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Take Back

TAKE BACK is Japanese R&B singer Kumi Koda's debut single. It is her only single to date not to make the Oricon Top 50.

Keira Knightley

Hey our voices echo a Take Back the Night vigil. Let's Take Back the White House!
The Feminist Collective is hosting Take Back the Night on Tuesday 10/17 at 6pm in the North Pod. Stand with survivo…
Take Back the Night! People of Wilmington march to take a stand for victims of DV! we hope to continue spreading aw…
This is today, folks! Head down to & help support Take Back the Night Winnipeg 2017.…
Join us this Sunday at Memorial Tower for the annual Take Back the Night march as we stand together with survivors…
Join us at Take Back the Night tonight at 6pm. It will begin in the La Maison Salon. Together we walk for sexual assault aware…
Please join us on October 25th for Take Back the Night at Sierra College. . I'm so proud (and stressed) to be on...
The Gender + Equality Center is hosting Take Back the Night, a march for sexual assault awareness, on October 18...
See Randi McGinn in person at Take Back the Courtroom IV--along with Roger Dodd, Nick Rowley, Kei…
Take Back the Night Lexington April 26th! March begins at 4 pm from Memorial Hall, followed by an interactive rally. https:/…
Join us tonight for Take Back the Night at the Beaufort Waterfront Park Pavilion at 6pm! Help us applaud survivors…
"Walk in a Woman's Shoes" and "Take Back the Night" events held in solidarity of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, to…
Listen to Keira Knightley - A Step You Can't Take Back by Interscope Records on
Murray State President shows his love for his racers once again, by speaking at Take Back the Night
Danielle Jones spoke at the 2016 Take Back the Night event on bystander intervention. She was a strong asset to...
Students met Wednesday for Take Back the Stigma, an initiative calling for open discussion of mental health issues:
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Students discuss mental health for Wellness Week: Students came together on Wednesday evening for Take Back the…
📷 aleworldaddict: ‘Take Back the Night’  Angela Lindvall by Michael Thompson for Vogue US March 1999
Here comes the train upon the track. And there goes the pain, it… ♫ A Step You Can’t Take Back by Keira Knightley
Join us for New Orlean's Take Back the Night event tomorrow at 5:30 at Loyola University. Learn more:…
Hundreds of Winnipeggers march to Take Back the Night, calling for end to violence .
Take Back the Night is THIS MONDAY! Join us at the Student Green at 7pm to march against sexual assault.
Audit: Take Back $3.4M in FEMA Money From Mississippi School: Auditors say the Federal Emergency Management Agency should take back n...
Great interview on with re tonight's Take Back the Night March. 5:30 at Bandshell in Riverside Park tonight.
"I been 2 Cuba, Mexico, Russia & back. What other story'll take you on a trip like that?" by https:/…
didn't/couldn't. He should not have gone at her with some seriously malicious jokes if he wasn't ready to take some back
I added a video to a playlist Dave Hollister - Take Me Back (Full Version)
I think I'm ready to leave California now. Take me back to Asheville
I thought you said you'd never leave, I think back as I take a puff
WHATEVER, will take care of Alondra Tapatio. It's all part of Going to get back to my bingo! ✌️
Never get use to bad situations and accept them for what they are. Take step back and figure out what changes need to be made to do better.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Daddy reckons oh Becky with the 🔒hurr can take back what's us. It is the best she can get!
after seeing these i literally had to take a step back to just admire how ethereal you are, like you're literal ART
Gov. Baker to announce creation of 13 drug take-back kiosks
"And all we want is to take back that wasted time"
It's back to Broadbeach this Saturday for our Reserve Grade lads and they take on Magic for a place in the...
Sometimes you take what he has blessed you with for granted. Take a step back and realize what he has done for you. Go…
I feel really sad when girls don't enjoy sucking *** Take your power back girl!
