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Tam Cowan

Tam Cowan (born 1969) is a Scottish football journalist, radio and television presenter.

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Sounds like Tam Cowan, who has an 8-1 bet on Aberdeen.
I am currently in Bar Aldo, Alloa. Winner of the Tam Cowan Hotplate award. Exceptional pasta.
Tam cowan said jim craig is morphing into ricky fulton 😂😂😂😂
yeah was a fantastic night. Went in too quick. Tam Cowan was fantastic
how was speakers night ? have been at one with tam Cowan it was excellent 👍
For anyone who listened to I really have come to Fir Park with Tam Cowan.
had the pleasure of photographing Pat Rolink, Tam Cowan and at the Sportsman's Dinner last night
There are only 5 tables left at our Sports Dinner on 20th Feb at Oran Mor. With Pat Rolink, Des McLean and Tam Cowan:
tonight for sportsmans with scot elder and the shine consortium. Looking forward to tam Cowan.
Time to watch Tam Cowan in the up against Feel
from memory motherwell ended up around the 75p mark happy to be corrected tho Came via Tam Cowan on OTB
tam Cowan,chick young,jimmy Stirling and canny mind the other guy.should be a laugh as per usual
ha looks like yon Stuart Cosgrove fae on the ball with tam Cowan
Jane tell tam Cowan there were not any hot food today at Hamilton! Ragin, I love a gd pie and bovirl
tell tam Cowan there was no hot food today at the pie stalls at Hamilton! Ragin, love a good pie!
'Charles Green's bedside interview a right carry on' writes Tam Cowan:
MT"Off The Ball tomorrow on from noon Tam Cowan & myself welcome & will do
Off The Ball tomorrow on from midday - Tam Cowan and myself welcome and
Tam Cowan loves to rip the pish out of teams that are poor and struggling.In that case, he`ll enjoy the material his own club are providing.
Another reason to place a bid in our online auction... Dinner with Tam Cowan! Details on the website
Tam Cowan will review the Pie Stalls in the Govan stand and recommend them for a
Was just on BBC Radio Scotland there talking to Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrave on Off He Ball. Lmfao. 😁
Tam Cowan in there or is he in with the fans
Lets just say you're not the first to make that comparison. Tam Cowan has pointed out the similarity in the Daily Record!
totally. Tam Cowan, I think, said if Millwall can have drink, why can't Albion Rovers or Cowdenbeath? :D
'Jim'll be telling us later on how he spent 9 years at university and didn't get a degree.' Tam Cowan with J.Murphy as a guest.
A massive thank you to Tam Cowan and A great night was had by all and lots raised for & us!
Good night at Tam Cowan Trust/Hospice fundraiser last night. Now off to buy dining room furniture before heading to Stranraer.
Tam Cowan will bail them out Mike Ashley style.
Looks more like Tam Cowan with his glasses off.
Me and my big fan - Tam Cowan at the Dynasty Ball earlier this month.
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Cockney Rejects tonight, Tam Cowan tomorrow and all day session at Stranraer on Sat. Got a feeling I'm going to be a wreck on a Sunday!!
Just looking at the You Gov profiler website. One of Rangers fans favourite celebrities is Tam Cowan?!
According to Yougov, Glasgow's favourite celebrity is... Tam Cowan! This website's a hoax, right?
One of my proudest moments was producing Record's Tam Cowan podcast, which beat Oliver in iTunes charts for 12 weeks straight.
Gemma Collins? That's what Tam Cowan would look like going to a fancy dress party done up as Michelle Mone.
clubs annual speaker night 16/11 speakers Tam Cowan and John geaghan, contact committee for tickets
could be worse. Could've been Tam Cowan
Next boss anyone? I say Tam Cowan has more chance than Winston Bogarde & has been to fewer restaurants.
versus Tam Cowan & Stuart Cosgrove on this Sat. KO 1203. Pity the ref!
Looking forward to being a guest on Of The Ball with Tam Cowan & Stuart Cosgrove this Sat! I'm sure the boys won't slag me off at all!!!
Looking forward to being on Off The Ball this weekend with Tam Cowan! I'm baking him a cake to keep him sweet! T.T.
Doing more TV reviews at the BBC but it's not as glamorous as you might think. The only 'celeb' I've ever spotted in here was Tam Cowan.
We would love for Tam Cowan to review our restaurant in East Kilbride village. We've been open for 6 months
Scottish Premiership - Stuart McCall resigns as Motherwell manager What will Tam Cowan say?
Tam Cowan was saying only yesterday that he was enjoying the struggle.
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they started to talk about Billy McKay's match. If I heard it right Tam Cowan possibly suggested he had attended.
I'm going to tell Tam Cowan you said that! Frankly - and justifiably - there's fat chance of Tam making way for me.
Fabulous night with Tam Cowan at the HAC last night !
looking forward to Salmond doing the Tam Cowan restaurant reviews. Hope it's not a diet day...
