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Tab Hunter

Tab Hunter (born Arthur Andrew Kelm; July 11, 1931) is an American actor, singer and author who has starred in over forty major films.

Rock Hudson Debbie Reynolds John Lennon Abbey Road Freddie Starr Lou Christie Tony Perkins James Dean Frankie Avalon John Waters Natalie Wood Richard Chamberlain Marlene Dietrich Troy Donahue Doris Day Sonny James David Tomlinson

My mom became friends with Errol Flynn, David Niven, Caesar Romero. Mom even dated Tab Hunter who was a stable boy back then.
My dear friend Tab Hunter and Debbie Reynolds were old friends who saw each other shortly before her death and took…
I'd work for John Waters again, because he's so off the wall.
I wasn't an actor. They they take the externals. Here I was, a kid throw...
Selepas 6 jam bermarathon drama, its time to re-charge the tab and time to hunter real food
5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Hollywood’s 1950s Golden Boy Tab Hunter
I'm watching that Netflix tab hunter doco & it's so interesting even though I've read so many stories about closeted actors of that time
REPLAY: Return On Capital ($20 causes the first upset on winning Race 2 for Father/Daughter…
I watched a movie tonite called “Lust in the Dust” with Divine & Tab Hunter. The movie has great speech lines for the *** people to use.
Just watched tab hunter confidential, great story!
You will probably love Tab Hunter one of the songs i sung in our band was young love first love from a more innocent era
I don't care whether people like me or dislike me. I'm not on earth to...
I have done a currently opened tab in my blog for the opportunities hunter to know that deadline of the...
Watching the hunky Tab Hunter documentary on Netflix with Debbie Reynolds in it.
When you check your account and see how much your tab and uber were last night
"860, that's not that bad. I thought our tab was 8,600 at first"
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Actor Tab Hunter. Some areas of the United States are getting snow this weekend. Stay warm!
A list of *** people who have covered young love first love:. -tab hunter. -lesley gore
Confidential BOOK signed by author Tab Hunter with COA
Francine Fishpaw frolicking in a field with Tab Hunter is one of my favorite Divine scenes.
Tuesday seemed to have a very playful relationship with Tab Hunter.
39 years ago tonight.Sandra Dee, Tab Hunter, Edie Adams and Jack Carter in "Blind Terror" on 'Police Woman' with Angie Dickinson on
Reynolds and actor Tab Hunter at the premiere of Little Boy Lost in 1953.
Actress Angela Cartwright and actor Tab Hunter in the
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Clint Eastwood did NAWT just appear in this Tab Hunter movie and say two sentences. I have to go.
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Even simpler, after you click tab for your nick, you type comm and click tab (it puts minecraft: automatic)
👈🏽OLD WHITE woman hater. I only ever liked you in Lust in the Dust oh yeah that was Tab Hunter a REAL…
I was one of the first of the uglies. Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter... were ...
A trio of Hollywood hunks at a recent lunch, Don Murray, Tab Hunter and Richard Chamberlain! (Photo courtesy Tab...
Happy 85th Sophia Loren & Tab Hunter on location in NYC for "That Kind of Woman", 1959, Sidney Lumet.
According to the movie "Tab Hunter: Confidential," after Hunter bought himself out of his Warner Bros. contract,
always wondered who Chris Carmak reminds me of then today I see this pic of Tab Hunter. Yep that's it
Debbie Reynolds and Tab Hunter, then, and more recently.
you happy today that didn't forget son is @ City?
Rock Hudson wasn't my type. He's a great guy and had a great sense of humor. Hunter
Merit points for accumulating over a certain number of Survey Points in the Frontier Hunter tab.
Today, THREE WINOS from DETROIT sold me a framed photo of TAB HUNTER. before his MAKEOVER!
Are You a Sales Hunter or a Sales Trapper? Find out in our blog:
Young Love by Tab Hunter was the No.1 hit song on March 9,1957:
Tab Hunter, btw. He was her favorite.
TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL (Schwartz). He seems a simple man. But his life has not been simple.
Tab Hunteris Hollywood’s definition of “movie star”…but he’s much more than just an actor.https…
Shots of Fabian/Peter Brown/Tab Hunter shot on sound stage-actors balanced on Radio Flyer wagons in front of a rear-projection
People place such importance on the external. It's disgusting.
"War-Gods of the Deep", starring Vincent Price, Tab Hunter, and Susan Hart, on COMET-TV!
damage was insane, demon hunter and paladin self heal seemed pretty stupid. Can we get a pvp stats character tab?
If you're procrastinating, read this important and sobering article (might be the Tab, but Sunni did a great job) .
I love to channel old movie stars. Last night was TAB HUNTER, now an Arc Angel.And than Tony Curtis, loves to talk,
Having a relaxing afternoon swoon over Tab Hunter.
the pitch actually sounds like a beach movie that I'm almost sure exists. Tab Hunter was probably young Scrooge
American actor Tab Hunter receives an award for his contribution to the film industry…
Life is hard enough, so the app just added a tab of funny links to brighten your day. Here's our video review http…
I can't stop thinking about that Cary Grant/Tab Hunter male version of Carol that mentioned :D
Hi Hunter, can you please send over a DM with a screenshot of the Network Tab found in the game's Options Menu? ^SP
film fest kicks off with Tab Hunter Confidential, shorts & live acts. Proud of & all.
