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Tam Cowan

Tam Cowan (born 1969) is a Scottish football journalist, radio and television presenter.

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Full house for tonight's event with Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove at
Just a handful of tickets left for Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan, 7.30pm tonight. Box office 01988 403222.
Working on BBC Radio Scotland's Off The Ball with Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove and guests Stewart Gilmour and Dave Mackay
Tam Cowan: It’s a long shot but I’m backing Griff and Tierney to be fit for the Old Firm
Tam Cowan "the toothbrush was invented in Dundee. If it had been invented anywhere else it would have been called a teethbrush ". πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Tam Cowan just said on the radio that he has always liked Forfar and they are his Wee team. Who's is big team then?
Tam Cowan: Stirring Porridge? No, but Barker is birling in grave
Tam Cowan's Scoff the Ball: Head to the seaside for service with a smile
up at my mums and on radio tartan was on, tam Cowan called it a red and then some. Even praised Barton for his reaction
tam Cowan the Mike. Parry of bbc sport πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Tam Cowan: Barca again? They’ve been at Celtic more than Dermot Desmond.
F1: Button - Awesome '17 cars will scare drivers
Tam Cowan: Funny thing about comedy is how to make people laugh
And people will laugh at it despite it being Tam Cowan patter circa 2001. *groan*
Tam Cowan is off the ball as he takes on
Tam Cowan is off the ball as he plays during the
Tam Cowan is one brutally unfunny specky ***
Tam Cowan and Jim leishmam are guest speakers so should be a quality nite. Dm me or contact players for tickets. Thanks!
Tomorrow my colleague Tam Cowan's giving it a go.
do you remember when he had a restaurant review column? Tam Cowan! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
well I also quite like Tam Cowan but don't think he writes for them anymore
yes the Well have indeed, also you have Tam Cowan as a fan while we get Jim Trainor! Gratifying these teams survive sensibly.
the wife though that the white hair had aged Tam Cowan
Tam Cowan’s Scoff The Ball: Unlock great grub at the Cross Keys.
Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan make me chuckle
And there's more...from Tam Cowan today. Great comp as you could be in my next book!
Yes but Tam Cowan totally whitewashed The Rangers fans involvement and made it worse by agreeing the BB is ok😱
Tam Cowan challenged Cosgrove with this last week. Cosgrove blustered his way through a "that's different" response
This is one of the first things Tam Cowan has said that I fully agree with.
Tam Cowan: Blame Hampden mayhem on clowns who goaded Rangers fans
Hi Paul,I've met Tam Cowan a number of times.Good guy who doesn't mince his words & tells you how it is πŸ‘ πŸ€
Has anyone else apart from Tam Cowan been brave enough to call out Smith for his tripe?
Did someone forget to put 50p in the Level 5 meter? Yesterday Tam Cowan, today Gordon Waddell…
Well done to Tam Cowan for being one of the few MSM journos to dare criticise Walter Smith's shameless hypocrisy
Sir Walter of Cardigan WILL go 'Chick Young Interview' on him if he's not careful
to the whole of Scottish football for allowing Rangers to enter the senior leagues by jumping the queue ahead of other clubs...tam Cowan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
the magnificent Tam Cowan. Played a blinder
. Did you read Tam Cowan's piece today?
tell them Tam Cowan said it in an article and everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
β€œApologies for Sun link but Tam spot on re Myth . bet wished he could write that
Refreshing piece of journalism from someone unafraid to say exactly what he thinks: Tam Cowan on 'Easy Ride Walter'. ht…
Ooooh Tam Cowan doesn't miss the myth...I won't link it up its a S*n link.
Great Journalism by Tam Cowan... At least he has the balls to print what most people feel about the Sevco situation.. Shame on you SMSM!!
On Tam Cowan & were excellent on the subject of Smith's inflammatory comments
Tam Cowan's article in the paper is brave, accurate and very welcome
Totally agree. Did either of your see Tam Cowan's article in the Sun today. 100% bang on about Walter Smith
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"The rules shouldn't have applied to Rangers." - Tam Cowan perfectly sums up the thoughts of Wally and the…
totally agree. A went aff Tam Cowan for a couple a years er but he hit the nail on the head wae that article πŸ‘πŸ»
Tam Cowan on the Banned List now for cutting Walter and The Rangers a new one πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
Of course not says everything about our game only Tam Cowan seems to have the b*.
