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Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall (born September 16, 1970 in Luling, Texas) is a day-side anchor for MSNBC and host of the program NewsNation with Tamron Hall.

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I guess Tamron Hall joins Ted Koppel in the list of TV hosts I have opened a curtain for at a convention seminar.
If Kaepernick grievance works, I'll be suing Tamron Hall, Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and Shakira for collusion.
Reminded me of Tamron Hall or Martin Bashir ... o that’s right sorry azz…
Former NBC news anchor Tamron Hall named in Jesse Jackson Jr. divorce
Man, this Jesse Jackson Jr divorce is heating up like one thousand suns.
NBC in ‘total panic’ as Megyn Kelly attracts only old white people | Raw Story via
I saw Tamron Hall, ghosting on Focks News, and shed a tear for our future that would never be.
The network reportedly fears that Megyn Kelly can't attract non-White, younger audiences for her daytime show.
If you want to download: Sexual Assault in College: Tamron Hall Investigates.
Watching Deadline crime w/ Tamron Hall. Episode about a cop (17 yrs) that was a serial killer. He got caught for 2…
Can't believe they got rid of Tamron Hall for her!!!
"Sexual Assult in College:Tamron Hall investigates" such a necessary tv series 💜
NBC just screwed up again. Ppl will turn off when Megyn Kelly joins TODAY. The treatment of Ann Cutie and Tamron Hall was mistake
Megyn Kelly to Host an Hour of the Today Show, Replacing Al Roker and Tamron Hall via
I'll never understand that decision. Tamron Hall is fantastic and miles ahead of what's-her-name.
Watching a episode on Own Canada with Tamron Hall as the host. She is so amazing. Shame on for letter her go.
Tamron Hall would have done a way more in-depth interview w Please never have Jedidiah Bila host anything again!
What genius at Comcast thought that Katy Tur would be a better anchor than Tamron Hall? They should not work in TV programming ever.
Tamron Hall preps new talk show that would compete with Megyn Kelly project
Congrats, Tamron Hall!. The anchor will join a new daytime talk show after leaving
Chris Jansing SO much better and less annoying than H Jackson. Tamron Hall is missed!
Was on the wall long ago. Martin Bashir, Tamron Hall, Melissa Harris Perr…
No. What is up with Losing people like Tamron Hall, Alex Wagner..…
Tamron Hall fuels white-slavery hysteria by filming a sex trafficking segment for Deadline Crimes. These shows put women into jail!
It would be awful if Gretchen Carlson replaced Tamron Hall. Ali Velshi should get that slot.
Live @ Spotify with Lawrence Fishburne, Larenz Tate & Tamron Hall discussing the podcast Bronzeville.
This is why ppl like Larry Wilmore, Tamron Hall, Melissa Harris-Perry & countless other black voices no longer having their own show matters
Lawrence O'Donnell trying to avenge Tamron Hall's departure from NBC
(When are they gonna admit Lawrence O is protesting hosting his show due to solidarity with Tamron Hall)
And she is excellent! Still a *** shame she's the only one...Tamron Hall or Joy Reid would be great
Don't use Tamron Hall for a co-host please. She is the only one I didn't like on TODAY. If you want a woman use Carrie Ann Inaba.
GOOD she was USELESS and BLACK totally useless...Tamron Hall walks away from 'Today' over Megyn Kelly via
is going a diff way since Donald Trump is Pres they don't need the 2 Blacks Al Roker & Tamron Hall
Tamron Hall is an amazing journalists. She was one the few who didn't let Donald's ducks get away w/talking points.
Tamron Hall is leaving NBC, Megyn Kelly to take over her time slot
Tamron Hall walks away from 'Today' over Bimbo kelly replacing her. via
NBC star abruptly quits over Megyn Kelly... Tamron Hall tells network to keep its millions after being replaced...
First casualty of Megyn Kelly virus infecting NBC - Tamron Hall out:
Tamron Hall turns down millions from NBC News as "Today" prepares for Megyn Kelly via
Tamron Hall was a talented journalist at msnbc who got shoved out of NBC News to make room for Megyn Kelly
Tamron Hall leaving NBC in wake of network canceling her hour of "Today" for Megyn Kelly's new show.…
Dear if u replace Al Roker & Tamron Hall w Megyn Kelly, I, like many others, will drop entire show & watch Good…
NBC is letting go of Tamron Hall, who won an Emmy, for Megyn Kelly who reminded people "Santa's White." . They want to b…
So annoyed: Tamron Hall Officially Says Goodbye to Both NBC and MSNBC via
One more reason to stop watching The Today Show. Sad to see Tamron Hall go 😢 Switching to Good Morning America.
