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Syrian Kurds

Kurds are the largest ethnic minority in Syria and make up nine percent of the country's population. Syrian Kurds have faced routine discrimination and harassment by the government.

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"Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State (Daesh) slaves" -
YPJ, Revenge for the women of Sinjar:. Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State slaves via
Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is not planning to arm Syrian Kurds to fight Islamic State group
Trump approved plans to arm Syrian Kurds. Get the background on the Kurdish militia & other combatants in the war:
Donald Trump will arm Syrian Kurds in fight for Raqqa -
US to arm Syrian Kurds in affront to Turkey via
He probably only hates Israel because the Kurds love Israel. Also, if he's so pro-Palestine, why does he side with…
.U.S. defies Turkey, to arm Syrian Kurds in fight against ISIS via
About time the bravery of the Syrian Kurds was recognised.. Brilliant..
My unqualified opinion is that this is a good choice. -
Good! Let them fight the fight! Trump approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds via
While Kurds deserve support, this is another example of Trumps disjointed diplomacy. Trump to Arm Syrian Kurds.
Syrian Democratic Force is a highly effective Kurdish fighting force in the Battle Against ISIS
"Trump approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds in renewed effort to defeat ISIS in Syria"
If Erdogan less conflicted on fighting ISIS, could have avoided. Instead occupied exploiting chaos to his advantage.
"The President authorized the Office of Defense to equip Kurdish elements" says Spicer on arming Syrian Kurds to help defeat I…
President Trump has authorized the Pentagon to begin arming Syrian Kurds in the fight against ISIS over Turkey's objections.
President Trump approved a plan to arm Syrian Kurds to fight ISIS, despite strong objections from Turkey.…
JUST IN: Pres. Trump has approved new plan on arming US-allied, anti-ISIS Syrian Kurdish militia.
US Pres. Trump has authorized the limited arming of Syrian Kurds to help in fight against ISIS, the Pentagon said…
Two U.S. officials tell NBC News that Trump has approved a plan to arm the Syrian Kurds
This is what will happen next. Turkey/Erdogan will order their Syrian rebel proxies to pick a fight with the Kurds in N Syria…
Defense Sec. Mattis spoke with Turkish Defense Minister about arming Syrian Kurdish fighters in Raqqa offensive…
US to arm Kurds fighting amid Turkey ire
Syrian Kurds are now armed with high tech US weaponry - Business Insider
US to arm Kurdish YPG fighters in Syria despite fierce opposition from NATO ally Turkey.
I celebrated his arming of Syrian Kurds like a mofo today. But I think that was more…
One week left until Erdogan's and Trump's administration are gonna come together. Today Trump approved a plan to arm Syri…
Arming the right people now that's refreshing 🖕 .
Good to see Trump admin arming Syrian Kurds. If Erdogan cancels visit here,no great loss given his authoritarian rule & u…
Trump OKs arms for Syrian Kurds 👈🏽 has never backfired on us. Oh wait! Al-Qaeda and Operation Cyclone! History!
I strongly condemns Turkey's attacks on Syrian Kurds. Such attacks only strenghtens ISIS & weakens our affords all to…
Syrian Kurds call for international protection and launch campaign on social media using the hashtag.
"using Mercy Corps as leverage to get the United States to cease its support for Syrian Kurds, whom Ankara views as a terrorist threat."
But The Enemies of our enemies are our friends...🤔. so... We join with Army, Army…
US: Syrian Democratic Forces will join operation to liberate Raqqa, discussing on Turkey's role…
Maybe if Turkey stopped invading Syria to murder Kurds there would be fewer Syrian refugees.
'UK officials privately say they have zero interest helping promote Syrian Kurds aspirations for political autonomy'
Obama's plan is working we don't need thousands of ground troops what is Trump doing? Should we arm Syrian Kurds? I say yes.
prepares new Arab army to fight Kurds in
Kurdish success in Rojava offers KRG new trading opportunities. A neighbour who will assure future4 Syrian Kurds
For Russia, they're friendly and have an office in Moscow
for Mar.15. attack from North. get Closer. ->
Turkey defies British anti-terror commander, escalating its assault on Syrian Kurds and their Yazidi allies
Turkey prepares new Arab army to fight Kurds States
Syrian Kurds in receive a dozen BTR-80 APCs from Russia. .
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Ridiculous writing Syrian Kurds are pursuing an independent Kurdistan in 2017. corrupt
03-15 Turkish Kurds demonstrate on the Turkish side as Syrian...
