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Syleena Johnson

Syleena Johnson (née Thompson born September 2, 1976, Harvey, Illinois, United States) is an American Grammy Award nominated R&B and soul singer-songwriter and actress.

Musiq Soulchild Nicci Gilbert Angie Stone Keke Wyatt Faith Evans Iyanla Vanzant Kelly Price

I would love too.Timing will be in place and I know we'll get it.Im a fan.x
Ledisi we are nominated at that address limner can you watch and 'c' if we win Ledisi Ledisi Syleena Johnson (Official) Osene Odia-Ighodaro ( its here!!) mia and ledisi productions limner presents 'the Grammys' plz
Look guys the emmy .. the grammys are nominated 4 two emmys .. How will we do? Syleena Johnson (Official) Ledisi Ledisi where we at LEDISI .. I BLAME YOU ..
Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild will be collaborating for new single "9ine"
are you there yet? Lol I love that movie, if you are have a great night I know your gonna be Fantastic, wish I was with you
Me n my bae on the way to Mississippi Delta blues festival to see my idol syleena johnson I'm so excited!
have a great night tonight, I know your gonna mash up deh place cause you do it like that!!! Girl you are the GREATEST!!
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Just 3 MORE DAYS! much anticipated duet reggae album will drop on 9/24! Tell EVERYONE and Support.
Make Sure to Follow and And Get Ready for the 9INE Album to Drop-- 9/24 Get Ready to be AMAZED.
Follow and SUPPORT The Upcoming Album 9INE with Syleena Johnson and Music Soulchild. It wont dissapoint
"Make sure you guys go out and support new album! R&B!"awww thanks boo! & …
Syleena and Sister2Sister Magazine two of my favorites. You can't go wrong.
It was the worst experience for all of them but they created something BEAUTIFUL!!!
He should shut his mouth and promote his new album!
are u attending the show tonight in Greenville Ms?
I really think she needs to have her own show
S/O to the amazingly beautiful and talented be sure to get=> check out our interview w…
I cant wait to Here the NEW project by I know its gonna be Hot Because FEEL THE FIRE i…
Don't miss performing at the Mississippi Delta Blues Fest tonight.
EXCLUSIVE: Get a peek at the Oct. feature on & How'd they become a duo? Find out!
Watch A Boss by Syleena Johnson and more videos on VEVO.
i didn't know Mr Syl Johnson was gonna be there too, Wow this is gonna be good!!
Dis song M YOUR WOMAN by Syleena Johnson does things 2 my soul shu!!!
AND ITS A MIRACLE! “Syleena Johnson 'Stonewall' just came on! Where u at
Amazon just dispatched my copy of can't wait to get my hands on 'The Hunger'!! Everyone support &
Wow whats "So Big"? lol I cant wait to hear this album it sounds like its gonna be a No1 best seller!!! YAY
I hope someone puts the performance On youtube
EXCLUSIVE: & talk about their new album. How'd they become a duo? Find out!
I will follow if he follows me back lol
so I said my line did beat yall up over it so I hope yall clear, stop lymnin ugly in syleena
there .. all I wrote first was I love you syleena.. than im some inside jobbers *** .. so I
SIS!!! You can sing the alphabet and it will be BEAUTIFUL!!! Girl, you can SANG!!! When will you be in Vegas?
im not in greensville but I heard they threaten syleena and lines fought over it somewhere
mad over a fight in Greenville w Christian lines over a threat they made about killin syleena
read the series .. about a fight in Greenville over syleena now they messing w my page here
why are yall on my page now .. ERNESTLY knocking you out limner and outloud ..
Can't wait to see headline tonight in Greenville MS at the Delta Blues Fest with her father Syl also appea…
my lines went to knock somebody out over threaten to hurt syleena Johnson so inside jobbers
one lymer on syleenas page calls me an *** because a fight broke out in Greenville over syleena& my
thank you NORTH KOREA, SOUTH KOREA, and CHINA on a MISSION .. 55 is love ..
"Love the album!! My favs are So Bad, Never Had, The Hunger and Pieces of You! Great work!…
Yes, spell check lol. You two really sound good together! Giving this project a great review on Monday! 😁
got it.. ernest limner Governmental MIA BASSETT OUTLOUD ..
piece be your and I hope all is clear over Greenville Mississippi today .. Got it 55
When do we South Africans get to hear it?
Jamming out cleaning rocking out to MY DUDE Musiq Soulchild!! His new album 9ine with Syleena Johnson comes out on September 24!!
