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Taco Casa

Taco Casa is a regional Fast-food Mexican restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex food. The chain offers dine-in, take away, and drive through at about 55 locations in northern Texas & Oklahoma (with the majority located in northern Texas) The chain was founded in northern Texas, United States, in 1972.

Taco Bell Taco Tuesday Fort Worth

Taco Casa is finally open on Hebron!! I know what I'm having for lunch.
But seriously anyone who shows up at my door with Taco Casa will be the most amazing person I know
Paging . I need some Advil and taco casa... Stat!
Hey they're opening up a Taco Casa on Crowley Road ayy
Super day at Taco Casa. Right up ya boy alley.
At Taco Casa for the first time and I just don't get it...can someone please explain?
not at all. Just makes me want taco casa lol not acceptable to walk around smelling like it, however!
β€œlmao.. I love taco casa πŸ˜­β€ lol so that mean he smell good to you?
Young man next to me always smells like Taco Casa!
So like there almost done with taco casa im transfer next year
Taco casa got me f'd up if they think i'm taking my piercing out. βœ‹πŸ˜‚
Taco Casa got some good *** nachos tho , burnt my tongue I was so hungry 😩😩
I have yet to go to taco casa by vista
Joey and Jack Milner with their parents at the opening of Taco Casa Lewisville, TX.
Dania got her last paycheck from Taco Casa and
So I have this Taco Casa thing and I don't eat there... πŸ˜‚
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team pancakes over education is what's up. I'm down! I also wanna open a Taco Casa & Tropical Smoothie so just gimme all da πŸ’°
I could go for some taco casa right now
literally what I tell myself as I pass the last taco casa going out of Texas
β€œI wonder what Lewisville has to offer? ha who am I kidding, they ain't got anything we looking for!” Taco Casa
well I mean there is taco Casa and canes
Alright Lewisville people, ill bite, did Taco Casa open up? Cause if it did if better be by my bed side in 10
Come visit Casa Moreno's and meet the family plus great food.
I had taco casa once and honestly it wasn't that good
Taco casa is just nice all together
What is taco casa I've honestly never heard of it before now
And I would like to thank for telling me about taco casa
The Taco Casa across the street opened today 😩
Tea from Chicken Express and Taco Casa is seriously the best
So yea I love Taco Casa except for the employees that look like they are straight outta prison. But my only other complaint is the put too much cheese!! I'm gonna be stopped up for days then I'll be pooping like a pet *** !πŸ’©πŸ’₯πŸ‘Ž
Yes my dad is bringing me Taco Casa
Ramen, a whataburger tequito with taco casa hot sauce for dinner...
Nothing better after a bike ride than some taco casa for dinner :-D
Felicidades to Casa Rubia on the JBF nomination. We're psyched to see the chef, Omar Flores, rock the Taco Throwdown, 4/23.
So 3 - 3:30 meetup at Casa Broward? Oy my taco dip. Eat fast or I'm going to need dry ice.
I love and so much for bringing me taco casa πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
You know your a true Taco Casa lover when you've sat in line for a good 25 minutes and can't even be mad about it. πŸŒ΅β€οΈπŸ˜‚
Fenna eat some mcdezz and taco casa Lol
Taco casa sause on pizza.. only my step mom.
One car away @ 19:32 that's a long wait. They are always slow in Burleson (@ Taco Casa)
People here at taco casa are Ugly .
Well now my fam wants to go to taco casaπŸ˜‚
Had a good first manager is pretty cool and laid back. But I didn't eat all day and I am so hungry lol.. taco casa here I come!
Richard Marsh, come on with my Taco Casa taco salad! Im starving! LOL!
Things didnt go my way. looks like it will be tomorrow for Fort Worth. so jim took me to my favorit place to eat! well my fav fast food anyway! Taco Casa! yum yum
Truck is packed down! My 3 dogs & my sweet cat are ready to ride! Grabbing some Taco Casa then we are California bound!!! ;) Keep us in y'all's prayers today!
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I dont always go out of the way to eat in Dallas, but when I do its for taco casa.
