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Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California.

Taco Johns Burger King Taco Cabana Pizza Hut Jimmy Johns Big Mac Taco Casa House Hunters Papa Johns Texas Roadhouse

at this point I just want to drop a very badly edited, iPhone filmed music video at like Taco Bell or…
Made Marc drive me to Burger King so I could get Mac-n-Cheetos then looked over at Taco Bell and made him go there for Cinnabon Delights🙃🙃
Hey if you come drink with all of us at Mac's Tavern tonight, I will buy you as much Taco Bell as you want
Kinda mad my Taco Bell got rid of Mt Dew Sangrita Blast
He's thinking, hmm should I have a Big Mac or Taco Bell later?
I stood on top of the black rubber lid of the dumpster behind Taco Bell. It was not sturdy. I am inside the dumpster now…
What about mac and cheese in a taco shell *Taco Bell hands me a giant novelty sized check*
I'm Bri would love to go to West Virginia for some Taco Bell!!
Sir, welcome to Taco Bell. May I take your order. Yeah can I have a Big Mac and a pepsi. Sir we don't sell Big Macs
Paul Ryan, king of slime, won't be able to score a job at Taco Bell after all this!
I drank 3-4 mezcals then accepted $18 Postmates fee to deliver Taco Bell. . Book me for your school's Career Day, I won't let you down.
So I went to Taco Bell alone and ordered a $24 order and this lady asked me was it for here or to go.
Jazz really out here planning to rob Taco Bell he's so drunk 😂❤️
Late night Taco Bell negates everything I did at the gym today. But that's not as bad as buckeye basketball right now.
You must have never been to the Taco Bell in Grand Blanc.
I say I'm going on a diet and then I end up at Taco Bell
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start up culture is a white guy taking the work of Mexican people, moving it to white towns, and slapping his name at the end. Taco Bell.
Jaime trying to tell me McDonald's and Burger King is better than Taco Bell
I just want someone to eat Taco Bell with at 3 in the morning with tbh
“Taco Bell knew had to create their own Moriarty” -Justin “Juice” McElroy
You don't Need To go to church to be a christian.If You go to Taco Bell,that doesn't Make you a taco - Justin Bieber.
.giving me directions using landmarks I'd know: take a right out of Taco Bell, go past Burger King towards the liquor store
wasn't asking you was showing u cos Taco Bell:(
That Justin Bieber Spanish song is about as authentic as Taco Bell.
Justin asked if I wanted to stop and get Taco Bell, like? Is that even a question?👅
Taco Bell isn't even a good attempt at Mexican food but you'll still see me eating like 100 crunchwraps and nacho supremes…
Disappointed that Taco Bell is even an option for you 😭
Kinda wanna go for a run, kinda wanna get Taco Bell 🤔
The only feelings I ever caught were for Taco Bell breakfast, McDonalds sweet tea and FIFA. Maybe Hennes…
Yeah I'm wide awake , I'm about get Taco Bell actually 😂 . I guess you gonna have to share with uncle Rodney or jad…
I didn't know what to do with myself so I ended up at Taco Bell..
Sam and I always make it a mission to go eat at Taco Bell whenever we take road trips 😂😂
Sometimes all a girl wants is Taco Bell. By "a girl" I mean me. And by sometimes I mean every single day 😭 🌮❤️
Donna's organic soil is just her period juice and a week's worth of her runny orange Taco Bell dumps.
Getting Hungry. Can't wait for Bob to bring me home Taco Bell tonight. Yum Yum!
Sam and I in an empty parking lot eating Taco Bell:. "Do you think I'm cute?". "Yeah you're so cute". "I think you're really c…
After leaving the tally *** me and sam are currently eating Taco Bell watching the bee movie 😅❤️
So my story for today.. I was driving with Sam, Emily and Danielle. We had Taco Bell earlier and just got Little Caesars.
Big Brother Senior Edition "Had to vote Bob out after he won that Taco Bell challenge!" .
Honestly life is too short not to eat Taco Bell at 2 o'clock in the morning
"You can't eat Taco Bell if you're an actress on the CW."
Taco Bell at 1AM bc this cinco de mayo is LIT
This morning a homeless man asked me where the nearest Taco Bell was, which was a situation inwas uniquely prepared for. Giving back, fam.
People that work at Taco Bell in the morning are a lot less friendly than the people that work at night,figured it'd be he other way around
Um me at Taco Bell every morning at 10:30 lol
"When your morning is *** just go to Taco Bell" please listen to tbells new jingle 😂😂😂
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Mexicans For Donald Trump on Cinco de Mayo. Taco Bell for Mike Pence. Juan Valdez for Republicans.
