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Tahmoh Penikett

Tahmoh Penikett (born May 20, 1975) is a Canadian actor.

Battlestar Galactica Jamie Bamber Michael Trucco Tricia Helfer John Barrowman Nathan Fillion Jeri Ryan Alan Tudyk Amy Acker Joss Whedon Matt Mullins Casper Van Dien Karl Urban Bear McCreary Mark Sheppard Eliza Dushku Victor Webster

Thank the Lords of Kobol for the jawlines of Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett.
Natasha Henstridge and Tahmoh Penikett on the red carpet event for
Watching Real Detective on Netflix and this episode has Tahmoh Penikett playing a Detective called Jensen.
Which cast member would you call to help bury a body? Rich: Misha. Later, Tahmoh Penikett.
Tahmoh Penikett and the Sexbots is the band I never knew I always wanted to be a groupie for
What if you skip the space army episodes and only watch Tahmoh Penikett and the sexobots
It's a slow burn, but it left me a lifelong devotion to Tahmoh Penikett.
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. No. Tahmoh Penikett played Duke's dad. MC plays Castiel on Spn.
JDM (move Ruth to Saturday possibly, then the whole family would be there!), Tahmoh Penikett, or Rachel Miner. Please!
Check out my interview with Tahmoh Penikett about new Netflix series .
listen,, if Tahmoh Penikett was a trans guy, that's Kiran's face
Stana bts of filming Castle episode "Always." Standing with Rob Bowman, Andrew and Terri and Tahmoh Penikett.
Why am I stuck in bed sick as a dog when I could be meeting Tricia Helfer and Tahmoh Penikett :(:(:(
new banner for our Tahmoh Penikett fan group! Thanks x
Tahmoh Penikett, actor, aka the dude who bangs the robot aka the dude who bangs the dolls
Tahmoh Penikett has always been a hottie; on BSG & here he is on Dollhouse. (The shirt needs some tailoring thol.)
BSG is the real deal and as hints, it has a beautiful twist at the very end. Plus, Tahmoh Penikett is a thing to behold!
📷 Tahmoh Penikett at he 3rd Annual Hot in Hollywood to Benefit Two Foundations Aids Healthcare and the...
I'm trying to think of people I'd cast in his place, I think Tahmoh Penikett would be a better fit. Not 100%, but better!
Riftworld Chronicles takes home Audience Choice, Best Actor (Tahmoh Penikett) and Virgin Produced Awards at...
thanks for sharing Tahmoh Penikett, have a great Monday :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ 🆓🔹
I've been wanting to see Tahmoh Penikett in a role where I can truly enjoy him, and not as He Who Shall Not Be Named.
Well I don't have a shirtless Tahmoh Penikett in front of me... LOL
📷 Fulvio Cecere and Tahmoh Penikett on set of Thornwood Hights Fulvio: “For Battlestar Galactica...
By the way, for anyone who follows me who doesn't love Penikett or you might want to mute me for the next hour or so...😆
I love Tahmoh Penikett. Need to binge watch BSG again!
longingforspace: Got an autograph from Tahmoh Penikett earlier and I thanked him for openly bring proud of...
Tahmoh Penikett, going to drink lots of whisky with Ty tonight and see who will win a martial arts fight.
I got a photo ops with Tahmoh Penikett. Very happy that they didn't sold out.
Tahmoh Penikett is so adorable! He talked to me about Paris and how much he loves the city ❤️
L.A.'s a great city in a lot of ways. There's a lot of great weather here. ...
Padalecki does a frighteningly good job mimicking Tahmoh Penikett's facial expressions...
I wanted tahmoh penikett as namor but it's not happening lol
Its so hot. Maybe Tahmoh Penikett is here.
oh crap! I didn't recognize that it's Tahmoh Penikett in the middle! We're gonna need a different name for this club...
in which case is lean towards Kevin Durand or a little left field tahmoh penikett.
Grace pictured with her former BSG co-star and fellow Canadian Tahmoh Penikett and Orange is the New Black's...
Tahmoh Penikett is in my city right now and I just found out about this! 😭😭😭
Needed a break from my Misha drawing, so I drew a very quick sketch of Tahmoh Penikett. Keeping it in the
Also based on his action in Battlestar Galactica & Dollhouse, Tahmoh Penikett wouldn't be killed like that
. Now's your chance,Tahmoh!. Hop into the ring! 😜. Tahmoh, The prodigal Midnight Son Penikett!!!