Refs - 2014 Spring Season Starts Sat March 1st! Being said, we will be having a Pre Season Referee Meeting on Monday Feb24 7pm in the Spellmen Building - in the Forney City Park. (Building behind Taco Casa). Your attendance will indicate your level of seriousness about officiating soccer for the FSA. Please contact me directly if you cannot attend. Remember - Amy and I are committed to your success as a Soccer Referee if you are committed; this means show up on time, reply to Amy's weekly availability requests ASAP, be willing to accept our feedback, learn from the Senior refs... and ASK QUESTIONS - ask fellow Refs, me Amy, ready your book of LAWS, watch youtube videos on offside and fouls... Thanks, Mike
Taco Casa has a help wanted sign out for you job hunters out there !
Craving taco casa...and this is when I don't like dallas because they're so far!
Woo hoo taco casa is open we are sending daniel thru drive thru for lunch lol he was so excited he volunteered
I'm about to eat at Taco Casa! MeShea Bonner Mendell it won't be the same without you. "Meat and cheese only"
Got Kane from school, grabbed some Taco Casa, now headed home to cuddle with my babies
Its has been a long day.Just getting home from tutoring...I'm not good for nuthn but a shower and bed. Plus the spirit of Taco Casa is trying to get me. Jesus be a burrito!! Kmsl!
Taco casa is officially open in Lewisville. Yeah
Lord knows I love Taco Casa but that video game, toy grabber thingy and candy dispenser ALMOST makes me wanna pass right by. 😑
Finally, got my pepsi from Taco Casa.
Taco Casa must've came From heaven, cause i be wanting it all the time. Lord, kryptonite!
well. we are now the owners of a psycho, biting, taco casa and Chinese food eating she's cute!!! lol
They bout to build a Taco Casa on bridge st...
So.I'm at the Taco Casa in the Shell station on Riverside and hwy121 in Ft Worth taking full advantage of Taco Tuesdays when it hits me.I should be a professional taco eater...I seem to be very good at it! Does anyone know the number for 911? Just asking.
Just gotta brag, I am officially the first customer at the new Taco Casa in Lewisville, they don't even open until 1 p.m. For lunch today's the first day and I got that privilege or should I say blessing!
There is a Taco Casa opening up at 1pm today, off of Hebron & 35. They are testing some peoples eat clean diets!
Lunch time headed out to Taco Casa for Taco Tuesday! Heather hurry up! See you in a few girly!
Well I have now eaten at Taco Casa more than I have ever before!
Taco casa open at 1 IMA be the first at that door LMAOF
Yesterday at taco casa i made the boys each give me 2$ out of their wallet to help pay the 13.74$ total. Brylan starts wanting his money back so hayden tells him "would you rather eat or have money"!? So just a thought i tell hayden the bible say s money is the root of all evil. He thinks for a second and repeats it slowly, turns to me and says "well then we should get rid of it all, have no more money"! And in that few minutes i understand completely the meaning of "having the mind and thoughts of a child to enter through heavens gates. His simple thought of the situation and conclusion, was so logical, its unlogical. God says moneys evil, simple solution from an 8 year old "get rid of it all" lol f
Some new additions to the town. Dairy Queen is coming next to Taco Casa
60 days an I get to go to Tuscaloosa for a whole week!!! Super excitied!! Gonna spend some time w\friends an family!!! Haven't been home in almost 4 years! Gonna have some FUN!!! An im DYING for some Taco Casa!
First day over here was great. Had taco casa for the first time. Now a cold beer before a movie.
Ive always said you should make a day be what you want! I want Tuesday to be a sack full of Taco Casa and a Bud light lime.after work of course! lol
Got off eating some taco casa
Just casually go to taco casa and order a 6 inch foot long. I really just did that. :'D
Work hard at work today got off stop by Taco Casa got to burritos too tired to cook that's how single man rolls
Just seen a Taco Casa sign that said "free straw with every drink purchase"
New jobs that have an actual lunch HOUR rock. Taco Casa yum yum.
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Getting lunch omg is everyone craving taco casa today this line is ridiculous but so worth it
Ok John Long you got me craving TACO CASA !
Ben Wilkin, Thank you so much for your "A"cup! the Support of amazing local businesses like Taco Casa - Tuscaloosa is what keeps our good deeds going! Many Thanks
Mother Goose Land in the ravine near El Taco Casa.
