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Take Back The Night

Take Back the Night is an international event and non-profit organization with the mission of ending sexual violence in all forms.

Take Back Justin Timberlake

It's one week away! Get your tickets today for A Night in the Life: The Roaring Twenties!
Take me back to the greatest night ever.
The Feminist Collective is hosting Take Back the Night on Tuesday 10/17 at 6pm in the North Pod. Stand with survivo…
Take me back to Saturday night lights, the turf and being behind the camera every weekend. Missin my Buco boys and…
The boys went 1-1 this week. They had a big win and a minor loss. Be back on the field next Monday night to take on another losing team.
take me back to October 8th the best night of my life ♡
Take Back The Night is approaching fast! Don't forget to join us October 26th to stand up for…
Take Back the Night! People of Wilmington march to take a stand for victims of DV! we hope to continue spreading aw…
This is today, folks! Head down to & help support Take Back the Night Winnipeg 2017.…
I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you. Take me back to the night we met
Join us this Sunday at Memorial Tower for the annual Take Back the Night march as we stand together with survivors…
Join us at Take Back the Night tonight at 6pm. It will begin in the La Maison Salon. Together we walk for sexual assault aware…
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. will give the address & the Take Back The Night rally is Wednesday.
no I had to take the boat back Sunday night and then I had work Monday morning.
Take me back to Saturday night watching as Elvis! 😍Me and the family are defo booking another show!👏🏻
Wish I was in the club gettin tipsy! Take me back to Macklemore last Thursday night!!
No stream tonight. Going to take the evening to recharge and relax. I'll be back at it tomorrow night.
Wish I could be there, and Denver the next night too; work calls. Kick *** and take names, y'all. And come back SOON ❤️❤️
nah the Luzzy will take me back! Xxx probs do dinner Thursday night if ya want! See what the female boss is doing xxx
Take me back to my grad party the other night plz 😩
Take me back to the California night drives with my favorite person
Take us back 😩👠🌸 the SS16 press showcase at what an amazing night!
Well the signings have been made, the kit is washed and Town are back in league action this Friday Night. We take...
Only me and Jen would find a dog on the strip and try and take it back to the hotel on our first night😂
okay now I really can take you back to your site every night. This time we just won't lose the key
yes, they have a bus to take me back to the dorm but I'm leaving tomorrow night can I just leave my car for one day please
I just bought a cool new Alienware PC Night time is a lie! The government is just blocking out the sun! We gotta take the power back!
I Take Back the comment about night shift helping my dark circles. It DOES NOT. Because I now have a screwed up sleeping schedule.
Me 2:22 am . Insomnia: no worries, just two more hours & I'm out. I'll be back tomorrow night, promise. . Vodka: I'll take ove…
just give in Zach. Take Back the night cause you know you can't stop the feelin'!!
So take one night, take a session,or run the ropes for 10 mins, and then back drop to the mat for another 5.Then imagine 365 nights
Going to the casino this weekend to try and win some money to Take Back to school. Foolish? Genius? Will find out Saturday night
Welcome to NYPQ. Come back to 3 South and take a selfie with the night shift!
I finished w them bt I hav 2 wear retainers at night & I'll take them out in the morning & by 4oclock my gap will be back lmao
Take me back to the best night of my life!! |8•4•16|♥
Take me back to the BEST night of my life!!
i felt like i was in the movie Nick and Norah Sunday night, take me back
wished they'd done it like Take Back the night with the dance sound ,
good night and sweet dream💕😊. "Lead from the back". Take care yourself, enough sleep and stay a good health
Had an amazing night seeing live, the PCD is real, TAKE ME BACK
"Take me far from streets and roads. lead me out in the night. don't show me the way back home".
Brief update We had to take my grandmother back to the hospital last night as she went from doing well after surgery to not so much.
TAKE ME BACK TUESDAYS bring you the biggest & best sounds alongside the best drink deals all night long!.
and right after 1700 you go to dinner, come back, and clean some MF MORE! and then take shifts in the night cleaning
working through the night doesn't mean it's going to be back before morning though. Some things take time.
The Pittsburgh Steelers are back in action this Friday night when they take on the Detroit Lions. Don't miss the...