On today's "Tahmoh Penikett in RIFTWORLD CHRONICLES - Episode 5!" they used a 6th Gun book as a prop.
Tahmoh Penikett in RIFTWORLD CHRONICLES - Episode 4! via I love this fricking show
I can't decide if I find the whole Nathan Fillion/Victor Webster/Tahmoh Penikett/Michael Trucco friendship thing awesome or weird.
Tahmoh Penikett. When I met him I felt so embarrassed. I became the ugly duckling 13 year old Bella
I used Tahmoh Penikett the last time I needed a villain. He's kind of a blank to me.
I liked a video Tahmoh Penikett in RIFTWORLD CHRONICLES - Episode 3!
Tahmoh Penikett in RIFTWORLD CHRONICLES - Episode 4!. Watch the whole ...
Tahmoh Penikett's performance in 'Real Detective' was absolutely flawless. Don't tease me for watching crime dramas, I am an adult, mostly.
the so many people's who call you're self Tahmoh Penikett.scare got miss the real Tahmoh
I think I'm not Tahmoh Penikett's fan anymore.i .think.goodbye maby
Tahmoh Penikett is a beautiful man.
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My biggest Dollhouse regret ? Tahmoh Penikett and Enver Glokaj missing kiss in Belle Chose.
Well I didn't go to in the end - once Tahmoh Penikett cancelled, there wasn't much point going for me. But at this...
He’s so handsome the character needs to have bite or he will be bland. It’s the Tahmoh Penikett problem.
I just can't believe my luck - I spend a week utterly fed up I wont get to meet Tahmoh Penikett, only to get the chance to meet Victor...
Thanks for sharing these pic of Tahmoh Penikett & not Tamoh Pinikett lol
I can't believe how much David Conrad looks like an older Tahmoh Penikett! They could be twins!
Tahmoh Penikett sounds exactly like someone and I can't for the life of me remember who it is :/
I added a video to a playlist THANK YOU - Tahmoh Penikett + Erin Karpluk - Riftworld
I don't like the fact that Canada gave us Justin Beiber but then I love the fact that Canada gave us Tahmoh Penikett...
Seeing Tahmoh Penikett on my TL makes me happy.
He is! I freaking love Tahmoh Penikett, yo!
I'm considering Asylum 15 over HW7. Tahmoh Penikett & Jewel Staite. Since VB6 is utterly out of the question
Okay is it just me or jason isaacs and tahmoh penikett do look alike
Oh man, imagine getting a SEXY VOICEMAIL from Tahmoh Penikett. "Hi...Clint. Are you alone? Would you like to be a..spy?"
does Tahmoh Penikett playing Gadreel count in Supernatural? Oh! And his role in !
Tahmoh Penikett and his insufferable rectangularity. Best thing ive read in ages.
I was more concerned with Tahmoh Penikett's TERRIBLE English accent.
Tahmoh Penikett's character just gave some pretty solid orders to break someone's fingers and it was disturbingly hot.
Alan Tudyk and Tahmoh Penikett in the Dollhouse panel.
I'm still in ecstasy over meeting Tahmoh Penikett. He is so beautiful and I just love him so much.
Had another great day Brisbane! Got photos with Neve McIntosh, Tahmoh Penikett, Louise Brealey, Robert Knepper & Jack Gleeson.
Tahmoh Penikett guy who was dukes dad was in trick r treat with her as well. Kinda interesting lol.
About to see Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett at Brisbane Exciting :D.
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Honestly is a truly unique thing, and it's hard for anything to step up to that. Tahmoh Penikett
Had a great 1st day at Supanova. Saw Alan Tudyk & Tahmoh Penikett in the Dollhouse panel, James & Oliver Phelps aka the Weasley twins panel.
Oh my gosh Tahmoh Penikett is coming to Dallas con! Ah
I forgot Tahmoh penikett was on Arrow!
Just watching "Criminal Minds" season 9 on DVD when Tahmoh Penikett's guest-star bad guy character says "I'll call for Helo extraction".
oh god no. A young Patrick Warburton honestly would have been a *** good Cap Marvel. Tahmoh Penikett is a solid choice now.