I ate WAY too much Taco Casa last night... but it was oh so worth it :D
* TESTIMONY FRIDAY * Greetings everyone, Happy Monday to you all. Join us this Friday night for an amazing testimony by our CR ministry leader Lane Farr and hear firsthand about how God has been glorified in Lane's life and marriage. This Friday is also our Fellowship Dinner, but please do not bring a dish. We want to bless you with this event so that you do not have to prepare anything, just show up and have a great time. It will be Taco Casa night and we will bless the food at 6:15. Worship from the β€œMore Than Awesome CR Worship Band” will start in the main sanctuary at 6:55, Lane will give his testimony at 7:30. We’ll do CHIPS and go to small group at 8:00 and we’ll have Solid Rock from 9:00 to 9:30. Have a blessed week and know that nothing will happen this week that you and the Lord can’t handle together! Love ya! Jimmy
Taco Casa is the place to go in Bali for fresh, made-to-order Mexican and yummy margaritas. Buen provecho!
Anyone know what the old taco casa is gonna be?
I hope I don't know anybody who LIKES Taco Casa besides David Daniel Cassidy.
Just ate my last meal that I'll have for 3 days. Of course it was Taco Casa super tacos. Yum :)
Well, the new Taco Casa opens onTuesday or Wednesday in Lewisville. I hoping the open up on Taco Tuesday.
They just got my sons order wrong at Taco Casa. They put cheese on his meat only buritto. I said I'd go get it fixed. He " no I got it Daddy"...marched up there all angry and started complaining to the workers about the cheese on his burrito.
Do i wanna drive all the way to taco casa? I'm REALLY craving tacos and those are the only ones that sound good :/
Let's see. Assembling models, watching my Valentine's day gift (first four Resident Evil movies!!), eating Taco Casa and Girl Scout cookies and the Lego Movie later with Avery . Pretty badass Sunday, I think!
Hubby and I come to eat at TACO Casa and we order the guy ok order for Rudy right I said how did he know your name. The guy says he a frequent customer. Smh
well.. ive had waffle house, taco casa, & now i got wings & a baked potatoe. all since about 6 this morning.. i don't know whats up, i always eat good but today im just gorging.. ha. mawmaw is here with me, so i guess im gonna find something to watch and kick back (: thank you all who has came & seen me & lifted my spirits. it does mean A LOT. - oh & its been YEARS, but if im not mistaken, its someones birthday today, happy birthday Kevin Bostic!
Man, even after a remodel Taco Casa is still super sketchy
It's a work in the yard start a fire kinda day!! But let's start with some taco casa first
Had Taco Casa with Abby for dinner last night first time in years!!! I miss it!! All the cheese!!!
Taco casa open Taco Bell closed what the heck
this weekend was awesome, I had a lot of First's, my first time staying over night without my girls, my first massage, my first time at Freebirds, my first Spring Sprint, my first time eating at PF Chang's, and my first time eating at Taco Casa. Jessica and I had an awesome weekend learning about Scentsy Family!! I have already unpacked and sitting here enjoying my Suzi I missed her and I think she missed me too. I miss my girls the house is so quiet.
I'm taking you to Taco Casa baby...yo treat.
Just had a great afternoon with blueboy.went too see legos.cute movie.had taco casa then watched jeff foxworthy and friends.funny stuff.
Taco casa hot saccule make everything better threw it on some noodles them *** on smash mode
Well, drove by the taco Casa in Lewisville, the building was completed on the out side. I noticed they are working on the inside, can't wait till it opens up Soon!
What to do today? Taco Casa and Laundry it is, I have such an exciting life now a days
Having a little lunch with my hubby at Taco Casa.