I get so angry when people don't reply to me fast but then again I can take up to 3 weeks to text back so
Why is it that people take 4ever to reply? But when I set my phone down they decide to text back 🙄
I bounce back from every L I take. it might not be right away but I always bounce back. 😴
after the event, also I wake up for like 10 mins anyway then go back to sleep. also yes rio, take a nap,
like the school bus funding issue take away the funding only to announce its back? Rediculous http…
[Weibo] 160907 YH: I'm leaving for France! I'll take good care of myself!Take care too, wait for me to come back! ❤️ https:…
Sometimes you have to take a step back and remember who you are
Mexico threatens to take back land from the US if Trump becomes president
so if I take you back for 896th you still fina embarrass me ? Lano : yeah her : okay brother gimme kiss 😘
Do you need to do that task? Really? Ask these 6 questions to help take back your day.
Why does official canon fanfic change the rules? like whee, time turners can take you back years now!
this is so backwards! Why would anyone want to take 10 steps back like this!?
Take me back to wiz with my brother 😭😭😭
Take a pair of them shoes back and buy curtains
I wish I could take back all the time I've wasted on people who never gave a ***
Voters must take back our state from the Koch Bros & their minions. Vote Straight Democratic Party Ticket. Let's clean house.
You can't take back something that isn't yours 😊💀
Take back control? It’s now clear the Brexiteers have no clue on immigration | Rafael Behr
I am back online come watch me in a sexy chat ► Take a look at my profile and click the website!
Take me back to those good old days again.. 😢
If I actually text you back in a timely manner don't take that lightly
I sat back & watched how it was playing out. They dissed me but running🏃🏽 to take the same route 💅🏾
It's insane how music can take you back in time, like how you felt, like listening to a memory
Actually I take that back it is lit with the fairy 🌸✨🔆
I don't get the chance to take a step back often to enjoy all the moments | Make money online sitting home
"This triumvirate owes its position to an electoral project that mobilised all the racists." On Brexit Silence.. https:/…
Us to finally take our country back
I take this back. The calendric predictions are a lot more interesting o.O
Take my rings off to put lotion on and forget to put them back on 🙄
Urban Meyer didn’t want the BG job back in ’01 — so Earle Bruce and Lou Holtz cussed him out:
Suppose I will just have to take the abuse about my kids in future.anyway, one more game to go! Can't wait to be bac…
I'm tryna smoke you out then take you back to my crib
but I did have to take a nap as soon as I got back and I didn't even art today
Be careful with your words when you're angry, you might say something that you'll regret or something that you can nev…
I just gotta take em back to the OLD ME, gotta stack that paper how it's SUPPOSE TO BE
One cig left in the pocket, stood shy in your dad's jacket. A moment I'll always keep. Take me back to lime street.
We're taking over the Instagram!! Follow us LIVE as we take them back to the 80's!
Yeah np :) I am driving back home right from school, probably will take around 1 hour
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I will take Tom Brady without hesitation in Fantasy lmao dude will be on a tear when he back
Baby take my hand Tighten this romance We could burn and crash We could take a chance. Holdin' nothin' back Like it's our last dance 🔥
Fermoy Area Sports & Community Awards are back and will take place on 12th Nov @ Corrin Event Centre
I take a L I smoke a L. I hit the trap I get it back
You have to take risks and fail sometimes in order to bounce back and win
Trump: "I will ensure other countries take their people back when we order them deported." [Begs the question - what does t…
College Football is back THIS Friday!. Christian McCaffrey & Stanford take on K-State, Friday at 8pm ET on FS1.
Amazing that no other candidate ever thought to say America won't keep letting other countries refuse to take their crimina…
please take me back to so I can have an unforgettable blast!
But fan reacted so he asked if there are Kyuwook fans.. Then he take it back & said "ahm, worst but not that much"
Take a look back at the best college football moments from last season.
when is Grey's anatomy coming back? I can't take this any longer. I need balance in my life
not a beaver fan but I have to support my dawg . we'll be watching for ya to take one back against MIN 2nite https:/…
Why do girls take back boys who cheat on them but then continue to hate the lassies he's cheated on them with?? Frazzles m…
On this day in history our city changed its' name from Berlin. Take a look back at a piece of this history
Thank you all so very much for 12 Million Subscribers! Let's take a look back at the channel since it...
