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Tamsin Greig

Tamsin Greig (born 12 July 1966) is an English actress principally known for two Channel 4 television comedy parts: Fran Katzenjammer in Black Books and Dr.

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Rob- check out the BBC radio adaptations - there are two cracking ones - one from the 90's…
'Now is a chance to help brave women like those I met in DRC. Donate now to have your gift matched by – T…
"It's a very simple thing. The idea of just talking and hearing one another.". Tamsin Greig explains what work is be…
.Ambassador Tamsin Greig spoke to about rape survivors she met in and work…
Thank you for taking me to see Tamsin Greig and Martin Freeman {and nick_s97 ?!}…
Labour of Love is absolutely hysterical. Tamsin Greig stole the show!
WATCH: Actors Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig on new political play 'Labour of Love'
It’s a wrap on Labour of Love ! Really funny play. It was lovely to see Martin Freeman on stage again and to see th…
Fantastic performance of 'Labour of Love' tonight. Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig were superb.
Yeah, really lovely guy and family. Julian's brother was (or still is) head of brass…
Loved it so thank you. Tamsin Greig gets my vote for best actress
ESPECIALLY Tamsin Greig for stepping in at short notice to save the show
Still thinking about from earlier this week. Really brilliant show - Tamsin Greig nailing it,…
Can’t believe it’s the end of run - I saw it twice. Nice to meet Tamsin Greig when I walked past after the matinee.
Thank you for bringing this to life Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig! This is one of the best new plays to take to t…
Wow - fantastic evening seeing . A real pleasure to see such fantastic comic acting up close a…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Oh mannn. I walked by Tamsin Greig but was too nervous to say, “hello I love you.” But we’ll always have the awkward eye contact I guess.
If you're up early tomorrow don't miss ambassador Tamsin Greig on at 07:10 talking about rap…
So. My theatrical day finished seeing one of my idols Tamsin Greig. @ Noël Coward…
Some of my ideal winners: Andrew Scott (Hamlet), Martin Freeman (Labour of Love), Peter Polycarpou (Oslo), Tamsin G…
📷 Labour of Love, Martin Freeman & Tamsin Greig are nominated for several awards at the What'sOnStage...
Great to hear that ambassador Tamsin Greig will be on sharing about the rape survivors she m…
.ambassador Tamsin Greig will be talking about work to combat violence against women on 3 D…
Watched Labour of Love at Noel Coward Theatre tonight. OMG Tamsin Greig is a comedy genius
Just saw Labour of Love and really enjoyed it. Combines two of my favourite things, politics and comedy. Tamsin Gre…
Chronological rewatch has reached The Long Game. It's a shame that the only appearance in Doctor Who of someone as…
Anything with Tamsin Greig in it is bound to be brilliant
Saw Labour of Love yesterday with Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig. Funny, warm, thoughtful. Finished on 2nd, but go…
Great show, go and see if any tickets still available. Brilliant performances by Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig. A…
Watching BBC Four? Out of the cast of Tamsin Greig (Narrator) played Nurse in The Long Game in 2005.
Late to the party, but blimey, how fabulous is the play Clever, hilarious & fast-paced script, invol…
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Tamsin Greig as... anyone she wants really? My picks: Lady Roberta Meserole in NW, or Young Esme (alongside Matt Berry as Young Ridcully)
Expert writing from in at The Noel Coward. Witty, informative and brilliantly tight…
If you get a chance to see Labour of Love at the Noel Coward Theatre with Tamsin Greig and Martin Freeman see it co…
Labour Of Love's been on since September 27th Samantha with Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig (she wa…
Tamsin Greig is one of our finest actors, right? Here she is at the Noel Coward Theatre in…
Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig spoke to on his show this morning, catch up now on iPlayer
Tamsin Greig and Sarah Alexander. Less standup comedians, more TV comedy, but they're brilliant. Also…
"The wonderful duo of Martin Freeman & Tamsin Greig on talking all things Labour of Love" (
Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig on this morning (
Tamsin Greig on her surprise call to star with Martin Freeman in
Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig this morning on .
only Toby Jones, Tamsin Greig, Sue Perkins or Mark Rylance will work for me now
Check out Tamsin Greig and Co-Stars For Kensal Rise Library on Jul 02 via
NT Live theatre at Odeon tonight -hammed-up modern version of Twelfth Night. Outrageously funny. Tamsin Greig perfectly casted as Malvolia.
