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Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi (born 16 August 1975), also known as Taika Cohen, is a New Zealand-born film director, writer, painter, comedian and actor named as one of Variety's ten new directors to watch in 2007.

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BACK TO THE FUTURE remake planned for 2019. Tom Holland and Michael J. Fox to star, Taika Waititi to direct.
Taika Waititi and Cate Blanchett truly act like siblings. Please give us the bts of 🙌🏻
Taika Waititi is canoli to Jeff Goldblum's spotted ***
Taika Waititi would never do Star Wars movie
Taika Waititi would never do Star Wars movie - Green Valley News
Taika Waititi would never do Star Wars movie - Half Moon Bay Review
Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi reveals why Netflix took Michael Jackson chimp movie
I am living for this idea now. . Zoolander 2 starring. Taika Waititi as Derek Zoolander. Jeff Goldblum as Hansel
I didn't know it until I saw it but turns out I NEEDED Taika Waititi's thoughts on fashion.
Taika Waititi; easily the best dressed man on this planet.
What We Do In The Shadows (2014) dir. Jermaine Clement, Taika Waititi . I know I'm gonna love this movie, I just know it!!!…
What We Do in the Shadows dir. by Jermaine Clement & Taika Waititi (2014)
JULIAN DENNISON IS JOINING DEADPOOL, THIS IS GREAT (after Taika Waititi was with Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern...)
Thriller haka from end titles of Taika Waititi's film Boy (for Hera)
October Sky, starring Molly Ringwald and Diane Keaton. Directed by Taika Waititi, music by Jimi Hendrix. Budget: $150m
Going out on a limb and guessing Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi aren't turning the MCU into a Joel Schumacher atrocity.
"Hunt for the Wilderpeople". Directed by Taika Waititi. . Marvelous and charming movie from New Zealand. Director...
Peep new details on the next movie straight from director Taika Waititi:
Taika Waititi might be the best comedy director this side of Edgar Wright.
From the archives, 2007: the two sides of Taika Waititi, by Sylvia Giles, photographed by Emma Käthe Anderson…
Karl Urban (as future MCU bae). Also if Taika Waititi has at least a cameo in Ragnarok, then him too.
Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi standing with those who are fighting to protect their sacred land and water...
and I'd hazard to say that was due to Taika Waititi's direction starting to leak through.
hi i love taika waititi and Paul Rudd savor me
📷 waititi: Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson during Thor: Ragnarok’s last day of...
Looking for some good election counter-programming? Try Taika Waititi's utterly charming HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE.
Beloved daughter of Jermaine Clemont and Taika Waititi who loved her so much she died. She will be missed.
That Thor mid-credits scene doe...Taika Waititi bout to give that series new life.
This movie had Taika Waititi, what in the actual ***
I still can't believe Taika Waititi is going to direct a Marvel movie.
The director of the movie Taika Waititi is a director for Thor Ragnarok (2017).
Hamilton Collection
How I'm feeling after Taika Waititi shared our piece. 🌠
Just found out that the next Thor movie is being directed by Taika Waititi. That's the most unexpected twist ever. What?
Taika Waititi (first screenwriter) and the cast of Hamilton get a special thank you in the credits. So of COURSE I cried buckets.
Fantastisk! Manus, timing, skratten. Fantastiska Taika Waititi: . Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) 10/10
Thor: Ragnarok to ignore rest of Marvel universe, says director.
Thor Ragnarok will ignore all other Marvel films according to director Taika Waititi. Are you excited for this?...
Watched WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS to get a taste of Taika Waititi's humour, oh boy THOR is going to be fun.
Wait. I didn't know the Thor Dr Strange credit scene was directed by Taika Waititi...
Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii, starring Chevy Chase and Nestor Carbonell. Directed by Taika Waititi, music by T. Rex. Budget: $10m
I can't wait to see him with Thor in 'Ragnarok'. With Taika Waititi directing, no less. Giggle!
Agreed, I'm really interested to see what Taika Waititi does with it.
Look at the folks making their next four films. James Gunn. Jon Watts. Taika Waititi. Ryan Coogler. I think I may be on board for good.
Above all else, Taika Waititi directing THOR: RAGNAROK makes me VERY intrigued. His voice / vision could really enhance MCU if allowed.
okay but consider this: Taika Waititi directing a superhero movie.
Now even more psyched to see what Taika Waititi & his crew bring to the Marvel Universe in the next Thor movie.
The lost god storyline, planet hulk and ragnarok. Hope Taika Waititi will do justice to the story arcs.
I was looking through Taika Waititi's Instagram and I saw something today... is this who I think it is?…
i am OBSESSED with the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople please go watch it Taika Waititi is a directing genius
I can't believe I put off watching taika waititi's boy until today
I'm four minutes into BOY and just need to reiterate how much I love Taika Waititi
Taika says goodbye - insanely-smart: ragnarok-news: A photo posted by Taika Waititi (on Nov...