There are very few actors that I see pop up in a show and I go, "NOT THIS GUY!", but Tahmoh Penikett is one of them. He's just awful. Sorry.
Better question: how was ever able to forget Tahmoh Penikett? What a *** babe.
Also he could be Tahmoh Penikett's brother.
Tahmoh Penikett is hot and you cannot deny it
...get straight up green-eyed monster jealous. Specifically: Sam Witwer, Nathan Fillion, Tahmoh Penikett, Karl Urban, and...
Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett beating each other up will always be one of my favorite scenes of
Tahmoh Penikett as Gadreel WIP...he's making it pretty hard to hate this character! ;_;
Tahmoh Penikett looks great on bomb girls!!! Way to go... Not Only a Canadian actor but from Whitehorse!!
Criminal Minds Exclusive: BSG Vet Tahmoh Penikett Fills Key Role in Movie-Like Episode 200 Criminal Minds Tahmoh Penikett Criminal Minds‘ JJ Jareau is due to get a devastating blast from the past — and it will come in the form of Tahmoh Penikett. As first revealed by Instagram photos shared by producer Rick Dunkle, the Battlestar Galactica/Dollhouse alum will appear in Episode 200 of the CBS crime drama, and now TVLine can reveal exclusive details. Penikett will play Michael Hastings, someone with whom JJ worked during her off-camera Season 6 stint at the State Department. And when he resurfaces, let’s just say that it is not happy to see me. As previously reported, Criminal Minds‘ milestone episode will shed light on JJ’s time away from the BAU, addressing questions first raised by the introduction of Esai Morales as new section chief Mateo Cruz. As showrunner Erica Messer told me last week, “The mystery of what happened to JJ is very much answered…. A lot of things happened to her professi ...
Tahmoh Penikett is so freaking sexy in Supernatural.
I love the Winchester boys, and I especially love that Tahmoh Penikett from BSG is INSIDE, literally inside Sammy...
A fun, behind the scenes look at our shoot with Tahmoh Penikett by the super talented Brendan Meadows!
I just watched Man of Steel last night. gotta say, I was surprised Tahmoh Penikett was in it! How did I not know that? Anyways, it sucked..
1) I waited 34 years to travel west of the Mississippi 2) I have never broken a bone in my body ever 3) Threatening me with a tattoo of "RETA" is effective (Alicia and Erika lol) 4) I have no tattoos and probably never will :-) 5) I have my future childrens' names picked out - of course Chris Evans or Tahmoh Penikett is the father LMAO 6) Guns and Julie don't mix - I have never held one nor shot one... also confident that one in my hands would be HIGHLY DANGEROUS lol
//Random but, liked Man of Steel, not as much as I thought I would by a fair bit, just seemed to drone on a bit I thought. Also I'd have been happier with Tahmoh Penikett for Kal El/Clark. So much more Kal El material and wouldn't need a padded suit. I don't care how that sounds lol. You rock Tahmoh! (Well so far, not like gone out of my way to see his stuff but he pops up in so many cool things) Tahmoh should be Superman! Wohoo!
Ward totally sounded like Tahmoh Penikett there...
GSP, inspiration for my hero in HER SON'S HERO, will be fighting in UFC 167 this Saturday. Check out this spoof ad. via Tahmoh Penikett
Helo's a character...played by Tahmoh Penikett...stunning man xD
And then I see them hanging out with Tahmoh Penikett and everything just goes wrong
I'm gonna rub my face all over Tahmoh Penikett's gloriously well-muscled back
We are pleased to announce that Tahmoh Penikett will be attending Asylum 13 in October 2014. Tahmoh played Ezekiel in the Supernatural TV series. Tahmoh has had notable guest appearances on Continu...
I think Tahmoh Penikett would have made a great Bruce Banner.
not entirely true...I also want Tahmoh Penikett :)
Petition for Tahmoh Penikett to guest star in every television show ever.
It’s the Tahmoh Penikett Q&A from Photo taken by Gita Jackson. xoxogossipgita
Tahmoh Penikett shared the following link and had this to say about it: Little boy’s hilarious conversation with himself while sitting on the toilet | 22 Words 3-year-old ponders the consequences of his dietary decisions while going to the bathroom... (via Reddit...
