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Sydney Leroux

Sydney Rae Leroux (born 7 May 1990 in Surrey, British Columbia) is a Canadian-American female association football player.

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I have a Yedlin jersey, but now I want a Sydney Leroux one😐
Sydney Leroux can get a 2nd child real quick here
Even my girl Sydney Leroux is a PSU fan today
Sydney Leroux's cooking videos make my life
"It always hurts before it gets better." Sydney Leroux
Just met Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer but nbd
trying to have the Sydney Leroux lifestyle in a few years
interesting that Sydney Leroux isn't mentioned here or in your top 50 players...
I resolve to watch Sydney Leroux Dwyer return to the soccer pitches of the world. Get your lovely bod in shape!
Sydney Leroux's baby might be the cutest baby I've ever seen in my life
“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.” -Sydney Leroux, .
I dream to have a relationship like Sydney Leroux and Don Dwyer
Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux are a striking partnership | MLS Insider
Sydney Leroux is such a beast on the field and is still an underrated player hmmm
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer buying their new baby a drivable mini Tesla for Christmas ☠ goals
Ugh. I told myself years ago not to really care about famous people's lives, but Sydney Leroux's baby is amazing. He's so cute oh my god.
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The United States' power soccer couple of and welcomed their son to the world:
"I worked on my weaknesses and made them my strengths." —Sydney Leroux
If that were Sydney Leroux, this would've been perfect on soo many levels. :)
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer are so perfect 😩😍⚽️
via when Mike McCoy knows this is coming
The fact that Sydney Leroux made Abby Wambach her son's godmother is so cute 😩🙌🏼
This baby has a lot of good soccer genes. Congrats, Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer.
Pleased to welcome new right back Cassius Cruz Dwyer to the world!
How was your weekend? Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer's weekend was probably better.
Soccer power couple and welcome new son Cassius Cruz:
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer are marriage goals 😍🙌🏼
God I love Sydney Leroux why does Dom Dwyer have to exist
I just want a relationship like Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer's
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer are absolute relationship goals
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer are literal goals 😍
After England loses in EURO 2016, Sydney Leroux gives Dom Dwyer a new look |
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer are my favorite couple of all time hands down
Just watched Swope Park Rangers' game with Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux!
Raffle Tonight at Eagles & Independence game! 7pm at Charlotte Christian School. Chance to win Sydney Leroux jersey!
What about Sydney Leroux? Also John Brooks probably could eventually play for Germany. He decided when he was little
Fun time with Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux and USWNT stars | Off Topic with Rachel Bonnetta
her, sydney leroux, or Julie Johnston 🤔😍 give me one and I'll be a happy man.
Mallory Pugh playing like Sydney LeRoux used to, while wearing 2.A lot of rhymes right there if you flow it right.
🍞🍞🍞 I'm sad you're leaving me, Hillary. But I will always love you, you athien . I will never stop tagging you in Sydney leroux posts💜
I wish sydney leroux was playing today how fun would that be
Ugh sydney leroux and Dom Dwyer are just all sorts of goals
what are you Sydney LeRoux? Lol it's okay to root for Canada if you're actually Canadian. You've got a good side
US citizen, but Canadian resident. Rooting for Canada today. Reverse Sydney Leroux manoeuvre.
I'm ashamed that Sydney LeRoux is pageant and still as her abs
sydney leroux and Alex Morgan are goals. GET IT
Sydney leroux was in Venice the day after I leave Venice 😫😫😫
Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan hung out with Ed Sheeran on 'GMA' -
Nora is confounded as to why Sydney Leroux, currently pregnant, is unlikely to play in the Olympics. "Why can't her husband watch the baby?"
they said that we were disrespectful. Or what about that time when Sydney leroux scored & the Canadian fans used racial slurs
She's like a Sydney Leroux/Alex Morgan mashup but with better control than both. HOW.
Just realized that Mallory Pugh is wearing Sydney Leroux's number...
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer bring me so much joy
Sydney Leroux Go see the incredible true story of this weekend!…
Sydney Leroux is literally pregnant and her stomach still looks better than mine
watching this game and I'm highkey missing Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe
USWNT star Sydney Leroux will miss the Olympic Games after revealing she is pregnant.
