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Tappan Zee

The Tappan Zee (also Tappan Sea or Tappaan Zee) is a natural widening of the Hudson River, about 3 mi (5 km) across at its widest, in southeastern New York in the United States.

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go on the death trap known as the Tappan Zee and see if you feel the same
Poll attendant at NY Tappan Zee toll ($13) told me I'd get bill in mail, since I was $1 short: got a $50 b…
On my way home to catch game. Tappan Zee Bridge coming along nicely.
Sunset over new infrastructure. New Tappan Zee Bridge over Hudson River.
All JR/SR student athletes interested in VAASA please come to Room 800 and pick up an application. Applications are due…
Science Leadership Team hard at work practicing Argument Driven Inquiry techniques with this force/motion challenge htt…
Grew up in NL, CT. ON the river. But the bridge was high, straight and 6 lanes wide. GWB never bothered me. Tappan Zee? death
northernmost rest stop. Closest to the Tappan Zee Bridge. Not sure how to interpret that one.
he can't get over the Tappan Zee Bridge...
Thirty minutes to the opening curtain of Sherlock Holmes.
Paving Work To Close 3 Lanes Of Tappan Zee Bridge Friday: Drivers should be prepared for lane closures on the…
Building the main span of the Tappan Zee Bridge in the 1950s and what its replacement looks like today.…
Heading to Albany. Thanks to the trip has been smooth sailing. Thanks to Tappan Zee the trip has hit…
Three southbound (lanes on the will close overnight tonight.
Update: Incident on SB from After Exit 9 (I-87) - Tarrytown (Rte 9) to Tappan Zee Bridge Toll Barrier
If someone could deliver a large coffee to the middle of the Tappan Zee Bridge that would be great.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
One more email and I might drive down to Rockland County and toss my phone off the Tappan Zee Bridge
guys I broke out into song last night trying to explain something to J(...the only thing I know about the Tappan Zee)
LOWER HUDSON VALLEY: Stop and go traffic: SB on I-87 Tappan Zee Bridge-exit 8: Slow traffic
A look at the old Tappan Zee Bridge looking west from a point west of the main channel, c. 1953.
Almost as heavily redacted as the financing plan for the new Tappan Zee Bridge.
Tbt when Tappan Zee tried to intentionally walk in our semi final game, but she whacked it and we ended up winning states
I took the Tappan Zee Bridge home from Yonkers today and almost died, twice🙃
Congrats to new inductees to the English Honor Society!
The Hudson River roils below the Tappan Zee Bridge as hard rain slices into its surface.
Accident: NY State Thruway/Tappan Zee Brg NB - Before RT-9 (- Accident - police on scene, should be cleared shortly
LOWER HUDSON VALLEY: Slow traffic: SB on I-87 exit 14A-Tappan Zee Bridge: Stop and go traffic
The new Tappan Zee Bridge on Rte 287 in NY is going to dwarf the old one. So amazing!
Tappan Zee Bridge closed indefinitely after crane collapse
this would make more sense to refer to the crane collapse on the Tappan Zee Bridge today.
he's saving that for the Tappan Zee replacement. The Mario Cuomo Bridge.
// Meh, at least as safe as the Tappan Zee.
Today's game vs Tappan Zee is a 4:30 start at Anne Hutchinson
We went over the Tappan Zee Bridge.and now we're going back over. *** is going on.
They are building a new Tappan Zee Bridge. This is the view from Nyack, where I grew up. @ Nyack…
Going over the Tappan Zee Bridge is the scariest thing ever
Bad accident as soon as you pass the Tappan Zee Bridge
TRAFFIC ALERT: Vehicle on fire on Tappan Zee Bridge southbound in Tarrytown area.
We can agree to disagree. I think $$ spent on wrong things.+ don't want to be on the Tappan Zee when it hits the Hudson River
LIVE on : See super crane in action on new Tappan Zee project
I almost die every tome I drive on the Tappan Zee Bridge 🙄
please update your stock footage of the Tappan Zee Bridge, it is surrounded by construction
A better view, with old and new Tappan Zee in background,
Great action photos of TT ELITE players and as they win over Tappan Zee.
