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Tara Strong

Tara Lyn Strong (née Charendoff; born February 12, 1973) is a Canadian actress, voice actress, and singer, who is perhaps best known for her voice work in animated films and television series.

Harley Quinn Nolan North Troy Baker Tom Kenny John Dimaggio Lauren Faust Arleen Sorkin Timmy Turner Steve Blum Greg Cipes Hynden Walch Craig McCracken Ben Tennyson Ashleigh Ball Kevin Conroy Mark Hamill Twilight Sparkle Stan Lee

I used to love the show as a kid though, though Tara Strong voiced him in the version I watched, I still like the characters so I got it.
hello Tara Strong, it's been a while since I last said hi
Tara have you been to see it? It's phenomenal. Truly. Strong, beautiful women 💕
He said you must strong without me :(
Hiya, I remember how we disgusted about how we love voice actors like Tara Strong!
There are only two characters I like from tara strong. Those two characters are Harley Quinn and raven I don't know why I like them.
well...I mean Tara strong voices her and all she does is teenage girl voices so
Heart goes out to Ruth and her family in such a hard time.God gained a very strong Angel tonight.Hes looking over u alway…
“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”
I'm a strong believer that whoever is truly meant to be in ur life will always gravitate back to you, no matter how far th…
Just one more week... and I can meet Tara Strong...
Una network strong gan 😃 "My girlfriend has travelled to PH but my phone just connected to her WiFi near Eko Hot…
I definitely want to do a mashup of a song sung by Tara Strong for Gangnamcore 3. Are there any acapellas or instrumentals of her songs?
i'm pretty sure everybody does, because you're effing Tara Strong.
The world can handle only one Tara Strong.
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Watching Vine compilations of Tara Strong. It's so cool !!!
You are one of the greatest voice actresses of our generation. LONG LIVE TARA STRONG! The Force is "strong" with Mrs. Strong.
When Tara Strong says Batgirl, Twilight Sparkle and Timmy Turner are awesome it's true.
I think I'm dying. Tara freaking Strong favorited my drawling of her. I Am Freaking Crying Right Now. thank you for childhood ❤️
FINAL: Maysville 41 Crooksville 15. Panthers with a strong start led by 3 TDs!
inb4 Tara Strong sends you an email
We ain't going Tara Strong here, more Jasmine Guy as Sawyer in Cats Don't Dance.
mmm M m Troy Baker or Tara Strong bc I like a dinner with lots of fictional characters or just a Joker.
Down 13lbs and 23inches so far... But that's just shell of this story!. This beautifully strong lady suffers from... http:…
I liked a video from Tara Strong Tribute Impressions
They were strong esp. when they went up against each other, but together they were even more badass.
Be strong enough to let go... And patient enough to wait for what you deserve.
The brony below met Tara Strong before
Nah Tara Strong is the one rocking the photo and being all cool.
Hi Carl, 2015 marks 50 years of Mrs Peel's debut so focused on Diana Rigg. IF the response is strong, may well look at Tara!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Photo: kemono-corner: Twilight dressed as Rachel from Ninja Gaiden, a character voiced by Tara Strong as...
Tara Strong is on an episode of friends and I'm freaking out
Photo: Kyli and her beautiful Mommy. My heart goes out to Tara every year at this time. She is so strong.
190. Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie - Tara Strong and a Stan Lee cameo are the real stars
Photoset: bbraefan1530: Don’t ya just love when Tara Strong and Greg Cipes talk about BBRae?? Oh man! The...
I do love Sean Schemmel and Tara Strong too
Oh hey, Ashleigh Ball and Tara Strong do get to speak.
But it doesn't have Craig McCracken or Tara Strong apart of it in any way, so it's most likely going to turn out badly. :/
There will be a certain irony if Tara Strong is still Ben Tennyson for that reboot but it's quite a bit more likely.
They do, basically. Usually some combo of Tara Strong, Phil LaMarr, Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny, Laura Bailey, and Maurice LaMarche.
Tom Kenny and Tara Strong at fan expo this year I need to go
so far for FanExpo I want to meet Tom Kenny, Jeremy Shada, Tara Strong, Robin Lord Taylor, Collen Clinkenbeard, Cherami Leigh, Eric Vale
Vic Mignona, Tara Strong, Tom Kenny AND Jeremy Shada are coming to Fan Expo this summer?!?!! :D My heart cannot handle!!!
>Tara Strong. Nope, nope, nope nope. Nooope. So much nope. I won't alow a PONY to be in this game.