Gotta stop eating so much Taco Bell
Kinda like how there's nothing Mexican about Taco Bell!
O *** no which one of you *** replaced Taco Bell on my best friends list y'all gotta go 😭
Would I be a good father to the blaspheming Taco Bell child?
Yes Taco Bell is the best or taco time
I want Taco Bell so bad I'm about to get out of bed just to go get some
We're Click to apply: Assistant Manager - Hazelwood - MO…
Taco Bell is changing the chicken finger game!
We get it Taco Bell is opening in floresville. Now shut up
So is McDonald's, Taco bell, and Pizza Hut.that clearly doesn't bother you. :(
Ate way too much Taco Bell today with Nate which is tight
We're Read about our latest opening here: Assistant Manager - Madisonville -
Taco Bell's Chicken Chips and cheese dip. Thought we were over overly-processed chicken.
This Taco Bell is playing an elevator music version of “Home” by Jethro Tull. 😶
Taco Bell doesn't count. Nor does frozen. But I don't think I call myself a foodie!
Oh hai Taco Bell looks like you need to call support
I don't wanna go to class. I wanna go to Taco Bell.
What about Taco Bell and they good *** Taco Burrito?
I really want to start going to the gym, eating healthy, and what not. I just love Taco Bell way too much..
When the boss sends you on a Taco Bell run and the shop is by Texas Roadhouse = nice cruise
We're Click to apply: Restaurant General Manager - Dixie -
Man demands money at Taco Bell, gets away with nothing
You didn't eat $50 worth of Taco Bell again did you?
My husband just swallowed a burrito and a quesadilla from Taco Bell right before his PRT. He's going to die today.
Taco Bell is love Taco Bell is life
me and the Taco Bell lady had a similar altercation over mild sauce
I rlly think all that Taco Bell I ate late nights of freshmen year in college is rlly catching up to me
eat more taco bell. they will leave you alone then. Trust me.
Deadass drove 15 mins to Taco Bell just to make myself feel better after AP Lit Exam
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First off, since when does Taco Bell have chicken nuggets. Second, I can totally get behind this
I'll buy you taco bell when you come put here then you can force feed me taco bell the next time
Taco Bell just introduced chicken nuggets with cheese sauce to our lives .
This is how you make a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme at home 🌮
Taco Bell has a new chicken fried triangles with a neon glow cheese for a limited time. To me it just Taco Bell's version of Doritos.
I miss eating Taco Bell three times a day with ☹️
Why does Taco Bell bother with a Now Hiring window decal? Just imprint it on the brick wall.
I'm at the combination Taco Bell and Jay and Silent Bob joaks.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back time at the Taco Bell
When he listens to Drake, makes you laugh, and doesn't judge you when u get 5 things at Taco Bell.
Thought that if i reheat my $1 burrito from Taco Bell that it would be terrible, but it's actually better than the real thing so..
on Sundays, Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, Taco Casa, Taco Cabana *** even Fuel City.all of em gonna…
Wonder if Taco Cabana or Taco Casa will pick up Charlton as spokesperson ahead of Taco Bell, before the Cowboys season start. 😂🌽😂
The Cowboys pick Taco Charlton in the NFL Draft. Kid will make millions hawking Taco Bell, Taco Cabana, Bueno Taco and Fuzzy Taco
His nickname is Taco , he boy be sponsored by Taco Bell, Taco Cabana etc lol featured in NBC s Science of Love
I want Tim Hortons and Panera and Wing City and Taco Bell and Moes and Texas Roadhouse and Fifties UGH
I pick Doc Sadler. I wanna have like 12 beers and go on a 2am Taco Bell run with him so bad.
Unfortunately today is not the first time I cried in the Taco Bell drive thru
No not Taco Bell duh Taco Cabana it's much better
Ever dream of eating at the Taco Bell test kitchen? 32 reservations will be up for grabs on Cinco de mayo. .
Not unlike El Bulli, Taco Bell will offer limited reservations at its Test Kitchen via…
I wish Taco Cabana was closer to my house so I wouldnt have to hit up Taco Bell ever.
Taco Bell on Queen Street will be first location to serve beer this summer
One time a guy at Taco Bell said he could fix the dent in my car with a special tool for only 80 bucks so I paid him and he used a plunger.
