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Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California.

Kit Kat Creedence Clearwater Revival Pizza Hut Tyler Joseph

Three Glaswegians will also win a year’s supply of Taco Bell and an invite to the VIP launch party if the…
and I decided to make a late night run to Taco Bell and ended up getting on the wrong bus and rode that…
It smells oddly like either Taco Bell or serious BO on this bus. Which is it? The world may never know 😷
So upset over haircut I ate a Taco Bell taco at the bus stop. At least it was still crunchy. This one doesn't.
My *** really skipping class and taking the bus to Taco Bell smh
I would have lost at Taco Bell, ill go there sober
Right like who goes to Taco Bell to get fries 😂
omg so weird I just got a huge wif of taco bell
Taco Bell sounds so dang good right now
Do you think Taco Bell is gonna follow through on the fries?
I used to bag up grass clippings from my lawn mower and sell them across the street from my high school at Taco Bel…
I'm really down for some fiery tacos from Taco Bell rn
me arriving @ taco bell @ 11:49 pm for my usual order which karen the cashier has memorized: *slams fists on counter* I…
Eff U Pinterest moms with your colored toothpicks and your melon ballers and your decoupage while my kid is eating…
Taco Bell needs to be a 24 hr thing
I love that Taco Bell gives you a wet nap and a breath mint. 😂
Haven’t had my nacho fix in awhile. Or m some Taco Bell.
Mighty over Taco Bell any day dont @ me
Taco Bell man said thank you mommy 🤮
Kenli asks about my night and I go "Maddie drove my car, I got Taco Bell, and we ended up at the condo"
I reviewed Taco Bell and rated it 4.5/5 on
Everyone's saying this is better than Taco Bell but I don't get the hype.
If you want fries, Taco Bell is not the place to be lol but nachos on the other hand ;))
Woman just doesn't get that she's not in a Burger King | New York Post😂
Serving alcohol would be one *** of a way to attract more customers
Also currently laying in bed, eating Taco Bell, and watching Netflix. What a life.
Me thinking about the benefits of going to the first grand opening of Taco Bell in my country tomorrow :/
literally like that one time I stormed out of the house and then we went to Taco Bell 10 minutes la…
Wish there was a Taco Bell around me
Bruh she’s at Taco Bell but forcibly wants to order French fries
A 90 year old couple was leaving our office today . “Alright, we’re goin to get food!”. “Where ya goin?”. “Taco bell!!…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Hi Taco Bell? Yes. Are you hiring today? Oh great. I will be down there and fill up the application. Thank you. KFC? Hi, h…
You're obviously just as dumb as the lady who thinks taco bell is racist over french fries.
I ate taco bell for late dinner and I didn't get "the regretsies" (diarrhea). Today is going to be a good day.
FFS!!! Next thing you know apple pie will be banned for being a racist food...LIBERAL craziness!!! ***
Did you know that according to data compiled from over 40M singles on wearing sunglasses in your dating pro…
My parents had kids at my age. I wipe my *** with taco bell napkins.
Elections? Can you imagine the ramifications if Taco Bell stopped being so racist and started…
12. i asked (again and again) guard no. 3 then as usual. so i stopped by and bought a DQ Oreo (but i'm really into Taco Bell's churros) 😭
Creedence Clearwater Revival at a Taco Bell in San Luis Obispo, California, in 1968.
Taco Bell being a block away from my house is DEADLY
I haven't meal prepped in 3 weeks but Taco Bell soft chicken tacos have been saving my life frfr
Why don’t Taco Bell have Dr Pepper in Baltimore
Or peanut butter pie. I just don't understand why Taco Bell does serve such a tasty treat.
I literally want taco bell so bad. 😭
In my teens we'd go get Taco Bell and roam Walmart. The exciting life of goth kids from the country. This was late 90s.
Salisbury Police have identified the suspect wanted in connection with a homicide in a Taco Bell parking lot.
Taco Bell is the best thing man ever created
😂😂 I'm dying inside this Taco Bell and it's not bc of the food
Our lecture today is on brain hacking. Our cyberpunk future is finally here; can't wait to be an enforcer for Taco Bell.
A White woman slammed Taco Bell for being racist after not taking her French fries order
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again TACO BELL BREAKFAST > CFA BREAKFAST
Woman calls Taco Bell 'racist' for not being able to order french fries
Creedence Clearwater Revival at a Taco Bell in 1968. This is what we use the internet for.