Ion think I could take the next person word that say they got my back...
Normal life is so boring, take me back to 😭
About to *** back on webcam for chat ► Take a look at my bio and click the website!
.has a lot of resources available to help small business owners bounce back from Take advantage at https:…
If I criticise the govt & you take me back to how I supported them to win in 2015, I'll open the book of Jonathan 20: 2010 to…
Anita Hill Calls on Fox News to "Take Back" Roger Ailes' $40M Severance Package . I wish she'd get a cut of it.
Take Back's Northeast regional coordinator and of at the DNC
Listening to some great speakers from social work program, Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center at Take Back the Night event.
Such a humbling experience to be apart of Fairmount Park's Take Back the Night. Thank you
How many episodes y'all think it's gonna take for Mel to bring Jon back
Exactly! We need to take to the streets and get our social housing back from these profiteers!!
We can't take back what we never had.
You a take a shot at me, I'ma send like 30 back
I don't need coaching. I take it back to training mode after I win or lose. I'm my own worst enemy. If I can't beat you I'll…
lol word I feel you but let me know when you come back im tryna see you maybe take you out
Memories take us back, and our dreams take us forward.
5. he take his fingers & jam your back in talkin bout "stay down." Reminds him of his Nana baked mac & cheese too😋 http…
Seeing post pictures of kourtney and take Miami brings back memories of watching it every day. 💛
I just wanna take pictures of it, you can get it back
At the end of the day you can't take back what you once said.
People say love is a give and take affair. What if it is a give give affair. Giving without expecting back
I wish I could take things back sometimes
It's so weird how certain songs can take you back into time
Please allow us to look into this. We will have someone get back to you to take a detailed feedback. - Faraz
2|231|When ye divorce women, and they fulfil the term of their ('Iddat), either take them back on equitable
What you told me can't take that back
Good morning all, wishing you a great week ahead. Best take a look in your shed in case there's on of these in...
Lets take a look back at the World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Summit In South Korea https…
georgie and I can take down anyone !!! all star dream team here. back tf up ppl
It's the big 4-0 for the Big Fundamental. We take it back to the beginning... WATCH:
I had a great holiday here, now it's time to take off back to the family. Qatar is the connection way, see you...
oh *** no !! V can take the night shifts you'll take mornings and I'll take afternoons when the baby goes back to sleep 🙃
I needa take my *** to sleep cause I have to get up and drive back to campus 🙄🙄
Deep in my bones, I can feel you... take me back to a time only we knew...
school is starting back not to stress me no more. if I take care of what i GOTTA do, i do what i WANNA do.
Take me back to Seattle instead of my FRQ tomorrow for stats☹️
Take a look back when became a Cowboy in 2010!
Each fall you take, makes you stronger when you get back up on your feet again.
The emission with respect to the mp3 blocking back only which toward take care of in aid of divert buying synth...
Forreal doe shout my *** Francisco in Mexico for keepin that loud on deck!!! Ayee wish i could take it back wit me
Take me back to the basics and the simple life. Tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease. Your touch, my comfort, and my lullaby
Have to get back in the gym. Every time I start doing well, I take a break and mess up my results 😩😩😩😩
I want someone to crave me like they do chocolate chip cookies 🍪, & when they take that 1st bite their eyes roll to the back of their heads.
Men are quicker to leave but they always come back. Women take longer to leave but once they do, they won't return.
She's acting crazy but take a step back and look at yourself..what did you do?
Sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us & say things we will later regret. It's best to take a step back & wait out…
First day back filming with the team today. 😄 The 5.30am starts are gonna take a little getting used to again. 😴
My anatomy grade is right at a B but this test tomorrow is about to take me right back down 😒
Coachella picture with the caption: "Take me back."
I take that back, It allows me to unlock it but then it quits after the first touch action. I can put in to sleep then repeat
We all have that 1 person we'll take back no matter what 😞
Everyone enjoy Diggie coming back because Maddie's finally happy and wanting to take that happiness away?!?
It took 5+ hours, but the Red Sox take down the Astros in extras to get back to .500 on the year.