What's it like to be a closeted actor in the 50s? Come & see Tab Hunter 2night at the BCT
New issue of *** Times has interviews with Tab Hunter + Boy George + article on 55 *** TV characters
Tab Hunter Net Worth: Tab Hunter Net Worth $10 Million Tab Hunter is an American actor, singer and writer that...
Tonight, 7pm is opening night of and we're screening Tab Hunter Confidential. After the films we're …
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Tonight I met one of my idols: the brilliantly inspirational Tab Hunter. Tonight was his 84th…
- Just replace all the VERY old deciders. I read that Tab Hunter is one, gosh, I thought he passed away long ago.
Congrats to our friend Jeffrey Schwarz! Tab Hunter Confidential has been nominated for Outstanding Documentary...
BF and Kritika on the Tab and all the rest on my phone RIP
I turned into a workaholic to the point of where my health was in jeopardy. Hunter
Trump looked a little like a young Tab Hunter :)
At Ivy Style, a post on the recent documentary about Tab Hunter:
Don't worry I found & sent him your way to pay his tab. No escaping this bounty hunter!!
Thanks to for this lovely interview with Tab! via
Google Tab Hunter. Given his past, he is the LAST person who should be complaining about diversity pushes in the Academy
Publicity still with Natalie Wood and Tab Hunter for The Girl He Left Behind, 1956.
No changes without “getting votes from all members first.” -Tab Hunter, proponent of tyranny of the majority.
“Obviously, it’s a thinly-veiled ploy to kick out older white contributors” -Tab Hunter, who hasn't acted since '92.
Tab Hunter's last acting credit is from 1992. GTFOH
well, "older white men" ARE the "backbone of the industry" (SIC!!!), says Tab Hunter. IT'S ALL A PLOY TO KICK THEM OUT!
Of all people, Tab Hunter had something negative to say on the new Oscars restructuring? LMAO!
Tab Hunter was no singer, but Gwen Verdon and Ray Walston more than made up for it.
Will Tab Hunter Confidential be playing in Nola in the near future. Perhaps it could show at Zeitgeist?
Keep clicking on the moments tab expecting to see that 1 time I dropped the remote and couldn't reach it so I just watched Dog Bounty Hunter
could you please send me an hq version of the scene from TAB where Thomas meets his future coaches?
Did you get to interview Tab Hunter?
I'll trade you dry cleaning bill for bar tab lol
All about Tab Hunter ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
DeKalb corruption investigation: Running up $900,000 tab easier than you’d think
Love doco? We talk to director about his film Tab Hunter Confidential http:/…
New documentary on Tab Hunter tells the secret story behind his stardom from
Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter is coming to Philly on Tuesday, Oct 20 @ the Prince Theater.
Tab Hunter Tribute Tickets on sale now at
had a hit song that knocked off the spot. More at my blog
Tab Hunter-screening of Tab Hunter Confidential and stay for the Live post-screening interview
*** Matinee Idol Tab Hunter Coming to Philly for QFlix Benefit: Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter, who appeared…
As hinted about last month, here's a write-up on the Confidential:
had a secret. He was *** & trying to make his way in Hollywood. More here:
just gifted another Nexus Tab to another hunter - Join Xpango to get Yours!
Late night meeting with Tab Hunter — watching Gunman's Walk (1958) — with the gang
Would have saved myself a lot of time if I had remembered that Troy Donahue and Tab Hunter are two different people.
playing on Young Love by Tab Hunter at
Massive Flemington meeting and today's TAB Talk previews with and Mark Hunter.
"ConquerTron in the Navy" - Co-starring Tab Hunter, featuring special guest star Roddy McDowell as President Carter
“Tab Hunter, Confidential” is a Riveting, Unflinching Look at 1950s Closeted Hollywood
Before tonight's screening of read our Q&A with director :
After Thoroughbred Weekly get the Flemington preview on TAB Talk at 10. and Mark Hunter.
Here's an awesome interview with a true MOVIE LEGEND
Make your plans for next Saturday October 10 at 5 pm to join us for Tab Hunter Confidential as part of the MiFo...
Tab Hunter and Rock Hudson are also my babes
Congratulations to Tab Hunter the winner of our September photography competition, with this fantastic photo of...
Sunday TAB Talk at 10am will preview Group 1 racing at Flemington with and Mark Hunter. Crucial listening Sunday.
TAB HUNTER Diana Lynn Track of the Cat movie studio 1960s TV show promo photo
Tab Hunter Confidential looks really, really good:
Spain - Venta de Banos tab rookie Hunter Merryman in his first year in pro basketball
Check out Hollywood legend TAB HUNTER as he tells it like it is:
Our own Mr. Stuart, TAB HUNTER, has a great
Normans (Anthony Perkins) best BOYFRIEND, for some time, was handsome actor, Tab Hunter. *** Yankees" "Battle Cry"
Big Buck Hunter should be banned in my pub because the *** of a new publican stuck that noisy *** in the TAB area
Photoset: the-lizard-hunter-sociopath: deareje: new tab for highres I thought this was photo...
"I did so many military films I was waiting for the government to send me a pension." TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL, ladies and gentlemen...
This is for my pal and any other cool folk. The John Waters, Debbie Harry and Tab Hunter triptych.
An absolute MUST see. And now has the Trailer & Poster for 'Tab Hunter Confidential':
Trailer for Tab Hunter Confidential, the new documentary about a closeted teen idol:
The movie about Tab Hunter sounds intriguing
At a distance from his 1950's fame discusses his sexuality and what came with stardom .
