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Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California.

Charlie Daniels Bank of America Ariel Pink Creedence Clearwater Revival Burger King

All of a sudden Taco Bell has hired the good ad agency. Plus they ticked off Charlie Daniels.
Taco Bell for lunch. How can you go wrong with a box of food for $5.
I cherished every last bite of Taco Bell & Mt. Dew I had tonight. Hard diet starts tomorrow. I cry for myself. Anyo…
Tim gets an Eagles win *AND* Nacho Fries at Taco Bell. What a day!
Shout Out to Managing Partner, Tim Wurtz,at the Barrett Parkway, KFC/Taco Bell. Tim Wurtz, and Kim Roberts...
All I want in life rn is for Charlie to get his Taco Bell. Please man, I’m begging you
She, Halle Berry, and Tim McGraw are all 50-51. I need to go sit down and re-think about getting Taco Bell for lunch today.
But...but...I thought it was the Illuminati! Charlie Daniels told Taco Bell they were serious!
Update: Tim and I are going to FRANKLIN MILLS for Taco Bell because we are dedicated citizens
Charlie Daniels to Taco Bell: "Hey quit joking around about the Illuminati". You can't write this stuff.
ICYMI: charged with DUI after mistaking bank drive-thru for Taco Bell. He asked the bank manager for a burrit…
Taco Bell closed so we went to Walmart and Bobby about to make me some tacos at 3am lol
Man mistakes bank drive-thru for Taco Bell, gets DUI after ordering burrito: police
Holy Guacamole..!: Florida man arrested for DUI after mistaking a Bank of America drive-thru for a Taco Bell (Can I…
FLORIDA MAN charged with DUI after being found at a Bank of America drive-thru trying to order a Taco Bell burrito https…
eat Taco Bell & White Castle in the same day and walk as slow as the Deadman to the toilet when it’s time to doodoo.
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Tim got a raise so instead of celebrating with champagne and a fancy dinner we got Taco Bell.
I once made a Ron Burgundy bot. It was trying hard to be like Taco Bell.
What Charlie doesn't know, and what I can neither confirm nor deny, is that Taco Bell runs the deep state from a bu…
(Expecting mom takes hilarious maternity photos at Taco Bell) has been published on Daily Info Facts -…
Bobby: "Let's order Taco Bell. When you are about to pay I will go to bathroom. So you can pay.". Lol. Poor Dongie~…
Has anyone seen the new Taco Bell's "Belluminati" commercial? The Illuminati change their name to Trilateral Commis…
So I found a kitten outside of the taco bell on Valley High. It's so cold outside I couldn't just leave them. If an…
UPTC needs . MUJI. Wink. Lush. Taco Bell. Zara?? Would that be pushing it??. A better department store lol. And a better stoc…
Is this a Taco Bell illuminati commercial
*gets taco bell*. Me: I'm a quesadilla vacuum. Luis: you're a vacuum in general
$5 stacker box at Taco Bell is the way to go.
$1 premiering January 25 at a Taco Bell near you.
Ben and i eat Taco Bell like every night lol
"Most of the largest fast food chains, including McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, and Taco Bell have all signed...
That Taco Bell commercial can 100 percent leave the earth.
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Need me a girl that would be totally fine with Taco Bell over Tokyo.
In the Taco Bell drive I told them my order that I always get and she said thank you. . . In the background of the m…
If anyone wants to know the key to my heart, its Taco Bell... Get me Taco Bell and I'll forever be yours.
She sheets and ecchi guy, but in love for the taco bell and ask em for and higher, call that yen, anime girls, i'm readin mane
You ever eating taco bell alone in a parking lot with 26 open parking spaces all around you and a mf parks right next to you
I'm very curious as to why they are $1.50 at my taco bell, I say it's a conspiracy!
“Health Officials Are Urging People Not To Eat Tide Pods”... too bad, I really hoped that Taco Bell or McDonalds wo…
Ever since an infamous day in 2017, I always have to feel up my chicken quesadillas from Taco Bell because of an incid…
That one day at The hair place and Taco Bell had me weak
when my mom was getting proposed to she thought she was getting a mountain bike. and then they went to Taco Bell.
*everyone saying the singers they love* . Me: *tries to think of popular singer*. “I really like *gulp* Lana Del Ta…
I never told you about how a guy got arrested on the clock for attempting to kill someone with an onion when I was 15 worki…
Following my skin care routine for once made me feel so much better about having Taco Bell and Coronas for dinner
I can confirm 100% that was truthful in his review of the new Taco Bell "Stacker" don't get the $5 b…
We dropped off some water and a comforter to this homeless guy by Taco Bell.
