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Sydney Bristow

Sydney Anne Bristow (born 17 April 1975), played by Jennifer Garner, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the television series Alias.

Jennifer Garner Bradley Cooper Victor Garber Jack Bristow Ben Affleck Michael Vaughn Olivia Dunham Olivia Pope Jen Garner Annie Walker Sarah McLachlan Dana Scully Star Trek Jack Bauer Michael Vartan Ethan Hunt

You know who could solve all this Russian involvement in US Politics stuff?.Sydney Bristow.
ok and please let her play Sydney Bristow again
I love how little effort Sandra Bullock puts into seducing the guy in this movie. Sydney Bristow wasted a lot of energy.
Michael Vaughn(Michael Vartan)& Sydney Bristow(Jennifer Garner)still one of my favorite TV couples ever.
Sydney deserves a better father than Jack Bristow
I was v. depressed when I realized an entire generation will know Jennifer Garner for Capital One ads rather than as Sydney Bristow.
I guess if I had the same name as a well-known tv show character, I would change it before publishing a book.
"forgive me for being forthright and female, but this is how it's going to be." Sydney Bristow
The White House will ask why the terror attacks foiled by Nikita, Sydney Bristow & Jack Bauer weren't reported on the news...
Me rewatching Michael Vartan is so so hot ❤️🔥 and I have missed Sydney Bristow so much 💃
Sydney Bristow of “Alias” fame has been my role model for years. Strength, intelligence, versatility, and grace under fire…
we need a Charly Baltimore from The Long Kiss Goodnight pop, oh and a Sydney Bristow for Alias one too!
Time reset like he did with Star Trek. Ben is basically Jack. Felicity is Sydney Bristow. Star Wars references galore. Noel's LOST dream.
The Neolution club on Orphan Black gives me so many Alias vibes that I'm always sad when Sydney Bristow doesn't show up.
It was lucky for sydney bristow that the whole of k directorate has terrible aim.
Sydney Bristow (Alias). -Student turned Double agent for the CIA. -Crazy fighting skills. -master of disguises
All purpose parts banner
Sydney bristow just got kidnapped from an underground car park
Sydney bristow just parachuted into a party in tuscany in a cocktail dress and thigh high boots and, upon landing, her hair was perfect.
ok thx to fb I know how it is, it's (Sydney Bristow) - Alias
What was the origin of the numbers? Why did you keep Khan's identity secret in the marketing? What's Sydney Bristow up to now?
I'm watching because Sydney Bristow is the eternal bad ***
This song reminds me of sydney bristow and Michael Vaughn probably because it's the background music on 2x14
I loved ALIAS. The many faces of Sydney Bristow
Defend the faith is trending? Yeesh, is the box office for Gods Not Dead 2 that bad? What about the Jesus tree movie with Sydney Bristow?
All I know is, Sydney Bristow cried a LOT for someone who gave birth on a bank rooftop with barely a grimace.
now do it entirely in terms of Sydney Bristow, Snap Wexley, Elizabeth Jennings and Noel Crane
Oh, happy birthday to Jennifer Garner and her alter-ego Sydney Bristow!
Born today in 1972 Jennifer Garner [Affleck], American actress (Sydney Bristow-Alias), born in Houston, Texas.
Rewatching ALIAS S3. As in Sydney Bristow (Jen Garner). The one where she wakes up 2 years later and Vaughn has married Melissa George 😭
I'll never not wish I was married to Sydney Bristow
I dare him to say that to Sydney Bristow's face.
I'll always see Mission: Impossible 3 as a big Alias episode with Ethan Hunt instead of Sydney Bristow
Oh FFS.shaking my head. Jennifer was EVERYTHING as Sydney Bristow.
I couldn't imagine Sydney Bristow played by another actress. There's only one Sydney Bristow!
Sydney Bristow:I’m tired of having this weight on my shoulders. I don’t want to be the one who has to save the world htt…
as one of the episodes is titled There's only one Sydney Bristow. She's such a badass
If you don't love Alias, rethink your life choices. Sydney Bristow is a badass cinnamon roll, too good & pure for this world.…
📷 aliasledger: Get to know me MEME - [5/10] Favorite TV Couples: Michael Vaughn / SYDNEY BRISTOW “This...