Our troops are now in the Syrian civil war, also there are the Russians.Turks, Kurds. What is the objective, strate…
We are totally on the same page with Syrian Kurds. I feel very comfortable with them. Would accept as neighbors fine
Turkey has the Kurds safe zone. Why do they need another?
Russian engineers are demining the area between Syrian Government & the Kurds (SDF) as they continue moving into Western Manb…
some kurds now very wealthy trading with ISIS in stolen Syrian oil ..
Kurds urge Trump to establish 'safe zones' in northern Syria.
If this "new Arab army" intends to take Hasaka, Roj should move in.
Is this what Syrian Kurds dying for in 10 000's? To help the Baathist regime re-establish itself under different na…
Syrian Kurds rock the runway, revive traditions
prepares new Arab army to fight Syrian
Turkey prepares new Arab army to fight Syrian Kurds States
Syrian Kurds take traditional dresses to the catwalk to promote a culture banned for many years under Assad regime. http…
Syrian Gov & Kurds have cooperated against common enemies - Rebs & Turks - from beginning. End deal will not be easy. 2…
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Syrian Kurds rebuilding Kobani from rubble via
Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson confirms full support for "Syrian Kurds" and describes them as "greatest allies".…
Syrian Kurds, allies set to approve new gov’t blueprint | Jordan Times
"Syrian Kurds vow to fight to the death to stop Turkey 'invading' their territory."
Fmr. US Amb. to Syria told me “There’s no question the Syrian Kurds feel betrayed" by the US in Syria:
US pressures Turkey to curb attacks on Syrian Kurds
What happened after WW2? Is there anything new? What will Russia, Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq and Syrian Kurds, Iraq, Turkey do?
Syrian Kurds open diplomatic mission office in Paris
ICYMI: Syrian Kurds open diplomatic mission in France.
Syrian Kurds open diplomatic mission in France (Kurdistan24): The banner of the overseas repres...
Syrian Kurds retrieve body of Russian Special Forces officer from Daesh.
so Syrian Kurds are marxists, behavior similar to them scares people
Syrian Kurds in six-month countdown to federalism: BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian Kurds and their allies aim to fin...
Syrian Kurds in six-month countdown to federalism Read More :
When the Syrian rebels shell, militarily attack Kurds, minorities the is rather quiet.
Main Syrian Islamist rebel group punishes field commander for massacring Kurds in Aleppo -
This is clear evidence of deliberate, organized cleansing killings of Kurds by Syrian Rebels and Turks!!
Syrian Kurds somehow left out of Peace Talks:
Will Kurds be invited to Syrian peace talks?
“This statement [by Syrian Islamist rebels] is a clear evidence of deliberate cleansing actions against Kurds.”
It seems also Syrian government is blocking Kurds in Geneva, not only Turkey?
Islamist rebels ask for evacuation of after massacre of civilians in Indiscriminate attacks.
Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - Panama Papers, Israel, Syrian Rebels, Kurds 4-11-16
Syrian Islamist rebels ask for evacuation of in after massacre - ARA News
Syrian Islamist rebels ask for evacuation of Kurds in Aleppo after massacre
Majority of Syrian Kurds are against division: opposition official (Kurd Press)
Syrian armed opposition reports gains in Mount Turkmen of Latakia (Aranews)
President of Kurdistan National Assembly calls for more Israeli support for Syrian Kurds
Syrian Kurds wants UN to add Jaysh al-Islam to 'terror list' (Kurdpress)
The war crimes of USA-NATO should be reported, USA armed all islamists opposition except the Syrian kurds
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Islamic group admits to horrific act via
United They Stand : "Majority of in against splitting the country".
Syrian Kurds already decided to boycott
Majority of Syrian Kurds call for federalism, not separation from Syria via
not sure about Iraqi Kurds, but Syrian Kurds have no chances absolutely, will be eliminated, commies are very evil
If Turkey suppressing , why Iraqi Kurds fled into in the first Gulf War, and Syrian Kurds fled to Turkey in Syrian Civil War?
HNC's George Sabra says federal declaration by Syrian Kurds was "illegitimate and unacceptable"
Regional autonomy is the new independence: Syrian Kurds unilaterally declare federal region via
Ha. But seriously, I think a lot of people are realistic, not romantic, about Syrian Kurds. Including myself.
Turkish leader says U.S. is responsible for 'sea of blood' for supporting Syrian Kurds
take advantage of Russian airstrike chaos by attacking air base
Turkey's Erdogan denounces US support for Syrian Kurds - he got lost.
Ties strained as steps up tirade against US for backing Syrian
Turkish leader: U.S. responsible for "sea of blood" for supporting Syrian Kurds.