WOW!!! Batman Arkham Knight has an amazing voice acting cast. Kevin Conroy, Nolan North, Troy Baker, Tara Strong and more 🙌
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Big names like Tara Strong, Nolan North and Troy Baker round out the cast of
Love all this Batman: Arkham Knight voice actors but sad they didn't film Troy Baker as Two-Face, Tara Strong...
Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong working together on something. Interesting.
If it can't be Arleen Sorkin, I'll take Hynden Walch over Tara Strong as the voice of Harley Quinn, any day.
Just found out MGS: Phantom Pain has Troy Baker as Revolver Ocelot, Tara Strong & Steve Blum in it, a bit strange not having having..
Yaya Han AND Tara Strong are in tonight's episode of king of the nerds!! c:
Mad Respect to Tara Strong and other VA's like Mark Meer who go out and cosplay their characters
Mark Hamill and Tara Strong reunite in a Vine, voice acting their characters to each other. This is gold.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tara Strong, the voice of Harley Quinn in the Batman: Arkham video game series, cosplays as Harley too. And as you c
Exactly. Reminds me of the time I snorted coke off Tara Strong's navel at a wild EQLA bender... good times, man.
Oh I forgot Philistine in No More Heroes 2 was sang by Tara Strong.
Video: roy-ality: myladyfair: Do people really tell Tara Strong this? OH SHYT
Xena + Tara McClay + Emily Gilmore. strong, magical and sassy.
Video: myladyfair: Do people really tell Tara Strong this?
Tara Strong is the best voice actress of all time though lbr
Harley Quinn voice actress Tara Strong in costume as Ms. Quinn herself. She's a real life Harley.
😱 It's Mark Hamil and Tara Strong who came after Arleen Sorkin! This is radical!(x 💚💜❤️
well I'm no expert lol maybe it is just the actors lol Tara Strong, James Arnold Taylor and John Dimaggio are pretty good.
Its like you're actually Tara Strong. Will you sign my Timmy Turner body pillow.
I liked a video Mark Hamill and Tara Strong - The Joker and Harley Quinn
Boys with strong jawlines and soft eyes are my weakness
Why do you not touch on Shakespeare in your talks? Hamlet particularly references strong emotion as 'womanly' and 'unmanly'.
Linus is a little young for you to be ogling, Tara. just how strong were those pain meds they gave you?
I liked a video Tara Strong VINES Top 30 Funny and Sexy) ✔
Tara Strong is Penny. I'm very iffy about what kind of voice she'll pull off...
ok I knew tara strong is like every female character ever
I really hope you get well soon. Stay strong. :)
my “fall back” game not strong at all. Because you can’t fall back from a mf you really care about, lets be real
Tara text me the news that's how strong our friendship is xo
I really have some strong issues with the fact that this is the same person 😳
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strong coffee & a northern soul classic. What you expect me to do?
to be honest, I never realized she had an accent... I heard her and said, "oh Tara Strong" then kept playing..
For easy examples, look at Wil Wheaton, look at that Hardwick fellow, look at the Brony-pandering Tara Strong.
We are 47,124 strong tonight at Oriole Park!
Very sorry to hear. Hope you pull through. We TGWTG fans wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Stay strong we're here.
I love strong female role models, so often neglected or misrepresented by mainstream Thanks for being one, love the book!
Saturday gets started with AWESOME BASICS w/& then more Tara at 11am STRONG! Then RELAX w/at 4:30pm!
I mean I know all the Ponies due to my conquest to watch everything Tara Strong is in.
Nicole's foreign pulling game going strong
I remember hearing Tara Strong talk about how she would answer telemarketer calls as Dill Pickles.
I added a video to a playlist 01 Tara Strong (02/2014 - interview)
I'm still hoping they let Tara Strong reprise her roles in Arrow as the live action Harley in Suicide Squad.
Woot! Hopefully they get a prominent voice actress for her, like Tara Strong or Kari Whalgren. I can definitely see one of them as her
Happy Founders Day to all of the amazing women of Alpha Phi! 142 years going strong! AOE 💗
People with strong sense of are 2.5x more likely to avoid and 1/2 as likely to die
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I liked a video from Greg Cipes, Scott Menville & Tara Strong Interview - Teen
By giving the to Malala Yousafzai, world has sent a strong message to the barbaric Islamic practices
OH MY GOD PUBERTY!!! PUBERTY GAME STRONG! (Not relevant to anything but I'm watching keeks…)
Call it whatever you want, I call it Tara Strong-approved cartoon humour.