Fantastic day yesterday tam Cowan and john mckelvie done us proud few sore heads the day oft Sunday session
It's Super Sunday - award winning followed by the lovely and the hilarious Tam Cowan, at the HAC. 01294 274059
.Is Tam Cowan on holiday or have you finally got rid of him?
Fundraiser for the Hospice announced at a later date. 8) We are having a fundraiser Tam Cowan on 21/11/14 joint for St Andrew's & Trust.
Tam Cowan really is a fat odious waste of oxygen.
Come and meet football pundit Tam Cowan at the Harbour Arts Centre Sun 31st Aug with meal deal £10
Nope, went with Tam Cowan instead. Not sure if that's preferable
Listed as similar to Tam Cowan, I find Tom Sheridan. Similar? Have you ever been linked to swinging with Billy Davies?
all set for our Roadshow with Tam Cowan, legend Gary Mackay and hero Mickey Weir
Tam Cowan would never have written anything as stupid as that
"Biggest *** up since King Kong met Fay Wray" line in Tam Cowan's column this morning had me literally laughing out loud :-D
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Tam Cowan's Hit The Bar beamed live from for v on Sunday. Join Sun+ for FREE
Tam Cowan must be having kittens. What a signing for Motherwell - is back! .
Tam Cowan's that old fashioned that he's just succumbing to getting dial-up internet put in his house!
Tam Cowan on the Scots decorator who scooped £7m on the Lottery - and shared it with his pal
Kick off the new season by joining the undisputed voice of fitba comedy, Tam Cowan @ the Harbour Arts Centre, 31 Aug, 7.30
We have the very entertaining Tam Cowan hosting the awards this year. Make sure you are there on Sept 4th -
Tam Cowan is up there with Chic Young!
is it on BBC or is it just the open all mics with Tam Cowan, Chick Young and that?
*** is wrong with Tam Cowan. Must he interrupt everyone who appears on the show. Wind yer neck in. It's not the Cowan show
Tam Cowan on of the ball. “Bartosz Bereszynski is the most popular substitute. in the east end of Glasgow since methadone”
I have to agree with tam Cowan in the sun today. Aberdeen are title contenders and they do have the best away...
Tam Cowan "celtic will play There next European game once again at murrayfield as the club accepted £200 to host a car boot at Parkhead" 😂😂😂
Bring back offside with tam Cowan. One of the best football tv shows ever made
Tam Cowan was brilliant on Saturday night!
Found out yesterday that thee Tam Cowan is a relation of mines, so ma papa said
Tam Cowan was worth the 30 quid last night
Tam Cowan, in his comprehensive review of at 920 Sauchiehall Street in today's awarded Ox and Finch 29/30.
Where you watching the World Cup kickoff? Win 2 tickets to our kickoff event with Tam Cowan
Tomorrow in the Scottish Sun - Tam Cowan's hilarious column on the new-look SPFL Championship and who's traded the Waverley for the Titanic.
Got two tickets left for the speakers night on Saturday, at the three kings and the speakers are tam Cowan and Allan rough, £30 a ticket.
Where you watching World Cup kick off? Win 2 tickets to our kick off event with Tam Cowan!
do you fancy Thurs 12th of June first game of the World Cup and Tam Cowan show?£35a ticket BQ half time pies then T Cowan?
plz. Win tix to Tam Cowan World Cup KickOff. Post your best footie joke @
Do you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up and want to celebrate in style?! Why not come along to the Telegraph charity gala and enjoy BGT winner Jai McDowall at a fantastic event in aid of Ardgowan Hospice. Hosted by Tam Cowan and Jean Johansson, the gala will take place in Greenock Town Hall on 22 August. Limited tickets available by calling our office on 558925.
Brilliant from Tam Cowan & Stuart Cosgrove there to whinging Hun... "You didn't go down to 3rd division, you came up to 3rd division"
Tam cowan says hobos shld sack butcher and get in Begbie fi trainspottin 2give em a lift:-):-)
Shame on him for joining that Tory bog roll
How does Tam Cowan continue to get work, he's about as funny as taking a fork in the eye.
Westpark speakers night was fantastic. Mcavennie was good but Tam Cowan was brilliant. Great night had by all.
Tomorrow in the Scottish Sun - read Tam Cowan's hilarious column plus our two Saturday sports pull-outs.
'Prince in Scotland is no small matter' says Tam Cowan in his latest column
Pissin maself at tam cowan in the sun😂
. Can you name any of the guests appearing, loved the last 1 with tam Cowan . #
Great night at Motherwell FC. Great company, food and entertainment. Tam Cowan was brilliant. Well done MFC.
Just think what Tam Cowan would say, then say the opposite.
Female manager? Surely time the printed Tam Cowan's piece from last year. The overreaction was hilarious.
easy to see Tam Cowan doesn't work there any more
Tam Cowan available for comment yet? ;-)
Tam Cowan and his buddies need to start screaming about this in National press to assist member clubs.
