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Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California.

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I told Skyler I wanted to take her to dinner tonight. She replied, "Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A?". I've found the one for sure.
I just ate $31 worth of Taco Bell by my self and feel so accomplished this must be what people that climb Mt Everest fe…
Just received a text from Gary Johnson that he a) just had a religious experience and b) needs a ride to Taco Bell
So I went to eat Chinese. The chef's name was Robert Lee. I was so triggered I went to Taco Bell where Pookie made my burrit…
I wonder if God laughs a little when I ask him to bless this Taco Bell for the nourishment of my body
when the Taco Bell cashier starts reading your order back to you
SMDH I'm so tired and hungry even though I just ate Taco Bell. AT 2am...and drank an entire Fiji water
Follow your heart, but take your Taco Bell with you.
Or if you're Ashley, farting in Taco Bell.
have him pour some mt dew baja blast, have yourself a free Taco Bell freeze right there
Monday Morning breakdown: I never ended up getting Taco Bell, the Yanks lost in a disgusting way, and GOT was too s…
what do you think about Tyler Joseph, who did a song dedicated to Taco Bell?
A girl at Taco Bell drive thru told me I have beautiful eyes. Made my day *** yeah
You REALLY feel old when you get drunk then go to Taco Bell with your parents instead of friends.
In the name of Tyler Joseph I demand that you never say Taco Bell again
What is Taco Bell I am from New Zealand so I wouldn't know what it is
I miss the cheese fries from taco bell😭💔
Craving Taco Bell for some weird reason 🤔
If anyone wants to bring me Taco Bell that would be greatly appreciated
Are u ever on the way to the gym and then go to taco bell instead??? bc same
This is the most I've ever heard the words "fire and fury" not in relation to a toilet after Taco Bell.
Who is sober enough to take me to Taco Bell?
My Taco Bell is but from what you tell me chipotle is similar so idk if you wanna go that route :) :/
I'd rather hold my head undercovers after a Taco Bell fart than watch Grayson play in the regular seas…
maybe so, but I only care about Taco Bell 😭
The best part about is that it's just people helping people. eat Taco Bell
Anyone down for a mish to Taco Bell??? You drive, I'll buy
The YouTube Live stream for the verdict works better than the one with the Taco Bell hot sauce packets?
She drives me crazy... . I buy her Taco Bell... . that's love
Ima need Oakdale to get a chick-fil-a, Raising Canes,and Taco Bell asap !!!
College freshmen: your white duvets will be stained with mascara and Taco Bell in 2 months tops
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I would take ur shift and buy you taco bell
Don't come to Taco Bell asking for a student discount, it don't exist
Yes!!! Senior pictures at Taco Bell is goals
Craving Mexican food so bad that Taco Bell is starting to sound good
Taco bell is the rip off Del taco smh
This is true and I am in love with Taco Bell's vegetarian menu
I hope I die riding a motorcycle lol or at least eating Taco Bell
what do you get when you go to Taco Bell? opinions on cinnamon twists?
Eating Taco Bell on the floor of my empty room & crying, wby?
I don't know abt Taco Bell it's just not great
Not at taco bell wth I deserve better than that
The fact that Tyler Joseph wrote an entire song about Taco Bell and I memorized it kills me.
I'm pretty sure his name is Joseph Taylor and he works at Taco Bell
I would sentence El Chapo to eating Taco Bell twice a day for life.
lol at the idea that acacia clark has ever touched an apple catch her handing out candy and Taco Bell hot sauce pac…
Jeff knows my Taco Bell order by heart ❤️
He literally has zero interest in seeing the world. He's like a guy I knew who went on mission trip to S. America, ate Taco Bell whole time
"Taco Bell is Ecstasy for the face"-Chris Porter, one of my favorite stand up lines ever.
He looks just like a guy who hassled me at the Taco Bell on Jericho Turnpike once.
So I'm eating my Taco Bell in my car and this couple decides to park next to me and do their thing right next to my car 😂
So apparently my Taco Bell is one of the highest in sales so the CEO of all Taco 🔔s is coming. So you know I'm getting a pic with him 😂
Anybody who wants to save the disgusting Taco Bell across the street from Wrigley Field should be sterilized.