Absolutely brilliant from Tam Cowan. Bang on the money, which is probably the money Rangers owe to creditors
Still using sevco Stitchell: Never shared a link to The Sun before but Tam Cowan fair lays into 'Wal...
I hate having to post The Sun Link, but Tam Cowan does not miss Walter Myth in his Column today.
Great day expected at ours tommorow.wer'e holding a brunch speakers are tam cowan and john mckelvie.funny day
I understand Tam Cowan thinks Davie Cooper was a better player than Kenny Dalglish. No really.
Did Tam Cowan say that Davie Cooper was better than Dalglish today.Must still be buzzing soft and gentle
Tam Cowan today on Radio Scotland said . " Davie Cooper was better than Kenny Dalglish ". That has to be Cowan's best gag ever
We're very sorry to hear about Tam Cowan. No wait, we're very sorry to hear Tam Cowan.
Tam Cowan takes a look at the week's biggest sports stories in his weekend column
Did I just hear Tam Cowan right on Davie Cooper was better than Kenny Dalgleish 😳
Your needing to do some restraint reviews Tom . Your in more than Tam Cowan πŸ‘ featured in NBC s Science of Love
Game saturday home to hawick cup tie.then sunday brunch at ours tam cowan and john mckelvie as speakers cant wait
Tam Cowan has been inspired to write his own poem... about poo
Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Q&A / Quiz tonight (As well as Craig Paterson, Jim Griffin, Iain Ferguson & Tam Cowan). Appreciated.
I think I've scored a big, fat 0 at the 1991-themed Quiz first round on general knowledge. Tough questions from Tam Cowan πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Superb night at the Glen Pavilion. Huge thank you to Tam Cowan, Jim Leishman, Jimmy Calderwood and John Robertson...
Eat your heart out numpty Tam Cowan This is entertaining football!
The answer is the inventor James Clerk Maxwell who pioneered definitions of colour blindness. Tam Cowan suffers from colour blindness
Who is he and what is his connection with Tam Cowan?
Thanks to Tam Cowan in today's for this write up. It was almost complimentary!
Jamie n Tam Cowan before he ripped into me 😳
Tam Cowan who mocked women footballers also and targeting some over their sexuality.
tam Cowan had a can of Pringles , Stuarty grabbed wan ,tam threw down the can and the shingles and Pringles got mingled
Tam Cowan shares his thoughts on Ross County, Ronny Deila and Hearts' new stand
I enjoyed this in the paper today from Tam Cowan
The end of Tam Cowan's show yesterday, they said 'Graham Spiers earlier views are not representative of the BBC'
Tam Cowan's Scoff The Ball: By George, this hotel restaurant is a ***
the romance of the cups!Tho Tam Cowan said that Oglivie will be sacked if they can't beat Celtic :-)
Tam Cowan takes a look at the implications of EK v Celtic in the Scottish Cup
That big fat ride Tam Cowan digging put His again. Shut it speccy I'd rather *** big Gemmas vajazzle than read your pishy column ever again
Mr Tam Cowan get ones butt up to the Whitehills farm in East Kilbride and have a great lunch or dinner thanks to my hubby and chef x
Tam Cowan on Pat Nevin. "Why did he get a hair transplant when he has a face like a Halloween Cake'.
Tam Cowan nearly causing me to swerve off road by suggesting if Ed "Stewpot" Stewart's pallbearers drop his coffin, they pick up a cabbage.
The Hibs and St Johnstone ticket fiasco has been unacceptable says Tam Cowan
Facing up 2 Stuart Cosgrove & tam cowan tomorrow on for semi against Saints@ bbcradioscotland ggthh
Tam Cowan becomes front runner to be honorary president of the supporters club
Another chance to catch Tam Cowan's tonight at 8pm - it's a ***
Feast your eyes on Tam Cowan's tasty Verve Grill review in today's
please stick in your diary.our Soortsmans brunch is on Sunday 8th may,speakers Bill Copeland tam cowan and Gary little!!