Putin ought to assist the Kurds more than at any previous time. The government shd make pact & assist also.
Ties strained as Turkish president steps up tirade against US for backing Syrian Kurds
Syrian Kurds take airbase from rebel forces with the aid of Russian air strikes
Why were Kurds not invited to intra-Syrian talks? Andreas Zumach on Comrade Illner show:
Turkey's Erdogan chastises U.S. over support for Syrian Kurds
NATO says Kurds part of Syrian conflict, must be part of solution: MUNICH,— NATO Secretary Genera...
Syrian began the major operation against jihadists in key town of
Turkey’s Erdogan lambasts US over support for Syrian Kurds
NATO Secretary General considers the Kurds part of the solution to the Syrian conflict
My column in today's WSJ: Russia is winning the war in Syria. What now?
It'll be the to send all Syrian to *** flags as war spoils captured by https:/…
Erdogan lashes out at U.S. over support for Syrian Kurds (AFP pic)
Angry😠 Warned your Side, Turkey or Syrian . Erdoğan arms terrorism https…
Intercepted call from 'Syrian rebel' in North Aleppo, he says "Kurds must be burnt to ashes".
Erdogan calls on US to choose between Turkey or Syrian Kurds - The Malaysian Insider via
Turkey's renewed fixation is preventing Syrian Kurds from having a say in Syria's future.
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The Peninsula Qatar - Syrian Kurds plan big attack to seal Turkish border-source via
Like everything else in the Middle East, our relation with the Kurds is complicated.
Our primary goal right now is to fight in Hasaka province . (meaning not Jarabulus)  
Report from Hasakah: Kurdish women & Syrian Army fighting ISIS on the fr... via
Heroic? are you stupid? those people have killed innocent Turks, Kurds, Turkmen, Syrian! You have great choice of heroes.
Huge article about the Kurds and where their democratic ideals come from
Anybody who thinks this is cut and dried is cray cray.--"But this is an especially odd partnership. The Syrian...
Turkey kills Kurds. Kurds kill Syrian troops. Looks like the winner is Putin # Assad.
Syrian Kurds being pushed around for the sake of US politics. .
Syrian are living a radical experiment in governance without hierarchy, patriarchy or capitalism.
Syrian Kurds building a different kind of democracy
So,Syrian Kurds going to take advantage of Russian barrage finally & close Turkish border.
The ideological roots of the Kurdish Revolution in
NOTED: '..The Syrian Kurds' ties to Ocalan and the PKK, the designated terrorist organization he leads, enrage Turke…
best allies against are inspired by a Bronx-born . Via
The Chaos Coalition: US talks aimed at ending the Syrian civil war do not include Kurds.
The Huffington Post has published, for the first time, the 2004 correspondence between Murray Bookchin and the...
Kurds,Turkmen, any born in geographical Syria are Syrian citizens regardless of culture.
Well written and researched piece on the Murray Bookchin inspired Syrian Kurds attempting to build a new kind of...
If you ever wondered my real true political philosophy, it goes by the label "anarcho-syndicalism. " This article...
It makes no sense to imbed US SpecOps with Syrian Kurds and not provide that force with adequate arms/ammo
Wow, I had no idea how much influence Vermont's Murray Bookchin had in This is a fascinating article.
Inspiring. I sincerely hope the Syrian Kurds succeed in building their new democracy. The West has lost its village
Syrian Kurds are now starting to worry that their success might not outweigh Turkey’s importance to the United States
Massoud Barzani gets tacit US support for making nice with Syrian Kurds
Sick of the media beautifying the commy ypg/kurds just cuz they fighting isis. Syrian rebels have been fighting em forever but get no love
The rise of the civil & political flux in have placed the in a precarious position.
Kurdistan Democrat Party Syrian leader says PYD never allows political pluralism and works with Assad regime, many Kurds are in PYD jails
70 Armenian fighters join Syrian Kurds (YPG) in war on ISIS
WATCH: for more on the Kurd Asayish forces and what they do~>
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Brutal and wrong. Thanks America for running away from Isis. Destroy them. Kurds fight them, why can't we?.
Among victims of terrorist attack today, rich society of several ethnics, & Muslims & Christians!
Verification = v real concern for Syrian who've long felt marginalized cc
Weekend Roundup: Turkey Enters the Syrian Quagmire to Fight ISIS -- And the Kurds - Huffington Post
The U.S. says ISIS used mustard gas (that they got from Syrian stockpiles) on the Kurds last week. But, the...
whatever strategy the Syrian Kurds do not seem to have place in it. With Turky and it's Islamic ally ahrar al sham?
army is gaining ground in Assad, the Kurds and Shiite Muslims are the only folks fighting the...
