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Tanya Harding

Tanya Victoria Harding (born 23 January 1972 in Brisbane, Queensland) is an Australian softball player, who has competed for Australia at four consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 1996. Three times she claimed a bronze medal (1996, 2000, 2008), and once a silver medal (2004).

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Slow ya roll now Tanya Harding. You skating on thin ice
So long bathroom that Tanya Harding used to snorc from.
The judge needs Tanya Harding to take care of him. We have her operatives on a plane there now.
I want to see Trump's sex tape with the same enthusiasm as John Wayne Bobbit, Tanya Harding, and Stretch.
Tanya Harding trying to cripple her opponent. Yeah, we get the bottom feeders, means-t…
Wonder if it's anything like the Tanya Harding one?
Hey Sean Johnson, can you Tanya Harding Brad Guzan for the good of your country? Thanks
Senators say he won fair & square !😐about⬛as Great Lakes Fair as Tanya Harding was aloud 2 compete at Olympics ⁉Scandalous Morals w/o Shame‼
Not since Jeff Gillooly and the Tanya Harding gang has the world seen such an assemblage of talent.
My daughter is beating me in our Fitbit challenge again. Tanya Harding I'm sorry I judged you, I get it now.
Putin did a Tanya Harding on US. He could not make Russia more powerful, but he could make US weaker
If I could have dinner with any 3 people, living or dead, I would pick: . 1. Obama. 2. Obama. 3. Obama. 4. Tanya Harding
I'm just showing Tanya Harding how us professionals do it... @ Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex
"Tanya. like Tanya Harding". (That joke played better in the 90's). ⛸🔧
Did Megan hold Tanya Harding hostage for that talking head?
If this were back in the day, Jess Mendoza would be paid alot of money to strapon bang Curt Schilling, ala Tanya Harding & John Wayne Bobbit
I've got Blackmon in a "luckydraw" Derby Pool. not saying I don't like my chances but if Tanya Harding is listening, u know the drill...
They NEED to illegally hurt their opponent?! Does this remind…
Same reason we heard a lot more about Tanya Harding,the figure skater plotted to get Nance Kerrigan severely injure…
He'll be good for around a month. After that, he'll skate around like a drunk Tanya Harding.
There are great 30 For 30′s about both the OJ Bronco Chase and the Nancy Kerrigan/Tanya Harding events lol
Did you used to work for Tanya Harding?
Nancy Kerrigan just saw Simone's dance and placed a call to Tanya Harding asking if she wanted to make a quick fifty bucks. .
Are you contemplating going Tanya Harding on Ben Smith?
I like the angle of Samoa Joe being the Jeff Gillooly and Triple H being the Tanya Harding here. So I politely disagree bruh
Omg Chris Brown going to take his knees ou like Tanya Harding did Kerry
I get the feeling that thinks that Tanya Harding hiring a goon to smash Nancy Kerrigan's leg was good business
I need you to assault gabbert like Tanya Harding did Nancy Kerrigan.
Holy Crap! You're displaying picture of Sarah Palin..the Tanya Harding of politics? I have to block U fr stupidity!!!
the vault seems to be the Tanya Harding of this Olympics. No knee will survive.
So basically the only way Geno Smith gets to start is if he pulls a Tanya Harding?
You know he's calling Tanya Harding right now...
Except in this case Tanya Harding is the DNC, and Bernie wasn't going to win no matter how you twist the
In case anyone was wondering who i meant when i said Tanya Harding here is an interesting retrospective vid. >>
Not always sure if i always buy into astrology..BUT, today i flashed on Tanya Harding and Hilarys election rigging, YIKES. Both r Scorpio.>
Obviously going for the Tanya Harding vote.
I know lmao. I wonder who Tanya Harding'd her knee during the shoot.
a few years after the time of Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan so back then figure skating was in the news.
Giving Clinton the nomination is like giving Tanya Harding the World Championship over Nancy Kerrigan. Look it up:
Where is Tanya Harding when you need her..
backing feels like Nancy Kerrigan helping Tanya Harding get to the Olympics
She has "Tanya Harding" syndrome. Will continue to fall down in "consciousness" and polls.
Hillary's attacks on competitor Bernie Sanders reminds me of botched Tanya Harding's thuggery.