Day 29, Q3.a: Give the short name of the employers of the following TV characters:. Jack Bauer. Sydney B…
Can there be an alt universe where Dana Scully, Sydney Bristow, and Olivia Dunham are drinking buddies in a local pub called Bad …
"Tell ur girlfriend and she'll be dead when you get back" SIS u do know his girlfriend is Sydney Bristow and could kill you with her pinky?
This was the picture taken when he realized he could be married to Sydney Bristow of Alias.
Also, being 1 degree away from Sydney Bristow with Merrin may be something you want to witness. That won't be pretty either.
I wish Jennifer Garner would tap back into her inner Sydney Bristow and kick Ben and that nannies ***
Alias' Sydney Bristow and, Oliva Pope should be bffs both have terrorist mothers and killer fathers. Bristow&Pope Associates
Found a delightful little flat in Sydney, no more hostel life as of next week 🎉
She feels like the natural successor to Buffy/Sydney Bristow/Olivia Dunham etc. It's great.
We all go through phases...I went through one such phase in high-school: I wanted to be "Sydney Bristow"-I applied to all service-academies.
it makes me think about Sydney Bristow.
I remember when i asked my Polish friend on who my favorite actress, she said Sydney Bristow rather than Jennifer Garner who portrayed her.
I loved loved loved Sydney Bristow. Spy Daddy Jack Bristow was the ultimate silver fox too ;)
Ditto! That better have been the real thing or Ima gonna open a can of whoop *** My inner Sydney Bristow will rise!
Last day wearing my Nymagee pub polo! En route to Sydney goodbye for now…
My name is Sydney Bristow. Seven years ago I was recruited by a secret branch of the CIA called SD-6. I was sworn to secrecy, but I couldn't
So you went from Sydney Bristow to Leeloo in Fifth Element. Huh.
So next season of PLL is basically them as Sydney Bristow-esque secret agents right?
he left Sydney Bristow for his nanny?
The nanny should probably be grateful that Jennifer did not go all 'Sydney Bristow' on her fanny...
I guess my lack of calm is sadly further proof that I am no Sydney Bristow.
Just broke out of my own house... My front door has 5 locks. 5! Not so handy when one of them BREAKS! I feel like Sydney …
Watching Mission Impossible and wishing Ethan Hunt was really Sydney Bristow
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I have many but Sydney Bristow from Alias.
Tagged by Sydney Bristow, Bea, Mary Poppins, Violet Karl, Anya. I tag anyone who sees this!
Tagged by and i did top 5 already so i will do 6.Happy Quinn, Kim Fischer, Sydney Bristow, Grace Van Pelt, Ziva David
Ok no but if you're going to spy on a dysfunctional family you don't go Sydney Bristow, you seriously need to go Amanda Clark!
I really would have loved to see Emma Peel and Sydney Bristow team up.
A sniper just tried to kill Sydney Bristow. And lemme tell you, he was no Bradley Cooper.
Jack Hillen and Sydney Bristow from Alias. Deep down, I suspect Jack is a secret agent.
Sydney Bristow, Sarah, Walker, and Carrie Matheson's versions of the CIA are so so different.
Realizing I should have made a mix to accompany my Sydney Bristow costume. It would just be the Alias theme, Smash Mouth, & Sarah McLachlan.
There are few things I know in this world to be true. One thing's for sure: I'm going to be the hottest black Sydney Bristow this Halloween.
Yes, I dressed up as super spy Sydney Bristow from Alias 😂 2002
Dressing up as Jen Garner's Sydney Bristow from Alias tonight as one of her aliases.
for me, it might be weird and cliche, but Sydney Bristow was the embodiment of "ok i'm a girl but i can kill you"...
she was badass, but wrong age for us. . we had NO ONE. oh wait... we had Sydney Bristow (Alias)... she was a badass.
Think tmrw I’m going to dress in black pants/black long sleeve shirt/black beanie/black shoes and go as Sydney Bristow on a mission!
You are too funny Becca! Did you channel your inner Sydney Bristow?
This is inaccurate, Sydney Bristow definitely meets the BGS criteria, but I think I love Emma more. Feeling conflicted & disloyal!
Like its fine if I am Sydney Bristow when I grow up, right?