There are two major belligerents targeting Syrian and IS.
r these kurds or ppl killed in areal bombing of Syrian state forces?
Isn't it interesting the is against the only two groups fighting in the Syrian army and the
build itself its next refugees. maybe dont have enough syrian refugees. Next are
Opposition Chief: Non- Kurds to Be Included in Safe Zone - via
And what do you do for Syrian refugees, 240 000 victims, for Yezidis,Kurds&Christians killed &enslaved?
turn a blind eye on people all the good people who need help.I'm disgusted by you are dirt
Syrian Kurds now say they now control territory the size of Qatar and Kuwait combined... http:/…
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Turkey-Kurdish conflict: Obama’s deal with Ankara is a betrayal of Syrian Kurds and may not even weaken Isis
Syrian Kurds tell Al Jazeera that Assad government could become a partner
Turkey accused of expanding air strikes on Iraqi Kurdistan to target Syrian Kurds - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (abc)
Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of attacking their forces -
Challenged Def Sec Fallon on failed policy of supporting divided Free Syrian Army, called for more support for Syrian Kurds fighting Da'esh
Syrian Kurds retake northern villages from Islamic State: monitor :
Syrian Kurds, on the offensive, push deeper into Islamic State territory
First American warrior fighting with Syrian Kurds killed in Islamic State battle
Syrian Kurds roll back Islamic State in northeast
Syrian Kurds see Islamic State threat to city in northeast via
Syrian Kurds see Islamic State menace to metropolis in northeast
Death toll from attacks on Syrian Kurds celebrating…
Death toll from attacks on Syrian Kurds celebrating new year raised to 45; Islamic State militants blamed
needs to support YPG more! "Syrian Kurds attack ISIS in northeast
*Current Affairs October 2014* INTERNATIONAL 1) USA has lifted 40 year ban on arm sales to which country for boosting defence in south china sea? Ans:- Vietnam 2) As per the World Health Organization (WHO), which country accounts for 80% for polio cases globally? Ans:- Pakistan 3) Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on 13 October 2014 flagged off which train from Palai after 25 years? Ans:- Yal Devi Express 4) What is the name of the Syrian town which has become the centre of the Syrian Civil War, with the ongoing siege between the militants of Islamic State (IS) and Syrian Kurds? Ans:- Kobani 5) Recently state emergency was declared in “Sinai Peninsula”. In which country it is located? Ans:- Egypt INDIA & WORLD 1) India has launched Container Service on 7 October 2014 with which country to increase trade? Ans:- Myanmar 2) Which country on 12 October 2014 pledged 4 million US dollar aid for reconstruction of Gaza Strip that was destroyed during the Palestine and Israel conflict which started in June ...
Syrian Kurds protesting in square demanding the release of those detained by gangs. 11-01-2015 htt…
sure Syria is for Syrian Kurds and all Syrians. Kurds are 9% of Syrians. They can join the revolution.
War against Isis: PKK commander tasked with the defence of Syrian Kurds claims 'we will save Kobani'
Kurdish fighters from Iraq have finally arrived in Kobani in northern Syria to reinforce Syrian Kurds in the battle against ISIS for control of the town. A Kurdish activist in Kobani said late Friday he saw more than 100 Kurdish fighters known as Peshmerga cross over the Turkish border with their vehicles to the embattled city's west, near a key hill called Tal Shair. The peshmerga fighters are bringing with them heavy machine-guns and most importantly anti-tank missiles. The official said Kurdish fighters in Kobani don't currently have the weapons to stop the tanks that the Islamic State group is using.
over by Syrian Kurds allied to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a group that has been fighting for an autonomous Kurdish region in
Syrian Kurds welcome agreement on Duhok understanding President Massoud Barzani and Rojava leaders were set to redraw the map of the Middle East last night with the imminent declaration of a self-governing region inside Syria. Once deeply divided, the leaders held a critical meeting in Dohuk, hoping to unify behind a new political entity in three territories in Syria. Factions who took control in 2012 of three “cantons” Cizire, Efrin and Kobani — efter ninth day of talks today aimed at establishing a semi-autonomous Kurdish region, to be called Rojava. Representatives of the main Syrian Kurdish faction, the Democratic Union party (PYD), said that the announcement of a formal entity would be followed by elections for a regional parliament and the formation of defence forces. The territory held by the Kurds is far stable: Syrian Kurds are currently embroiled in a lengthy and bloody battle against Islamic State (Isis) militants for control of the town of Kobani. Syrian Kurdish leaders say that, in decl ...