I uploaded new artwork to - 'Sunset Over The Tappan Zee Bridge'
I uploaded new artwork to - 'Winter Sky Over Tappan Zee Bridge'
In the boys 48-46 win, Jake Murphy had 12, Ryan Wanek 11, and Arron Cruz 10. Excellent win for Jay as they will now travel to Tappan Zee
FINAL: 20 points, 14 rebounds, 7 steals as Beacon girls advance in sectionals with 57-42 win over Tappan Zee
favorites in Portland: Broadway Bridge, followed closely by Steel Bridge (kinda typical i know) / All-time fav: Tappan Zee
for How Gov. Cuomo's plans boost NY projects.
The replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge will sit on 260 million pounds of steel.
at work on the famed Tappan Zee Bridge, which will be the widest bridge on the planet
NY is just now replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge, an expen$ive undertaking. LOTS of people said the money wasn't there, BUT...
You'd go through the Lincoln, Holland Tunnel, GWB or take a boat. Maybe the Tappan Zee if you're north. People need a map.
ahhh i am familiar with that area, I am down in Irvington just south of Tappan Zee Bridge
Before 2010-11, I had never seen Tappan Zee or Byram play one game at the County Center in seven years.
- Very first blog post Hudson River Crossing Project
In 2010, Tappan Zee had never won a Section 1 title. Since it has won 2x and been in the County Center 5x.
Thinking about driving home tonight is literally making me nauseous. AKA don't feel like dealing with the Tappan Zee Bridge.
the furthest upstate I've ever been was the Tappan Zee Bridge. I confessed this to non-mongos the other day.
A conglomeration of little looking men mixed in with huge steel and concrete at new Tappan Zee…
Discovered this really nice, serene walkway near the Tappan Zee Bridge in Tarrytown. Got some…
they are very plain now. Btw, you playing Tappan Zee in the spring?
Remember when the towers were wee bitty things? Now they're as high as the roadway on the Tappan Zee Bridge.
Mild winter means fewer construction issues on new TZB via
the Tappan lived in what is now Rockland and Zee is the Dutch word for Sea.
I feel so guilty for rooting for more fines, but part of the $ are keeping our Tappan Zee Bridge tolls from increasing.
Massive prestressed, beams will connect new Tappan Zee Bridge's 419-foot towers:
Only perk of being in traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge
As a 1-seed, Tappan Zee could have a tough road. Nyack has Ws over Harrison/Rye among others & Hen Hud/Har wouldn't be an easy quarterfinal.
.to sue Authority over alleged killing of sturgeon in Tappan Zee construction
The NYS Thruway does NOT expect a Toll Increase in 2016! That includes the Tappan Zee
View of the Hudson River Valley, from Looking across the Tappan Zee toward Hook Mountain, by Albert Bierstadt
Mark "THE MASK" Russell of after finishing off Tappan Zee. MacDonald looking like Mix Diskerud.
This girder for the Tappan Zee Bridge will be rolled out over the train tracks in Tarrytown tonight
Tappan Zee builder wins again in wage dispute with union. via
Live from Tappan Zee: Boys Soccer 1st round game between the Dutchmen and JJCR. Scoreless at halftime.
only driven thru NY over TAPpAN ZEE on the way to mass& maine..
Stalled Vehicle: One lane blocked SB on the Tappan Zee Bridge.
Disabled vehicle in on The NY State Thruway SB at The Tappan Zee Brg Span,...
Every time I see the Tappan Zee on Sleepy Hollow, I can't help but smile. This time of year, I miss not being able to just pop over there!
Aquaman Anthony Ricciardi and his crew put out over 200 coolers of drinking water every day on the Tappan Zee...
Reports of dead sturgeon have spiked since Zee Bridge project began; calls for investigation.
I've driven myself over the Tappan Zee 8 times in 8 days 🙄
Cuomo hired a TV anchor to be the “Public Face” of his new Tappan Zee Bridge project via
In Nyack w/ viewing & talking about new Tappan Zee Bridge.
Ha! I grew up ~60 miles from Manhattan and was upstate for anyone over the Tappan Zee.
This view over the Tappan Zee Bridge is lit
The public face of the is stepping down:
Excited to drive the boys across the Tappan Zee today, that was always my fav part of driving to CT.
Good Morning NY! The daily standstill traffic on the Tappan Zee has a beautiful silver lining this…
2nd playoff win in Eastchester Football history is complete. Eastchester 48 Tappan Zee 0.
"Look kids, it's the sprawl-spewing, transit-free highway widening that Grandpa spun as a glorious liberation!"