I'm pretty confident Melinda May would totally defeat Sydney Bristow in a fight.
Skye your hair is so straight is it because of your feelings? That happened to Sydney Bristow a lot.
My current desktop background: Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow from the TV Series, Alias.
It just occurred to me that Petko could have played Sydney Bristow's little sister and now that's all I can see.
Maybe I'll just follow in Sydney Bristow's footsteps and join the 😂 Lol.
Realizing I’m not super compelled to go back to Homeland this season, though I will. Carrie is a worse spy than Sydney Bristow. Says a lot.
Did a cover-to-cover ready yesterday, and have to ask... Which of you was Jack Bristow and which Sydney?
Sydney Bristow had the coolest job in the world.
Let any good parent, we are introducing our children to Sydney Bristow tonight.
OMG they are showing Alias on TV! Used to be my favourite show growing up. Sydney Bristow rocks even after a decade.
I realized what John Marston, Dimnjačar, and Sydney Bristow all have in common, they all defy authority. well, most of the time.
I'm basically the Sydney Bristow of international shipping coordination.
Justin Theroux and now Peter Berg. That's two people who Sydney Bristow slept with on
If Jack Bauer and 24 are back, doesn't that mean we should get Sydney Bristow and Alias back too?
My corner would be MacGyver, Sydney Bristow & Jack Bauer because I'd need badasses to get me the heck outta there.
OFF TOPIC: Happy Birthday Jennifer Garner! Jennifer Anne Garner (born April 17, 1972 in Houston, Texas) is an American actress and film producer. She gained recognition for her performance as CIA officer Sydney Bristow in the ABC thriller drama series Alias, which aired for five seasons from 2001 to 2006. For her work on the series, Garner won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. While working on Alias, she gained roles in movies such as Pearl Harbor (2001), and Catch Me if You Can (2002). Since then, Garner has appeared in supporting as well as lead roles in projects including Daredevil (2003), 13 Going on 30 (2004), Elektra (2005), a spin-off of Daredevil, Juno (2007), The Invention of Lying (2009), The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012), and Dallas Buyers Club (2013). Garner is married to actor and director Ben Affleck, with whom she has three children.
By Shyam Dodge She made a name for herself playing international spy Sydney Bristow on the hit ABC series Alias. And it appears that Jennifer Garner has taken a few cues from her onscreen tenure as a secret agent as she made an incognito arrival to her home base of Los Angeles on Friday. The 41-yea...
Quinn, stop waving that gun, you ain't no Sydney Bristow.
Mix 4 area 69 I made about sydney bristow and sd6 and double agents
Aw, honey. When I was in blinding pain from my pulmonary embolism, I thought of Sydney Bristow withstanding torture on Alias.
Love the Hair - Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow in the TV Show "Alias"
Photoset: aliasvaughn: LMAO. Excuse me while I break down the ORIGINAL scene to you. Sydney Bristow tells...
forgot to tell you guys I casually hung with Sydney bristow this evening..
Rewatching on Netflix. I had forgotten what a good show this was. Practicing my Sydney Bristow walk
I miss Alias. Sydney Bristow was the best.
Spy Daddy Bristow would've never put Sydney in danger like this.
Will someone do a compare/contrast with Sydney Bristow & Olivia Pope and their messed up relationships with their parents?
Just found out Alias girl is married to the new Batman! wow! Sydney Bristow would totally WIN in a 1-on-1! 💪
TheDailyShow: Tonight: Jon welcomes Jennifer Garner. Her latest movie is "Draft Day" 11/10c. I will always remember her as Sydney Bristow!
the same as my girlfriend Jennifer Garner from Alias. Sydney Bristow.
Really really wish they would make another show with a strong female lead like Buffy or Sydney Bristow from...
Feeling like Sydney Bristow anytime I get a new phone/sim.
Number of Jack & Sydney Bristow scenes that make my cry: ALL OF THEM. LITERALLY. ALL.
Garner/Gardner same difference! She's awesome but her character Sydney Bristow was a horrible performance lol
she's still season one Sydney Bristow in my head tbh
Rewatching Alias on Sydney Bristow must be a genius to be able to juggle grad school and being a double spy.