Tamron Hall leaving NBC News and MSNBC via http…
Do not remove Tamron Hall We love her # NBC
Fox News needs to go after Tamron Hall to make a statement
So I see that two top black journalists have the same value as one ok white journalist at NBC. Tamron Hall, my eyes will just follow you.BHM
Let's read between the lines, shall we
NBC celebrates by running off "Tamron Hall", moving Al Roker...then Hires Megyn Kelly, and they call T…
It is unclear if she has another television news job lined up.
Wishing you all the best, NBC has lost a fabulous journalist. You rock, Tamron Hall,
There was a $$$ contract on the table for -- but her NBC show had been cancelled & she felt disrespected http…
The domino effect of TV news... in at NBC, out
Tamron Hall just left the Today Show and MSNBC
If Tamron Hall is a 'great journalist,' then Billy Bush is this generations Walter Cronkite.
I have never watched Tamron Hall but if you get your news from these dudes, you are a libturd.
NBC and Megyn Kelly celebrate Black History Month. Tamron Hall leaves NBC after network cancels her for Megyn Kelly
.has requested a meeting with NBC executives to discuss the lack of diversity on the network as a result of Tamron H…
Beyoncé, Tamron Hall, & Frederick Douglass have all been trending today. I'm an emotional wreck.
Melissa Harris-Perry. Tamron Hall. We see how you do
Uncle Al you going to ask Soros to protest Megyn Kelly? Why not? Tamron Hall was screwed BIG LEAGUE! Fact! Look it up on AOL!
Tamron Hall exits NBC News after network unveils plans to cancel her 'Today' slot
With her talent and appeal, Tamron Hall will land a meaningful position. NBC will regret the move.
Tamron Hall exits NBC after learning she was losing 'Today'
Tamron Hall is parting ways with NBC News and MSNBC, according to reports.
How impressed are you with so far? Devos Rex Tillerson Frederick Douglass Beyon…
Just read Tamron Hall has left MSNBC.Megan Kelly is in.BAD MOVE MSNBC.Are you trying to be Fox News 2?
NBC is replacing Tamron Hall with Megyn Kelly in order to have a wider diversity of white voices on the Today Show.
Megyn Kelly -- the woman who says Jesus and Santa Claus are white -- has pushed out Black anchor Tamron Hall at NBC/MSNBC. What a joke.
Al Roker & Tamron Hall helped make the Today Show & they are STILL being replaced by Megyn Kelly. I'm sure race had NO…
NBC bounces Roker & Tamron Hall for the woman who said the Ferguson PD’s racist Obama jokes were just “office humor”
Megyn Kelly to replace Al Roker and Tamron Hall on the TODAY SHOW. I'll just let the optics on that soak in for ye. https:…
I’m just not into Megan Kelly. Al Roker is a legend, Tamron Hall is AWESOME. This is not the change to make http…
So what is new? Mygen Kelly and. Greta Van Susteren are NBC' s answers to Lester Holt and Tamron Hall. Go Figure!
Tonight featuring a "dramatic reading" by Tamron Hall hardly the hard-nosed journalism of the Walter Cronkite era on Comcast
Tamron Hall (sitting in for Lester Holt) just reported it on NBC Nightly News.
great job Tamron Hall sitting in for Lester Holt !
House votes to forgive vets on bonus repayment via
💜Safe Horizon | The Tamron ♥ Renate Fund if you are looking for a way to help on the thank you 🙏🏽
1) I know. Have you seen Tamron Hall's show? She's had some good ones, but I agree w/you. As most things go, the ones that really
Fraudulent network MSNBC--anchor Tamron Hall has more respectful tone toward Pres-elect Trump--but restoring journalist…
I don't watch news until hayes, maddow, and O'donnell. Tamron hall and joy on weekends.
VIDEO: Union Rep at Carrier Says Trump's Claims are Inflated. Not surprising that Trump got worked. via
Can Trump really separate himself from family business?
Some Carrier workers might still lose jobs via
WOW, Tamron Hall is such a Gemini! I heard they delightfully jumped a pair of rubber gloves...
.“Everyone has to believe in themselves!"