We do not...but we have fries at Taco Bell ☝🏼
The 24 hour Taco Bell that got me and my friends through college tragically burned down last night. We're coping th…
I can’t wait till i get paid and can eat something other than Taco Bell’s dollar menu😂
You're not at Taco Bell again are you?
Just took 1 bite of Taco Bell and threw it up🙃
Taco Bell is high asf. I just spent $10.35 on nobody but me🙄🙄🙄
They made me some fresh potatoes at Taco Bell 😍
I here Taco Bell is a pretty nice place to satisfy your munchies
We know that's Taco Bell anyways, shameful
Coming down to the wire here at Taco Bell arena! Broncos lead, 69-67 with 4.2 left in regulation
In honor of tonights win vs the Nuggests, our local sponsor is giving back to the fans! Present this code at any Ta…
Should I go to Taco Bell for the fourth night?
Get my bro a girl, he slaves everyday at Taco Bell workin his way up the cooperation ladder & can’t find a gir…
you’re totally right. My palate could not be less sophisticated. I have a Taco Bell onesie.
All I can think about right now is Taco Bell. Sos.
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Taco Bell u have to sponsor chxpo now or else u gotta watch ur back
They been showing that Taco Bell commercial started toward end of regular season I was like man illuminati don’t gi…
The $1 stackers from Taco Bell goes crazyyy lol
I'm fortunate to have an LA Fitness near me...right next to a McDonald's, a Taco Bell and a Burger King.
Uhm Regina was on an all carb diet... that’s why they didn’t get Taco Bell... duh 🐭
Have an old winter vest laying around & unsure what to do with it? Here’s your solution. I drive & eat Taco Bell a lot, usu…
Funny but no coincidence that go to *** rhymes with Taco Bell 🌮
I would rather eat dog food then eat tacos from Taco Bell
oh me summer adam and nick are a whole *** mess in this Taco Bell order
It’s 8:20 at night and Adam and I decided to get Taco Bell and watch the captain underpants movie
mark dantonio: "it's not over, it's just beginning. ... Beat Michigan.". Taco Bell employee [rubbing his temples in frustr…
Local ghost seen at 3 AM at Taco Bell, making the Doritos Locos shells cool ranch flavor.
I’m in my bed eating Taco Bell and watching Rick and Morty. I have finally hit my college student peak.
Taco Bell ran out of medium cups so I got a large pink lemonade HAPPY FRIDAY PALS
When they knocked down a Taco Bell to build a NASCAR track that's when I realized that Wyandotte County was no longer for me.
Salem woman arrested after hit and run at Taco Bell
So proud of this work from with Team And this made me laugh "Taco Bell wants to elevate its value…
This Week in Taco Bell: Charlie Daniels warns Taco Bell about the Illuminati via
I wanna be able to proudly say we won exo an award from Taco Bell
Brad Paisley is bringing his to the Taco Bell Arena on February 2nd. Enjoy the concert and...
The new Cantina in Royal Oak is now open.
They changed the $5 box at Taco Bell. I'm not happy about it.
2018 is the "Devil Went Down to Georgia" dude tone-policing Taco Bell about the Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavari…
Taco Bell’s mistake was playing the commercial more than once/having a marketing campaign around belluminati. Make…
All this free promotion I gave Taco Bell for the amazing chicken rolled tacos and they've now been discontinued.…
Charlie Daniels Issues Grim Warning to Taco Bell About the Illuminati The Devil went down to Taco Bell
If you are in Madison and haven’t been told you’re beautiful by Katrice at the Odana Taco Bell, I am sorry but what…
Wait... So.. Taco Bell just casually dropped an illuminati commercial because they thought sounded cool??
Welcome to Taco Bell, Mr. Daniels, can I take your NEW WORLD ORDER?
Have you seen the disembodied arms? Seriously, the one that Your mom is claiming has appeared behind the taco bel…
Charlie how do you know Taco Bell isn’t a part of the Illuminati, making commercials mocking it to throw y…
I thought it was pretty trashy of Taco Bell too...I agree with Charlie
Taco Bell is gonna start making fries… idk how to feel about this.