Now, I'm not saying I'm Tara Strong in disguise, but have you ever seen me and her in the same room?
She should definitely check it out then. Tara Strong voiced her. And Carlton from Fresh Prince also voiced a character.
.at 10:15 PM after an entire day of filming...after he just got back from England. The jet lag is strong. http:/…
Birthday shoutout to my fav lady!! Keep the party car going strong. Ly Tara🎉🎊
Tara this isn't your fault please stay strong
Yup I like Tara Strong shed be perfect for my baby Angelina ~
I want to enjoy Starfire but the voice is atypical Tara Strong.
It's just not homecoming if my flights on time. going 3 years strong!
Hubby and I were arguing yesterday about who the best voice actor is. I say Tara Strong, he says John Dimaggio.
How many gamers heads explode when they realize that both Lauren Faust and Tara Strong are pretty frickin' ardent feminists?
The Groovy Movie was awesome! Never heard Tara Strong like that:) So much full. All the voices. Woo hoo!
"Christ alone; cornerstone, weak made strong; in the saviors love, through the storm, He is Lord, Lord of all" 🎶
Congrats to Tara Bergin, winner of the Strong /Shine award for 2014. Sean O'Brien reviews her collection:
Strong just means you suck up the pain better not that it doesn't hurt.
Blanket, the Yellow *** The Brony Tara Strong and Ashleigh Ball are afraid of!
I was shocked back when I found out that Tara Strong was two of the characters considering the cartoons she's voiced acted for
Thank god tara strong is against moms against gaming. The irony is real
Tara Strong is a force. I can't put it any other way.
Great week with leading the charge! going strong! Here's a great between show selfie! http…
Tara Strong is cute... And voice acts on a lot of my shows, bruh.
Awww that Tara Strong vine reminded me of Comikaze 😭
Tara Strong is very sexy, but also very weird. But who cares! Crazy girls are hot! *dies*
Tara Strong gets sexier every day I swear
hi babe. your absolutely stunning. your sunshine and I love you so much. your the best. stay strong.😻 lets be friends.
I sees a tara strong in teh colloge
*Tara Strong And she is a voice actor. Lauren Faust is the producer. Get your facts straight.
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The smell of strong colon gives me a mind grain.
BTW I heard Tara Strong was on Arrow so I googled it.
I love Tara Strong. She voices some of my favorite DC animated characters.
He's 13 years young and still goin strong! ❤️
"I can't be misogynist because I love Tara Strong" - a surprising amount of people, it seems?
I understand that you can talk all you want but you're not going to win anything against these strong successful young women.
“Hello Kitty isn't really a cat what else is a lie? Duh! Hello Kit…
“Tara Strong is the voice actor for Timmy Turner, Ben Tennyson, Dil Pickles and Harley Quinn.
They should make an anime where every male character is voiced by JYB and every female is voiced by Tara Strong.
There's strong, army strong, and then there's peanut butter lid strong
move over Tara Strong theres a Minx in town
Congrats to Tara Bergin on wining the Shine/Strong Poetry Award 2014 at Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival for...
Tara Bergin winner of the Shine/Strong Poetry Award with Martin Dyar who was shortlisted
I am strong all because of You. I stand in awe at every mountain that You move. For I am changed, yesterday is gone. ❤️🙌🎶
Tara Bergin has won the SHINE/STRONG POETRY AWARD for her first collection 'This is Yarrow' ..Congratulations to...
I appreciate my strong support system that I have rearranged lol.They gone be the reason I make it.
An interview I did with Tara Strong way back in for (formerly Press+1), good times
This guy does not know who is Tara Strong is. No childhood much?
There are few people who make me weak in the knees. Tara Strong is one of those people.
The power of is too strong, if you ask us... ♬
I'm in love with Tara Strong's vines, she is magnificent.
i want a movie where Jim Caviezel is Batman and Amy Acker is Batwoman. and Tara Strong as Harley Quinn
Have you met other great voice actors such as Steve Blum, Tara Strong, Frank Welker, or any other? How was your experience?
Pinky and The Brain accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, laid down by Tara Strong! and they challenge Billy West and Kevin Michael Richardson and all Pinky And The Brain fans, and TMNT fans! Donate at
Agreed. Who should voice Paige - Jennifer Hale, Tara Strong, or Grey DeLisle?
In this handout photo provided by Warner Bros, special guests Puffy AmiYumi with producers Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic with Greg Cipes, Tara Strong, and Scott Menville of "Teen Titans Go!" attend Comic-Con International 2014 on July 27, 2014 in San Diego, California.