Louisiana Senate race headed to a runoff. Foster Campbell, Democratic candidate for Senate in Lo
Carrier to still close one plant and cut 700 jobs.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Alleged shooter released in the killing of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight. No charges have been filed yet. https:/…
protester "We're pretty much under attack... looks like a war zone when we're here on the ground." https:…
House votes to forgive vets on bonus...
Some Carrier workers might still lose jobs
I like Savannah Guthrie. I want to give her a hug and bring her soup. I also like Tamron Hall. I want to do different things to her.
same here: Joy, Rachel, Lawrence, Chris Hayes, and Tamron Hall, then read and moviesm
We must stay active but wean ourselves from most corporate media like and (except AMJoy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Tamron Hall).
Today's Matt Lauer, Kathie Lee Gifford, Tamron Hall and Hoda Kotb Say Goodbye to Billy Bush: It's a new day at…
Talk about an awkward morning at work... Today's Matt Lauer & Tamron Hall say goodbye to Billy Bush: htt…
Tamron Hall at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards 2016: via
What's going on LA? Al Roker and Tamron Hall address Billy Bush's suspension… Get Found ->
For next , I wish Scott Pelley, Tamron Hall, Soledad Obrien, George S. and Tom Brokaw would be moderators.
MSNBC has two of the best journalists anywhere: Tamron Hall and Joy-Ann Reid.
I've suffered through a week of Billy Bush and Tamron Hall. Best you've got??? See ya.
Segments on thus far: invasive questions about Tamron Hall's date and Billy Bush talking about his therapist featured in NBC s Science of Love
Maybe once I'm a journalist for 20 years, Billy Bush will call my reporting "cute" just like he does for Tamron Hall!
I am enjoying the 9:00 hour so much more with just Billy Bush n Tamron Hall.
they have to have Billy Bush in the middle anyway they can because people cannot stand Tamron Hall
Willie Geist left, Natalie Morales left, so it's just Tamron Hall, Billy Bush, and Al Roker now.
Where is Joy Reid right now!. Anderson Cooper is so weak. Trump walked all over him. We need Joy and Tamron Hall to interview him
Call me when Tamron Hall or Joy Reid is set to interview Kellyanne Conway. Both are very tough interviewers & take no prisoners.
That's why I prefer Joy Red (and Tamron Hall (as my choices to do very important interviews!
My main problem with Rachel is that she doesn't have that pit bull killer instinct like Joy Reid and Tamron Hall!!
Report: Trump hikes rent...on own campaign office
Zion Harvey, the 1st child to undergo a double hand transplant, imparts
Simone Manuel on Olympic cultural milestone via
Report: Trump hikes rent on own campaign office via
Report: Trump hikes rent on own campaign office
This little man is my hero. Please watch the entire video.
DEVELOPING: Students at American Univ. in Kabul say they are trapped amid attack. with latest on http…
Report: Trump hikes rent on own campaign office | MSNBC
Report: hikes rent on own campaign office.
Zion Harvey's next goal? Convince his mom to let him play football & he's not giving up:
OMG!! BillyBush is the WORST! Save Tamron Hall! Fate worse than death sharing a camera w/him!
Zion Harvey's words of encouragement: I didn't give up, so why should you give up on what you want to accomplish? https:/…
thank you to Al Roker and Tamron Hall for talking about my video on your very big morning show today
Larry Wilmore is another black TV host to lose their job after Melissa Harris-Perry, Toure, Al Sharpton, Tamron Hall.
My career pipe dream would be to direct a documentary about the horrible Jenna Wolfe/Tiki Barber/Tamron Hall daily recap show at Beijing 08.
Agree. Joy Reid and Tamron Hall are the only two trustworthy journalists on which is now Fox Lite.
Both Paula Zahn & Tamron Hall are lovely & talented & can do better than interview family members of crime victims
HomicideHunter CryWolf DeadlyWomen some favs@ ID Inv. TV. Paula Zahn & Tamron Hall are lovely, but add 0 to stories
I was impressed with Tamron Hall. She did not let him sweep it under the table.
Shout out to Joy Reid, April Ryan, and Tamron Hall for refusing to let the nonsense slide.
Tamron Hall takes down Scott Baio and his hypocrisy.
Fred's at Barney's for slow three hour brunch with two beautiful women: Tamron Hall in Chloe and…
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Tamron Hall is better than sour grapes.
amen! They are the worst! Tamron Hall, Joy Reid, so many more! They insult, b/c Blks don't all fall in line
Been trying to convince my husband we should be Tamron Hall and Darren Kavinoky for Halloween or something...but he won't do it 😩😩
Best to hand those tissues to Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, Tamron Hall, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and Anderson Cooper.