I am being DEMANDED by a 3 year old to go to taco casa and get her nachos. Hmmm it's by joes and piece of cheese pizza sounds mighty fine about now
I just layed down on my bed threw my arms over my head and the stinch comeing from my arm pits smells just like taco casa... Maken me hungry
At home finally my valentines consist of whiskey n taco cell charge up to three percent woo
Just wanted to share what a romantic valentine night my wife and I have had. We are leaving for a nice dinner together and notice one of our neighbors can in front of the house. Its broke down, his wife and son are out of town his truck is in the shop and now her car has broken down...alternator and battery shot. I said we can just push it back to your house it's only 150yds and the first 30 are downhill. So I push and he steers...after 30yds (seemed like 200 yds) I had a better idea, get Geana to drive while with both push, now we are going to get it going. Geana might need to buckle up with two 50 year old studs pushing this car. After another 30 yds we realized we are not in very good shape and we had never noticed it was uphill from my house to his, figured out his house is at least 4" higher than ours. This was harder than when we were in high school and had to push a car of someones on a regular basis, it was fun back then. Next plan get my truck tow his car up the neighbor's driveway across the str ...
I'm so stuffed! Rob and I ate dinner at Taco Casa, now I'm too full to go to bed, just wish I didn't have to work in the morning, or I would have a couple margaritas lol!!!
Headed to my moms crib might well hit taco casa
Me and my Valentines ate at Ray's Pizza and Pasta across from Central High School. It's a new little hole in the wall spot on Kroger Dr. They served authentic Italian cuisine with attentive service and the Ray's salad was the bomb. I spend more money at Taco Casa than I did here. Keller folks, try them out.
I think we got food poisoning from Taco Casa today. Everyone but Cheryl is sick.
Trying to decide what to treat myself for dinner. arby's or taco casa?
Who has food poisoning...this chica! Thanks Taco Casa! This crap *** literally!
When did they put a Taco Casa on green Oaks and little road
They are a life saver , thanks to the staff at Taco Casa in Durant. Awesome customer service !!!
You know you are OLD when your "hot" valentines date consist of filing taxes and Taco Casa! :) LOL
11u will be atTractor Supply Mesquite 11-2 and Sunday at Taco Casa in Forney 11-1. Raising money for myrtle beach world series! ! Come support our boys.
Happy Valentines Day Taco Casa Lovers! Come treat your special someone to a lovely lunch or dinner with us. We cook it, serve it, and clean it up! XOXO
Omg so me and my mom went to Taco Casa and we orded nacos and they gave us the chips and not the cheese. This is not okay with my fat *** -_- My dayyy is ruined -___-
I sure hope one of my thoughtful daughters get me taco casa for dinner tonight. .. hint hint. .. lol... but seriously
Thank you, David & Marie for a lovely night out for my birthday. From Keller they came down to take me to Taco Casa in Haltom City and then all the way back up to North Tarrant and Beach to the brand new DQ. Standing room only. Drive-thru line wove out to Beach Street. Butterfinger Blizzard - delicious. AND a beautiful blue-jeweled hummingbird pin set in silver! Perfect!! Love you David & Marie for spending your evening with me. :-)
Big bad tree kicked my *** today! Beers, Clancy and way more taco casa than a human should eat in one sitting will make me feel better!!!
Thank you Jennifer Smith Moore for the Taco Casa cinnamon chips. I'm in sugar heaven1
Someone should bring me two mild meat burritos from taco casa
Taco casa s chips and queso must be coated in crack. ..
Man when it my turn to pay we get steak but when its your turn we get taco Casa lol thanks jimbo.I did finally get my steak dinner.Ginger Gruber
NEW CAT COLONY FOUND: Marathon gas station off of Hwy 82, right next to Home Accent and across from the Taco Casa/Northport Wal-mart area. I saw about 8 cats tonight in cardboard boxes next to the Air Vac/Vacuum area where someone has set up a box for them. I fed them tonight.
OMG, Help.How does an almost 50 year old get in a bathing suit next week? Not sure my cover-ups are large enough.I'm in deep crap:0( Sorry honey, guess that working out then Taco Casa didn't help:0(
Just got home. Been gone since 8:45 am. Texas Oncology, Motherhood Maternity, Abercrombie & Fitch, Walmart, Half Price Books, got Jennifer Irene Bergara and Valentine Rey Gonzalez their gifts. Tasting some of this Taco Casa.
I knew I was gonna regret that Taco Casa later.. But it was just.. so.. god!
They got a new Taco Casa in Plano off Coit and G. Bush Turnpike now I ain't gotta drive way to Fort Worth to get some
Baseball sign-ups are this Saturday 2/15 and next Saturday 2/22 at Taco Casa in Durant from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. You can visit for more information.