TZB construction to slow train service
If I hear the song hotline bling one more time I'm going to drive off the Tappan Zee Bridge
"When tappan zee's jv talks smack and their varsity lost by 48" -Eastchester
My fault b I Juss got off the Tappan Zee you gonn be downtown?
Conybeare, public face of Tappan Zee project, to resign via
TRAINS SLOWED: Metro-North train service in Tarrytown will be affected by TZB construction.
Cuomo's bridge to the public on the project, to resign via
Don't miss tonight's speaker at the Blount Auditorium at 6:30, Mr Robert Palermo discussing new $3.9billion Tappan Zee Br…
Brian Coneybeare, the news anchor who Cuomo hired away to be the face of the Bridge project, is resigning
Monday's results and Tuesday's schedule. Big wins for Briarcliff, Byram Hills and Tappan Zee.
Rough morning commute for Rockland County!! STILL some HEAVY delays on I-87 SB onto the Tappan Zee.. watch out:
Hate hate hate crossin over the Tappan Zee Bridge. I always think it's gonna collapse.
What do low Tappan Zee Bridge tolls mean to you?
Tappan Zee. - a cantilever bridge over the Hudson River. I'm bypassing the GW & heading down the Garden State Parkway
The worlds largest crane working on the New Tappan Zee Bridge, quite an impressive site!…
.TZ construction may be killing sturgeon
I don't pass through NYC. Tappan Zee skips the city, gets you in Jersey quick and saves me at least 90 mins
LIUNA Local 60 works to complete another historic concrete pour on the Tappan Zee Bridge Project. . 3,000 yards...
Contractors lined up for boat ride to work on Tappan Zee
🚨Htown raids the Raiders, grabbing the win 8-5! Catch us at home tomorrow against Tappan Zee @ 3pm
Making Tappan Zee traffic bearable. Listen to CVS BANGERS VOLUME 3 by DJ HENNESSY YOUNGMAN on
On Thursday will host Tappan Zee in the first round of sectionals! First pitch is at 4:30.
WINNA WINNA!!! Huskies take the win against Tappan Zee in the first round of sectionals, 10-4!! …
This gentleman was born Dec. 15, 1955, the same day as the Tappan Zee was opened! Amazing
"Tappan Zee: better than Pearl River "
Accident in on TAPPAN ZEE BRIDE SB near The Tappan Zee Brg Span, stop and go traffic back to X10
What a beautiful day! Looking at the Tappan Zee Bridge from Rockland County, via
The Tappan Zee Bridge captured from above-view is to the west
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Like 17min from the Tappan Zee Bridge West Nyack in Rockland County
If they don't name the new Tappan Zee Bridge "2 Tappan 2 Zee" I'm gonna be disappointed
The Tappan Zee was one of the bridges they talked about, the one I took to go into the Bronx every day. I was like, "awesome" lol.
living on the other side of the Tappan Zee Bridge makes it easier to take trains, because the Metro-North runs there, beautiful.
Politics behind the Tappan Zee Bridge. Brand new book. 3 minute NPR video at See
Is Tappan Zee Bridge construction killing sturgeon? wants the feds to investigate. via
Lane closures removed in on The NY State Thruway SB between The Tappan Zee...
Shocking increase in reports of dead sturgeon since Tappan Zee project began: http…
Fairly unavoidable on a Friday during summer, but could perhaps go NJ Tpike to GSP to Tappan Zee to Hutch/Merrit vs. 95.
Something is destroying wants fed investigation construction
Tappan Zee traffic at least we have and the 80s on 8!
Road maintenance operations on NB from 0.03 after Tappan Zee Bridge Toll Barrier to 0.55 before Exit...
Imortant new book about politics behind Tappan Zee Bridge. 3 minute NPR video: See
Tappan Zee builders fined for health, safety violations via
We met at Tappan Zee Bridge. My book's now out. See 3 minute NPR video at See
Is TZB construction reason for all the dead sturgeon? & calling for Fed investigation
They're finally replacing Tappan Zee? Oh my god. Every time I have crossed that bridge makes top-10 most terrifying moments of my life
NYT write puff piece on new Tappan Zee, repeating lie that it's $3.9bn ...actual cost: $4.8bn ht…
Girls 🏀 is officially the 4 seed & will play the winner of Tappan Zee vs John Jay Cross River
I'm on the Tappan Zee Bridge, lots of traffic. I'm tappin zee breaks
I am not thankful for the traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge
Always fun when signs warn you of high winds on Tappan Zee Bridge.