Tamron Hall speaks out about her tragic death.
Tamron Hall speaks out about her sister's tragic death
Reich on Sanders' 'break up the banks' plan is a co-founder of the 07-08 depression
Tamron hall and Al Roker on the today show. It is 4 days from now april 15th that i will be moving paralegal robert j lee.
I keep looking at myself and thinking I might cut all of my hair off. a la tamron hall. I haven't CUT it cut it in forever.
Tamron hall on the today show. I Will be staying with my pastors april 15th 2016. paralegal robert j lee.
It's amazing how MSNBC Tamron Hall and others grill Sanders spokespersons but softballs Clinton supporters
Tamron Hall is showing her bias for Clinton in the interview with Robert Reich re: Bernie Sanders
Robert Reich just schooled MSNBC on Bernie's plan to break up banks. Interview with Tamron Hall.
Tamron Hall is not equipped to engage Robert Reich about Sanders' economic beliefs.
Thank you as always to amazing advocate for speaking out in against domestic violence. Read more:
Hamilton Collection
it really bothers me how you treat Tamron Hall. So mean
JUST IN: New arrests have been made in Brussels investigation, prosecutors confirm
De Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray talks about *** past she was on w/Tamron Hall. Why is her opinion so valued?
Belgian prosecutor: Several arrests made as part of the investigation. reports
His surrogate is on with Tamron Hall right now like:
In a recent interview with Tamron Hall says her sister's death, has made her more cautious in relationships.
People like Tamron Hall and Joy Reid fanned the flames of Black Lives Matters. Now they're trying to throw water on the fire.
loved how you handled Tamron hall. You got the message across even as she tried to downplay
I love that Tamron Hall eats real food!
happy Friday to you Amy Jo. And a very happy to my Goddess Tamron Hall who doesn't even know I exist
furthermore Tamron Hall is blatantly lying about Matt's question he said some people say Hillary started saying republicans Hillary "mental"
Tamron Hall opens up about sister's murder: 'No one deserves what happened' to her
Tamron Hall learns from the best, I'm guessing.
Tamron Hall is reporting... "The Republican National Committee’s communications director for African-American...
Oh, so much fail ... Tamron Hall and david Corn, you just gave Trump more votes ...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
News anchor Tamron Hall and the Washington bureau chief for the far left magazine Mother Jones, David Corn were...
Misplaced criticism of Joy Reid & Tamron Hall regarding Melissa Harris Perry comes from equating being in Eurostream medi…
We the People, Stand with Freedom of the Press, Melissa Harris-Perry, Tamron Hall, and Joy Ann Reid...
please just have a day of Tamron Hall, Chris Jansing, Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow...the rest can go...
Another great interview!! joins TamronHall for an interview on bait & switch
Tamron Hall, my name is Stefen Rose I have a great story for the today show.
I don't get what Tamron Hall doesn't get here./NH Women Offended At Hillary Playing Gender Card - ... via
Keith Ellison: Sanders strongest progressive in the race via
Which Dem. candidate has the best economic profile? via
Which Dem. candidate has the best economic profile?
We know Tamron Hall's a fan of this one!
Which Dem. candidate has the best economic profile? - MSNBC's Tamron Hall talks with Rober…
Trump cancels in NH with days to primary - MSNBC
Trump cancels in NH with days to primary
Trump cancels NH. No ENERGY. Bush applies energetic LISTENING skills to id NH needs he can address as president
Which Dem. candidate has the best economic...
ICYMI - breaks down the age gap between female Clinton supporters and those supporting Sanders
Good job with Tamron Hall. Always enjoy your articulate reflections on the economy and its effect on the American people.
y did tamron hall say sanders and Clinton were in dead heat nationally. I haven't seen that data
Is Donald Trump's nontraditional way of campaigning working against him?
Snow day means in studio with and talking state of the
New Jeb super-PAC ad features George: On the campaign trail, Jeb Bush is embracing his family legacy befo...
.returns to at 1pmET with more highlights. Don't miss it!
Tamron Hall and Andrea Mitchell are kiki'ing on Hillary Clinton and the way she answered "Will you release the transcripts" the answer" "NO"
.tells she's calling on her Motown family to help during .
