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cop who shot Milwaukee Sylville Smith causing riot charged with sexually assaulting two men:
Milwaukee officer who shot Sylville Smith accused of sex assault &they still ain't release the video
PRISONER'S OUTFIT FOR *** "COP" who fatally shot now in jail for rape of a MAN!…
Cop fired for sexually assaulting a Milwaukee man | Bossip via
Milwaukee officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith fired in sex assault case via
"Milwaukee cop who fatally shot black man fired after sexual assault charge" -
MPD officer who killed Sylville Smith terminated after sexual assault charges:.
Police Officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith has been fired after sexual assault charges:
Milwaukee cop who killed Sylville Smith told mentor he “F--ked up big time“ after allegedly raping drunk male victim https…
PD fires cop who Sylville Smith following arrest
Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith was fired Monday after being charged with sexual assault. htt…
The Milwaukee police officer who killed Sylville Smith has been fired because he was arrested for sexual assault. . http…
Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith arrested after sexual assault allegation
Doesnt blame the victim. The black man whose killing sparked Milwaukee riots had bipolar disorder via
Questions have arisen about AG Schimel’s links to Milwaukee police.
Investigation of Dontre Hamilton was suspect because retired Milwaukee officers involved. Why repeat that mistake?.
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Seldom have I seen a more arrogant response to fair criticism than AG Schimel office to Rep Chris Taylor.
AG Brad Schimel’s links to Milwaukee Police raise questions about his investigation of Sylville Smith's shooting.
An brutality complaint was filed against the cop that killed Sylville Smith only 2 days prior to the shooting. .
you can also google Sylville Smith for more info.
Police haven't released the name of the Milwaukee cop who shot Sylville Smith (right), 23, but social media posts have identified him as
Sylville Smith and the Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot him had crossed paths before a lethal encounter that led to days of
Officer who shot Sylville Smith subject of recent excessive force complaint
Reporter covering riots was attacked because he wasn't black -
In defense of Sylville Smith, killed by the Milwaukee Police Department
Reporter covering Milwaukee riots was attacked because he wasn't black - Hot Air
Sylville K. Smith, 23 is another victim of in Milwaukee.
2 days before he shot Sylville Smith, Milwaukee officer had an excesssive force complaint filed against him
Milwaukee Cop who shot Sylville Smith Has a Hidden Talent that just Destroyed the WHOLE Narrative
An autopsy conducted Monday showed Sylville Smith was shot in his chest and arm, authorities said, backing up the official…
Reporter covering Milwaukee riots was attacked because he wasn’t black
The black man whose shooting by police sparked the Milwaukee riots had bipolar disorder, his mom tells
Brother of Sylville Smith, the man who was fatally shot by the cops, speaks about having a gun and being black.
Sylville Smith got what he deserved & the people rioting in Milwaukee are disgusting. How dare you defend an armed thug running from police!
Wisconsin A.G. Schimel not releasing body cam video in Sylville Smith case at this time
False. Sylville Smith was arrested selling heroin, cocaine, intimidating a witness, and Assualt. Spend 1 day in jail.
PHOTO: In the aftermath of the police shooting of Sylville Smith in Milwaukee and resulting protests, Donald Trump…
Sylville Smith's brother's statement: "This is what the police provoke"
Making sense of the Sylville Smith shooting and Milwaukee's deep racial divides:
Perennial race-baiting, attention-seeking opportunist to attend funeral for career criminal shot by cop https…
What is waiting for release to the tape of being killed by .
Milwaukee needs your help! Tell to release the tape of being killed by police!
More threads and fragments to follow if you want to make sense of the Sylville Smith shooting in Milwaukee:
Read our letter about the Police Department & the use of
Jesse Jackson, Sr. to deliver eulogy at Sylville Smith's funeral:
Jesse Jackson will attend funeral for Sylville Smith, killed in officer-involved shooting
Sylville Smith shooting captured by two body cameras.
The ongoing investigation into the fatal police shooting of 23-year-old Sylville Smith has resulted in a new…
Jesse Jackson to give eulogy at Sylville Smith funeral
Man Killed by Police in Milwaukee Was Shot in the Chest and Arm, Medical Examiner Says
ICYMI:. Family: cop who shot knew him from high school .