If you think texting and driving is dangerous try eating a five dollar Taco Bell box while driving... it's dangerous and…
Good day today. Real productive I ate a whole quesadilla at Taco Bell by myself and fed Rex Jr. a big bowl of dog food.
.Things that are neoliberal: UN, EU, IMF, Geneva Conventions, Canada. Things that are not: Taco Bell, charte…
I lied they have 10 keynotes. Some are: Queen Latifa. James Corden. The CMO of Taco Bell. A Zappos "Fungineer". And…
Me: I'm sad. Anthony: Wanna go get Taco Bell?. He knows what makes me happy lol. 🌮🌮🌮❤
Started out wanting salad. That turned into penn station. Which ended up being Taco Bell.
Just got back from Taco Bell, not as good as Taco Johns though!
Taco Bell is so much better than Taco Johns
. What the *** is that. Is it like. Papa Johns and Taco Bell. PIZZA TACOS. I'm gonna invent that.
Guy in Taco Bell:. "The guy over there in the gray sweatshirt thinks you're cute". Do these dudes REALLY think I was born yesterday? 😂🙄
Brought my Jimmy Johns to Taco Bell sue me
My résumé is just a garbage bag full of Taco Bell sauce packets I've accumulated over the years
yes I know Taco Bell will still be respecting women at 12:01 am
Taco Bell hangovers are a real thing
All I want to eat is sushi, in n out, chikfila, Taco Bell, toppers, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory & stacked. Is that…
Went to Taco Bell earlier with Anthony and he said "were going in you look pretty today and I want to show you off" 🤤❤️
i wonder how much revenue companies like Taco Bell, Pepsi Co, Papa Johns, and Frito Lay makes on 4/20 compared to other days of the year
Went to Taco Bell for the blue raspberry freeze, they didn't have it so I said strawberry was okay, then they didn't have that either 😭😭
I wish Taco Bell delivers, I just want their blue raspberry icey:(
My mock award should have been most likely to be at Taco Bell right now
Taco Bell should win the sixth man of the year award.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The Channel should dedicate a week to Taco Bell. It could be called "Shart Week"
It's a direct pipeline to Taco Bell.
I was at my Dr's office - on Olive, across the street from ABC Trading Co & the Taco Bell! But my Dr is…
Katie calls and asks if I want Taco Bell then says, "finish your paper, I'll bring home brain food." She's the real MVP 🙌🏼
If you think you've hit rock bottom just know that Katie had Chipotle, Qdoba AND Taco Bell today
Still can't believe Kristen and I successfully gave up Taco Bell for Lent 😂
Taco Bell drive thru: hi how may I help you. me in my head: don’t say something stupid. me: knuckles the enchilada
I 100% just forgot I am in North College Hill and not BG because I came out of Walgreens and there was no Taco Bell
3 thoughts: . 1) I'm happy for them!. 2) What is even going on?. 3) I would like to get married in a Taco Bell chapel.
My diet consists of Sugar Free Redbull, Salad, Taco Bell, Pineapple, Vodka, and Slim Fast and I'm not apologizing
here's a question for you Jim .do you really like Taco Bell?? or are you just paying the bills? 😳
Glad I'm not on the clock right now or I probably would have just gotten myself fired from Taco Bell lmao cc:
Taco Bell is so hard to get to. why isn't there a Taco Bell like right across the street. why isn't my neighbor's house a Ta…
Was going to make tacos but when I got home Demetrius already had bought us tacos from Taco Bell 🌮🌮
Starting staff and middle relief are solid at Taco Bell. Need to hit the trade market for the ninth though.
Today Jim Cullen asked what the cheapest $5 box was at Taco Bell and I've never lost more brain cells listening to someone
Evan is currently eating Taco Bell & I'm eating a half gallon of superman ice cream & I've never been happier💞
Justin and I shared 20 nuggets, a Big Mac, 2 medium fries, and a supreme burrito from Taco Bell. I love this boi.
It's National Burrito Day and Taco Bell delivers a mashup no one expected! The New Loaded Taco…
Tonight on Riverdale, Alice just /really/ can't adjust to Taco Bell's early closing times.
Memphis city credit union ... you get paid earlier to .. I think I get paid a day early or some when I was at Taco Bell
Had a dream I won the Masters and served Taco Bell at the champions dinner.
I liked a video from Big Smokes Order at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, and Taco Bell
I feel so offended that Zach thought of me bc he's eating Taco Bell "tacos" THOSE ARENT REAL MEXICAN TACOS
I really really really wanted Taco Bell but I forced myself to make soup instead and I'm really regretting my decision.