.pulls back the Giant curtain on in-law bond between coach and player, Tom Coughlin + Chris Snee
Stop. Don't think like that tara. You are strong. Put that out of your thoughts.
I have found myself watching youtube videos of cartoon voice actors in their human form. Tara Strong, man.
Sometimes being strong is the only option you have . 💪
Tara Strong is my inspiration for voice acting lol
Tara Strong has an amazing talent of sounding like a dude.
"Think Diva. Think Strong. Think Dramatic." Loving the Uppers and Downers on the fresh new site
Actor James Garner passed away at Tara Strong about.
No matter how strong of a person you are, there's always someone who can make you weak
"Eli Manning: I feel good, strong, and ready to go full speed. the Season of Eli!! Better watch out!
She was mad at Tara Strong about something. I forget exactly what. Something about a wine cellar.
Tara is making me have strong taco feels
Never thought love could be that strong that I lost myself when I lost you.
Agreed. Tam-Tara Hard is a particularly strong example.
Inventory? I've done many of those for a dreary big box chain. Pepsi ain't strong enough.
just have tara strong do the voice of every character in everything I guess. like dub over live action movies with tara strong
You might feel a strong need for comfort and familiarity, but ... More for Taurus
"Both Abie and Tyler are driven by a strong need and it seems that neither can come out on top, but something's...
Already on my younger cousin: Tara Strong.
Update your maps at Navteq
Such a 180 of Tara Strong. Strong is so arrogant and cocky and bigheaded.
already lost an arm but I'm still going strong
This would be, my letter to go to do this thing that I have to go to Telekom because my aunt is the Mexican Tara Strong.
Hate is a strong word but I really really really don't like you
where Tara Strong does at least half the voices
Ya Allah, I'm weak&dark when I forget YOU,but I'm strong when I'm with YOU. Remembering YOU always gives me spirit to face&so…
Finally met the strong , beautiful and charismatic Lisa Marie (Tara/Victoria) it was an honor!
LOL. So do I. I'll be the first to admit it. Tara Strong's boobs are better than her acting.
Wanting to earn my strong man socks vs not wanting to run in this heat...looks like the…
THANK YOU FOR making mlp for us bronys and pegusisters we really thank you all of us and e thank you and tara strong
Young old, Black and White, men and women people from all sorts of social cultures... What makes the Church in Liverpool so strong
So lovely to see the church so strong in Liverpool People were standing out the Crypt Chapel door at Mass this evening diverse and lovely :)
Photoset: cauda-pavonis: Tara does a great deal of work to stay still, and strong, and hold up those around...
Drawing and rocking out to Tara's Nostalgia Strala STRONG playlist on spotify.
haven't really noticed that until recently. Reminds me of how Tara Strong is one voice actor that does a lot of shows.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tara Dillon has joined Maree in a share of the lead on -12 after posting a strong second 18 of nine under par.
It's down to Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, and Patrick Stewart. I had to pick Stan Lee over George Lucas and Patrick Stewart over Ian McKellen.
Tara Strong is one of my favourite voice actors, along with Wendee Lee and the guy who voices Edward Elric./
John Dimaggio is up there. Tara Strong. Cree Summer, but idk if she counts? She was a live actress first
Video: guildwars2: Tara Strong is going to be awesome.
stay strong Tara, thoughts are with you xx
(I'm a strong Riolu. I can resist this.) So um. How was yesterday for you, Tara? Been good?
Lame. I know! But Troy Baker, Nolan North and Tara Strong are just heaven sent voice actors, so it's whatever.
I love that we share a fondness for hats, and a strong desire to burn the heinous straw Corona ones.
1 hour of strong flow yoga with my Tara Stiles DVD set me right for the day
I like Tara Strong but man a lot of her voices sound the exact same
TFW They actually bothered to get Tara Strong back to voice her.
i wish i had a cool voice like Tara Strong.
also, i'm in love with Tara Strong and her mustache bunny
I love Jason, hes hilarious and I love Lafayette and Tara too! I dont really like Sookie I mean I respect her cuz shes a strong independent-
Two of my coworkers are bronies, one is almost obsessed with Tara Strong.
Me: 'I like your glasses, Sapphira.' S: 'My name is Carrots the Strong Horse.' Me: 'I like your…
In a stunning court ruling, United States Supreme Court ruled that Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, Hasbro, and John...
We're three hours behind you right now so we're still going strong!
Tara Strong is a really great voice actress.