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer are so cute😭😭😭
Staying up this late watching videos of Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer they are so perfect 😩😍
Why are Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer so perfect😫😍
Sydney Leroux scores in a rain-soaked pick up game in the Maldives on honeymoon (Video)
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I feel so lucky to have met sooo many of my idols in my life. Liz Brenner, Jim Moore, Dave Shoji, Dom Dwyer AND Sydney Leroux.🙏🏼🙏🏼 blessed.
Sydney Leroux thinks there's a beach in London
still have Sydney leroux and Alex Morgan 😏
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer will forever be my favorite couple/ relationship goals❤❤❤
"To the ones who still believe in dreams: Chase them. Chase them until you're out of breath. Then, keep running.". ~Sydney Leroux
The pain means you'll be stronger Leroux
Morning motivation: The pain means you'll be stronger tomorrow. - Sydney Leroux
Women's World Cup 2015 D3 ]Sydney Leroux and Laura Alleway challenge for the ball
When you sneak into Sydney Leroux and Ali Krieger's pictures. 😊😊
I'm just expressing again the fact of how blown I am that Sydney Leroux got married 😂 y'all are too quick btw
the world has come to an end, Sydney Leroux Is now married
Can't wait for Sydney Leroux to get a divorce so I can hop on the rebound
Sydney Leroux's wedding dress is so pretty 😭😍
dammit, Sydney Leroux is getting married today.
With the USMNT loss, U23 loss, and Sydney Leroux being off the market, yesterday was an awful day for American male soccer fans.
no matter how bad my day gets I can always remember that Brett Lawrie was engaged to Sydney Leroux, before she left him
Sydney leroux Dwyer got married today & I'm crying by all the beauty in this picture 😭⚽️❤️
I mean, he hasn't played for England AND he's now married to Sydney Leroux...I hope he's trying to play for the US
Omg Dom Dwyer AND Sydney Leroux are sitting at the table next to us at Johnnys 😍😍😍 goals
They need to call up Sydney LeRoux, Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach and Hope Solo cus these *** are cheeks.
Real talk how do I become Sydney leroux's dog??!¿?
Dom Dwyer married Sydney Leroux today, making him citizenship eligible
Sydney leroux's wedding pictures make my heart happy
Congrats to and on their happily ever after!
Yo Ashlyn Harris looked so hot to Sydney Leroux's wedding in that suit oh my gawd 😩😍🔥
Sydney Leroux wants to play in another World Cup, but first, she wants to have kids.
A big day for US U.S. Soccer. Congrats to Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer!
Can we sub in Sydney Leroux for Altidore?
Every soccer girl's dream: to marry a soccer player and have all your teammates at the wedding
Rumor : It’s only a matter of time before USWNTers Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux and Ashlyn Harris j...
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I caught up with US Women's Soccer Team World Cup Champion,Sydney Leroux for my 1st article. Check it out
Relationship goals like Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux please. Could be us but my man doesn't play soccer.
If women were in Ultimate Team then Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux would have a perfect pink link 😊😍
I want a relationship like Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux
Dom Dwyer hopes to follow wife Sydney Leroux and have U.S. success
Orlando City expected to be next NWSL franchise. Conveniently Alex Morgan's husband plays in this city and Sydney Leroux's husband wants to.
aye fam can you hook me up with Sydney Leroux?
When I grow up I just want to look like Julie Johnston/Alex Morgan/Sydney Leroux
Please dear sweet lord of hosts, let Amy Rodriguez or Sydney Leroux start next to Alex Morgan tonight.
Alex Morgan for sure and then either Sydney Leroux or Amy Rodriguez.
Hot photos of Team USA soccer star Sydney Leroux in action at the 2015 World Cup via
Christen Press is bae. And so is Sydney Leroux 😍🇺🇸
Sydney Leroux used her speed to set up that goal and put USA up 2-1 over Australia.
.answers some hard hitting questions & figures oot what Canadians mean by “double double”
5 days to go and FIFA is still making the women play on artificial turf for the World Cup!Smh (Sydney Leroux's legs)
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Sydney leroux and I should make little light skins
Celia Sasic and Sydney Leroux are the only people i'm cheering for during the World Cup.
