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Sylvester Stallone

Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone (born July 6, 1946), commonly known as Sylvester Stallone, and nicknamed Sly Stallone, is an American actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, film director and occasional painter.

Demolition Man Arnold Schwarzenegger Galaxy Vol Warner Bros Judge Dredd Mickey Rourke Rocky Balboa First Blood Spy Kids 3 Burgess Meredith Ivan Drago Dolph Lundgren John Abraham Kevin Hart Escape Plan Chuck Norris Kurt Russell

Jonathan Gutierrez talks to Hiive about why Sylvester Stallone inspired him
You're not black enough if you don't call Sylvester Stallone by Rambo in every character he's acting.😂😂😂😂
He won a comp taking broken English instructions from a cooked Sylvester Stallone. Says it all
It's confirmed that Sylvester Stallone is Starhawk, Ving Rhames is Charlie-27, and Michelle Yeoh is Aleta Ogord in
Sylvester Stallone and Brian Dennehy on the set of First Blood (1982)
Sylvester Stallone sues Warner Bros. over profits from 1993 movie 'Demolition Man'
Sylvester Stallone sues Warner Bros for 'dishonesty' over Demolition Man profits
Sylvester Stallone is suing Warner Bros. over profits for the 1993 film 'Demolition Man'
I added a video to a playlist Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Sylvester Stallone is Playing…
We're about to go to War with Russia. Solution: send Sylvester Stallone to go kick Dolph Lundgren's *** again
Scoop: Sylvester Stallone sues Warner Bros. for fraud & seeks to "end" bad accounting at studio "for all talent." https:/…
Sylvester Stallone suing film studio for contract breach, fraud.
Big stars don't just sue movie studios. This must be the result of a long audit and failed negotiation.
Sylvester Stallone says he wants his money for Demolition Man. .
After leaving the Expendable Franchise, Sylvester Stallone wants to turn Escape Plan into a Franchise. Part 3 is... http…
Amazing!. "Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure."-Sylvester Stallone
Update your maps at Navteq
I'd still say if he was Sylvester Stallone or Mike Tyson, this would happen to him.
Sylvester Stallone already hard at work for Escape Plan 3
via Sylvester Stallone sues WB over Demolition Man accounting
Sylvester Stallone sues WB over accounts for 1993 hit Demolition Man
- Trailer. A film based on the life of Chuck Wepner whose fight with Muhammad Ali inspired Sylvester Stallone to w…
idk who I date... the Rock, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone,…
VIDEO OF THE DAY - Clip from "Judge Dredd" with Sylvester Stallone and Armand Assante...
Over the Top is a movie about Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling to win the custody of his son.
Demolition Man is definitely not the low point in Sylvester Stallone's career. That would be Over the Top
Stallone and Michael Rosenbaum (Warlock?) Role Speculations in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!
Didn't know Sylvester Stallone was a SRK groupie
Propaganda sets fire to busy breaths to Sylvester Stallone
Cliffhanger, 1993 . an American action adventure film. with quality cinematography directed . by Renny Harlin and star…
Sylvester Stallone singing Orange Juice is possibly the best thing I have ever heard.
All the Kardashians. The cast of Jersey Shore. Ice JJ Fish. Sylvester Stallone as an opera singer. Judd Ogden
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Stallone shared pics of him and his dog, Butkus, 1970s. # via /r/
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Sylvester Stallone&role may have been revealed -
Speculation: The Trail to the Identity of Sylvester Stallone's Cosmic Character in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'. https:…
Sylvester Stallone and Ted Kotcheff on the set of 'First Blood'
Hollywood superstar fascinated with film
Sylvester Stallone's open mouth arm wrestling face in Over the Top, except it's me trying to carry in 33 grocery bags i…
Happy 80th Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams on the set of Nighthawks, 1981, directed by Bruce M…
Who does Sylvester Stallone play in Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Evidence points to an obscure hero…
Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzegger will not be in Expendables 4
“Chuck” Trailer — Liev Schreiber Plays the Real-Life Boxer who was the Inspiration for Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky…
Seems that Sylvester Stallone is playing Starhawk in
What character will Sylvester Stallone play on GOTG?