Students attend watch part for MSNBC debate: MSNBC's Tamron Hall interviewed students ... via
Jeb Bush on Marco Rubio: 'What has he done?' | MSNBC
. I agree. Tamron Hall would've out talked both candidates. .
see tamron hall now. in total disgust 50 cent homosexuality ARE YOU MY BOY NOW
Tamron Hall, & others are misrepresenting Bernie's plan about single payer, spending less in tax than premiums. STOP sa…
Keith Ellison: Sanders strongest progressive in the race …
Keith Ellison: Sanders strongest progressive in the race
Hunt claims it doesn't really matter. Tamron Hall argues it does to
On TODAY's Take, Al Roker, Tamron Hall, Willie Geist, and Natalie Morales get a look and some incredibly...
.it is still better than the Tamron Hall hour of the Today Show.
Sheldon Howard is going to play powerball to win s date with Tamron Hall
Mother of Perjury charge for trooper who arrested daughter is "not justice"
Sheldon Howard is a real man and asking Ms. Tamron Hall in a date.
Sheldon Howard wants to date Tamron Hall the beautiful lady from the Today show.
McCain joins Trump's attacks over Cruz's citizenship, but Cruz fights back. What's next?
“I don’t trust the process.” mother reacts to trooper's indictment:
Tamron hall from today show. I Showed my private area to my landlord tammy fairly dye. Didnt know she was married she liked it. Attorney...
I did a lawsuit for 1 billion dollars in gulfport ms. Attorney robert j lee jr. Tamron hall from, today show.
Tamron hall from today show. I Was accepted to birmingham school of law. Attorney robert j lee jr. And paralegal.
Lot's more to cover on with Stay with us on
hall. I love the dress that you wore on The Today Show on Wednesday! May I ask who the designer was?
I can't say enough how good Tamron Hall looks
Look inside! Tamron Hall opens the door to her serene home bathroom -
The clean, minimalist bathroom of NBC/MSNBC's Tamron Hall. I've got the perfect spa-like bathroom for you in Cincy.
Nothing new. Tamron Hall has ALWAYS been a complete moron.
Let the skinny scarf be your best accessory like Tamron Hall: Tamron Hall…
We're moving in, The TODAY co-anchor opens the door to her serene home bathroom https:/…
Tamron Hall accented her Victorian style blouse with a skinny scarf on TODAY, showing us…
Probably almost as good as it is to be Tamron Hall.
My new article for has been published:. NBC’s Tamron Hall replaces Cosby on Temple’s Board of Trustees.
And ...the tamron hall goes to the crown prince Daniel if Sweden the nbc talk host where she talks about raspberry diet
The the tamron hall on nbc isn't a Windsor
And the tamron hall didn't face off of 22th Avd 5th
The Duke of York didn't do the physical fitness show ...with the tamron hall ...the no one above the law game
Watching the today show and Tamron Hall's skin is amazing this morning. I'm jealous, need that moisturizer.
host voted to replace Cosby on board:
Tamron Hall is oiling up her legs too much...really distracting wet look. She is beautiful and not needed.
Red State Americans are 12.7x more likely to vote for Tamron Hall on The Best Today Show Hosts
.to 'I would love to see comprehensive mental health reform.'
Tamron Hall spoke to The Temple News and Temple Update about her recent election to the Board of Trustees.
The CIA director's email account may have been hacked by a teenager. and discuss:
it's hard to believe that Tamron Hall might be single
This is what I was talking about. Everyone should know this happened. Juriah Gaither
Yesterday I viewed Tamron Hall's Huff Post interview where she explains why she chose to not report her sister's...
See my next post. It explains why I posted this article.
I'm hoping my bae Tamron Hall gets a shot at a prime time anchor chair at some point.I think she has a good shot.
THX to & for having me on to discuss SAUDI PRINCE Accused of Sex Assault WATCH
Was America's top spy, CIA Dir. John Brennan hacked... by a teen?
Reports indicate the CIA director's email account may have been hacked. discusses with
Saudi prince got off felony charges in L.A.
Wrongfully accused inmate now an attorney
On MSNBC talking about CIA Director email "Hack" -
MSNBC interview with this morning about CIA Director's email account being hacked by teen. Check it out!
Saudi prince accused of sexual assault, avoids felony charges. w/the story:
Reform to reduce minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses via thanks
There is nothing better than star wars, los angeles and the wutang clan. . And tamron hall. And Raider nation. And the lakers
Just in: cancels scheduled appearance on tonight.
why am I seeing Tamron Hall at night? Ugh isn't daytime already to much?