That *** dead I bet it smell like a 5 dollar box from Taco Bell 😂😂😂
Really waited a long time for the Xbox s to be a good price and now the Xbox x is at taco Bell WTH!?
Of course Taco Bell is a classy restaurant
.and will be giving away an every 10 minutes. Interested?
Son I had to block her number she FaceTimed me 6 times and keeps texting me... I don't even remember goi…
always cravin Taco Bell at like 2 AM
Idk why everyone is freaking out about Lyft letting you stop at Taco Bell like I almost always make my Uber drivers take me there
We walked into Taco Bell and I thought it was a golf clubhouse.
amazing they ever let them tear down the Taco Bell at Mission and Valencia
Im not surprised. I don't even eat Taco Bell. The girls I was with had to pee
Spotted: a man in his 40s or 50s sitting alone in a booth at Taco Bell watching the Whip/Nae Nae music video out load on his phone.
That feeling you get when you eat healthy-ish for a while, and then have Taco Bell for breakfast.
Well, the Taco Bell near me closed and the nearest one is miles & miles away...I do miss those bean tostadas
Reading paperwork down my upcoming GI scope. I'm wondering if instead of the laxative drink, I can just eat Taco Bell? 😳
Im drunk, eating taco bell and watching a childhood hero propose to his girlfriend... what a life.
Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. . Goodbye Wrigleyville Taco Bell. I will always love you.
I proficiently would fight someone if they said they didn't like Taco Bell
I wake up and the first thing that happens is my mom asking me if I wanna go to Taco Bell
There's no Wrigleyville without the iconic Taco Bell with the hat
First the McDonalds then Ronnie Woo Woo and now the Taco Bell. The Ricketts have destroyed Cubs baseball.
What do I gotta do to find a Taco Bell around here 😰
Also if you live in Jonesville why in the world are you working at a Taco Bell in Winston??
Look at the comments. One guy literally posted his bank statements showing job-stop Taco Bell.
Update your maps at Navteq
every time you eat Taco Bell you fall closer to death
Probably the most appropriate thing for a Taco Bell sauce packet to say.
i wanna see KARD's producer and the chainsmokers fight in the parking lot of taco bell
*** I'm so tapped out right now. Thought Taco Bell was a good idea omw home from work. Bout to pass out in their drive through though :P
mom: why is there a taco bell receipt in your Bible? . me: it's call a bookmark.
I went to JoAnn fabrics and they played History and now Taco Bell is playing Infinity I feel so personally victimized to…
I like eating by myself because I can eat Taco Bell 4 days in a row and nobody can judge me
Honestly it's the nicest looking Taco Bell I've seen
Takeoff really pulled out a stack of money at Taco Bell 😂
Everyone in my town freaking out about Moes opening soon and I'm over here still crying about the Taco Bell closing years ago.
it would mean a lot of trust in Taco Bell employees by not opening my tacos prior to eating.
You can't walk into Taco Bell acting like a badass and order a cheesy rollup sorry
Jonathan dead *** just licked my toe so I would go get him Taco Bell
Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith & Cady Heron: Hello Taco Bell are you hiring today?
I just got a job at Taco Bell so if you're even in cincinnati, ohio then I'll hook you up with some free tacos
Electronic Device Insurance
Taco Bell partners with Lyft to offer 'ride-thru' meals - Albuquerque Journal :
Eff you Taco Bell, closes at 2 am my ***
King to Taco Bell on Bullard will be wasting time of your life.
McDonald's (minus their fries and cookies) can kick rocks. Taco Bell laxative tacos and burritos, and Burger King just stinks
Then go 🙄 Taco Bell is open late you know this
Taco Bell slick tho, can't no one get out the drive thru when they are takin too *** long
Lyft in Ocean County will be offering a special Taco Bell feature that will alert drivers their ride wants a stop there.
Only Logan County people know about having your Taco Bell closed for 2 months
Only real Henry County people know who Bob from Taco Bell is
Testing in Newport Beach? Do they even eat Taco Bell in Orange County?
Your Lyft driver will help you tame those midnight munchies at Taco Bell in Orange County.
Starting Thursday, You Can Take a Lyft to Taco Bell for Late Night Munchies in Orange County
Lyft adds late-night "Taco Mode" in which your ride will automatically include a run to the Taco Bell drive-thru. .