Khanye west ft syleena johnson it all falls down
First Snoop Lion (Dogg) and now Musiq and Syleena Johnson. Chah!!! Oh well, looking forward to that Foreign Exchange album Seyé Koolay Olateju Dan Thompson Wayne Edwards Dominic Samuels
He gotta want to be the CEO, and try to own the company. And won't play games with my heart. Treat me just like a queen...just give it all I got and getting nothing, that's not going to work for me.he can get it, he can get it if he's a boss just like me!! -a boss by Syleena Johnson
O I CAN'T WAIT!!! Musiq Soulchild & one of my favorite female singers Syleena Johnson will be releasing their duet cd next week! IT'S GONNA BE GOOD!!!
My mood is set on Syleena Johnson: Guess What!!!
I don't love you enough to hate but yet I love too much to leave! - Syleena Johnson
I Believe In Love. Syleena Johnson. Old song, my new song!!! I'll be patient. Cause I believe in love. Like a flower waits to bloom in May, I'll be patient.
Come out this Saturday. Syleena Johnson n ( Me) Tre Williams. And a host of great artist. Delta Blues festival.
I just think that Syleena Johnson is gorgeous!
1st Jennifer Hudson told me Chase Alexander was cute now Syleena Johnson liked his pic on IG ALL IN ONE MONTH :P lol He is truly a ladies man :D
Finally got a chance to use my Syleena Johnson line ... This fool was talking real reckless and all of sudden "NI'm mo pulled up than you" flew right outta my mouth!!! Lol
I don't knw wat to do bby I'm so confused *singing* Syleena Johnson
Doing my favorite thing listening to music right now. Playing some of my top favorites today Whitney Houston, Syleena Johnson, Fantasia and Charlie Wilson. This song from an unreleased CD of Charlie Wilson's that I found on Amazon that I got for my twin sister I have re-played this song over and over again I LOVE IT!! I could sit and listen to music ALL DAY LONG!! :)
I'd like to tell y'all how God moves in our favor. Last year I had the honor of opening up for Ms. Syleena Johnson and she was wonderful as a performer n person. I kept grinding in my own humble way and this year she's opening up for me. But that's not man's will that's the almighty power and I thank him and you for your continued love and support.
YALL READY? Make sure you all support this AMAZING album from Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild. 9ine is coming our way VERY VERY SOON! 9/24!
RSVP for Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild 9INE album release party on 9/24 at the Museum Bar in ATL. password: FeelTheFire
Lemar,Anthony Hamilton,Syleena Johnson,Puff Johnson.grt nyt to ya'll
I'm ur woman.. Syleena Johnson my music
Your setback is ur setup for ur comeback (Syleena Johnson)
Syleena Johnson (Official) Ledisi Ledisi this is sweets '4' the sweet .. good morning .. I love you ..
wanna be treated like a king you better wear the crown wanna play the boss (guess what) you got to pay the cost (sho nuff) you wanna wear the pants (guess what) you got to be a man (sho nuff) hangin out with your friends (guess what) then watch what time you come in (sho nuff) dont want to pay the bills (guess what) i know somebody who will (sho nuff) WHAT YALL KNOW ABOUT SYLEENA JOHNSON???
You just gotta love Chris Walker - how do you heal broken heart and then back it up with James Ingram - Always you after opening with Hit on me by Syleena Johnson for The quite storm triple cut on The night life with The Big Zet only on Mafisa fm 93.4.Itjo! Basia- Time and tide and Lionel Richie- penny lover up next!
Syleena Johnson (Official) Ledisi Ledisi .. hey you .. 'post' .. your walls are in me right ..
So last night...FSO...Avant--half did it; Bobby V--did it; Ciara--danced it; Syleena Johnson--sung it; Keke Wyatt--SANG it; Kelly Price--took it back; Angie Stone--could have stayed home; Tamar Braxton--yes ma'am did that; K. Michele--who? No show so irrelevant; Kelly Rowland--def say Ms. Before you mention her name--true performer---she beyond did that
ATLANTA UPDATE! Release party for 9INE with Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild is now on SEPTEMBER 24th at the MUSEUM BAR IN ATL! Email sjfanclubto RSVP
I know I aint out yet but I love you seena Syleena Johnson (Official) Ledisi Ledisi
Derek you have me over here watching that Syleena Johnson read... Lol
Not everybody is excited about Eddie Murphy's musical comeback. A Reggae producer is charging that the famous comedian stole his ideas and sound for the new collaborative album for R&B's Musiq Soulchild and Syleena Johnson. To make matters worse, both albums have the exact tittle! Plus, Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee resigns as new details emerge of him trying to pay ANOTHER transsexual for sex and Rihanna launches new clothing line, get a sneek peak! Get the scoop on all the above now with Tha Wire.
