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Take Care

Take Care is the second studio album by Canadian recording artist Drake, released November 15, 2011, on Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records.

Club Paradise God Bless

2011...Take Care, Rolling Papers, Tha Carter 4, Blue Slide Park, Watch the Throne, LiveLoveA$AP, can we go back?
Ma you put on I'll Take Care of You by Gill Scott-Heron. Your MCM made you turn it off and put on Drake instead. Now you sitting there quiet
When Drake dropped Free Spirit & Club Paradise i knew Take Care was gonna be great. He dropped that cold Rihanna line on that Made Men verse
His best album Take Care certainly an Rnb one and this Diet Reggae he makes won't slide
Oh you already know Randy Graham gonna drop Take Care, Vol. 5
Every album drake brings out bangs but none will live up to a Take Care 🔥🔥
》Take Care of Your Tree《. Ibn Rajab used to say: “The year is like a tree. The days of Rajab are its foliation.
Florence Welch covered Rihanna's 'Take Care'.. I mean, it's almost unfair to her at this point.
don't get me wrong Take Care is numero uno in my opinion , but at the same time its a reasonable debate
Pj thinks John wall is better than Steph curry, Mike Vick was better than Aaon Rodgers,& NWTS is better than Take Care bro I HATE him 😑 smh
Views didn't live up to expectations because everyone thought it was going to be his magnum opus but TBH Take Care was already that
My Sophmore I was all for it, they all saw it. My Junior & Senior will only get meaner. Take Care ***
I was told by Kokoro-chan that I absolutely have to take care of my skin~
Trumps Phone Calls With World Leaders Leaked to AP: Take care of ‘bad hombres’ or US will
If you had braces and don't take care of your teeth...not gonna say I hope you fall and chip your teeth thankfu…
you sold be concerned about nj 2 shootings tonight. Newark trying to act like Chicago. Stay home & take care of Biz-ness.
Going to take care of Mr. Handsome 😻 . I want to wake up to money transfers from your account to My cash apps. . Good nigh…
Idc what nobody say I know ima good person and ima take care of my *** self
Marry Christmas sweetheart.🎄🎅I miss you..Take care i hope everything Will be ok❤love you❤God Bless you n your fa…
When he says he'll take care of the veterans, I hope they remember those who went to Laos and Cambodia. Government knows who.
Oh, aye. I'm not looking forward to it either. You take care of yourself and don't overdo it. xx
"If you don't take care of your body... where will you live?"
Check out our sponsor, for your next WooCommerce site. will make sure and take care of you :)
Just a neighborly reminder: Do not out/ID antifa. Take care with pics and video. And remember to try your best.
| me and I will not only take care of you, but those close to you. I will give you all that you need and more, in return, •
President has threatened a military invasion of Mexico
BREAKING: President Trump threatens to send U.S. troops to Mexico to take care of 'bad hombres'
people are talking about that, yeah. Do what you can, but take care of yourself they say. Now your limits type thing. Stay safe
UPDATE to Take care of 'or US might
you're right, this conversation is going nowhere and my interest has faded. Take care.
Trump to Mexico: Take care of 'bad hombres' via
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm good, man. You're like a dog with a bone, and we're going around in circles. Take care.
U should take care of urself mom go resttt
When your friends come take care of you when you're sick.😌
don't you worry I'll take good care of my babies
WRONG they are legitimate refugees Biff and you're right we should take care of them ourselves as is our legal obli…
Make sure you eat all those healthy food from now on & less/no junk! Take care 💝💕
I am a sick INFANT for real please take care of me
Please take care of my younger brothers.
Resist in every way you can. Take care of yourself. Find a local group. Even if you just pick a single issue. STAND UP AND…
In phone call, Pres. Trump tells Mexican president to take care of "bad hombres down there" - or U.S. might.
I really wish I could stay home with my son all day. It makes me so sad that some ppl can't take care of him properly.
I don't care that becky from zeta delta airline and chad from theta apple pie hooked up pls just let me take notes
Us liberals? I don't know what your even talking about or who you think i am. take good care
"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of employees , they take care of the clients ." Richa…
AP transcript on Trump/Mexico call:"I think your military is scared. Our military isn't, so I just might send them down…
Trump to Mexico: Take care of 'bad hombres' or US might via
Oh hey guess what. . Obama didn't come and take your *** guns, but Trump's GOP did take my goddamned access to affordable…
How much you defend and take care of each other...I'm speechless.😌💛. 🍃❤️.
aww. we need to help & take care of each other coz navigating 19 years of Shinhwa is overwhelming. need all the help you can get
Send me a DM of your email and I'll take care of it. From one 311 fan to another!