My sisters and Ella brought me Taco Bell to work and it honestly made my day. 💕
You can now get Taco Bell in your lyft. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
I would totally survive in nature as long as I had access to contact lenses, prescription meds, a licensed therapist, a…
Accidentally got drunk off of Nyquill last night and ya girl got her Taco Bell discounted 😇🤗
Lyft to enable "Taco Mode", bringing riders to closest Taco Bell drive-thru
"Taco Bell and Lyft are two like-minded brands at the forefront of technology and innovation." ha!
So, get high and get taken for tacos!. Lyft's 'Taco Mode' brings riders to closest Taco Bell.
I only had $4 for lunch so I bought infinity tacos from Taco Bell.
Taco Bell: would you like to donate a dollar to starving dying children?. Me: nah but can I get another cheesey gordita cru…
Taco Bell partners with Lyft to offer ‘ride-thru’ meals.
FYI: there is a down the street from us. . 'Taco Mode' brings riders to closest Taco Bell
Taco Bell and Lyft Want to Help You Grab Late Night Snacks on the Way Home
It's not only absurd that one hasn't tried Taco Bell, but also to not love Taco Bell and not be constantly thinking about it? Ludicrous.
ATL taco bell look like it's on a xan
Got The Munchies? Taco Bell and Lyft Are Teaming Up With ‘Taco Mode’: Ever been on your way…
Pretty much. Why would you want to drink that swill? Taco Bell and Panera Bread always frustrate me because they serve that crap.
Taco bell finally gave up the recipe
Order Miche Bag Online!
TACO BELL TUESDAY all Taco Bell orders will be 10% off today 7/25 🔥🤝🌮
Now I want Nachos. And I'm in a little po'dunk town in NJ. 😩 AKA, Taco Bell is my best bet.
Taco Bell is launching a brilliant new Lyft feature called 'taco mode' — and it should terrify Uber
Lyft partners with Taco Bell to offer late-night taco runs |
Sex is great and all but have you tried crunch wrap supremes from Taco Bell
Laredos Lyft needs to take us to Taco Palenque not Taco Bell lol
If you to Taco Bell and don't get a Baja blast. I'm NOT friends with you 😂😂😂😂
All the taqueria's in San Antonio and y'all go to Taco Bell or Torchy's (dry *** Tacos
Lyft's "Taco Mode" lets you take a stop at Taco Bell for late-night cravings
I'm ashamed at the amount of taco bell visits I've had in the past week 😩
Lyft is launching a new feature: riders can swing through Taco Bell during their night rides. via
Lyft teams with Taco Bell, offers new free-taco detour option.
Smart move by and We've all been there
Wow does know their audience. Looking at you,
My Edo thought I was doing drugs and all I did was go to Taco Bell
Lyft is partnering with Taco Bell for late night munchies pit stops
I know exactly which Taco Bell you're talking about
My feed is equal parts healthcare and Taco Bell.
Lyft adds late night Taco Bell stops to new app experience in Orange County
"I don't really think Taco Bell is that bad for you" -Josh Fox
Taco sauce packets from Taco Bell, Del Taco (Del Scorcho), & Jack in the Box are all top-notch &
Comin at ya from the combo KFC/Taco Bell at constant friendship shopping center
85 days till Wolfgang Puck, Taco Bell and CPK on tap 😋
At the end of the day, it's all about who you eat your Taco Bell with.
Kirsten and I met two guys that gave us a cat at Taco Bell
Will pay someone to bring over $300 worth of Taco Bell to block island
Just watch out for flying tea dispensers while at Taco Bell.
if your chick don't cook you hit up Taco Bell, she don't put out you hit up side *** It's all on the wife
"No, we can't go get Taco Bell at 3am"
First 🌟of the game:. Goaltender Derek Willms!. He let up only 5 goals and will receive a $25 gift card to Taco Bell.
Kanawha City east Taco Bell is the best of all
OMG. A ahow about me! Except replace puns with limericks, cats with hookers, and Taco Bell wit…
Someone bring me a Baja blast slushee from Taco Bell 😭
Is Bartolo Colon looking at the baseball or the Taco Bell sign?