Tara Strong, yeah that one I knew about.
YAY "strong like bull" smoothie to restore my strength after my 4 hour tattoo sitting!
Civ V is different with 1 hour mix of 'Tara Strong Has A Nice Badonkadonk' in the background
Oh wow, I thought Tara Strong was voicing Harley in Assault on Arkham, but Hynden Walch, awesome, I love...
I liked a video Shadows Over Camelot: Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, and Tara Strong join Wil on
I'd give up something pretty valuable for a night with Tara Strong.
manipulative is a strong word Tara considering the pigs motivation is to save you time & money on a vital service
Almost 15 years and still going strong! 💥💕
if you didn't know lol actually voiced by Tara Strong
Really? I thought it was supposed to be voiced by Tara Strong as always
Go do the scary stuff!!! That is what changes you into the brave, strong and amazing person you are destined to be!
Still going strong after nearly 4 years! I sometimes forget she's there!💃❤️
Zoe Saldana Does Sci-Fi: It Has Stronger Female Characters: But is she the only woman in the universe?!
Rasha Naba Doe-ah Gola Wookiee Nipple Pinchy: Your EMR is Inaccurate: I swear to Tara Strong, if I ever have t...
“I would humbly submit, If social media is strong enough to break up a relationship, it wasn't that strong to begin with."- Facts.
I love Tara Strong but Arleen Sorkin will always be the TRUE Harley Quinn to me. Her voice is so pleasant for the character. Tara's too much
Yeah, me too. Plus, the autotuned one actually sounds kinda like Tara Strong/Margaret Moonlight.
I liked a video Tara Strong Is On the Floor
Let the challenges make you strong.🙏
Tara can face everything... She I so strong
Dats my Tara, staying strong in her stand...fighting against d injustice she's facing ❤ …
Potterhead join the brony army! A lots of new soldiers for Tara Strong! ;)
Your strong Tara you always have been I know you can cope just fine
I had a Dr who killed 10 patients in 5 months I was w/him. He was on drugs and kept the meds we returned if they were too strong
I have to meet tara strong, i just have too
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
For all the strong, TX women out there w/ conservative principles, don’t miss my friend htt…
the Japanese still have a strong sense of national identity
Tara is a strong character on the show she goes thru some sheeeit in season 3
I have the same problem with Nolan North, Jennifer Hale, Tara Strong, Johnny Yong Bosch, Roger Craig Smith and Steve Blum
"Aqualad asks Raven out on a date, which makes Beast Boy jealous. Cyborg tries to prove that Aqualad is really a pirate." Teen Titans GO! - Pirates featuring the voice talent of Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Tara Strong, and Hynden Walch airs...
I liked a video from Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust & Tara Strong at the 6th Annual
FRICK NO WAY Tom Kenny AND PATRICK WARBURTON ARE IN THIS SHOW TOO. Now we need John Dimaggio and Tara Strong and we'll have the set!
How am I wanna meet Tara Strong at BronyCon or you'll regret it.
I wanna meet Tara Strong at Bronycon or Galacon.
I have a strong dislike for all non-liquid eyeliners
hey please can you print this out and hold it up when they sing strong:-)?! It's would be so great😭
Your strong reaction to a family discussion today could carry ... More for Scorpio
“Shocked !? lies, bubbles is voiced by Tara Strong. Get your facts straight.
Thank you Tara! I am pretty strong, the firt couple of days after the trip ends is always the worst for me though.
Her name is Tara Strong and let me tell you she's done a lot more than just that.
Tara wants me 2 stay strong for her
I am neither sexist, homophobic, genocidal. I didn't have a murder dream about Tara Strong. I don't despise her...
Dill was born during the first movie, which came out in 1998 and is voiced by Tara Strong. You're welcome
Harley Quinn. Who did the voice better: Arleen Sorkin... — Arleen Sorkin. I like Tara Strong, her Batgirl & Quin...
The many amazing voices of the talented Tara Strong!
This gotta be mayweather son, weave game too strong
New Jack just faves the fake nude of Tara Strong I posted yesterday
Best video ever on YouTube, A bunch of great voice actors doing Star Wars. Includes Tara Strong, and all the best.
Tara Strong VINES Top 30 Funny and Sexy) ✔: you really do crack me up.
I like when Luke's quiff game is strong
Tara and Jane talking about dying their hair everyones hair game gonna be hellla strong tomorrow
How do I set my phone so that Tara Strong requests wake me immediately and send me directly to my computer?