Thor 3 director Taika Waititi let slip an intriguing details about his Marvel movie last night:
who needs a life when you have Chinese and taika waititi movies
If you feel like you're in need of a new unattainable crush, may I suggest Taika Waititi
Tommy Lee Jones as Magnus, David Tennant as Skids, Rhys Darby or Taika Waititi as Getaway, Sam Neill as Riptide
What We Do in the Shadows (2014) dir. Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement
I was SO excited to see that movie and it didn't disappoint. Really love Sam Neill, and Taika Waititi (sp?).
Video: Skype Q&A with Taika Waititi moderated by Melanie Lynskey after screening of Hunt for the Wilderpeople...
Review: Taika Waititi's delightful Hunt for the Wilderpeople - ★★★★☆ -
Yes! Boy is GREAT. Taika Waititi, James Rolleston & Cohen Holloway ❤️ Be sure to check out Taika's other movies too!
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The sequel to Taika Waititi's 'What We Do in the Shadows' to be called 'We're Wolves'.
Teaser de 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', la nueva comedia de Taika Waititi
Director Taika Waititi discusses some of the THOR: RAGNAROK rumours
love that Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby are in this episode.
At this point Parris Goebel and Taika Waititi are the most important ppl in my life rn tbh
Waititi on Loki, Cate Blanchett’s Character and Norse Mythology. via
Taika Waititi, the Next Thor Director, Is an Indie Film Powerhouse. via http…
Taika Waititi says they're still trying to figure how Loki will fit into 'Thor: Ragnarok' https:/…
Thor: Ragnarok director teases talking Hulk, Cate Blanchett, and more
Thor: Ragnarok’: Taika Waititi on Loki, Cate Blanchett&Character, and Norse Mythology via
Taika Waititi- A great NZ director. Ingenious, funny and a nimble storyteller triumphs again, now at Sundance!!
director confirms and that there's a role for Cate Blanchett - https:…
Film: BOY by Taika Waititi. HIs first masterpiece. Moving, fun, humorous chronicle of a boy's dreams, disappointments- and Mic…
It's funny looking at both Kenneth Branagh and Taika Waititi's resumés, and then look at Alan Taylor's.
Taika Waititi, the next 'Thor' director, is an indie film powerhouse
What We Do In the Shadows by Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi/ this movie is a little quirky Vampire Gem. on sale!
So stoked for Taika Waititi right now - on his way to becoming a Hollywood director. Amazing achievement. Tumeke!.
Taika Waititi in talks to direct Thor: Ragnarok for Marvel - Entertainment Weekly
ewww yuck. Hopefully Taika Waititi can correct them all cz hes wrote the screenplay right?
I read Taika Waititi is 1 of the writers. He's done some excellent stuff. I might even want to watch a Disney film.
Happy Birthday Taika Waititi! – watching What We Do in the Shadows in New Zealand
Happy 40th Birthday, Taika Waititi! Dionysus in THE FROGS, title role in OTHELLO, and here as Zeus in THE BACCHAE:
Just got first glimpse of Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) from Disney's upcoming Taika Waititi-scripted film Moana. Looks amazing!
I'd be okay with a Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi vampire one.
YES AND I CANNOT WAIT. The director, Taika Waititi, is Maori and his films are hilarious and quirky.
Is it still the Hobbit one that Taika Waititi did? I love the guy but oh man, that thing wounds me.
.'s so beautiful & funny & imaginative. Reminded me of a Taika Waititi film but live - go see
I just watched the DVD of 'What We Do in the Shadows' that I got out from Alice's tonight; Taika Waititi is a genius!
What We Do In the Shadows cop show TV spinoff could be in the works: Taika Waititi, as vampire Viago, greets a...
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I liked a video Thriller Haka to Poi E From Taika Waititi's "Boy"
dude it's a Taika Waititi production so YEAH
Australia 90. What We Do in the Shadows - Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement
Many films are available online: Taika Waititi's Boy is on Netflix streaming.
Taika Waititi has directed three TV commercials for Crazy Domains starring Rhys Darby...
.Oh, I was watching them earlier on. Other links: &
I’ve had several people approach me on the street recently and say, “Hungry Man guy, I recently saw Taika...
I haven't got there yet. but i laughed out loud at Taika Waititi's sports news promo.
My thoughts on Lowell Dean's 'Wolfcop' and Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's 'What We Do…
"I hate that indie can be a 'cool brand.' It’s like buying jeans with knees pre-ripped."
"I was interested in making a doc on something you couldn’t document IRL, and have everyone treat it like it’s real."
