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Taco Bell Arena

The Taco Bell Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena, on the campus of Boise State University, in Boise, Idaho.

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Twenty One Pilots played in the Taco Bell Arena. Imagine being in a place called the Taco Bell Arena. That's too much emotion
Kinda disappointed that they didn't play Taco Bell Saga at the Taco Bell arena 🤔
Taco Bell Arena. I was the one screaming I LOVE YOU TYLER JOSEPH & JOSH YOU'RE OK TOO. I heard you sa…
did you sing can't help falling in love in Boise because it was the Taco Bell arena and man you really love Taco Bell?
Show 19: definitely one to remember |-/ @ Taco Bell Arena
that's right, they played at the taco bell arena it was a big day for them xD xD xD
the heart round Taco Bell arena lmao
Absolutely ROCKED Boise, Idaho tonight!! Thanks for the AMAZING concert & come back to the Taco Bell Arena anytime! 🥁🎹❤️
And I'll take it all back take it all back @ Taco Bell Arena
I wish there was a taco bell arena in salina. I would enjoy my job 10x more and I'd be blessed to make them tacos
can you believe the boys preformed at a Taco Bell arena but didn't preform taco bell saga smh
Twenty one pilots performed in the Taco Bell Arena last night and didn't play Taco Bell Saga smh
Anyone who wants to see the 21 pilots concert at Taco Bell arena look at my snap story brytswim97
Did you see Snapchat story? . ALL THAT TACO BELL!. perks of performing at the taco bell arena I guess
if yall don't play Taco Bell Saga tonight, at the TACO BELL ARENA...imma…
Just trying to watch twenty one pilots come out of the Taco Bell arena and follow them
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Let's get him to Taco Bell Arena and find out for sure.
i have been WAITING for them to play taco bell arena this is amazing
We've been waiting a long, long time for this. @ Taco Bell Arena
they are at the Taco Bell Arena. if they dont play TB saga im suing them
We all know this is the only reason & are playing at the taco bell arena tonight & I can't sa…
Why am I actually looking up flights to Boise to see twenty one pilots play the Taco Bell Arena for obvious reasons (cough…
i forgot they're playing the taco bell arena tonight i hope they make some reference to the TB saga
please play tb saga at the Taco Bell Arena tonight
tyler better not waste this grand opportunity to play the tb saga in the TACO BELL arena
Top is performing at the Taco Bell Arena tonight and they had like 20 tacos and tHEY BETTER PERFORM TB SAGA
wAIT they will play at taco bell arena tonight imagine if tyler sings tb saga
Twenty one pilots is playing the Taco Bell arena tonight. Tb saga better make an appearance
I sure hope is gonna sing the Taco Bell saga tonight since they're in the Taco Bell arena! 😂🙈
you guys SLAYED at the Taco Bell arena just now. Feeling blessed that I got to see you live.
If the guys don't play TB Saga tonight at the Taco Bell Arena I WILL BE V SAD
. I feel complete knowing you ate tacos at the Taco Bell Arena
STUDENTS: Bring one guest for FREE to this Saturday's Men's Basketball Black Out at Taco Bell Arena! Details at
Asked Coach Rice what it mean to improve to 83-17 in his 100th career game at home at Taco Bell Arena, a classic Co…
Hey, When does that Taco Bell Arena thing end? I know it was, like, 15 years but we gotta be close to being done, right?
Tell me you were at Taco Bell Arena last night. Lie if you have to--just be convincing.
Aztecs look like the Taco Bell of basketball teams at Taco Bell Arena.
Congrats on the win over I love watching games at Taco Bell Arena. Such a great facility! G…
I'm mostly impressed they play at Taco Bell Arena
Coach Rice on his 100th career home game at TBA "I love Taco Bell means's big time, we love playing here"
if I were to name an arena after me it would be Taco Bell arena
Live look at everyone headed home from Taco Bell Arena
Tonight was Leon Rice's 100th home game as head coach, he is now 83-17 all-time at Taco Bell Arena
in a month im gonna be down at Taco Bell Arena waiting for what could possibly be the greatest day of my life
most absurd thing about this video is "Taco Bell Arena"
Taco Bell Arena.Mountain West has the best arena names
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Big thanks to the 4,411 diehards who braved the elements and made it to Taco Bell Arena tonight. Should be a fun second half in store!
