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Tandang Sora

Melchora Aquino de Ramos (January 6, 1812 – March 2, 1919) was a Filipina revolutionary who became known as Tandang Sora (Elder Sora ) in the history of the Philippines because of her age when the Philippine Revolution broke out in 1896 (she was already 84 at the time).

Quezon City Capitol Hills Pasong Tamo San Juan Power Up Drive Social

Check out for kuya 's newest album now on spotify... @ Tandang Sora, Quezon City,…
MMDA ALERT: Vehicular accident at Commonwealth-Tandang sora EB involving MC and Taxi as of 11:26 PM. 1 lane occupied. MMDA on site.
MMDA UPDATE: Vehicular accident at Commo-Tandang sora EB involving Vios and Bus, as of 3:02 AM. 1 lane occupied. MMDA on site.
Tandang Sora to Makati in under an hour? ***
UP ACM bringing computer science and basic programming to Tandang Sora National High School this Saturday 💙💙💙.
Is there an issue with Fibr @ Tandang Sora, QC? Speedtest shows only 1mbps. We are subscribed to the 50mbps plan. Please advise.
no internet again here in tandang Sora, QC.
🌿NOTICE: To the individual who made a cash deposit thru BPI Tandang Sora branch last July 4, please DM us immediately.🌿
Student leaders from 3 sister campuses gathered for the Federation of Supreme Student Council Orientation (FSSC) at…
Please make Express Deposit Machines available around my area. Tandang Sora, SM North, Trinoma branches. Thank you.
Tapos when he gets older he'll become.Tandang Sora.
I added a video to a playlist Binibining Pilipinas 2017 at Tandang Sora National High School
Hi. I just made an order thru over-the-counter at your Mindanao Ave cor Tandang Sora branch. I upgraded my chicken Ala King.. 1/2
The fire in Tandang Sora earlier was reportedly caused by a water heater left in the kitchen. No other houses were affected
Fire struck a house in Hilda Village, Tandang Sora at noon today. Reaching 3rd alarm, damages were pegged at about P200k
All that damage in tandang sora from a water heater? scary ! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Paps Vape 2nd branch will be opening soon visit us along Mindanao Avenue, Tandang Sora! See you there!.
Hello, I don't have cable reception at the moment (Tandang Sora area), is there a service interruption ongoing?
Can I have a reservation in PLDT FIBR?whenever it is already available in our area(Richland 2 subdivision brgy. Tandang Sora QC)
Congratulations Hillcrest Tandang Sora on your first win! To God be the Glory!
UPDATE: Tandang Sora Ave still backed up & will add 21m to your usual drive
Melchora Aquino. - known as Tandang Sora. - housed Katipunero meetings and treated their wounds. - Grand Woman of the Revolution…
Police break into Angel Manalo’s house at 36 Tandang Sora. More on Rappler's
ADVISORY: Stalled truck due to mechanical problem at Commonwealth Tandang Sora EB as of 12:22 PM. 1 lane occupied. MMDA on site.
Hail the leader and inspiration of the LUMAD, winner of the Tandang Sora Award, Bai Bibyaon!She inspires all who fight for land and justice!
.Your Tandang Sora-Commonwealth branch *** No palabok, no jolly hotdog, no sundae. Tf.
Tall and tan and young and lovely . The girl from Tandang Sora...
[News5] 'Mother of lumad' | Crusading Manobo chieftain, 92, gets Tandang Sora Award from UP
Woman warrior of Talaingod is 2017 Gawad Tandang Sora awardee
SPECIAL REPORT: The truth is, by receiving the award, Bai Bibyaon is bestowing us honor as a college,” Taguiwalo...
Bai Bibyaon is the first woman Manobo chieftain and warrior n Pantaron range, which comprises the ancestral...
Townhouse For Sale in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. For more info click this link >>
Manobo Lumad woman warrior, chieftain is recipient of UP’s Gawad Tandang Sora award
Closed Street or Sidewalk Cleaning request at 1-99 Tandang Sora St Case closed. case resolved.
An accident at Tandang Sora flyover. Any news?