Oooo yay!!! Taco casa on cooper is coming right along.
I have had a couple of people ask " Is Rex a food critic?" Ha! I was looking at Bud Kennedy's post from the Star-telegram in the paper. While Bud Knows many places and seems to be well rounded on various Types of food, I pretty much zero in on the best of Texas panhandle and The Snake River Area of Idaho ( Ha! You can guess it, Meat and Potatoes? ) One place lately that my wife and I frequent is Taco Casa. Unlike Taco Bell, Taco BUENO etc. this place really gives you the bang for the buck. We can go to Casa, Get a chili burger ( Like Taco Patios *** burger) 2 tacos and a tostado with meat, two teas for $ 9.50. You will not see me rate too many Japanese or Chinese food places, Indian, Greek etc. so stay tuned for more reviews. Speaking of Potatoes, I noticed that The West Texas/Panhandle area is growing more potatoes from Seminole to Dalhart, hugging the Texas New Mexico area. So I wish the farmers in The Rio Grande valley, can grow their oranges like the ones in California.
This is how we celebrate our GREAT leaders at Taco Casa! Happy birthday Taco Timothy!
Clint and I are having a great evening. Ran all of our errands... Walgreens, car wash, Taco Casa, bath, hot tub , eat some more, HGTV, now getting ready for bed. Life with my little red headed stranger is a good as it gets. Thank you Lord for my blessed life!
It must be fate some car wash employee just walked in with two huge sacks of Taco Casa. Now wonder they are so slow here, they are about to get their taco siesta on.
It is turning out to be a beautiful day in North Texas. The sun is shinning and we are thawing out from a cold wet grip. Man that Taco Casa place looks inviting , wait my car is finally making through the wash tunnel
The Taco Casa is looking really good from across the street. This car spa place is really slow.
Oh snap they are making a new Taco Casa too on Sycamore School Rd too.
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If the dinner you just ate has more than 1200 calories, please dont post it!! Also no more Taco Casa, Whataburger, Don Pablos, Olive Garden, Eskimo Hut, McDonalds, Churches!!
I am glad this truck stop got a Taco Casa in here,I was hungry when got here and just finish about finish the whole blow of super nachos
Thank you Taco Casa for being who you are.I love you.
There's a new Taco Casa on the southeast of Bush and Coit. My phone autocorrected Coit to coitus, that's how good it is. Also, just found out LeAnn Rimes isn't a rapper. Go figure.
Come in and congratulate Willetta!!! She was one of 3 employees in the Taco Casa corporation chosen as a "Rising Star". Quite an honor, but if you know our Willetta, you know it was well deserved!
Finding a left-over Taco Casa burrito in the fridge is almost as awesome as finding $20 on the ground! Score one for me!
When my son returns from the East Coast to visit Birmingham, he comes with a checklist: Milo's. Sam's Deli in Homewood. Real sweet tea. Taco Casa and Surin. Made me think it might be worth writing a "what do you miss when you're gone" story. So what do you miss? And what do you discover you missed when you get back? The skyline and barbecue? The sight of Vulcan? Avondale beer? Help me. Hit me.
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Yummy lunch at Taco Casa in Vernon Tx ... Thank you for de-virginizing me... Lee Scheetz Christa Scheetz Eddie Siegel Richard Averitt
When someone says that Taco Bueno or Taco Casa is better than Taco Bell, my immediate reaction is to punch them in the fac…
people who think Taco Bell is better than Taco Casa are why this world is in the shape it's in
Taco Casa needs to be worldwide. Not just TuscaloosaWide
count me in for hooligans, but I won't show up for taco casa!
Perks of living in Weatherford: Taco Casa all the *** time πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ’
Just ran to and from taco casa in the freezing rain for food because I'm fat...
YES, since we did see you guys in tuscaloosa it's your turn to come here! And bring me taco casa!
I think I'll get Hooligans and taco casa to cater my wedding one day
They need a Frijole Friday at Taco Casa. I don't like tacos. 😷
Why come y'all didn't tell me Taco Casa went up on their tacos on Tuesday? Did the cause this?