I'm down find out who the she is, we'll grab Taco Bell and go!
Maybe not Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut or Burger King but concurred
Dan Cortese playing piano in the Taco Bell.underrated.gets a yes vote
Demolition Man was amazing.. I mean Taco Bell is a fine dining experience
I turned down Taco Bell for dinner and am now having soup.
Me calling out of work: um hi ... sorry I ate Taco Bell last night so I can't come in today ... see you Wednesday :)
My doctors appointment today has proven that you can lose 10 pounds in a month and still eat Taco Bell and Jimmy Johns lol
Taco Bell in lee's summit is the slowest place ever.
I finally left my house today. Only to get Taco Bell.
"You want firey poops, Taco Bell. You want greasey poops, McDonalds. Either way, you're screwed!!" -zach 😹😹
I think a cop saw my broken tail light so he followed me into the Taco Bell drive-thru
Yo my math professor from a few semesters ago just came thru Taco Bell lol she recognized me and everything 😆😆
"I should have ordered a second quesodilla" I say every time I go to Taco Bell
I'm at a good place in my life right now. (I'm at a Taco Bell.)
Taco Bell's black coffee is not bad
I order two nachos and cheese and all I get is the cheese. Andy you want 15$ an hour fml! Come on Taco Bell 🔔
So, a Taco Bell from Andy, moving walkway from Pete, bidet instructions from Joe...nothing you'd like to post from Japan?😠
Apparently I was sleep talking about Mac n cheese and Taco Bell the other night and I got angry with Stephen for not making me any 😳😅
The new Taco Bell rice is said to have powdered butter in the seasoning packet! Let's take action to keep Taco...
Have anything on it & it was more expensive than just getting sides and putting together my own food lol plus (@ my Taco Bell) I get way
Ronald Macdonald just got denied by Mayor McCheese to force Taco Bell to pay for dividing wall inside mall lot!
Today, Erie area Taco Bell restaurants let us know we're 19 days away from
So that's Taco Bell, Kristen Bell, Jezebel, Saved by the Bell. Four lovely bells. And Geico.
Happiness is a night of Taco Bell, Marvel based movies and the company of a friend and his two beautiful children. Mhm.
I was hungry but then I remembered I had a burrito in my purse from when Jose, Stephen and I hit up Taco Bell!!!
That statement is the direct result of feeding a bull Taco Bell.
I want a Pub Sub, Taco Bell, Jimmy Johns, Wendys, you know, the usual.
I love seeing people's reaction when I tell them I've never been to Taco Johns or Taco Bell
Cleaned out my car. There were four Taco Bell bags, twenty sauce packets and three kidnapped Taco Johns employees
Taco Bell or Taco Johns, tell me right meow
I ate Taco Bell then went straight to sleep, I just woke up and had 5 Oreos and now I'm going back to sleep! 😬
yes! I need Taco Bell like now. Miss you!
and bring a friggin Taco Bell to Williston, ND. Taco Johns just ain't doin' it for me.
Taco Bell, Basketball, and Maker's Mark sure was a bad mix.
when chemistry gets you down, get Taco Bell with your chemistry study buddy friends
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Tb to when me and halle took Philly to Taco Bell in a state fair tea cup 😔
•mark•. ~sprays his sweatshirts with his cologne before he gives them to you. ~3 hour facetimes. ~1 am Taco Bell runs. ~"yo…
HBD Fetty;)) thanks for leaving school w me everyday and copping Taco Bell, McD's and dunkin! Love…
Meet Buddy, would be a great commercial for Taco Bell
Hmu if ur tryna eat Taco Bell and watch love
I had Taco Bell yesterday and it was the first REAL Mexican I've had since being in the States 😄😄
Whoever is in charge of making quesadillas at Taco Bell tonight, I applaud you. Good job. 10/10 buddy.
I told Mark I wanted Taco Bell and he got it for me 🤗🤗 I luv him
what a dork. McDonalds is over rated. And you are moving in with her?!? Imagine you want Taco Bell and get that!!
I care about my life enough not to consume Taco Bell.
Emma's mad because she didn't want Taco Bell and we got it anyway. Then we go to BK and she's mad because she wants TB not BK! LOL! Kids!
I don't know what kind of Taco Bell you're eating buddy boy
I was just texting my boyfriend. Can we please get Taco Bell. 😂 I'll eat some for ya buddy
A 2nd grader told me this morning, " If there wasn't Taco Bell, I don't know what I would do."