Sylvester Stallone's role Guardians 2 role may have just been revealed
Looks like Barney Ross has gone on his last mission. Stallone leaves
Sylvester Stallone comments on the upcoming release of The Promise about the
A list of celebrities who are parents of children diagnosed with autism
Sylvester Stallone says goodbye to franchise
An army of Squilliam Fancysons decayed on top of your mom. I am Sylvester Stallone's forehead.
Sylvester Stallone is leaving 'The Expendables' franchise - Entertainment Weekly
Vin Diesel isn't close to Sylvester Stallone's age and neither is The Rock. Sysko's trolling is star…
Michael Rosenbaum to play Silver Surfer and Sylvester Stallone to play Galactus in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 http…
Sylvester Stallone recalls selling his dog to buy food in heartfelt throwback photos
(Sylvester Stallone exits Expendables) . An Expendables 4 was scheduled to close out the series next year, ... -…
Word spread quickly on Friday that Sylvester Stallone was washing his hands of The Expendables series, declining...
With Stallone leaving behind, here is how the series can continue and thrive
That's a lot of money to leave behind!
Sylvester Stallone's tribute to his "Rocky" dog is just beautiful
- From Shah Rukh Khan to Sylvester Stallone, here's all that's hot in the world of entertainment! 😘😍https…
ICYMI: After GUARDIANS OF THE Galaxy Vol. 2, expect to see more of Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone.
Sylvester Stallone leaving The Expendables franchise to go make an Olivier Assayas film could be the plot of an Olivier Assayas…
I think you're describing the name of "John Spartan", the name of Sylvester Stallone's character in Demolition Man. =)
Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone are just a Micheal Bay wet dream.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 director teases Sylvester Stallone and Michael Rosenbaum's "very important" new characters https:/…
Why you should watch Ultimate Beastmaster:. 1. It's an obstacle course game show. 2. Terry Crews. 3. Sylvester Stallone
Sistine Stallone, the 18-year-old model daughter of Sylvester Stallone, reveals how she gets ready for
In Miami, Will Smith says "ain't no surprise in the club to see Sly Stallone" . Like imagine being at the club and seeing Sylvester Stallone
Happy National Pizza Day!! Sylvester Stallone is seen grabbing a to-go pizza from Mulberry Street Pizzeria…
As an action fan, I thought 2013's "Escape Plan" starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, had its...
Muhammad Ali surprises Sylvester Stallone at the 1977 Oscars. Happy 75th birthday to the GOAT.
Sylvester Stallone and Adam Driver are teaming up to bring the memoir 'Tough as They Come' to the big-screen:
Marine Corps veteran Adam Driver and Sylvester Stallone to bring Staff Sgt. Travis Mills story to the silver screen.
Here is a GIF Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers reuniting at the . You're welcome.…
Sylvester Stallone's stunning daughter heats up latest LOVE Magazine video.
willB there. Cindy Brady canB there2 yelling homophobicCrap.Sylvester Stallone can pretend hes still ROCKY
First off why they got Lil Kim drivin & Sylvester Stallone playin Rocky while Rocky playin Michael Jackson
I just remembered Sylvester Stallone was a trump supporter
don't even get me started bro with the headassery of Sylvester Stallone 😒
Sylvester Stallone's daughters are gorgeous! And also, what was Sofia Vergara wearing?
Can somebody give Sylvester Stallone's daughter some work? Not sure if she knows anyone in Hollywood 😥
Sylvester Stallone’s daughters slay in black gowns in their role as Miss Golden Globe
Meanwhile though Sylvester Stallone has made the 3 most gorgeous daughters I have ever seen. Like WOW.
feels kind of creepy to me. Hey, look, Sylvester Stallone kids are hot. Let's parade them around!