It's about that time of the week when I spend 20 dollars on Taco Casa
β€œClaire just told the people at taco casa that her name was "Dontarius" . ya I can no longer be see w her” u luv me
Yeah the window girl at Taco Casa called me sweetheart twice and darlin so get in my level.
20 tacos from Taco Casa... It's what's for dinner!
Hallelujah thank The Lord for taco casa πŸ™
I just have a soft spot for Taco Casa, that's all.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Why does my mouth feel nasty when I drink Taco Casa sweet tea?
I'm craving a taco casa sweet tea...thank god they're building one here
This girl is eating Taco Casa while sitting at sonic..
I just want taco casa and krispy creme and a roommate who doesn't wake me up at 3 am
I miss going to taco casa every Tuesday with 😩
If u need any paint taken off of your car just park beside me & I can back out & do that for ya. Just ask the lady from taco casa todayπŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ
Taco Casa is the worst restaurant in America straight πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©.
How 4 girls can spend $30 at taco casa a completely beyond me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Best roommie award goes to for bring me Taco Casa to the library
We are talking about talc in class but all I can think about is Taco Casa.
OK "nurse at the blood drive" ill just go eat taco casa and when I come back I'm sure I'll weigh enough to actually give blood.
I just want like chicken alfredo or taco casa or hot wings or subway or something like rn
Ooo I wanna soft taco from Taco Casa so bad ☺️ with extra sour cream & cheese.
Too bad I don't have time to go there! Looks like I'm getting taco casa!
on another note I have an extra taco from taco casa who wants it
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
What happen to taco casa in the mall
I rly wish someone loved me enough to bring my sick *** some taco casa πŸ’”πŸ˜ž
no I get it. I can't judge. Never had Taco Casa or any ritual aside from crying in a corner
Why can't I ever remember how big Taco Casa's drinks are?!? When I say I want a medium, I want a NORMAL MEDIUM!
I'm cracking up right now! Where is Taco Casa when you need them? LOL
If goes to taco Casa that will have me and Natalie laughing so hard!
Watching hunting shows on NBC Sports. Those 'Taco Casa' commercials are the dumbest things I've ever seen.
Doin some damage on some taco casa right about now!
Sounds like needs to treat herself to some taco Casa! ❀️
Taco Casa really put a damper on my by forgetting 4 of my tacos πŸ˜”
β€œI really just want taco casa.” 😷 gross...Taco Bell is where it's at!
I want Taco Casa and their good hot sauce.
I think my group of friends are the only reason taco casa has lemon packets
Really happy Devan and I made it to taco casa 2 min before they closed
S/O to my dad, John Douglas Hammond, for bring me a burrito from Taco Casa.
Little Giant Ladders
Eating at Taco Casa with my mother.
Soo, it's um.. Taco casa Thursday... I want my burritos. πŸ’
But on a good note taco casa is being brought to me later πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ™
I love Taco Casa as much As my Mommie! :)
Some frijoles and a large tea from Taco Casa is def calling my name after this 1 p.m.! 😜
just threw her phone away at Taco Casa! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Why didn't I go to the place called Taco Casa," he asked himself.
Sad to leave college station this weekend, but I get to see my dads new house, family, , but most importantly I get TACO CASA
Okay, someone should go eat Taco Casa with me. Just saying...
I want Taco Casa for lunch but I know that mom won't because we had it last night what do I do
opens in two weeks and we are getting a second Taco Casa.
I just seriously considered Taco Casa for breakfast
Lol people always asking for hook ups at taco casa . Ill start giving out free tacos
I need to be studying but literally all I can think about is taco casa 😞
Gonna sit on my thrown and wait until you bring the Queen her taco casa. πŸ’πŸ‘‘
Laderious what the *** you talm bout homie? All I said was I want some taco casa why you causing so much confusion?? lol
Taco Casa sounds too nice right now
The babies are like 'life couldn't get better right now' I just had Taco Casa and chocolate milk and now I'm laying down. They're so hyper😁
Taco Casa gone cater my wedding.. and 50Tyson gone DJ fym
β€œLate night taco casa with my best friend.πŸ’—
next time I know about one ill tell you! This one was at the taco casa by my house and its free. They're having one Halloween
Late night taco casa with my best friend.πŸ’—
If you can't talk to people in a place you work (taco casa) then you have issues. It's not hard to say "how are you" or "is that all?"