Is Mr Matt Leblanc going to get you on Top Gear following your Episodes co star Tamsin Greig's racing lap.
Beautiful rose pink sky over Parliament this evening. Heading to for Tamsin Greig in
Tamara Drewe (which the marketing has about Gemma Arterton's *** but really it's about Tamsin Greig)
Tamsin Greig plays Malvolia in Simon Godwin's joyous new production of in April:
Snaffled Entry Pass tickets to Hedda Gabler and Tamsin Greig's Twelfth Night at and I. Cannot. Wait.
I work in Britain, where women are allowed to look their age.
Spent my afternoon watching Tamsin Greig on stage for 3.5 hrs! Kushner's play was intense & funny--brilliant cast!
Some great pics of in The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide...
I was a cleaner while at university. The job wasn't bad, but I was amaz...
By a little I hope you mean an hour! Cast was without doubt superb. Talking over each other drove me crazy. Love Tamsin Greig
Winner of the Tamsin Greig lookalike contest.
I think going from doing TV and straight plays to Shakespeare is weird ...
I think that if you take somebody out of their comfort zone, they're go...
There's something in us that lives just beyond our normality - and I th...
We only made it thru the 1st two hours of starring Tamsin Greig. Find out why here:
Going to rehearsals of school plays got me out of science. It became cl...
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I think comedy stems from being honest, often painfully so. I hope I ca...
I enjoy pretty much everything with Tamsin Greig in it.
Working with the awesome Tamsin Greig ~ Loved working on this project & with its awesome cast & director
P.S. Tamsin Greig just proves why she has two Olivier awards to her name. And is the sweetest to talk to.
Laughing and crying are very similar. They're an extreme response to li...
I don't ever want to do stuff just for the sake of it.
We live in a fast-paced culture where we're asked to make snap decision...
We go into rehearsals to chat to Tamsin Greig, Sara Kestelman, Tony Kushner, Michael Boyd and https…
Kids have a great sense of humour. If you don't, you're going to miss o...
.Tamsin Greig and to voice Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes for
Comics voice Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Chortle David Walliams, Rob Brydon and Tamsin Greig are to lend their voices…
How have I only just heard about this My fav playwright PLUS Tamsin Greig YES!
You step over the threshold of your parents' home, and you're instantly...
Radio listeners often have a very fertile imagination when it comes to ...
I have a shallow understanding of what it means to be alive, and I know...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Scientifically speaking, if I say something, or it gets misquoted, or p...
Seeing Tony Kushner's new play and stupidly excited to see Tamsin Greig…
Tonight it's with Tamsin Greig Just an early ko & 2 intervals! But hopes high for no snoozing f…
Tamsin Greig at the opening night of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ...
I added a video to a playlist The Graham Norton Show S16E11: Jim Carrey, Jude Law, Tamsin Greig and
🙈🙈🙈 fortunately it has Tamsin greig, Sarah kestleman and a bunch of talent people I need a program for
I know I don't fit in in L.A. because I look my age.
I think if you're trying to be funny, sometimes you're bending a piece ...
Tamsin Greig turned on a dime from making me laugh to seconds letter forcing me to fight back tears
I knew a homeless guy who'd give all the copper coins that people gave ...
I can do a little bit of comedy. I can be in an in-between place, where...
I always said there's no way I'd work in America because I'm too weird ...
I did a drama degree, went to secretarial college, then got a job with ...
Wow. I'll watch that. Been a long time. Mark Strong. Hermione Norris. Tamsin Greig. Powerful drama.
Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig as great trio Bernard, Manny and Fran
Tamsin Greig stars in Tony Kushner’s latest play at Hampstead Theatre (-
Tamsin Greig & Jessica Hynes to star in Tony Kushner play at Hampstead Theatre via
Tamsin Greig to star in Tony Kushner play at the Hampstead Theatre -
I know it's weird but Tamsin Greig reminds me of David Walliams
Listen to Tamsin Greig read a poem on climate change ♫
Kelsey Grammer and Tamsin Greig are guests on The Graham Norton Show tonight to talk about Breaking The Bank.
What a bunch of... Kaiser Chiefs win the British Rock Act Award Presented by Tamsin Greig | BRITs 2006 - YouTube
PLEASE SHARE! Tamsin Greig and Tuppence Middleton's new series is FREE!
Tamsin Greig to play Malvolia in 12th Night in 2017. Ralph Fiennes to star in Antony And Cleopatra in 2018.