Highlight of My Day: watching Patten Oswalt get beat up by Tahmoh Penikett lol
Tahmoh Penikett for A13?? Don't mind if i do, thanks rogue :D
Channel surfing and I came across a movie called Trick 'r Treat and it has Tahmoh Penikett in it. I was like, "is that Ezekiel? Omg it is" lol - Sarah
OK...what the *** is up with Arrow? It has a fantastic main cast, good acting (sometimes Alex Kingston breaking your heart with pure emotion that should not exist in a CW comic book show), a pretty riveting story arc in season 1. And then there's the supporting cast, which consists of pretty much every character actor from the tv shows I love. John Barrowman, Alex Kingston, Manu Bennett, Ben Browder, David Anders, James Callis, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Tahmoh Penikett, Sean Maher, Rekha Sharma.and it frickin' goes on. It's like someone cast a TV show using my brain.
Ok how many great actors are they gonna throw into this show? John Barrowman, Colin Salmon, Tahmoh Penikett... i mean seriously, its like they are taking some of my favorite "B-list" actors and putting them in this show.
What to Watch Tuesday: Revived Supernatural, Frontline Sacks the NFL, Sons Alliance and More On TV this Tuesday: Supernatural‘s premiere calls all angels, The Originals stake claim to their regular time slot, Person of Interest uses its (considerable) feminine wiles and Sons of Anarchy make friends. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar. 8 pm The Originals (The CW) | Time-slot premiere: Rebekah arrives in New Orleans, where she meets Hayley, gets some unexpected news and seeks help from Sophie. 9 pm Frontline (PBS) | In “League of Denial,” the documentary series works with ESPN journalists to investigate thousand of former NFL players’ claims that the league has covered up football’s connection to long-term brain injuries. 9 pm Supernatural (The CW) | Season 9 premiere: With Sam near death, Dean’s asks the angels for help – and Ezekiel (played by Battlestar Galactica‘s Tahmoh Penikett) is the first to show up. Meanwhile, Sam must face familiar demons as he fights for his life. (Check ...
casting news for BZN's Justice League/Superman:Tahmoh Penikett as Superman/Clark Kent, Kelsey Grammer as President Eisenhower.
the panels for comiccon are as follows: Friday James Callis Tahmoh Penikett, Saturday everybody, Sunday EJO Michael hogan
Does anyone who watched Bomb Girls know what on earth that accent Tahmoh Penikett is attempting to put on is?
I didn't know Tahmoh Penikett is going to guest star on Supernatural!
Photo: addictedto221b: Tahmoh Penikett (from BSG for example) Nathan Fillion (from Firefly) Michael Tucco...
plus Tahmoh Penikett. You can't go wrong ;-)
Tahmoh Penikett's 'British accent' is so so terrible.
You know you want to ogle Karl Urban and Tahmoh Penikett and vote in the Hot Guy Face Off Friday at
I'm kind of really in love with Tahmoh Penikett.
Hey Tahmoh Penikett fans, make sure you also follow ?
Tahmoh Penikett sports a british accent in season 2 of Bomb Girls.
U might even find it funny...even I did in a few places! but it had Tahmoh Penikett & had to watch!
Tahmoh Penikett is going to be on Supernatural! TAHMOH PENIKETT IS GOING TO BE ON SUPERNATURAL! *faints*
The news announcer on the tv sounds so much like Tahmoh Penikett~ I'm doing my best to ignore what he's saying and just enjoy his voice.
This summer, I went 2 ConnectiCon and met actors from Star Trek & Battlestar Galactica, like Tahmoh Penikett
Tahmoh Penikett on Supernatural, Katee Sackhoff on Riddick... glad to some of the BSG alum back
One more reason to miss my show even more. Anyway ! Here he is ! Meet Tahmoh Penikett.
Sebastian and Viola are supposed to be twins. default to Brian White, or challenge w/ Tahmoh Penikett?
I wish I knew how to pronounce Tahmoh Penikett's name so I could talk about how much of a babe he is.
I had forgotten Tahmoh Penikett was in it, and I accidentally yelled "HELO!", and the couple of dudes beside me shushed me. Civilians.
Will do. Her follow-up text: "Please prepare for all the texts you'll be getting from me about Tahmoh Penikett."
So uh, any chance Tahmoh Penikett will be making it to this year?
and I with Tahmoh Penikett at ctcon. Really nice guy, great actor.
My boyfriend Tahmoh Penikett was the inspiration for the hero in one of my books. I love him!