Everything a leftist doesn't like is
Dear Lord baby Jesus we thank you so much for this bountiful harvest of Dominos KFC and the always delicious Taco Bell I…
I met this stranger on the bus, shared Taco Bell and fell in love at first bite. Ever since I meet her everything h…
A chalupa with penné. Taco Bell rolled it out with that chik’nugget quesadilla.…
"Yea but we can convince the party bus to pull up to the Taco Bell drive thru after we're wasted" the most convinci…
Jennifer S from Taco Bell on Southern Ave in Tempe, AZ, please marry me. You are perfection on this *** we call Ea…
Girl my Sunday night was watching a strange man stumble off a charter bus and throw up on the sidewalk of a Taco Bell
why am I at Taco Bell in New York rn fresh off the bus
There’s that Taco Bell by the Landers center. I think they have bus parking 😂😂😂
Some drunk dude just offered me his Taco Bell while I was waiting at a bus stop why do I live here
Prime location, not even five mins away from Taco Bell h mart and the 20 bus
Who riding the bus to Taco Bell with me here in a minute?
I’ve been to Taco Bell a couple times over the past month.. only white people was in there eating lol…
“Evan went to take the bus to the apartments and it got on the Lloyd instead so he just got off at Taco Bell, can you pick him up?”
Crime Blotter: Woman flashes Taco Bell guests in hopes of a free taco. Also this week: Man throws a cat at an RTD bus driver …
steph: word Alex was being annoying while I was talking to my dad. me: steph.. you were talking to the employee @ Taco Bell n…
It’s funny how one week I can barely afford Taco Bell then the next week I buy a car and a new Xbox...
Quote of the night, Can we go to Taco Bell on my accounts payable?
And that is why you don't feed a bus Taco Bell 😂🤣😂🤣
something funny happened at the KFC/Taco Bell drive thru in RI involving a Cryme Tyme T-Shirt
I'm at that stage in life where some of my friends are wanting babies & others are throwing up in Taco Bell parking lots
Hot sauce packets from Taco Bell are a big hit this year
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
We all have to be happy that Michelle Bachman is no longer in congress. I’d love to open a Taco Bell right in her n…
- Taco Bell unveils new Chocoladilla at select locations, Taco Bell has unveiled...
Taylor : why are the cinnabons @ Taco Bell harder than others ?. Becky: hi I'm Rebekah Wilson the CEO of Taco Bell
Also, my friend Catherine had Taco Bell mild sauce in her tail this morning, which I think says more about me than anything else
My last six purchases on my debit card are either chick-fil-a, Taco Bell, or Wendy’s. 🤔
I want Taco Bell but in the UK Taco Bell is rubbish compared to the US
Taco Bell in Troy has one of the worst drive through layouts in the history of drive through layouts
Julie Alexandria and Taco Bell do go together.
This is probably one of the best baseball games I’ve ever seen... and yes the free taco from Taco Bell plays a huge role
I love Kit Kat's and I love Taco Bell!! This combination has me happily confused
You really didn’t look up ladilla Taco Bell is testing unholy Kit Kat quesadilla via
Of course Taco Bell is bringing Kit-Kat-stuffed quesadillas to the US
Taco Bell, Kit Kat combine to concoct the "Chocoladilla"
A Kit Kat Quesadilla Has Arrived at Taco Bell in Wisconsin cuz we're ALL GROSS!!!
Taco Bell's latest $1 creation is like a quesadilla, but it's stuffed with Kit Kats
There's no reason to live.oh wait... "Taco Bell rolls out quesadilla with Kit Kat, Twix candy bars"
Hold the cheese! Taco Bell is testing a 'Kit Kat Chocoladilla'
Taco Bell is bringing Kit Kat quesadillas to the U.S. via
Boo! Taco Bell's scariest quesadilla yet is the Kit Kat Chocoladilla via
Taco Bell is testing Kit Kat quesadillas at some locations.
none of those are in SoCal either. And we're the origin of Taco Bell, Del Taco, Bakers, McDonald's
Cashier at Taco Bell: Your order comes to $13.13. Me: *Sheds tear for Star Wars 1313*
Taco Bell is back at it again. This time they are venturing into the realm of dessert, and it looks glorious! - Troy
It took about eight and a half months but I finally got Catherine to go on a late night Taco Bell run with me (won’t tag her bc embarassed)
This is Kenneth Lamar Jones in the flesh😂 I haven't eaten Taco Bell since 2001🚮
Taco Bell's Kit Kat Quesadilla is coming to the US!
