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Sydney Applebaum

That day will be Saturday. We should toast to Sydney Applebaum!
one day history will mark the name: Sydney Applebaum
Do you know who Sydney Applebaum is? ;D
"You know that black Dracula they call Blackula? They have a Jewish Dracula." "Oh yeah? What's his name?" "Sydney Applebaum."
You know the black Dracula that they call Blackula? Do you know the name of the Jewish one? It's Sydney Applebaum
Is it just me or does Saturday Night Live's Stefon sketch get better and better with age?
My daughter is a female Dracula. She told everyone that her Vampire name is Sydney Applebaum!
Have you heard of Blackcula the black Dracula, well they have a Jewish Dracula, Sydney Applebaum
Bill Hader killed it on SNL last night.killed it. Sydney Applebaum.
"Have you heard of Blackula the black Dracula?" "Yes." "Well they have a Jewish Dracula." "What's his name?" "Sydney Applebaum."
This week's Stefon sketch on SNL was one of best yet …
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