Fun first half at Taco Bell Arena. Broncos trailed 21-10 early, but lead 39-35 at the break. Reid has hit four 3-pointers and has 14 points.
Halftime at Taco Bell Arena. Max Hoetzel leads with 12 points.
Disappointed i was expecting a full house in Taco Bell arena tonight
leads Boise State at Taco Bell Arena, 21-10, with 11:29 left in the first half. Hoetzel has 9 points in the early going.
LIVE on ESPNU San Diego State at Boise State from Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho
ESPNU-white out at Taco Bell Arena. Leon's got the boys goin' strong!
And we are underway here at Taco Bell Arena
I want to go to Taco Bell arena just because I assume there is an abundance of Taco Bell
Matt Shrigley is on the court warming up at Taco Bell Arena.
Wow. Saw both of these teams at Taco Bell Arena this season. Totally saw this coming. Half of this status is for re…
Taco Bell Arena is a lot more fun to cover a game at when it has a big crowd and is loud. Snow has stopped, hope folks show up tonight.
It's cold outside, but it's over 70 degrees inside Taco Bell Arena! hosts San Diego State at 9 pm. See…
3 hours before Tip where it's 65 degrees inside and 17 degrees outside. (@ Taco Bell Arena)
I'm staying a mile or two from Boise State's Taco Bell Arena, and hotel staff told me I should walk tonight because…
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Big game tomorrow... better see everyone pack Taco Bell Arena 🔶🔷
Please play TB Saga at Taco Bell Arena!! . Feb 8 Boise!! . Please make this happen!! .
Come Early. BE LOUD. Stay Late! . We need you this Saturday at Taco Bell Arena, Bronco Students! Students get in FREE with…
I'm going to twenty one pilots at Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID - Feb 8
Riding in the Chevy Apache with Chago Fuentes, staring at the buttes, on our way to Up With People at Taco Bell Arena in Boise
Dierks Bentley coming to Taco Bell Arena on Friday, 9/16! Tix on sale Friday, 4/29 at 12pm:
Dierks Bentley "Somewhere On A Beach" Tour is coming to Taco Bell Arena in Boise Friday, September 16! With...
** HUGE Concert Announcement **. Dierks Bentley, the country party himself, is headed back to...
Kiss concert tickets for Jul 7 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Widespread Panic concert tickets for Jun 30 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Def Leppard concert tickets for Sep 28 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
nope it was in Boise at Taco Bell arena!!
James Taylor concert tickets for Jul 20 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Carrie Underwood concert tickets for Sep 6 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
KISS is coming to Taco Bell Arena in Boise! The presale is going on from 10am to 10pm today!!! Do you need the...
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Next up, Colorado State at home in Taco Bell Arena at 7 p.m. on Wednesday ... Bring your friends and support your Broncos! Pink Out!
Boise State is 32-12 all-time in games with 10,000-plus attendance at Taco Bell Arena, including a 7-1 mark under Leon Rice.
45 Minutes until tip of the Utah State at Boise State game in Taco Bell Arena, the Broncos MW home opener.
Boise State and Colorado State about to tip off at Taco Bell Arena. Televised on ESPN3.
Boise State takes on Colorado State at Taco Bell Arena at 5 p.m. It's the Broncos' MW opener. Here's my notebook:.
Braves warming up at Taco Bell Arena for today's Mountain West/Missouri Valley Challenge game.
Boise State football coach addressing the crowd at Taco Bell Arena last night:
.rocking the ALL ORANGE uniforms today! Hurry down to Taco Bell Arena to see them in action!
We are 40 minutes from tip of the Concordia at Boise State game in Taco Bell Arena.
Women's Basketball takes on Concordia at 2pm TODAY in Taco Bell Arena. Come out and support!
5 SOS tixs for Aug 27 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Some of my favs from last nights barnburner at Taco Bell Arena. Boise State Broncos take down Oregon Ducks in...