Had so much fun with the tandang sora team today! Haf my Keratin treatment, root color, trim with...
Another entry for my 😂😂 While en route to Tandang Sora from UPA, biglang preno ang jeep.
Hello We experience poor connection to the signal in our area po. Pleasant View Subd.,Tandang Sora, QC. :( Pls. help po. Tnx!
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on Tandang Sora Ave, Quezon City on - Drive Social.
I love Sundays 'cause it's beshies' day. 💞 @ Philand Dr, Tandang Sora
Jgh from tandang sora. Thanks cba candidates!
good aftie..we still here at Tandang Sora ..😊😊 @ Tandang Sora,…
Resto of SARAHG is located at Mindanao Ave. Brgy. Toro, Tandang Sora, QC, This is after St, Charbel Subd. and Starbucks.
UPDATE: 129: Tandang Sora Ave S still jammed. Will add 21m to your drive
tandang Sora to pasig which route is fastest?
Yes po! Going to Tandang Sora would be convenient for me. Thank you po, will wait for that! 😊
Got my ticket. Who's gonna come too? @ St James Tandang Sora
There is always high volume of vehicles but not jammed like now. As far as Tandang Sora now already bumper to bumper & crawl mode😡
Lottie Manalo-Hemedez and Angel Manalo, the estranged siblings of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) executive minister...
I'm going to Tandang Sora for breakfast before I tackle the first item on my to-do list. I can't tick anything off it without fuel!
How do I commute from TriNoma to Magnolia Place Tandang Sora? 🤔
Brownout at Pisces St, Carmel 5, Tandang Sora, QC - going on 2 hours n.Until what time po?
Yes! I'm coming from Tandang Sora, deep in the belly of the North. LOL! And no, I won't... sadly
Oo nga, accomplish your work by arresting those SCAMMERS in 36 Tandang Sora.
here in wee's orange room in QC tandang sora again 😂
Back again in Tandang Sora. I miss my own room, bed, and aircon at the Fairview house already. 😔😢
Dinner is better when we eat together. @ Carinderia Ni Tandang Sora…
Home-made spaghetti will always be the best. Alhamdulillah! 😊😍 @ Culiat, Tandang Sora,…
COMMONWEALTH - SB from General Malvar Hospital to Tandang Sora Eastside is M as of 09:05PM
tattodsl, june 30 did all the basic trouble shooting thingy. Tandang Sora Area
Haggard, courtesy of the Tandang Sora overpass ☠☠☠
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8 more arrested in separate illegal drug ops in barangays Sauyo, Payatas and Tandang Sora Thursday | via
Hello I am Tandang Sora, your healthcare companion, on a scale of one to ten how would you rate your pain?
Peace be with you!. — feeling blessed at St. Joseph Parish, NPC Village, Tandang Sora, Quezon City
Sino taga-Tandang Sora dito? Can you tell me how to get to Santuario de San Vicente de Paul: Parish and Shrine of the Poor?
The Manalo camp says sewage water is now flooding their residence in Tandang Sora.
Sewage water flooding Tandang Sora residence – Manalo camp: . No water, no electricity – and now, even sewage...
UPDATE: Tandang Sora Ave should still be avoided. Wait times 20m more than avg
P9M+ SINGLE ATTACHED HOUSE for sale in LA VERANDILLA, Tandang Sora, Quezon City. ( near Congressional and Tandang...
Check out this 4 bedroom House and Lot for sale in Tandang Sora
So how do I commute from taft to tandang sora or visayas ave hehe...
you can send the card to SARAH G at Geronimo's Cafe and Restaurant Mindanao Avenue, Brgy Tory, Tandang Sora, QC.
You're the want I want to hold❤. Seseeenti😹. @ Tandang Sora, Brgy. Pasong Tamo, Quezon City
There's a build in Tandang sora tomorrow... I lost the link for registration... please send...
this pertains to unhumane treatment to late brother Erano G Manalo living 36 Tandang sora,
Mars taping tomorrow at Power Up Tandang Sora :)! I'll do a wall climbing! Excited na ako :D
Yes! I saw my elementary classmate Faith Benitez here at McDo Visayas-Tandang Sora. This branch is my fave McDo.
