at Tara!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Photo: kemono-corner: Twilight dressed as Rachel from Ninja Gaiden, a character voiced by Tara Strong as...
Tara Strong is on an episode of friends and I'm freaking out
Photo: Kyli and her beautiful Mommy. My heart goes out to Tara every year at this time. She is so strong.
190. Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie - Tara Strong and a Stan Lee cameo are the real stars
Photoset: bbraefan1530: Don’t ya just love when Tara Strong and Greg Cipes talk about BBRae?? Oh man! The...
I do love Sean Schemmel and Tara Strong too
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