So SHIELD Agents must feeling a little like how the SD6 folks felt when Sydney Bristow took 'em down?
I said I'd have to turn into Sydney Bristow to get them
Sigh. I will never get my photos unless I turn into Sydney Bristow it seems.
I should probably stop hoping Sydney Bristow is going to appear on just because Michael Vaughn showed up there.
The Blacklist is enjoyable, but it really wins all the awards for WORST SPY EVER, aka, "The Sydney Bristow Lifetime Achievement Award".
Can't wait to finish my course work so I can go back to watching The Americans and pretending it's the backstory of Sydney Bristow's mom.
Working up a sweat with Sydney Bristow
Welp. Looks like Sydney Bristow wrecked my sink. Again.
I want to be Sydney Bristow when I grow up.
people at parties don't understand my Sydney Bristow references. Though states away, I'm glad to know you do.
NGL, I had a girl crush on Sydney Bristow
Sydney: "Stop saying we.Stop talking about the agency.You killed the man I love.". Sloane:"No,Agent Bristow. You did."
Just dawned on me that Olivia's relationship w/her folks is much like that of Sydney Bristow in scenes w/them,pls!
"I'm an operations officer for the CIA." -Sydney Bristow ("Truth be Told"
Oh there will only ever be 1 Sydney Bristow. Except that time they doubled her. But even then...she's 1 in a million.
heh heh. Sydney Bristow is running Cali.
Dreaming of being as fierce as Sydney Bristow in
This is my current desktop background by the way. It's Sydney Bristow once again.
Is it me or is this whole vs her mom plot on is quite similar to Sydney Bristow vs Irina Derevko on
Maybe similar, but not equal. Or as Will Tippin would say, "there's only one Sydney Bristow"
I mean, don't get me wrong, it's no ALIAS - who could ever match Sydney Bristow? - but it's bettER than it was previously.
But much as I like RN's character, she most definitely isn't a patch on Sydney Bristow :-)
If you didn't know,Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson on has her own show.She's like a futuristic Sydney Bristow:
Just watched this week's Pretty sure Sydney Bristow stole that Rambaldi device from SD6 several years ago.
In the epic words of Sydney Bristow, BITE ME!
Ok, fine. If Sydney Bristow, and this 32oz Screwdriver, insist, I'll cheer up. Stay spy-ish, and have a good night!
Woke up from a very vivid dream and woke up with my heart racing. This time. I wasn't Sydney Bristow though.
Every time I see Bradley Cooper in a big movie today, I still think of him as Sydney Bristow's friend Will.
After an Alias marathon last night, I WAS Sydney Bristow in my dreams. Best sleep ever.
After all these years, and I still see Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow.
ok so he's a combination of Chuck, Jake 2.0, and Sydney Bristow -got it
had to walk away for a minute, Has someone said Sydney Bristow yet?
I've been watching a lot of Alias lately on Netflix, and I pretty much want to be Sydney Bristow. What tv character would you be?
It's never easy finding out everything you believe in is a lie. -Sydney Bristow, Alias
Sydney Bristow's best alias. MT Really hope to discover that Dennis Rodman is some elaborate CIA operation:
Whenever I get into a pinch I always think, "what would Sydney Bristow do?" then I remember so I kick everyone.
Bossy, over the top Southern Sydney Bristow is my favorite.
Five seasons in and still assuming my (nonexistent) doorbell rings every time Sydney Bristow's does.
Part 1: Last night I dreamed I was a spy for the CIA. I wasn't nearly as cute in the costumes that Jennifer Garner/Agent Sydney Bristow wore
About to start the last and final season of it's been a long ride with the lovely Sydney Bristow
Shaw is great. Her first episode reminded me of the season one of Alias. She's a more sarcastic Sydney Bristow, actually.
Also, Kira was able spot a lookalike trying to pass for someone else better than Sydney Bristow, Peter (cont)
Another observation... Remember the mock turtleneck? does. What's Sydney Bristow hiding? I think it's a hickey.
Every time Sydney Bristow's doorbell rings I think it's mine. I don't have a doorbell.
CPS just called me to tell me school is called off tomorrow.that is unless my role is "mission critical." Their words, not mine. Dang it, CPS! You are trying to lure me in by making it sound like I'll be Sydney Bristow. You know my weakness!