If her favorite artists are Syleena Johnson & Kelly Price then you're in for some bumpy relationship brother.
Little Giant Ladders
9/24 ARE YALL READY? Syleena Johnson (Official) and Musiq Soulchild are bringing that FIRE with their duet reggae album 9ine. I know I cannot wait. Make sure you and everyone that you know pre-orders 9ine TODAY! Spread the Word! Support Great Music.
I am so late but ummm I love how syleena Johnson READ nicki Gilbert lol
check this picture out .. I want it .. Syleena Johnson (Official) Ledisi CHERYL PEPSII RILEY LYMNERS PAGE Ledisi Syleena b. Johnson - lymners page a royal wedding at the Ledisi home de paris .. a must 'C'
Ever thought about doing a song with Beres? It would mash up deh place, in other words ... It would be awesome :) DOPE!!
Musiq Soulchild, Syleena Johnson - Feel The Fire: via im in here after 3:28!!!
wow I love him too, when was this photo taken Syleena?
downloaded the vevo app just for you! Love your music
I thought I was the only one who felt that way lol
not all the time 😔😔😔,, but glad I'm glad you seen this one,, how are you??
out of all her fans u want her to dedicate it to just YOU???
u know u getting old when u gotta wear ur reading glasses out at night. Lol still love u though!
If u wasn't on Syleena Johnson back in the gap.u wasn't listening to nothing at all
say what!? Y'all dropping this album on my birthday. That's love.
im there if im here! The 9 album release party is the 17th.
We are preparing for the amazing duet album by and called "9INE" it drops 9/24!!! http…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm waiting on this Black Panties from & this Chapter 6 from They have that real life music
i miss u! U know im ur baby and u cant not speak to me for a long time! Im calling CPS! Lol
If & ever work together it'll be the death of me! I love them both so f'n much + they're both V…
birthday bash will be at Legacy this Friday!
There's not to many artist out there like, u have a special gift GOD has planted in u just truly blessed…
episode of Fix My Life was powerful. I truly wish her family nothing but joy and love.
I am such a fan your voice, talent and persona,
Your hair looked great. The color, cut, length and natural-looking sheen was on point.
My Heart Is Open ft Brenda Thompson! I love this! If you don't already have it -->>
Ooo this sounds like a Syleena Johnson song. Detail, details (^^, "Last night was beautiful tho, almost broke down in tears"
From one Chicago sister to another, thank you for sharing your story.
That fix my life show with Syleena Johnson was a lil touchy
Syleena Johnson went IN on that song though.
The episode was great and the reruns I saw today . is gifted in saying what needs to be said.
Life is too short! Please fix it! My mother was my world now she is gone! I miss her so much!
I love this song my heart is open already
ur father is a piece of WORRRK HUNNYY.. BUT GOD BLESS HIS SOUL..
I am so inspired and I wish you peace and to let go of the past like I have and tonight about has truly help me
I want u 2kno ur family truth has touched me DEEPLY..! :'(
W/ . So proud of the healing she is doing on tonight!
loved it. The end your mom said the song is beautiful. Sounded heartfelt. I know you felt her love at that moment.
Again, I am glad is healing and I look forward to the music that springs from this blessing!
I love ! When she sings her voice allows us to see the pain that molded her gift. Her pain equals great music.
I want to be whole and healed but as a fan, her pain makes her music soul moving. Is that wrong?
The pain shared on Fix My Life is and has been reflected in her music. Go get 1 of her albums, you will feel it!
Was watching with tonight on and I LOVED it! is amazing transformation!
I'm also happy and proud of you for sharing your experience. Thank you and Blessings Syleena.
I definitely enjoyed your episode on Iyanla's Fix My Life.
I enjoyed this one !! I dont watch it but Syleena Johnson and Her Family Was Very Touching
Here's the link for my WEST COAST FAMILY! "My Heart is Open" by
i love u...u have an Amazing gift..
Watching its la van zany fix my life she reminds me of myself a bit..and we're both…
ur openness and ability to genuinely bare ur heart for the world to see is truly admired. Know someone's…
of course!! My mom wrote lots of stuff folks don't know..sang and arranged too.
Listening to I believe in love bye :D
Why am I just now learning Syleena Johnson is the one singing the hook on All Falls Down 😕 I have been wondering who it was for YEARS !!
.previewed the show for tonite w/. Another groundbreaking . Congrats on premiere new …
Lmfao whatever yo. I mess with her all the time!