R.I.P. Mr Sylville Smith sorry that you were KILLED by a RACE SOLDIER. In the END they WILL all PAY the PRICE..
Have you seen this b!tch, sylville smith's OTHER sister (not the 'we need our weave' b!tch):
Listen to The Plot Thickings Mysterious Case Of Sylville Smith.MP3 by Born behind enemy lines on
Milwaukee neighborhood yearns for better days in wake of police killing
MCMEO confirming autopsy of Sylville Smith revealed a single gunshot wound to chest, and single gunshot wound to right a…
Sylville Smith was shot in the chest and in the right arm, according to Milwaukee Medical Examiner. A look back:
Man killed by police in Milwaukee shot in the chest and arm, medical examiner says
LATEST: Man killed by police in Milwaukee shot in chest, arm, autopsy shows .
Sylville K. Smith in was killed by a black officer. This felon was ordered to drop his illegal stolen firearm and he refused.
Sylville Smith was stopped by police just weeks before his shooting
Justice for Demand transparency and accountability. Tell to release the tape.
One thing is starkly clear: African Americans have been demanding justice a very long time. https…
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett confirmed that bodycam footage shows Sylville Smith "...was clearly holding a handgun and refused to drop it."
Milwaukee County medical examiner: Sylville Smith was shot in chest and arm
NEW: Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Officer confirms Sylville Smith was shot once in the chest and once in an arm.
Family of Jay Anderson grieves, notes connection to Sylville Smith case
Milwaukee officer knew Sylville Smith, family says Uhh, don't point a loaded gun at a cop who doesn't like you?
About an hour ago saw Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett approach members of Sylville Smith's family in plot next to Sherman Park.
at it again, edits Sylville Smith's comments to make you believe what they want about the "Milwaukee Unrest" https:/…
USA: Dozens gather in Sherman Park following shooting of Sylville Smith
.criticized the group for not mentioning the 5 killed in Milwaukee 48 hours before Sylville Smith.
Milwaukee police chief: Shooting was ‘lawful’ based on body cam footage: Sylville Smith, 23, was fatally shot...
Unrest in Milwaukee continues after police shoot and kill 23-year-old Sylville Smith
Sister of armed thug who was shot says quit burning our hood. Burn the "suburbs" instead. Media didn't cover that. https…
[Serious] Redditors that rioted over Sylville Smith's death how do you feel knowing now that he was armed with a g…
Sylville K Smith Sylville K Smith taking a selfie in his car.
Heard that the "young woman" who said that was Sylville Smith's sister.
Teen curfew in Milwaukee after violent protests
Autopsy reveals Sylville Smith was NOT shot in the back.
Father of Sylville Smith, man killed by police: "When they see the wrong role model, this is what you … via
Sylville Smith's Father Blames Himself For Being 'Wrong Role Model': “I had to blame myself for a lot of thin...
23yr old Sylville Smith was armed & fled the Police. Police told him to drop the gun. He wouldn't. . He deserved to be sh…
“They knew each other:” Sylville Smith and the officer who killed him went to high school together
Sylville Smith's sister Sherelle encourages "protestors" to burn the suburbs
"As any native black Milwaukeean can tell you, what’s happened here is bigger than any one incident." By https:…
Milwaukee is my hometown. These clashes were decades in the making | Syreeta McFadden | Opinion | The Guardian
Video Sister of Sylville Smith says officer was no stranger to her family
cops tamp rumor suspect was unarmed. Both suspect and cop who shot him were black.
%tumpic  . No Justice for Sylville Smith A Milwaukee police officer shot an armed man …
Brother of Sylville Smith with his conceal carry permit. (via
Sylville Smith shot twice, autopsy shows, in shooting that sparked Milwaukee protests
."The victim's sister alleges that [Sylville Smith] knew the police officer who killed him."
Sister of Sylville Smith tells rioters burn down white people stuff, leave the weave store alone.
."The autopsy reveals that [Sylville] Smith was shot in the chest & in the arm, not in the back as was rumored."…
Sylville Smith, the Milwaukee man killed by cops, was shot after falling down, sister mourns https…
Flynn confirms the officer who shot Sylville Smith is African-American himself and MPD fears for his safety.
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