Tam Cowan reviews grub at the newly-opened Glasgow.
I rarely listen. Don't mind Cosgrove but the guests are awful and Tam Cowan was funny for a week in 1993
Tam Cowan should be ignored. His views are meaningless. Was it not him who made insulting comments about women's football?
Mark Warburton must be gutted that 2 of the top scouts in world football Tom English and Tam Cowan have dismissed his signings
Feature on prisoners baking in jail. Can Tam Cowan account for his movements today
tam Cowan is a bawbag. Him &I his sidekick canny wait to get a dig into Rangers. Pair o belters βœŠπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
.seems to have ripped off Tam Cowan's, Spiers and English's columns from today - guided ?
Who honestly cares what Tam Cowan, Kenny Shiels & Celtic fans think of our new signings? Seriously? Non entities.
ah good times! Just heard Tam Cowan 'reminiscing' about that. NDP not a happy place for Well that year
Tam Cowan is about as funny as a wet fart!
Tam Cowan has never made any sense so his opinions mean nothing
Right thats it call everything off tam cowan doesn't think he's good enough. 😜
Tam "the deeply depressed Motherwell fan" Cowan
Tam Cowan doesn't think too highly of Rangers' latest signings
Is the obese Tam Cowan playing eddie?
It's a shining victory as Tam Cowan dishes out his Noshcar award to bosses at The Sun Inn
TAM COWAN: 'Dress it up how you like, but big Phil's no looker'
Tam Cowan celebrates 20 years of Off The Ball in at 8.30 on STV Edinburgh.
thank goodness I thought tam Cowan had driven you away. Do you still manage bands
Old mucker Tam Cowan appears on tonight 8.30 featuring this gem of us & some other bloke
Tam Cowan celebrates 20 years since start of Off The Ball with look back in
Psst... Tam Cowan's review of your Ayr India, in today's Scottish Sun. Enjoy σΎ°€
Please tell me who thinks Tam Cowan is relevant
Super legend Tam Cowan takes to the stage
Blobby-free Black Friday.. Christmas has come early says Tam Cowan
wee something for Tam Cowan given his comments yesterday
. Aye. That's me n Fogs future. Tam Cowan was funny as f
Tam Cowan got his facts wrong,they were allowed their drum,although they didn't play it much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Gary what was the craic with the Mwell drum today? Tam Cowan furious on radio?
Listening to BBC poet in reside holding her own with those 2 rogues Tam Cowan & on πŸ€’ A tough gig.
ahh, Lentil soup. I think Tam Cowan would say, 'ye cannae whack it'. Indeed. Have a great weekend, folks!
are you a Medda or a Vics man John ? And please give Tam Cowan some education in decent music when you're on there...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I fear BBC Scotland would favour a more "populist" choice - Tam Cowan most likely.
I thought tam cowan was hilarious. Been ages since I've been to one.
tam cowan and Jimmy Nicholl. Bill Copeland was compere. Good night was a good laugh
lol You stole that sentiment from Tam Cowan on
Poor Tam Cowan what's he going to do noe Lol ;)
πŸ˜‚ your not the first to call me that granted ! I was looking for a tam Cowan style review mr spence
Might possibly be the first time I've seen the term 'scud book' in print. Hats off to Tam Cowan.
Enthusiastic support of Stuart Cosgrove, Tam Cowan and Alison Walker for SPFL without Celtic and Rangers:
OFF THE BALL: presenter joined Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove today on
Tam Cowan pays tribute to late legend Joe Wark in today's
Tam Cowan in yout favourite city and just run into a teddybear.
Scoff the ball: Delicious grub Med in heaven at Zara’s Mediterranean Bistro says Tam Cowan
Not often I find myself in the Tam Cowan camp! Let's just say I've seen lots of good football & lots of suicidal defending.
Heard Tam Cowan saying they didn't look like a team at the bottom of the league.
He was at Fir Park today though according to Tam Cowan
Breast Cancer Awareness
still I'm sure Tam Cowan won't mention it at the sportsman's dinner tonight.
Cowan on OTT police presence...Eh 1 pc & 1 wpc needed hospital treatment. Same reaction if it was Tam ?