Rufus Norris and 2016 news is beaut. Forever wanted to see a staging of Amadeus. And Tamsin Greig as Malvolia one to watch.
Excited that Tamsin Greig will play Malvolia in Twelfth Night.
And Tamsin Greig will play a female Malvolio in "Twelfth Night":
You had me at Tamsin Greig. But seriously, this is brilliant.
Anyone else fancy the idea of Tamsin Greig as the next Doctor Who?
Urgh, typos in Tamsin Greig, but you know who I mean. Cannot wait to see her in Twelfth Night.
...Amadeus with Lucian Msamati, Angels in America with Andrew Garfield and Tamsin Greig as 'Malvolia' in Twelfth Night to name a few!
Also, Robert Icke, Tamsin Greig as Malvolio, and a bunch of new interesting stuff. Nice 👍🏻
Omge is so exciting! Why did I leave London?? I'll be back for Tamsin Greig, Ralph Fiennes & Angels in America! Can't wait 👍
Tamsin Greig playing 'Malvolia' in Twelfth Night at the NT.
What about the National Theatre news: Andrew Garfield in Angels in America, Tamsin Greig, Ralph Fiennes, Ivo Van Hove dir Hedda Gabler...
Angels in America, Lee Hall, Bryony Kimmings, Lucy Kirkwood, Tamsin Greig all coming up
Tamsin Greig as 'Malvolia' in the upcoming new season!
Helen McCrory and Carrie Cracknell reunite for Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea; Tamsin Greig will play 'Malvolia' in Twelfth Night
Also pleased to see Tamsin Greig & Geoffrey Streatfeild to appear at plus directors Robert Icke & Michael Longhurst.
Tamsin Greig will play 'Malvolia' in a new Twelfth Night in Feb 17, dir Simon Godwin, Olivier
Now you're talking: Twelfth Night Feb 2017 Tamsin Greig to play ‘Malvolia’. Brilliant.
Among star names in new season are Ralph Fiennes in Antony and Cleopatra and Tamsin Greig as "Malvolia" in Twelfth Night.
Whoop - Kinnear as Macheath in Threepenny and Tamsin Greig as Malvolia in new NT season
Both Angels in America, Tamsin Greig in Twelfth Night, Lucian Msamati as Salieri and Ivo Van Hove's Hedda - thank you
Jinkies, Tamsin Greig looks insanely adorable in this Friday Night Dinner thing.
I tell you what, that Tamsin Greig :).
I have watched a three part Tamsin Greig crime drama cos I couldn't bear to watch the rugby. I understand things went well for Wales.
16:00 Words and Music: Texts and music on the theme of the power of music. With Tamsin Greig and Alex Jennings.
needs to be the next With Tamsin Greig as
tamsin greig, holly walsh, josie lawrence, ronni ancona - shall I go on...
yesterday we had "who is Tamsin Greig". I am no longer on speaking terms with the culprit
Tamsin Greig, over on this morning.
I really recommend the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - just as good as the original with added Tamsin Greig!
Voice of Tamsin Greig pays a visit! Have you experienced the Sensorium yet?
If we ever get a female Doctor, I hope it'll either be Tamsin Greig or Sara Martins.
I love everything about Olivia Colman. In fact, I secretly want to be her. Her and Tamsin Greig.
Tina Fey, Tamsin Greig, Sally Philips, Sarah Alexander, Lucy Montgomery, Sarah Silverman.list goes on and on Eisner
I really need to give Episodes another chance. I adore Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig, but first series left me a bit meh.
And such a brilliant performance by Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan and not to forget Joey. Layers and layers of subtle comedy.
My friend is literally Caroline Todd. She even looks like Tamsin Greig.
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British comedy pool...both & are bloody brill stand-ups & Tamsin Greig is awesome. Check out Green Wing
recommissioned for fifth season - yay! Easily one of the best sitcoms today, and hugely underrated
Speaking of Episodes, I wish we could get Tamsin Greig in a NY play...
Tamsin Greig is my favourite comic actress
Matt Leblanc's Episodes renewed for fifth series: Matt Leblanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig will return fo...
Delighted to hear that Episodes, with Matt Leblanc, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan, has been renewed!
Nine more episodes of Episodes: The show stars Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig as two British comedy writers s...