Debbie wassermam-Schultz bringing back memories of Tanya Harding
I remember simpler times. Like when Tanya Harding had Nancy Kerrigan's knees taken out. Those were the days.
Buster Olney? I'm not about to Tanya Harding anyone. And both her knees are the same age anyway.
Little Giant Ladders
Is Tanya Harding available to club multiple GS warriors in the kneecaps?
Sanders is unhinged. He is Tanya Harding on steroids. Out to kneecap the Dem party. So ready to be DONE w/ him.
Ill never make it through these finals alive 😭😨.Our only shot at stopping Curry is takin him out at the knees. Tanya Harding style
*** curry is so good I may need to Tanya Harding him
can't stop thinking about Bernie as Tanya Harding
Seriously Bernie people, don't let him Tanya Harding this to Hillary. The stakes are too high.
HONESTLY, best assessment of the democratic primary season. Bernie is Tanya, Hillay is Nancy.
Seriously about to Tanya Harding this awful person on the 17.
Yeah, I know. Still can't shake my stupid co-worker telling me about the Tanya Harding sex tape.
I still can't believe tanya harding was on tv and then there was a moon on the other tv when you guys played size of the moon
Lol don't flatter yourself. Looking up to Tanya Harding speaks volumes.
oh, the Tanya Harding who was stripped of her '94 national title and banned from competing in the U.S. for life?
That Tanya Harding article brought back memories. I remember watching the made for tv movie about the incident. Cray. 😳
Tanya Harding still sticking to her story 😂
on a 1-10 scale of competitiveness, I'm Tanya Harding.
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Just watched the 30 for 30 Nancy Kerrigan/Tanya Harding one... Tanya is so unlikable and such a liar... uuugh, made me hate her more
Hillary is the Tanya Harding of Politics and her kneecaping criminal antics will continue. She absolutely vile!
This pub has a black & blue burger called the "tanya harding." Beyond the spelling & historical issue, i had 2 explain the name 2 the server
I liked a video Cooking with Ian Harding | Shay’s Kitchen
What happened? Am I going to have to go Tanya Harding on someone?
Last night me and Raul watched a documentary about Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan and tonight we watched one about the sugar industry
*Calls Tanya Harding* yea so u know this dude Klay Thompson right???.
is that Tanya Harding in your backyard?
I think Amber Heard may be on her way to becoming the next Tanya Harding.
I just met the Tanya Harding's of fishing
No way OKC winning at the Oracle unless they tanya harding Klay
pathetic. Where's Tanya Harding and her goons when you need her
Everything? He's going to have to go Tanya Harding style on Paxton lynch to be the starter. : / watch your 6 Paxton! Lol
At this point we'll have to send Tanya Harding's bf over to the Cavs locker room with a crowbar to attack Irving and James.
somebody please go Tanya Harding on him and Crawford
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I miss the good ol days when Olympic athletes used good ol fashion thuggery to get an advantage. Lord, I miss Tanya Harding
rewind the video, the guy Parkes took out went Tanya Harding on Hunt.
I need a scandalous dark comedy/psychological thriller about Nancy Kerrigan & Tanya Harding. I've been waiting for one almost all my life.
Jrystol & Erickson losers will run in one state to kneecap him like a bunch of Tanya Harding freaks.
The only thing left to do is pull a Tanya Harding.
if y'all don't get outta here asking Lebron about a bump from Jeff Teague. Jeff could Tanya Harding 'Bron and he wouldn't feel it,
i want to to tanya harding jeff Teague right now
Okay so technically he says Tanya Harding but all I am hearing is Tanya
Uh ohh. Think I just spotted Tanya Harding Inside the Philips Arena. 🖕🏼the .
Rinne pulling a Tanya Harding. I can't blame the dude.
Tanya Harding is innocent idc what y'all say
They can be, for sure. I'm sorry someone is mistreating you. Let me know if you need me to Tanya Harding them. I got you. :)
If you get the chance to watch the Tanya Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan special on Netflix, watch it. It's so good!
why not both? Historically monsters have never been graceful sans Tanya Harding.
I watched done about people who end up broke after being a pro and one about Tanya harding
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Someone please go and Tanya Harding that traffic cone he loves to play so much.
We've had a Tanya Harding email us asking about a Driver Experience Voucher for her Uncle. Unfortunately the...