Can't wait for today's games! ⚽️. The time for Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, Abby Wambach, Heather…
Soccer videos of Tobin Heath and Sydney leroux>
Here's the vid: I feel sorry for her mother, but when will she tell Sydney to own up to her actions?
Since my girl Alex Morgan is no longer on the market, I need a new USWNT bae. So I'm all ready to move on to Sydney Leroux...
The Canadian gal Sydney Leroux on USA is going to get booed. lol
bc I'm going to Canada to see Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, & Hope Solo.
I hope Sydney leroux plays tomorrow. Been waiting like 6 years to watch her play in a full team World Cup 😍
Sydney Leroux. She's married to Dom Dwyer. He plays for my home team!
Do they sell sydney leroux jerseys at any stores here because I need one asap
I'm trying to see Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, and Hope Solo tomorrow 😍
Stoked for US women's soccer first World Cup game tomorrow! Mainly because of Sydney leroux 😍😍 she's a beast
Best cover I've seen in a while, this one features great more at
Women's World Cup USWNT 2015 facts: ...the speedy Sydney Leroux, who recently was married to Sport...
yeah, Sydney leroux was actually why I was asking lol
were born in the USA.. sydney leroux from the USWNT was born in canada and lived there but her dad was born in the USA so she
No matter Canada's reaction,Leroux primed for the World Cup (
Looking ahead to the US opener, Sydney Leroux is ready no matter what the reaction from Canadians:
I don't want to see a preview on a story about Sydney Leroux. I feel like she's a traitor
Sydney Leroux could be the smash media hit of the Women's World Cup. A Canadian who opted to play for USA. Attractive, feisty and proud.
Stoke lit Cahill up for 5 in an FA Cup Semi. Cahill is massively overrated. Sydney Leroux would eat him for lunch.
"I can say pretty positively that not one player going into this would rather play on turf than grass.". -Sydney Leroux .
Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are cool but is my favorite soccer player
Partial to number dos. She is impressive on many levels. So many goals loving the womens World Cup so far.
True. Forward Sydney Leroux is gorgeous, but she also one immensely talented player. GO TEAM USA!
A new render of Sydney Leroux was added to the website - View it here:
I will say I liked the way they played when LeRoux was up top while Morgan was hurt. Sydney is too good
Sydney Leroux is definitely up an coming but how can you easily replace this girl?
Another reason why is terrible: they're making the women play on artificial turf during the
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Anyone who wants to buy me a Sydney Leroux jersey is very welcome to do it 😇🙏🏼
is Sydney leroux not on the team this year?
Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux are my life
nah bruh, it's all about that Sydney Leroux!
Leroux prepared for stormy World Cup reception in Canada: Sydney Leroux, the Canadian-born striker on the U.S.
Prob watch the Women's World Cup just cause I have a crush on Sydney Leroux. And I'm a patriot.
Julie Johnston and Sydney Leroux both played for Sereno
oh god yes. Julie Johnston and Kelley O'Hara (dibs), Christen Press and Sydney Leroux... just not name a few
So should I get an Alex Morgan or Sydney Leroux or Tobin Heath jersey? ⚽⚽⚽
For the first time ever, you'll be able to play as Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux in FIFA 16.
Can't believe FIFA 16 with have the women's national teams. Can't wait to play with Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux all night
Love the look of determination on Sydney Leroux's face in this photo:
For all my soccer fan friends. A little photo with Sydney Leroux. @ Kansas…
Sydney Leroux just got a shoutout on the TV broadcast playing at KC. I'd say that's a win for the USWNT.
Figured out why was so pissy while in KC...his fiancee Sydney Leroux broke up with him for Dom Dwyer of SportingKC.
Just saw Sydney Leroux at the Royals game 😍😍😍
Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are here at the Royals game.
I almost went to the game tonight. Of course Sydney Leroux is there :(. My luck
Sydney Leroux got my TL thirsty.and I ain't even mad. She bad.
Sydney Leroux lives in KC, is a self-proclaimed Royals fan, and cut off an engagement with She's the hero that the USWNT needs.