Showtime orders more Episodes from Matt Leblanc and Tamsin Greig
I'm going to write a script for Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig and Russell Tovey. It's about time those guys got some more a…
Thank you so much forcthe shoutout for Episodes. It's so great! Plus I think Tamsin Greig should be the next Doctor.
how you got into character with Tamsin Greig coming onto you is anyones guess.
The cast of Black Books reads: Tamsin Greig, Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran
I wonder if the fab crossover in was Tamsin Greig idea
Actors Matt Leblanc, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan on new series of BBC comedy Episodes |..
How have I only just started watching I'm addicted! 👀Tamsin Greig, Matt Le Blanc, brilliant! X
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Playful nature! James McAvoy cosies up to his wife Anne-Marie Duff... before goofing around with Tamsin Greig on the Olivier Awards red
James McAvoy goofs around with Tamsin Greig on Olivier Awar... . |
I hate BAFTA. How do you choose between Tamsin Greig, Olivia Colman and Jessica Hynes?
Though the Female performance in a Comedy is full of stars - Olivia Colman, Tamsin Greig, Jessica Hynes & Catherine Tate
Female performance in a comedy: Olivia Colman, Tamsin Greig, Jessica Hynes and Catherine Tate
Is Episodes good? I lav Matt Leblanc, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan so I'd assume so..
Late to the party. Love On Demand. Matt Leblanc, Tamsin Greig & Stephen Mangan are fabulous.
The amazing Tamsin Greig just made my birthday! (John in the background trying to pretend we're not stalkers!)
Tamsin Greig on bbc website/Andrew Marr show talking about importance of *coming home* Subtle dig at SWs?
VIDEO: Tamsin Greig on 'posh' actors: Actress Tamsin Greig has said people who have money and contacts will ha...
I had a dream that had tamsin greig in alright
Catch series 3 of with and with Tamsin Greig from 8.30pm.
Photo: Tamsin Greig to round out the Episodes trio!
If Doctor Who goes with a female lead, I nominate Tamsin Greig amazing as Beverly on '...
hello I would like to please apply to buy one tamsin greig?
if I'm caught up on episodes where do I get my tamsin greig
erm I'm basically only watching it because of tamsin greig idk it's cute but like not quality tv
How did I become this person. My descent into tamsin greig *** was so quick
Wow was great! I'm a sucker for a bit of Spanish guitar, Tamsin Greig et al. were amazing & it was such a fresh & unique show.
no I'm afraid not, it's Episodes and tamsin greig
Hey have you seen our Roobarb and Custard app? Read by Tamsin Greig
I made a tamsin greig folder this is not a good sign
if tamsin greig cheated on me I'd probably take her back
why would you even think of cheating when you're married to tamsin greig I mean honestly
Episodes on is highly underrated. It's consistently funny and Tamsin Greig is a comic genius.
Kathleen Rose Perkins is absolutely brilliant in Episodes. New favorite show, mostly because of her and Tamsin Greig. And Matt Leblanc. ;)
I might have to follow suit; I'm going through a Tamsin Greig obsession right now.
These are your all-female British Ghostbusters - Miranda Hart, Tamsin Greig, Isy Suttie and Katy Brand. You're welcome.
Hey! Do you know about Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown musical? Worth seeing? I love the film and Tamsin Greig!
The list of things I wouldn't do for Tamsin Greig is very short.
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Tearfund supporter Tamsin Greig talks to about meeting girls in India freed from trafficking
Listen to supporter Tamsin Greig speak to about meeting trafficked girls in India
"They would pay the money and then..." Tamsin Greig speaks to girls rescued from trafficking
Thinking of going to see 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown' musical. Love Almodóvar's film and Tamsin Greig!
Tamsin Greig on trafficking, slavery and strong families …
Saw on the verge of a nervous breakdown on Saturday. Brilliantly written. Tamsin Greig excellent. From the first she's on the edge.
The horrific decisions some mothers take - Tamsin Greig on trafficking, slavery and strong families
alex is watching Green Wing commentary that has tamsin greig in it and she's laUGHING yesyesyesy
, I think tori's gonna drag me into the tamsin greig pit sorry guys
Tamsin Greig telling powerful stories from India of child trafficking & prostitution on Tiny glimpses of hope in horrible places.
Tamsin Greig is a great friend, since the first season. But everyone on this show is a joy to work with.