'Crowd trouble? This was a game marred by dire performance' writes Tam Cowan
Shout out to my man Tam "the hotdog" Cowan for securing a cutla libertines tickets for the hydro
Lanarkshire People: come to Bellshill on Saturday for yapping with Ricky Ross, Stuart Braithwaite, Tam Cowan & me - …
when Tam Cowan dissed women's football there were calls for him to resign.
Kilwinning great lunch with Chic Young and Tam Cowan. Hilarious πŸ˜‚
Tam Cowan tells it straight, the summers been a washoot!
love the description of Motherwell being " a small town near airdrie" anyone told tam Cowan?
Tam Cowan, he knows as much about pies as he does about Fitba f'ck all
Midge you forgot winning Scottish cup! But your sentiments are spot on. Next it will be move over Tam Cowan.
β€œMacaroni pie cleanses my palate” food critic Tam Cowan asks to http:/…
You have unleashed your inner Tam Cowan there
Does anyone know if Tam Cowan is still doing restaurant reviews ?
Where do you start? Andy Gray, Tam Cowan and Malky MacKay have made sexist remarks in the past...
you've been listening to Tam Cowan for too long.
Just seen Aiden McGeady AND Tam Cowan in silverburn, can't work out if I'm in pollok or new york!
Scott Leitch, Ian St John, Gordon Dalziel, Craig Whyte, Tam Cowan can you hear me? Tam Cowan your boys took a *** of a beating !
Sounds like Tam Cowan, who has an 8-1 bet on Aberdeen.
I am currently in Bar Aldo, Alloa. Winner of the Tam Cowan Hotplate award. Exceptional pasta.
Tam cowan said jim craig is morphing into ricky fulton πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yeah was a fantastic night. Went in too quick. Tam Cowan was fantastic
how was speakers night ? have been at one with tam Cowan it was excellent πŸ‘
For anyone who listened to I really have come to Fir Park with Tam Cowan.
had the pleasure of photographing Pat Rolink, Tam Cowan and at the Sportsman's Dinner last night
There are only 5 tables left at our Sports Dinner on 20th Feb at Oran Mor. With Pat Rolink, Des McLean and Tam Cowan:
tonight for sportsmans with scot elder and the shine consortium. Looking forward to tam Cowan.
Time to watch Tam Cowan in the up against Feel
from memory motherwell ended up around the 75p mark happy to be corrected tho Came via Tam Cowan on OTB
tam Cowan,chick young,jimmy Stirling and canny mind the other guy.should be a laugh as per usual
ha looks like yon Stuart Cosgrove fae on the ball with tam Cowan
Jane tell tam Cowan there were not any hot food today at Hamilton! Ragin, I love a gd pie and bovirl
tell tam Cowan there was no hot food today at the pie stalls at Hamilton! Ragin, love a good pie!
'Charles Green's bedside interview a right carry on' writes Tam Cowan:
MT"Off The Ball tomorrow on from noon Tam Cowan & myself welcome & will do
Off The Ball tomorrow on from midday - Tam Cowan and myself welcome and
Tam Cowan loves to rip the pish out of teams that are poor and struggling.In that case, he`ll enjoy the material his own club are providing.
Another reason to place a bid in our online auction... Dinner with Tam Cowan! Details on the website
Tam Cowan will review the Pie Stalls in the Govan stand and recommend them for a
Was just on BBC Radio Scotland there talking to Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrave on Off He Ball. Lmfao. 😁
Tam Cowan in there or is he in with the fans
Lets just say you're not the first to make that comparison. Tam Cowan has pointed out the similarity in the Daily Record!
totally. Tam Cowan, I think, said if Millwall can have drink, why can't Albion Rovers or Cowdenbeath? :D
'Jim'll be telling us later on how he spent 9 years at university and didn't get a degree.' Tam Cowan with J.Murphy as a guest.
A massive thank you to Tam Cowan and A great night was had by all and lots raised for & us!
Good night at Tam Cowan Trust/Hospice fundraiser last night. Now off to buy dining room furniture before heading to Stranraer.
Tam Cowan will bail them out Mike Ashley style.