Then I googled "Sydney Leroux." Then this happened. Then...something else happened. Now my pants are off.
Sydney Leroux was once engaged to Brett Lawrie. Then she figured out how much he *** and married a SKC player. Upgrade.
Sydney Leroux and Alexandra Morgan are hot. That's all.
Sydney Leroux being interviewed during the Royals broadcast. This is weird. And cool.
On the board! Sydney Leroux keeps her composure to open the scoring for against Mexico.
Sydney Leroux races clear and scores her second goal to give a 4-1 lead over Mexico.
Omg I just seen the sexiest girl in my life at the gym that looked just like Sydney leroux 😍
New BLOG: a sneak peak at our interview w/ current hero — http:…
Video: lucero13mjdk: Sydney Leroux and Abby Wambach led the way as the U.S. Women’s National Team defeated...
Sydney Leroux, Abby Wambach lead U.S. to convincing win over Mexico
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Sydney Leroux, Abby Wambach score twice to lead USWNT over Mexico
Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux are bad af
When your gf asks you what you think of Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux
So excited for the Women's World Cup! Can't stop watching videos of Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, Christen Press, Hope Solo, and Sydney Leroux!
too ready for FIFA Women's World Cup and to watch the USA (Abby Wambach/Alex Morgan/my spirit animal Sydney Leroux) dominate as usual
Check out Self's video with Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger, Sydney Leroux and Crystal Dunn.
Ashlyn Harris, Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux before the match today. ✊ (PC: Tony Avela)
I talked to Sydney Leroux, Tobin Heath, and Alex Morgan about the new USWNT World Cup kits.
Three USA subs: Lori Chalupny for Klingenberg, Tobin Heath for Press and Sydney Leroux for Rodriguez. 57th minute.
Not even because I love Sydney Leroux so much but no way Amy Rodriguez should start over Sydney at the World Cup
Sydney Leroux subs on for Amy Rodriguez, Lori Chalupny on for Meghan Klingenberg in the 57th minute.
Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan: Peas in an Exacting Pod . blessed with two extraordinarily talented strikers htt…
you get Dom Dwyer I get Sydney Leroux. Everyone's happy.
Servando Carrasco & Alex Morgan in front of us and Dom Dwyer & Sydney Leroux behind us leaving Swope Park today 💯
Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer were secretly married in January
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“. Dom Dwyer & star Sydney Leroux tie the knot: 2 beautiful people
Sydney Leroux & Sporting KC's Dom Dwyer are now married. “You marry him.
Sydney Leroux, Dom Dwyer had a clever reason to wait until Valentine's Day to announce they're ...
USWNT forward Sydney Leroux and Sporting KC's Dom Dwyer secretly got married
Sporting KC's Dom Dwyer ties the knot with US women's national team star Sydney Leroux
Why can't Sydney Leroux or Skylar Diggins just be single and date ya boy?
I wanna see USA play with Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, Hope Solo, Christie Rampone, Carli Llyod, and Abby Wambach
With Servando Carrasco & Dom Dwyer at SKC, will Alex Morgan-Carrasco & Sydney Leroux join them with FC Kansas City in the NWSL??
Love how supportive Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux are of each other on insta 😻
And Sam Mewis, Lauren Holiday & Sydney Leroux will be with the full team at the Jan. training camp:
Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, and Sydney Leroux are my favorite people.
Forwards that Jill called up: Sydney Leroux, Alex Morgan ( Carrasco ), Christen Press, Amy Rodriguez, and Abby Wambach.
See who the USA, Canada and Mexico are grouped with in tomorrow’s live coverage of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup draw on FOX Sports 1 at 12:05pm ET! Coverage also includes the announcement of the 2014 US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year, featuring NWSL stars Lauren Holiday, Sydney Leroux, Carli Lloyd, Christen Press and Abby Wambach as nominees! Pots for the draw are below. Who would you like to see in a group? Pot 1 (Seeded Teams): Canada (host), Brazil, France, Germany, Japan and USA Pot 2 (CAF/CONCACAF/OCEANIA): Cameroon, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Mexico, New Zealand and Nigeria Pot 3 (AFC/CONMEBOL): Australia, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Korea Republic and Thailand Pot 4 (UEFA): England, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland
Sydney Leroux & Ashlyn Harris during the Costa Rica match. (PC:isiPhotos)
Ali Krieger, Sydney Leroux & Ashlyn Harris after the Costa Rica match. [10.24.14] (PC: K.K)
My boy just saw Sydney Leroux at the Christiana mall. Im sick
I'd suck Sydney Leroux titties like Maggie Simpson *** on her pacifier
hmu when Sydney Leroux's or Megan Rapinoe's pics get leaked, doe
Christine Sinclair playing on with a broken nose begs to differ. Sydney Leroux's legs after playing on turf beg to differ.