Beverly and I feel the same way about gifting suites AND Hollywood types. We would be besties. Also, Tamsin Greig needs award noms
I was gonna go to bed like half an hour ago but then tamsin greig rly intensely happened so guess not
Yea I'm watching a super old Graham Norton for tamsin greig and she's wearing red high heels
- 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: The Musical': Th
Tamsin greig is sad so I'm sad why is this r i p
I watched ltih and went straight back to episodes omg I'm sorry my love for tamsin greig is just too strong at the moment
"Comedy musicals don’t get much better than this... and neither does Tamsin Greig" you seen Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown? What did you think?
Production Pics: Tamsin Greig, Haydn Gwynne, and in - http:/…
Tamsin Greig on the verge of West End triumph with Almodovar musical
Tamsin Greig: Pain and joy of my Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown debut
Tamsin Greig talks pain and joy of musical debut in Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
Olivier-Award winner Tamsin Greig in her musical theatre debut,
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, review: 'Tamsin Greig is the show’s emotional core'
This interview with Tamsin Greig has made us even more excited to see in two weeks! via
Review: if you missed it: 'Women On the Verge…' has a loveable Tamsin Greig
'Stellar performance from Tamsin Greig' - ★★★ for of a Nervous Breakdown:
Review: Tamsin Greig in screwball comedy musical 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown'
Am a huge fan of Tamsin Greig & Hadyn Gwynne but blimey did I struggle w the musical adaptation of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
'Tamsin Greig has us hooked in her musical theatre debut'
It'll never happen, but nice to see Green Wing being mentioned anywhere eh
Tamsin Greig: 'Green Wing the musical - who wouldn't want that?' via Digital Spy
Tamsin Greig scores a hit with Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Playhouse Theatre, review | via http…
the question everyone asks me: It was put best by Goldie Hawn: that the…
I want a big rose board for all my Photoshoots going forward. Tamsin Greig last night at Gala. ©
Tamsin Greig is tremendous in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown .
Tamsin Greig and Haydn Gwynne on the verge and over it - hispanic hilarity in WOMEN ON THE VERGE. Loved it. Rvw up,
A wonderful moment between Tamsin Greig & Pedro Almodovar at the Gala for at (c)
Resolutions. 1. A career that is a cross between those of Romola Garai, Judi Dench, Katy Stephens & Tamsin Greig. 2. Look after my teeth.
17:00 With Great Pleasure: Ian Hislop's favourite writing is read by Jim Broadbent and Tamsin Greig, for an audience.
Tamsin Greig ❤❤❤ BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Tamsin's back in full song for her leap into musicals - Daily Mail
Great treat to see & hear Jim Broadbent & Tamsin Greig, chosen by Ian Hislop to do the readings.
I adore Green Wing! Love them all but especially Michelle Gomez, Tamsin Greig and Mark Heap.
Ee wuz in The Green Wing with Stephen Mangan & Tamsin Greig. Also in wonderful Castle in the Sky (still on iplayer).
It was perfection. I can't even deal with the fact that Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig are BFFs IRL. Gawd.
Love Green Wing and love Episodes! You and Tamsin Greig have such great chemistry.
That’s Stephen Mangan, although Tamsin Greig from Green Wing was in 2005 episode ‘The Long Game’.
ADR on Marigold 2 this week. Maggie Smith killing it yesterday, Bill Nighy and Tamsin Greig today. High cotton.
Mark Heap and Tamsin Greig save from being utterly awful.
Tamsin Greig and Mark Heap are in it
is awful. It's only saviours are, the pure brilliance of, Tamsin Greig and Mark Heap.
Thought for the day"In recent conversations the subject of what my type of woman is has come up so as I have may have said before I think somebody like Nigella Lawson or Tamsin Greig(green room,friday night dinner,episodes)so its the whole dark hair long or short and pale skinned type lady.But beyond that just somebody who will understand me get my sense of humour and understand that I can be a massive geek sometimes.My slight obsessions with Dr who and marillion amongst other things.And also just get I can be slightly eccentric from time to time lol!!! and this is all part of my life plan I keep going on about just somebody to have fun with and to relax with but in conclusion I am not putting my blinkers on to a type my mind is open and I am ready for that right woman to get into my head and my heart"peace love and a who is this woman full of kissess my friends x
Switched over to Jonathan Creek, Alan Davies & Tamsin Greig were making out then Julia Sawalha jumped out of an Egyptian sarcophagus yelling
Episodes, the comedy series starring Tamsin Greig and Matt Le Blanc, is back! http:/…
Episodes third season, now watching the second episode. Love the chemistry b/w Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig, and Matt Le Blanc :D
Episodes with Matt Le Blanc, and Tamsin Greig is frickin hilarious!