FA's in Tandang Sora,this is a clear example of what you sow you shall reap.
Define antok. Tandang sora day today. 💤💤💤💤
Tandang Sora here at my place and location heavy rainfall here with lightning strikes... Keep safe everybody!
horny, Tandang Sora or near anyone, got place 😉
2-STOREY TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE IN Quezon City | LISTINGIN. Please click the link for more info
Stay away from Tandang Sora Ave today Traffic is 28m slower than usual
Tandang Sora definitely changed a lot, I could even get lost here now.
Finally, videoke to sing off the stress away! 🎤 @ Visayas Ave.Tandang Sora…
Eat out with them after mass. Thanks TL Bebs and Ate Amier. 😇 @ Tandang Sora…
please check Tandang Sora avenue (from congressional to Mindanao) trucks are now passing thru 2 lane road causing bad jams every night
Tandang Sora area is still in darkness due to a six hours electric interruption, pls help us get this communication reach MERALCO
Heavy to moderate traffic along Commonwealth Avenue Tandang Sora to Philcoa area.
The enforcer stationed along Tandang Sora-Balara area is not manning traffic at the choke point. Do something.
Experiencing rush hour traffic up close here at Commonwealth/Tandang Sora. If this is up to Ayala...
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UPDATE: 129: Tandang Sora Ave S still unusually bad. Will add 1h 1m to your drive!
Light flooding Commonwealth Ave & Tandang Sora. Nothing to worry about. Yet.
Saw a car back into a Revo at the Jollibee Tandang Sora branch parking lot. What is up with this Jollibee and parking accidents?
what's causing this traffic along commonwealth? Bandang Casa Milan going to tandang sora
tinapperez: Commonwealth after Tandang Sora flyover just now. Drive safely, mga Kapuso. gmanews YouScoop IMRead…
UPDATE: 129: Tandang Sora Ave S Quezon City still causing an extra 20m delay
Local Congregation of Tandang Sora Caloocan. Happy Mid-year Thanksgiving Day Kids. :) . 16 days to go.…
Jeepney's and Car's parked in the middle of the street at visayas ave. Tandang Sora
But I don't know how to go to Tandang Sora by myself mom! :(((
JUST NOW: Motorcycle rider down after a collision with a taxi at Commonwealth-Tandang Sora ave, QC.
Tandang Sora ugh opposite of your way home but will let you have free ride plus free sopas charot
good morning. Any reported floods at tandang sora?
Thanks to the staff of Tandang Sora for being nice. I enjoy having breakfast here every morning because of you guys!
Where to find the nearest MLhuiller branch in Tandang Sora?
Tierra Pura Homes subdivision in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, where he and his family lived for almost 2 years.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Clash of Clans be like:. Rizal: Pahingi healer dre. Tandang Sora: Coming b3h.
Clash of clans be like. Rizal: Pahingi healer. Tandang Sora: Coming b3h.
You are invited!. Public launching of the. Philippine Land Reform Movement. Bulwagang Tandang Sora, College of...
COMMONWEALTH - NB from Magsaysay Ave to Tandang Sora Eastside is M as of 10:15PM
no cable signal here at tandang sora ave extn brgy talipapa! Is there service interruption w/n the area or isolated?
Well... It's official, a year from now Tandang Sora na ako
Happy National Breakfast Day here at mcdo_ph Tandang Sora :) so many people enjoying their free…
It was nice seeing you at Tandang Sora, 😊
as if traffic isnt bad enough SB Tandang Sora, we got these guys stopping and clogging up lanes to buy fruits..
How is the traffic from tandang sora to julio vargas via c5?
I badly want an MMK story of Krisel Mallari. She's kinda represent Tandang Sora. Brave girl with brave heart. Really ins…
Merry chrstmas guys Here in bus going to tandang sora,QC.
Hi, where exactly in Tandang Sora are you right now? May we please ask what handset are you using as well?
hi! vehicular accident at Tandang Sora cor Congressional Ave between white sportage and owner type jeep. 136 hotline no answer. SOS!
Car accident at Tandang Sora cor Commonwealth ave.