Great show last night. It made me like you even more. Loved you on R&B Divas too. You always show kindness.
I cried during the show. So much hurt in families. Thanks to Oprah and Iyanla for this powerful show.
Thank u for allowing us in. Our genders are different but our stories are parallel (cont)
ohh I can't wait till she gets on here and see this,, you gone get in trouble lol and ima be here to see it
cause she had to check her life alert button. Making sure it works in case of emergency.
come on leena leena respond to this lol I can't lose
lol okay I bet she will and if she do you gotta give me 2 dollars lol,, leena respond lol
your story has truly touched my soul. I share your pain and understand. Thank you for helping me!
I feel like is about to heal me and give me so much to write about by helping
I bet she won't! And if she don't.. u gotta give me a dollar.
she won't see it. Lol she probably lost her bifocals.
She's getting older. Her eyes aren't that good anymore. She bouta be 37 on 9/2 girl. Lol I'm playing.
yes ma'am. You all were very courageous and opened the door for many others. Best of luck.
The past does not matter. I choose better now.
I love your ability to free yourself from your pain! Keep up the self improvement!
“Beloveds song is available on ITunes &her mom MsBrenda sings it with her. Lets Big I…
“I'm in. Syleena we should write a song about out Chicago daddy's. ❤”~~ Love this idea!!
Preview: Syleena Johnson and her mom, Brenda, join Iyanla Vanzant on the season premiere of (Video)
We'll be watching and learning from Syleena Johnson and her family on Iyanla Vanzant's Fix my life to see how to...
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrit... — Syleena Johnson Keke Wyatt and Sheryl lee Ralph
Bambi...Coko...Syleena Johnson...Kim Burrell... AND MORE TO COME! You are now rocking with the BEST! Are you hair...
Flashback: Syleena Johnson told Nicci Gilbert: "No you're foul... And so is that bow tie!" That was AFTER she called her Casket Sharp. 😂😂😭
You ladies have a great safe holiday😊❤
Can't get enough of (Feel the Fire is gonna be SUPER HOT!!!
I've looked at this before,, I looked at it over and over lol you can sannng
SYLEENA JOHNSON SONG "My stroke is like TKO, 3 minute round you come so slow..."
Another Relationship is a CLASSIC song!! A song that's never gets old such a true song!!!
That moment when you wanna give someone a read!
Having the time of my life in France...such a blessing 2experience a different part of the world with & team
BE ME - SYLEENA JOHNSON: via I love you ...
baby gurl did your water break on that there stage?? Godline
Listening to I AM YOUR WOMAN by >>>Lord I love her and her voice. I think that she (her cds) will be my riding buddy 2day
you know we know all the answers to you daily lyric question,, I'm a true fan hun I love you 😘❤❤
and u know this! Lol you will FOREVER be the Empress of Soul!
GM Have a great holiday weekend Divas.*
Great music It ministers to the soul. It's like a much needed and highly anticipated hug from your favorite person.
this is my song I listen to every morning of course I know lol Chapter 3 Another Relationship
Name that lyric Edition. Which chapter & song is this verse from.
please support and follow our hair paige and stop by next time you're in LA
Another Relationship. I remember when Steve Harvey was trying to sing it on his radio show lol
I want to play name that toon so I'm going to say the lyrics and you guys name the toon music from the 80s 90s and current! leggo!! On the phone when you was here laughing and joking playing and sulkin. Name that toon?
Can sumbody make me a cd wit all R. Kelly collabs on it?
luv u syleena and don't u never change u keep standing up to big bird bka nicki Gilbert lmbo lmbo
love ur voice..just listened to ch 1,2, &3..getting ready for ch 4.Please bless us with more.
the flesh the song is Anothee Relationship
Another Relationship from Chapter 3 I love that song!!
Syleena Johnson feat. Musiq Soulchild - "Feel the Fire": via "Love it"
the beautiful, the talented, the incomparable Empress of Soul herself... Mrs !
Another Relationship. Thats my song! Dont know the CD tho :(
Hope you are having a BLAST in France.
DAY 3: 'Name That Lyric' Syleena Johnson Edition. Who knows the correct Chapter & song title to this lyric?
Good Morning Syleena, Have a great and Blessed day :)
Sugar&Spice is very happy to announce R&B Soul Divas, Angie Stone & Syleena Johnson Live in concert with full live band in September watch this space for more info!
Be you.Do you.Imma do me an be respected doing me Johnson
If y'all haven't heard Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild's new raggae themed R&B song "Feel the Fire," you're missing out on real music.
Watching the replay of the and you would have thought Kellz was getting the career achievement award with that long medley. He took it back but thats fine with me cuz I love his music.