Searched poop aid thinking it was potty training thing for kids. Nope, I get Squatty Potty instead, thanks Tara Strong!
She's green, according to my research. A good VA would have been Tara Strong or Michelle Ruff, not this jobber.
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I noticed your post on Tara Strong's page also, it's cool the cat saved the boy from the dog, probably has rabies or something.
sigh, my favorite english VA is tara strong, and she should really start doing anime. but ponies are awesome too
*waves hands in da air* *waves like she don't care* ...*but totally does because Tara Strong is pretty flippin cool*
Trying like *** to persuade my step dad to eat this insanely strong pot candy. Not for his benefit, but for my amusement.
So i adored Tara Strong before, but it just now hit me that she voices Kaede Smith in Killer 7, im in love.
"This too will pass. You are brave, you are strong, and you do not need to be silent." - .
It saddens my heart when people say to me I'm stupid because of my religion. Yes I am strong in my faith but that doesn't make me stupid…
Tara you are a strong, beautiful girl & I'm SO PROUD of how far you've come!! Remember: YOU ARE A WARRIOR…
Can't stop coughing the dr won't give me cough syrup that strong enough to help when I went in this morning what...
A strong, independent dog, that don't need a man!
-and then looks at Tara and smiles softly. "Stay strong..It's hard but we've go each other"
because now Tara Strong will never have sex with me while doing Twilight Sparkle's voice *angry tip*
Yep, and he does it all for pleasure (To laugh at people) he and many others even called Tara Strong "attention *** Uncool
I liked a video The Many Voices of "Tara Strong" In Video Games
Through the courtesy of the incomparably gracious Miss Tara Strong, I have my first private session with Collette Sunderman tomorrow. Now whatever you do, do NOT wish me "good luck". Make no mistake, I will do my best tomorrow, but I am NOT going there to do a good job... I am going there... To LEARN.
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You could get Nolan North and tara strong and have enough people to voice act an entire video game or tv show. Thats how skilled they are.
A good man can you feel sexy, funny, strong and able to take on the world.ooh sorry that's does that!
like Waleed you provide strong arguments support of vulnerable ppl who Bolt makes living targeting. He is pseudo intellect.bully.
cause you have yet to embrace Tara Strong as Harley Quinn :3
"You are You are And you do not need to be silent." - on
Never played the first, I only have the second. Tara Strong probably plays the nun girl, sounds just like Starfire at times.
“Think of the weakest person you know...I'm weaker then that”because nerds aren't strong ... Duhhh
*2 hours before* Oh right, by the way Tara Strong, Katie Cook, Andy Price and Daniel Ingram are coming. Hope you have your tix! :P
There are so many voice actors I adore. Mel Blanc, Tara Strong, Steve Blum, Seth MacFarlane, Tom Kenny. I just love it lol
Hey guys!! Check this out!! Sorry if I was a bit late. DeviantArtist will take requests!! Some interviews were already done, such as M.A. Larson, Tara Strong (which answered one of my questions), Dave Polsky, etc. Don't hate me. lol
Things Tara Strong never has to hear.
Man I wish my girl Tara Lapinski picked but that's alright. I still love her. Plus Wicked Strong is about to take the derby!
"This is the voice of Timmy Turner, Ben 10 and bubbles, plz cry w me 😩🔫 tara strong !!
The boss has also pledged to field a strong side on the final day against Norwich, despite wrapping up fourth place:
Saddle up, My Little Pony fans; we need your questions for Tara Strong and Meghan McCarthy!
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These girls sending me messages I swear is long Twitlonger with more characters than Tara Strong
I love watching the the greatest 2 minutes in sports! Go Wicked Strong!! But Johnny & Tara should not be allowed...
Randy Parker, selfie game too strong 🍄😂
Tara Strong? the voice of every cartoon character ever (almost)
Except for the fact that she was voiced by Tara Strong, lol
hi Tara Strong I just want to say that you are amazing actor for Bubbles, I really love The Powerpuff Girls.
Tara Strong don't give a crap though. I saw her at a convention, girl was getting high off of herself.
yeah and Tara Strong also got death threats over this crap.
for a selute no he didnt, Tara Strong did
The problem isn't that I'm not mentally strong enough , it's that I'm not stupid enough to hurt myself anymore.
I just realised that Presea's voice actor in Tales of Symphonia is Tara Strong, IE, Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents. Mind Blown.
Nope, Morgan Freeman for Tara Strong. Because he voices Bubbles according to some pic on the internet.
dear world, friend game is SO STRONG
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