Let me be your 3AM Taco Bell adventure buddy 🤗
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it's okay you're still my Taco Bell buddy 💕
That time you drive an hour just to go to the nearest Taco Bell in Wisconsin with a buddy.
All girls want is an adventure buddy, even if it's just venturing to the nearest Taco Bell
I killed myself because alex Wang was scaring me, and I went out to lunch with him cuz I wanted Taco Bell - Youcef
Tell 👏🏽 me 👏🏽 why 👏🏽. Everybody in Macomb county decided to come eat at Taco Bell and have me working like a slave…
I had to put my pizza rolls down to text my mom what I wanted from Taco Bell...
The real Christmas is now GDC where the hugs never end and greetings of "Happy Gijs" flow like butt after a ripe Taco Bell feast
No man, Taco Bell at Disney Springs. Taco Bell at Magic Kingdom. Taco Bell at Coronado Springs.
Assuming they drank a ton of wine at the last supper, how many apostles do you think wound up at Taco Bell at 2AM for 4th Meal?
***It's Taco Time at Southern Downs near Taco Bell***. We love to feed our residents and will have tacos in the...
Taken an L at both Taco Bells here. Very thankful for my Cleveland, TN Taco Bell rn.
Taco Bell refuted lawsuit claim that its beef was only 35% beef... by revealing it was 88% beef
that every true love story begins with Taco Bell and ends with wedding bells -
Taco Bell on Short burst: Borderline between awful and dreadful. Neither the restaurant nor the employees fa…
Do y'all consider Taco Bell and Del Taco Mexican food??. Becuz I sure don't
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Are you a fan of tacos? — I like real tacos. I don't like Taco Bell and Del taco
. S/O to y'all for being good Christian folk. But ya gonna end up like Mike Khoury when he paid $50 Taco Bell 💀
I just Taco Bell at lexington avenue, california!
Wrapped in love: Woman hopes to marry in a dress made of Taco Bell burrito wrappers.
WTH?? This is like McDonald's getting rid of the Big Mac.. or Taco Bell making employees wash their hands.
No one who works at a KFC, Taco Bell, or Pizza Hut qualifies - only corporate HQ. is fair pay and union r…
Mr. Handy is still missing - known to frequent NE 122nd Area of Winco, Shari's and Taco Bell.
hop off his Johnson bro... Emily eats Taco Bell breakfast, and Anna likes Hardys
Are you going to go to Taco Bell or a different Taco restaurant
William is on his knees begging for Taco Bell 😭😂😂
I had mcdonalds, Taco Bell, and Red Robin yesterday and im not okay
The catch me outside girl looks like she should work the night shift at Taco Bell
Same store sales strong for KFC, Taco Bell but work to do on Pizza Hut says $YUM CEO Gregg Creed on Q4 earnings
There are hookers now offering head for Taco Bell?? Smh where were these angels when I lived in Oakland? Not on International Blvd I tell u
Why I hate the show House Hunters: Bev is a stay at home mom who does crafts. Abe manages a Taco Bell. Abe: Our...
Can I just find a guy that would love to randomly surprise me with Taco Bell 😭😅😅
Taco Bell is seriously so slept on lol
Trump's president now. Stick to Taco Bell and Chipotle.
And now for something completely different: Philosopher Slavoj Zizek reviews a new Taco Bell innovation:
Finally a Taco Bell offering for all the hypebeasts out there
Sitting in Taco Bell, radio playing an 80s rock ballad that perfectly expresses how I feel about this steak quesadilla right now.
I want Taco Bell and I'm in flat rock at the salon can anyone hook me up?
I thought I'd hit rock bottom but now I'm eating Taco Bell for lunch.
[Watching "House Hunters"]. Jen is a housewife works on her art all day, her husband Tim manages a Taco Bell. Tim: Our bud…
I want to get married in the chapel in Taco Bell in Las Vegas
That's what you've got? Your star player weeps like a Donnie Corley rape victim and you've got Taco Bell jokes? Do better.
Woke up naked, covered in refried beans in a Taco Bell bathroom next to Reino and Tim Connolly.. *** happened last night.
Sat next to Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone in the B-town Taco Bell after their 1981 show at the IU Auditorium. Still hav…
Seeing someone cry is always awkward. What do you do? Pat them.Or buy them Taco Bell?
Also the other day I ate Taco Bell and Moe's in the same day, I'm not sure if that is disgusting or impressive.😂💁
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Spent Valentine's Day sleeping, then drinking, and now eating Taco Bell while putting together some Valentine goodies for friends. :)
You can now get married at Taco Bell for $600.