Sylvester Stallone just entered the ballroom.
Lol to when you think your boyfriend resembles Sylvester Stallone...🤔
Sylvester Stallone's girls light up the red carpet
Viola Davis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson and more to present at tonight's
Sylvester Stallone, his beautiful daughters and wife light up the red carpet (PHOTOS)
No one is going to talk about Sylvester Stallone's hot daughters?
Sylvester Stallone invests in new boxing studio - Page Six
1955 Ford F100 | WCC built 3 of these for Sylvester Stallone.. two for the movie "The Expendables" and one for him to keep…
Sting presented Best Song and Best Score at Golden Globes Award. He bumped into Sylvester Stallone backstage.
Sylvester Stallone invests in new boxing studio
I think Sylvester Stallone's daughters had the best dresses there. These actors try too hard
This Chris sounds like the Heir to Sylvester Stallone's Mush Mouth
Rocky IV. Good way to end the night. Hearing Sylvester Stallone mumble through a movie while figuring out how to beat the Russians
This year the three daughters of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin will share the title of Miss Golden Globe. https…
Sylvester Stallone has colored his daughters’ hair and more style secrets from the Miss Golden Globes h…
Remember:. Typ (mit Ypsilon) = z.B. Kater Sylvester, Sylvester Stallone. Feier (mit i) = Silvester. Even I can do it .
Karl urban did a better job of playing Judge Dredd than Sylvester Stallone
. favorite actor is -- Sylvester Stallone and favorite actress -- Preity Zinta. .
Trump's thanks African Americans for not voting, tells white people that's a good thing
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: A divided nation comes to grips with President Elect Narcissist
Sylvester Stallone "flattered" but not interested in Trump's chairman offer # via
Sylvester Stallone declines arts role in Trump administration
Huma Abedin never got a copy of the email warrant
CNN host destroys Trump spokesman's attempt to lie about a Trump landslide
Now I have to put this guy on the ban list: Sylvester Stallone responds to Donald Trump’s offer to join his team
Sylvester Stallone le dice "no" a Donald Trump.El actor no quiere ser presidente del... by via
Sylvester Stallone suggested that he was not interested in taking an arts-related job in the Trump administration
"Sylvester Stallone declines NEA appointment in Donald J. Trump administration" would have been a headline too ludicrous fo…
It’s Rumor Time: Sylvester Stallone might be part of the Trump administration via
KTLA: .TheSlyStallone to be tapped by Trump to lead neaarts, according to a report
Sylvester Stallone to Be Tapped by Trump to Head National Endowment for the Arts…
.to be tapped by Trump to lead according to a report
At this point, all you can do is laugh.
TRUMP'S SLY CHOICE? Stallone reportedly eyed for arts post via the app
Rambo in D.C.? Trump reportedly hits up Sylvester Stallone to join the new administration -
"The man who gets along best with women, is the man who can get along without them." Sylvester Stallone
If we can appoint Shaktiman and Yudhishthir, then surely US can have Rambo/Rocky to head its national arts agency
Now this is one appointment I can get behind!.
Trump vets Sylvester Stallone to head up national arts agency
Yes, Sylvester Stallone is under consideration for this Trump administration post
Can anyone confirm that Sylvester Stallone is Trump's choice to head Nat Endow 4 Arts?
T*rump appointed Sylvester Stallone because he needs someone who's at least pretended to fight Russians
Trump is considering Sylvester Stallone for an arts chair? Pssshtt. He doesn't even have an Oscar
Trump reportedly eyeing Sylvester Stallone for key arts role
I respect a woman too much to marry her. -Sylvester Stallone.
Donald Trump eyeing Sylvester Stallone to chair National Endowment for the Arts? via the App
Donald Trump is considering Sylvester Stallone to chair the NEA because of course he is
I have such bizarrely mixed feelings on this whole Sylvester Stallone/NEA thing.