I would get stuck behind the person at Taco Bell who orders like $30 worth of food 😒
Sports card show in Troy today. Just had Taco Bell. Now time to dominate that place.
He always came into Taco Bell to get a water cup omg and one time he reached behind the counter and grabbed one and…
At some point you have to eat at the Taco Bell in Pacifica, south of San Francisco. Possibly my favorite place to e…
In the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell.
How can we Live Más & get someone from Taco Bell to come on our restaurant Podcast? Best way to book?
This couple is on their first date at Taco Bell. Their friend acted as a waiter with a white button up and black pants!…
You can eat Taco Bell late at night cause it’s out of your system before you fall asleep anyway so it’s like you didn’t eat at all.
Diarrhea jokes are for people with weak colons. Taco Bell is child’s play for my system
Fun fact: KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silvers are all the same company
And the Taco Bell system was down so I got my food for free. ITS LOVE
Lemon pepper seasoning tilapia fried 😋 then Taco Bell when I get ready for work
Did you mean jingle ball or Taco Bell tickets never heard of jingle bell
If I had a dollar for every time Taco Bell messed up my order I would have 1 student access code paid for
John: " I got Taco Bell for dinner and I got an extra one to bring you, but I got hungry and ate it" . I can't be mad bc literally me
Taco Bell is one of the best fast foods though.
I had taco John's for lunch yesterday and Taco Bell for lunch today. I'd rate my happiness as a 3 out of 10. 10 out of 10 in the moment
I work in the hood lol. Salatas aren’t round these parts! My options are Taco Bell, McD’s, CFA, subway, WB…
omg u guys, i got Taco Bell but their system wasn’t working so I got it for free
“I won’t use my CC online!” Well aren’t you clever. By the way, that POS system you swiped it through at Taco Bell? It’s not mailing letters
Wendy's, In n Out, KFC, Arby's, and Taco Bell to clean out your system
There WAS a Taco Bell by this cvs I remember CLEARLY!Blake Shelton songs sounded diff morning after I did spells..yep,def got body destroyed
Shout out to some of the lucky Taco Bell fans that scored an with their $5 Box. Thanks for playing. 🎮🌮
Really need some Taco Bell but Kevin wants me to cook instead... 🙃
You ever look at someone and just wonder what their drunk Taco Bell order is.
Since you will be in the wonderful town of Warsaw tomorrow there is a little Taco Bell just down the street... 🌮🔔
It use to be. You gotta eat high grade food while smoking high grade weed. Taco Bell is the mids of food now.
The way my bank account looking rn, Taco Bell too good for me.
And it's Taco Bell ground beef too smh
last time I tried expressing myself I got banned from a Taco Bell in Rhode Island
1) My friend in Santa Rosa, "the Taco Bell is on fire, the gas station, the Circle K, the medical office are all on fire. ...
Taco Bell in Orlando on Alafaya between Lake Underhill and Curry Ford Road.
Bobak Ferdowsi's makes me want to get Whoppers for dinner, but I was going to get Taco Bell's Crispy Quesadilla. What should I get?
"Like I'll eat by myself at Chipotle or like Zoë's Kitchen but not Taco Bell yanno?". Kelly: "Too fancy?"
Where would I rather be for my first day at 24 than avoiding my family party in the parking lot of Taco Bell
How is that I met the dumbest human being in the world at the Taco Bell in Coventry Rhode Island?
You eat at Taco Bell with Ricky Martin. You order hard-boiled crab diapers with Thousand Island dressing.
Taco Bell making a taco with the shell being a fried egg is just a slap in the face to every American everywhere
Why do these local billy bobs try and hit on me when y’all know I like the guy at Taco Bell with the face tattoo please respect that
And then there are the non-song annoying commercials. Chef Lorena Garcia for Taco Bell, 2012.
“We poached eggs in Busch Latte because you won’t drive us to Taco Bell.” - boys of 212 west prospect
Lmao there's a mark lee identical lookalike at ucla this is wild he's at Taco Bell next to me hshxjfjf
Should we get Taco Bell or kwik trip?