I should probably start working on my back muscles now in preparation for my Sydney Bristow Halloween costume.
If you are writing a spy show for television, aim for Sydney Bristow as your ideal protagonist. Best spy ever.
Well... It was time. I've broken out my Alias box sets. God bless Sydney Bristow. Many have tried to copy her, all have failed! Hello old friend, you have helped me thru many things, as it turns out you will help me thru this too! Starting with season 5 for a change. X
Rewatching all of Alias makes me realize that Sydney Bristow is 100% more badass than Olivia Pope.
I've been getting requests to list all the characters, so here they are! (I'll try to keep it sort of organized... and in the process probably make it more confusing...) Back row, left to right: Dwight (The Office), Caprica 6 (Battlestar Galactica), Dr. House (House), JD (Scrubs), Tobias (Arrested Development), Liz Lemon (30 Rock), River (Firefly), Jack and Vincent (LOST), The 11th Doctor (Doctor Who), Walter (Breaking Bad), Rick Grimes (Walking Dead) Middle row: Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Bill (True Blood), Jeff (Community), Quinn or really any other cheerleader from (Glee) and honestly could be Claire from (Heroes) if you'd prefer, Barney (How I Met Your Mother), Don Draper (Mad Men), Dexter (Dexter), Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) Bottom row: Sheldon (Big Bang Theory), Spock (Star Trek:TOS), Chuck (Chuck), Sydney Bristow (Alias) Window: TARDIS (Doctor Who), USS Enterprise (Star Trek), Galactica (Battlestar Galactica), Serenity (Firefly) Also, the dog is sorta supposed to look like the dog from Frasi ...
"how in the *** Sydney Bristow went from Hungary to Melbourne, Australia, then to LA, all within 24 hours?" she's a superhero..
And also Sydney Bristow when you eat coffee ice cream which you shouldn't like.
Wishing life was more like Alias. But I'd settle for a weekend in a snazzy hotel with Sydney Bristow.
I want to be Sydney Bristow for just one day!!!
Dear Paramount Pictures -:- It's bad enough that the previews for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit make it look like you're trying to turn Ryan into Jason Bourne. But if you dare to try to turn Cathy Ryan into some sort of action heroine a'la Sydney Bristow/Padme Amadala/Fiona GlennAnne/Sarah Walker, then I am going to speak of the Ryan Franchise as if this movie never existed, the same way I successfully pretend that Superman IV, Star Trek V, any Jaws after 2, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull never occurred.
Agent Sydney Bristow is Queen of the Night! Kickin' *** and takin names, she can do it all. Clips seasons 1-4. Song used "Queen Of The Night" by Whitney Houston
I finished yesterday while working on my I feel like I've lost a good friend! Oh Sydney Bristow, how I love you!
Paperwork, photo organizing, and Sydney Bristow on the tube in the background.
Aaron Schulte. Nikita & Sydney Bristow our dogs after a nice Xmas holiday with the parents in Phoenix and Payson, AZ.
Deb just brought the body count to 54,298 by icing ( . ) Sydney Bristow.
Long before Bradley Cooper co-starred with Jennifer Lawrence in no fewer than three movies, he co-starred with another Jennifer — that'd be Garner, on the ABC spy series Alias. But he wasn't content with his role as Will, Sydney Bristow's (Jennifer Garner) roommate and love interest whose jo...
*** CIA authority figure: "now , if you're finished, this is the men's room.". Sydney Bristow: "who let you in?".
"Jennifer Garner wears a beard on kimmel 4 Sydney Bristow got beard!
I'm thinking Sydney Bristow ala Leeloo for my next cosplay.
karate chick could be Sydney bristow
the names of the Atomic County characters? Or the name of the agency Sydney Bristow is trying to take down? Or who Joffreys real dad is
Not sure if I'm more Irina Derevko or Sydney Bristow. I'm thinking Derevko.
In my mind's eye I'm Sydney Bristow from Alias...however, the more I watch The Mindy Project...the more I think I...
Sydney Bristow taught me the importance of looking good in stressful situations and how to run in heels.
These FBI agents suck! Getting their *** kicked so easy! Where is Sydney Bristow when you need her?!!