Uh...this report about Sylvester Stallone being considered for Chair of the NEA is a joke, right?
NEWS: Trump .taps .for top 'arts' role in administration .
President-elect is reportedly considering actor to chair the NEA. htt…
"Is there a way I can get that Oscar from Mark Rylance?". "Probably. We can do a law. Sure. Yes.". "I'm in." .
Happy 53rd birthday to James Mangold, seen here with Robert De Niro & Sylvester Stallone on the set of 'Cop Land'.
Reports are swirling that Trump tapped Sylvester Stallone to head the Nat'l. Endowment of the Arts. I bet Scott Baio is SO P…
Sylvester Stallone's daughter Sistine—and 7 more celebrity kids—walked in the Chanel Métiers d'Art show…
Sylvester Stallone pursued a part in this & at one point Martin Sheen was attached 2 star -…
My kids just asked if Sylvester Stallone was still yelling for Adrian in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. . The orphanage g…
Well I already ones tried to warn Sylvester Stallone by mail true a side door to Hollywood to !!! I can just smell they have something in mind with him to !!! They play with calculators Sylvester !!! YES it's me hopefully it worked telling you !!! YES it's me Bianca for LOVING Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
fun fact: Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone turned down the role of Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop.…
Pacquiao better than Rocky – Stallone: Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone watches Filipi...
Newswire: There’s a new Rambo movie in the works, sans Sylvester Stallone - William Hughes
I CAN'T. Hodong thought Bill Gates was Sylvester Stallone and then Seunggi confused Stallone with Arnold Schwarzen…
Sylvester Stallone has gone from just looking like a California Raisin to literally being one. Literally.
4. What do you think of when you think of Sylvester Stallone?
The only thing with Sylvester Stallone you'll ever need:
Knockout game strikes again against Stallone's relative. Why is the US media silent?
I also grew up watching Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme
Sylvester Stallone speaks out after his half-brother's attack: "It's just so tragic."
Sylvester Stallone’s teenage half-brother was brutally attacked at the Florida State campus over the weekend: report
Beat it up like Sylvester Stallone I just got me a new home million dollars now I'm all alone 🤘🏽
Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone at the opening of Planet Hollywood in 1991
Sylvester Stallone?s brother suffers shattered jaw in brutal attack near FSU: ?It?s just so tragic?
Sylvester Stallone's brother victim of black violence in Tallahassee. Knockout Game
Sylvester Stallone family hit out at 'coward punks' who mugged teenage brother in epic Rocky-style rant
Sylvester Stallone’s half brother Dante left with broken jaw and split palate after vicious mugging: THE fami...
Sylvester Stallone greets fans in Beverly Hills: via
Sylvester Stallone is making a show based on the life of a Beverly Hills pizzeria owner
Golden Globes 2016: Sylvester Stallone under fire for forgetting to thank
Me 2! He'd make the best pet ever! He sings, dances, plays piano, acts like Sylvester Stallone! Drives a
and don't forget Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren...(I'm not making this up)
in 1 of films about boxing the character of Sylvester Stallone stops his career cos of his opponent. after some...
I would cue up for young Sylvester Stallone body lol
Sylvester Stallone shares rare never-before-seen photos of himself fighting Ivan Drago
With the release of 'Creed' Sylvester Stallone wad the same age as Burgess Meredith (Micky) was at the time 'Rocky' was re…
The great has shared rare Rocky 4 photos that he's never ever seen: .
Dreamed I heard Sylvester Stallone died and I was frantically trying to figure out if it was the actor or my cat named Sylvester Stallone.
I love Hef more than life itself for who he is as a human I think he's beautiful Sylvester Stallone is just hotter
I know I'm incredibly unpredictable, and that's the only thing I'm sure of. - Sylvester Stallone
I added a video to a playlist Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke
Sylvester Stallone shared amazing unreleased photos of a fight with Ivan Drago. SEE THEM:
Yo Rocky! Sylvester Stallone shared a rare, never-before-seen photo of Rocky Balboa taking a punch from Ivan Drago.