"Only thing you will get with Snapchats like that is a restraining order! Tam Cowan?
Big thanks to the team this evening, catered for Carrick rugby club sportsman's dinner. 190 covers. Tam Cowan was one of the guest speakers.
Think we did pretty well managed to get a few bob from Tam Cowan lol
Tam Cowan does make me laugh "10,000 Dundee fans were at Dens Park today purely because none of them had seen a helicopter before!"
So, the Dynamos sportsmans dinner last night was excellent, sides sore thanks to Tam Cowan, I'm at a table were the drinks are free, mibbes ah shouldn't have went out with the Wheelers Saturday fast bunch over the Tac-me-Doon and the Crow Road this morning. Tired auld legs now. 🚵
Tam Cowan suggests £770m wasted on shd been split between Hibs/Hearts to make both European contenders.
Club chairman Frank McGraw and Secretary Grant Law welcome Craig Brown and Tam Cowan
Tremendous night at the annual sportsman’s dinner last night. Craig Brown was thoroughly entertaining and Tam Cowan was absolutely hilarious. The club has estimated that it has raised over £5k, an excellent nights work, so thank you to everyone that contributed cash, auction items and raffle prizes. A big thanks to Sheila, Malcom and all the staff at The Strathaven Hotel, and everyone at the club that was involved in the organisation. Looking forward to next year’s already!
Really enjoyed hearing Tam Cowan speaking at that sportsman's dinner last night. Some of the stories were superb.
Tomorrow in the Scottish Sun - read Tam Cowan's fabulous new sports column and his great day out at golf d…
My big pal will be gutted sportsman's dinner with tam Cowan you'll be ✊💦💦
Ian Keenan Stuart Chalmers Tam Cowan is poker Happnin the night
Big thank you to Tam Cowan for hosting last night's Annual Sportsman's Dinner!
Everyone is looking forward to the Sportsmans dinner tonight. Promises to be a great night with Craig Brown and Tam Cowan speaking, and some great raffle prizes up for grabs. Hopefully the night will also prove to be it's usual good fundraiser for the clubs coffers. Hope no-one has an early kick off on Saturday morning!
Who is stoked to see Tam Cowan tonight? We know we are!
I missed it this year - I once bought a meal for two with tam Cowan. U slaughtered me 😂😂
been told to modernize or go the same way as tam cowan.keevins and Joan burnie,he sounds like a ***
Tam Cowan In OranMor klaxon!. Christ, he really does talk that way in real life as well!
Fantastic evening at last night. Special thanks to Mr Balbir and Tam Cowan for hosting. The food was delicious!
just got a ringing endorsement fae Tam Cowan, pal. Best of luck to you ;-)
Our Annual Sportsman Dinner is on Thursday hosted by football journalist Tam Cowan. Who's up for supporting a good cause?...
thanks Keith, you and tam Cowan in one!! Yep jayne 2 day hangover hehe xx
Nice 1 Tam Cowan fae aff the ball.. give us a call
haaa did you hear Tam Cowan talkin about Tom Jones yesterday?
it's a continuation of open all mics, Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove and Keith Jackson
If that *** Tam Cowan keeps plugging The Sun on off the ball. I'm turning off forever
Hearts giving Gary Locke the bump would be like the President of Ethiopia having a pop at Bob Geldof's barnet. (Tam Co…
DUNDEE UTD V M/WELL SAT 26TH APRIL Arabs for Independence will be holding a public meeting before the match at 1;00 PM in the 83 Club St Salvador st Dundee (5 min walk from Tannadice) The Arabs 4 Indy meeting will be at Club 83 --at 1;00 PM on Sat 26th April before the M/well game -Speakers, Sports Minister Shona Robison, Broadcaster and Musician Ricky Ross and Jim McFarlane from Trades Unions for Independence, as MC we have Author and broadcaster Billy Kay. Each speaker will have a few mins to state their case for Indy and after they have spoken then there will be 1/2 an hour for a Q and A session. Leaving time for a wee pint and a walk up to the game. Please remember that this is open to NO'S and Undecideds, will be pointless without them. They will be welcome to ask questions of the panel. It is short notice, sorry but it was the best I could do for this season. I understand it won't suit everybody, but hopefully it will suit most. I would be grateful if each of you could please fwd this to everyone on ...
And all who supported the fundraising,Tam Cowan, and all that attended the events 2/2
“Tam Cowan: Fir Park should have been torched after it hosted women's football in…
he does talk really well. Tam Cowan once said commentating in la liga for sky was his best position for Motherwell :-)
Tam Cowan has chosen to remember the 96 by joining The Sun. There's no time limit on decency, the man's now scrubbed like his rag
Jabba to the hun, tam Cowan to the sun . . Sell out ***
Is Hugh following Tam Cowan to the phone-tapper's Gazette?