You know drumline practice just ended when the Taco Bell in Avon is suddenly flooded with drumline kids
I don't like taco bell 🙂😐😱 but sure as long as at the wedding reception I get Chick-fil-A or something
Why is getting to the taco bell on coldwater like a twelve step process
Who thinks wrapping Taco Bell up in fried chicken is a great idea?!
Guy calmly orders taco bell while 2 girls fight
Can we get Taco Bell on the way to the hospital?
You can get married at a Taco Bell in Vegas. 1. I'm marrying myself and 2. What a time to be alive.
My doctor told me to eat more Taco Bell. Actually, he said 'less McDonald's' but I'm pretty sure that's what he meant.
the blue raspberry taco bell freeze continues to save my life everytime I have it
I dnt want donld trump as presdint he might get angry and close all Taco Bell's
The world may be collapsing, but starting Summer 2017, you can get married at the Taco Bell Cantina in Vegas.
Some girls get fancy dates & flowers but adam got me an edible arrangement, took me to a trampoline park & dinner at Taco Bell so I win 💕
The Taco Bell drive thru lady said my hair was beautiful and THATS as close as I care to get to romance this day
Taco Bell in Vegas does weddings now!
girl you know I love Taco Bell and a good workout. I can't judge you for it. 🙃
I am engaged and in the process of looking at wedding venues. We both love Taco Bell. Now this comes along...
Good to know. - Soon wedding bells will be ringing at a Taco Bell in Las Vegas
Gotta find me a guy who loves Taco Bell as much as I do
The Taco Bell on 72nd is always busy doesn't matter what time it is
don't compare Mexican food to taco bell it's not the same
Taco Bell to offer weddings at Las Vegas location
What did I get for Valentine's Day? Overtime and Taco Bell that's what. 🌯💰
Everyone's goal in life should be to get married in Vegas at a Taco Bell
don't get me wrong drunk @ 2am I have all the luvs for taco bell...
people who like salads from Taco Bell, I think
Hey future husband, we're getting married at 2 am in a Taco Bell. BET
$600 weddings available at Taco Bell, starting Summer 2017
Want to be the 1st couple to get married in the chapel inside our Las Vegas Taco Bell? Go to to learn…
Qdoba is the classy 2pm lunch date. Taco Bell is the side *** you go to when you're drunk at 2am.
Waldo Faldo had a sister named Quesadilla. She was born in a Taco Bell!
When they don't perform Taco Bell saga at Taco Bell arena..
Kinda disappointed that they didn't play Taco Bell Saga at the Taco Bell arena 🤔
did you sing can't help falling in love in Boise because it was the Taco Bell arena and man you really love Taco Bell?
the heart round Taco Bell arena lmao
can you believe the boys preformed at a Taco Bell arena but didn't preform taco bell saga smh
Anyone who wants to see the 21 pilots concert at Taco Bell arena look at my snap story brytswim97
Just trying to watch twenty one pilots come out of the Taco Bell arena and follow them
Twenty one pilots is playing the Taco Bell arena tonight. Tb saga better make an appearance
I sure hope is gonna sing the Taco Bell saga tonight since they're in the Taco Bell arena! 😂🙈
you guys SLAYED at the Taco Bell arena just now. Feeling blessed that I got to see you live.
I really only want my tax return to justify my love of Taco Bell and white wine.
well I missed my bus home so I'm just going to blame Taco Bell and bloody Mary's and change my address with the DMV now
"intimidated by my beauty? I've eaten an entire Taco Bell party pack by myself."
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Happy birthday to my fav South Dakotan, Taco Bell buddy and best friend💗💗so happy to have your goofiness in my life…
robot quinoa kicks *** Have you had the new chicken taco thing from Taco Bell?
So you're spending it all on Taco Bell?
when we thought Abel finally switched to a soul food diet, but he's actually been eating Taco Bell this whole time.
Blake just factored in Taco Bell into his macros and I'm trying to factor in wine so that is what our lives have come to
I figured he pulled a Billy Hoyle w/ gf's money (White Men Can't Jump) and does the Taco Bell value menu count?
It's so sloppy and sometimes so good. My feelings for it are similar to the ones Anna Kendrick has for Taco Bell lol
I would never take my girl to Taco Bell or Burger King 😂 unless she wanted that
Shoutout to El Presidente for the free Taco Bell ❤️🌮
Wait there is a chicken shell taco at Taco Bell now!!?? Where have I been?
Deputies responding to report of a subject handing out "crystal meth" @ Taco Bell have discovered he is just…
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