Please note that if you wish to use an original/master recording of a song, you must also obtain a Master Use License from the owner of the recording (which ...
In France? Come out to check my Uncle Jimmy Johnson out (a blues legend) and my sister Syleena Johnson later this week (R&B Veteran) they are performing at the Cognac Blues Festival!
Syleena Johnson reminds me of my girlsbin high school!
LOS ANGELES (JULY 1, 2013) – Six-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and philanthropist Toni Braxton and Ten-time GRAMMY singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds are recording an album together to be released by Motown Records in the…
Baby am so confused I don't know what to do.By Syleena Johnson Good morning
Syleena Johnson also puts me in mind of Millie Jackson as well, hearing her speak on things and hearing her sing as well.
Happy Anniversary to my Lil Sis Ms Syleena Johnson (Garris) TheNew SJand her husband Kiwane Garris
Awesome track that sounds like Al Green but it isn't.
Random: If anyone should be in a sitcom it is Syleena Johnson. She went in so *** *** Nicki Gilbert at the bday dinner and then on that reunion Show. When she discussed the venue for the charity with LaTocha Scott's husband was classic.
1.Baby I'm so confused by Syleena Johnson..2. As we lay by Kelly Price..3 I shuld hve cheated by Keisha cole 4.Just be a man by Toni Braxton..5..Eyes of ur India Arie...6..Erika Badhu..On and list for tnyt..gudnyt peepz
Syl Johnson (born July 1, 1936) is an American blues and soul singer and record producer. Born Sylvester Thompson in Holly Springs, Mississippi, United States, he migrated with his family to Chicago in 1950; blues guitarist Magic Sam was his next-door neighbor. Johnson sang and played with blues artists Magic Sam, Billy Boy Arnold, Junior Wells and Howlin' Wolf in the 1950s, before recording with Jimmy Reed for Vee-Jay in 1959. He made his solo debut that same year with Federal, a subsidiary of King Records of Cincinnati, backed by Freddie King on guitar. He then began recording for Twinight Records of Chicago in the mid-1960s. Beginning with his first hit, "Come On Sock It to Me" in 1967, Johnson dominated the label as both a hitmaker and producer. His song "Different Strokes", also from 1967, featured on the Ultimate Breaks and Beats breakbeat compilation. Like other black songwriters of the period, several of his records at this time explored themes of African-American identity and social problems in s ...
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LET ME SEE WHO KNOW THEIR MUSIC: Happy birthday to the legendary soul singer, and father of the talented Syleena Jonhson... (Hi Recording Artist) SYL JOHNSON!
Last Night was perfect! Everything was ON-POINT! Last night was so good I have carried it over into TODAY. TY to the man upstairs who makes it all possible in HIS time and not MINE & for ALL HIS LOGICAL REASONING IN DOING SO!!!
How do I live without you when every day that I open my eyes and turn to my side gotta smile deep inside cause the one who was there was you and how do I focus at work every time my cell phone rings or a pager beeps, I'm so nervous so anxious but hoping the caller is you...Hey Rashida Lucas I wrote u a poem boo
Lets play "Name That Lyric" Syleena Johnson Edition: Starting TODAY through FRIDAY I will post a picture with a lyric from one of my 'Chapters'. I want YOU to tell me the correct song title & the 'Chapter' it comes from. Who thinks they know Syleena Johnson lyrics?
HOP TUTORIALis my tutorial to you young cats coming up with that raw, real underground hip hopitis a Bar in Rap? Well bars are simply a form of dividing an emcee's verse into segments. Each segment, or "bar", consists of one line. example Take Nas' "Ether" Verse, Ether is a track on Nas' 2001 album Stillmatic. The song was a response to Jay-Z’s “Takeover” — a diss track which appeared on Jay-Z’s album The Blueprint, during the Jay-Z vs. Nas feudit together, I rock *** y'all ROC-fellas/BAR 1 And now y'all try to take my spot, fellas/BAR 2 Feel these hot rocks fellas/BAR 3 put you in a dry spot fellas/BAR 4 That's 4bars thereNow if you look line "Put it together, I rock *** y'all ROCK-fellas" It Is a play on words of Roc-A-Fella — while Nas is saying he is into women, while JayZ is *** cos he Jay-Z “rocks” guys. Then again there's what we call Name play in that-which is just a play on the name of the person for example in this line "Roc-A-Fella" Now that's what is called Word play. 2. Wo ...