Check out fantastic interview with the Scottish Sun's newest columnist Tam Cowan
brilliant interview with new columnist Tam Cowan
Loads of great stuff in today. Big interview with our new star columnist Tam Cowan plus a 16 page Commonwealth Games supplement
Good news today in is that Tam Cowan is writing for them . One of the funniest men on the planet
Why are all the journos leaving the Daily Record/Sunday mail Joan Burnie tam Cowan Hugh keevins # just asking
Ye cannae beat it. A wee Tam Cowan selfie.
he isn't going to the same place that tam Cowan is going to is he???
Delighted to win the league tonight with Peterhead and spend my evening with Tam Cowan!!!
Tam Cowan left the Daily Record for the sun!
Tam Cowan doesn't do the restaurant reviews anymore for the Daily Record Saturday magazine. I'm out, never reading it again.
Sevco might have had a shiny trophy, Tam Cowan they might have taken to a high street lender. Made me laugh
Want to listen to the football not tam Cowan talking Pish!!!
is he following Tam Cowan to the Phonetapper's Gazette?
I used to get some great CDs in the last gig. Now back in Glasgow this is what I get. A "gift" from Tam Cowan.
Off for a drink with old mate Tam Cowan. Had some top work jollies with TC, here we are in Neil Sedaka's gaff in NY:
Tam Cowan signs off from the record after 16 years and 1500 columns
Tam Cowan: The Record shows I took the blows and did it my way
Website Builder 728x90
Tam Cowan has sussed out Bills password!!
Tam Cowan in fine form at Keith's testimonial dinner
Tam Cowan .He also said a three letter one!
I'll play Uptown Top Ranking before the game on Wednesday if Tam Cowan stays true to his word for the £50!
Tam Cowan is a stupid *** who supports Motherwell. His opinion didn't matter before and it certainty doesn't now. Clamp it ya old ***
On air with Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove and guest John Rankin
Tam Cowan really is an uber bellend.
Sportsmans dinner was top class, tam Cowan is hilarious
Settle the Rangers v Dundee United row by playing the game over two legs home and away. TAM thinks...
Tam Cowan: Lego nightmare a match for any builder
Walter Smith and Ally McCoist confess their love for Brasilians in a funny interview with Tam Cowan for his show offside. Also other funny moments in the int...
Tam Cowan: 1.2m Gers fans, 55,000 Jambos and 10,000 tickets for Inverness – see what Celtic started? 22 February 2014 12:01 AM By Tam Cowan TAM reckons the regular inflation of attendance figures at Parkhead has started a laughable trend that is now gripping Scottish football. Another full house at a packed Celtic Park DON'T know about you, but I’ve had a good giggle this week playing the numbers game. Ibrox chief exec Graham Wallace reckons Rangers have 1.2 million fans. Hearts’ fairy godmother Ann Budge says there are 55,000 Jambos. And Inverness Caley Thistle want 10,000 tickets for the League Cup Final. Do you see what you’ve started, Mr Lawwell, with all this “46,000” claptrap...? It appears Rangers were propped up this week courtesy of the equivalent of a crisis loan from the DSS. Having already suffered the ultimate humiliation of being liquidated, I don’t know why they didn’t just opt for administration No.2. Clear the financial decks, accept a points deduction and still have a wee ...
* Tickets on sale NOW, Also REALLY need Auction & Raffle prizes * This year's Speakers Night will take place on Friday 7th March 2014 @ our main sponsor McQues. This year's guest speakers are former Scotland International & Melrose coach Craig Chalmers & Top comedian Tam Cowan. Your host for the evening is the fantastic Joe Smith. The evening will also including your 3 course meal along with the normal raffles and of course the auction. (Any donations of Auction & Raffle prizes would be grateful). Remember these special nights are put together to raise funds for our amazing club so PLEASE come along and support YOUR club. If you wish to take a table OR to purchase a ticket (£)35.00 for the event - PLEASE CONTACT JOHN DAWSON FOR TICKETS (m) 07818 201 101 OR (e) infoCan EVERYONE taking a table confirm YOUR table numbers *
Tam Cowan: After the row over the cup final venue why don't we just scrap Commonwealth Games and hold it at Hampden?
Gavin Brown and Tam Cowan have been signed up as ambassadors for womens football.
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dont let Derek Johnstone or Tam Cowan near this shop!
Great review by Tam Cowan in today's for Cafe Rogano! Pop in today and see what all the fuss is about.
Enjoyed this review by Tam Cowan on in the - It got 'A very healthy 27/30' from Thomas.