Looks more like Tam Cowan with his glasses off.
Me and my big fan - Tam Cowan at the Dynasty Ball earlier this month.
Cockney Rejects tonight, Tam Cowan tomorrow and all day session at Stranraer on Sat. Got a feeling I'm going to be a wreck on a Sunday!!
Just looking at the You Gov profiler website. One of Rangers fans favourite celebrities is Tam Cowan?!
According to Yougov, Glasgow's favourite celebrity is... Tam Cowan! This website's a hoax, right?
One of my proudest moments was producing Record's Tam Cowan podcast, which beat Oliver in iTunes charts for 12 weeks straight.
Gemma Collins? That's what Tam Cowan would look like going to a fancy dress party done up as Michelle Mone.
clubs annual speaker night 16/11 speakers Tam Cowan and John geaghan, contact committee for tickets
could be worse. Could've been Tam Cowan
Next boss anyone? I say Tam Cowan has more chance than Winston Bogarde & has been to fewer restaurants.
versus Tam Cowan & Stuart Cosgrove on this Sat. KO 1203. Pity the ref!
Looking forward to being a guest on Of The Ball with Tam Cowan & Stuart Cosgrove this Sat! I'm sure the boys won't slag me off at all!!!
Looking forward to being on Off The Ball this weekend with Tam Cowan! I'm baking him a cake to keep him sweet! T.T.
Doing more TV reviews at the BBC but it's not as glamorous as you might think. The only 'celeb' I've ever spotted in here was Tam Cowan.
We would love for Tam Cowan to review our restaurant in East Kilbride village. We've been open for 6 months
Scottish Premiership - Stuart McCall resigns as Motherwell manager What will Tam Cowan say?
Tam Cowan was saying only yesterday that he was enjoying the struggle.
they started to talk about Billy McKay's match. If I heard it right Tam Cowan possibly suggested he had attended.
I'm going to tell Tam Cowan you said that! Frankly - and justifiably - there's fat chance of Tam making way for me.
Fabulous night with Tam Cowan at the HAC last night !
looking forward to Salmond doing the Tam Cowan restaurant reviews. Hope it's not a diet day...
Fantastic day yesterday tam Cowan and john mckelvie done us proud few sore heads the day oft Sunday session
It's Super Sunday - award winning followed by the lovely and the hilarious Tam Cowan, at the HAC. 01294 274059
.Is Tam Cowan on holiday or have you finally got rid of him?
Fundraiser for the Hospice announced at a later date. 8) We are having a fundraiser Tam Cowan on 21/11/14 joint for St Andrew's & Trust.
Tam Cowan really is a fat odious waste of oxygen.
Come and meet football pundit Tam Cowan at the Harbour Arts Centre Sun 31st Aug with meal deal Β£10
Nope, went with Tam Cowan instead. Not sure if that's preferable
Listed as similar to Tam Cowan, I find Tom Sheridan. Similar? Have you ever been linked to swinging with Billy Davies?
all set for our Roadshow with Tam Cowan, legend Gary Mackay and hero Mickey Weir
Tam Cowan would never have written anything as stupid as that
"Biggest *** up since King Kong met Fay Wray" line in Tam Cowan's column this morning had me literally laughing out loud :-D
Tam Cowan's Hit The Bar beamed live from for v on Sunday. Join Sun+ for FREE
Tam Cowan must be having kittens. What a signing for Motherwell - is back! .
Tam Cowan's that old fashioned that he's just succumbing to getting dial-up internet put in his house!
Tam Cowan on the Scots decorator who scooped Β£7m on the Lottery - and shared it with his pal
Kick off the new season by joining the undisputed voice of fitba comedy, Tam Cowan @ the Harbour Arts Centre, 31 Aug, 7.30
We have the very entertaining Tam Cowan hosting the awards this year. Make sure you are there on Sept 4th -
Tam Cowan is up there with Chic Young!
is it on BBC or is it just the open all mics with Tam Cowan, Chick Young and that?