We have the matthew knight arena. We have nike. We have talent. boise has potatoes. No talent players, and the taco bell arena
"You dont expect to walk into taco bell arena and expect to come out with a W". said no one ever.
🎥 Check out the highlights from big win over No. 24/23 Oregon tonight at Taco Bell Arena!
And this one belongs to the Broncos! @ Taco Bell Arena
A sweet shot of Taco Bell Arena for the game. This was the beginning of BSU's 30-7 run.
Broncos win! Daddy-daughter date night at the hoops game! @ Taco Bell Arena
Hey never schedule Boise St in OOC. Not roadtripping if Taco Bell Arena doesn't have an actual Taco Bell.
Boise State holds off Oregon at Taco Bell Arena. Ducks with a valiant comeback. Going to be scary when they get Dorsey and Ennis back.
Ducks soar into Taco Bell Arena, exit first half with the runs. My column from Boise:
Boise State leads 41-28 at the half after a crazy drive from Paris Austin. Taco Bell Arena is pumped. Broncos had a 30-7 run into half.
Roof is about to explode in Taco Bell Arena. Boise State on a 24-4 run to take a 10 point lead over Oregon
Rocking in Taco Bell arena for and 29-25 Boise State
What a great atmosphere at Taco Bell Arena tonight!
I don't think I've ever seen Taco Bell Arena so insane. Love it!
I don't say this often, so listen good. Taco Bell Arena is deafening right now.
Maroon 5 concert tickets for Oct 9 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Shania Twain concert tickets for Sep 15 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
From the Mountain Home Country Music Festival to Jaialdi 2015 to Imagine Dragons at Taco Bell Arena, there is no...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Not only does the Basque Festival start tonight, Motley Crew is playing at the Taco Bell Arena and look who...
Idaho State Board of Education approved new Taco Bell Arena video boards + pre-game beer/wine at BSU indoor facility. htt…
what if an ARENA was catered by Taco Bell?! Same thing right
I might go to Zac Brown Band at Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID - Jul 10
It's not the principle of it, either. $10 is $10. If you're cool dropping $10 on taco bell in 1 day you can manage to help towards an arena
I'm with MIKE ESPN screw taco bell arena. It was, is and will always be The Pavilion.
HEADS UP! Taco Bell Arena just released 52 tickets to the Luke Bryan concert! Go get 'em NOW!
Heyyy if you make tour there is a Taco Bell 6 minutes from the arena at my stop...yes I looked this up 😂😂😂 See you in Houston
The Eagles concert tickets for May 31 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Zac Brown Band concert tickets for Jul 10 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
I wouldn't be too upset if you sang me a song when I see you in Boise in may! Dream coming true at the taco bell arena!
Imagine Dragons concert tickets for Aug 1 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Train concert tickets for Jul 22 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Ariana Grande concert tickets for Sep 2 at Taco bell Arena in Boise ID
Get Luke Bryan concert tickets for May 14 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise ID
Taco Bell Arena is up for Best Music Venue. Thank you to everyone for the continued support of this
See Ciera Perkins and Kelsey Morris in action at Taco Bell Arena for the FINAL time TONIGHT at 7 pm!
When someone brought up Derrick Marks only had one game left in Taco Bell Arena his first words... "Don't remind me."
David Hall, Mark Whitehead and Randy Heimerman are the officials for Boise State-Air Force tonight at Taco Bell Arena. Very good crew.
Boise State set to meet San Diego State in a huge game today at Taco Bell Arena. has a preview:
Got the win at Taco Bell Arena today! Final - BSU 81 Air Force 54
I see our President is scheduled to speak at Boise State next week. Last time he was there he spoke at Taco Bell Arena, this time to accommodate the crowds he will speak at the Taco Bell on West Fairview Avenue.
Boise State's "Taco Bell Arena" and Louisville's "KFC, YUM! Center" are close competitors for worst stadium name ever lol
History at Taco Bell Arena as Boise State allows a school-low 33 points in 77-33 win over Abilene Christian. Broncos improve to 9-2.