Enjoyed this review by Tam Cowan on
even tam Cowan said speirs will need police Scotland to check under his car for a bomb
Tam Cowan always gets it spot on about Celtic
I'll quote graham spiers here from sports sound on radio Scotland . Tam Cowan: Did Rangers die? Graham spiers: Yes. I refuse to have my intelligence insulted with this club/company myth Brilliant, if only everyone would realise this
Download the Sportsound Extra podcast: Kenny Macintyre with Michael Stewart, and Tam Cowan
Tam cowan the hun in him comes out laughing that the crowd at the celtic game in turkey was 75 people !!!
Great review by Tam Cowan in today's Daily Record for Cafe Rogano.We'll post a link once they have it on their website, but why not pop downstairs today and see this little gem for yourself.
Ian Redford has died aged 53. Ex-Rangers, Dundee and Dundee United player. He was on Tam Cowan's radio show a couple of weeks ago laughing and joking. RIP
Our annual Sportsmans Dinner fundraiser is taking place on Friday 2nd May at The Strathaven Hotel. Speakers have been confirmed as Craig Brown and Tam Cowan, so promises to be an entertaining night. Tickets cost £45 and we advise early booking with your team manager to secure a space.
On Saturday 4th January, it was announced in the Daily Record that The Unicorn has won the Tam Cowan Hotplate award! Boy, are we proud or what! But we couldn't have done it without our dedicated staff and loyal customers - a HUGE thank you!!!
Nigella Lawson is vowing to get fit following a recent chocolate binge. No prizes for guessing what sparked her sudden attack of the munchies... Love Tam Cowan lol
Off The Ball is a brilliant show! Gotta love the petty ill-informed banter by Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove. Legends!
Tam Cowan: "Eusebio would be on my list. Pele, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Pettigrew, Eusebio".
Latest news: Four-year-old boy dies from injuries after incident involving a horse at Scottish farm Wishaw General Hospital THE young boy died in Wishaw General Hospital after the incident at his family's farm in Lesmahagow. Flood warnings remain in place for parts of Scotland with high tides, rain and snow forecast Weather SEPA has issued 19 flood alerts and 20 flood warnings across Scotland for Saturday just a day after the south west was battered by ferocious storm surge. Celtic manager Neil Lennon insists he has the funds to launch £6m swoop for Sunderland ace Steven Fletcher Neil Lennon LENNON has the Scotland international in his sights and claims the Parkhead club can afford to splash £6m on one player. Two people killed in crash on A82 in the Highlands Fort William THE two-vehicle crash happened north of Fort William at 11.50am and police say the road will remain closed for "several hours" to allow investigations to take place. Who's who in the Celebrity Big Brother house ...
happy new year from all the CC organising team! This could be your year, a wee tinkering with the tactics, one or two new signings and there you are on the 4th of October, climbing the Hampden stairs to lift the Cup! We have booked Toryglen for the football and Hampden for the reception, Gareth Hendry, Leanne Kennedy-Bingham and the rest of the team have already started the charity fund raising. We hope to raise 10k+ to be shared between Casualty Cup 2013 champs, Glasgow Royals chosen charity and we will continue to support the work done by Barry Klaassen, Gwen Gordon and others from Ninewells E.D. in bringing emergency medicine to Malawi. Karen Tait and Peter Smith will once again organise the ball after the tournament. Following last years superb night, which far exceeded all expectations, we are working on this years event. We intend to keep the ticket price as low as practically possible and will have an 'early bird' ticket available, hopefully for a little over £40. The party will be bigger this yea ...
From Tam Cowan on Aff the Ball... he was talking about football, but this applies across everything. 'Stop thinking about the nine hundred and ninety-nine ways it doesn't work and concentrate on the one way that works.' We are the one that works. Yes 2014.
At the Handmade Burger Company Silverburn and they have a sign up from Tam Cowan stating he likes it that much he has been back 3times.What it didn't say it was all in the same day :-)
Lovely swim with the kids oh and Tam Cowan from the radio lol
Just got a mention from Tam Cowan on Radio Scotland 'off the ball' sitting on the beach in Dubai drinking fosters, belter.
We are pleased to confirm the following speakers for after dinner speakers has been confirmed and tickets go on sale the 3rd of January 2014 Line up is Tam Cowan Joe CAMAY John Rowbotham possibly one more still to be added, Ticket price is £40 per head and includes 3 course meal prepared by new head chef Brian Gollan, book early to avoid disappointment, tables of 8 or smaller are available.
Who's all up for poker on Friday Ian Keenan Tam Cowan Stuart Chalmers
I was watching the BBC4 documentary about the music album. It was really good. It had commentators such as Noel Gallagher, Peter Frampton, Mike Oldfield etc. All influential names in the music industry. But why was Tam Cowan off of Sportsound on it? I don't get it. Just saying
How can that fat specy Motherwell loving bas$$rd Tam Cowan comment or criticise about food? Just Bcoz you clearly enjoy eating doesn't mean you know what your talking about, he hasn't even a clue bout footy the big *** away and boil yer heid
Tam Cowan just told the worst Christmas joke ever on Off the Ball - excellent!!!