Please bring Marina Sirtis back for me. And Tahmoh Penikett and Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica hawtness). Be my superhero too!
Tahmoh Penikett getting real philosophical about the nature of consciousness at
Is now taking Dragoncon orders. Who do I need to bring back Tahmoh Penikett for? So far ordered, I need to stick Norman Reedus in my trunk for Sarah Ketelsen Chamberlin if he's added :)
We saw Man of Steel on Sunday and I was totally Battlestar Galactica fangirling when I saw both Helo ( Tahmoh Penikett) and Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) in the movie. I missed Henry Cavil's Tudor's accent but realize as the Man of Steel he has perfected the clenched jaw wonderfully.
So Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta on "Battlestar Galactica") played Dr. Emil Hamilton on "Smallville." In "Man of Steel," he has a small role as Officer Sekowsky opposite Richard Schiff, who plays ... Dr. Emil Hamilton! Coincidence?? And for BSG fans, Tahmoh Penikett also has a small role.
Eating lunch in the same restaurant as Michael Trucco, Tahmoh Penikett, and Bear McCreary. I'm living the life.
If you think 22 days is too long to wait until what if you had to wait another 5 years?? That's right, Galacticon 4 DOES NOT happen until 2018!! And, who is to say that in 5 years, you'll be able to experience a guest line up like we have this year with MORE THAN 20 CELEBRITY GUESTS from both the classic and the re-imagined series?! Don't miss this special milestone celebration ...See More — with Edward James Olmos, Michael Trucco, Aaron Douglas, Tricia Helfer, Bear McCreary, Luciana Carro, Tahmoh Penikett, Richard Hatch - Actor Fan Page, Herbert Jefferson, Jr. and Dirk Benedict.
yeah crushing on Jamie Bamber in a flight suit…oh and Tahmoh Penikett.
Tahmoh Penikett.does it get much hotter? (Let's hope and the shirt really comes off!)
I'll be screaming very loud if they announce Tahmoh Penikett ! :)
Colonials, if you don't already know, GalactiCon 3 latest guess is none other than Tahmoh Penikett. Battlestar...
You need to add Tahmoh Penikett in there ! :) But I'll be there anyway :)
Tahmoh Penikett announced for the big reunion next month at
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I really, really want to see Tahmoh Penikett, I got a huge crush on that man :)
Oh hey, has Tahmoh Penikett been cast in the S.H.I.E.L.D pilot yet?
...Tahmoh Penikett. Bryan fuller has responded to me a bunch of times. He even used a header I made.
i still remember shaking Tahmoh Penikett's hand last yr. he almost crushed mine.
So apparently Tahmoh Penikett, aka Karl Agathon, will be playing Henry Ackerdson on Man of Steel. Interesting.
And here I was hoping to see Tahmoh Penikett ! :(
Looks like Tahmoh will be back for season 2! caught them filming at the Vancouver Art Gallery
Tahmoh Penikett was in Stargate as a human replicator. Dude gets around.
back on in S2! Hooray!! Wow, that suit is
Michelle Forbes & Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica reunite on this show.
Tahmoh Penikett's jawline is out of control.
OK, I usually really don't care about these things, well frak it yes I do. What the heck is happening in Austin Tx, cause I sure in *** want to be noisy, lol. First Tricia Helfer is headed there followed by Nathan Fillion, then followed by Michael Trucco, and finally Tahmoh Penikett. *** yeah, now that's a party I want to crash :)
Currently watching Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 1. It's a gem of an online show featuring lots of folks from other popular scifi/fantasy shows, so far there's Jeri Ryan (from Star Trek/Dark Skies), Tahmoh Penikett (from Battlestar Galactica) and Casper Van Dien (from Starship Troopers).
Totally love Jamie Bamber & Tahmoh Penikett in Galactica they rule ,I haven't seen Michael Trucco yet :( but hopefully soon
Netflix Addix Observations of the Day: If you never checked out "Dollhouse" when it was on FOX, you should give it a shot. A Joss Whedon creation, you get a truly unique concept with lots of new faces to go along with multiple satisfactions from previous Whedon discoveries. With recurring roles for "Firefly"/"Serenity" faves like Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau, and more than a half dozen Battlestar Galactica alums like Tahmoh Penikett ("Helo"), Jamie Bamber ("Apollo"), Mark Sheppard ("Badger" on Firefly/"Romo Lampkin" on Battlestar), as well as Amy Acker from "Buffy the Vampireslayer" spin-off "Angel" and Felicia Day from "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" (Thanks again, Netflix.)