Gonna set up at tent on the Tappan Zee Bridge and move in
Traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge at night is my worst nightmare
Tappan Zee super crane does limbo under bridge
Cuomo admin hires high-powered firm to sue EPA for not letting them use Clean Water $ to build Tappan Zee replacement
Ray Kelly is "visionary", the way that Cuomo's mass-transit free, new Tappan Zee Bridge, is "visionary".
"This is the Tappan Zee Bridge. It was built at the widest point in the river, and it's not holding up so well."
One of world's largest floating cranes - capable of lifting 1,900 tons - is hard at work on the Tappan Zee
One of the world's largest floating cranes arrived at the Tappan Zee Bridge recently in NY.
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No water under the bridge yet for Tappan zee may haunt him as well. Think he might sink? .
All these Beamer commercials are obsolete after seeing the BMW i8 in person on the Tappan Zee.
crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge this week. Our friends were there to cover it:
We still don't have a solid plan for funding the Tappan Zee Bridge capital plan and now Albany wants us to look...
Have you seen our page yet? Find out the latest on one of the largest transportation projects in state history:
Getting across the water: new bridges to replace iconic NY spans.
Take seven minutes to learn about New York's bridges.
Passing Tappan Zee on the way down to the Thanks EPA for taking a stand on clean water funds. http…
MT EPA right on Tappan Zee MT Cuomo property tax cap blocks local govts from water, sewer fund
Love having to cross the Tappan Zee everyday. Sitting for 45 min already, nice 2 hour commute today!
ITRCC based their model "on an overly optimistic projection of traffic and toll revenue." Hm…
"Pearl River vs Tappan Zee is the most pathetic rivalry ever no one cares outside of these 2 schools"
Final: Toll confusion has Tappan Zee drivers seeing red
.sweeps Tappan Zee. Man, I cannot wait to see this team on Wednesday at Pearl River. Hearing so many good things.
Cuomo controversy - EPA rejects approval of some funding intended for clean water – for projects for Tappan Zee .
confusion has Tappan Zee seeing red
Skeleton of Tappan Zee Bridge’s Successor Begins to Surface in the Hudson
*** is Tappan Zee and why does it live in the River and no I'm not looking up the location of Sleepy Hollow.
Toll confusion has Tappan Zee drivers seeing red | via
Extra: Toll confusion has Tappan Zee drivers seeing red
A great piece in the Journal News about New Rochelle Girls' Soccer. Congratulations, Huguenots!...
"We should not buy something if we don't know how we're going to pay for it," said Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, a...
plays hide the ball on how he's going to pay for the new Tappan Zee - "Show us the money, gov"
Crazy class but I'm so glad I'm home. Highlight of my drive home: seeing the 9/11 memorial lights from the Tappan Zee!
OK, but Murray's "no environmental review when you replace bridge over Hudson" = death to Tappan Zee oysters.
"I think I left my brain on the Tappan Zee Bridge" -
Working towards a solution for pedestrian and bike paths for TZ Bridge.
Tappan Zee Bridge path critic teams with South Nyack
Rand Commercial Service's own Jim Damiani was instrumental in the relocation of NYS Troopers Headquarters!...
Going through NY tonight by way of Tappan Zee Bridge. Do I kill myself now or..?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Taxpayers have a right to know if toll hikes are part of the new NY Bridge (Tappan Zee) financing plan.
Passing the city on the tappan zee is pure torture right now
Congratulations to TZ's Isaac Gorenstein, Journal News Rockland County Golf player of the Year!:
Upstate NY senator wants to see TZ financing plan before approving loan. Hard to disagree with his logic. via
In a New York State of Mind. Stunning views of Manhattan and the Tappan Zee from the Half Moon Rest. in Dobbs Ferry. On the way to Toni Ann and Kurt M. Mulligan wedding! So excited!!
Tappan Zee Bridge is going to be replaced with a new twin-span bridge. Check this new post for more details.
Bucket list: drive over the Tappan Zee Bridge late at night. There was no one around.
A Historic picture for all our history minded followers. This is an aerial shot of Tappan Zee Plaza late 1955. . Cool
Best place to view fireworks in NY is from the Tappan Zee Bridge. All the river towns lighting em simultaneously.
im right across the Hudson River by the tappan zee. Sleepy Hollow.
Fireworks on the Hudson River... Tappan Zee Bridge...