Boise State announces free admission to this Wednesday's women's basketball game against the College of Idaho in Taco Bell Arena.” RT
going to watch Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Taco Bell Arena tomorrow evening at 7:30 pm with my mom Connie Adams - it should be very good. :)
Leon Rice still showing a planet Earth sized confidence level in Derrick Marks. Overtime at Taco Bell Arena
Will the real Derrick Marks kindly report to the Taco Bell Arena.. your absence is painfully obvious.
Seats for Steve Winwood and Tom Petty are dismal at best. Oh well I suppose. @ Taco Bell Arena
Tom Petty...Please rock my face off. — at Taco Bell Arena
Just have to Brag a little Bit... since after all, We did start this Business so he could go to school F/T & do Undergrad work. :) ~ 2,307 students were eligible to receive 2,479 degrees and certificates of those, 529 were eligible for honors: The Hubby was One of those 529! - So Proud of Him! -Taco Bell Arena hosted a capacity crowd of 10,493, making it the largest Commencement in school history. (it was a Packed House!!) Pics. & Blog Post Coming Soon!! WE are Still Pinching Ourselves... we can't believe he's Finally Graduated!! - Wahoo!! Ok, I'm off my Soap Box now. - xo
Happy Wednesday! Ready for Lady A tonight? Tommy will be LIVE at Taco Bell Arena at 4p w/a chance to win Meet & Greet passes!
The sixth annual High Ability Student Recognition reception was on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 in the Student Union Jordan Ballroom. Presented by the Office of the President, the program recognizes high achieving and hard working students on university Deans' Lists, and in the Boise State Honors College and Residential College. Following the reception, the students and their families attended a Boise State Broncos men's basketball game at Taco Bell Arena where the awarded students took to court at half time for recognition.
Dwayne Polee II hit a 3-pointer with 4.2 seconds left to give the Aztecs a dramatic victory at Taco Bell Arena. Boise State had led by as many as 14 points in the second half.
BSU Gymnastics / Wrestling Meet AKA "Beauty & The Beast" TONIGHT, Friday, January 17th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Beauty and the Beast is a special evening which showcases both the Bronco wrestling team and the Boise State gymnasts in a joint competition in Taco Bell Arena. While the wrestlers will square off against North Dakota State, the gymnastics team will compete against BYU and Denver. Location: Taco Bell Arena, General Admission Prices: Adult - $6.00 Senior - $4.00 *Senior age 62 and older Junior - $4.00 *Junior age 2 through High School (Internet fees are not included in price listed above) General Information: * Doors open 6pm * Will call is available for this event. * All coupons and other discounts must be presented at the Athletic Ticket Office only.
Join us for the annual BEAUTY & the BEAST meet at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 17 at Taco Bell Arena. No. 11 Gymnastics vs Denver & BYU. No. 21 Wrestling vs North Dakota State. Get your tickets today at Go Broncos!
Lady Antebellum kicks off their TODAY!! Though the kickoff isn't happening here, they will be rolling into Taco Bell Arena before you know it! They are under fresh new management, have new hits, and are ready to take the stage.
Props to the crowd today at Taco Bell is really gonna' go ballistic when takes center court at halftime.
Boise State Basketball team is playing undefeated St. Mary's today at Taco Bell Arena! Football Coach Bryan Harsin will be in attendance! LIKE if you are rooting for Boise State to take down undefeated St. Mary's!
We have 10 FREE tickets to Boise State vs. Carroll College basketball game at Taco Bell Arena tomorrow night Dec. 5. SImply post how many tickets you want until they are gone. TIckets to be given to the first posters. Pick up your tickets at our store at 4739 W. Chinden Blvd. Garden City. Store hours are 9A to 530P.
Great game last night in Taco Bell Arena with a big win over the Pac12! Be sure to check out the Broncos last home game before traveling to take on Kentucky this Thursday at 8pm.
It's a Great morning in Boise! The and Boise St. tonight from Taco Bell Arena! Catch me & at 8 on
Going to the Winter Jam at Taco Bell Arena with my family. But for now I'm playing Call Of Duty with my Bro :) Anyone else going to Winter Jam Concert??? Besides Sage...
Winter Jam Tour Spectacular is TONIGHT, at Taco Bell Arena. $10 cash or check at the door (ATM on site to...