Syleena Johnson is giving me life "so I cut my hair".. ipod is singing my soul... for seven long years I grew my hair for you bc its the only thing you really loved about me... 7 whole years I spent lifting you up for you to bring me down... you dont have control of me...I am not afraid to let you go..I cut my hair to show you.
Oh man wasn't ready for this. Rashelle Goodman we hear you.we miss you too.
People...some of us just realized our sexual/dating/love life has been a R. Kelly soundtrack lol.every song was like a chapter in my life.mostly good memories lmao
The episode of R&B Diva's when they threw a bday party for Keke Wyatt.the Reading that Syleena Johnson did at that table for Nicci Gilbert was *EPIC*
Listen to music by Syleena Johnson on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Oh man the R&b diva Syleena Johnson is football player chad Johnson sister man the Internet is awesome fact finder
RotflEvans' excuse for not showing up to the R&B Divas reunion show. "It's summer and I had to take my kids to visit my family" what kinda wack *** excuse is that!? She couldn't go after the reunion? Or drop them off with fam and meet up with them after? She basically said "I'm not there cuz ain't nobody got time fa dat!" Lmao
The divas of ATL get together in this first ever R&B Divas: ATL Reunion (Part 1)
She says now that she's gone through the drama, she can look back on those situations and see exactly how she should have handled them differently.
baby im so confused... I dontknow what to do *** syleena johnson ***
- I am your woman , so show some Respect & Treat me as SUCH (!!*) -syleena johnson
Baby m so confused by Syleena Johnson. emotional lerycs.
Laying in my bed listening to some old SYLEENA JOHNSON! She's another underrated dope artist.
"The truth is, you're the common denominator, everybody knows that you're a hot *** mess, you're gonna look a mess with those black gums and all, and them knock *** knees, thank you and goodnight!" Yas Syleena Johnson (Official) better nail Nicci Gilbert-Daniels coffin SHUT! LOL R&BDivasTVOne
Syleena Johnson said it best "I'm do what the devil want do, I'm going to leave you alone!
"Imma do something the devil ain't never done 4 you. IMMA LEAVE YOU ALONE!" Syleena Johnson/R&B Divas PRICELESS:-)
Idk how you can say that Syleena Johnson does SING!!! OMG!
Just putting it out there, but I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ. Not gunna lie, huge fan.
OMG- Just now catching up with this wk's episode of R&B Divas! Syleena Johnson is a *** FOOL! LOL, the way she talked to AND about Nikki Gilbert was HILARIOUS!!! This FOOL told her she had BLACK GUMS, KNOCKED KNEES, SHE'S A MAN W/A WIG ON AND that she's a HOT MESS!!! I have watched that part 5x's and it's just as FUNNY as the 1st!!! LMAO
Syleena Johnson and Nikki Gilbert just need to put they sneakers on and have a good ole after school bus stop fight. I know thats gone be a long ole tired fight.
Foss Park Summer Concert, July 13 Foss Park District Press Release June 1, 2013 Coming to North Chicago, IL “FANTASIA” On July 13, 2013 Foss Park District, a community of over 27,000 people and districts around Chicago-land will descend upon Foss Park to celebrate unity and development within the community at the 2nd Annual “Concert in the Park.” You don't want to miss this event featuring, “FANTASIA,” including Special Guests Carl Thomas, K-Jon, J-Moss and the Legend Roy Ayers. The impact of this event on the community cohesion cannot be overstated. Events such as this, will build community pride, attract diverse audiences, and create a unique and comfortable cross-cultural experience. Quality music and inspirational singing speaks universally to all demographics and highlights commonality in our heritages. A portion of the proceeds from the Festival and Concert will be used within the Park District to help it meet the needs of the community. Future Foss Park District development includes: De ...
Joe Clair facilitates a discussion between the cast members about their perspectives on the second season. Syleena brings contracts to prove her point about why Nicci was in the wrong regarding their workout DVD. Nicci brings her lawyer with her…
"Know that God wants you to get something out of the experience. God wants you to learn something about yourself, change something about yourself. The best advice I have is to look inward. You can’t change others but you can change you. When someone is constantly picking at you, they’re hurting inside and want you to feel their pain. The best you can do is turning the other cheek. That’s not saying let someone spit on you. Defend yourself but strategically." ~ SYLEENA JOHNSON
Iyanla: Fix My Life returns Saturday, July 27, at 9/8c with an all-new season of breakthroughs. Watch the emotional preview today. For more Iyanla: Fix My Li...
Don't forget to LIKE Sean Black and Syleena Johnson (Official) and Fatimah Taliah PAGES! My clients and family!