Jeff from Taco Bell on graham is my dude
sandip don't even front, binge drinking, queso, French onion chip dip, and Taco Bell is stopping you
Taco pronto is hands down better than Taco Bell, taco tico, etc
just ate 2 of Marsh's uh oh burritos from Taco Bell and Nate is making soyrizo tacos 😝
repetitive Spotify ads ranked:. Taco Bell: possibly pasta. the big sick. Oreilly auto parts. napa know how. boss baby ad
Taco Bell used to not exist in this town, we had taco tico
Just a casual day at Taco Bell in San Antonio tx 😂😂😂
Whoever the niggaa is staying at the American Best value inn. Ya chick pulled up to Taco Bell to get food and peep her car 😂😂. Caught buddy
So should I go get some del taco, jack in the box or Taco Bell? 🤔
Man idk. All I know is that I want Taco Bell now gdi
I'm really going to go to Taco Bell and tell them to make my taco salad like taco tico 😂
I wish there was a Taco Bell closer to me
Why did I just get the sudden craving for Taco Bell?
I just burnt my face with a Taco Bell taco, and I don't know if I'm mad it happened or happy I got a fresh taco 🌮
It's on 24th. Like across from the Oklahoma blood institute and Taco Bell
This blue raspberry freeze from Taco Bell gives me life
Can afford 3 gold chains, Jordans, and a Michael kohrs purse but can't afford a Taco Bell box for $5??? Uhm okay?
father's homily: "Taco Bell is like angels giving birth in your mouth. Amen.". hundreds of teens: "AMEN".
Excuse me katie, jeana is still relevant. I worked at Taco Bell and never said thi…
Strong demand at Taco Bell drives Yum Brands' profit.
Jay we still need to get our Taco Bell breakfast. Haven't gotten it yet 🤕
The Mets would like to offer Jay Bruce back to the Reds in exchange for one of those $5 Taco Bell boxes.
Friends who buy me Taco Bell gift cards are decent❤️.sometimes 😂
seriously why doesn't Taco Bell deliver🌮💔
Only daddy and his Mexican bros can tell the best funnies omg their jokes🙈 the *** in a Taco Bell line ones are just as 😂
Me: Mary Kate still like lbs Taco Bell better, but she's wrong. Daniel: It's okay, everyone makes mistakes
never eaten at McDonalds, Burger King, Olive Garden or Taco Bell. No desire to.
Just ate my first taco from Taco Bell! 🤔 it was actually pretty *** good! But chipotle still has my heart!
Dan, Taco Bell are opening their first restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland soon. As the world's foremost expert - what should I get?
Taco Bell so nasty , lets not argue
Taco Bell in Sylmar off of glen oaks
nathan just told me he's going to change his relationship status to 'complicated' if I don't fake him to Taco Bell right…
Jay is going to Taco Bell.. wow.. just like his brother
Taco Bell spends a lot of time inventing new food instead of just making a *** chimichanga already.
All he gotta do is take me to Taco Bell and kiss my forehead. He doesn't even have to pay I just hate driving
Me eating a taco from Taco Bell: ew what did they put in this. : katie, that's lettuce
I've been in LA for 4 going on 5 days and I have not seen a single Taco Bell
Zac brown concert ends and dan crain looks at me and asks if we are making mom stop at Taco Bell on way home. Never loved m…
Any chance of getting Dirty Dan to do the grand opening of the first Taco Bell in Scotland?
Workshopping a new bit at Taco Bell. When they ask "Any sauce with that?" I reply "No thank you. I prefer to eat them as…
Elijah Daniel used to follow me before he got famous then he was in that Taco Bell commercial and unfollowed me
Taco Bell will be the caterer at my wedding
"My name's Johnny Knoxville and this is Taco Bell butt slide" 😂
We've come a long way since I got stoned for the first time in a Taco Bell parking lot on LI 16 years ago. Marijuana is a…
Sis why are you trying to go to Taco Bell ? Do you not love yourself
3. Resturants that sell "Mexican food" never taste good if it isn't family owned. (Chipotle, Taco Bell, El Fenix, etc. all taste terrible)
I swear I just saw Steve Bannon at Taco Bell
My god you're so demanding. We can go Taco Bell!