I'm going to Thousand Foot Krutch at Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID - Nov 14
yeah always a great concert saw him at Taco Bell Arena (Boise) Wolstein Center (Cle) and Heinz Field ..defintetely would go again
So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour. November 18th at Taco Bell Arena. Exclusive presale runs today from at 10a -...
If I was a rockstar, I would never play in an arena called "Taco Bell Arena"
Who wants to win tickets to the Rodney Atkins "Most Hits For The Money" tour at Taco Bell Arena in Boise? As we...
HUGE NCAA Tourney implications on Boise State's matchup with San Diego State today, 1:30 at Taco Bell Arena. 'Like' & Share if you are rooting for the BIG win over the Aztecs! Go Broncos!
Cool fact from 2day. CSU head coach Larry Eustachy has coached against 2 of top 3 biggest crowds @ Pavillion (Taco Bell Arena)
Morning shootaround at Taco Bell Arena. Rams face Boise State tonight at 6 MT.
Are you excited for the first Bronco Basketball BLACK OUT at Taco Bell Arena tonight? Over 10,000 tickets are...
Boise State Basketball will host the first Black Out in school history against Colorado State Saturday at Taco Bell Arena!!!
Do you want a chance to buy tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert at Taco Bell Arena in Boise before the tickets go on sale to the public tomorrow morning? If you do, text the word KENNY to 22526 for insider information right now!
DAVIS CUP TICKET INFORMATION at Taco Bell Arena...check it out!
Me and 's new jerseys courteous of Boise State for playing Taco Bell Arena!!
How about this! Looks like fun at Taco Bell Arena tonight. Go Broncos! Thanks for sharing the photo,. Mark.
Boise State basketball fans, remember to support the women's team this Wednesday here at Taco Bell Arena against Wyoming while the men travel to Laramie to take on the undefeated Cowboys. GO BRONCOS!
Boise State (6-6) closes its nonconference schedule with the NAIA's No. 22 ranked College of Idaho (9-5, 5-1 Cascade Collegiate Conference) this Wednesday night at 7 p.m. (Mountain) in Taco Bell Arena.
Little Giant Ladders
Boise State is 2-3 at home this season and 256-135 (65.5 pct.) all-time since Taco Bell Arena opened in fall of 1982.
Boise State's women's basketball team is one hour away from a Noon (12 p.m.) tip against South Dakota in Taco Bell Arena.
A great moment for my boy Steven Montoya!! @ Taco Bell Arena
Congratulations to our fall semester graduates! 2012 Winter Commencement begins at 10 a.m. this morning at Taco Bell Arena.
In-short, the revenue position is advantageous for Idaho, and poor for Boise when compared to 6k+ in Taco Bell Arena.
Weird, because Taco Bell arena always sells big tickets when they play.
TIL: Boise State plays basketball at something called the Taco Bell Arena.
Any truth to the rumor that the Vandals wouldn't play @ Taco Bell Arena bc they're afraid their fans would fall from the 3rd level balcony?
Taco Bell Arena - Home of The BSU Broncos Located in Boise ID eager
Boise State Broncos takes down LSU 89 to 70. Thank you Bronco Nation for making Taco Bell Arena the loudest and most exciting atmosphere it has ever been!
Getting ready for Basketball Friday from Taco Bell Arena... Broncos hosting LSU... But we're talking football in Boise...
For Starters: LSU vs. Boise State We're about 15 minutes away from tipoff at Taco Bell Arena, here are the starters for tonight’s game. LSU: Andre Stringer (G – 11.0 PPG), Charles Carmouche (G – 9.5 PPG), Malik Morgan (G – 6.3 PPG), Johnny O’Bryant III (F – 13.6 PPG), Andrew Del Piero (C – 4.7 PPG) Boise State: Derrick Marks (G – 18.6 PPG), Igor Hadziomerovic (G – 6.9 PPG), Jeff Elorriaga (G – 8.4 PPG), Anthony Drmic (F – 14.3 PPG), Ryan Watkins (F – 7.5 PPG) For the first time this season, head coach Johnny Jones has used the same starting five combination in back-to-back games. Boise State has had the same starting five for all nine of its games. Just a reminder there is no telecast for tonight’s game. Subscribers of the Geaux Zone at can access Boise State’s video feed. The LSU Sports Radio Network broadcast is available on Eagle 98.1 FM in the Baton Rouge area.