Do you think Taco Bell executive chef Lorena Garcia can't nail a fried egg taco?
I asked Caro what she wanted from Taco Bell and she said 1 burrito because she wasnt that hungry, I brought her 2 and her *** ate both😂
There will be a Taco Bell clothing line at Forever 21 because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
This was the best thing to ever happen to Taco Bell
Jeff: get me Taco Bell. So I do. He's asleep. 🙄
So I can go to Taco Bell whenever I want duh
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
is trying to get a tattoo from a barefoot man we met in a Taco Bell send help
Peyton, Brad, and I flip a coin to see if we go to Taco Bell and head means we go. *quarter lands tails* . Me: flip it again
I was just informed I look like Brooke shields from the Taco Bell drive-thru guy
True. Taco Bell's drink prices are outrageous. I'm a fan of KFC's 5 dollar fill up too.
Taco Bell $5 Box is probably a better value if you want a drink and like everything that’s in it.
Kappa Alpha Theta needs to hurry up in the Taco Bell drive thru
Pro tip: If you get a beer at Twin River, you can bring it in the food court while you eat Taco Bell. Whole new world.
Taco Bell is opening about 300 more locations over the next five years, but they WON'T have drive-thrus . . .
Kayla: yo do y’all have Apple Pay?. Taco Bell: yeah we got apple pie.
Thanks to Frankie, we also all got a free Taco Bell 🌮 b/c he stole that base in the World Series last year... Mr. S…
9 months later Isaac and I are arguing about what I ate at Taco Bell the first night we met again after 2 years
If I saw Tyler fREAKING Joseph at Taco Bell, I'd walk up to him and start singing Taco Bell Saga.
Bro, you ready for the chopped cheese - Taco Bell bang bang?
Be the reason someone smiles today, or just get them Taco Bell.
Really upset with Taco Bell in William Floyd Ny my tacos was cold didn't even look heated up and has mold
"You can put a white trash girl in a big beautiful house, but you can't stop her from going barefoot to Taco Bell" -
Live your truth, climb a mountain, binge on Taco Bell, cuss out Pat Sajak because his hair doesn't make sense, burp Katy…
"Are you Steve Smith?". "Uh, absolutely not.". was BACK at his old Taco Bell job! See his entire shift: https:…
Former WR Steve Smith returned to his former job today working as a cashier at Taco Bell! 🔥 He was a little ru…
Now this is -> Police: Three Taco Bell Employees Pull out Guns, Kill Armed Robber via
Said I was going to Taco Bell for lunch... the whole office is now getting Taco Bell! This is a company purchase!😏
I bet I'm the sexiest fat girl in this Taco Bell drive-thru
More importantly, he made me miss Taco Bell. Has he no soul?
There are other options. I prefer taco bell. Its easy to get delicious vegan food there.
Police say three employees pulled out their guns and fired, hitting one of the robbers six times
File this under get a Glock-o with that Taco. Taco Bell employees shoot robbers, killing one.…
JUST IN: 3 armed Taco Bell employees shot and killed an attempted robbery suspect this morning in Cleveland; No arrests ma…
Hot *** The boy who works the drive thru at Taco Bell on Patterson Drive 😍😍
What's good at Taco Bell if there's anything
But nah, like 1) who is robbing Taco Bell 2) WHY IS EVERY EMPLOYEE TOTING THE HEATER?
What's going on at this that THREE of your employees are armed? Guess that's NOT a burrito in your pocket.
That and I'm trying to figure out why Taco Bell employees got shells on em.. wait... nvm I get it
3 employees at Cleveland Taco Bell fatally shoot would-be robber
Is this an argument for gun ownership, concealed carry?.
Armed Taco Bell workers shoot, kill robbery suspect...but won't tell you that saves lives
If you didn't take your senior pictures at Taco Bell, did you really take your senior pictures?
Will pay in sexual favours for someone to bring me Taco Bell
This is why everyone should be packing. Great gun story as Taco Bell employees shoot would be robber. .
We're Read about our latest opening here: Team Member - Alton - IL
Proving 2017 can't be completely terrible, Taco Bell now has a $5 steak quesarito box
Ex-Taco Bell employee Steve Smith Sr. returned to work at Taco Bell
Looks like they picked the wrong durn Taco Bell to rob.