Even though it definitely has its flaws, it's my fave show ever too. Lots of nostalgia for me with it. Plus, SYDNEY BRISTOW
You should meet! Btw, Sydney Bristow is quite popular on Tumblr:
- J.J. Abrams: from is still his favorite character [via
I like that Sydney Bristow is still JJ Abram's favorite creation:
The New York Times interviewed J.J. Abrams regarding his upcoming book, S., which was written by Doug Dorst, based on a story that he wrote. In the interview, he mentions his favorite character that he created is still Sydney Bristow from Alias. Of all the characters you’ve written across different...
'“Do you have any chapter books?”' JJ Abrams on his book collection, Sydney Bristow, Chris Ware, Stephen King & more:
Sydney Bristow's life just confirms that I am absolutely a Type B person.
I always feel so smug when I identify an email as phishing spam. Like I'm frickin' Sydney Bristow or something.
Oh, Sydney Bristow, never change. And by that I mean never stop being a terrible spy with really enviable arms.
Hmm...some sydney bristow deja vu happening here.
J. J. Abrams: By the Book (and talking about Sydney Bristow of Alias)
Sydney Bristow, what countries would you choose to compare for my international comm paper?
JJ Abrams explains why Sydney Bristow from 'Alias' is... - The Verge
JJ's favorite creation, Sydney Bristow "She was a character with a secret, and that is always a fun place to start. "
you know what I really want to do today? watch Sydney Bristow fall in lurve with the Hulk.
Sydney is my favourite JJ Abrams character too.
Sydney Bristow is proof that white women can be strong independent women too.
My mom and I are watching Alias on demand!!! Totally reminded of the awesomeness of Sydney Bristow!
Alias' Sydney Bristow is J.J. Abrams' favorite character he created: (I would have gone with one of Sydney's parents)
And Felicity wept. J. J. Abrams: "My favorite that I’ve created was Sydney Bristow... from the TV series Alias.”
Agreed. Too bad Alias lost all of it's greatness towards the end of season 3.
JJ Abrams says of all his characters, Sidney from 'Alias' is his favorite
since Annie Walker went brunette, I'm just gonna call her Sydney Bristow
JJ Abrams says that of all the characters he wrote, Sidney from 'Alias' is his fav. Mine too: via
I am watching old episodes of the show Alias... I gotta tell you, I am pretty sure the character Sydney Bristow does Turbo Fire!
Tomorrow in counseling: Accurate empathy & paraphrasing skills with CIA Agent Sydney Bristow. Finding out your Mom is a spy back from the dead who tried to kill you ***
Bring Sydney bristow into agents of shield! Jj Abrams, are you listening?
Shows with minds connected to computers, or erased: The Matrix (Series: 1999, 2003, 2003): Computer-simulated world that people apparently plug into. But when it's all over, are any of them really out of the Matrix at all? Vanilla Sky (2001): (Spoiler) A man's life gets weird, only for him to find out that he is actually in some kind of life-suspension with his mind connected to a computer-simulated world. Alias (TV show, Season 3: 2003–2004) (Series went 2001-2006): A main spy character Sydney Bristow has part of her memory erased, as she wakes reappears after being missing and thought dead for 2 years. Minority Report (2002): (Minorly related) Minds with precognition connected to a computer for the purpose of predicting crime. Paycheck (2003): A super-programmer is hired for a secret project that will take a few years. He is injected with a memory-wipe drug. When it's over, he (as planned) remembers nothing, but has left himself with no apparent income from the project, and 19 clues. The Forgotten (20 ...
When I grow up, I want to be Mac. Or maybe Sydney Bristow. Or C.J. Cregg.
Sydney Bristow's life stresses me out. SD-6! CIA! Your dad! Your mom! Bradley Cooper!
Watching why does Sydney Bristow never carry a gun. What's the deal
Spending a lazy Sunday morning with my girl Sydney Bristow.
I'm sorry, but Annie Walker is a much better spy than Sydney Bristow.
My big takeaway from the Robocop trailer? Sam Jackson has had more unique hairdo's in his career than Sydney Bristow.
We definitely need Sydney Bristow to come back..?
I am now imagining Sid as Sydney Bristow from Alias...oh dear...