Hey everybody, the first campus life of the semester is tonight at the Taco BellTillotson @ 7:47!! See ya there! 😋🌮😁
*whilst putting fire sauce on your Taco Bell meal
Charlie Daniels warns Taco Bell: ‘The illuminati is not a frivolous subject'
*** that new Taco Bell commercial is scary. I would not eat there anymore
Eating a turkey sandwich when all you can think about is taco bell is pure ***
Taco bell is a part of it. If you want to find the biggest members, look for the largest company owners.
If you tryna do this & make taco bell runs at 12am call me
Taco Bell's meat has been revealed to be just 36 percent actual beef—the rest is tasteless fiber filler and various seasonin…
Charlie Daniels wants Taco Bell to take Illuminati seriously
If someone tells you that they don’t like Taco Bell. Never talk to them again. You don’t need that kind of negativity in…
after my next 2 hr final at 10 AM, itll be Taco Bell and for me 💛
I just made my brother go to taco bell and chick fil a for me, he replies with "I see why you're single"
. This article greeted me this morning . well then.
"In 2006, lettuce served at Taco Bell was the source of an E. coli outbreak that sickened 71 people.…
I want to run some kind of Nashville eats or Nashville food account and post a bunch of good pictures and get a bun…
Taco Bell on 36 the worst Taco Bell in Miami
Charlie Daniels issues grim warning to Taco Bell about the Illuminati
Hey Taco Bell. The Illuminati is not a frivolous subject
[iHeart Music Awards] Taco Bell Best Fan Army. (If the page doesn't load because not available in yo…
Not sure if I should be offended by Taco Bell or not, but not much can make stop ordering grilled stuffed burritos.
Time for lunch Chinese Taco Bell Burger King or McDonald's or salad bar at scoreboard I wonder what those Chinaman make good chicken
I hope Taco Bell goes out of business. I felt sorry for people I knew that got sick off the food and shou…
when your 82 yo dad calls to tell you we’re going to Taco Bell for lunch today & is tickled pink because he has a g…
Oak Ridge City Council approves rezoning at site where Taco Bell could be built:
I got ribs from smokey bones on yesterday now im eating Taco Bell and we're getting pizza and wings later
my cravings be everywhere, I want a Dorito Taco from Taco Bell, A Caramel Frappee from McDonalds, crushed Ice & Pic…
Henry Bowers visits the Taco Bell in Derry and fist fights the Losers in the parking lot.
Taco Bell. I could drink my purfume! Gasp Pink Chiffon? How's the month.
Just heard Mac Demarco and Ariel Pink in Taco Bell. Taco Bell really trying to be indie and hip out here.
Hi or should I say ola!. Have you talked to Taco Bell about sponsoring your tour? With all the free pub…
I just want to let everyone know I almost held hands with the guy at the drive-thru window tonight at Taco Bell.
I just had this flashback of watching Mary Poppins and eating Taco Bell every Sunday with my mom. Def bringing that back into my life 😭
Taco Bell just announced they're adding fries to the menu. there a greater time in the history of the wor…
I can honestly say there is no bigger heartbreak then driving past a Taco Bell after a really good work-out
"Taco Bell has never lied to you" - Chris Porter. Come see Chris tomorrow night along with Joel McHale, Nick Kroll,…
Taco Bell is launching Nacho Fries because the world needs more fries . Taco Bell is offici…
Dan the only reason you don’t have that is cause you live 60 minutes from the nearest Taco Bell 😑
Me: Is the natural state of the soul quiet or chaos?. Taco Bell cashier: Look buddy, it’s transient, shifting like water
You better have some 💰 stacked if you wanna f$$k with ...quality 🐱 ain't cheap. If I walk in Taco Bell,…
I had a dream last night that my card got declined at a Taco Bell... What a freakin nightmare that was
We need a petition to bring a Taco Bell and a Farmer Boys up to this mountain. This girl got cravings.
Taco Bell being the official sponsor for the student section of the Rose Bowl is the most college thing ever.
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I’m glad Jacob Whitesides is back to his Taco Bell eating ways, I’m having flashbacks to old younows
Yes sir! Anybody who kills him gets free Taco Bell from me!!
“I’m not drunk guys...I swear. Hey you think Taco Bell is still open?”
I left all my friends at the club last night for Taco Bell.