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Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett throwing down in a restaurant kitchen and alley may be the best-written and acted fight scene I've watched.
Eating KD at 10pm while watching bad dragon movie because Tahmoh Penikett is in it.
I always forget his name, Tahmoh Penikett. I loves his voice
Mellie is portrayed by who is the only one on the show even prettier than Tahmoh Penikett
So far, seen Michael Jai White (Jax), Tahmoh Penikett (Stryker), and Jeri Ryan (Sonya). They certainly put some effort into this
Just a little bit in love with Tahmoh Penikett!
Wow. is trying so hard. First John Barrowman, now Tahmoh Penikett.
Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Meloni, Tahmoh Penikett, AND Richard Schiff are all in Man of Steel?
The cast will feature Harry Shum, Jr. as Kuai Liang, Sub-Zero's younger brother, Casper Van Dien replacing Matt Mullins as Johnny Cage, Brian Tee as Liu Kang, Mark Dacascos as Kung Lao, Ian Anthony Dale returning as Scorpion, and Cary Tagawa reprising his role as Shang Tsung from the first feature film, unrelated to the continuity of Tancharoen's series. Jeri Ryan, Tahmoh Penikett and Michael Jai White are not coming back for season 2.
Watching This show now has John Barrowman AND Tahmoh Penikett on it? Huzzah!
Tahmoh Penikett and John Barrowman in the same episode. Oh you spoil me, Arrow.
China White, Tahmoh Penikett, John Barrowman and the Huntress. New characters and villains are starting to show up. Exciting!
Well, the fight is over, ceded Amy Acker love to me in exchange for Tahmoh Penikett. This feels fair.
Care to tell us who will the cast are and who will reprise? No Matt Mullins as Cage, or Tahmoh Penikett as Stryker?
It's a shame that we don't get to see Matt Mullins as Johnny Cage or Tahmoh Penikett as Stryker anymore, seriously?
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The fight scenes between Tahmoh Penikett & Eliza Dushku get me all hot & bothered!
it took me a while to get into (even tahmoh penikett was not enough at the beginning) but I really ended up loving it a lot.
A episode with Tahmoh Penikett and Mark Sheppard in a scene together. It's like being back on the Galactica!
Chit chatted with Tahmoh Penikett on the set today... that's Helo to you Battlestar Galactia fans!
Woah Woah - you did not tell us that Tahmoh Penikett was on your show...
Probably remembered best from BSG 75 but I think Tahmoh Penikett from Trick R Treat would make an awesome addition :)
I'm waiting for Tahmoh Penikett to show up so they can all get in the hot tub together. :-D
and well to be honest Tahmoh Penikett has also a pretty great butt LOL
Deb's ace musician boyfriend from that season of list goes on.Also, Barrowman and Tahmoh Penikett later in the season apparently
Important question on Wentworth Miller: am I the only one who thinks his vocal doppelgänger is Tahmoh Penikett?
O.K. -- (Green) Arrow TV Show, you win. Adding John Barrowman was alright, but Tahmoh Penikett? Who played the father of the future on BSG? And the world's worst FBI agent on Dollhouse? Cheap shot, show, Cheap shot.
Arrow is continuing to up its geek cred. The upcoming CW superhero drama has enlisted Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse alum Tahmoh Penikett, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Penikett will play Tom Salvati, the right-hand man to mob boss Frank Bertinelli (who will be played by the previously...
Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica actor Tahmoh Penikett will be appearing on The CW's Arrow.
Imagine a world just like this one, but where Tahmoh Penikett played Apollo instead of Jamie “El Diablo Del Snooze” Bamber.
News and information on the world of Superman with daily updates and features.
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Is there also a version with Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett by any chance?
Just watched for the 1st time so I could see a sexy as *** Tahmoh Penikett. He had 3 mins of screen time & beat up a girl.
Of course! If you don't like it it's no big deal. You can move on to other things, like more Tahmoh Penikett.
I think they actually managed to get Tahmoh Penikett to emote on Castle. More of that, please!
Epic pic from Tahmoh Penikett and little old me!