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take them back to the shop. I was listening to a thing on LBC the other night. Get money back.
and give the phone back. Tells us to wait for him untill 10 in the night. Who gona take responsibility of my loss of work2/2
I bought a kebab for £6 last night, the take away rang me this morning asking to buy it back for £32. ridiculous
HOW THE *** HAS IT BEEN A MONTH SINCE HYDE PARK?!? Someone take me back to the best night ever!!
Nothing like setting up a new bed and sleeping great for one night to have the person take the bed back the next day
Take Back what happened that night. It had been everything Emma had imagined, excluding the outcome.
We R Hillary's Army,& we should not take it anymore,the name of our game is 2 HIT BACK HARDER W/TRUTH. Good Night
SFA's Take Back The Night rally and march is brought to you by SFA's Health Science Department Senior Seminar class!!
whenever I listen to iration they always take me back to the concert with Julie and Eva 😍 sick *** night 😎
Does the give a *** about their QB? Did Whisenhunt Take Back over? Mariota been getting killed all night
I stopped in columbia for the night and am going to head back early tomorrow! I had to take my dads car 😫
'Cause I hope we will never have to Take Back. What we said in the night. I hope that I'll alway have…
The guide to date night first u wanna get some San francesco veal sangwiches then u wanna take her to the back of your Jetta 1/2
"Take me back to Eden. When it was you and me in the night. We would dance with freedom. Oh everything was right"
Take me back to the good ol' college days when I didn't work, schoolwork was easy, and I could binge watch Breaking Bad all day and night
Rough night at work man but gotta take the bad with the good and kill em with kindness. Can always depend on to have my back.
The fact I tried to take my pillow back but you wouldn't let me! Hm what does that say?😏 you can still sleep with me every night😉😂
Take Back the smile and the night, take it all back, I wish I could.”
I wanna kiss your lips like I did back then, so take me back to the night we met
probably the only 30 secs of video I have that you can't hear me singing in 😅. take me back to last night pls 😭💔
This rain take me back to Tofino, BC, Canada (they know rain there) back about...a couple-o-decades...stayin in a Wohnmobile 4 the night! ⛈🌊
my favorite is "honestly take me back to the night w" cause idk *** I was talking about
I just looked at all of the pics and vids on my phone last night and omfg take me back someone hold me 😭😭
Students read stories of victims of domestic and sexual violence at tonight's Take Back the Night at High
take some medicine and go have a great time out. Than come back and relax for the rest of the night. Feel better
I can't take naps after 6 on a school night.. stg I'd be waking up at like 2 in the morning and then I can't go back to bed
Reminiscing...take me back to the night I saw J. Cole :(
Take me back the Joe and the concert and dancing the night away 🎶
In need of a good ahh LAUGH. With Honey JD and Dr. Pepper on the rocks.. Basically take me back to last night
. I take off Friday night. I'm be back to the regularly scheduled program Monday. I'll be free more regularly this weekend.
ok ... I also have to go back to work, ladies. Take care, girls ... coyotes are around in the night. Kisses & Co ...
Terre Haute's annual Take Back The Night rally against domestic violence. Were you there? Tell us about it!.
The Story of Issoot I drive all night to go find him, and take him back to Issa so He can be happy, the story of Issoot .
This Saturday we take it back to for the dopest Open Format Night around! Exotic…
Take me back to this night. with the hottest roommate around 👯 @ Charleston, Illinois
Very proud to say that and I will be the co-chairs of Take Back the Night this year. Committee applications are soon to come 😁
How long does it take to do your hair style for the movie. Will you be back on I saw the movie last night!!💖
Whenever I listen to kid cudi all it does is take me back to pre game before the Friday night lights 😞
I put an empty bottle of juice back in the fridge last night because the trash was full and I was too lazy to take it out.
Join the Take Back The Night rally and march against male-pattern violence against women - TONIGHT at 8 p.m. in the Union …
The last few tracks on are slipping back into the style of Up All Night & Take Me Home, so bummer.