On the way to Tandang Sora bye Marikina. 😊
Hi, update po sa traffic from tandang sora to Eastwood via C5?
on my way to driving school. Going to tandang sora after for recording. Text me!
Solo ride to pick up something at Tandang Sora area then biked through UP and had a burger at Cheddar…
is it still traffic going to katipunan from tandang sora? (C5 southbound)
Is it traffic from Marcos Highway to Tandang Sora?
Power Up. There's one in Tandang Sora and I think San Juan?
Jwup with peace sign lels sora quezon,city
PRESENT !II'M Just in tandang pleasure to help u in ur Gc hehehe meri christmas po
Tandang Sora, QC. But I don't think this is location-related as SafeZone is an app correct?
Hi everyone! We're having a garage sale at Luxurieville in Tandang Sora (right across Seaoil) for the whole day today. See you!
By shinobipax. Setting up for the big scene at Saint Vincent Church, Tandang Sora QC
And I'm back in Tandang Sora... wru at 😂 jk
C5 - SB from Tandang Sora to University Of The Philippines is H as of 02:44PM
South girl hanging out with North kids 💥 @ Tandang Sora Quezon City
Selfie mode before going to tandang sora.
hi. Any explanations as to why internet has been out for 4 days in Tandang Sora area?
Off to tandang sora then metrowalk w/ 🚘
All I want for Christmas is a traffic light at the Capitol Hills-Tandang Sora-Katipunan intersection
no advice on water interruptions in Project 8, Tandang Sora Mindanao. WTH is that?! Pls. Check.
no signal for 1.5hrs now. tried resetting the box still error message onscreen. tandang sora QC area
its M to H from Tandang Sora to Circle. Its bre like this at this time since last week.
so the traffic light was on red in Tandang Sora and naturally, all vehicles will stop when suddenly…
COMMONWEALTH - SB from Tandang Sora Eastside to Philcoa is H as of 06:46AM
Hi hows c5 southbound from tandang sora? thanks!
Happening now at CSWCD: Bulwagang Tandang Sora! Bio majors, try to drop by the Bio Summit!
I want my hair to stay this short forevs. :) @ St. Dominic 4 Subd, Tandang Sora QC
“Br it's cold in here.” There must be tandang sora in the atmosphere
Please check your traffic report at your app Heavy in tandang sora to UP
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hello! What's up with tandang sora traffic?
i experienced this anywhere I am when registered. In Tandang Sora and even in Marikina or Pasig.
Home from Tandang Sora, thanks my loves :*
UP to The Hideout Cafe to Checkpoint Burger to Tandang Sora to San Mateo Rizal to Ortigas to Home. 🚗
Whats the traffic from tandang sora-katip?
Mama Don to shoot new music video in Commonwealth Tandang Sora Flyover. WHEN WILL UR FAVE???
COMMONWEALTH - SB Tandang Sora Westside is LM as of 04:34PM
I don't need to explain myself. Love me or hate me, this is me. Jgh from himlayan pilipino tandang sora. :) So tired. ://
Help iam in dead zone of internet sora
Correcting earlier posts. Tribute to Ka Marili Fernandez-ilagan will be at the Bulwagang Tandang Sora, College...
ugh. I miss tandang sora. Miss you too beb!!!
Have a Boo-rrific Moonleaf Tea time here at Himlayang Pilipino Tandang Sora QC. We are here 24hrs.…
Off to himlayan at tandang sora. Overnight with tto jetjet. 😇😄
Halloween 2014. I'll always be a kid at heart :) 🎃👻 @ Napocor Village, Tandang Sora,…
C5 - NB from University Of The Philippines to Tandang Sora is H as of 16:32
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
C5 - SB from Tandang Sora to Capitol Hills is M as of 08:53AM
Special Talk for Teachers on Finding Life's Purpose [through Purity and Chastity] at the Tandang Sora National HS
Tandang Sora Adventures late at night with me
im now at Tandang Sora Avenue got 2 bars signal when im along central avenue the signal is weak
got out of BGC arnd 930PM. dropped off a friend at Kapitolyo at 10PM. Got home to Tandang Sora, QC nearly 11PM. This was via EDSA.