Ted Cruz has gone full tilt Tanya Harding today. Minus the club to the knee. meltdown.
Wonderful piece from about Surya Bonaly reported by & Cameo…
My legs would provide me immense speed if only I had feet. So to move I *** onto the ground and slide like Tanya Harding.
Can someone take a bat to Cameron Payne's knees. Where's Tanya Harding when you need her?
. Let's hope Tanya Harding behaves this time.
Kelly Ripa planning to pull a Tanya Harding on Michael Strahan's last day
I want to do a Tanya Harding on him.
I'm just being the Culé Ryan Murphy with the narrative of Bravo/MatS being our non violent Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan
To get famous,of cliche'..Mily Cyrus, Tanya Harding, & even Vanessa Williams b/cshe posed in Penthouse!
needs a hitman cause I dont have the courage to go tanya harding on a set of knees and shins. plus, I dont look good in those jail duds.
It's surprisingly hard to find good Tanya Harding-related gifs
I'm an Uber drive in Portland. Would I call you the next time Tanya Harding is in my car?
Jennifer Harding (will be playing the role of Tanya at the UK Tour tonight!
you'd be forgiven for thinking we Tanya Harding'd Bobby Murphy and are being punished for it.
Margot Robbie is set to play Tanya Harding in an upcoming bio pic which I can only guess is now titled, "Beat My *** Not My Leg."
"What do we look like, Tanya Harding's henchmen?!" never ceases to be hilarious
Celeste: "Is Misty Copeland the one that got hit by Tanya Harding" .
Where is Tanya Harding when we need her. Knee cap
Botch is a pro! I'm Tanya Harding out here crying about broken laces
Margot Robbie is attached to a project that sounds absolutely perfect fodder for her dramatic chops: she's going...
Malcolm's knees look like they were worked over by Tanya Harding.
where is Tanya Harding when you need her.
most days of the week I'm Tanya Harding but I'm lowkey Nancy Kerrigan
Just thinking about how much I love Tanya Harding, today and every day
wow Lil, that's brutal. I don't wanna be Tanya Harding'd okay? Only way I'd be showing up to a Nissan fest would be with my R-34
I had to explain Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan to Dan and I just...
Cobra you jinx Dallas Only Mr. Spieth earlier today. I guess Tanya Harding made an appearance. Lol
Watched "Price of Gold" on Nancy Kerrigan/Tanya Harding. What a story. Still can't believe Nancy didn't win that '94 gold.
If anyone wants to avoid Speith being a constant threat they will have to Tanya Harding his putter
. Asking as she doesn't become a Tanya Harding we okay.
The words of Tanya Harding as poetry. @ McGill University
Time for more knee jerk, bad decisions. My guess, Julien is gone before he gets to his car. Neely will go Tanya Harding on him.
I'm asking for a review of last night. 'Cat on a Hot Tim Roth' was gold. I feel like Tanya Harding crying to the judges, now!
Someone pull a Tanya Harding on Jordan spieth
Through very thin walls, I'm listening to the folks about to inject me with 3-4 vaccinations heavily debate Tanya Harding.
The Tanya Harding movie should be a comedy where she is the hero and she should be played by Amy Schumer don't @ me
Too late. We tried to get Tanya Harding in there at halftime, but she didn't make it in time.
You gotta get someone to pull a Tanya Harding on his beard. Attack with some clippers, so you can catch him while he's weak.
So...they are making a movie about Tanya Harding... I NEED TO BE HER BODY DOUBLE! I'm perfect for it! I'm going...
Tanya Harding doesn't deserve this much of an upgrade...
I don't condone violence, but Tanya Harding was the original
Let's just say that Stevie Nicks looks just like older Tanya Harding
Like a Tanya Harding public response study, Trump's rise is 1 for the books
Fiore is less classy than Tanya Harding
Where's Tanya Harding when you need her, lol
Derby days is back and you know what that means- every Alabama sorority girl will be channeling her inner Tanya Harding
I'd rather people never know of Tanya and Jeff Harding, and no movie be made.
Margot Robbie will play Tanya Harding in a movie. Yes!!
was it intentional to look like Tanya Harding for this role?
is playing Tanya Harding? Time to break out old Monster makeup...