General Maurice Gamelin in 1939-40 had 110 British and French divisions to Hitler’s 25 on the western front, but he sat still and refused to attack while Poland was crushed, because London and Paris wanted to keep Hitler in power and send him east against the USSR. This was known as the phony war, the drôle de guerre, the Sitzkrieg. Today it is the Syrian Kurds who are about to be massacred at Kobane and elsewhere because the US, NATO, Turkey, and the Gulf monarchs want to use ISIS against Syria, Iran, Russia, China, and India – BRICS nations who have been challenging the IMF world system. The US media are playing up ISIS as invincible supermen with magical powers, but in reality they are only 25,000 psychotic patsies and brigands who could be pulverized by a 3 to 4-week air campaign of 100-200 sorties/day over Iraq and Syria, while arming the Syrian Kurds and forcing all neighboring nations to cut off support to the terrorists. If 200 sorties a day seems like a lot, remember that the US-centered coa ...
More than 138,000 flee threats from in mounting humanitarian crisis.
What a surprise huh. The US air drops of weaponry to Kurdish fighters in and around Kobani ended up quite a bit...
During Kobani battle, YPG commanders have been stationed in coalition's Erbil HQ,spotting airstrikes & feeding intel.
U.S. cooperated secretly with Kurds in battle against IS as Kobani became too symbolically important to lose
Iraq's Yazidis vow to fight IS with Syrian, not Iraqi Kurds via
“ISIS Seizes Arms Drop Meant For Syrian Kurds. Imagine that. First we purposely arm them, now by accident
from the beginning of the "revo" Assad started handing Kurds Syrian nationality and giving them more opportunities in Syria
"two ex- [US] marines, and dozens of European volunteers, have enlisted to fight alongside the Kurds in Kobani"
"Gen Austin presented the airdrop proposal to the White House on Friday - Pres Obama approved it immediately"
Shells land in as Islamic State advances on Syrian border town of Kobani
Lawmakers in Iraq's Kurdistan region on Wednesday voted in favour of sending forces to the besieged Syrian town of Kobani via Turkey, MPs said. Kurdistan's President Masoud Barzani sent a letter to parliament late on Tuesday seeking approval to deploy the region's peshmerga forces abroad, to fight alongside Syrian Kurds. "Today in parliament we agreed to send the peshmerga forces to Kobani as soon as possible,"
even in Ayn Al Arab now the Kurds have taken down Syrian flag and put Kurdistan flag.. Why? That's disgraceful
the Syrian army was in Ayn alArab and it was Kurds that kicked them out.. Not ISIS or NUsra or FSA
no.. Like I said if ISIS did not threaten or attack Kurds, Kurds would be attacking Syrian Army
ARBIL—Iraq’s Kurdish regional parliament will hold a session on Wednesday to vote on deploying peshmerga security forces to aid Syrian Kurds battling...
Lol, Syrian govt says to have sent weapons into Kobane:
And we should ALWAYS true the UN. Like when they told is Syrian rebels (ISIS) couldn't use chem wpns. Kurds gased in Kobani
Syrian Kurds welcome agreement on Duhok understanding.
PYD reaching agreements with KNC which will only gravitate Syrian Kurds towards an even more neutral position.
U.S. cooperated secretly w. YPG Syrian Kurds against ISIS . too symbolic to not support. via
How Obama's thinking changed and the US cooperated with Syrian Kurds on Kobani:
"If I die...I know I've come over here to try to help." A small number of Americans are joining the ranks of the Syrian Kurds to fight against Islamic State militants. The BBC's Jim Muir has been to meet one of them.
Noteworthy in the reporting is the news that Turkey is allowing Iraqi Kurds to use its territory to reinforce the Syrian Kurds at Kobani.
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U.S. airdrops weapons, ammo and medical supplies to Syrian Kurds fighting the Islamic State in Kobani.