Seattle Reign's Hope Solo, Sydney Leroux try hand at acting in 'Ferris Bueller ...
The with a roster that includes Hope Solo, Megan Rapinoe, & Sydney Leroux, are undefeated through 16 ga…
I just really need to go to a USA game with Sydney Leroux, Heather O'Reilly, Alex Morgan, and Tobin Heath. My favs from USWNT. 🇺🇸⚽️
Sydney Leroux comes off, Heather O’Reilly comes on. HAO will move to right flank, Christen Press on the left, Alex Morgan center.
Final: USWNT 1 - Canada 1. . Goal from Sydney Leroux. Good fight back ladies!
I'd choose Sydney Leroux over Alex Morgan any day! ❤️
Will sydney leroux gone dropp collin for meh or nah ?!
Sydney Leroux just pushed me all the way with Nike+ Training Club ooh er
UCLA midfielders Sarah Killion and Sam Mewis, along with alumna Sydney Leroux, have been named to the U.S. Women's National Team roster for the 2014 Algarve Cup in Portugal. This is Killion's first call-up to the full national team. Mewis earned her first earlier last month. The Bruin duo join Virginia's Morgan Brian as the only three collegians on the squad. Killion is a two-time first-team NSCAA All-Pacific Region honoree and led UCLA and the Pac-12 with 12 assists in 2013. Mewis is a three-time All-Pac-12 selection and scored 21 points off 6 goals and 9 assists during UCLA’s NCAA championship season in 2013. The tournament will run from Mar. 5-12, with the U.S. team departing for Europe on Feb. 25. The majority of the games will be played at small venues across the Algarve region on the southern coast of Portugal, with several matches (including the championship game) at the 30,000-seat Algarve Stadium. The placement matches will take place on Mar. 12. Fans will be able to follow the U.S. matches on ...
U.S. soccer player Sydney Leroux says fired her up
Strengthen your entire body with Sydney Leroux's 15-minute NTC Gym Sculpt workout.
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Leroux answers Morgan's bikini pics with dandies of her own: First, last week we found out Morgan is in the la...
Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux are my role models for lifee, their seriously amazing 💪⚽
Me and jclas are the only ones who would choose sydney leroux over Alex Morgan
Kayla doesn't know who Sydney Leroux is and she plays soccer...u good?
Sydney Leroux is the most perfect human being
I want Sydney Leroux to punch me in the face so I can thank her
Alex Morgan and sydney leroux are perfect I don't care what anyone says
The only thing I truly want in life is to be Sydney Leroux.
If I could be Alex Morgan or Sydney Leroux I would in a heart beat
I show my dad a picture of Sydney Leroux and he goes, "Look she's running hills. You should being doing that." 😐😶
LMAOO I love trolling sydney leroux! I despise her!
Sydney Leroux can be a fully clothes just because she is so gorgeous
If you don't love Sydney Leroux. You're lying 👌
Two words fellas. Sydney Leroux USA soccer team!!
Photo 13 of the 'Sydney Leroux's Sexy Instagram Photos' photo gallery. More celebrity photos at
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Idk who I love more Sydney leroux or Alex Morgan...
everyone talks about Alex Morgan, but let's not forget about Sydney LeRoux and Ali Krieger. they are both just as bad😍
Do you find it attractive when girls have abs or nah? — I mean look at Sydney Leroux or Alex Morgan
Waiting on the day I wake up and I'm Sydney Leroux
favorite female sport to watch? — soccer.. shout out to Sydney Leroux
If you ever need fitness motivation just take one look at Sydney Leroux enough said.