--sweet spot. I counter each thrust of raising to the tip and slamming back down to take him to the hilt each--
I'm probs gonna take a few women's/racial studies classes my first full semester back I'm so!!! pumped!!!
14. if you don't have a sense of humor and can't take jokes just block me back fam. even if you're corny I still love…
Come back to me girl, I want to take you and show you off girl ...
Cuzzo risen up PEEP TH VIBRATIONS!!. Listen to Take Back by Natural Disazter on
Last evening, a few of our sisters attended Take Back the Night, an event that raises awareness to prevent sexual...
Just a reminder that FIRE's annual Take Back the Night event is this Thursday in the Adrian Trimpe building! Out pre-even…
American University have their Take Back the Night along w/the amazing Batala band. Same one performed at Gallaudet😄
Take Back the Night, an international event. Take part in the rally, march, and speak out April 7th beginning at 5pm at
Trump can backpedal all he want's you can't take back what was said.
What a turn around, I take it all back!
Very pleased to say that I've been appointed as the Assistant Director of Scottish Vote Leave. Let's take back control!
No one else gon' get it like that. So why argue? U yell, but you take me back Who cares when it feels like crack?
I swear . I bought a radio peace and the mf broke so I tried to take it back & needed up buying a new one
I wake up in the morning take a *** && wash my hands . Take a knee and thank the man . Then get back to the moneyyy 🤑
Life was so wonderful in year 10/11, GCSEs were a walk in the park, my oyster could take me to Africa and back for £2.50
ahh okay, I'm an hour away so we're gonna be pretty far back, but my dad got the day off to take me & my friends bless
This gov is least bothered to create jobs for youth but more interested to take the jobs back . Disgusting
*** Hayden could've been Jimmy Lee Holt's daughter coming back to town to take ELQ for herself.
Looking through pictures, take me back
I look back now and know that nobody could ever take the memory . 5SOSFAM SLAY.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Dear Assamses pl come out & vote , take back ur state before invaders take control of ur resources
I take back like half of the exclamation points.they make me look.eager to please. Which I AM.but I don't want…
I take it back if we manage to win this he can have all the potatoes he wants
"Alright, alright~" He would take her hand back and follow, wondering what she had planned for both of them now.
Vote Trump Wisconsin last chance to take our Country back from Corruption 🚂🚂💨💨
Many mistakes ive done that i wish i can take back.
take a L & bounce back like it never happened
it's so cold in New York Omg please take me back to Dubai! 😪
Our exhibit galleries take visitors back in time to explore Seminole culture
The blinked taken back by his devilish grin at first now sure how to take it but when he let out his normal cry of hunger--
I'm really struggling in this round of Incursion. Clutch plays must be made to take it back.
If I text you & you take all day to text me back I'm gone look at your text & let it sit until further Notice IDC !!
Quick someone take me back to the 1989 tour
Every body made a mistake they wish they could take back
Trynna take back something you already said its like giving cpr to something already dead
it's fine now I just had to take out the battery and put it back in and it turned on
Take a step back, and stand still. Stay and watch. Everything will be just fine. U'll be ok. Have faith.
.Hey. Straight to the point gang - not a fan of the recent update. I want one story at a time. TAKE ME BACK TO SIMPLER TIMES
I take a step back, let you go. I told you i'm not bulletproof. Now you know
[A step back he attempted to take was a miserable failure. He is slowly pulled into a warm embrace by the other —
I know right 😱😁... Take me back to warm weather please 🙋🏼
So many losers get off to free exposure. You post them and they'll never come back around to pay you to take it down. Study up instas.
im kinda clingy yo like…why you take ten minutes to reply. I missed you. Get back here.
I love to share with my friends and fans alike a glimpse into a part of me who makes me, so I take ya back. Ty.
take me back to the year 12 days of just smashing 'QuizUp' in my frees
The brothers of Chapman Phi Kappa Tau are proud to support C.A.R.E.S. and their Take Back the Night event...
Join the movement to take America back from the Billionaire Class.
LMFAO OK YOU WIN. How can you come to all that is dear and previous to me? Please take that back.