'...afraid to be...' TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL:
Tab Hunter recalls his very real fear of being outed as a closeted movie star in the 1950s via
I have been waiting for this film for a long time Tab Hunter x
Trailer for TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL - screens 9/15, Malco Ridgeway, during the filmfest:
Tab Hunter Confidential (2015) - ---Another showbiz doc that tears away the facade of Hollywood...
Get the details on Isamu Noguchi's prized sculpture owned by Tab Hunter, Artie Shaw and more.
Tab Hunter's of course in the pool in his trunks and chatting up Patty Duke. Her grandmother Ruth Gordon isn't having any of it!
Photo: divineofficial: Poster for John Waters’ Polyester starring Divine and Tab Hunter with Edith Massey,...
Honored to present Sat 4/25. The wonderful Tab Hunter in attendance! Tickets:
this old queen has made one too many Tab Hunter memorabilia impulse buys on eBay tonight
After watching Tab Hunter: Confidential, I'm obsessed with this video of him singing That smile!!!
she wonders why kids today get up to so much monkeyshine. Why can't they be more like that darling Tab Hunter?
I love John Waters, so I was interested in seeing Tab Hunter, but I've heard that Timbuktu is REALLY good.
Torn between Timbuktu and Tab Hunter Confidential -- going with Timbuktu because Tab's director is a no-show.
. "So in the absence of evidence, McHugh stripped Matt's tab and his valor awards.". "Army
Fact: my Imperial dragon Carmila on FR is named after Carmilla the Bloody from Vampire Hunter D
This docu on Tab Hunter better have a section on the making of "Grease 2."
Ctrl shift t reopens a tab you closed on accident.
The audacity, *** you got a tab wit me. When I get cash I gotchu. Dog the bounty hunter lookin *** ***
Check out Advocate *** magazine Katrina Tab Hunter Al Sharpton 10 companies to work for via
yeh you can't stop unless you close dem tab xD
Geoffrey Lewis: Lust in the Dust Poster Movie 11x17 Tab Hunter Divine Lainie Kazan Geoffrey Lewis: Lust in the Dust r
I see you've already taken down your achievement hunter tab from the profile... Atleast wait untill Friday next week :)
you always remind me of the likes of James Dean, Montgomery Clift, Tab Hunter, etc. 😁 😝 not just sexy, but classy and a gentleman
Who is the better actor: Troy Donahue or Tab Hunter? My money is on Tab.
This is how my thought pattern goes every time I hear his name: "Troy Donahue…was he *** Oh no wait, that's Tab Hunter."
I assumed he was *** too. He probably spent half his life being confused with Tab Hunter.
Donahue, often confused with fellow WB star Tab Hunter, reportedly said "I'm the straight one."
Is that the leads of Bosom Buddies in drag? Pfft! Tab Hunter's a better actor, but Fabian Forte PWNs ALL! Kiss Daddy Goodbye? Classic!
I just had to look up Tab Hunter but they do look like brothers. Troy and Phil-- not a chance! Last name only.
Tab Hunter Confidential : The Making of a Movie Star by Eddie Muller and Tab...
blonde hair, blue eyes, just like Tab Hunter.
I love Face Hunter. I can play a turn, tab out, tab back in, play a turn, go afk, throw up, forget to pass, and still win. Easiest ga-BLEH
OK why is Jesus so dishy.from Tab Hunter.on
They wear mail, but the tab doesn't show it as available before 40 or whatever. Shut off the hunter filter...
I want to see the Tab Hunter documentary. The book he wrote was really good!
Film doc TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL delivers an insightful tribute to the Hollywood actor + his career.
Did i ever tell you the one about the time I got lost in attic w/
Really confused for a minute about why my YouTube tab said, “Jerusal…” Then I remembered Babette wanted to hear what a shofar sounds like.
Also, best discovery of 2015 so far, Tab Hunter dated Tony Perkins. Hottest Hollywood couple EVER!
Tab Hunter is dreamy. Also, Tony Perkins, Bob Fosse, Devine, and John Waters. Pretty much my everything.
Among those interviewed in this film are George Segal, Tab Hunter, and -
saw Tab Hunter last night. Diane Baker today. Watched Rear Window tonight--a favorite.
Todays Rock Trivia ---With roots in COUNTRY MUSIC as a DJ, he got his real start promoting (not performing) Rock-a-billy music. And he was the very first to start a major record company in Atlanta when there was not one. He started WQXI radio station. Known as MR ATLANTA MUSIC, He held the publishing rights to early rock’n’roll hits such as “Be-Bop-A-Lula” and “Young Love.” He got his start promoting Sonny James, Tab Hunter, Ray Stevens, Joe South, Jerry Reed, Mac Davis, Tommy Roe, AND THEN ON TO The Tams, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Dennis Yost & Classics IV, Backalley Bandits, Bertie Higgins and Billy Joe Royal. Him and Ray Charles were the very first two people to be inducted into the GA MUSIC HALL OF FAME in 1979.. Who is the Atlanta Celebrity?
1989's OUT OF THE DARK has Karen Black, Bud Corr, Tracey Walter, Geoffrey Lewis, Tab Hunter, Paul Bartel & Divine in it. I love it already!
Photoset: George Montgomery & John Wayne unable to keep their hands off of Tab Hunter
Three cheers for Darcy Hettrich. She works with talent here at Tab Hunter & Michael Feinstein two of them.