"Take me back to the night,. we met in the dark.." 💜💁🏻
The fabulous last night had to take from a long way back due to queue
Needham High students to Take Back the Night this evening at 6 p.m.
i draw big X's on the back of my hands before i take a shower in the morning sometimes to make people think i go out at night
All four of our couples advanced to the finals! Take a look back at last night's
So take me back to the night we met
Take a step back in time for and spend the night in one of Boston's authentic speakeasies 💃
So take me back to the night we me.. Ops, I never met you 😔 but someday I will 💛💚
We need to pray and fast even host a night vigil so that black jesus can come back and help us Take Back the land!
Take Back the night...straight up bossing ✌.
honestly just take me back to 2011 where I saw and in the same night in Asbury Park.
At SARVA's first Take Back the Night of the year. is a powerful evening to commemorate survivors and...
Students hosted the annual Take Back the Night event Wednesday at ISU.
Join us from 8-9:30pm tonight at the Union Plaza to Take Back The Night and raise awareness about violence.
Take Back The Night. We will be there! Join us!.
Get ready to Rock n’ Roll as we take you back to the good old days. It will certainly be a night of nostalgia as...
The will be back in Irish night skies from Monday 6th April. Have a look how to take photos of the station at
Take Back the Night tonight at 7p.m. in
Take Back the Night, the annual sexual assault prevention event, will take place this Wednesday.
let's turn back the clock this time we'll take it slow you can stay the night this time I won't let go
We are looking forward to cosponsoring Take Back the Night with W.I.S.H TONIGHT at 9:15 in the Grand…
Stand against sexual and relationship violence at Take Back the Night. Tonight at 7pm in Hendricks.
We need your feedback from Take Back the Night! Just 4 quick questions!
Reminder: Take Back the Night will NOT be held tonight, it is postponed until the end of April. Please stay tuned for further details!
Take Back the Night is tonight! Visit us in Schine until 2. Cosponsors don't forget to pick up your shirts.
I Take Back what I said about Nevilles gimmick last night. Doesn't look anywhere near as bad as the description suggested
Take Back the Night in College Green happening tomorrow. Check La Casa Latina for more details:
Grams said she coming to the kick back Det take yo old *** somewhere that night
Thank you to our student leaders and for MC-ing Take Back the Night! Leading by example!
I take everything I said back of clayton last night. Fool still has my lotion. I'll be white by the end if this class.
Once you take your pants off for the night there's just really no going back
Happy transgender day of visibility! Don't miss our trans women of color candlelight vigil at Take Back The Night 3/7 @ 6:30 on the SC patio
There's a bit of a chill in the air today...big surprise, right? That won't stop us from marching. Syracuse Unite! Take Back The Night!
Random fact: I always walk from the MRT back home (and vice versa) during the day but I take the bus at night. Not because of safety.
Thank you 2 for sharing their floor with us last night @ Take Back the Night & 4 leading by example with the video!
Follow through on the message we heard at Take Back the Night...take the It's On Us pledge on Wed. in the Rocking...
Thank you for coming out to Take Back the Night Follow thru..take the pledge Wed, 11-2, Rocking Chair Lounge
Thank you for coming to Take Back the Night and supporting the Your presence is appreci…
Join Safety SAM at Take Back the Night beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7! Don't miss out on FREE goodies!
Take Back the Night - a march for victims of and to raise awareness of sexual violence. Fairmount Park, April 24.
Take me back to this great night with THE BEST roomie/bestfriend hannxerr
Don't forget to join us tomorrow at the Take Back the Night Rally and March at 6 pm on the steps of Price Auditorium!
it gets a bit tiring - you have to take the 6am train and a late train back to get any time there. Stay a night
After being intoxicated last night I take it back I kinda like futures beast mode...only under the influence 😕😂😂
Support survivors at Take Back the Night 2015! Click the link to add a Twibbon to your profile!
Connect with us at Take Back the Night at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT on TUE MAR 31 at 9:15 PM:
System plays 3-3 last night, gave a few coins back to the man...bounce back and take dollars today!
When I close my eyes. Dreams of you come to life. Reality takes a back seat. As together we take a ride. Ride through the stars at night. You. Me
Take Back the Night is this Wed at 6 @ Norman Field! Why are you marching?