I really need to meet Tamron Hall. I really really like her. Like really really like her.
Hall fashion mistake if she wanted attention she got it. Went out on a limb today
When u were on w/Tamron Hall, ur nose was growing profusely! U don't even lie well! Interrupting is not winning. It's rude!
My mother & I watch Tamron Hall every morning she's so *** beautiful & intelligent. She just…
Looney Liberal, Tamron Hall on News Nation whining because Trump won't apologize for his answer to voter's question.
Pretty heated argument between Tamron Hall and a Republican strategist re:Carly/PP
Tamron Hall is goals. Hair goals, fashion goals, when-I-turn-45 goals.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Wesley Snipes is flirting with Tamron Hall. And I am 50 shades of confused.
what in the name of all that is holy, is Hall wearing?
Makes me wonder if her TV show "Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall" isn't a bunch of BS. New show: Tamron the Manipulator
Example: On a video Tamron Hall vs Rep Black on PP.. Hall ignored all comments by Black, & sounded like a representative of PP.
I'd rather see Dylan Dreyer than Tamron hall
The Today Show, was much better with Dylan Dreyer than Tamron hall
At the top of the 9 a.m. ET hour on NBC’s Today, co-host Tamron Hall slammed the Republican presidential debate...
watching Tamron Hall on the Today Show First Take.she just got a free Pasta Pass! Hey only the media get free passes?
Tamron Hall on just called out the lies, was so happy to see someone do it!!
This pseudo-intellectualism being touted on MSNBC is sickening. Tamron Hall is now a political analyst? And Thomas Roberts? Gah
Tamron Hall’s Sister was killed by Domestic violence | BlackDoctor
Happy 45th Birthday to Tamron Hall -- Nia Noelle. See your favorite celebrities then vs now:...
Happy Birthday to my cousin Tamron Hall may God continue to bless you...
Watch April Goss live on MSNBC's NewsNation with Tamron Hall at 11:30. Alex Witt will be hosting today as April talks from Dix Stadium.
Happy Birthday to Tamron Hall (born September 16, 1970)...national correspondent for NBC News and NBC's Today.
puppy breath is the best thing ever Tamron hall just saying you know girl
Happy Birthday to the lovely Tamron Hall of the TODAY show!
Nor get muted and thrown off MSNBC by Tamron Hall like which was a feat in itself, really.
according to Tamron Hall digital citizens only do good things.
I'm watching the Tamron Hall interview ep, just have to say you look beautiful! Hard work pays off, you're an inspiration.
When Tamron Hall said there were Kody Brown groupies, I thought she was just referring to the other wives.
Yes, he did! And Tamron Hall fits nicely behind that desk as well.
I want to be Matt Lauer for 1 day especially if that day I can do yoga with Tamron Hall & Natalie Morales
Tamron Hall is correct about the Law and Constitution.Liberty Counsel is Wrong.Constitution does not Protect Kim Davis.Her beliefs Not Law
Tamron Hall, Al Roker and Natalie Morales talk about the dramatic story of 18-year-old Sam Ray, who was...
Dashcam video: Baby born in car after dad pulled over for speeding: Tamron Hall, Al Roker and Natalie Morales ...
"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star Ellie Kemper is back, joining TODAY's Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall and...
Prince, for 37 yrs you have not let me down, 'HARDROCKLOVER ' and Tamron Hall would be your best move!
Tamron Hall punishes a republican operative that said ..republicans don't support Trumps views, people are joking with pollsters...
Morgan Freeman told Tamron Hall to grow her hair out. Men just don't get the sexiness of short hair. What a shame.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
earlier the announcer referred to Tamron Hall as Joy Reid
Earlier, the guy on CSPAN said, “And there’s Al Roker with Joy Reid.” But it was Tamron Hall, not Joy Reid.
yep… i personally wish someone would scoop up Tamron Hall, Jacque Reid, and Sanaa Lathan
"Libertarian vs. Republican politics with Tamron Hall on MSNBC:. Gary Johnson
I need Tamron Hall & Lester Holt to have a news show together... like right now!
CHO Rohan Marley spending some time at msnbc with Tamron Hall
I want Aphrodite Jones, Tamron Hall, and Paula Zahn to team up and punch Anne Perry in the face repeatedly for five hours.
Is Tamron Hall really not hosting today bcs she got pie in her hair?
Do you really not have anyone better than Tamron Hall?
I just love Tamron Hall. That was hilarious. 😂.
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