What I wouldn't give to be multi-lingual. Sydney Bristow makes it look so easy and handy.
and what about the sydney bristow mention? Did they film an alias scene in the same hospital?
When I run I like to think I'm Sydney Bristow but I probably look more like Phoebe Buffay.
I was so stressed today I totally didn't get a chance to appreciate Sydney Bristow walked the halls of that hospital.
Instead of cruise missiles yadda yadda, can't we just have Sydney Bristow snap Assad's neck while she wears sexy lingerie? Problem solved.
best description of Alias I've read "double agent and wig aficionado Sydney Bristow"
TRUE. Hoping to find a pink one so I can be Sydney Bristow!!
Remember how I saw Sydney Bristow last week? I forgot, I saw Kirk from Stars Hollow on the weekend. Vancouver is full of fictional people.
*** it! Now I'm going to have to watch it again. Can't get enough of Sydney Bristow. And Jack. The silver fox! ;p
Nikita will never have anything on Sydney Bristow
Jennifer Garner wows in the September issue of Allure magazine, opening up about her marriage to Ben Affleck and how she keeps her fit figure alive. The 41-year-old mom-of-three, who catapulted into stardom for playing Sydney Bristow on "Alias," admits she worries about losing her edge sometimes, es...
Here's what you missed last month! Print these out, take them to a BBQ this weekend, and challenge your friends with these radical nerdy trivia questions! Round 1 1. Bullies - Pete Ross bullied what character while they were growing up in Kansas? 2. Mario Powerups - In Super Mario Brothers 3, what item must Mario pick up to gain the racoon suit? 3. Spies - What V.I.L.E. leader is assisted by Rick and Nick ICK, Patty Larceny and Vick the Slick, as they try to steal important landmarks? 4. Green - When Tommy Oliver was introduced in the original Power Rangers series, he was the Green Ranger, and he had a dragon zord. After a short absence, he returned as the White Power Ranger...what was his zord? 5. X - Who founded the School for Gifted Youngsters, and mentored most of the X-men? 6. Tattoos - What Christopher Nolan movie tells the story of Leonard Shelby, who has to rely on his tattoos to remind of him who he is, and what he is trying to accomplish? 7. Pixar - Featuring the voices of Dave Foley, Julia Loui ...
Alias's Victor Garber tells us he is not surprised that Jennifer Garner tops BuzzSugar's list of kickass female characters, calling Sydney Bristow the "proto...
Happy Birthday to the one and only Sydney Bristow, Jennifer Garner is 41 today! Give her the fans' love
I loved alias so for 1 day at I'm going to be Sydney Bristow
The relationship I have with my dad is way too similar to the relationship sydney has with Jack Bristow...
A part of me still wants to grow up to be Sydney Bristow from Alias.
What will save Revenge is if Emily channels her inner Sydney Bristow! More action less dialogue
"Because bringing down SD-6 is what gets her up in the morning." Jack Bristow on Sydney.
Jennifer Garner 41 played secret agent Sydney Bristow on
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Happy birthday Jennifer!! You'll always be beautiful to me Sydney bristow :)
Jennifer Garner is awesome as Sydney Bristow. I forgot how good Alias was
Rewatching Alias has been so much fun Sydney Bristow was kicking *** and these outfits, YAYS GAWD!!!
Sydney Bristow picking out a wallet chain at the Hot Topic
Sydney Bristow brushing her teeth in an airport bathroom
Remember when Sydney Bristow jumped off the 30th floor balcony into a pool in her underwear? I do. It was fun.
I remember when was slummin' it in Sydney Bristow's friendzone.
Tyler says...OUCH cont SYDNEY BRISTOW is not my agent. OOPS She has to call General Petraeus I think now. Least that is how I understand ...
Tyler says...OUCH cont Goodbye Jennifer Garner and SYDNEY BRISTOW, plenty more names and people in the world. Thank you though, and I ...
Tyler says...OUCH cont That's good enough for me. Likely for Congress too. OOPS Thanks SYDNEY BRISTOW. It's all rather a fools errand, ...
Tyler says...OUCH cont SYDNEY BRISTOW, firstly, if you're worried. Don't be. I am never getting a civilian case out of this, and the ...
Von Braun says...OUCH cont very important people making very evaluated decisions. That's why he needs SYDNEY BRISTOW to make it into a ...