"Sydney Leroux during warm ups before USA vs. Russia on 2/8/14.
Sydney LeRoux > Alex Morgan and it's not even close tbh.
Alex Morgan ain't the only chick on the U.S. National Soccer Team with a super hot body ... and Sydney Leroux is making sure Sports Illustrated knows it!!…
Sydney Leroux Takes Some Bikini Photos after being passed up for SI Swimsuit Issue
Team USA Soccer star Sydney Leroux did not make it into the Spor ...
Yardbarker Soccer Sydney Leroux dominates a bikini like no soccer star before her
U.S. soccer star Sydney Leroux is on vacation….AGAIN…and she posted bikini pics…AGAIN. She’s living quite the life.
One of my dreams is to meet Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, or Sydney Leroux 😍⚽️
Sydney Leroux, Abby Wambach and Megan Rapinoe from the USA vs. Canada game here in Dallas! These three…
Temryss Lane Pays homage to new USWNT star Sydney Leroux.
DEAL of the DAY: Sydney Leroux soccer ball for $64. Limited to 10.
Qualifying hots up in Europe, USA march on. USA in goalscoring mood. Abby Wambach's thirst for goals shows no sign of drying up, as she demonstrated once again in the first of two friendlies USA played against Russia. In Boca Raton the 33-year-old’s 67th minute strike was her side’s last in a 7-0 rout, taking her total tally for the Stars and Stripes to 164. Carli Lloyd and Christen Press each notched a brace, with Heather O’Reilly and Sydney Leroux also getting their names on the scoresheet to help USA extend their impressive run of results. “It was a bit difficult for Russia, coming from the cold weather to this kind of heat and humidity,” said USA coach Tom Sermanni after the match. “But I think the way we played made it very difficult for them to defend the whole 90 minutes. Our ball movement, our support and the way we approached the game was very good.” The second match between the sides on 13 February in Atlanta ended in an 8-0 victory for the hosts, and Wambach tallied her 165th care ...
Luxury lash lounge just did Sydney leroux 'a eye lash extensions. She's plays for the us soccer team and signed to nike!
--- Enjoy this short video as Sydney Leroux of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team previews the upcoming game against ...
Giancarlo Navas/Staff Writer Heart, emotion and adventure capture the essence of sports. It’s the very thing that makes up the human condition. Athletes always speak of what sports gave to them, but little do they think of what they gave to sports. Sydney Leroux of the US Women’s National Soccer tea...
Dear Sydney Leroux could you be my valentine
So usa wins 8-0 over Russia. Even got to see Sydney Leroux play for 15 minutes. She's a *** babe
Strong line up Amy Rodriguez instead of Sydney Leroux interesting.
The weather for this week looks like it's going to ruin my date for Wednesday with Sydney Leroux and the rest of the US Women's soccer team. I will find away to make it to the Georgia Dome.. Trust me.
Sydney Leroux scores the game-winning goal for the U.S. Women's National Team in their 1-0 win against Canada in Frisco, Texas. More info:
FRISCO, Texas (AP) - U.S. forward Sydney Leroux has made it a habit of scoring against Canada.
Watch this interview with alumni and US National team player, Sydney Leroux. Shout out to Sereno in the 28th second!
We had the chance to sit down with some of the players yesterday as they gear up for their game Friday against Canada here in Frisco, Texas. Here is our sit down with forward Sydney Leroux.
The US Women’s National Team has announced the 24-player roster for the squad’s first three matches of the 2014 schedule. Four Reign FC players have been named to the roster including goalkeeper Hope Solo, forward Megan Rapinoe, forward Sydney Leroux, and defender Stephanie Cox. The USWNT will play its first match of the year on Jan. 31 against Canada before playing back-to-back games against Russia on Feb. 8 and Feb. 12. USWNT head coach Tom Sermanni will select 18 players to suit up for each of the matches. Hope finished the team’s 2013 schedule with seven starts and eight total appearances with a 6-0-1 record. She held her goals against average to a mere 0.50 and now has 142 caps along with 67 shutouts for her National Team career. Pinoe made seven starts for the USWNT in 2013, posting four goals with three assists for a total of 11 points. Syd continues to be one of the top scorers for the USWNT. The forward led the squad in appearances in 2013 with 15, making nine starts, and scoring 10 goals w ...