Shirley Jones, Richard Dreyfuss, Roger Corman, Tab Hunter, Ann Blyth to sail on next Classic Cruise on Magic.
You should be going on the TCM cruise in October. Dreyfuss, Tab Hunter, Shirley Jones. Oh, Ann Blyth!
Clever marketing. You'd think Tab Hunter and Frankie Avalon in Operation Bikini (1963) would be a beach party movie:
The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson: The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson by Robert Hofler (just arrived at After Stonewall) Henry Willson was one of the quintessential power brokers in Hollywood during the late 1940s and 1950s when he launched the careers of Rock Hudson, Lana Turner, Tab Hunter, Natalie Wood, and many others. He was also a true casting couch agent, brokering sex for opportunity on the silver screen. While this practice was rampant across Hollywood, for *** actors and film professionals the casting couch was a dangerous cliff: a public revelation could and would ruin a career. The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson is an incredible biography as well as a harrowing look into Hollywood at a time of great sexual oppression, roaming vice squads searching for *** and/or communist activity, and the impossibilities for *** actors of the era.
It's Qt Friday! Who's an iconic "heartthrob"? Antonio Sabato, Jr., Sal Mineo, James Dean, Tab Hunter, Rock Hudson? So retro! Who's yours? Congrats, Temple U's Michael Busza wins Emmy for "One of the Guys" and makes Philly Proud! "Coming's" Erik Ransom premieres "GRINDR The Opera" in New York City! Don't miss it! Equality Forum honoring Canada returns next weekend to Philadelphia. Don't get too relaxed--your job might not be so safe--read David Schellenberg's Business Column--about diversity policies in the work place! Not as legally protected as you might think. What's daddy Tom Ford up to? James Franco doing on Broadway? Justin Lance Black angry with his alma mater? Don't get Qt FREE every Friday? Sign up now at
BJ's DT – Was so excited when my blind date was described as a movie star – turned out he was of the Rock Hudson/Tab Hunter variety.
Just in the presence of Carole Cook, Barbara Rush, Tab Hunter, Jill St. John, Robert Wagner, Eva Marie Saint. In afterglow now.
Tab Hunter performs live the 50's hit "Young love" at The Perry Como Show.
That's not Tab Hunter in the picture - or Ann Miller! That's my friend Carlton Carpenter. We were so young!
On this day in music history..Feb 19th... 1957, American movie idol and singer Tab Hunter was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Young Love', the singers only UK No.1 hit. 1963, The Beatles, Freddie Starr & The Midnighters, The Pathfinders and Curtis & The All Stars all appeared at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, England. The Beatles had 'Please Please Me' at No.1 on the NME singles chart. more 1964, A British company shipped ½ ton of Beatle wigs to the US. An American reporter later asked John Lennon, "How do you feel about teenagers imitating you with Beatle wigs?" John replied "They're not imitating us because we don't wear Beatle wigs." 1965, Working at Abbey Road studios in London, The Beatles recorded a new John Lennon song 'You're Going To Lose That Girl' in two takes. The track was released on the Help! album. more 1966, Lou Christie went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Lightnin Strikes', a No.11 hit in the UK. Nancy Sinatra held the UK No.1 single position with 'These Boots Are Made For Wal ...
City Under the Sea (released as War-Gods of the Deep in USA) is a 1965 science fiction film. It was directed by Jacques Tourneur (his final film) and starred Vincent Price, Tab Hunter and David Tomlinson. The plot concerns the discovery of a lost city beneath the sea off the coast of Cornwall. Price is the captain overseeing a group of sailors who have lived there for more than a century where the peculiar mix of gases has allowed them to extend their lifespan. The film was made in the tradition of the period fantasies started with Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954). The film attempted to capitalize on the series of Edgar Allan Poe films that had been made by Roger Corman, starring Price. To this extent the film took the title of a Poe poem, "The City in the Sea", and attempted to exploit the Poe films trend, even though the film is only loosely based on the poem with a recitation of the poem at the end of the film.
My sister, Patricia, formed a Sal Mineo fan club in the early 60's. Any of you former members out there? Remember when celebrities sent their autographed pictures for posting in the year book? Seems like I recall Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Bobby Rydell, and Tab Hunter as some of them.
Watching Classic Western marathons with my mom the past 3 days... You know the men of Hollywood westerns in the 60's and 70's were HOT! Robert Mitchum, Lee Majors, Michael Landon, Chuck Conners, Tab Hunter, Jack Palance...and did you ever see the body on young Charles Bronson when he played Native American roles in the late 50's??? He was ripped and stunning. Anyway again... Robert Mitchum...foine!
After watching Ride The Wild Surf with Fabian, Shelley Fabares, Tab Hunter, and Barbara Eden I just don't understand why any mother wouldn't want her daughter to marry a surfer.
Wrapping up Day of 25 with two more shorts programs of 13 films followed by an evening with the legendary Tab Hunter, including a Lifetime Achievement Award presentation. Tally so far: 40 screenings including 29 feature films, consisting of 21 narratives and eight documentaries, along with nine shorts programs totaling 47 films. There were also seven shorts outside of shorts programs. Total number of films so far = 83. I started at Muvico Pompano for the eighth time in nine days with the PSYCH 101 Shorts Program of six films: THE GAME from director Larelle Bossi, a World Premiere from Australia. Two old men play chess and pontificate. THE INJURIES TO TIM DALE, a World Premiere from US director H.W. Moss. Stills set to narration. Slightly perverse. JACK AND PAUL, another World Premiere from US director Jayce Bartok. He wrote The Cake Eaters, directed by Mary Stuart Masterson and starring Kristen Stewart. I saw that film here at the 2007 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, my first. He also directe ...