What if he posts a pic eating Taco Bell off his Ford Explorer console outside the field house? 😐
TFW u had a real heart to heart talk w the 16 yo nephew on his 1st ever date while eating Taco Bell
Jacob & I discussed resuming with our diet after the holidays. Now my goal is to eat as much sushi and Taco Bell as…
ME: hmm…probably Baja Blast, they only sell it at Taco Bell but trust me it's worth the walk. Also can't go wrong with…
That 5 dollar craving box from Taco Bell is the truth
Can’t even get Taco Bell without waiting in line for 2 hours. This area is ***
Taco Bell is about the “safest” place for a veggie head to eat out at
Alicia Evans loved animals, Taco Bell and escaping into nature. But most of all, she loved her girls.
I want to do a "Super Size Me" spinoff where I eat nothing but Taco Bell for 30 days. Not for research purposes or…
When I went to the Taco Bell bathroom I saw Millie Bobby Brown coming out of the stall. I told her that I loved her, and sh…
Taco Bell is the only restaurant to advertise a meal deal & expect you to memorize it by the time you get there bec…
Bill stopped at Taco Bell at 3AM on his return from the adventurous night he just endured with his hetero life mate…
If you haven't hit the curb at Taco Bell in Athens at least 23 times in your life then wyd ?
Last night was insane. Got drunk in the Taco Bell parking lot, revved my engine up at high school girls, and almost fought…
Why does the Taco Bell in buckeye lake take 6 years to make food
*Kristin calls*. Me: hey babe what’s up?. Kristin: I had Taco Bell... just called to confess... Pray for her
I mostly get take out at Taco Bell because Pepsi products on the soda fountain are such a disappointment
The War on Holidays grows by the day. Will Christmas claim victory like Taco Bell in DEMOLITION MAN? What about int…
Where is the "Taco Bowl" from Taco Bell? Donald Trump even discriminates against Fast Food.
I literally think I haven’t ate Taco Bell in like 10 years and I ate it today with my boyfriend and I think he thin…
You should have Taco Bell cater your wedding
"Dear lord baby Jesus, we thank you so much for this bountiful harvest of Domino's, KFC and the always delicious Taco Bell."…
Andrew taking off my boots and crawling into bed with Taco Bell was the highlight of my birthday
Like I just want someone to come pick me up, go grab some Taco Bell and a case of beer, and go back roading while j…
Erik Estrada was a cop in my hometown when I was in 7th grade and I spilled a Baja blast on him at Taco Bell one time.
I wasn't able to get a photo so I understand if you don't believe me but the dude in front of me at Taco Bell had a…
Same.. about to go into a Taco Bell food coma
It would have a lot of product placement by Taco Bell. Plus I would cast Amy Adams and Tom Hanks somehow.
People thought Eric Estrada was Mexican for endorsing Taco Bell but he's Puerto Rican and his commercials didn't last long
I can’t think of a better tool when I’m at Taco Bell eating some messy nachos.
You can save big money on a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado right now - and you don't have to work at Taco Bell to get the…
A hippo the size of 7 million tater tots, a panda who just bankrupted Taco Bell and became a new continent to rival…
"Got a couple of fleeing felons!" Three little bears take off from a police officer outside a Taco Bell in Tahoe City, Calif. http…
Nah, y'all need that "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!"
Whenever the Taco Bell employees ask for my name for the order I always tell them Kirby…
Muzak has been surprisingly lit during 35 hr drive from San Fran to Ohio. Tn I heard Ariel Pink at Taco Bell & Lou Barlow at the Flying J.
Idk which is worse on your digestive tract. White castles or Taco Bell .
Is there even Taco Bell on this island ?
You Won't Believe What Brendan Smith Looks Like Now! *like's he's had Taco Bell right before bed... every night since last April*
Taco Bell one step closer to serving alcohol in downtown location - - WISC-TV3…
Ive eaten mexican food in mexico. Taco bell is better. Well, at least the crunch wrap supreme is
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I want Taco Bell and a burger please!
Taco Bell shots have been fired at the bottom community 😂😂😂
Glamorous brings me back to a time where I’m riding around in a freezing cold car thinking about how the Taco Bell…
Taco Bell either gives you 30 packets of sauce for 1 taco or 3 packets of sauce of sauce for a meal that could feed a family…
It’s 11:45 and I’m getting Taco Bell for the second time since 10:00. I have a problem. Actually I have a lot of problems. Baj…
Taco Bell's are the best tacos in Houston don't @ me
Prince Frederick Taco Bell hasn't changed at all
I do this thing where I push away all my friends then cry in the taco bell drive thru because I have no friends
Wow, I'm stunned by the accuracy in this line at Taco Bell is vegan right?