I can get really intense when it comes to competition. They used to call me Tanya Harding
Jeb is about 2 do a Tanya harding n hit TRUMP OR CRUZ in the knee with a pipe. Anything 2 get that nomination.
However, even that sad truth doesn't explain the new Tanya Harding movie.
Margot Robbie as Tanya Harding?? Is that even possible?? Side note Cuba is CRUSHING Orenthal's role.
Wasn't there already a movie about Tanya Harding etc?
Coming Up ON With Mario Lopez: Real Housewives of New Jersey Prison Update, Tanya Harding biopic in the works,...
Margot Robbie is playing Tanya Harding? I hope they show the scene where she goes to the for mini bat night.
Margot Robbie as Tanya Harding is a slam dunk in my opinion. S/ Juwanna Man
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I think Margot Robbie as Tanya Harding is totally believably. S/ Mrs Doubtfire.
Why would they tap Margot Robbie to play Tanya Harding? Seems like Amy Schumer would be the best choice.
Kristen Bell as Tanya Harding would be awesome
Remember the Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan debacle? Well, there's a movie in the works.
ESPN did a "30 in 30" docu(ntflx) re how shafted Tanya Harding was by USA Skating...moral: don't be poor.
Margot Robbie is going to play Tanya Harding. -1 for Margot Robbie.
I was going to guess hope solo for tanya harding
Did you discuss that Anne Hathaway should play Nancy Kerrigan in the Tanya Harding biopic?
she would be a good Tanya Harding, you’re right
I just googled Tanya Harding. I remember hearing about her YEARS ago, pretty sweet they're doing a biopic.
You've just sold me on the film AND Tanya Harding. :D
How does a Tanya Harding parody starring Amy Schumer not exist? Can we start a Go Fund Me for that?
Margot Robbie might be too hot for this role... . NO!!!
And now, on a lighter note... . new Tanya Harding movie, and they didn't cast..? ??.
That Tanya Harding vs. Kerrigan story is cray
No matter how she comes off, Tanya Harding has to be thrilled that Margot Robbie is going to playing her in a movie
I say this with all due respect, but should be the one playing Tanya Harding in that biopic.
Hard to imagine there's enough about Tanya Harding to fill a whole movie.
When your roommate doesn't know who Tanya Harding is.
We’re hearing Margot Robbie might play Tanya Harding in new movie. She can definitely handle the sex tape part.
Yes... of course. Margo Robbie looks just like Tanya Harding... said no one ever.
If Margot Robbie is Tanya Harding, Anne Hathaway should obviously play Nancy Kerrigan.
I hope Tanya Harding knows that having Margot Robbie portray you in a movie is 1000x better than winning some winter Olympic …
"They called me Tanya Harding in high school"
I love "In high school they used to call me Tanya Harding" I just died laughing.
OMG I remember the Nancy Carrigan/Tanya Harding beef and wrong
is the Republican party's own Tanya Harding.
T Rex Ice Skating via nice to see Tanya Harding keeping busy. ;)
My dad saw on TV and thought she was Tanya Harding.
competition hate is fine, as long as nobody goes "Tanya Harding" on someone else.competition can elevate someone to do better
Julie Tomlinson and Tanya Harding, this one's for you
that's adorable. Tell her she can be back up flower girl as long as she doesn't go all Tanya Harding on my niece.
Good luck, people who work in the downtown core. This will rival the Tanya Harding Affair.
It's okay, Blake. I ASKED my trainer to break a something once too. -Tanya Harding
Why are you sitting next to Tanya Harding?
why is he sitting next to Tanya Harding?
lololol! Kudos for the Tanya Harding reference! That's awesome!
I think Daniel Bryan returns tonight and Goldust Tanya Harding's him before he makes it to the ring
Tanya Harding on Can't stand his cheating self
Someone needs to do something about Gronkowski. Where's Tanya Harding when you need her?
watching the budlight party commercial with my mom "Who is that girl? Is that Tanya Harding?" So, you've got that going for you.
please give one of these fools the old Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan and get in the
To insure it, I would contact State Farm. To ensure it, I would Tanya Harding Brady's knee.
After Tanya Harding & Nicole Bobek, there's just no telling anymore.
Jan 24, 1994: Tanya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan make the front page of Time magazine
used to ice skate, same rink as the notorious Tanya Harding used to practice.