Yesterday, Marsha Hunt and Tab Hunter presented the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's grant of $10,000 to the... ht…
Tab Hunter was every girl's dream boat back in late 50s & 60s. Drop dead gorgeous.
Tab Hunter? Hmm. Well, he's no Med, but it's a look, all right! Have a fav, actually, but up a winter street...
Tab Hunter and James Dean on the set of Rebel Without a Cause. …
Actor/singer Tab Hunter (real name Arthur Gelien) had a big big hit with teen ballad "Young love" …
... Charles Laughton, Richard Chamberlain, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Tony Perkins, & many others who were not out.
In lieue of Liz French's departure to the Soviet Bloc today's birthday people are: Estee Lauder, Willie Dixon, Olivia de Havilland, Farley Granger, Leslie Caron, Tab Hunter, Jamie (Klinger) Farr, Karen Black, Twyla Tharp, Genevieve Bujold, Deborah Harry (OMG), David (Shameless) Duke, Dan Aykroyd, Diana Spencer (Lady Di), Carl Lewis, and Sufjan Stevens. Whew, I'm worn out now, Liz how DO you do it?
Hollywood...Bulletin… Hollywood Bulletin...Hollywood Bulletin… Stars of films of the nineteen forties and fifties and sixties be on the look out for me Ron Russell I will be calling you to ask you to be in my documentary film titled “The Way They Were“. To be shot in Hollywood this coming winter. Yes you, Debbie Reynolds, Tab Hunter, Raquel Welch, Julie Newmar, Tippi Hedren, Ann Jefferies, Gita Hall, Burt Reynolds, Ronda Fleming, Jane Powell, Dickie Moore, Richard Anderson, Stella Stevens, Robert Forster, Laini Kazan, Stephanie Powers, Paul Sorvino, Ruta Lee, Lauren Bacall, and a list that goes on and on. If you want to be a part of this documentary that will preserve the history of Hollywood in its golden years then please write me at RonRussellShow If anyone out there is interested in investing in our project please contact me on my e mail for details. I thank all the names above for being Stars and Legends of when Hollywood was Hollywood. For making the world of film what it is today and for al ...
This has been a wonderful evening watching movies with my good friend James McClelland. Tonight we watched Lafayette Escadrille with Tab Hunter, Clint Eastwood and David Janssen and also Follow Me Boys with Fred MacMurray and a young Kurt Russell. A wonderful night with a great old friend!
From May 31, 1963 - Showing at the Plaza this weekend -My Six loves starring Debbie Reynolds and Operation Bikini starring Tab Hunter, Frankie Avalon, Scott Brady, Jim Backus and Gary Crosby. Showing at the Star Drive in - The Lion with William Holden - Son of Flubber with Fred McMurray and Nancy Olson and Clown and the Kid. Sunday only at the Star is Judgment at Nuremburg with Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich and Judy Garland.
there is a very odd dark comedy on entitled The Loved One. It's in black & white & Jonathan Winter is in this. So r Liberace, Tab Hunter & a vast aray of popular actors & comedians from 1965. It's very dark.
Come on GUYS n GALS!!! Let's help this sweetie out!It only takes a second.~ thx- Christine ... Today is "PAY IT FORWARD" VOTE and SHARE for Hunter for a chance for him to WIN a handicapped accessible van. Only 5 days left to VOTE & SHARE. (Ends Friday May 10th at Midnite) The smile on his face watching his VOTE total go up is worth every minute of entering him in this contest. Keep up the good work Team Hunter!! We are praying Hunter will be one of the winners. This could change his life in so many ways! GO TEAM HUNTER. WE CAN DO THIS FOR HUNTER!!! ***When voting be sure to click on Blue tab that says "Earn Extra Vote" and answer question before submitting your name and email. *** Today's (Sunday 5/5) ANSWER to Question for 2 VOTES is: "A" (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
TV and MOVIE SCREEN-Aug. 1957 includes articles on ELVIS, TAB HUNTER, SINATRA
Young Love was a massive song in 1957. Tab Hunter went to No 1 in the US and UK with it and Sonny James made No 2 in the US and No 11 in the UK with the same...
I love Polyester too. My favorite is Mink Stole & Francine's husband making dirty calls. Also, love Tab Hunter.
Now available from Eric Records is the first official Tab Hunter CD, with "Young Love," "Ninety Nine Ways," "Apple Blossom Time" and over a dozen more great tunes.
I have the virus that Connie, Emmy, Kaylee, tab, and Bradley had
Tab Hunter working a wistful summer flat top
New Tiger Torii Hunter makes good on pledge, pitches Forgotten Harvest
Comment and tell me some ideas for your costumes! or possibly things you wanna see on costumes!
Aw ok you can come to LR with us too on that note! Tab on Hunter!!☺😘
Nate McMillan interviews for job, one day after Lindsey Hunter
Can't believe Tab Hunter is now 83 years old. Can't believe I'm now 72 years old. Can believe I still have a crush on him!
Hunter is found: Lest anyone wake today asking themselves: “Selves, whatever happened to Tab Hunter?” — I am h...
listening to my Hunter Hayes station over and over again?
Tracie Hunter's effort to have taxpayers pick up the tab for private lawyers as she continually gets sued was appropriately denied today...