Final EWU WBB Score from Taco Bell Arena in Boise: Eastern Wash. 74, Boise State 63...four Eagles score in double-figures, led by sophomore Lexie Nelson with 20 points, five rebounds and three assists...Eags improve to 3-5 on the season!
TONIGHT!!! Boise State Women's Basketball is in action at Taco Bell Arena vs. Eastern Washington! Bring the whole family and help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Title IX - all youth high school & younger get in FREE!
The Eastern Washington University women’s basketball team continues its seven-game road swing this weekend, as it travels to Boise, Idaho to take on the Broncos on Friday (Dec. 7) at 6 p.m. Pacific time in the Taco Bell Arena.
From the moment he entered Taco Bell Arena on Boise State University's campus for a cultural program Saturday evening, Nov. 17, until he left the grounds of the newly rededicated Boise Idaho Temple Sunday, Nov. 18, President Thomas S. Monson was busy doing what he loves — being among Latter-da...
Christian concert today at the Taco Bell Arena "Winter Jam 2012" I'm their
Had a very moment using my phone flashlight going to and from the nosebleeds. @ Taco Bell Arena
Breaking Dawn part 2 midnight premiere tonight! :) in other news, we're at the Taco Bell Arena today and there is no Taco Bell to be found.
Winter Jam TONIGHT! Who is going? only $10 at the door, 10 artists. Can NOT miss this. One of my favorite concerts by far. it's a Thursday night, what else are you going to do? Get your butts down to the Taco Bell Arena and have an absolute BLAST!
That moment when you wake & realize your off days were longer then your work days on the r @ Taco Bell Arena
Look who's here! Winter Jam Tour Spectacular is getting ready for their show tonight at Taco Bell Arena! Doors...
C & C Catering Breakfast Buffet Line set up for 11/15/2012: Let me and Chef Carl walk you @ Taco Bell Arena
Woot! Excited to be going to tonight at the Taco Bell Arena! $10 at the door, join me!
Boise ID today we at the Taco Bell Arena
Tomorrow tour is back on playing Taco Bell- well the arena in Boise,ID
Irene and I plus Kelly are heading to Utah tonight for her Appt. tomorrow at Shriners... We then will head to Taco Bell Arena for the Winter Jam to see TobyMac.
Boise State beat Oakland University last night in basketball at the Taco Bell Arena. Entertaining game and I would guess less than 2,000 fans! treat yourself to some fun and go out and watch a game. It is much nicer with fans in the seats!!!
Premium seats for the game. Great experience in the heart of the Corral. @ Taco Bell Arena
holds off Oakland 88-80 at Taco Bell Arena. Drmic with 25 and 10 rebounds. 1st career double-double.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Good one here at Taco Bell Arena. leads 69-64 with 7:04 left. Drmic with 18, Elorriaga with 17. Marks with 4 fouls.
Let's go tearing up the taco bell arena at Boise St.
Yeah, I wouldn't think you've been to Boise or its Taco Bell Arena. I meant Taco Time. Looks like mex food for the white and
Boise State plays hoops at the Taco Bell Arena (!)
Anybody want to win tickets to Eric Church this Friday at Taco Bell Arena?!...
Underway at Taco Bell Arena for women's basketball. Taking in North Dakota State. Follow for updates.
Good luck to the OU men tonight at Boise State! Hope enjoys Taco Bell Arena! Wonder if he has a taco supreme before game
Filming today for the documentary at the men's game! Everyone better be at The Taco Bell Arena tonight!
NCAA Oakland Basketball Game Alert: Oakland (1-1) takes on Boise State (1-0) tonight from the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho.
Needs to come back to Boise and play a small concert.You feel more connected to him at the knitting factory vs Taco Bell arena.
Who is going to Winter Jam Thursday night at Taco Bell Arena? Can't wait to see Toby Mac again!