U.S. aircraft dropped weapons and medical supplies late Sunday to besieged forces fighting the Islamic State in the Syrian border town of Kobane, the first airdrops into Syria since the civil war there began more than three years ago. Senior administration officials said the emergency decision to drop the supplies, including small arms and ammunition, followed urgent appeals from Syrian Kurds defending the town, which lies along the Turkish border, after three weeks of fighting against surging militant fighters. [ 541 more words. ]
France announces they will arm Syrian Kurds to defeat ISIL in Syria:
Syrian Kurds press hundreds of young men into army to fight Islamic State:
Heavy smoke from a fire caused by a strike rises in Kobani, Syria as fighting intensified between Syrian Kurds and the militants of Islamic State group, as seen from Mursitpinar in the outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014. Kobani, also known as Ayn Arab, and its surrounding areas, has been under assault by extremists of the Islamic State group since mid-September and is being defended by Kurdish fighters. Photos of the day - October 10, 2014
Riots in Turkey kill 21 over failure to aid besieged Syrian Kurds (cc:
Fighting between Islamic State militants and Syrian Kurds is reported to have spread to a southern district of the town of Kobane on the Turkish border. The clashes come one day after Islamic State fighters took control of three districts in the east. At least 400 people have been killed in three weeks of fighting for Kobane, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A Kurdish official in Kobane, Idriss Nassan, told AFP news agency that Kurdish fighters had halted the IS advance in the east of the town. But he also appealed to Western government to supply weapons, and called for coalition aircraft to "strike more effectively.” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the town was on the verge of falling and "co-operation" on a ground offensive was necessary. Yet Ankara has come under criticism for not intervening to defend Kobane, which is now being besieged on three sides. Kurds in Turkey, angered at the government's inaction, clashed with police in several cities, including Istanbu ...
Syrian Kurds in Kobani facing possible massacre by Turkey needs to step up. We need to act.
Photographer Bulent Kilic documents the strain at the border checkpoint near the southeastern Turkish town of Suruc, where Kurdish refugees push to get in and out of Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds flooded into Turkey, fleeing an onslaught by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group.
A sand storm erupts on the Turkish-Syrian border as a Kurdish Syrian refugee waits for transport, clutching her child in her arms. Islamic State militants have seized dozens of villages close to the border, causing over 140,000 Syrian Kurds to flee into Turkey since the frontier opened last week, th…
Turkey Accused of Colluding with to oppose Syrian Kurds & Following Release of 49 Hostages
This is the most stupid scenario by the Turks I have ever heard. You must be an *** to belive the Turks. .. Relatives of the freed hostages greeting their family members in Ankara; questions have been raised about why the brutal organisation chose to release them, unlike other captives Turkey accused of colluding with Isis to oppose Syrian Kurds and Assad following surprise release of 49 hostages With President Erdogan refusing to explain why Isis decided to release 49 of the country’s diplomats, suspicions are growing about Ankara’s murky relationship with the self-styled caliphate Patrick Cockburn Mystery surrounds the surprise release of 49 Turkish diplomats and their families held captive for three months by Isis. The Turkish government is denying any deal with the hostage-takers, making it unclear why Isis, notorious for its cruelty and ruthlessness, should hand over its Turkish prisoners on Saturday without a quid pro quo. Hailed in Ankara as a triumph for Turkey, the freeing of the diplomats .. ...
UN rushes aid to 70,000 Syrian Kurds fleeing into Turkey - Channel NewsAsia
provide Syrian Kurds with humanitarian and military support to prevent another human tragedy to stop Islamic State
UN says 70,000 Syrian Kurds have fled to Turkey from IS in 24hrs -
Turkey’s government opened its border Friday to thousands of Syrian Kurds fearing a massacre at the hands of the Islamic State as a U.S.-backed opposition group called for airstrikes to halt the militants’ advance in northern Syria.
DIKMETAS Turkey (Reuters) - Close to a thousand Syrian Kurds gathered on the border seeking to cross into Turkey on Friday after Islamic State fighters seized 21 villages and besieged a Kurdish city in
CHILDREN REFUGEES: These images of children refugees were taken Saturday in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province, Turkey, now the temporary home to several thousand Syrian Kurds who have fled their villages in Syria to escape advancing Islamic State militants. (AFP PHOTOs/BULENT KILIC)
Syrian Kurds withdraw from ~60 towns as ISIS advances. Kobane refugees here, via http…
Fleeing ISIS: Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds cross into Turkey
Dutch journalist .doesn't agree with estimates of fleeing Syrian Kurds to Turkey. 'Few thousand at most'
Islamic State: Thousands of Syrian Kurds crossed the border into Turkey on Satur...
Turkey opened its border on Friday to Syrians fleeing the Kurdish town of Kobane in fear of an IS attack. Activists say some 300 Kurdish fighters have crossed into Syria from Turkey to help defend the strategic town. IS controls large areas of Syria and Iraq and has seized dozens of villages around Kobane, also called Ayn al-Arab. Turkey - which shares a border with Iraq and Syria - has taken in more than 847,000 refugees since the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al- Assad began three years ago. But the opening of the border has seen a dramatic increase in the past 24 hours. "As of today, the number of Syrian Kurds who entered Turkey has exceeded 60,000," Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus told reporters on Saturday. He was speaking from the southern Turkish province of Sanliurfa, where many of the refugees have sought shelter. Separately, a Turkish government official told the BBC's Mark Lowen that the number is as high as 66,000. At the scene - Rami Ruhayem, BBC Arabic, on the Turkey ...