All I need right now is for this Taco Casa line to hurry up.
go to the taco casa in Mansfield and ask to apply for the store in Arlington.
I haven't had taco casa in over a year what am I doing with life??
Oh yeah I forgot I dropped off clothes at Plato's. sorry that's only enough to buy me Taco Casa
Boy, Taco Casa sure does know how to run a successful business
And by someone I mean that I'm pretty sure Taylor goes to Taco Casa everyday.
I'm sacrificing my tardiness for this burrito from taco casa
"Fix your hair we're going to Taco Casa!!!" this is what I live with. 😁
I just ate fries, taco casa, and a cookie from the mall.
I could pay someone to bring me taco casa agAin
My dad is so great, he had Taco Casa waiting for me after practice.c:
I said lets go to taco casa in forney there foods better lmfao
Someone eat taco casa with me at 6.
yes but your parents had to be home when you got home from church! Taco casaπŸ™ˆ
The drive home from work is super tempting bc there's whataburger, wingstop, chick fil a, taco casa, AND Starbucks all right by each other.πŸ˜‘
I just saw the dude from the Taco Casa commercial! I should've asked for an autograph..
But why are they having a car show at taco casa?
haven't been to taco casa yet because I'm loyal to
Gonna be working at the new Taco Casa in Arlington!
A friend of mine posted that the Lufkin Taco Casa, Lowe's and Home Depot give a Veterans discount.. She was...
Me and James just ate taco casa and now we're getting a pizza. Imma get fat ;(
I'm not scheduled to work tomorrow, BUT... It's Taco Casa and Pajama day at the daycare. I'm seriously considering working anyway..
Gisele is up with me after playing a late game of softball and I gave her a taste of a bean burrito from Taco Casa and she *** near thru up lol. She said ewww daddy it tastes like Walmart. What the, lol.
Ok so there's a new guy that works at the Taco Casa on 15th Street, guy is the spitting image of Toad off American Graffiti. So we're in there eating and there is the oldies station playing, and Toad is taking orders at the front counter, and so help me a girl walked in wearing a black and pink poodle skirt. I was expecting to pay a quarter for my taco burger and 10 cents for the mt dew.
Ken Oltmann and Mike Davis--good news. They have installed a Taco Casa within driving distance of my office!
My dad: you can take yo *** to Taco Casa but you cant clean up!. Me: *bust out laughing* i cant clean up on an ...
Happy Anniversary Taco Casa Euless! Thanks to all of our customers for making our first year so successful!!! Don't forget to come in for specials today, Thursday and Friday!
It has come to my attention that the 15th street is the best Taco Casa.
I didn't think there would ever be a restaurant that I felt worse about eating at than Taco Bell .then I discovered Taco Casa.
Taco Casa will never be better then . My grandma trying to kill me.
I'm craving taco casa... This a problem for me.
Taco casa needs to become a buffet.
My mom went to taco casa without me ... -__-
just made it home from work. Now eating my taco casa taco's and then back to work tonight at 8. its good to be working in this day and age
Cold taco casa is better then no taco casa!!
Taco Casa is always a bunch of randoms
are you home cause I'm about to come over. Im at taco casa
Finally arlington is getting a taco casa(: yay can't wait!
Teaching Kristina Ng how to order Taco Bell o.O
If you go to Taco Casa and don't get sweet tea then you should probably just give up on life because you're doing it all wrong.
taco salad at casa Bailey...too hot to grill out...although sweat is a good ingredient to just about anything on the grill...LOL
So I'm in subway eating and find hair in my salad.. Dang
This Taco Casa is about to be the titties.
The SEMB drum major and assistants will be having a car wash on Friday, June 14th from 10am-2pm at Casa Del Taco (Bridge Street). They are raising money for drum major camp! Please share!! Thanks!!!
Blowing this taco stand! Discovery channel filming at the casa, agc team prepped for my departure, grabbing a juice with my boy and headed to IAD. Next stop, Venice. Ciao kids!