Old Dogs & New Tricks' Retro Hunk iof the Day is Tab Hunter
I love surfing movies. A look back at Fabian, Tab Hunter, & Shelley Fabares in "Ride the Wild Surf":
I think POLYESTER was my favorite. Gotta love Tab Hunter as Todd Tomorrow. Also, the non-Waters LUST IN THE DUST.
Indeed! Must look our best,never know who you'll run into—Tab Hunter, Donna Reed, or that irrepressible young Ricky Nelson!
Congratulations to Ben Affleck for getting best pic.and for the fake 70's wig and another for his fake toupe last night.poor Jennifer Garner: She gets "Best Trophy Wife Award".jajaja.Now Ben and Matt Damon can live happily ever after.each day is looking more like Old Hollywood.Rock Hudson/Doris Day..Barbara Stanwyck, Van Johnson, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Ramon Novarro, Tab Hunter, Tallulah Bankhead and lastly but not least Merv Griffin/Eva Gabor...LOL
Yeah, it's a mistake. THIS is Jackie Collins, with Tab Hunter:
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC February 23rd (Don't forget to "LIKE" AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1792: Joseph Haydn's 94th Symphony in G was premiered. 1886: Tsjaikovski's symphony "Manfred" premiered. 1926: George Gershwin's musical "Oh, Kay," premieres in NYC. 1927: The Federal Radio Commission, later the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, is created by US President Calvin Coolidge to regulate the new broadcast industry. 1928: George & Ira Gershwin's musical "Treasure Girl," premieres in NYC 1932: "Make Mine Music," debuts 1937: Bing Crosby sang with Lani McIntyre and his band as "Sweet Leilani" was recorded. 1957: Elvis Presley recorded "Don't Leave Me Now," "I Beg Of You," "One Night," "True Love," and "I Need You So". 1958: Tab Hunter had the top tune on the UK chart with "Young Love" for the first of a three week run. 1959: Lloyd Price logged a third week at on the R&B chart with "Stagger Lee". 1959: "Stagger Lee" by Lloyd Price made it to a third ...
I'm out like Paul Lynde at a Tab Hunter party
REJECTED FROM A SHOW OF SHORT MONOLOGUES: TAB HUNTER by Robert Patrick This couldn't be much blunter: I've always loved Tab Hunter, His transubstantial beauty Made loving him a duty. How could I not adore him? I wrote a screenplay for him And fiction too about him. Yet I survived without him. I met him just last winter And felt that I might splinter, But he was oh, so gracious And gentle and vivacious. He posed with me politely And giggled oh, so slightly When I said, "This picture we're taking Was fifty-nine years in the making." ^
“Love Letters” performed LIVE at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre Starring Joyce DeWitt and Tab Hunter   Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter and star of stage and screen Joyce DeWitt will take the stage at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre in Sedona for live performances of A.R. Gurney’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated international stage success “Love Letters”, presented by the Sedona International Film Festival. There will be four performances Feb. 14-16 — the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend!   “Love Letters” follows the long-gestating romance between two people through their correspondence. Andrew Makepeace Ladd III first fell for Melissa Gardner when they were in second grade. While he's remained infatuated with her — and she cares deeply for him — life takes them in very different paths as he becomes a serious-minded lawyer and she pursues the life of an artist. But the two of them write one another frequently. Through the letters, notes, and messages passed between them over 50 year ...
In 1932, Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra, featuring vocalist Ivie Anderson and solos by Johnny Hodges and Joe Nanton, recorded "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)."   In 1955, ten years before gaining attention in the US, Petula Clark had her first major hit on the UK record charts with a song called "Majorca."   In 1956, at Webster Hall in New York City, Perry Como recorded "Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)."   In 1956, the Coasters sign with Atlantic Records, where they will record ten US Top 40 hits.   In 1957, Fats Domino sang "Blueberry Hill" and "Blue Monday" on the "Perry Como Show" on television.   Also in 1957, Tab Hunter topped the Cashbox Best Sellers chart with "Young Love."   In 1957, Dale Hawkins recorded "Susie-Q." Hawkins cut "Susie Q" at the KWKH Radio station in Shreveport, Louisiana. "Susie Q" was a late rockabilly song which captured the spirit of Louisiana and featured guitar work by James Burton, who also worked with Ricky Nelson, among others. Somet ...
up on the music tab but just sits and loads. When a connection test is perf, it says prob with connection.
I am such a failure. No, "hear" me out...I have said to myself that I was no longer going to check FB every single day nor would I be online with it in another tab. I did not do as I promised myself; so I chose to post it PUBLICLY thinking that would make me realize I have a problem (after all, the first step is the act of acknowledgement). That did not work either...yet, I did these things AGAIN. Now I am just admitting that I am a slave to social media where I can 'like' and 'share' useless crap with "friends." Thank you for your attention.
Anyone else planning on a wild game appetizer for the BIG game? What's on the menu?
Women drivers told to ditch Ugg boots and Hunter wellies when behind the ... - Daily Mail:
Looking back on it now, Torii Hunter still menacingly glares. In a 2002 game against Cleveland, Indians pitcher Danys Baez drilled Hunter with a fastball to the ribs. Hunter admitted that he immediately 'saw red.'
Electronic Device Insurance
Folks - because it's very busy on the NSW Update page, and just to cut down on "can I travel to...?" and "is the road flooded between...?" posts and messages - please visit the RTA Traffic site which will tell you all the road conditions - you can type in origin and destinations and see whether roads on your travels are affected: (ChrisN)
So, whats exciting about having an iPad, remind me.