If you want to eat Taco Bell and pizza 5 times a week you gotta workout buddy
My mom drove us to a completely different town to get Taco Bell cause the front was closed and she didn't wanna use the drive thru
No. I only ever got the free bean burritos when we went to the Hype Hotel sponsored by Taco Bell feat Rya…
When you work at T Bell HQ and your favorite E! News hostess is obsessed with Taco Bell >>>
I got myself Taco Bell and it was a solid life choice
got u blank only because wizzy thinks wendys is better than taco bell. FOR LIFE
Ima be late to class because I wanted Taco Bell 😭
Well it's like 1.7 miles but at least the nearest Taco Bell is technically walkable
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Taco Bell in Las Vegas now has a chapel to get married in. Therefore, my wife will have no choice on the venue of our wedding.
Tonight was the first time I've eaten Taco Bell in months and my body hates me for it
I'm Las Vegas there is a Taco Bell chapel... guess where I'm getting married 😂😂😂 I fr have an addiction
Taco Bell brings me the only joy in my life
. Let dan and or pat know still time 2 change wedding plans!!! Worlds largest taco bell in vegas w/ alcoh…
Trying to run to the bathroom after you get home from Taco Bell
Mexican pizza from Taco Bell, kill two birds with one stone homie
Give me some taco bell and a highfive and I'm golden see ya in ***
If you took me to Taco Bell, I would never forget you.
Check out this photo of Taco Bell on
it's my dream to go to Taco Bell with you and sing disney songs 💕
Never as good as commericals make it out to be. It's like Taco Bell, looks great in theory, but dis…
is stingy af with their meat and cheese!! And I always say no sour cream and they still put it!!! Rockport Taco Bell.
Our Taco Bell has a Snapchat group chat now and let me tell you it's the worst idea since me being born
After a month of trying all the new American food I'd missed I have determined Taco Bell is the best fast food I've ever had
 border= have to go to Taco Bell in Las Vegas.
What if you want to get married TO taco bell?
*** Taco Bell and vans that's all it takes? — maybe
I hate when people are selfish and don't buy me things when I hold the door open for them at Taco Bell.
So my boyfriend took me to get authentic Mexican tacos today and I will never look at Taco Bell the same way ever again
Let the money for the taco bell and keep it too fly
Just ate literally 8 tacos from Taco Bell, my stomach😩
Congratulations to and Bianca Monda, the first couple married in the Taco Bell chapel. ht…
Spent all day talking about saving the earth and here I am 3 blocks from home in the Taco Bell drive thru
i worked at taco bell a couple years ago and she would ALWAYS come thru the drive thru n i'd jus be…
Dream wedding alert: Get married in Vegas Taco Bell for $600
If anybody wanted to bring me some Taco Bell, you would be my hero
Alex and I went to Taco Bell and ordered two quesaritos. Somehow ended up with no quesaritos, and 7 tacos. Okay then.
Yo quiero wedding bells? Taco Bell will begin offering taco-themed nuptials at its Las Vegas store this summer
Just got some free food from Taco Bell what's better than free food
HAH the first time I tried taco bell (last week) my best friend and I sand tb saga the entire time walking into taco bell and it's great.
Service at the Somerset KY Taco Bell is absolutely horrible!! Something needs addressed from corporate!!!
I am literally at taco bell right now asking to see the noodle un-fried because i can't believe that IT's A NOODLE
If they discontinued Taco Bell verde sauce because it had some sort of addictive substance in it, I would honestly not be surprised.
Currently remembering why I stopped eating Taco Bell a long time ago. 🤢
Just woke up going to get my dad to take me to Taco bell then stream . Going to log on to get glad(?) on stream.
So I call about a wrong order ONCE AGAIN at Taco Bell in Somerset KY and I get "I'm sorry that happened,mam" THATS IT! Wow!!
This realization gave me a newfound respect for a Fieri. That plus that taco Bell commercial where ki…
My sister called me a fat *** for looking up Taco Bell hours while at Fenway. let me live my life
I need a boy who brings me Taco Bell at 10 pm. That's what I need.