Going by Monster floating crane for Tappan Zee Bridge replacement - NYNews
Going over the unintended thrill ride that is the Tappan Zee Bridge. Thank you Ronald Reagan for the excitement.
Thruway Authority fires back over TZ Bridge loan
Tappan Zee barge crash: State stalls release of emails
All purpose parts banner
Bolts over the Hudson River & Tappan Zee Bridge taken from Memorial Park in Nyack on July 3rd, 2014.
The traditional blue necklace lights of the Tappan Zee Bridge just went out completely.
is hitting the Tappan Zee Bridge hard tonight! Yikes!
Critic of path plan joins forces with South Nyack to come up with solutions via
View: Piermont Marsh 'restoration' a disaster in the making via lohud
Extreme lightning strikes going over the Tappan Zee Bridge can't even count them so many!
of in is closing! Enjoy 30%-80% OFF your favorite sporting good items! PLS RT!
Bad sky on way to Tappan Zee Area NY
Tappan Zee: State troopers shift to Rockland via
Thanks for standing up against raiding clean water fund to pay for TZ Bridge
State troopers, Thruway workers relocate to fomer Journal News printing plant in via
Debating jumping off the Tappan Zee Bridge at least that way I'll cool off
Thruway Authority fires back at Abinanti; Latimer supports Tappan Zee Bridge loan
Very heavy/slow get-away traffic on WB 287/NB NYST to the Tappan Zee from the Taconic.
Hey lady in the silver Toyota on the Tappan Zee Bridge, I see you picking your nose 😝
I liked a video from Tappan Zee Bridge Project- Piggy Back Ride- day 257- by michael
A Prayer, Almighty and powerful Traffic gods please here my prayer. I am but a lowly driver of a motor coach. I prostrate myself before you and humbly beseech your blessings and kindness tomorrow. I have but one day off on Saturday and I would be so grateful to you for allowing me to pass from here to there unhindered and unscathed. I understand and know your power and greatness. I know I am unworthy to ask this. I also know your power is so great that you can bring whole mega cities to a standstill with the simple placement of a kitten or puppy on some obscure side street causing traffic to back up for hours and hours. I do not doubt your abilities to bring mere ordinary men to their knees on the New Jersey Turnpike at any instant. I only ask this one thing and I will be forever grateful. In the name of the Garden State Parkway, Tappan Zee Bridge and the Delaware Memorial bridge I ask this. AMEN.
.channels his inner Newt Gingrich and whines about seating at POTUS event at Tappan Zee.
is about to speak in Tarrytown, NY with the Tappan Zee Bridge behind him. Ten minutes from my home!
At 2:25pm CT, will talk about the nation's infrastructure and the new GROW AMERICA Act. Watch it live
questioning plan to pay for new Tappan Zee Bridge/toll hikes at event.
Obama's Marine One prepares to land. He'll talk abt need 4 more $ for roads, bridges like aging Tappan Zee Bridge
President Obama speaking at Sunset Cove Restaurant in Tarrytown, NY on ongoing Tappan Zee Bridge construction
President Obama is speaking today a few minutes away from me regarding the new Tappan Zee Bridge.
Waiting for POTUS to arrive. Tappan Zee and American flag ready for a photo op.
Waiting for Obama.president talks transportation with Tappan Zee as backdrop.
we'd have more money to invest in infrastructure if we reformed trial lawyer friendly Scaffold Law:
The latest from the scene of the Crowd waits for .
Curios that Obozo is visiting the Tappan Zee Bridge which is in current construction. A day late and a dollar short.
Obama to speak in 20 minutes on investment and the Watch live online.
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Obama in NY to visit the massive Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project. A massive Governor replacement project gets underway…
Pataki on Obama coming to westchester to highlight tappan zee, "well, politics is politics."
Screen-grab of Tappan Zee Bridge backdrop for President scheduled infrastructure speech in Tarrytown,
Waiting for to speak at Tappan Zee Bridge
POTUS remarks at Tarrytown re: Tappan Zee, transportation infrastructure, to begin at 3:30.
Waiting to hear from on infrastructure at the Tappan Zee
Union members want jobs from Obama: President Barack Obama is using the crumbling Tappan Zee Brid...
Up on AP2: Ambient music from Tappan Zee Obama event
Covering Obama's speech in Tarrytown, N.Y., this afternoon near the Tappan Zee Bridge.