Welp, since im up early im gonna cook for my lil family :D I juss love waking up to both of them and knowing they aren't tired!! -vacation baby! :P
This reminds me of taco casa visits after gymnastics : ) Amanda Muse Kajdan Danielle Petersen Andrea Petersen
:my mom always pushes me to go walking. Well you know what today I'm going to walk! To stripes for a breakfast taco:D
he always wants to go to Taco Casa and get food from you! Lol
There finnally startin to build taco casa! Love that freakin place :)
We have a new foster kid inbound. She is a little 9 year old girl from guatemala who was seperated from her parents when attempting to cross the border. This will be a co-ordinated effort between INS, Lutheran social services and our "casa" as far as we know she knows no English and the only spanish I know is from the Taco Bell menu...thank goodness for google translate. Pray for this little one as she flys up from texas to our home the poor thing must be terrified.
β€œI l-word Hannah she brought me Taco Casa! πŸ‘ her now”
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Taco Bell just isn't the same as Taco Casa πŸ˜”
My drunk *** mama done came home, came in my room and ate all my taco casa.. Yeah you can have it -_-
this sweet tea from Taco Casa is EVERYTHING
if heat win you owe me olive garden. If spurs win ill buy you taco casa c:
$1 Taco Tuesday at Mi Casa in Costa Mesa as featured on Realtor Holly Schwartz's 365 Things to do in Costa Mesa blog
I just had a mental breakdown in Taco Casa
I have a huge problem I got 2 jerseys that need a patch sewn on the sleeve and I ain't got the slightest idea on how to sew and yes getting paid for it is and option and I need it done by thursday 6 pm any takers ??
I ❀ snow cones, baseball, and taco casa.
Had our Taco Tuesday here at Casa De Prendez with My G-Baby now he's gone :( I hate to see him leave it breaks my Heart ;( but it WAS a Blessing to see and spend time with him. I love that lil Guy so Much
Music video by FalcΓ£o performing I love you Tonight. (C) 2008 Sony Bmg Music Entertainment (Brasil) Ltda.
Taco Tuesday at Mi Casa with the whole family! Celebrating Katie tonight!
Thank God for Austin Marks! Cause we just got some free Taco Casa!
:) Home Sweet home! Had a blast in Galveston but so happy to be back. I missed my sweet Hali WAY to much! Now...unpacked, laundry started, Taco Casa on the way, Hali in my lap, Pretty Little Liars on, then shower, book & our own bed! to work & I'm excited bc I get to give the kiddos all the cool things we got them while we were there!
So ANOTHER 800 number call...this time I actually answer BUT I spoke in spanish the whole time! Completely lost her when I said "yo qiero Taco Bell"!! Too much fun here in the Grubb casa!
The taco casa in Azle compared to the one in Wichita. Is like comparing the kids that rap in Iowa park. To the ASAP mob..
New casita olvera on whitter n first. Taco Tuesday, soo jummy!, they gave me a shot of tokillya while i was waiting. Smoothest ever! Will go back fer shure!
Looking for somewhere "interesting" to eat dinner later this week in Fort Worth - not interested in franchises or even the common places downtown or in the historical district, i.e. Reatta, Tillman's, etc. Any ideas? "Hole in the Walls" also encouraged...
I'm considering throwing a house show at my place on Friday. Axis, Will to Die, possibly us, and maybe others. Would anyone come?
Taco Tuesday done at our casa, mess cleaned, now time to watch the game :) I am going for the Heat for my baby girl and she isn't even here :/
My mom is teasing me with Taco Casa.
β€œI was going to move when I got older but I forgot whataburger isn't everywhere.” Neither is Taco Casa
Just went 2 Taco Casa, now maybe the kiddos will get full and calm down! Thx mom Susan O'neal Fleshman
They are putting in a Taco Casa in Granbury not far from our house!!! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!!! :)
Sand Volleyball and taco casa tomorrow hmu if you wanna join
I feel like fine dinning. Suggestions please?
I hear Taco Casa has great benefits...? ;)
Things I want right now: strawberries and fruit dip, el taco casa, gatorade, scotcheroos, and these children out of my house.
Don't think eating taco Casa was such a good idea before a game
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