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Don't forget about our Soccer Signings with Abby Wambach, Sydney Leroux, and others. Signing is next Friday so hurry and let us know what you want signed! Will have soccer balls, Photos, Jerseys and Canvas's for sale also after signing.
ATTN SOCCER FANS: We are going to be doing a private signing in a couple of weeks with a few of the players from the US Woman's National Soccer Team. If you are interested please let us know ASAP. Players will be: Abby Wambach, Heather O'Reiley, Ali Kreiger, Crystal Dunn, Yael Averbach, Kristie Mewis, Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe.
Congratulations to Arianna Romero, former Husker and current Mexican WNT player, now playing professional soccer for the Seattle Reign FC. Ari will play alongside USWNT players Hope Solo, Megan Rapinoe, Sydney Leroux, and Stephanie Cox. Impressive line-up!
“Oh boys don't worry, Sydney leroux and Ali Krieger are still single” lol dying
Sydney Leroux is hands down one of the funniest people ever
LMAOOO NOTHIN BUT *** LLS .. but anyways this is Sydney Leroux && Colin Kaepernick
idec Sydney Leroux is really pretty.
Sydney Leroux is the most perfect person I've ever seen
This, from Nike (with Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux cameos), is fun.
Honestly Sydney Leroux is drop dead gorgeous..
My dad just said "as long as Sydney Leroux doesn't get engaged life will be good, that's my new crush" um what dad? No.
her body is nice but i really think its her hands or cause Sydney Leroux caught my eye and she is fit n thick
Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux at the beach in tiny bikinis!
Welp Sydney Leroux is all that's left
Worst way to start your morning find out Alex Morgan got engaged. I guess Sydney leroux moves to the top of the list
Sad news for all you soccer lovin teenage boys, Alex Morgan is off the market. Sydney Leroux, though, is available.
wrong one. Sydney LeRoux is your girl.
I think she is up there. More so Kristie Mewis, Sydney Leroux, and Tobin Heath isn't bad looking either.
Sydney Leroux is, and Tobin Heath in second because she's a gooner.
First i lost Sydney Leroux, Then i found out Megan Rapinoe is *** and now Alex Morgan is engaged. Kill me plz.
Mixed emotions today for me in the soccer realm. Sounders declined Gspurning's option on his contract (happy) and Alex Morgan got engaged to Servando Carrasco (sad). Next target: Sydney Leroux! Thanks, Seattle Reign for bringing her back to Seattle. Stalker game on!
Tickets for the 2014 Reign FC season are on sale now! I had an awesome time at the games I attended this past season and the quality of soccer was great! This year promises to be even better with Sydney Leroux joining Hope and Rapinoe from the National Team, Steph Cox back full-time in D, and our new goal-scoring midfielder Kim Little joining us from Arsenal. If you want to order tickets, go to and click on the Holiday Offer.
It turns out that the Sydney Leroux trade this month wasn't really part of the "master plan" for the Breakers. Find out what Lee Billiard and Tom Durkin have to say about that and the acquisition of Kristie Mewis:
My Favorite Day of the Week!!! Wambach Wednesday!!! So excited to have Abby Wambach Back to our facility in just a few short weeks AND with Sydney Leroux!!!
So sign Sydney Leroux and signed Clint Dempsey... Let's hope we get at least one championship next year in SEA😂
HT: USA 3, Brazil 1. Two goals by Sydney Leroux and an Abby Wambach penalty have the up at halftime.
When we last left Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, they were winning our hearts by looking gorgeous in bikinis in Hawaii.
Sydney Leroux and Abby Wambach sitting right in front of me.. :') Best birthday present EVER.
Leroux leads USWNT past Brazil: ORLANDO, Fla. (AP). Sydney Leroux scored twice in the first half and the U.S. ...
Sydney Leroux scores twice as U.S. women's national team beats Brazil to end 2013 with undefeated record.
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Early Lead: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux get their Halloween on
Sydney Leroux could get it at 4 am on a Monday in Antarctica even if I had to walk there
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