My co worker wanna take me on a date anywhere I wanna go I said I wanna go horse back riding and he looked it up and everything
As soon as you let someone back in they just take advantage of you ...smh
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Take me back to the basics and simple life.. take me back to 1st yr college
you're right .. I take that back it really is just those valuable 3 that are elderly
why those stans react that way. I just sit back, take it all in and wait. Lol
Inclusive education can also empower women & girls to take back their bodily integrity & financial autonomy
Genius my *** "You see those non white non Christians in our country. Let's get them out and take it back" Yeah real genius
We took an island and turn it into our garden,then they want to take it back
Sometimes the only way forward is to take a step back..
Mum finally had to sit down with Max and explain that she was just joking when she said the quickest way back down was…
We have a rich history dating back to 1895, take a look at our journey here:
PATRIOTS, be encouraged; there IS A WAY 2 take our country back.
"You can't take back what you said, I know" Seeleena army is here :]
Ughh take me back to last night 50p a shot... Why did we not go there sooner!! Can't wait for my next weekend off 😏
Kick back, relax, and take in the sights of
Can't wait for Cazorla to get back so ramsey can take a seat on the bench
I have been shutting off my heart for years and is not easy for me to take anyone back in.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I take william to my arms and we get back inside.
Germany wants N.African states to take back more migrants
America help us take our nation back 'we the people' hold the true power. Send our message loud and clear Vote trump!
*** Alessandra back at it again with the mascara on your chin b/c u forgot to take it off when hammered 😂
When you cheated and she won't take you back after you've publicly begged so now you have to dog her bc you're trash ht…
The best souvenirs in your suitcase when travelling to Quito
Rhys is campaigning for because he wants the UK to take back its seat at the World Trade Organisation. https:…
This take a moment to step back and on yourself and your surroundings
I take that back she aint really all that
Take back your Sundays, skip church.
no. Had he been allowed to take 3s like that, he had the rest of Steph's game... No one practiced 3s back then.
There's only that one ex I would take back no matter what people say.
INDEPENDENT VOTERS: Your vote n 2016 PRIMARIES will enable us to Take Our Country Back!.
I take that back - Sagan is not in the Boonen group. But Boy Van Poppel is!
Things change fast you know, thing I wish I could take back...😓
I love you to the moon and back, and I will give you wine 🍷.
You took her for granted because you know she will always take you back. Tsk
Morning Tweeps - Question of the day.. Can IMT bounce back from their first loss, and will C9 take sole posession of 2nd place?
Take me back to where it was before, when we were on fire
for 50 free follows!. mbf bc it takes time since I'm on a Mac!. if you unfollow I'll take them back:)
So many words I wish I could take back from the people who didn't deserve it, and give it all to you
LMAO! There was no point to her coming back. I wonder how long it'll take Salem PD to find Joey's blood in the room.
17 countries refuse to take back Muslim invaders who have had their “asylum” rejected in Germany.
& when i say , i'm tired & i'm letting you go. I'm never gonna take back my words. Leave & never come back.
Remember when Yoseob pull Junseung back little bit cauz of firework😊😊 ♡ take care each member
Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see things clearly.
Nah I take that back. I'm better than that
I take it back you are actually a genius
I'm not a saint or hero but if you need something & I can help then I got you & won't expect anything back. Just don't take it …
We're *gladd* you're back, Andrew. Take a behind-the-scenes look at return to Chicago.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Pictures take concert-goers back to days when Jerry Lee Lewis and Morrissey wowed Newcastle
goal's to take us back to the 90's Wall St. Wolf era, plus keep us in the perma-war of the 21st century. Delightful!
Stressing and complaining will change nothing. Take action, make a change, and never look back.
| Germany wants North African states to take back more migrants
Take Back the Night. A sex crimes awareness walk and candle light…
Me in the mornings. I'll even take my caffeine and fall back to sleep..something is wrong there.…
stop messing me about! How long does it take to get back to an email! Shocking service!! I will take this further if no rely
If you could take the trousers back to to your local store, they'll help you with this. Thanks.