No I don't wanna give u my number I just want my taco bell
Can't wait to marry somebody at Taco Bell that I met at Taco Bell🖤🖤🖤
Forget where I live on a daily basis and always end up at Taco Bell???
I got a serious crave for Taco Bell right about now 😩
I remember your brother all salty locking us out because we didn't bring him Taco Bell 😂
Our returned to his old summer job, Taco Bell!. Let's just say he was ... rusty. 😂. 📺 | MORE:
I'm dumb, I misread lol, what I'm trying to say is; international had Pizza Hut and US had Taco Bell
Have y'all tried the chicken quesarito from taco bell? It's delicious
This guys referring to a Fox News story about a guy getting shot to death while attempting to rob a Taco Bell. How…
I forgot how good day old Taco Bell tasted.
Have the Franchise Wars taken place yet? If so, I'm thinking Chick-Fil-A, not Taco Bell, won.
I told Skyler I wanted to take her to dinner tonight. She replied, "Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A?". I've found the one for sure.
I just ate $31 worth of Taco Bell by my self and feel so accomplished this must be what people that climb Mt Everest fe…
Just received a text from Gary Johnson that he a) just had a religious experience and b) needs a ride to Taco Bell
So I went to eat Chinese. The chef's name was Robert Lee. I was so triggered I went to Taco Bell where Pookie made my burrit…
I wonder if God laughs a little when I ask him to bless this Taco Bell for the nourishment of my body
when the Taco Bell cashier starts reading your order back to you
SMDH I'm so tired and hungry even though I just ate Taco Bell. AT 2am...and drank an entire Fiji water
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Follow your heart, but take your Taco Bell with you.
Or if you're Ashley, farting in Taco Bell.
have him pour some mt dew baja blast, have yourself a free Taco Bell freeze right there
Monday Morning breakdown: I never ended up getting Taco Bell, the Yanks lost in a disgusting way, and GOT was too s…
what do you think about Tyler Joseph, who did a song dedicated to Taco Bell?
A girl at Taco Bell drive thru told me I have beautiful eyes. Made my day *** yeah
You REALLY feel old when you get drunk then go to Taco Bell with your parents instead of friends.
In the name of Tyler Joseph I demand that you never say Taco Bell again
What is Taco Bell I am from New Zealand so I wouldn't know what it is
I miss the cheese fries from taco bell😭💔
Craving Taco Bell for some weird reason 🤔
If anyone wants to bring me Taco Bell that would be greatly appreciated
Are u ever on the way to the gym and then go to taco bell instead??? bc same
This is the most I've ever heard the words "fire and fury" not in relation to a toilet after Taco Bell.
Who is sober enough to take me to Taco Bell?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
My Taco Bell is but from what you tell me chipotle is similar so idk if you wanna go that route :) :/
I'd rather hold my head undercovers after a Taco Bell fart than watch Grayson play in the regular seas…
maybe so, but I only care about Taco Bell 😭
The best part about is that it's just people helping people. eat Taco Bell
Anyone down for a mish to Taco Bell??? You drive, I'll buy
The YouTube Live stream for the verdict works better than the one with the Taco Bell hot sauce packets?
She drives me crazy... . I buy her Taco Bell... . that's love
Ima need Oakdale to get a chick-fil-a, Raising Canes,and Taco Bell asap !!!
College freshmen: your white duvets will be stained with mascara and Taco Bell in 2 months tops
I would take ur shift and buy you taco bell
Don't come to Taco Bell asking for a student discount, it don't exist
Yes!!! Senior pictures at Taco Bell is goals
Craving Mexican food so bad that Taco Bell is starting to sound good
Taco bell is the rip off Del taco smh
This is true and I am in love with Taco Bell's vegetarian menu
I hope I die riding a motorcycle lol or at least eating Taco Bell
what do you get when you go to Taco Bell? opinions on cinnamon twists?
Eating Taco Bell on the floor of my empty room & crying, wby?
I don't know abt Taco Bell it's just not great
Not at taco bell wth I deserve better than that
The fact that Tyler Joseph wrote an entire song about Taco Bell and I memorized it kills me.