"u mad cause I'm more pulled up than you...!" ~Syleena Johnson, Diva
Syleena,... I feel the fire in my soul! U go girl! U r an inspiration to women. Hang in there and keep on makin this groovin music.
Everyone is asleep but again its another night of not sleeping. I keep watching Halloween over and over..Micheal Myers is something else; duct taped his mama's boyfriend to a chair and slit his throat..well about to listen to syleena johnson and Keke Wyatt with avant.
From a singers point of view, I would have to say that Keke and Faith are the best vocalist on R&B Divas, hands down!
I love Syleena Johnson lol that mouth
Nicci Gilbert needs to go don't cancel the show
Oh my stars, about to watch R&B Divas Reunion. I hope Miss Angie Stone brings her anointing oil cuz they ALL need JESUS!!! I just watched last weeks episode and Syleena Johnson went IN on Nicci Gilbert. She read her from head to toe. lol
"You're casket sharp but you're foul!"~Syleena Johnson, 2013.
I'm done with syleena Johnson she told nicci she was casket sharp.
I CRIED when Syleena Johnson told Nicci she was casket sharp! You couldn't pay me to wear Curvato, it's just ugly.
Did Syleena Johnson call Nicci Gilbert foul and then tell her she is casket sharp. :0
Syleena Johnson told Nicci she was Casket Sharp. I'm done for the night!!!
Did y'all catch that read at the end - Syleena said "ya Casket Sharp" towards Nicci ... I LIVE!
Syleena Johnson (Official), my Virgo big sis better show off them amazing vocal abilities.
In the words of Richard Pryor...Syleena Johnson sing that song you bish!
It also shows she never trusted Syleena Johnson (Official) you should have worried about your part of the deal I'm sure he can fight his own battles bs to the max
What would be s good song to do with my CROWN?
Ummm did she just say nobody knew who SYLEENA JOHNSON was?! Ummm excuse me ma'am I knew who SYLEENA was before I knew who u were(Nicci Gilbert) . I thought she was off different world or sumn.
Uh-uh. Nicci is an effin liar! I bet $100 people knew who Syleena Johnson was before Nicci. Nicci got this show because of her good friend Faith and that's it. You see who's not on the show!
I love syleena Johnson, I find her to be a beautiful woman... but tonight, I'm not feeling that hair makeup n dress
Nicci need to shut up what she did to Syleena Johnson (Official) was worng!
They need take Nicci Gilbert off the show. She works my nerves
No sports on TV. So wiffy done hit me with the old man status "Baby we tired". I said "WE TIRED" I'm like I got to go to bed cause you want to. Nothing is on TV so we are watching this R&B Divas Atlanta. First time watching, I thought this was gone be a more classy type show but they are nothing more than some dried up prunes version of Hip Hop Atlanta. But I do like Syleena Johnson, she cut the Brownstone chick up like I do a MF. I also love her song "No Words".
Everybody in the soul music world has been talking about last year's hit TV One show, R&B Divas, featuring Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Monifah Carter, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt. Well, the girls are back for a second season with new cast members Angie Stone and LaTocha Scott, and the show promis...
GUESS WHAT?? w/ & BlogTalk Internet radio this Thursday @ 7:30pm we will be interviewing celebrity stylist Zoe Dupree & R&B Divas Atlanta co-star Angie Stone! ALSO, we will be giving away 2 PAIR of concert tickets to Syleena Johnson shows in D.C. 6/22 & NYC 6/23 to any recent graduates of college or high school. CONGRATULATIONS! Disclaimer: Winners MUST live in respective cities. Listen LIVE @ (914) 803-4556.
I hope Syleena Johnson gets hold to some great music! Y'all are sleeping on her! As well as Keke Wyatt and Blu Cantrell!!! And let's not forget Deborah Cox, Lil' Mo, Chante' Moore, and many other "real" vocalist!
Throwback Thursday taking it back in time with Syleena Johnson. Here are some things you may not know about Syleena: *Her mom was America's first black female police commissioner. *Her half brother is NFL player Chad Ochocinco. *An abusive relationship gave her material for her album Chapter 1: Love, Pain & Forgiveness. *44 hours of labor to have her first son gave her a title for her album Chapter 4: Labor Pains. *She's currently on the reality TV show R&B Divas. Enjoy...
I luv Faith Evans,Monifah Carter,Syleena Johnson & LaTocha Scott.I grew up listening to their music when I was a kid.
I swear, its the little things .. jaden, Isabella, Abraham, miamin, miasol
hey I was wondering what did I need to do or pay to have at my colon cancer race this year.. Please hit me back!!
Betty Wright, Syleena Johnson, Yolanda Adams and Mary Mary doing me right today. I need a spirit lift.