That's what Tanya Harding would do to the Straw Hats. XD
Does anyone really think Tyronn Lue is the missing piece for the cavs? Only if he's there to knee cap the splash bro's Tanya Harding style
Watching Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding story. Miss the ice skating days with
Selling G. Scout cookies in my hood and finding out another scout stepped on our turf. 'Bout to get Tanya Harding over here.
Signs i'm getting old: seeing there's a 30 for 30 about Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan & actually watching it.
The "sport" died after Tanya Harding was banned.
Tanya Harding only coach that could scheme a way for Cavs over Warriors
Just an FYI the 30 for 30 on ESPN about Tanya Harding is a MUST WATCH ⛸🔨
I remember this... *** was skating down valley ave like Tanya Harding
Tanya Harding thighs. Let's hope she doesn't clock Xiaoyu from Tekken with a steel conduit
Palin endorses Trump. Please let this be a trend. Hoping for future endorsements from Tanya Harding, Bernie Madoff, or …
Sarah Palin is to politics as Tanya Harding was to figure skating.
and now the refs screw up a coin flip? Next thing we'll see is Tanya Harding's husband beating Rogers knee. Or rodeo clowns!
really? Jennifer Flowers did Penthouse, Paula Jones boxed Tanya Harding on Fox's Celebrity Boxing,
I think Bochy has Willie Brown go all Tanya Harding on someone while the crowd boos the walk.
If I'm Scot I'm hiring Tanya Harding to club the knees of every GM that picks in front of him.
I didn't pick up on it, my bad. I do want to Tanya Harding Leidner's *** though
Tanya Harding was in the stands and she was ready with her bat! Scared the *** outta them!😂
I was gonna send Tanya Harding in to knee cap him!😜
. I think I may be more Tanya Harding than anyone else.
We are hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Baker Harding. We hope you can make it.
This debate was sad. It was kind of like Tanya Harding going after Nancy Kerrigan with being Kerrigan and CNN was Gillooly
please either be watching the debate or taping it. It's comedy gold, like Tanya Harding with a stick gold.
you will just have to Tanya Harding their qb
Quit or was fired? I gather he was fired. Maybe he can get a job recommendation from another loser - Tanya Harding.
Maybe he can get a job recommendation from Tanya Harding or maybe that other loser Danny Bonaduce. Or hey maybe John Bobbitt..
Anthony Weiner out of his job at powerhouse p.r. firm via Maybe he can get a job with Tanya Harding.
Donald Trump whines before debate. Reminds me of Tanya Harding
you look a little like Tanya Harding I like her I always wanted to meet her I wanted to help her I was alot like her
Wait... why are you making Tanya Harding references to your boyfriend?. Something we need to speak about?
she's being used and is too naive to know. She will be out of a job,boxing Tanya Harding for gas money soon
I swear to god, if Smid causes not to be able to play Brain Wilson every morning... !! Tanya Harding on his knee!
Why did I just have a thirty minute conversation with Ben about Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan ugh I hate myself
something about miss Louisianas face when she was announced to top 10' said "thank god I don't have to call in Tanya Harding"
There's no truth to the rumor that hired Tanya Harding to make sure Puig stays injured.
Jesus Christ, Tanya Harding needs some shock therapy.
Tanya Harding needs to get over what happened.
Question: Who believes Tanya Harding was innocent in the Nancy Kerrigan scandal ? .
Every time this about Tanya Harding is on, I watch it. It is so good
If Patrick Beverly ever became a member of the Thunder, I would literally need to consult Tanya Harding.
There's a girl at the Hazel Dell that looks like Tanya Harding. Lol
My Fantasy Football lineup is Peyton Manning, Legolas, Tanya Harding, the keytar player from Steely Dan and Harrison Ford's…
Man, I don't like either of those options. Is Tanya Harding still alive and if so, what would be her price?
Also, if RG3 is named the backup, I could see some Tanya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan type stuff to get him in the game.
is Frank saying that Arod is the Tanya Harding of baseball?
$AVP The only beating with a PIPE worse than this involved Tanya Harding
Waiting for somebody to do a Tanya Harding on Tom Bradys knee caps bust those legs wide open like randy moss
I feel a Tanya Harding moment coming on...