Hi. Telephone # 02-9356490 with Account at 003-BL-010 La Chesa Heights Alcantara St. Tandang Sora had no dial tone.
please put stoplight also at tandang sora and Capitol Hills intersection. Riot everyday especially when there is no traffic enforcer.
hello po. What's causing this heavy traffic in Tandang Sora to Katipunan?
Power Up in Tandang Sora! One of the best wall climbing places I've been to!
Despite lack of grace, hey. I. Did. it! @ Power Up Tandang Sora
Hay hopeless. It's been like 30minutes. What is happening? No cable signal in Tandang Sora area.
mindanao avenue going towards tandang sora - L-M traffic.
ADVISORY: Vehicular accident at Commonwealth Tandang Sora West Side SB involving PUJ and OTJ, cleared as of 10:46 AM.
Sandigan Dillema. Home or Fairview or Tandang Sora. The House always win.
Explain to me why my internet is so slow at this hour. Centerville Subd., Tandang Sora Ave. Area.
Spent my entire morning helping out in a Child Feeding Program all the way here in Tandang Sora…
Done with the first workout. Boxing to fitness :) @ Elorde Boxing Gym Tandang Sora
Just got home from Sm North to Tandang sora ^__^
Taxi won't accept going to tandang sora cause of the traffic here in katip...
Home from mcdo tandang sora! Yey! ☺️ Had fun with elem besties!!! , Aaron Tolentino and my sistah from anotha mod…
On my hassle way to Tandang Sora QC! Tough luck on the heavy traffic! Bye
This time its complete standstill going to elliptical from tandang sora because of vehicular accident. Ang bagal talaga gr!!! 😤
For sale: Panasonic digicam with charger box battery and camera bag.. 2,500 pesos Meet up tandang sora and sm north...
FDS ako with ate erna sabay validation po sa Brgy. Tandang Sora after work relax or chill at Starbucks mindanao ave
Hello! Thank you for the response. I just checked and everything's cool now—Tandang Sora area. Thanks a lot! :)
Here at mcdonalds tandang sora with 😊 Yey!
Something needs to be done about these parked vehicles in Tandang Sora (UP). They worsen traffic.
This line of trucks along Tandang Sora...
Suggestion: Tandang Sora Ave. to Katipunan Ave. (SB) should be a No Parking Zone during Rush Hour.
The traffic from Tandang Sora to Manila Water took me a freaking 30 minutes. Ano ba ginagawa ng to improve this? Every single day.
the same with the Balara/Tandang sora intersection. That's a 4 way stop. No way one enforcer is enough to handle the volume.
A few more days to go! Sept 27, Sunday, 8 am - 3 pm at Tandang Sora. Repainting and workshops.
Discovering Tandang Sora Shrine in Quezon City: Do you know where?
..Feel good Sunday! 󾍇. Tagalog version.. — watching Miracle in Cell No. 7 at Home: Tandang Sora, Quezon City
30minutes from Marikina to Tandang Sora, not bad! :)
Getting ready to leave . off to tandang sora
Met another kind soul today. :) A barker in Tandang Sora where I usually ride an FX after a long cab ride from BGC. (1/2)
Check out Theratone Salon, Spa and Facial Care at Tandang Sora Ave. cor Dona Faustina Subd. They have…
Hi po, how's the traffic from Tandang Sora going to NAIA?
Partey people in the house. Happy Birthday bautistajen . 🎉🎉🎉 @ Tandang Sora, Quezon City,…
Filipino themed dinner with from Malaysia!. @ Troy Compound, Tandang Sora…
Had something sweet (before going to GOTM rehearsal) with my favorite Tandang Sora person. Hihi. Short…
Happening now Amirs 1st birthday party at jollibee tandang sora
please check connection here in Tandang Sora area. It has been intermittent and slow for days already.