More than 60,000 Syrian Kurds fleeing advancing Islamic State jihadists have poured across the borde (...)
Turkey opens its southern border to thousands of Syrian Kurds fleeing the terror of ISIL.
Here's April report on 1.5m Syrian refugees & the Kurds among them
Turkey allows thousands of Syrian Kurds fleeing Islamic State to cross its southern border, as the militants close in on a strategic Syrian town.
At least 45,000 Syrian Kurds have fled their homes and crossed the border between and over the past 24 hours due to the threat posed by Takfiri terrorists, according to a Turkish Official.
Turkey opened its doors to thousands of Syrian Kurds fleeing from .
I feel sorry for the Iraqi Kurds, the Syrian Kurds & the lemon kurds! The sooner we nuke IS the better
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- Humanitarian Crisis. Est. 45,000 Syrian Kurds Flee into Turkey - as ISIS Advance .
Syrian Kurds have been massing since Thursday on the other side of the border as the IS extremists seized dozens of villages in a lightning offensive
The Times of India - India - Thousands of Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey as ... -
News Break Nigeria Some 45,000 mainly Syrian Kurds have crossed into Turkey in the past 24 hours, officials say,...
Turkey says 45,000 Syrian crossed it's borders since Fri after attack by - exodus like Yazidis & Chris…
Over 60,000 Syrian Kurds cross into Turkey to flee Daesh (ISIL) onslaught in Syria. Support the Kurds!
Syrian Kurds fleeing to Turkey pass 45000-mark |
Hundreds of Turkish Kurds are flooding into one Syrian town to try to save it from ISIS
About 60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey as ISIS advances
Breaking News; captured Syrian Kurds by brought to Akcakale town of Turkey, and all executed
US welcomed 63 Syrians for last 10 months. —. Turkey received over 70K Syrian Kurds in last a couple of days plus 1.25m…
45,000 Syrian flee the encroaching IS black death into
# About 45,000 Syrian Kurds cross into Turkey after Sunni Arabs fighters (ISIS) Islamic State take more than 60 of villages and towns along Turkey border, escalating fears of massacre.#
Syrian Kurds fleeing IS group cross into Turkey
.still waiting for the US to provide air support to the 45,000 Syrian Kurds being forced from their homes by ISIS, or is it just Iraqi Kurds who are worthy of intervention and support? wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Syrian Kurds have no access to oil like Iraqi Kurds do, would it?
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Meet the the Islamic State's worst enemy, the little known Syrian Kurds of YPG who have knocked the socks off http:/…
Kurds against the Islamic State: As Islamic State's terror campaign unites old enemies, Syrian Kurds are heading north into what could be a decisive battle. ...
"We are thankful, from our heads to the sky, to the last day on earth." Syrian Kurds bring Yazidis to saftey.
A NEW humanitarian and security crisis has erupted in northern Iraq, where the al-Qaeda-derived Islamic State borders territories controlled by Iraqi and Syrian Kurds. Since last weekend, tens of thou...
Syrian Kurds united in their fight against IS via
100 thousand Syrian Kurds willing to volunteer in Iraqi Kurdistan's Peshmerga ranks
The Kurds are complicated people, there are Iraqi Kurds, Turkish Kurds, Syrian Kurds and Iranian Kurds. Nationhood will be difficult
In a report from northeast Syria, Syrian Kurds, locked in a bloody battle with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, also fear a potential clash with Syrian government forces.
Syrian Kurds blame Iran, Turkey for ISIS attacks - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Syrian Kurds, rebels find common enemy in ISIS via by
Syria's 'Third Force' -- Kurds May Emerge Stronger From Conflict By Ariel Zirulnick Christian Science Monitor Posted 2014-03-04 22:16 GMT There's a third party to Syria's civil conflict, and it may be the only one to emerge somewhat victorious from the war. As President Bashar al-Assad's grip has loosened, the roughly 2 million Kurds in Syria's northeast have made their strongest bid yet to break away from Damascus. Earlier this year, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian Kurds' dominant political force, created a new regional government. The Kurds' alliances are murky. Nor do they have a seat at the table at Syria's troubled peace talks. Their push for greater autonomy bears watching. However, unlike in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, the Kurds of Syria can't count on US support, as Robert Ford, the US ambassador to Syria until his resignation Friday, makes clear. Mr. Ford spoke Saturday at a panel held at Tufts University. Here are some takeaways. RECOMMENDED: Do you understand the Syria conflict? Tak ...