Daddy said take the bus to college, turns out there's some horny *** at the back. Thankyou daddy. https…
Newcastle back with a third bid of £24m for Berahino. Take the money JP and make Pulis's day!!!
Major snow forecast for parts of the area: Make sure you shovel safe! We need you to take care of your back!
Take a picture of your card front and back, and billing address and I'll help you bro 🙌🏾
IRS be quick to take hella money out of your check every two weeks but take forever to give you your little piece of a refund back lmao
We can understand your disappointment Saz :( If take it back to store, they'll be happy to get this sorted for you. Thanks.
Things were looking good girl. Now it's looking bad girl. Can we take take it back.
Listening to Take It Back by Cream, on my Amazon Echo, Alexa!
I had to take my piercings out for work and they won't go back in THEY COST LITERALLY $80 EACH I'M SO F x(
When will the devil reclaim azealia banks we dont want her please take her back
Got to go guys! Have a good night sleep in advance! 😊😊😊. Take care & God Bless!. Be right back! 😊😊😊.
Happy Birthday to your are one of my Bestfriends I can't take back🙈. Have a good day😃. Love you ❤
If Shaks not careful I'll take back her ticket.. She's got 18days to behave.. Oh please!!. 1) I wouldn't be so mean (2) she wouldn't manage
Council 'goes back in time' as hackers demanding £1 million ransom take over computer system
You can't take back words or your actions... Tread carefully in your relationships... Romantic and platonic.
If you really love someone, I think you have to take them back.
Would you take Michael Carrick back to West Ham?
It is time to take back our country- and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!. Video: http…
Make the right choice Iowa! Choose the consistent, honest, and inspiring conservative! Let's take back the …
It's time to take Westeros back! It's time to make Westeros GREAT AGAIN!!
Mombasa cops take anything upwards of Sh. 500 as "instant fine" in exchange of No Charge. If lucky, U get a p…
for 6 free follows! . 💓 MBF. 💓 KPOP accounts only. 💓 unfollow me and I'll take back your ffs. 💓 doing this cuz I got high grades in the card
It takes a low point in life for you to really take a step back and realize what the future holds for you.
The only chance we have of moving on is trying to take it back before it all went wrong🎵
The JLL Property Triathlon North is BACK & this year will take place on Friday 29 July
Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. Oh, take me back to the start.
- place. "Cover my back. I'll summon them. It'll take almost all of my mana but they'll be right here, where we want them."
I had to take you guys back to the classics
wish I could take a few things back 😓
I take it back not one of you fake *** said you love me back, I'm gonna Zayn
I take it all back I now see the value in Trigger Warnings. I can't unseen that.
Take what you can. Give notihng back.
- and the only way we can do this, is to leave the awful EU. Take back control that Governments sold o…
Too risky. We need a manager that we know can take us back to the level we should be at.
I must go back there one day, and take my daughter, she loves the myths and legends of the Greek Gods... :)
With only a lack of ammo keeping him from going even further, lets take a look back at some 1 on 1 pistol fun at...
Article: Branches Take a Back Seat for Millennial Bankers in the UK
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Can NOT get my 1/2" plugs back in. Had to take them out when I was sick earlier this week, they were acting up. Shrank now :/
Don't sit around waiting for life to change, take steps & believe your past won't hold you back!
Thank you Mike🌹 i am back and missed your daily wishes. Much love❤ hope you doing good😄 take care💕
"Lay hurts his back during drama filming". Take care our dearest unicorn, pls don't hurt yourself.
When the announces Jones vs Cormier 2 I'll be the happiest man. Can't wait to watch the 🐐take back HIS t…
Dr. Everett Piper on How to Take Back the High Road of Education | "Glenn Beck Program"
Students read stories of victims of domestic and sexual violence at tonight's Take Back the Night at High
Very proud to say that and I will be the co-chairs of Take Back the Night this year. Committee applications are soon to come 😁
Needham High students to Take Back the Night this evening at 6 p.m.
At SARVA's first Take Back the Night of the year. is a powerful evening to commemorate survivors and...
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