Off to Tandang Sora fresh from school
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JGHS from jollibee tandang sora. Thanks for the treat 💋😘 I love you E.E ko. 😘💋
C5 - SB from Tandang Sora to Ateneo De Manila University is H as of 03:43PM
I'm Mary Grace Therese Sevilla del Rosario from Tandang Sora, Philippines. I sound important, what can my name do for me? nice suggestion :)
dianne LETS CHANGE OUR NAMES TOO i'm gonna go with Ms. Escoda and you go with Tandang Sora PLEEAASE
Chillin atm wt my girls villarealkeith @ Zentea Tandang Sora
1 hour from Tandang Sora to Ateneo amp
Bumper to bumper from Tandang Sora to Market Market
Explore the world of Mister Cherokie Ceniza as King Oberon this September 26, 2014 at Tandang Sora Hall.
Journey with Elsmae Lecera as Hermia & proves that unconditional love truly exist this 09.26.14 at Tandang Sora Hall.
Be ready to fall in love with Alvin Gemino as Lysander this September 26, 2014 at Tandang Sora Hall.
Face the Fierce Miss Divine Fuentes as she plays the role of Mrs. Ellen this September 26, 2014 at Tandang Sora Hall.
from tandang sora to ortigas to taguig to makati to pasay then back to tandang sora again. Tuesday ain't over yet. i'm still in taguig -.-
If you live in the Tandang Sora area-- get yo' nails did at Shabby Chic and go for MyTea milk tea after. Afternoon well spent!
ano traffic situation tandang sora to lanuza, southbound? Thanks :)
How's the traffic in Katipunan going to Tandang Sora?
Jgh w/ mae dt clinic to tandang sora to chowking and ever -.-
we r experiencing slow internet 4 last 3 days . We r subscribed to 1mbps dsl with phone loc. tandang sora
There will be another Health Talk on August 12 Wednesday at St. Vincent de Paul, Tandang Sora Queon City. See u...
Off to work. Day 1 of 5. (@ Tandang Sora Avenue in Quezon City, Metro Manila)
I went to Tandang Sora yesterday. And bo! Almost everyone called me 'bunso'. Yey, still being their bunso is awesome!
Reading this somewhat horror story for Fil11 class then a real rape somewhere along Tandang Sora. . What a great way to spend Sunday evening
Goodnight people! Reunited with my college bestfriends. ~ @ St. Dominic 4 Subd, Tandang Sora QC
We will be having primary practice tom at 3pm in tandang sora chapel. Pls attend...
btw this question will probably sound weird but you ever shop around the Tandang Sora SaveMore area?
- Here is the address on the light post near to us. 21 Tanjay St. Brgy. Sauyo, NIA Village, Tandang Sora, QC
so I decided to close my eyes for a minute in the fx on the way to ABS-CBN and when i opened them, I was already in Tandang Sora :)))
Luzon Ave. Good thing Tandang Sora Ave. is light to moderate.
ADVISORY: Vehicular accident at COMMONWEALTH. Tandang Sora Eastside SB involving 2 Cars cleared as of 12:07 PM
Not moving C5 - SB from Tandang Sora to C.P. Garcia is H as of 07:26AM
I got it!from caloocan to 7/11 in Tandang Sora Quezon City they find it!Third Kim Xian Movie Shooting Day
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is located in bayan palengke tandang sora, beside mercury drugs and yellow hat hardware store. Operating hours from
The youth sector marches from Tandang Sora to Ever Gotesco Commonwealth where the other militant groups are...
As militant groups converge in Tandang Sora, this banner calls for his ouster. © Alfred John...
Days that i don't know how to smile🙈🙈 @ Villa Corrina, Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora,…
C5 - NB from Capitol Hills to Tandang Sora is MH as of 08:46PM
Salaam. In celebration of EID'L FITR, the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos will host a "Brotherhood Basketball Tournament" on Tuesday, July 29, 1:00 P.M. @ the PNP Gym, Camp Crame, Q.C. Teams are from the communities of Quiapo Manila, Taguig, Tandang Sora, San Juan and Pasig. Please watch and experience an enjoyable game of our brethren as we end RAMADHAN with PEACE, UNITY and SOLIDARITY. EID MUBARAK! Shukran!
what time will the traffic flow normalize in commonwealth avenue? Heavy traffic from tandang sora going to SM Fairview.