The mighty Van Halen are back! Did you see them take over Hollywood Blvd. on Kimmel last night?
Take me back to prom night b. One of the best nights of my life
Nash is with the jacks my night is made & he brought back the bucket hat lets just take a min
I liked a video from Take Back the Night Remix + Speed Painting (MINECRAFT SONG)
So explain to me how it came to this. Take it back to the night we kissed. Sating things that we thought but never heard
Justin Timberlake | Take Back The Night | Choreographed by Wesley Lo: The title says it all. Song: Take Back t...
Did you make it to Maxwell's to see Justin perform Take Back The Night for -teamJT
KEVIN POWELL WILL BE SPEAKING IN NEWARK, NJ on Thursday, April 10th, as part of a Rutgers University's Sexual Assault Awareness Month community conversation and "Take Back The Night" candlelight walk to end gender violence. The program is FREE and open to both women and men and girls and boys. Location: Paul Robeson Campus Center, Rooms 255-257, 350 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., DOWNTOWN NEWARK. 6pm. The event will include testimonies from survivors, counseling, list of resources, and more.
"19 Years Old in Florida, 2012: I was on spring break with a group of friends, we were all having a great time and my guy friend rushed to bring me my first drink of the night. I was only halfway through before I blacked out. I woke up paralyzed on the bed in fear not being able to move with him hovering over me." 5 days until Take Back The Night at Shenandoah University. April 4th, 9:00 pm, Goodson Chapel.
are Pitt's only campus organization devoted primarily to feminism and issues of sex and gender equality in all areas of life. We have weekly meetings Tuesday evenings at 8:45 in the William Pitt Union, as well as special events such as Take Back The Night and The *** Monologues throughout the year. The Campus Women's Organization of the University of Pittsburgh aims to represent the women of the University of Pittsburgh and their interests, namely: education, empowerment, full representation, reproductive justice, and expression of all their identities. By increasing awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of physical sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, class, size, religion, political views, and ability, we wish to provide a support network to individuals and forums for confidential and public discussion. We intend to serve as a progessive voice and resource on reproductive issues for the community and to provide support for women and members of both our ...
Justin Timberlake was amazing last night! Here's some footage of his performance of "Take Back The Night" from my seats. - Johnny Infamous -
Usually on NYE I'm all about Sinatra. I will be adding "Take Back The Night" by my guy to that playlist this year
Sigma Chi brothers participated in the annual Take Back The Night rally on Thursday to raise awareness of...
Justin Timberlake is paying royalties to the feminist movement for that "Take Back The Night" song, right?
Seriously the only thing I'm staring at is drew. Emblem3 - Take Back The Night (Justin Timberlake Cover) via
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Pat Boone Jr new song. . He really is this generation's Pat Boone. Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night
It's here! Watch brand new 'Take Back The Night' video:
here i was thinking Take Back The Night was trending in support of domestic violence abuse...
Tonight from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. we host our first annual LGBT Take Back The Night. Featuring a panel, candlelight vigil and speak out.
Below are our complete Security and Spirit sections! These details explain our goals and current progress, and this type of explanation and follow up is something we'd like to offer ASUPS throughout our term in office so that anyone who is curious can learn what we're trying to do and how it's going! SECURITY Safe living/positive campaigns i. In response to some negative pages and behavior on campus, the ASUPS Senate and President Ernst worked with a group of RAs to create Random Axe of Kindness, a program designed to promote safety and community through positive action on campus. We will continue to support such programs, expanding and funding them as needed. We will also continue to support campaigns like Take Back The Night. Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policies i. We are currently working with a group of students on proposing revisions to the University’s policies regarding sexual harassment and misconduct. We believe that the administration needs to do everything in its power to increase awaren ...
Many thanks to Anthony Westbury and Sue-Ellen Apte Sanders for hosting us on your respective radio shows this morning. Tune in on Tuesday morning to WIRA, 1400 AM, when we appear with Mindi Slavin Fetterman, who will be talking about Take Back The Night - and we'll be talking about World AIDS Day - with Sean Boyle and Ashley Mock on the Childrens Services Council's radio show at 11 am.
Come support Take Back The Night at Indiana State University November 7 at 6pm!
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