"and I have always been known to be dark & weird"
wow this looks great » Still of Jonathan Brough, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement in "What We Do in the Shadows"
Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is coming back to Kendall Square Cinema starting...
Taika Waititi on the Art of the Absurdist Vampire Mockumentary: Editor's Note: This post is presented in partn...
Casa Vampiro (What We Do in the Shadows), de Taika Waititi y Jemaine Clement
What we do in the shadows. Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi. 7 bellellis
Taika Waititi takes on 7 Days with new TV show via
The Art of Creativity -Taika Waititi. You need a wide array of tools to express yourself.
Watching What We Do in the Shadows. Why is Jemaine so hot? and Taika Waititi? And I'm missing Wellington- stupid cuba street
I want Taika Waititi for 13 tbh, dream Doctor.
Weekend Rewind: New Zealand child stars: Film director Taika Waititi’s announcement that he is looking for a t...
Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi give some practical financial advice for vampires.
"My name is Boy. Welcome to my interesting world." . Watch this film.
It's already lost Taika Waititi and Duncan Garner, this would be too much to bear
Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi were on with the Sklars the other day talking about it and it sounds awesome.
Opening tonight at The Ross, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, a comedy from Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi...
WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi, 2015) continues at the See venue website for showtimes.
The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made -As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson; we're thrilled to unveil The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made. -Special cameos by Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman and Weta Workshop co-founder Sir Richard Taylor. Directed by Taika Waititi. Enjoy!
Co-written and co-directed by Jemaine Clement (of Flight Of The Conchords) and Taika Waititi (Eagle vs Shark), What We Do In The Shadows follows flatmates Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav. They are three vampires who are just trying to get by in modern society; from paying rent and sticking to the house…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi: Bloody hilarious"- great interview in the NZ Herald!
Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi write, direct and star in comedy horror What We Do in the Shadows…
Free screening of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (Diretors Jemaine Clement + Taika Waititi) this Tuesday in Salt Lake...
"What we do in the Shadows", la nueva comedia de Taika Waititi, junto a Jemaine Clement (de Flight of the Conchords):
Taika Waititi and Dan Carter breaking up something. I can't wait to find out more!
Here's a treat for you! Check out a special sneak peek of next Monday's 60 Minutes local story, an exclusive interview with quirky kiwi film-maker Taika Waititi about his latest comedic masterpiece, What We Do In The Shadows. Catch the film in cinemas June 19 and catch Taika on 60 Minutes next Monday June 2!
Melissa George, Sophie Lowe and Taika Waititi to star in coming-of-age drama THE INSECT KING:
Taika Waititi to star along Melissa George and Sophie Lowe in The Insect King written and directed by Priscilla...
The official trailer for the New Zealand vampire comedy "What We Do in the Shadows, directed by Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi, about three vampire flatmate...
I loved this one: But I'm a massive Taika Waititi fan, so that was my attraction to it. He's brillant.
Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS screening this week at the Sundance Film Festival.
New Zealand filmmakers Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement have redefined the meaning of friendship in their latest film "What We Do in the Shadows," an off-beat comedy about the ordinary lives of less-than-ordinary vampires, whose contemporary environment seems to continually conflict with their som...
Meet the 2014 Sundance Filmmakers What Being a Vampire Means to 'What We Do in the Shadows' Directors Tai...
Taika Waititi is a visual artist, actor, writer and director hailing from the Raukokore region of New Zealand. His short film Two Cars, One Night was nominat...
I find out in 5 days if my film has made it into Short FIlm category for the Oscars. If I am nominated, I would be the second Kiwi in the 86 year history to have an Oscar nomination in this category right behind Taika Waititi "Two Cars, One Night"., which is pretty awesome company to be in. Whatever happens, I owe a debt of gratitude to the friends who pushed me to start writing and to everyone who believed in me. Crossing my fingers!
So happy I bought this film, "Eagle vs. Shark" has saved my evening. Taika Waititi, I still want to meet you and I want to go to New Zealand even more!
BOY was absolutely brilliant. Funny, charming and bittersweet. Must see film from writer/director Taika Waititi.
This is a recent TVC for Carlton Dry directed by Taika Waititi of Curious Film for Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. Onlined by Eugene Richards and graded by Fergus Hally, for this commercial we dusted off the old VHS deck to give the aerobics TV insert that authentic generation loss look that you can only get on real VHS. We dubbed it for three generations to introduce those old school aberrations and errors. Raw 2K to VHS! What a treat!
you don't have to, it's Taika Waititi therefore it's awesome!
Photo: The first film in a long line of films I’m going to be recommending is Boy by Taika Waititi. The...
Recommend Film: Boy (2010, English/Chinese Subtitle) Movie Link: is a 2010 New Zealand coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Taika Waititi and financed by the New Zealand Film Commission. In New Zealand, the film eclipsed previous records for a first week's box office takings for a local production. Boy went on to become the highest grossing New Zealand film at the local box office.