Boise not awarded NCAA Tournament for 2014 or 2015. If Big Dance is going to come back, university must update Taco Bell Arena in big way
Boise State Basketball doubleheader tomorrow at Taco Bell Arena! Help cheer on your Broncos to victory! Arrive...
Boise, ID (October 10, 2012)—Disney On IcepresentsDare to Dreamis bringing Disney’s newest princess stories and most beloved fairytale to the ice in a sensational live production coming to your hometown! This brand-new ice spectacular featuring scenes fromTangled; The Princess and the Frog;andCind...
Taco Bell Arena is showing its age.
30 minutes from tip here at Taco Bell Arena. Boise State set to open the 2012-13 season against Texas Southern.
Home opener for the Broncos at Taco Bell Arena, Tip is at 2
Who's ready for Sunday? You know that we are up and ready to go! 2PM at the Taco Bell Arena, students, a step closer to winning a new car!
Starting this Sunday we are selling parking spaces for all Taco Bell Arena events. Proceeds benefit the new Alumni and Friends Center.
We should play the Zvandsls in Taco Bell Arena, a larger venue than CenturyLink... Or not play them at all.
there is a Taco Bell five mins away from the arena so Taco Bell and bon iver today is going to be perfect
Filled Taco Bell Arena at BSU. People were crazy. That's when I thought he would win.
Since new Blazer president wants to sell name of Rose Garden to a corporate giant, what should it be? I want Taco Bell Arena honestly. Think Waste Management Center would be too ironic.
Driving down N'ville Road reminds me of the time & I walked to Taco Bell before walking to for a game. What a hoot.
The Winter Jam 2012 Tour Spectacular, the tour in the world for the first quarter, is slated tohead West this fall, headlined by GRAMMY® winning multi-platinum recording artist TobyMac.Hitting seven major U.S. cities and boasting a line-up of some of the top names in Christianmusic, Winter Jam We...
It's Tracey Quick's first Jimmy Buffett show, but she's got good role models for partying. She passes out leis at the Parrotheads party in the parking lot before the show at Taco Bell Arena.
Christina and I went to the Jimmy Buffet concert last night. All is well with the world. PS to those in Boise: if you go to a concert in the Taco Bell Arena contact me for a tip on secret free parking very nearby. This is highly classified information that will only be divulged to a select few.
Buffett party starting at 8am on Thursday morning. Anyone care to join? We will be in the parking lot of Taco Bell Arena. Ill be messaging details at 801am Thursday. Finz Up. Tiki bar will be opening soon. Aloha
I have one extra ticket to Jimmy Buffet at Taco Bell Arena if anyone is interested $130
It was a fun afternoon recording interviews and performances of the artist of Cirque Du Soleil Dralion. They are at the Taco Bell Arena through Sunday doing all kinds of acrobatics. I worked with Mark Allen from Sacramento, CA and he has a show called "mark at the movies," The video that I shot today will be used on his show, and he will be promoting Cirque Du Soleil next stop, Stockton , CA.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Just heard...Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band in Taco Bell Arena on October 25th! Who's with me??
- Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will perform at the Taco Bell Arena for one night only on Thursday, October 25th at 8 pm, as
As many have heard, yes, Jimmy Buffet is playing the Taco Bell Arena on Thursday October 25th! .sorry folks, no pre sale for this show.
Tickets and information for Brantley Gilbert’s upcoming concert with Uncle Kracker at Taco Bell Arena, Boise State University in Boise on 06 October 2012.
Brantley Gilbert: coming to Taco Bell Arena on Oct 6. Who wants to go?
I'm going to Train at ID Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID - Sep 21
Idaho Press Tribune: Cirque du Soleil returns to the Treasure Valley and Taco Bell Arena on the Boise State University campus for... -
BOISE IDAHO! TOMORROW im at the Taco Bell Arena w/ Kid Ink & E-40! starts at 7pm. get ur tix here
BOISE IDAHO tomorrow night. got a show with kid ink and E40. come hangout and watch me be spectacular... its at the Taco Bell Arena. wo!
Rascal Flatts is heading to Boise on 9/20 with Little Big Town, Eli Young Band and Edens Edge at the Taco Bell Arena
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