The Construction Industry Council of Westchester, long an advocate for modernizing the region's infrastructure, is praising President Barack Obama on his visit to the Tappan Zee Bridge today for a speech. Obama plans to call on Congress to spend more o
Obama in Tarrytown to ask for cash for roads, bridges President Barack Obama is heading to the Tappan Zee Bridge on htt…
Obama's visit to Tarrytown: What you need to know via
Pres & Mrs Obama greeted on tarmac at JFK by NY Gov Cuomo. Now on Marine One to Tappan Zee Bridge speech site.
At 3:25, the president will talk about the country's transportation funding crisis. Watch it live, here.
Tomorrow in Tarrytown, NY - on the eastern side of the Tappan Zee Bridge, Pres Obama delivers another pitch for infrastruc…
You know who's happy is visiting Tarrytown today? 3,000 kids in the school district, who are going home early:
Wouldn't a field of huge wind turbines look fantastic along the Palisades south of the Tappan Zee Bridge?
Obama is coming to Westchester County to talk about the Tappan Zee Bridge? Tarrytown is going to have hor…
It's awesome how President Obama is in my home town right now speaking on behalf of the new Tappan Zee Bridge! Wish I was there!
I hope President Obama speech at Tarrytown will be stream online. I'd like to watch him with the backdrop of the Tappan Z…
President Obama to speak at 3:30 p.m. today in Tarrytown on the Tappan Zee Bridge and funding.
President Obama is coming to visit the Tappan Zee Bridge today:
Pres. Obama to deliberately cause a massive traffic jam at a bridge tomorrow - Dems will not investigate
Obama’s visit to Tappan Zee Bridge area in Tarrytown to tie up traffic.
Obama visit: Tarrytown schools to dismiss early
visit to Tarrytown may delay commuters via
Marine One whisks Obama to the Tappan Zee Bridge on a foggy NYC afternoon
I am pleased the President has come to the Tappan Zee Bridge to highlight the importance of federal funding for infrastructure projects. Federal funding significantly influences state, county and local infrastructure. Without it these projects would diminish or disappear. Reactionary forces in Congress should not be able to cause the deterioration of our infrastructure. The Tappan Zee Bridge is essential to our interstate system which is crucial to passengers, commerce and the health and security of our country.
President Barack Obama will speak at the site of the Tappan Zee Bridge project later today before headlining a pair of Democratic fundraisers this evening in the city.
It will cost taxpayers nearly $4 billion, and in exchange, they'll get a smoother ride on a bridge that can handle the load. That’s the promised return on investment at the new Tappan Zee Bridge, a project now attracting fresh attention from the White House.
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GOP AG candidate John Cahill quips that Obama visit to nearby Tappan Zee slowed traffic, almost as if he said, time for some traffic problem
With preparations in place for President Obama's visit to the Tappan Zee Bridge construction site, Ned Rauch talked to minority construction workers protesting about being shut out of major projects. (Video by Joe Larese)
On Wednesday, President Barack Obama will visit the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, where he will call on more federal spending for infrastructure projects.  Obama has made numerous proposals to increase spending on bridges, roads and other infrastructure projects, but Republicans in C…
President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak in front of the Tappan Zee Bridge Wednesday
INTERESTING ALERT! If you are in the Tarrytown / Sleepy Hollow area, President Barack Obama will be speaking shortly in Tarrytown at Sunset Cove restaurant. The construction of the new Tappan Zee will be a backdrop. The speech will presumably be about our nation's infrastructure. If you are in the neighborhood and can catch it, please report back to us!!! We have a reporter on the scene and he will provide photos. Looking forward to it !!!
President Obama travels to New York on Wednesday to urge Congress to pass a transportation bill and raise campaign money. In the early afternoon, Obama journeys to the Tappan Zee Bridge to make his case for an
NY is wasting 390 million tax $ on new Tappan Zee because of trial lawyer giveaway.
the trial lawyer-friendly Scaffold Law adds $390 million to cost of new Tappan Zee.
President Obama visits the Buckland & Taylor designed New NY Bridge (Tappan Zee) today.
Why not coax Warren Buffet or Bill Gates,with their billions of"idle"dollars,to rebuild & then rename the Tappan Zee?