Tam Cowan: It's a wonder the Rangers board didn't charge agm fans £30 at the gate
brill review today in tam Cowan certainly impressed.
cracking night meg and plenty of £ raised for the club. Tam Cowan was fantastic.
Fair play to Tam Cowan, no only did he enjoy good banter with last night, but he's going along to watch too.
you did yourself and Well proud.Fantastic effort to pull it all together. Tam Cowan was at his brilliant best. Well done mate.
Folks - I just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who attended the Sportsman' Dinner at Dalziel Park last night. Special thanks to those who bought and hosted tables, those who donated, bid and won on the auction (and raffle) prizes, everyone for chucking in their tenners in the raffle and the staff at Dalziel Park for managing my panic on Sunday morning. And HUGE thanks also goes to the incredible Tam Cowan who really is the glue that holds it all together for us in these events. He is a gem, does it all absolutely free of charge (he even paid for the Well Bois to have a table last night) and makes the whole thing tick. He got a real hard time of it a few months ago, fair enough, but what he does for Motherwell FC (and charities in general) is magnificent. Cheers TC. Thanks very much also to Sieb Dijkstra who was an excellent contributors and it was a pleasure to have him back over (and the FirParkCorner FC lads for sorting all that side of stuff). To the Sun's Andy Devlin and of course, Stuar ...
Jays home a little tipsy from."the best night of my life" (no offence taken) bored me to death from stories of singing and.dancing.with stuart mccoll tam cowan and various other boring mfc facts made sure im wide awake then promptly.fell asleep lol oh well only 4 hours and im up oh and he won a prize apparently not quite sure what it is but its awesome hehe funny man x
Not long back in from the Motherwell FC Sportsmans Dinner. Tremendous night with contributions from Tam Cowan, Andy Devlin and organised brilliantly by Alan Burrows. Fantastic to catch up with Well legend Sieb Dijkstra too, with a hefty sum raised for Motherwell FC youth development. Huge thanks to Alan Provan for the invite.
looks like I'll be spending the evening in the company of Tam Cowan
Tam Cowan watching women's fitbaw thinking aboot their fannies. He gies his semi a jab wae his knuckle, farts and laughs.
2 tickets for Fri's Sportsman Dinner at Clarkston Clubs for Tickets £25 for dinner speakers Tam Cowan & George McNeill. Xx
Smoker wi the troops the day, paul reid, tam cowan n dina speaking,
Iain King at SWF Awards @ Hampden: Couple of apologies for tonight. Tam Cowan has a really big ironing and Gordon Parks is was…
Tam Cowan: Scott Brown was the only guy to get a kick out of pointless friendlies
You wanna be careful mate: Tam Cowan'll think you're moving in on his patch. Excellent, off the wall look at the situation.
Really enjoyed tonight, Tam Cowan is brilliant 😂 some of his stories were hilarious
Tam Cowan was so funny anyone got a ticket for him is in for a treat
Popped into the rockville hotel for a pint n thought ah would have a wee look at the menu.£3.25 for a sauce for yir steak! Ur havin a laugh surely lol lol need to inform mr tam cowan as its a particular bugbear o his lol
Chris Hoy, Kirsty Gallagher , Stuart Cosgrove , Tam Cowan , Cat Cubie, Jim Delahunt.Kenny Dalglish.the list could go on
Listeners can hear the Englishman being ripped apart by Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove on Off The Ball BBC Scotland from 1pm Saturday.
I see Tam Cowan has stepped onto Russell Brand territory. Meanwhile, the Daily Record disowns the article yet they watch the hit-count soar.
Danderhall Hearts SC Speakers Brunch is on Sunday 13th October. Speakers are Tam Cowan, Craig Brown and Jimmy Stirling. Tickets just £20!
'I'l never forget that fateful day in 1984 when mum decided to tidy my room and found a bed on top of my scud books' (Tam Cowan)
dont listen to him Violet! ur still an old slag! away back in your hole with peado Tam Cowan!
Danderhall hearts speaker lunch £20 a ticket breakfast rolls tam Cowan Craig Brown jimmy Stirling give me shout if any one up 4 it
Well just done an 11hr shift at the bbc and iv made it to the other side:) , had a wee chin wag way tam Cowan, about the football, it's been a productive Sunday ,:))
Tam Cowan is a wee jobby and motherwell are useless
Wouldn't mind Motherwell's past so much if their fans now didn't get so pious about other clubs (*cough cough Tam Cowan cough*)
havent slagged off Tam Cowan once min
Jackie Mc- "we have been watering the pitch". great idea in Scotland, the world's capital of rain. Was he talking to Tam Cowan
Meanwhile, on BBC Radio Scotland's Off The Ball, Tam Cowan is posing the question to fellow presenter Jane Lewis: "Have you ever had a love bite off *** Campbell?" The Forfar manager is looking rather resplendent in his cloth cap today right enough. Have any of you ever had a love bite off a footballer or manager?