The podcast calls for some Tanya Harding style drama and then Geno Smith gets sucker punched into irrelevancy
Per sources, Ryan Fitzpatrick was seen "in conversation" with Tanya Harding, prior to Geno Smith locker room incident.
Did Ryan Fitzpatrick order the hit on Geno Smith a la Tanya Harding?
I think Mike Breen just hatched a Tanya Harding plan against David Lee!!!
Sadly I think she's going to have a Tanya Harding-esque after famous life.
I wonder if Tanya Harding is available this week?
Bachelor believed to be dating Tanya Harding.
I feel as if I'm this generations Tanya Harding
I enjoyed the Tanya Harding episode. Because the show is all about me going... Uh what?
I might have to go all Tanya Harding on Asdrubal Cabrera so I can called up
Just waiting for Gina Harding to ask Tanya that question!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
I guess hindsight being 20/20 just makes me think what could've been. Would've been easier to "Tanya Harding" Kevin Brown
People often ask me why I had a *** for Tanya Harding and because I am Bork McGonkin, an I say Look at Judy Gold.
he's trying to hobble me like Tanya Harding
JR Smith is gonna have to lay some pipe Tanya Harding style now.
they were also the Hamburgaler and Grimace one year and Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding another.
don't be salty with me. I didn't Tanya Harding Kyrie's knee
From the beginning I was a Tanya Harding This 30 For 30 is really good! Can't stand cry baby Nancy! Why Why
You can watch the NBA finals, I'll be watching The Price of Gold: The Tanya Harding Story
"At a bar. The Tanya Harding Nancy Kerrigan trial coverage is on a TV. What year is it?"
Watching the Tanya Harding 30 for 30 on ESPN 2. Great to see present day Connie Chung!
Watching this 30 for 30 on the Olympic skating scandal, Tanya Harding is a disgrace
Welcome to Pittsburgh where the x games, tennis and Tanya Harding play at bars but not the NBA Finals
If you're not looking to Tanya Harding your competition you're not really trying to win
30 for 30 reminding me of the greatness that Tanya Harding's *** once was.
Watching a 30 for 30 on ESPN, and is doing a convincing job as Tanya Harding.
How have none of writers figured out that she looks exactly like Tanya Harding and a skit should be made
I'm watching a 30 for 30 on Tanya Harding...Nats game needs to start
Would love to wear shorts, but since I still look like a Tanya Harding victim.
better than one if the various Tanya Harding/Danny Bonaduce World's Dumbest shows... just sayin'.
.To be fair, it all started with Tanya Harding and Rob Lowe.
Almost as good as a Tanya Harding 911 call!
Tanya Harding will be available to play in the MKX tournament today. Watch your ankles.
Players are too subjective. Needs to be an exec or someone universally disliked like Tanya Harding
For Years. He's got it on lock. OAN: thoight i was the only one to catch calling Dellavedova "Tanya Harding"
Some one go get Tanya Harding...we some extra help...just saying
Tanya Harding knew too because I sent her repeated obscene emails to the address on her personal site
Celebrity Boxing Scores a KO in 2002. Vanilla Ice and Tanya Harding headline the show.
Chris Christie is more of a Tanya Harding kind of guy. Just kneecap your enemies.if that doesn't work, close a bridge
also the 30 for 30 with Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding
Disabled people are 'collectively bleeding' under welfare cuts, says
as a mavs fan, I've wished many times that Tanya Harding would run out on the court and take Harden out at his knees with a pipe
I think Pique did a Tanya Harding on his knee just to keep him out.
very reminiscent of the Tanya Harding incident
Tanya & Cecil from on operational efficiencies of
Who did the and hire for their crisis management ... Tanya Harding? Kraft you certainly are the cheesiest
he's the Tanya Harding of politics.
We need to take out Korver at the knees. Tanya Harding style.
. I am assuming it is no mistake that Jerry's girlfriend in "The Understudy" resembles Tanya Harding lol
Joey Blueskies, eh? Tanya Harding is an Oregonian too, you know. Book that *** now.
how does he intended to do that? He doesn't know Tanya Harding does he?
dont worry Tony..ill take care of AJ for ya. Tanya Harding
Charity is fine, but as a spectacle this seems worthy of Tanya Harding.
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