Donald Trump Threatens to Send U.S. Troops to Mexico to take care of "Bad Hombres". 😫
he did take care of me all night last night bc I'm a sick baby that cried over anything 😂
I'm still not over Alex saying NWTS was Drake best album and not Take Care me & Bri looked @ her like
When your friend is hella drunk and you have to take care of them
when I was young I wanted to b married & have kids by 22. LOL @ myself I can barely take care of my dog & still 4get to feed him sometimes🙃
Stay under the radar. Take care of your business silently. Don't be loud. Don't be extra. Take care of you and yours.
Drizzy said alot naming his Take Care album
Bama fans out there listening to Take Care in a dark room crying and looking at a picture of Derrick Henry lmao
This makes me miss the Take Care era so much.
Okay i think yoongi gave me the permission to sleep now goodnight y'all i love bangtan pls take care of suga
School has started in some places right? Please take care of yourself, okay?
Hi Malaysia fans!!! SF9 loves you too take care of your health~~~
Deadbeat dad's & don't take care of your own kids want to club all the time Mom's
But I do .. I always have since I can remember...i wish I could do more ...i take care of things silly 😆😆😳
Take care of your body. It's the only place that you have to live. -- Jim Rohn
I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life.
Every day I pray God to take care of you
Let the Gnomes take care of your gardens while you have fun
Ways not to make a girl mad:. 1.Don't k her . 2.leave her On read . 3.take her food . 4.say she looks good w/out makeup. She r…
TODAY will never come again. Be a blessing. . Be a friend. TAKE TIME TO CARE! 🌿🌟💕
Calling our kids a**holes is a clear sign we are overwhelmed and lacking balance. Rather than lashing out, let's ta…
I smoke weed and laugh about my life not even in a self pity way I can take care of myself and I know I'll be fine
BOXING DAY SALE! Grab two items for $30! Simply select your size and we will take care of the rest.
I take such good care of my face why why why do I never have clear skin :-(
Sometime it but to be but more on n take care of things.
If I'm not mean as *** to you then I probably don't care about you really. Take and as ex…
Happy Holidays from the Armello team!. Stay safe, take care and feast!
if I hyu and you don't reply...ion care, imma just take it as a no. not that serious
☉ Good Morning Brothers/Sisters. Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you...Psalm 55:22. Have A Bless Day,J…
If I can unwrap this polvoron w/o it crumbling u kno I can take care of ur heart
Ivanka Trump avenged via Amazon reviews Amazon should stop this IT adult can take…
He sets them on the desk. "Ya know me. Gotta take care of my friends. And you're the only one I got right now."
Will you take me home?. Could you take care of a broken soul?. Oh, will you hold me now?. Oh, will you take me home?
Stan Infinite, stan idols who take care of their fans, make them laugh, spread positivity and rock the stage even in th…
If ur gonna show me that u don't care then that's exactly how imma take it
Christ wouldn't want anything to do with you awful people. Go take health p care from the poor and starve their kids, you…
when GoK fails us we step in & take care of our fellow citizens. We never abandon them.
Please take care of yourself Shah. Congratulations again and again. You deserve much more. Love you ❤️
for real. Well your doing good lynds take care ❤ gonna go get some garbage to eat
Why not take an hour between now and New Year's Day to read up on taking better care of yourself?
And downtown, where walking is how most people travel, even if part if their trip - nah, property owners can take care of it…
God is so awesome. take care of the little you're given and He will bless you with lots more before you even ask 😌
Take care of ya girl when she's horny
my baby daddy got me a substitute baby to take care of until my baby gets here 😂💕 Merry Christmas everyone!
Tbh I hope you take care there in Dubai. I'm gonna miss you brother. Enjoy your stay with your family. See you real soon. 👊
It looks as if it is a wonderfully tranquil day in the far north of Scotland! Take care tonight!
in 2017, I promise I'm going to not only take care of myself, but my spiritual well-being too.
So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. -Mat 6:34
Happy Day-After-Christmas! During this stressful holiday time, don't forget to take care of YOU! https:/…
I need to take better care of my shoes & clothes, I just be throwing them anywhere after I take them off
Dear someone, communication and trust is the best way to take care for safety relation
Having baby siblings or nieces & nephews is the best birth control, cuz I would lose my mind if I had to take care of my own…
nevermind this guy is a Scam. Take care
Ok gn I love , take care and be happy
This is how she take care of her Monday Boyfriend 😍
How about we force the government to spend the 35 Billion on USA next year & take care of our own for once in thirty years
Please take care of this 3 years old baby 😢💘
A new favorite: PREVIEW: Dash Berlin Vs Clément BCX - I Take Care (Club Mix) by on
May Almighty ALLAH TALAH always bless you and Saira Ma'am with good health. Take Care!! ALLAH HAFIZ
Take Care of your Microbiome! Like your pets, they depend on you! Low glycemic index foods! Try fermented stuffs!