You're not missing much it's fecking gash. Tam Cowan is a diddy Cosgrove carries him!
"shared" his name may am da (my da's name wasn't officially Tam but was communally known by most as Tam Cowan)
Looking forward to my debut on Sunday Supplement tomorrow. Co-presenting with Tam Cowan. BBC Radio Scotland 1pm.
Many in football media hid but Stuart Cosgrove, Tam Cowan & put their heads above the parapet & reported the fa…
Good to see Tam Cowan saying AC Milan were crap and Ceptic blew their one and only chance to beat an under par Milan side.
Tam Cowan : Celtic's defeat in Milan is yet another case of glorious failure
I am proud to be opening The ST. ANDREW’S HOSPICE LANARKSHIRE SCHOOLS 6K CHALLENGE ROAD RACE & FUN RUN on Sunday morning at Strathclyde Park with Tam Cowan. Good luck to all the schools participating (especially Coatbridge High, my sons school lol).
Was with Tam Cowan & in his opinion best in Glasgow at the mo!
Tam Cowan gives his reaction to the news of Billy Connolly's ill health, and says the Big Yin truly is one of a kind:
Tam Cowan: I’ll never forget the night we nearly killed Big Yin
Sportsman's Dinner has been confirmed; Saturday 26th October in the Galston Community Centre, guest speakers are Jimmy Nichol, Tam Cowan and our own Robbie Duncan. Tickets are £30.
This evening I entered into conversation with two young ladies from Saltcoats and one stated that she thought I looked like Tam Cowan what do you think.
frank mcavennie on off the ball they are talking about a team related to a dog ie Alan ruff in goal, a listener suggested Brian laudrup tam cowan says why would that be our frank says cos he was the dogs *** no frank he was a great dane...
Tam Cowan: Ian Black betting farce put a smile on my coupon
Thank you to Mr Tam Cowan for the wee visit. It was a pleasure to see you.. enjoy your Dinner. Xx
WATCH THIS SPACE :- A night with the BBC's Tam Cowan & other sporting celebrities to be announced over the next couple of weeks.
SPORTSMAN'S DINNER UPDATE Tables completely sold out but the Town Hall has (today) kindly agreed to open the balcony. We therefore have a restricted number of balcony seats available at a cost of £25 (no meal). These are going fast! Please contact me should you wish to attend. Speakers: Tam Cowan, Craig Brown, Sandy Strang, Des Clarke Date: Saturday, 2nd November Venue: Bo'ness Town Hall
That's me all booked up for the Loch Ness 5K. Hope I do it in quicker time than it took me to book it. Second thoughts, Tam Cowan could do it quicker than that!
surely the perfect job for tam Cowan
. Its gorra be.TAM COWAN.the crowds,ll flock back just for the cabaret routine.worth the money alone
Aye, great saving. The donation required to make a difference in Belarus is probably less than Tam Cowan's biscuit budget!
Tam Cowan, Jane Lewis and Christian, your boys are taking a helluva beating!.
With the 1D boy signing for Doncaster surely we can give Tam Cowan a contract 😂😂
thankfully she's viewed as inferior to Tam Cowan and Bill Leckie!
Tam Cowan: It may be hard to believe but life's been far from colourful: TAM is looking for fellow colour blin...
Had first meeting for Gala night. Great evening planned, glitz, glamour oh and Tam Cowan! One table left, come join us x
from BBC Radio Scotland's Off the Ball programme of Saturday, 27 July 2013, hosts Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan are joined by (2/4)
Tam Cowan downs Scottish football all the time pot kettle black really
Link to a scan of the Tam Cowan stuff this morning.
i'd never listen to anything that has the unabashed bigot Tam Cowan on it. Scumbag
Hearing Tam Cowan's article is a good one today. What paper?
Tam Cowan asks the Souness question in print today and slaps down Neil Doncaster and Scottish sports hacks. Brilliant stuff.
'We dont have a sponsor and they wheel out Souness to talk down the product' - well said Tam Cowan
Wee Tam Cowan geez me a chuckle at time
Tam Cowan: Malmo may be halfway through season.. but Hibs' campaign is already finished
I fear are losing touch with what ordinary people think
Tam Cowan just said blootered on the radio. I love Scotland.
Has that *** Tam Cowan stopped slagging fat people now that he's back to being a fat *** himself?
So Tam Cowan says Victor isn't heavy hearted. If you're not in the Celtic family you will never understand us! Maybe its envy 🍀🍀🍀🍀
Tam Cowan: Victor Wanyama is kidding nobody when he says he leaves Celtic with a heavy heart
Saw Tam Cowan last night in a bar, he's probably about the 4th most famous person I've ever seen, I need to get out more!
Good for Tam Cowan for standin up for our flag n surprisingly Alex Salmond! No like him! .