If you ever see Tahmoh Penikett, tell him that he is so awesome we named our new baby Helo.
Okay, SERIOUSLY?! was on Castle, Tahmoh Penikett was on Castle, can we PLEASE get on Castle?!
With 48 days to go has raised over $6700 of his $20k goal.
Please support - he was instrumental in our development process and he has a journey of his own.
Tartarus' Tahmoh Penikett stars in this epic film, release set for Summer 2013. The teaser is something we aspire to.
Did all my folk back Tahmoh's new short film!?!
Also, I've never seen BSG but, for other valid reasons: Tahmoh Penikett, Callum Keith Rennie and Dean Stockwell. ;-)
Canada also gave us and Tahmoh Penikett, so we fangirls forgive Bieber and Nickelback.
Connecting with good friends is in my top three things I love about the Con. Michael Trucco [shown, left, with Tricia Helfer], Tahmoh Penikett, and…
Great cast of who took the time to sign photos & take pics with fans. Tahmoh Penikett
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ooh good one. Or Tahmoh Penikett's character because he is oh so handsome - my fav
.and can you tell your followers about which stars Helo from
Tahmoh Penikett to star in SciFi short film 'Tartarus' we thought you might be interested.
You know who should do a Funny or Die video? Tahmoh Penikett! That would be awesome.
Yeah, it's a weird, but so much fun! is starting a religion to worship Tahmoh Penikett. She can send you a pamphlet.
catching up and watching tahmoh penikett on YAY! talked to him at abt it and he MAY have given me a scoop XD
Just hanging with cutie Tahmoh Penikett. No big deal.
Whoa, Tahmoh Penikett in the latest was always a favourite on
Hey guys, need backing for a project I'm a part of. Pass the word if you can.
Is that Tahmoh Penikett from Dollhouse in this week's Tahmoh's a cool name btw
Tahmoh Penikett is my favorite Stryker! Would love to see him fight in Legacy season 2!
will Tahmoh Penikett get to kick some *** this time as Stryker?
Victor Webster AND Tahmoh Penikett on my screen. Together. On the same show. Eyegasm.
Tahmoh penikett to play shades character grey
made Tahmoh Penikett (BSG’s Helo) into an analogue of Gregor Robertson. If that doesn’t give them a second season, nothing will.
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Dear ComiCon attendees, Did any of you ask exactly how many minutes of screen time Tahmoh Penikett gets in Man Of Steel as Henry Ackerman?
trailer is torturous, but i'll pay any amount to see Tahmoh Penikett on the big screen TARTARUS
Tahmoh Penikett cast in indie scifi film
Wow. Two hotties in one scene: Victor Webster and Tahmoh Penikett.
So Tahmoh Penikett and Victor Webster are real life friends. Hmm.
Helo! Awesome to see Tahmoh Penikett on a sci-fi show in Vancouver again.
Tahmoh Penikett ladies and gentlemen!! One of my best friends in real life and great actor and stud
Tahmoh Penikett is so handsome. Ugh Helo I love you. Your character is so perfect. I'm having a lot of BSG feels right now.
Also sobbing with jealousy that you got to meet Tricia Helfer and Tahmoh Penikett jfc
Spotted last nite at our Tahmoh Penikett & along w/
Me too! One of my favorites! As is Tahmoh Penikett in Dollhouse and BSG!
Please tell me that somewhere on the internet there is a compilation of all of Tahmoh Penikett's fight scenes.
yo, I just met Tricia Helfer, Michael Trucco, and Tahmoh Penikett!!!
If any of you go to the Joss Whedon panel at , please ask him what role Tahmoh Penikett will have in the next Avengers film.
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When Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett share a frame, it gives me the giggles. Bamber looks so small!
I'm only 90 mins into the series, but I'm fairly certain that Helo is my new TV boyfriend. Tahmoh Penikett can get it. All of it.
Stana Katic got to fight both Tahmoh Penikett and
You should give the miniseries a shot. It's not long and I think you'll like it. Tahmoh Penikett from Dollhouse is in it.
Oh Tahmoh Penikett... The things I'd let you do to me... *swoon*
What! Tahmoh Penikett is in this episode of Smallville!!! w00t! Getting my geek on like whoa!
Aaaand... First sighting of Tahmoh Penikett's biceps. That's good. :) Very nice.