.- Simply The Best Always and Forever. Great this ! via
Sylvester Stallone shares the set of Very Rare Photos from Rocky IV
When you're scared, when you're hanging on, when life is hurting , then you're going to see what you're really made of.…
I almost cried when I heard Sylvester Stallone died today..
got it. Your grandma posted something about Sylvester Stallone being dead. Lol
Someone start a band with me called Sylvester Stallone Death Hoax
.shares 'very rare' photos from IV set.
A website posted that the Archbishop passed on after his surgery but it turn out that this report was another...
Among the musings from our how Vin Scully once fought Sylvester Stallone ... and won:
Well what I mean is a delusional movie star, thinks he's Sylvester Stallone, Robert DeNiro and
It's amazing just how little dialogue Sylvester Stallone has in the Rambo movies. I had forgotten that he never speaks.
Ali Abbas Zafar is NOT doing a film with Sylvester Stallone, confirms the director!
"Ronald Reagan is the president? And who is the vice, Jerry Lewis? " ( Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man ).
After the apocalypse, it's gonna be Sylvester Stallone, Sam Elliot, and all those cockroaches.
His full name is Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone and he is not dead.yet.
I liked a video from The Expendables 2010 - HD - Scene with Sylvester Stallone - Bruce
TIL that sylvester stallone was very upset about an artwork from anselm kiefer he bought for 1,7 million bucks per…
Anyone who prefers the Sylvester Stallone/Rob Schneider Judge Dredd movie over the Karl Urban Judge Dredd movie is super wrong.
I can't believe that 😢 R. I. P. Sylvester Stallone 'ROCKY' I Will miss you so much 😭😭
Sylvester Stallone – was found dead at his Los Angeles home at: Claim: Sylvester Stallone ...
I found out Sylvester Stallone wrote the first draft of the script for Rocky in just 3 days, so I'm determined to write my musical in 3 days
📢4 those asking me.. Stallone lives:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nothing better than a Rocky Balboa marathon - Sylvester Stallone, you my friend are a STUD!
What is happening to the famous of this world. So very sad. RIP Sylvester Stallone
I'd like Sylvester Stallone but Sid Haig is more likely.
I added a video to a playlist Judge Dredd (1995) - Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante
What martial arts expert did Sylvester Stallone want 2 play Phoenix?
Quick! Name a bad Sylvester Stallone movie, that isn't Demolition Man or Judge Dredd!
Dredd is a great film! Judge Dredd is just awesome as a whole! Apart from the film they did with Sylvester Stallone :p
Escape to victory. What a classic Sylvester Stallone movie.
Pelé, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and director John Huston on the set of 'Escape to Victory'
Republicans are sad that Bradley Cooper isn't really Chris Kyle. Nobody tell them that Sylvester Stallone didn't really be…
Confirmed! Sylvester Stallone will be in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2. https…
Now Marquand and Cudlitz are doing Burgess Meredith and Sylvester Stallone, respectively.
A little late but, now watching Escape Plan 😱😱😱 Sylvester Stallone with Arnold Schwarzenegger ?!!
they are real life versions of Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Leary from Demolition Man.
Actors considered for Han Solo: Christopher Walken, Bill Murray, Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, and Burt Reynolds. Who'd have been good?
Exactly. I don't see Gliberman penning similar arguments about Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Kenny Rogers, Wayne Newton...
7/6/16. The Dalai Lama is 81. George W. Bush is 70. Sylvester Stallone is 70. 50 Cent is 41. Kevin Hart is…
Otherwise I'm spending our birthday with Tay Zonday, Kevin Hart, Sylvester Stallone, Della Reese, and the Dalai Lama.
Burgess Meredith's age when "Rocky" appeared: 69. Sylvester Stallone's age: 69 (for 2 more weeks).
Sylvester Stallone's breakout role in Spy Kids 3 is so moving.