I've heard many expressions through the years that refers to what people through away. I have come up with my all time favorite for a Great reason. "One Persons Trash is another Family's Treasure". Millions of people every day throw away Tons of Aluminum Cans. Thankfully, most of these can't get recycled. But there is a Gift on the Top of Every Can that I would like to Spread the Word about. It is the Can Tab. The Ronald McDonald House Provides a temporary discounted Residence for families of Sick Children. There are many across the Globe. This page is set up for the sole purpose of receiving Aluminum Can Tabs for The Greater Philadelpia Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House Sells the Can Tabs to assist there facility in offsetting the cost of providing a Warm Bed & a Clean Environment for Families who are caring for there Child or Children. My friends and family deliver as many Can Tabs as we can In December of each year During "The Hunters Hope Toy Drive". Our Friend Hunter Kurak Wolfe was tr ...
What makes the Home & Garden Television network irrestible viewing?
Only Man City away next round. But it's the year of shocks!!
New Give-away! Chance to win a $100 Gift Card towards! *Question: We have launched the new site & made some great changes! What other features would you like to see at Comment below to enter. Winner announced Jan. 30.
Tab Hunter Hollywood loverboy of the 50's
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On our way to Reelfoot Lake to put the "blitz" on some ducks last day of season. Hope we have a great day!
I just signed up for the Elders Scrolls Online beta, my chances of getting a key is "above average". Normally I don't care about MMO's but the idea of playing Skyrim online is really cool, as long as the gameplay is the same. The main reason I don't play MMO's is because of the awful and stiff controls, I just can't get into it.
Does anyone else think this dude looks like Niall
I'm just watching the film 'Grotesque' starring Linda Blair and Tab Hunter... Is it just me or is Adam West the poor man's Tab Hunter.
Michelene Brock, Sherie Brock I love you guys, I'm so glad we are sisters, we are totally different from each other but yet we are so alike, tell your parents they raised two beautiful and intelligent young ladies who can see the good in people and not bad.
Adventure JAN 23rd 2013 TARYNN (gary) LORD HAWTHORNE DRAKE (dylan) DOROND (seth) TALLAS (cathy) Dorond pays back his bar tab. Lord Drake sends a bribe to the capitol to try for lordship of kettle. Tarynn becomes friends with Thora and tries to figure out where the missing kids are. Someone breaks into Tallas' house. It is a Roden named Corrigen. You guys catch him and he says he was hired by some unknown thug, you suspect the Keepers. You make plans to try and meet them at the train station in the morning. They were after the maps of the underground chamber. Tallas made copies. Dorond and Tarynn walk home, they find some orcs beating up Renard (the town disgrace). They notice the Orcs have bombs. They attack the orcs, the orcs win. Renard was stealing saddles from his new stable job. Dorond gets him off the hook by lying. He says the orcs were stealing them and Renard returned them. Later that night, the orcs pull a bloody prison break. Many die. At the meet up in the morning, no one shows. A young boy co ...
Jim Leyland urges new Tiger Torii Hunter to just be himself - Detroit Free Press
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Don't put your faith in people... Put your faith in God!
Who's going to the TAB A.G. Hunter Cup next week? Anybody know how to get to Melton?
Finally out of work...gym and then homework and maybe some sleep in there somewhere
TokyoOtakuMode has collaborated with the mega popular social game Rage of Bahamut! Follow the link for your chance to win rare in-game items. For those who haven’t played the game yet, check it out!
Grease 2 Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Mr. Stuart's (Tab Hunter) biology class gets carried away with...
Then vs Now: 20 yrs ago on a snowy Friday night, I'd be walking to the Longbranch in a flannel shirt, baseball hat & work boots at about 9:30/10pm, drinking all night & staggering to WTs at about 1am, getting home at who even cared...?! Tonight, it was Friday night services at Temple, a Book Fair at Barnum Woods, late night food shopping at Waldbaum's and my after hours-- folding laundry. Wow, what became of me...
what is one book you could really, really use right now? I could use a lock picking book :/ I am locked out of my bedroom lol -mel
a current gallop poll states 62% of the people favor a restriction on Magazine size to 10 rounds. Biden made a statement this is what the administration is pusing for not a ban on semi automatic rifles. (Although I know others in congress are looking to pass a ban) I suppose if this is all that they want I could live with a 10 round magazine. what do you out there think?
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Tigers' Torii Hunter won't talk about social issues 'ever again' | The ...
Best time of my life school start at 10:30 and gets out at regular time!!!:)
I still get excited when there's no school.I was about to sleep and now it's guitar time!
Good morning all in a hour get the kids up and ready for school than to town to pay bills and than back before kids get home at one half day all Luite parents
U don't see me but I'm going to take some food though 😂😆😴
Reality Farms Equine Center is devoted to Training and boarding horses in New Concord Ohio.
Created my team for march of dimes on April 20 I need more team members to join me? I set my goal for a 100 but would love to do more team name is team hunter Uribe!!