*** is wrong with Tam Cowan. Must he interrupt everyone who appears on the show. Wind yer neck in. It's not the Cowan show
Tam Cowan on of the ball. β€œBartosz Bereszynski is the most popular substitute. in the east end of Glasgow since methadone”
I have to agree with tam Cowan in the sun today. Aberdeen are title contenders and they do have the best away...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Tam Cowan "celtic will play There next European game once again at murrayfield as the club accepted Β£200 to host a car boot at Parkhead" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bring back offside with tam Cowan. One of the best football tv shows ever made
Tam Cowan was brilliant on Saturday night!
Found out yesterday that thee Tam Cowan is a relation of mines, so ma papa said
Tam Cowan was worth the 30 quid last night
Tam Cowan, in his comprehensive review of at 920 Sauchiehall Street in today's awarded Ox and Finch 29/30.
Tomorrow in the Scottish Sun - Tam Cowan's hilarious column on the new-look SPFL Championship and who's traded the Waverley for the Titanic.
Got two tickets left for the speakers night on Saturday, at the three kings and the speakers are tam Cowan and Allan rough, Β£30 a ticket.
plz. Win tix to Tam Cowan World Cup KickOff. Post your best footie joke @
Do you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up and want to celebrate in style?! Why not come along to the Telegraph charity gala and enjoy BGT winner Jai McDowall at a fantastic event in aid of Ardgowan Hospice. Hosted by Tam Cowan and Jean Johansson, the gala will take place in Greenock Town Hall on 22 August. Limited tickets available by calling our office on 558925.
Brilliant from Tam Cowan & Stuart Cosgrove there to whinging Hun... "You didn't go down to 3rd division, you came up to 3rd division"
Tam cowan says hobos shld sack butcher and get in Begbie fi trainspottin 2give em a lift:-):-)
Shame on him for joining that Tory bog roll
How does Tam Cowan continue to get work, he's about as funny as taking a fork in the eye.
Westpark speakers night was fantastic. Mcavennie was good but Tam Cowan was brilliant. Great night had by all.
Tomorrow in the Scottish Sun - read Tam Cowan's hilarious column plus our two Saturday sports pull-outs.
'Prince in Scotland is no small matter' says Tam Cowan in his latest column
Pissin maself at tam cowan in the sunπŸ˜‚
. Can you name any of the guests appearing, loved the last 1 with tam Cowan . #
Great night at Motherwell FC. Great company, food and entertainment. Tam Cowan was brilliant. Well done MFC.
Just think what Tam Cowan would say, then say the opposite.
Female manager? Surely time the printed Tam Cowan's piece from last year. The overreaction was hilarious.
easy to see Tam Cowan doesn't work there any more
Tam Cowan available for comment yet? ;-)
Tam Cowan and his buddies need to start screaming about this in National press to assist member clubs.
"Only thing you will get with Snapchats like that is a restraining order! Tam Cowan?
Big thanks to the team this evening, catered for Carrick rugby club sportsman's dinner. 190 covers. Tam Cowan was one of the guest speakers.
Think we did pretty well managed to get a few bob from Tam Cowan lol
Tam Cowan does make me laugh "10,000 Dundee fans were at Dens Park today purely because none of them had seen a helicopter before!"
So, the Dynamos sportsmans dinner last night was excellent, sides sore thanks to Tam Cowan, I'm at a table were the drinks are free, mibbes ah shouldn't have went out with the Wheelers Saturday fast bunch over the Tac-me-Doon and the Crow Road this morning. Tired auld legs now. 🚡
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Tam Cowan suggests Β£770m wasted on shd been split between Hibs/Hearts to make both European contenders.
Club chairman Frank McGraw and Secretary Grant Law welcome Craig Brown and Tam Cowan
Tremendous night at the annual sportsman’s dinner last night. Craig Brown was thoroughly entertaining and Tam Cowan was absolutely hilarious. The club has estimated that it has raised over Β£5k, an excellent nights work, so thank you to everyone that contributed cash, auction items and raffle prizes. A big thanks to Sheila, Malcom and all the staff at The Strathaven Hotel, and everyone at the club that was involved in the organisation. Looking forward to next year’s already!
Really enjoyed hearing Tam Cowan speaking at that sportsman's dinner last night. Some of the stories were superb.