"Get a life, ya muppets. A Scotsman won the Men’s Singles at Wimbledon and the First Minister of Scotland waved a Scotland flag" Tam Cowan
Anyone tried 'The Italian Bistro' near Gartnavel? Very tempted to go tomorrow night. . Tam Cowan was very happy!
"...Bradley Cooper, who watched the match with his big American buddie Gerard Butler." - great stuff from Tam Cowan
Tam Cowan: Was that a Saltire flag or Alex Salmond's Wimbledon undies? via
Cowan on whinging re Salmond's saltire "get a life ya muppets!"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If my beer was slagged...we'll be having words Tam Cowan.
see also Jim spence, tam Cowan, Gordon Waddell. Weirdly all 'diddy teams' but able to say
Read Tam Cowan's review on in the Record today. Spot on but should have been 30/30!
Tam Cowan on last week's fundraiser - The Terrace - Jambos Kickback
Final post before the Gig tonight ... it's not too late to decide you are coming. Tickets can be bought on the door. A reminder of the raffle prizes :- Cath Kidston bag, Overnight hotel stay in hotel, another two night stay in a hotel, lunch date and part of restaurant review with Tam Cowan and get your name in the Daily Record with him, Music Centre donation and gift from Glasgow Taxis ! Hope to see you there. xx
well there's Tam Cowan and you! That's the only 2 ballbags I know that follow Motherwell so I'm a bit limited
IT'S TIM OF THE WEEK TIME! This weeks contender is none other than "Sean Grady" one of those names you know he's a tim as soon as it comes up on the notifications. Claimed the union bears "copies" the green brigade. Not like Celtic to copy anything though is it? (YNWA, grand old team, Poznan, etc etc) could go on all day.
Throw in Tam Cowan, Donald Findlay and of course host Scott Wilson and we're in for a *** Few surprises along the way too.
Going to Aldosfor dinner on Friday night.mmm
Would not worry about this latest risk of the SFA fining us for going into admin. For one thing they did not fine Dunfermline. I appreciate they did fine Rangers, even then it was £50k or a bit less. I honestly do not think they will fine us, but even if they do, it shows how it is all the more important to put your weight behind any ideas that can raise any amounts. As far as I can gather the EEN are getting in touch with us at some point, so in 72hours we are gathering a lot of energy and momentum here. With that in mind, 1000 likes be midnight, and we will put something else of possible interest up. 'Mon the Hearts, 'mon the HVF. Get to 1000 likes and you WIN A HOLIDAY FOR TWO IN AIRDRIE. :)
Tam Cowan is as funny as a fire in an orphanage
me and rhory o'carthur. Met the boy for tickets today he was saying tam cowan, donald findlay, paul hartley etc are all going
Exchange between Bertie Auld and John Greig before an Old Firm in the 1960s John Greig: Much of a win bonus you get? Bertie Auld: A fiver John Greig: Aye? We get a tenner Bertie Auld: Ours is guaranteed Take a bow Bertie Auld!
Hi peeps! HELP save the cheetahs at Nambithi :) and win an awesome raffle! 1st PRIZE: A one night stay at Woodlands Lodge (Nambiti) for 2 adults and 2 children – includes all meals and 2 game drives. 2nd PRIZE: Interaction with cheetahs at Kwa-Cheetah Breeding Project (Nambiti Game Reserve) and lunch for 4 people. Raffle ticket only R10 each! To buy tickets: email my sister in law (Tracy) at tracyjeanwith your name, tel number and the answer to this question: What is the fastest land mammal?... Cheetah! ;) Indicate how many tickets you'd like to purchase and she'll give you banking details. Awesome cause and awesome prizes to be won :)
Anybody know someone that can fix outside Ariels ? Plzz
AN almighty stooshie erupted in Oban after three of the town's chippies got into a spat over who's fish supper was the best. So, we thought there's only one man to put an end to the row once and for all.
*** Off the balls Tam Cowan is doing his restaurant critic bit on CBBC right now.
This is the online link if you don't want to spend 45p on a paper that allows Tam Cowan three columns a week -
Question is why should there be need to qualify, in partially talking sense
Every week this summer Ally will drop in on a different SPL club to find out what day to day life is like behind the scenes. We'll be at Motherwell with Tam ...
Reading about the chippy tasting tam cowan did in oban.left out the middle norries one which strangely enough i thing is much better than the rest,i know its the same company as top nories but still much better!!
Hey pals (especially football/Motherwell fans), interviewing Tam Cowan at Fir Park today. Hit with any good questions, no boring football chat!!
There you go, after last post about the chip shop stushie in Oban, the Record today has their food critic, Tam Cowan,of the opinion that the wee chippie on George Street in Oban comes out top, thats the the one with the Polish guy frying most times I've been in. Judged by Tam and John "Dwedge" McAlistair late of the Isle of Gigha it came out overall winner for the taste bud's of the two distinguished conniseurs (not spelt right but you know what I mean).
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