Feeling left out this Valentine's Day? So are the Syrian Kurds. explains:
PYD chairman has meeting w UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi regarding Syrian Kurds' position in Geneva 2 as an independent delegation.
On Tuesday, Syrian Kurds declared the formation of an interim autonomous government in North-eastern Syria. Since November 2012, when the last regime forces withdrew from the region, Kurdish forces have steadily pushed back the al Qaeda-aligned rebel groups, the al Nusra Front and the Islamic State...
KRG leader Barzani accuses Syrian Kurds (PYD) of colluding with Syrian government: … via
Syrian Kurds are calling for their own state Kerry not happy but US was ok with Iraqi Kurds having their own state, *** it was their agenda
Syrian Kurds declared an interim administration in northeastern parts of the country (Rojava) after driving out radical Islamist rebels
Syrian Kurds make fresh military gains after declaring self-rule
Following a series of military gains, Syrian Kurds in the northeast of the country announced on Tues
Syrian Kurds in the northeast have formed a transitional autonomous government, they said in a statement Tuesday, after making key territorial gains against jihadists in recent weeks.
My report on the view of Syrian Kurds will be published tomorrow. On Iraqi Kurds is already on website.Plz check.
Kurdish phoenix rises from ruins of Syria’s war BY FOUAD AJAMI BLOOMBERG More than 200,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees have moved into Iraqi Kurdistan. They have crossed an international border to be sure, yet it is, in the Kurdish worldview, a passage from one part of their homeland to another. The Kurds disregard these frontiers, imposed on the Fertile Crescent almost a century ago by Anglo-French power. No Kurd is lamenting the erosion of the borders in this tangled geography. The partition of the successor states of the Ottoman Empire brought the Kurds grief and dispossession. The Persians, Turks and Arabs secured their own states. Indeed, the Arabs were bequeathed several states in the geography of “Turkish Arabia” that runs from the Iraqi border with Iran to the Mediterranean. Kurdistan was singularly betrayed, its people divided among Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Kurdish history became a chronicle of thwarted rebellions. According to a deeply felt expression, the Kurds had no friends but the mou ...
Fragile Peace Holds on a Syrian Island Karlos Zurutuza/IPS “The whole region is under control but be careful in the city centre,” says a Kurdish militiaman at the eastern gate of Qamishli, 600 km northeast of capital Damascus, confirming rumours about breaches in Syria’s relatively stable northeast. Sandwiched between Turkey and Syria, this city of 200,000 is known for its large Christian processions at Easter, held almost simultaneously with the mass celebration of Newroz, the Kurdish and Persian new year. Qamishli is not only a melting pot of Assyrians, Armenians, Kurds and Arabs but also the place where the Syrian Kurd uprising had its origins. It was March 2004 when rioting after a football match in Qamishli led to days of dissident protests in the Kurdish regions, as well as in Damascus and other cities with a significant Kurdish population. Since the beginning of civil unrest in Syria in March 2011, its Kurds have vowed to take the “third way” – allying neither with Syrian President Bash ...
Syria just gets messier and messier.
Anti-Assad forces in proxy fight vs Kurds? “Everyone knows what sort of mischief the Turkish authorities are up to”
Qaeda linked rebel in says they got weapons from Turkey, Saudi. …
The comments following the article are interesting
Turkey's Kurdish complex is so strong that they have no moral issue supporting brutal murderers like El Nusra againt Syrian Kurds
Why Syria’s Kurds are Joining the Mainstream by .
Cale, on op-eds on Syrian Kurds R Joining the Mainstream
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Qaeda linked rebel in Syria says they got weapons from Turkey, Saudi.and France.
"The Syrian civil war, however, has proven that Barzani has little influence over Syrian Kurds; the PYD is too strong to be marginalized."
Arabs battle Syrian Kurds as Assad's foes fragment
Arabs battle Syrian Kurds as Assad's foes fragment: Syrian rebels and al-Qaeda-linked fighters clashed with Ku...
Turkey and the Syrian Kurds: A little-noticed battle
i've traveled in Syria twice with the photographer His work on Syrian Kurds is unparalleled:
Maybe no one will notice... at least that is hope Turkey and the Syrian
Turkey, with its own restive Kurdish population, is twitchy about the gains of the Syrian Kurds
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