Tahmoh Penikett. Just a 1 time role (so far as I can tell) as an opposing lawyer. But I couldn't place him, so IMDB to the rescue
Double yay, tasty pockets of Tahmoh Penikett in
there are only 2 men I would consider giving up for: Tahmoh Penikett or :)
Just got to watch the season finale. My brain asked two things "where does it go from here" and "I hope Tahmoh Penikett returns"...
Rewatching the Castle finale and forgot Tahmoh Penikett was in it. Helo, no! (I may have been rewatching BSG recently)
Tahmoh Penikett showed up in and Amy Acker popped up on Who's next? Fran Kranz on
Tahmoh Penikett Like this cute Dog costumes and accessories for your Redbone Coonhound?
OH! It was Tahmoh Penikett's birthday two days ago. Happy belated birthday, you delicious man.
It's Tahmoh Penikett's birthday. Though best known for his stint on "Battlestar Galactica", check him out in one...
Happy Birthday Tahmoh Penikett! This analysis says it all about Tahmoh.
Happy Bday to our wonderful client Tahmoh Penikett!!
wonder what tahmoh penikett and olivia Williams are up to these days
No one told me Tahmoh Penikett was in an episode of Castle! This has made my day.
i think i'd go with Tahmoh Penikett
Joss Whedon's voice sounds like Jack Nicholson doing a pretty good impression of Tahmoh Penikett
Anyone else think it's funny Tahmoh Penikett was the big bad on the Castle finale,and Tricia Helfer was Criminal Minds'?
People I used to be obsessed with: Tahmoh Penikett & Pooch Hall :p
A clarification to my previous post about messages. This is an official fan page but it's run by fans (see link below in comments for more on this). Tahmoh *does* occasionally check this page, read wall posts and comments, and post status updates and links. However, he leaves the administration up to me, which means I get all the *personal messages* sent to this account. If you want to write Tahmoh personally, he directs correspondence to this address: Tahmoh Penikett c/o RED Management Inc. Box 3, 415 West Esplanade North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 1A6 Canada Sorry for any confusion I may have created. Lisa (admin)
Check out this Amazon deal: Riverworld [Blu-ray] by Tahmoh Penikett now $8.87 (save 56%) via
Omg no!! Tahmoh Penikett cant be the bad guy in Castle!
Tahmoh Penikett, what are you doing in the Castle finale? Whedon cast members are taking over this season like woah
seeing tahmoh penikett in castle has given me the sudden urge to rewatch dollhouse now. D:
The official petition to change Tahmoh Penikett's name to "Toughjaw Scaredeyes."
PS Tahmoh Penikett in the last episode? Awesomesauce
Castle s04e23 was fantastic. All the better for Tahmoh Penikett turning up!
Trapped Ashes- 5/10 Anthology starring John Saxon, Tahmoh Penikett,and Henry Gibson. Kind of weird stories but entertaining
my picture of tahmoh surrounded by cuteness...i like it lolRT Photo: dennysilic:
Michael Trucco and Tahmoh Penikett together in Fairly Legal nearly made my screen melt. Think my machine would combust if I watched BSG!
I hope it gets resolved once and for all next season (also: MOAR Tahmoh Penikett PLZ KTHX)
Tahmoh Penikett (the one who plays Maddox) is a Canadian. 3 Canadians so far in Castle?
Does this mean Tahmoh Penikett will be on Castle regularly next season?!
New crush alert: Tahmoh Penikett! To make things even better to see Alan Tudyk at work.
Hello Tahmoh Penikett! Good to see you again…even though you're playing a bad guy in Castle for about two seconds.
WHAT!? Tahmoh Penikett just showed up on the season finale of I HAVE TO WAIT ALL SUMMER? and gang... Not fair!
btw, Tahmoh Penikett plays an awesome bad guy.
Never mind! I figured it out. His name is Tahmoh Penikett, and he was in Dollhouse!
Tahmoh FREAKIN' Penikett is in the finale of WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME? Huh,
Saved up the finale for today and ZOMG TAHMOH PENIKETT!!
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I am so hoping Tahmoh Penikett has more air time in Castle Season 5. It was so cool to see him in the Finale.
Is it just me or is Tahmoh Penikett suddenly everywhere? He's on this week and I just watched him a while back on
Rain soaked in finale ... Hawtest. Evar! Also, Tahmoh Penikett is a baws!
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