Just woke up from a strange dream in which I was talking to Matt Le Blanc and Tamsin Greig about
Good Morning Britain, on today's show: More than 200 dead, hundreds trapped after explosion at mine in Turkey A 59-year-old man is being questioned by police on suspicion of murdering missing university chef Claudia Lawrence The Bank of England sets out its economic forecast for the UK economy today - experts predicting interest rate rise before 2015's general election or possibly even during 2014 Two people have been killed in a coach crash in Cornwall and several others are being treated in hospital suffering from serious injuries And the BMJ reports many schools in England are neglecting - and may be actively harming - student wellbeing We're also live from the Cannes Film Festival and we're talking Episodes with Matt Le Blanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig
Tamsin Greig, Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran are the three funniest people who have ever lived.
Brits abroad - Episodes returns: Matt Leblanc, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan are back
Matt Leblanc on to promote Episodes; Tamsin Greig steals the clip they show.
Diaporama : favor757: When fandoms collide… Iain Glen, Ellie Kendrick and Tamsin Greig in “The Diary of...
I'm sure ABC's Black Box will be fine, but whenever I hear the title I think of Dylan Moran, and Tamsin Greig.
I know the feeling, 5.45am start. I was on a movie and shot a scene with Tamsin Greig the movie is called Breaking the Bank
Tamsin Greig should win an Emmy for her cup monologue in the season finale.
Cecil Sharp, Tamsin Greig and a nice cup of tea. Perfect.
Tamsin Greig on the Archers? Does she play one of the cosily wry women?. (which is all of them) . (except two)
Ick! Slightly creeped out over Tamsin Greig flirting with Ian Hislop on BBC 2. Bit like watch parents being romantic.
Love Tamsin Greig but can't stand bloody Debbie Aldridge.
When was the last time Tamsin Greig appeared on the
oh dear. Tamsin Greig's had some "work" done and it's made her look like Benedict Cumberbatch :-/
on Audio secrets and the delectable Tamsin Greig...
Very much dressed (as always) as one of the 99%! Sorry to have missed Tamsin Greig, tho, whom colleague tells me also stars
Thanks to everyone who voted in our poll! We're making Humour in Art with Tamsin Greig - watch this space!
Tamsin Greig is criminally underrated for her work on ‘Episodes’
Diary story that brilliant David Yazbek musical Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown may come here starring Tamsin Greig.Please God.
I now know of The Tell Tale Korma & Great Latte Famine thanks to DVD commentary by & Tamsin Greig.
Thats right every single Peter Rabbit Me Book in this Read by and Tamsin Greig!
DORKING: Tamsin Greig, Matthew Horne and Andrew Sachs shoot new movie in Dorking - Dorking and Leather...
Episodes is very underrated. The writing is good, but Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig and Matt Le Blanc all give terrific performances
Just watched my first full ep of "Episodes" Tamsin Greig and Matt Le Blanc as a fictional version of himself. it's brilliant!
INTERVIEW: Tamsin Greig and Stephen Frears on being a com... via
INTERVIEW Tamsin Greig and Luke Evans on referring to the graphic novel at the Tamara Drewe Press Conference: Cannes Film Festival 2010 at Cannes . If you wo...
2013 has been an extremely creative and productive year for Paul, beginning with his stirring score for THE AUDIENCE, the biggest hit in the west end this year, starring Helen Mirren as the Queen, written by Peter Morgan and directed by Stephen Daldry. This was followed by the 3rd series of LUTHER , which was a massive critical and ratings success both sides of the pond. For over a year Paul had been working on the movie SUNSHINE ON LEITH as music director, arranger and score composer, and finally the movie was shown to great acclaim and box office success this summer. Paul provided an emotionally wrought score for ITV’s THE GUILTY starring Tamsin Greig , and a Jazz soaked thriller score for THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, A ROBBER’S TALE. Paul’s score for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of RICHARD II, starring David Tennant has garnered great praise alongside a wonderful production, as has his dynamic, animated score for the National Theatre’s EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES. The two concludin ...
Bizarre day today - Timothy Dalton, Tamsin Greig and Stella Gonet all in one shop!
Tonight: at the Royal Academy with Grayson Perry, Tamsin Greig, a babysitter has the twins and there's a free bar. Am coming home with swag.