If you're in SA and choose In-N-Out over Whataburger, I'm automatically sketched out by you and I'm assuming you're also…
free Taco Bell for life, $10 million, and forever smooth legs and armpits
I holla'd at him reciting that Taco Bell commercial tho. 😂 Professor's mind was gone! And he called Logan Miss Muffet! I died!
Taco Bell to launch weddings August 7th.
The cashier at Taco Bell is not your "buddy".
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I was in Taco Bell, and walks in and I say hi. Then my Brother-in-laws little brother goes "is tha…
My buddy @ work told me he goes to Taco Bell and orders the cheesy rolls only. Lawd knows that boy took the hardest L.
Cody Wright has officially quit Taco Bell. I'm gonna make you a plaque
Buddy. I enjoy every aspect of Taco Bell.
Date night with Jacky. . Taco Bell, wine, cider, and "Silver Linings Playbook". Needed a night to relax.
A Taco Bell cashier in Phenix City, Alabama refused to serve police officers. The owner found out, and he was promptly fir…
Set a google news alert for Taco Bell and you will never regret it.
That's a fair price. My buddy licked guac off the floor of Taco Bell for. $1 from the three of u…
Your MCM drinks Admiral Nelson and eats Taco Bell by himself on Saturday night.. It's me, I'm your MCM.
Just got interviewed for a project on the History Channel. Twas' the perfect time to request the Liberty Bell be replaced with a Taco Bell
Ross: I'll have a double cheeseburger with pickles and a large fries. Jay: *** we at Taco Bell. Happy 21st buddy
what about that white guy who pretends he's black? i think he's a buddy of yours. also, what's good at Taco Bell?
Happy birthday to my favorite concert buddy and Taco Bell worker💕 you're just as crazy as I am and I love it!😘 have…
This P.O.S. just took over 10 minutes to order in the Taco Bell drive thru. Figure it out buddy! I've known what I wanted for years now!
Had a chalupa from Taco Bell for the first time and oh buddy.
Senior year I was voted most likely to: be late to her own wedding because she was getting Taco Bell. Well, it happened.
3 yrs ago went to Los Lunas, NM Taco Bell- found a hair in our food. Went back today- found a hair in our fo…
Couple years ago my dad gave me a $100 visa gift card for Christmas and I spent it all on vodka and Taco Bell
One time I got a free Mt Dew lemonade from Taco Bell.
No offense but I'm gonna buy myself Taco Bell and finish watching Far From Heaven
Me: I've never had Taco Bell before. Matt: then you've never had explosive diarrhea before so congratulations 🎉
World's first shipping container Taco Bell coming soon
happy birthday to my roomie ! thanks for the Taco Bell runs, Netflix binges & for putting up with m…
The new Taco Bell is open at the St. John's Town Center...can't wait till Texas Roadhouse opens (@ Taco Bell)
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the best rap album of all time don't @ me. Meet me at Taco Bell at 7:34 for a fist fight. 👊🏼
Admired Google starts the apocalypse 1 am in Taco Bell. Willie Dean reporting for 10 TV News.
"When we all go to Taco Bell, we have to go to the track meet after because we all have the runs."-
Im happy warriors didn't win but I'm unhappy I didn't get free Taco Bell
I feel bad when my boyfriend buys me Taco Bell lol
Dangerous Pizza Sauce Explosion 8 pm in Taco Bell. Laney Dean reporting for Cows Today news.
Best news of the day. The brand new Taco Bell in the St Johns Town Center is NOW OPEN. Yes, I had to stop there already.
You can't make everyone happy. You're not Taco Bell.
I swear I could eat Taco Bell everyday of my life
From the Taco Bell up the street from my house. 4852 NW Bethany Blvd. Portland, OR 97229. They a…
Golden State Warriors win earns America a free taco from Taco Bell
Me either prob won't but it would be crazy if they came back. I just want my free Taco Bell
most importantly the road team won, which means a free Doritos taco from Taco Bell tomorrow, thank you Jesus
On a bright note, free tacos from Taco Bell.
I mainly want the Warriors to win tonight so I can get my free Doritos taco from Taco Bell tomorrow
That's a good point. We should go to Taco Bell for our post…
The time Letterman told the lady at Taco Bell all they had was pork shank, lime jello and German potato salad... *kisses fingertips*
why yes, it IS Taco Bell taco chicken salad time!
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