Tomorrow in the Scottish Sun - read Tam Cowan's fabulous new sports column and his great day out at golf d…
My big pal will be gutted sportsman's dinner with tam Cowan you'll be βœŠπŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Ian Keenan Stuart Chalmers Tam Cowan is poker Happnin the night
Big thank you to Tam Cowan for hosting last night's Annual Sportsman's Dinner!
Everyone is looking forward to the Sportsmans dinner tonight. Promises to be a great night with Craig Brown and Tam Cowan speaking, and some great raffle prizes up for grabs. Hopefully the night will also prove to be it's usual good fundraiser for the clubs coffers. Hope no-one has an early kick off on Saturday morning!
Who is stoked to see Tam Cowan tonight? We know we are!
I missed it this year - I once bought a meal for two with tam Cowan. U slaughtered me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
been told to modernize or go the same way as tam cowan.keevins and Joan burnie,he sounds like a ***
Tam Cowan In OranMor klaxon!. Christ, he really does talk that way in real life as well!
Fantastic evening at last night. Special thanks to Mr Balbir and Tam Cowan for hosting. The food was delicious!
just got a ringing endorsement fae Tam Cowan, pal. Best of luck to you ;-)
Our Annual Sportsman Dinner is on Thursday hosted by football journalist Tam Cowan. Who's up for supporting a good cause?...
thanks Keith, you and tam Cowan in one!! Yep jayne 2 day hangover hehe xx
Nice 1 Tam Cowan fae aff the ball.. give us a call
haaa did you hear Tam Cowan talkin about Tom Jones yesterday?
it's a continuation of open all mics, Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove and Keith Jackson
If that *** Tam Cowan keeps plugging The Sun on off the ball. I'm turning off forever
Hearts giving Gary Locke the bump would be like the President of Ethiopia having a pop at Bob Geldof's barnet. (Tam Co…
DUNDEE UTD V M/WELL SAT 26TH APRIL Arabs for Independence will be holding a public meeting before the match at 1;00 PM in the 83 Club St Salvador st Dundee (5 min walk from Tannadice) The Arabs 4 Indy meeting will be at Club 83 --at 1;00 PM on Sat 26th April before the M/well game -Speakers, Sports Minister Shona Robison, Broadcaster and Musician Ricky Ross and Jim McFarlane from Trades Unions for Independence, as MC we have Author and broadcaster Billy Kay. Each speaker will have a few mins to state their case for Indy and after they have spoken then there will be 1/2 an hour for a Q and A session. Leaving time for a wee pint and a walk up to the game. Please remember that this is open to NO'S and Undecideds, will be pointless without them. They will be welcome to ask questions of the panel. It is short notice, sorry but it was the best I could do for this season. I understand it won't suit everybody, but hopefully it will suit most. I would be grateful if each of you could please fwd this to everyone on ...
And all who supported the fundraising,Tam Cowan, and all that attended the events 2/2
β€œTam Cowan: Fir Park should have been torched after it hosted women's football in…
he does talk really well. Tam Cowan once said commentating in la liga for sky was his best position for Motherwell :-)
Tam Cowan has chosen to remember the 96 by joining The Sun. There's no time limit on decency, the man's now scrubbed like his rag
Jabba to the hun, tam Cowan to the sun . . Sell out ***
Is Hugh following Tam Cowan to the phone-tapper's Gazette?
Check out fantastic interview with the Scottish Sun's newest columnist Tam Cowan
brilliant interview with new columnist Tam Cowan
Loads of great stuff in today. Big interview with our new star columnist Tam Cowan plus a 16 page Commonwealth Games supplement
Good news today in is that Tam Cowan is writing for them . One of the funniest men on the planet
Why are all the journos leaving the daily record/Sunday mail Joan Burnie tam Cowan Hugh keevins # just asking
Ye cannae beat it. A wee Tam Cowan selfie.
he isn't going to the same place that tam Cowan is going to is he???
Delighted to win the league tonight with Peterhead and spend my evening with Tam Cowan!!!
Tam Cowan left the daily record for the sun!
Tam Cowan doesn't do the restaurant reviews anymore for the Daily Record Saturday magazine. I'm out, never reading it again.
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