Wow, Inside No. 9 has a great cast. Shearsmith and Pemberton, Gemma Arterton, Katherine Parkinson, Tamsin Greig and Julian Rhind-Tutt.
Especially given how often I still think of Tamsin Greig's performance in Much Ado.
Watching Tamsin Greig vomit on stage & Ken fuss round her as guest in his house,when she leaves the room go mental at sick everywhere a joy!
Anna is lovely but I think Tamsin Greig would be better.
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Tamsin Greig (Episodes) is in talks to sign on to join Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Celia Imrie,...
EPISODES star Tamsin Greig to join cast of THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL sequel:
Not had enough of The Landlady? Here's Tamsin Greig on this cautionary tale:
Great to see Tamsin Greig talking about supporting in you can find out more here:
Check out Tamsin Greig's article in this month, speaking about lasting change and 's work
It's lovely to see our app Nudge getting a mention in Christmas magazine with Tamsin Greig. -->
We're very excited today as has a great piece in Christmas magazine with Tamsin Greig.
Great to see Tamsin Greig in talking about making change happen. More at
Another reason to love Tamsin Greig, as if there weren't enough already:
The lovely Tamsin Greig talks to about supporting and making lasting change happen
Tamsin Greig's performance in pulls my heart strings every time. She's so good in this.
Makes me think of Peter Serafinowicz and Tamsin Greig in Black Books. 'Fran...' :-)
Does anybody else think Cobie Smulders looks like Tamsin Greig? I watched How I Met Your Mother for the first time today, and I totally thought it was the same actress as the one in Black Books, but IMDb proved otherwise.
Zombie Movie Quote/Trivia of the Day I said before, we're not only going to look at just the Romero zombie movies. This is hands down one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. 1) Shaun - Where's safe? Where's familiar? Ed - Where can I smoke? Shaun - Take car. Go to Mum's. Kill Phil - "Sorry." - grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How's that for a slice of fried gold? Ed - Yeah, boyyyeee! 2) Ed - Any zombies out there? Shaun - Don't say that! Ed - What? Shaun - That! Ed - What? Shaun - The zed-word. Don't say it! Ed - Why not? Shaun - Because it's ridiculous! -Shaun and Ed (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead) Did you know? This is the first part of Simon Pegg's and Edgar Wright's "The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy". The other two parts are Hot Fuzz and The World's End. When Shaun and the group are running out of Liz's flat they are all carrying weapons of some kind, but only Shaun actually hits any zombies. This was because only the cric ...
Hang on hang on hang on just one minute, did you say Tamsin Greig? You're thinking of the Green Wing, not West Wing!! Lol 😂
I quite like Green Wing. Tamsin Greig is a legend. I want to be her when I grow up.
Does any of my followers watch "Episodes" with Matt Leblanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig? Feeling a bit alone on this matter.
Black Books with Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, and Tamsin Greig. Funny funny stuff!
My new TV obsession is w/ Tamsin Greig & Matt Leblanc- hysterical and heartbreaking for an aspiring writer.
Tomorrow Dylan Moran will perform in the city of Victoria. Can't wait. If you have not watched yet a TV-serie "Black Books" with him and absolutely gorgeous Tamsin Greig just turn on your Netflix :))
Good shout re:Tamsin Greig, Someone suggested Miriam Margolyes wld be good. The most zany suggestion Ive heard is Grace Jones!
‘Revolution’ Star Tracy Spiridakos To Appear In ‘Episodes’ Season 3 With the post-apocalyptic intrigue of Revolution on pause for the summer, star Tracy Spiridakos is ready to flex her comedic muscles on Showtime’s Episodes. Zap2it reports NBC’s Revolution heroine has booked a guest appearance in Episodes season three as Dawn, a family member of actress Morning Randolph (Mircea Monroe). The satirical Episodes, which stars Matt Leblanc, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan, is currently in production in London, with shooting scheduled to begin in Los Angeles next month. The nine episode third season will premiere on Showtime in 2014. Meanwhile, Spiridakos will return as the resilient Charlie for Revolution‘s sophomore season when the series moves to its new timeslot, Wednesdays at 8PM on NBC this fall.
A couple of favourites from yesterday's Big IF... Tamsin Greig, a pleasure to deal with as always! Great when celebs are so nice and not celeb ish!
Comedian Tamsin Greig speaks at The Big IF a campaign to tackle world hunger in London ,
I love Tamsin Greig she is so funny! I can totall see her as a scatty but brilliant doctor!
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