On average the Lincoln tunnels takes in $960,000.00 a day ! Holland tunnel $760,000.00, Tappan Zee Bridge $675,000.00 and GW bridge $1,000,000.00. $ 1,239,175,000.00 a year ! Where is the money ? This is just FOUR . In total 120 Billion ! Where is the money ? Obam is back out on the road again for money for roads and bridges. Remember his shovel ready jobs last time ( stimulus money ). Where's that money ? Same old same old ! They won't be happy till they control all your money, your rights and your freedoms !!!
President Barack Obama will be onsite at the $3.9 billion Tappan Zee Bridge project in New York today to push his infrastructure agenda. He is expected to urge members of the House to pass his $302 billion transportation-spending plan, and to "cut through red tape and expedite permitting decisions."…
Note from a friend in NJ. Obama's visiting Tarrytown this afternoon!!! Helicopters flying overhead and Nico has half day because of traffic and security. Speaking on the Tappan Zee Bridge and transportation funding. Guess I will be walking around town today...
Bloody *** I knew President Obama was speaking at the Tappan Zee Bridge today, didn't know he was staying for two fund raisers tonight ...
No go Zone today at Tappan Zee: "The Coast Guard will be enforcing a security zone in the Hudson River, in the vicinity of the Tarrytown waterfront on Wednesday May 14 from approximately 2:15pm to 4:30 pm. No vessel transits will be permitted within the security zone while it is in effect without the Coast Guard Patrol Commander’s (PATCOM) approval"
The President, who approved a $1.6 billion loan last fall for the Tappan Zee’s replacement, is expected to ask for more federal spending on infrastructure
I am very excited to be invited to attend President Obama's address at the Tappan Zee Bridge today!
He is going to do what no one has ever done before. Going to jump off the Tappan Zee Bridge, and then jump back on the bridge.I thought they change the name of the bridge.?
If we still lived in Yonkers, in Bill Turque's favorite apartment ever, we could look out our window today and say hey, that speck in the distance is the president at the Tappan Zee Bridge.
President Barack Obama is comming to the Tarrytown boat club today, I live right at the end of Beekman ave by the Metro north and by the Tappan Zee Bridge, this is going to be a interesting day!
The president may appear at Tappan Zee to call for infrastructure spending increase.
Only this President would give a speech at the Tappan Zee Bridge at 3pm. Have his people not looked at the traffic patterns there starting at 3pm and lasting until 6pm.
FYI! Prob gonna be bridge traffic today Obama visiting the Tappan Zee Bridge
Great...Obama's going to be in Westchester and of course he's arriving mid afternoon just in time for the afternoon rush hour. I guess those that take the Tappan Zee will be SO screwed!!!
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So tomorrow our president will arrive in Tarrytown at Sunset Cove (one town away from me) to speak about the new Tappan Zee Bridge project federal funding.this should mess up traffic beyond belief! Why cant he just wire transfer the funds and stay the *** in DC??
Tappan Zee girls wins 9-3 over Pearl River- great win for the seniors on their last home game   10% Off
After more than a decade of delay, a New NY Bridge to replace the Tappan Zee is becoming a reality. The first span of the new twin-span bridge is scheduled to open in 2016, and the new bridge shoul...
Barry and Andy are coming to the Tappan Zee tomorrow. Can think of slot of things to post but can't. You never know who maybe reading this
Glenn Jones and Laura Baird perform "Across the Tappan Zee" from Glenn's new album, My Garden State
Carlucci to Cuomo: Don’t forget about Tappan Zee commuters: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is on Staten Island this afterno...
Gov. Cuomo: Name the new Tappan Zee Bridge for Pete Seeger! via
The West Coast Lifter has made it to the east coast to help build the new Tappan Zee Bridge...
There are small yacht clubs on the Hudson and if you were lucky enough to sail up river around the Tappan Zee or down river past the George Washington bridge towards Manhattan, you might have seen an old fashioned wooden sailboat with tall masts and furled sails. That vessel was named the Clearwater and it was Pete Seeger's way of getting funding and reminding everyone to help keep the Hudson River clean. I managed to see the Clearwater quite a few times and never forgot how it always looked so beautiful and the way it touched my heart and soul. Thanks Pete.
Tappan Zee and Throgs Neck. Both fun to say.
Signs for the Tappan Zee Bridge sounds like a German guy talking about "tapping the bridge" in my mind. You too? Great.
I heard about Lennon’s assassination while driving on the Tappan Zee Bridge. Wonder every year what could of been?
No traffic on the Tappan Zee, for once. Good start to my Sunday
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