I can't believe Sylvester Stallone wasn't nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Spy Kids 3.
His leading ladies! Sylvester Stallone, 69, cosies up to his stunning wife Jennifer Flavin, 47, and daughter ...
Sylvester Stallone out with family in Hollywood. via
Barry Hearn: Tony Bellew pal Sylvester Stallone can feel joy of text: LATE tomorrow night I hope to be l...
Would it make me a bad person if I listed Sylvester Stallone, Gary Payton and James Ellroy as role models?
Happy 85th birthday to great Irwin Winkler!. with Sylvester Stallone & Robert Chartoff at the 49th Academy Awards
This video of Arnold Schwarzenegger consoling Sylvester Stallone will make you redefine FRIENDSHIP!
Lots of male revenge fantasies out there are about finding a woman's killer. Jason Bourne, James Bond, anything from Sylvester Stallone.
Sylvester Stallone to Produce the Netflix TV Series Ultimate Beastmaster, Rumored to Join the Ravagers in Gua...
Francis is yelling at Robbie about who would win against Merriweather, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone or John Cena
Burt Young and Sylvester Stallone on the set of Rocky
Bienvenu en Suisse. By the way, Sylvester Stallone studied Drama at the American College in Leysin (VD), near lake Geneva. :-)
My top 6 actors back in the day:. 1. Van Damme. 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 3. Mark Dacascos. 4. Cynthia Rothrock. 5. Sylvester Stallone. 6. Jet Li
I would have Sam Elliot, Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone co-narrate it
I had a revelation tonight. Maybe Tommy Wiseau learnt to act from watching Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone is very funny and he's a great guy to hang out with.
Just watched interview with Sylvester Stallone and Robin Roberts - fantastic interview! Just love me some Sly, such a lovely, genuine guy!
Casual! Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren catch up over lunch
Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, John Abraham – Who should play John Rambo in the desi remake of Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone's La Quinta compound is still on the market for $4.199 million.
Freida Pinto and Sylvester Stallone at Audemars Piguet grand opening of Rodeo Drive Boutique
Vintage photo of Rick Zumwalt as Bob "Bull" Hurley and Sylvester Stallone as Lin
"Next, Sylvester Stallone takes it outside with Tommy Morrison." Terrible flick but props to for the great tag line.
I hope the man next to me knows he looks like a perfect cross between Sylvester Stallone & Bobby de Niro
Sylvester Stallone and director Ted Kotcheff on the set of First Blood. /Behind the Scenes
Still can't believe Sylvester Stallone was snubbed:
John Abraham's ode to Sylvester Stallone: John Abraham has been a huge Rocky Balboa aka Sylvester Stallone fan...
John Abraham's ode to Sylvester Stallone - Times of India - Times of India: Times of IndiaJohn Abraham's ode t...
And now, here are 48 pictures of Sylvester Stallone punching famous people on red carpets
Thane Boulton w/Sylvester Stallone. A knockout punch in which predicted: Boulton wins again
Tony Burton, who appeared in six Rocky films with Sylvester Stallone, dies at the age of 78.
Never forget that Sylvester Stallone played the villain in Spy Kids 3 and tried to enslave children in cyberspace
Wait, if Peter Quill was abducted in 1988, wouldn't he recognize Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell?
Sylvester Stallone's sprawling La Quinta estate is now on the market for $4.199 million.
Sylvester Stallone didn't win an Oscar for Best Supporting actor but we all know his best performance was in Spy Kids 3D: Game Over.
Oscars 2016: Sylvester Stallone upset by Mark Rylance for best supporting actor via EW…
2016: Sylvester Stallone didn’t win an Oscar, but he does get an Arnold
If u straighten and tone down the nose, Sylvester Stallone can double as Jackie Chan easy.
There is over baked naugahyde Sylvester Stallone and his lovely wife. Peter Sagal said that, not me
Spotlight for Best Picture. Leo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Sylvester Stallone, and Rachel McAdams (far-fetched, but hopeful).