Tyler says...OUCH cont is my next question to the real Jennifer Garner aka SYDNEY BRISTOW. Fun one. TS-IT-ZT-DT-PT-AT-FT...
How many times can Sydney Bristow realistically get out of a situation by claiming she doesn't know where the bathroom is?
I'll always be Sydney Bristow in my mind.
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Seriously, Veronica Mars graduated high school w/ honors and Sydney Bristow finished grad school. How the heck girls?
Just got called Sydney Bristow for breaking into my own office. Day = made.
I did have a surreal moment where I thought Victor Garber was casrt in Argo coz he was the FIL, but then that was Sydney Bristow. LOL
Olivia Dunham failing at the Project Christmas block asembly. She's no Sydney Bristow.
Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), dressed as a geisha, and all set to kick some bady guy's butts. *has…
13 Going on 30, because where else do you find Sydney Bristow doing the Thriller dance with Gollum?
I admire sydney bristow in alias so much.
It's a Sydney Bristow pick me up night.
//Might change my other account to, Sydney Bristow or Parker Halliwell?
who'd win in a fight though, Maggie Q or Sydney Bristow?
I wanna be just like Sydney Bristow 😍
Is there anything more delicious than Sydney Bristow & Anna Espinosa kicking the crap out of each other in a DKNY shop? No. No there isn't.
Best TV Couples of All Time Pictures - Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn - via
On Alias when Sydney Bristow realizes she's been programmed by Spy Daddy all along. Jen Garner, tears, Jodi Mitchell, "River"
Last night I had a dream that I was pretty much Sydney Bristow.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If I can't be CJ, I want to be a hybrid of CJ + Starbuck + Sydney Bristow + Murphy Brown. (said by all 4 in their series)
I'm still hoping to be when I grow up. Sydney Bristow and Zoe Washburne are plans B and C.
Love that! Mine's full name is Sydney Rory Bristow Murphy. Rory was his shelter name so had to keep it in there.
today was stressful af so time to chill out with Sydney Bristow for the rest of the night
Syd is actually Sydney Bristow. Loved me some Alias. ;)
Tyler says...OUCH cont HARVEY KEITEL aka The Wolf and MARCUS DIXON and the real SYDNEY BRISTOW. Use your own best personal judgments on...
Hello Kitty's got more aliases than Sydney Bristow. Hello Kitty/Kitty White/Katherine White
I don't feel like enough attention is given to Sydney Bristow's permanent state of jet lag.
Surprised to find out actor Victor Garber is *** he'll always be the father of Sydney Bristow to me
Our neighbors named theirs the same, so I named ours CIA Surveillance Van. Makes me feel like Sydney Bristow. ;)
Sydney and Jack Bristow taught me everything I know
Sydney Bristow gets out of situations way too easily. But I still watch Alias.
It's not an episode of Alias until Sydney Bristow sheds tears. AmIRight ?
Next time I feel stressed out I will just tell myself at least I am not Sydney Bristow
I miss Parker. When is the show 'Leverage' Coming back? But Sydney Bristow on Alias is a fair substitute for now.
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Yep, coz of Sydney Bristow, it's that or Nutella !!
"When Sydney gets drunk she turns into one of those blow up devices outside of car dealerships that wave around everywhere" 🙆🚙
What if Kerri Russell is Sydney Bristow's mom and that's why Jennifer Garner wore so many wigs in Alias.
On an kick all over again. No one else wanted to be Sydney Bristow growing up? Anyone? Bueller?
Apparently Sydney Bristow's best skill is rocking a belly shirt no matter the occasion
cf. Sydney Bristow, Jack Bristow, Kara Thrace, Dana Scully, Faith, all the other people I love far more than anybody in real life.
Kuent says...OOPS cont cheddar fries which SYDNEY BRISTOW warned you of, was. Notice your body reaction. You got the diahrrea. You do ...
And Sydney Bristow thought she had a bad father
Alias, S1:E4. Sarah McLachlan singing "Angel." Sydney Bristow tossing the pager into the ocean. Vaughn's monologue. understands.
Was thinking it was nice that Victor Garber played in his son-in-law's movie. Then remembered Affleck married Jen not Sydney Bristow.
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