[EVENT] Soul Hunters Vengeance How Do Training Event Work? Once the event begins, you basically go to a separate screen and do training there. In training you can encounter a boss and choose to fight it. It starts at level 1 and each time you defeat it increase its level by 1. Increase in level just means the boss will have more health. In a boss battle, you can deploy 1 of your unit and 3 of your allies. You can only deploy your allies once; if you would like to deploy them again you will need to "request assistance". If you fail against a boss you can fight them again but it requires TP (training points). Failing against a boss will also allow you to request assistance from your allies. If they send you an assist, you will then be able to deploy them again. Sending an assist cost 10 TP. You allies can also send you Soul Spikes, which does two things. It will reward the sender of the soul spike BT and Soul Shards. The second is that the next boss you encounter will have a reduced health. You have 30 minu ...
Okay, so i got an idea from my buddy Carl to possibly do giveaways on this site. Basically, I sign up for a referral site and it gives me links to share. When people click the link it adds a few cents here and there but slowly builds up over time, obviously I eon't get as much as he does as he did have a 500k likes humor page but it got banned from FB. So I wanted to get your opinions on if I should do that here and then do giveaways, like massage appointments, gift cards to bath and body works to get relaxation stuff. Or maybe even restaurant gift cards enough for a two person dinner. So many other ideas are floating in my head. Aroma therapy sessions ect. What do my fellow insomniacs think of this? I will still be posting statuses and pics but with a link in them. So nothing major will change and it won't cost you anything. It's pretty much helping companies advertise and they pay to do it. I gifured the money earned should go back to this community. Discuss.
Photo: oldloves: Anthony Perkins & Tab Hunter the two movie stars had a low profile long-term relationship...
One last publicity still with Tab Hunter and Divine. I really do miss Divine, we were pretty good Ghurlfriends! aw
Just watched the SC2-HotS trailer. Fml that's gonna be another expense on my tab...
Brilliant video, but the comments section is looking weird...
"he lived in utter fear that Confidential magazine would out him, as it did with Tab Hunter, one of his early lovers." g r o s s
TabTv is back! Check out Cambridge Cribs with The Tab's very own, HUNTER ALLEN. It's a stormer.
With Moses, Noah, Cain and Pilate movies in production, it's apparently 1953 again, which I hope means I get a crack at Tab Hunter.
have just opened an all-in Hunter Cup market here who do you think is the early overs?
Well we are back in the swing of things around here at Hunter Pence Baseball Academy.Facility is back open today @ 3PM, so come in and work off some of that Christmas energy...We are preparing Spring teams and getting ready for the last tryout January 19th...also we are introducing some new things in 2013...So stay tuned!! Happy Kwanzaa!!
Hey boomers! Just a reminder that ZGB's PS3 Battlefield server is back! Just search 'Zombie Go Boom' in the servers tab!
Good mornig guild, todays weather is going to be a beautiful orange pixel mesh with a chance of grey pixels. todays dailies are just that, and slaten and myself have already opened our winter solctice gifts. SPOILER ALERT, there will be cookies!!
galaxy tab ,hunter wellies, DVDs, perfume ,acrylic nail set , pyjamas and sweets and thing! Getting the rest tomorrow!
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hmmm got my mum hunter wellies but me Sam and ewan went in on them! Got the mother in law a gift voucher for massage at dawns xx
were gonna be tab and freshhh for hunter Hayes :)
So the were wrong. So what date is the spas-like public going to put a tab on?
We the undersigned will no longer fund the Cattlemens Associations lobbiests. If the Cattlemens Association wants our business, they will allow room for American wildlife, including OUR wolves, and Mustangs.
Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee's sub-committee. What he said to our national leaders during this special session of Congress was painfully truthful. They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it received well. It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every politician, every sociologist, every psychologist, and every so-called expert! These courageous words spoken by Darrell Scott are powerful, penetrating, and deeply personal. There is no doubt that God sent this man as a voice crying in the wilderness. The following is a portion of the transcript: "Since the dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the hearts of men and women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher, and the other eleven children who died must not be in va ...
Breckenridge, Colorado. This was the place I was telling you about.
Discovered in Marsha's lair: A vintage Hollywood gossip mag all about the fab Tab Hunter!
Hilarious show tonight. Was hoping when Donner mentioned Mom/Blitzen while in Snow's cave he would call her a Tab hunter. :-P
Getting into the Holiday mood. Wed. we went to a local repertory theatre for a "lunch & interview". It was a great catered lunch & the celeb was Tab Hunter. Although he is 81 he still has good looks and was very friendly and personable. Saturday we went to a Xmas benefit that had a great band, tastings and a couple of Vodka stations. They also had the lighting of the Xmas tree by Peggy Fleming, Santa and a ice rink with a couple of skaters preforming.. Palm Springs is so fun !
Hey! is awesome a great college!They're giving away 2 VIP tickets to the Carrie Underwood/Hunter Hayes show!
I'm always getting that access denied tab on the schools internet...
Principal photography begins October 30th. Confirmed by Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons.
Hunter has spent yonks carving a pumpkin for the Halloween party. He popped out for a Tab Clear & The Wolf wrote "Bald Bender" across it.
The presence of Tab Hunter would throw me off.
The crossed-eyes in certain moments wouldn't throw you or Tab Hunter off?
yeah, I'm pretty sure we have a running tab of at least 400$ with Hunter
Bargin hunter? Check out our sale tab and save up to 62% on Flannel Films.
Ima learn one year to only be one thing for Halloween cause this shiit getting expensive and I still gotta worry bout our tab
David Tomlinson as Harold, Tab Hunter as Ben, Susan Hart as Jill, John Le Mesurier as Rev. Jonathan Ives, Henry Oscar as Mumford,
Hey and fans: The Vampire Hunter Chronicles blends both. Enter my for a signed copy. -
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