5 years ago today, Drake released his second studio album "Take Care"
How to properly Take Care of Your Air Conditioning Unit -
What's Drake's second best album? I'm assuming that everyone would agree with Take Care being number 1 🤔🤔🤔
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUYA! 🎂. God Bless and Take Care always. I miss you & I love you. 😙.
Thanks, as I say I knew you were friends back then with Dave Jones, Robbie Williamson and Linda Hughes (now Lamb) Take Care.
Listening to Take Care and I'm still salty my mom never bought me tickets to the Club Paradise tour :(
I wish Brat would do a UK hard house cover of Jonathan Coulton's song Take Care of Me
Watch the shiny object James,Lawrence will tell you what to think. Take Care. CYA.
Drake's "Take Care" is now 4x platinum, NWTS is triple platinum and IYRTITL is double
Listen to I'll Take Care of You by Gil Scott-Heron on
Drake all the way. Drake is golden age hip hop to white people. Views became overrated and Take Care is better
But remember Sam had to go in after him the last time. Maybe Faison can take care of both of them.
"If you can't afford to take care of your then don't go to war" - Reason 2366
you can't even take care of yourself, how will you take care of an elephant?. No, you can't have it.
I hope that you enjoyed your day and your evening to come! Take care!
my mom isn't home which means I have to take care of ugly children
"Take this video down. I don't care what it takes." - on her "Me Too" image. https:/…
Please sign to prevent elephant slaughter in Burma! Take care of them in sanctuaries with enough medical supplies
Oh no! Thank you for letting us know, Isaac. Please DM the store info so we can take care of this. Thanks, -KC
I hope you've been having a good day, take care Lana's BFF.
we will move to Japan, we don't care. If we gotta take some superkicks as initiation, so be it.
God please make sure you take care of my brother . I love you hunter. I know you will be watching over me.
"valuing reputation" explains very well why I never took/take dares :-) don't care much about reputation
Writers, don't forget to take care of yourselves. Get away from the keyboard regularly. Go for a walk. Recharge!
Is that even a real profession? Don't the publishers all just take care of that?
Maybe, if somebody wants to take care of you every once in a while, you should let them.
When a woman knows how to take care of herself & be independent doesn't mean she arrogantly doesn't need a man / downgrade…
Isaiah 46:4 God created you, He will bear you and take care of you till your old age.
Hey why aren't you in Fort Mac you just don't care wait what oh you're going now why because you wanna take SELFIES???
*hug* take care of yourself darling. I'm on a countdown to mine. July can't get here fast enough!
Take care of home, always. Taking care of home doesn't apply to finance necessarily just being there for your family means…
Sinonh Ready na sa Movie ng ALDUB.. Take care alden and maine we will be waiting for your movie htt…
I take care of business don't got time to play around
em all about growth my happiness, my worth. I have to take care ov me right now..em at my most selfish point in my life.
If your parents still take care of you. You are not grown. Cut it!
I hate a petty baby momma, go take care of your child.
Attn All Students . Due to Hot weather forecast for next week, take care of yourself and DO NOT wander undue on streets from 12…
hope you take care of our boy Renato Sanches, greatings from a fan! 😊
I was screaming Take Care was the best from day, you need to listen to NWTS again, trust me
I could bump the Take Care album any day/night easy
Take Care ... over my dead body .. shot for me .. take care , things in that sort...
I, up until this very moment, truly believed Drake was holding a turkey leg on the cover of Take Care. .
Take Care of the Molehills, and the Mountains Will Take Care of Themselves.-- Motto of the Federal Civil Service
I'm like the only person that think Thank Me Later was better than Take Care. Y'all sleep on that cuz he wasn't as famous yet
Take Care would've been the perfect album if Drake replaced We'll Be Fine and Underground Kings with Dreams Money Can Buy and Club Paradise.
I love Tom Rosenthal he makes such sweet music! I also love "Take Care" and "All of Them Dreams"!!
Take Care so classic man. Def one of the best albums of our generation. If u 30+ keep scrolling
Why is Take Care even being questioned as a classic?? Every time I listen to Marvin's Room I feel like the Holy Ghost passe…
Joe Buddens questions if Drake has reached his musical peak with Take Care. Was Take Care really that good?
Our drummer Luke and our homeboy Brandon are in Take Care, i.e. the best band in town (according to isaac), who...
He will never out do Take Care period. 😴
Coulter on Immigration: We Have Our Own Poor People to Take Care of … CLOSE THE BORDER h…
Take Care is one of Drakes best albums so far
Thank You Annie!, We Appreciate your Support, Vote and Following.. right back at you Annie!, God Bless & Take Care!, Billy Lee
Take Care by Drake will always be one of my top 3 favorite albums.. The man really went off on that thang
Good Morning Have fun in Sin City and enjoy the race! Take Care!