Just announced! Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's vampire mockumentary 'What We Do In The Shadows' will premiere at Sundance Film Festival as part of Park City at Midnight section. The Festival t...
New Zealand came of age on the race issue. Good faith Taika Waititi's new Poi E video from the hit movie Boy:
Taika Waititi takes on the snowy streets of Berlin with his new smart!
Taika Waititi is such a brilliant story-teller... I could honestly listen to him all day. He's one of those people.
We cannot stay silent while racists like this carry knives through airports & blame the diligence of customs officers on anyone who looks different. When I travel I look like a wog to most customs officers, even when I come home. If Cliff Curtis or Taika Waititi grew a beard they would look like Osama Bin Laden. This is the face of social terrorism intended to provoke fear, hatred & division amongst us to advance his own weak, un elected, political status. Don't apologise or make excususes for him.
*** i cant believe the americans have tried to do their own version of the inbetweeners FFS
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Melbourne, Victoria - Australia July 25 to August 11, 2013 In the Spotlight today is the 62nd Annual Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), continuing a stellar legacy of global cinema exploration in the warm-hearted metropolis of Melbourne, Australia. As one of the oldest and largest film festivals on the circuit, MIFF boasts a large, loyal audience and enjoys its well-established public profile as a major event on the Australian calendar. Touting accreditation from the Academy Awards, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), the Australian Film Institute, and the Australian Academy of Cinema Television Arts (AACTA), MIFF offers the top winners in several categories the possibility of major award recognition. MIFF is truly an extraordinary launchpad for as-of-yet undiscovered artists and an unforgettable symposium for those at the top of their craft. The Festival also offers awards with cash prizes between $5,000 and $10,000 AUD. It's no wonder ...
2 cars 1 night is on now DBS two it's a Maori short film by Taika Waititi
If you're in Australia, you can watch Taika Waititi's BOY online on SBS On Demand till 23 February.
Double Kiwi movie night in last night thanks SBS. BOY and EAGLE VS SHARK. Taika Waititi is a legend. Both funny, moving, and beautiful films
Absolutely loved the double-feat of Boy & Eagle vs Shark on last nite - needless to say I'm a seasoned Taika Waititi fan now!
Taika Waititi double on SBS tonight! :-)
Taika Waititi double on tonight! Starting with one of my favourite films of 2010, BOY at 9:30pm! Michael Jecksun!
Did the host of Berlinale honestly just ask if Taika Waititi's name was fake?
Dreamt last night that I met Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, and while looking for something for them to sign I found papers which suggested that I had, in fact, written several of FOTC's songs (somehow I'd forgotten about it). Then they did a kind of flash mob comedy performance in the middle of the street in aid of the homeless. I also found a load of My Little Ponies at the charity shop. Great dumb dream - much better than the dumb dream I had the night before last in which I took a frog to techniquest and it collapsed with hunger so I took the dead frog I'd been chewing on out of my mouth and fed it to the live frog to revive it.
Perfect end to 'Kiwi Week'. Taika Waititi's 'Boy' screening on on Saturday night.
In London? A Kiwi? Celebrate Waitangi Day at Jetlag Bar watching Taika Waititi's BOY, which starts about... now!...
Borg - Tesco new TV ad directed by Taika Waititi
Writer/Dir. Taika Waititi / 2004 / 18 mins / NZ / Young Maori Battalion soldiers wait for night to fall in the ruins of a war-torn Italian home. Forced into ...
Taylor and Lovari with the director/actor Taika Waititi of the movie "Boy" at The Film and Video Center’s National Museum of the American Indian NYC. 2/28/2012
Extras still required for Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's new feature film being shot in Wellington!...
Extras still needed for Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi's film being shot in Wellington for various shoot days/times:
'Hey Amy do you want to come be an extra in a film with Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement on Monday?' NO I'LL BE IN ROTORUA FML FML FML.
Taika Waititi, so talented it's matter of time B4 Austrlia claims hm? Jane Campion Russell Crowe Keith Urban, who else?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
In his new ad for Steinlager, New Zealand's Sweetheart, Taika Waititi, shows us just how good New Zealanders have...
At advance screening of "Boy" the movie by Taika Waititi (NZ). Director here, and back at Kahala tomorrow and Saturday. Story in TGIF Friday
The year is 1984, and on the rural East Coast of New Zealand "Thriller" is changing kids' lives. Directed by Taika Waititi (Eagle vs Shark), BOY is the hilarious and heartfelt coming-of-age tale about heroes, magic and MJ.
It features an interview with Bob Newhart, a piece on Mr. Rogers, and ends with a recommendation for Taika Waititi's Boy. So wonderful.
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