God bless whoever made my Taco Bell today, he didn’t charge me extra for sour cream.
What's even the point of getting Taco Bell if there's no Baja Blast
Tomorrow is your Run For The Border day. And I don’t mean Taco Bell.
If Tinkerbell had a Mexican sister what would her name be?. Taco Bell
Am I the only one who hasn't had taco bell since it opened up again!
My *** picked food Imma be full eating my $5 box from Hardee’s or Taco Bell on the side of the road lol
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Taco bell gives me life. And it also slowly kills me
What level of *** is it where Taco Bell gives you food but no sauce?
Me coming home drunk with Taco Bell at 3am
You ever go to Taco Bell at midnight on a Tuesday? Me too, this is my life.
I just had a mini dance party in Taco Bell because 1. THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD 2. I haven't had Taco Bell in a week and…
Marions Taco Bell still be like this tho
COLLEENN! Australia’s first Taco Bell opened in Australia and it’s in Brisbane!
Just stop taking him out or whatever. You want Taco Bell just go to Taco Bell on your own and when he c…
That's what I'm saying. The quality is better than taco bell and the price is not bad. There are worse f…
We linked up with and laughed about their infamous SXSW Hype Hotel/Taco Bell set. Our 15 Minutes With…
Wife: Where are you going?. Me: You can find me in da club shawty. Wife: You’re going to Taco Bell to get nachos, aren’…
who remembers when Taco Bell used to look like this? they’d have those swivel chairs too
Drive back. I'm currently at taco bell about to eat my feelings
The girl behind us in Taco Bell was bawling her eyes out, so I bought her food for her. I feel you girl🌟
Da fuq kinda god forsaken taco bell *** drive thru law school this degenerate go to JFC
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Hope the best of yall I'm just gonna chill in My room and my last meal will be left over taco bell
If I️ was in Angelo I would have taken you Taco Bell
Just passed by my high school hang out (Taco Bell) and now it’s a tropical smoothie cafe drive thru!
For you Calvert County folks. Dunkirk is getting a Taco Bell.
Three Glaswegians will also win a year’s supply of Taco Bell and an invite to the VIP launch party if the…
Ok but seriously besides in Lakeview and Wicker Park where tf is there a Taco Bell in Chicago?
and I decided to make a late night run to Taco Bell and ended up getting on the wrong bus and rode that…
It smells oddly like either Taco Bell or serious BO on this bus. Which is it? The world may never know 😷
So upset over haircut I ate a Taco Bell taco at the bus stop. At least it was still crunchy. This one doesn't.
My *** really skipping class and taking the bus to Taco Bell smh
I would have lost at Taco Bell, ill go there sober
Right like who goes to Taco Bell to get fries 😂
omg so weird I just got a huge wif of taco bell
Taco Bell sounds so dang good right now
Do you think Taco Bell is gonna follow through on the fries?
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I used to bag up grass clippings from my lawn mower and sell them across the street from my high school at Taco Bel…
I'm really down for some fiery tacos from Taco Bell rn
me arriving @ taco bell @ 11:49 pm for my usual order which karen the cashier has memorized: *slams fists on counter* I…
Eff U Pinterest moms with your colored toothpicks and your melon ballers and your decoupage while my kid is eating…
Taco Bell needs to be a 24 hr thing
I love that Taco Bell gives you a wet nap and a breath mint. 😂
Haven’t had my nacho fix in awhile. Or m some Taco Bell.
Mighty over Taco Bell any day dont @ me
Taco Bell man said thank you mommy 🤮
Kenli asks about my night and I go "Maddie drove my car, I got Taco Bell, and we ended up at the condo"
I reviewed Taco Bell and rated it 4.5/5 on
Everyone's saying this is better than Taco Bell but I don't get the hype.
If you want fries, Taco Bell is not the place to be lol but nachos on the other hand ;))
Woman just doesn't get that she's not in a Burger King | New York Post😂
Serving alcohol would be one *** of a way to attract more customers
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Also currently laying in bed, eating Taco Bell, and watching Netflix. What a life.
Me thinking about the benefits of going to the first grand opening of Taco Bell in my country tomorrow :/
literally like that one time I stormed out of the house and then we went to Taco Bell 10 minutes la…
Wish there was a Taco Bell around me
Bruh she’s at Taco Bell but forcibly wants to order French fries
A 90 year old couple was leaving our office today . “Alright, we’re goin to get food!”. “Where ya goin?”. “Taco bell!!…
Hi Taco Bell? Yes. Are you hiring today? Oh great. I will be down there and fill up the application. Thank you. KFC? Hi, h…
You're obviously just as dumb as the lady who thinks taco bell is racist over french fries.