COMMONWEALTH - SB from Batasan to Tandang Sora Westside is H as of 07:00PM
take a bus going to sm fairview. drop off at "Tandang Sora" ride a tricycle and tell manong "Sofia Bellevue" :)
COMMONWEALTH - Tandang Sora Eastside NB: M as of 3:29pm
Youth contingent to now in Tandang Sora and ready to march
Is that a horde of people I spy just beyond Tandang Sora
Heavy traffic in Tandang Sora as protesters occupy Commonwealth eastbound. Only one lane passable. | via
Heavy traffic in the Tandang Sora area as rallyists occupy almost the entire Eastbound lane of Commonwealth. Only one lane passable
PHOTO: IP groups push off from Commonwealth/Tandang Sora in protest march to Batasang Pambansa Complex
Update your maps at Navteq
One of the more well-known mausoleums of our country is the Mausoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion (Mausoleum of the Veterans of the Revolution), designed by Filipino architect Arcadio Arellano in 1915. It was built for the remains of the Veterans of the Philippine Revolution of 1896 and the Philippine-American War and inaugurated May 30, 1920. By virtue of a Presidential Decree, the mausoleum was proclaimed as National Monument, April 6, 1993. The niches inside used to be filled with remains of revolutionary personages. However, most of the niches are now empty. As years went by, many of the remains were moved out and transferred to other cemeteries: - Emilio Jacinto and Melchora Aquino used to occupy niches at the Mausoleo, but their remains were moved to Himlayang Pilipino in Quezon City. "Tandang Sora," as she was fondly called, was later moved to a separate shrine in nearby Banlat. - María Agoncillo-Aguinaldo (1882–1963), wife of Emilio Aguinaldo. Her tomb once occupied the center of the Mauso ...
Awesome! We don't have power in Tandang Sora again.
when can we have electricity here in San Antonio Homes, Tandang Sora, Quezon City?! Thanks!
we still have no power since yesterday morning. Regina Village, Brgy. Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora, QC
Tandang Sora, Capitol Green Village, when will we have power? adjacent subdivisions had electricity since afternoon yesterday
Guys its been more than day and we still got no poer in Tandang Sora, Capitol Green Village to be exact
does this include Gremville Subd. in Tandang Sora? Thank you.
any update? We still dont have power here in tandang sora qc.
still no power supply in Himlayan Road, tandang sora, Quezon City. We need assistance.
Are there any updates on the power restoration at Tandang Sora QC?
SIN 524790001-2 nearest landmark is the Saint Vincent Seminary along Tandang Sora
Power is not yet restored in some part of Tandang Sora-Philand Drive area. It's been over 24 hours already
can u pls explain why the sudden power interruption in NIA Vill,Tandang Sora when electricity was already restored last night?
Still no power in tandang sora, qc. Pls advise when you can restore power so we can prepare accordingly.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
ot has been more than 24hrs and we still dont have electricity in tandang sora. You charge so much then when it comes your part...
hi what time will the power be back in tandang sora? Thanks!
Power's back here in St. Dominic 5, Tandang Sora, after exactly 18 hours.
still no electricity here at villa corrina subd tandang sora. Half of the subd had lights na since 5pm, what about the other half?
Some parts of Q.C. are still suffering from brownout specifically Pleasantview Subd. Tandang Sora. Please address this concern.
skycable down at our place in bahay toro-Tandang sora, QC area
Still no power in union village, tandang sora
Still no power. Congressional subd, tandang sora qc. Whats going on?
i hope power here will be restored in tandang sora. Its just a switch according to my neighbors. Please. Thank you
When will the electricity be restored in Tandang Sora, Visayas Ave., QC? Huhubels :(((
we don't have internet connection pls check . Area: BANLAT, TANDANG SORA, Q.C thanks
hi, i live in tandang sora Quezon City. Some of the channels are working,some are not like the abs cbn. Please check onto it
when will power be restored in Diamond St. Carmel 5 Tandang Sora QC?All nearby sts like Mindanao Ave & Pearl St had power already
We dont have Electricity here at Tandang Sora
Tandang Sora is trending. You're really this week, :)
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