I miss the old Drake. I respect artistic evolution, and I'm all for him being the biggest name out, but Take Care, Nothing Was The Same 👏
We have a demagogue about to take over the Republican Party, Mr. Kudlow, and I can't believe it. Take Care
Sending positive thoughts and love toward this afternoon. Take care of you & the family, and we'll look for the healthy you soon.
It's a big world, take care of the person you love, or someone else will.
Keem coming over to take care of me! He the real mvp 🙌🏼
Take care of business this week and more slots will open up.
Do not have an animal if you can't take care of it.
Lets just get down on our knees and pray that natural selection comes through soon to take care of fools like that
To conspiracy theorists who think the GOP may try to even the balance of power: The Justice can take care of herself https…
- doesn't care. He'll always be a show off and a pampered kid. Take more pics of your $$ buddy..
It will most likely be released released late 2017. At least not this year guys. She has a tour and stuff to take care of fir…
Everybody is always stressing out about getting to "The Next Level." If you play with passion and hustle, the rest wil…
Incase you don't know where is, follow the arrow. . Lots of snow on thin lake ice. Take care. h…
"We're supposed to take care of each other." - Stiles to Papa Stilinski 😭😭😭
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Pretty sure I know how to take care of my own baby better than all of you strangers :)
When to get drunk with someone who'll take care of me? JK.
YES !!! HES GONNA COME idc of I annoy him ima see him! Like I just want someone to take care of me rn
Ya Allah, . Please take care the person that I love. Bless them with a good health and grant them a place in Your Highe…
Awesome! Glad to hear things are workin for ya. Take care & have a great day. ^TJ
But I'm a teenager and I can take care of my baby brother... This isn't an insult.
Dead babies can't take care of themselves
anyways Good Night Preethi, have a great sleep.. Nice meeting you :) Take care
Feels good to be able to take care mine
Don't take people's care for granted. No matter how much they love you, people get tired eventually.
You can't pour from an empty cup... Take care of yourself first
*bump into someone from school*. "Hey! How's it going?". "Good!". *realise there's nothing else to say*. *awkward pause*. "Ch…
my hair is hardly damaged I still take really good care of it lol
The NBA will never be the same, Take Care Kobe
We must take care of the heroes who protected us. As president, I will respect our military & honor their families.
If a girl sends you nudes, please take good care of them. Dont ruin things for all the other guys out there
On God there's nothing more important than family. Take care of yours
True I don't care as I know the truth. And no 👺or 🐒 take it away.👍🏻 https:…
Keep your head up high, make sure you take care of yourself, and you'll pull through ^^
ya cant get whatever you want w/o WORKING FOR IT learn that now so you can take care yourself w/o the hard work & finances of your parents
Really Guruji U r real Dr. of this society who always take care of our…
and take care. Happiness for you and your family. You save lives, you help us.
Q2 I love ladies that can take care of business and hold their won
if you treat me right then I promise that I'll take care of you
Robe on pitchers, "Putting an older guy on the road is important for us because we want to take care of the Tuesday-Wednesday games."
How can you keep having kids and you cant take care of the ones you got.
so people laughed when I said I wanted to be able to take care of my family …
"Financial toxicity" a side effect of high cost of care: physical, emotional toll on patients via
Broken down car outbound on the Monash Fwy before Gibdon St. Right-hand lane blocked. Take care. No delays at all
Download my illustrated guide to help take care of your pool so you can enjoy swimming:   10% Off
Alvie thanks for letting me follow you and you following me take care and have a great day! May I DM you please?
I really wish Tyler wasn't at work so he could take care of me 😭😭😭
Let's me take care of you forever, my baby girl ☺. KATHNIEL Better Together
I was gonna say Drake for Take Care, but Frank wasn't on that album :/
Listening to Take Care start to finish on the train back to uni. Drake got me all in my feelings on this London Midland
Listen to "Take Care" from Teen Dream by Beach House on Apple Music.
If you dont vote Take Care on that poll, are you really a Drake fan?
I'd take Thank Me Later and Take Care over the Blueprint 3 and Magna Carta Holy Grail but Hov was awesome before 2005.
Very important tips from What You Can Do to Take Care of Your
The Most Critical Tips for Caregivers by Most important Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself
In Pakistan there is no Leader. Leader was only One "Muhammad Ali Jinnah". What you say are Imposed Rulers & LOOTERS.Take Care
This is specially for you to say Good Morning. have a great Sunday. Enjoy your day and Take Care 💕
An on Take Care, Weeknd on the credits, if you open your eyes ABEL TESFAYE
I can be your prince charming or the reason why you listen to the "Take Care" album by at 3am. Your choice!!
Listen to Dave Hollister - Take Care of Home by Paty Costa Wentz on
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