I'm pretty sure his name is Joseph Taylor and he works at Taco Bell
I would sentence El Chapo to eating Taco Bell twice a day for life.
lol at the idea that acacia clark has ever touched an apple catch her handing out candy and Taco Bell hot sauce pac…
Jeff knows my Taco Bell order by heart ❤️
He literally has zero interest in seeing the world. He's like a guy I knew who went on mission trip to S. America, ate Taco Bell whole time
"Taco Bell is Ecstasy for the face"-Chris Porter, one of my favorite stand up lines ever.
He looks just like a guy who hassled me at the Taco Bell on Jericho Turnpike once.
So I'm eating my Taco Bell in my car and this couple decides to park next to me and do their thing right next to my car 😂
So apparently my Taco Bell is one of the highest in sales so the CEO of all Taco 🔔s is coming. So you know I'm getting a pic with him 😂
Anybody who wants to save the disgusting Taco Bell across the street from Wrigley Field should be sterilized.
That *** dead I bet it smell like a 5 dollar box from Taco Bell 😂😂😂
Really waited a long time for the Xbox s to be a good price and now the Xbox x is at taco Bell WTH!?
Of course Taco Bell is a classy restaurant
.and will be giving away an every 10 minutes. Interested?
Son I had to block her number she FaceTimed me 6 times and keeps texting me... I don't even remember goi…
always cravin Taco Bell at like 2 AM
Idk why everyone is freaking out about Lyft letting you stop at Taco Bell like I almost always make my Uber drivers take me there
We walked into Taco Bell and I thought it was a golf clubhouse.
amazing they ever let them tear down the Taco Bell at Mission and Valencia
Im not surprised. I don't even eat Taco Bell. The girls I was with had to pee
Spotted: a man in his 40s or 50s sitting alone in a booth at Taco Bell watching the Whip/Nae Nae music video out load on his phone.
That feeling you get when you eat healthy-ish for a while, and then have Taco Bell for breakfast.
Well, the Taco Bell near me closed and the nearest one is miles & miles away...I do miss those bean tostadas
Reading paperwork down my upcoming GI scope. I'm wondering if instead of the laxative drink, I can just eat Taco Bell? 😳
Im drunk, eating taco bell and watching a childhood hero propose to his girlfriend... what a life.
Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. . Goodbye Wrigleyville Taco Bell. I will always love you.
I proficiently would fight someone if they said they didn't like Taco Bell
I wake up and the first thing that happens is my mom asking me if I wanna go to Taco Bell
There's no Wrigleyville without the iconic Taco Bell with the hat
First the McDonalds then Ronnie Woo Woo and now the Taco Bell. The Ricketts have destroyed Cubs baseball.
What do I gotta do to find a Taco Bell around here 😰
Also if you live in Jonesville why in the world are you working at a Taco Bell in Winston??
Look at the comments. One guy literally posted his bank statements showing job-stop Taco Bell.
every time you eat Taco Bell you fall closer to death
Probably the most appropriate thing for a Taco Bell sauce packet to say.
i wanna see KARD's producer and the chainsmokers fight in the parking lot of taco bell
*** I'm so tapped out right now. Thought Taco Bell was a good idea omw home from work. Bout to pass out in their drive through though :P
mom: why is there a taco bell receipt in your Bible? . me: it's call a bookmark.
I went to JoAnn fabrics and they played History and now Taco Bell is playing Infinity I feel so personally victimized to…
I like eating by myself because I can eat Taco Bell 4 days in a row and nobody can judge me
Honestly it's the nicest looking Taco Bell I've seen
Takeoff really pulled out a stack of money at Taco Bell 😂
Everyone in my town freaking out about Moes opening soon and I'm over here still crying about the Taco Bell closing years ago.
it would mean a lot of trust in Taco Bell employees by not opening my tacos prior to eating.
You can't walk into Taco Bell acting like a badass and order a cheesy rollup sorry
Jonathan dead *** just licked my toe so I would go get him Taco Bell
Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith & Cady Heron: Hello Taco Bell are you hiring today?
I just got a job at Taco Bell so if you're even in cincinnati, ohio then I'll hook you up with some free tacos
Taco Bell partners with Lyft to offer 'ride-thru' meals - Albuquerque Journal :
Eff you Taco Bell, closes at 2 am my ***
King to Taco Bell on Bullard will be wasting time of your life.
McDonald's (minus their fries and cookies) can kick rocks. Taco Bell laxative tacos and burritos, and Burger King just stinks
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