Got to have "Feel The Fire" oh, my goodness...I just had to put myself out.
Love ur music. this is a song I wrote and performed with my homegurl performed
All caught up on is on point about Nicci She checks her everytime. Nicci is a bully& fooling those women
My FAVE Syleena Johnson songs HAVE to be 'Slowly' and 'No Words'😩🙌
You have to give credit. She's gotten back to the top after people wrote her off. That's the power of having drive.
CONGRATS TO & for the most played single on this week! Only out for 3 days!
Well syleena Johnson don't get along with her mama or daddy they both made a fool out of her on tv
Syleena Johnson went ghost after this track came out en-GB:
via im on an automatic mix w syleena Johnson that's impressive, the not so underrated
YouTube Mix (playlist): thanks ledisi for reverb, I love you but up front is not out 4 now
Stuck in a relationship and wanting to be with another woman he truly loves Sean Black decided to write about it and sing the Cover Response to "Girls Loves ...
en-GB: via I love u all, I am ur woman by syleena
I love u first for 'REIGN im in u right over it thank u queen of all queens .. royal lines
How many Syleena Johnson songs do YOU know? Don't worry, i'll wait..
& Musiq Soulchild 'Feel the Fire' in new song
Congrats on everything you deserve it all.
Syleena Johnson has that stank on her voice that makes you feel what she's singing. I like it
Look at what I got today I'm so happy
What in the shot is up with Syleena Johnson's hair... this mullet. Wow.
COME ON with the big moves. is letting them have it!
Honestly, I had to get use to the Harry Belafonte twang, Aye-Eh, Aye-O. But I like it now.
The is on & popping with sister of Tune in to the Scoop on and...
will be hosting for at the on June 23rd! Come out!!
Syleena Johnson broke the news of a pending duet album with fellow Grammy-nominated singer Musiq Soulchild in January; both artists have been using social media to announce their collaboration.
Soul veterans Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild get sensual...
this young lady i believe is the best AMERICAN IDOL hands dwn.she can sang :) *** she was neck 2 neck wit Jennifer Hudson lastnite hittn them notes
'Boss' beauty Syleena Johnson broke the news of a pending…
In less than two weeks, Tyler Perry’s new scripted series “The Haves and Have Nots” and “Love Thy Neighbor” will premiere on OWN! In honor of the producer’s accomplishment, OWN hosted a preview party in “Hotlanta”. In the chic Grant … Continue reading →
Syleena Johnson and Musiq did this...Im feeling it...can't wait for this album!
Syleena Johnson enlists Musiq for the reggae influenced 'Feel the Fire'. The song serves as the official single from their upcoming album, '9INE'. The song stemmed from a chance encounter during a ...
Syleena Johnson & Musiq Souldchild have dropped the first song off their duet album! Check it out on Real Music Lives On.
Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild are working on an album together! *happy dance* "Feel The Fire," is the first single from their forthcoming collaborative album and get this, it has a reggae-soul vibe. Big tings agwan! The nine-track album entitled '9INE' was created in nine days and is tentatively scheduled to be released July 9th.
Nicci Gilbert really has a personal with Syleena Johnson and Syleecia. She's determined to have drama.
Co-star of TV One's R&B Divas, Syleena Johnson and Grammy nominated recording artist Musiq Soulchild have released their first single, Feel the Fire from their reggae/soul inspired duets album, 9INE.
Syleena Johnson and her Mother...can you find the one that is actually her mother. I had to determine it by who the two sisters were leaning on
Bonus track on the Japanese release of CHAPTER V: UNDERRATED...Enjoy. CHAPTER V: UNDERRATED in stores/online at Best Buy, Walmart, FYE, iTunes, & Amazon.
After a groundbreaking unique release of her fifth album “Chapter V: Underrated” in September 2011, Grammy-nominated R&B sensation Syleena Johnson is set to release her “Acoustic Soul Sessions” digital LIVE mini-CD on Shanachie Entertainment. This project will be released September 25, 2012. The...
Beat produced by Kanye West. Beat used in the song 'Down and Out' by Cam'ron featuring Kanye West and Syleena Johnson, off the album 'Purple Haze' Commonly u...
Syleena Johnson admitted that she’s no fan of her “R&B Divas: Atlanta” co-star Nicci Gilbert, but she explained that’s not the reason why she hosted her own season 2 premiere party and didn’t a...
If you have ever watched a talk show, someone is blaming good ol' Mom for their problems or celebrating mom for their accomplishments. On...
I been having dreams about my two favorite singers and all week! Living a fantasy life lmao
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