I ate taco bell for late dinner and I didn't get "the regretsies" (diarrhea). Today is going to be a good day.
FFS!!! Next thing you know apple pie will be banned for being a racist food...LIBERAL craziness!!! ***
Did you know that according to data compiled from over 40M singles on wearing sunglasses in your dating pro…
My parents had kids at my age. I wipe my *** with taco bell napkins.
Elections? Can you imagine the ramifications if Taco Bell stopped being so racist and started…
12. i asked (again and again) guard no. 3 then as usual. so i stopped by and bought a DQ Oreo (but i'm really into Taco Bell's churros) 😭
Creedence Clearwater Revival at a Taco Bell in San Luis Obispo, California, in 1968.
Taco Bell being a block away from my house is DEADLY
I haven't meal prepped in 3 weeks but Taco Bell soft chicken tacos have been saving my life frfr
Why don’t Taco Bell have Dr Pepper in Baltimore
Or peanut butter pie. I just don't understand why Taco Bell does serve such a tasty treat.
I literally want taco bell so bad. 😭
In my teens we'd go get Taco Bell and roam Walmart. The exciting life of goth kids from the country. This was late 90s.
Salisbury Police have identified the suspect wanted in connection with a homicide in a Taco Bell parking lot.
Taco Bell is the best thing man ever created
😂😂 I'm dying inside this Taco Bell and it's not bc of the food
Our lecture today is on brain hacking. Our cyberpunk future is finally here; can't wait to be an enforcer for Taco Bell.
A White woman slammed Taco Bell for being racist after not taking her French fries order
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again TACO BELL BREAKFAST > CFA BREAKFAST
Woman calls Taco Bell 'racist' for not being able to order french fries
Creedence Clearwater Revival at a Taco Bell in 1968. This is what we use the internet for.
Everything a leftist doesn't like is
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I met this stranger on the bus, shared Taco Bell and fell in love at first bite. Ever since I meet her everything h…
A chalupa with penné. Taco Bell rolled it out with that chik’nugget quesadilla.…
"Yea but we can convince the party bus to pull up to the Taco Bell drive thru after we're wasted" the most convinci…
Jennifer S from Taco Bell on Southern Ave in Tempe, AZ, please marry me. You are perfection on this *** we call Ea…
Girl my Sunday night was watching a strange man stumble off a charter bus and throw up on the sidewalk of a Taco Bell
why am I at Taco Bell in New York rn fresh off the bus
There’s that Taco Bell by the Landers center. I think they have bus parking 😂😂😂
Some drunk dude just offered me his Taco Bell while I was waiting at a bus stop why do I live here
Prime location, not even five mins away from Taco Bell h mart and the 20 bus
Who riding the bus to Taco Bell with me here in a minute?
I’ve been to Taco Bell a couple times over the past month.. only white people was in there eating lol…
“Evan went to take the bus to the apartments and it got on the Lloyd instead so he just got off at Taco Bell, can you pick him up?”
Crime Blotter: Woman flashes Taco Bell guests in hopes of a free taco. Also this week: Man throws a cat at an RTD bus driver …
steph: word Alex was being annoying while I was talking to my dad. me: steph.. you were talking to the employee @ Taco Bell n…
It’s funny how one week I can barely afford Taco Bell then the next week I buy a car and a new Xbox...
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Quote of the night, Can we go to Taco Bell on my accounts payable?
And that is why you don't feed a bus Taco Bell 😂🤣😂🤣
something funny happened at the KFC/Taco Bell drive thru in RI involving a Cryme Tyme T-Shirt
I'm at that stage in life where some of my friends are wanting babies & others are throwing up in Taco Bell parking lots
Hot sauce packets from Taco Bell are a big hit this year
We all have to be happy that Michelle Bachman is no longer in congress. I’d love to open a Taco Bell right in her n…
- Taco Bell unveils new Chocoladilla at select locations, Taco Bell has unveiled...
Taylor : why are the cinnabons @ Taco Bell harder than others ?. Becky: hi I'm Rebekah Wilson the CEO of Taco Bell
Also, my friend Catherine had Taco Bell mild sauce in her tail this morning, which I think says more about me than anything else
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