Chuck Norris could still pull it off if he wanted to. So could Sylvester Stallone, and Micheal J Fox.
Brian Dawkins looks like he suffers from Sylvester Stallone disease
Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad & Sylvester Stallone had me so invested in this film with their performances. Wow.
“In the boxing ring of life, it's not how hard you hit, but how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward.” - …
Sooo I saw Sylvester Stallone in person last night 🙂 @ Egyptian Theatre
Keys to the city given out by: . John Tory: 1. Rob Ford: 3 . David Miller: 2. Mel Lastman: 52 (incl Celine Dion, Nickelback +Sylvester Stallone)
Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Pryor, Al Pacino & James Caan were all considered before Eddie Murphy for the role of Axel Foley
'Flashback!' Sylvester Stallone shares vintage behind-the-scenes photos from original Rocky
What is the best movie you have ever seen? - Point break and Rocky. S/O to Sylvester Stallone
Went with my dear friend Renee Taylor to an Oscar party for Sylvester Stallone's movie Creed. I was the...
Siddharth Raj Anand to recreate Sylvester Stallone's 'Rambo' for India: The blockbuster 'Bang Bang!', the offi...
Rambo Reboot with, Hrithik Roshan as Sylvester Stallone? - Catch News: Catch NewsRambo Reboot with, Hrithik Ro...
Lost narrative here, but Sylvester Stallone has tied Helen Hayes for the longest gap between Oscar nominations, with 39 years.
Sylvester Stallone styles and profiles in a checked blazer while out in LA... after revealing it was 'too pain...
Sylvester Stallone styles and profiles in checked blazer out in LA
Meet Black Singles 300x250
As (Sylvester Stallone) is to Hollywood so is Olu Jacobs to nollywood. Senior men
Derek Hatton, Joe Anderson, Andy Burnham, Gary Lineker, Sylvester Stallone and Riddick Bowe, that's whats up
But it seems its a good deck & I gotta thank my friend for helping also in building it. He was Sylvester Stallone & I was Micheal B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson Creed was one of his best performances with Sylvester Stallone reprising the role of Ro…
Sylvester Stallone and John Stamos dead *** look like my uncles. So rocky and uncle Jesse always good in my book.
let's do this for Sylvester Stallone and Cate Blanchet
I just had a dream where Sylvester Stallone was a Tennessee fan and he sang and danced Rocky Top for my family.
R. Scott didn't direct SOC. F, Gary Gray did. Why does Sylvester Stallone get nominated for CREED, but not MBJ?
Sylvester Stallone, who once more stars as Rocky Balboa in the new film Creed, speaks to Lizo Mzimba at the film's European premiere in
There should be a circle of life protecting Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Stewart, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker and Jessica Lange
Despite the fact that real-life Sylvester Stallone is a financier of terrorism, Creed is a decent film.
All over central London the poster for Creed is Sylvester Stallone. Soon as I enter Tottenham it's Micheal B Jordan lol
Sylvester Stallone & Sue Perkins on the Jonathan Ross show tonight... The testosterone will be flowing tonight
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Sylvester Stallone talks to Steve about the new Rocky spin-off Creed.
Bad week for the 69y old. Sylvester Stallone, Stephen Spielberg, Tim Curry, Danny Glover,Tommy Lee Jones, David Lynch are 69. Trump too...
Sylvester Stallone blasted for snubbing black director, co-star of
Sylvester Stallone and his daughters in the Press Room at the 2016
Congrats to Sylvester Stallone on his win for
Sylvester Stallone may have delivered one of the most inspirational speeches of the night. 🙌
Sylvester Stallone wins Best Supporting Actor in a movie for
Sylvester Stallone, making your dad cry.
Wow I can't believe that Sylvester Stallone won for best director for Stayin' Alive!*. *Critically panned sequel to the Saturday Night Fever
Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Kevin Hart this movie should be lit
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