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Sybil Ludington

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This 4th of July weekend, we're celebrating a few of the unsung of the American Revolution. First up, Sybi…
Sybil Ludington was the female Paul Revere... her name, not her sex is probably why nobody remembers it lol.
This is Sybil Ludington rode 40 miles through the rain, and shouted to the troops to get ready to attack
She didnt start her journey until April 26, 1777, however, her service to the Minutem…
Neither was Jack Jouett (the guy in the link). Sybil Ludington, at 16 years old, ALSO had a midnight ride & rode TW…
And don't forget my girl Sybil Ludington!
nabooqueen: The fact that so many people don’t know who Sybil Ludington, Deborah Sampson, or Molly Corbin...
Every time I introduce someone to we do these three stories back to back:. 1. Harriet Tubman. 2. Sybil Ludington. 3. Mary Dyer
Sybil Ludington out rode Revere & no mention of her name in history books. Sybil deserves her own chapter in Legends & Lies.
Look at all we learned about Sybil Ludington & Joseph Plumb Martin!
try: Sybil Ludington & Star the real heros of American Revolution
My fav so far is about Sybil Ludington. Huzzah
It was Sybil Ludington & her that saved America. Red Coats are Coming (I feel ya)
Thank you as well for teaching me about Claudette Colvin and Sybil Ludington. The latter much better than
Sybil Ludington: colonial hero. Rode 40 miles(2x as far as Paul Revere) to warn of coming British army.
Seconded. I also want to see Sybil Ludington in the future coin mints.
Update your maps at Navteq
*** if anything, Sybil Ludington did more than Harriet. She amassed forces to stop the British!
That's because you're an *** Sybil Ludington would have been THE BEST choice.
When is going to push on the issues? Never. Right. .
supporters who claim they are conservative seem blissfully unaware that Trump is not. He's a populist.
we’re having our best fundraising day since winning Wisconsin. Help us keep it up
Yes, a debate would be great. Would love to learn about plans -"believe me" doesn't cut it.
So when gets about 60% of the vote and about 95% of delegates, the system is NOT rigged? Only rigged when he loses, right?
If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth - Ronald Reagan
How about Sybil Ludington? Only 16, riding the dangerous midnight highways for 40 miles warning about the British.
Keeping with ideas for $5 and $10: Add Crispus Attucks, General Von Steuben and Sybil Ludington to the $1 with Washington still on the front
This is why the leftists of New York like him.
Two liberal Democrats win the New York primaries tonight.
Trump is a big government populist. He's not a conservative.
Diane Feinstein's humble mansion in downtown San Francisco. Don't worry she hates rich people
Trump is neither a Republican nor a Conservative. He's a big govt Populist.
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No kidding. other problem Trump is not a Republican. He's a populist favoring big government.
American tax payers would be appalled to find the things we spend money on:
"The Consitution wasn't written to restrain your behavior." - htt…
- Women also rode! You didn't even mention Sybil Ludington (went further in distance than PR as well)!
A young girl (16) Sybil Ludington, Warned people the British were coming with an even longer ride of 40 miles.
Too bad Sybil Ludington's name didn't have a poetic ring to it; her fete was awesome. She needed a better...
trick question. There were 4: Prescott,Bissell,Dawes, and Sybil Ludington (woman) 4th grd tcher would be so proud.
Check out Sybil Ludington's ride, which was longer.
I actually thought everyone knew who Sybil Ludington was
Sybil Ludington's trail passes pretty close to my house. She doesnt get the credit she deserves. Well done.
The case for putting Sybil Ludington on the $20 bill.
Susan B Anthony. I'd like to see Sybil Ludington on a bill too
It has to be Susan B Anthony, but Sybil Ludington deserves to be in the conversation
If you have to replace Jackson with a woman, replace with SYBIL LUDINGTON
Sibyl -> Sybil Ludington. Jeremiah -> i mean the Dec. of Indep. is pretty much a jeremiad with its list of grievances against the Brits
Well, the audio did go downhill when came on. It worked just fine before. .
MT The Flat Tax plan will make the IRS extinct!
I beg to differ. Maybe Trump followers should learn about how the delegate system works.
The history of the “stick”. “She used a stick to prod her horse and knock on doors.”. Sybil Ludington’s Ride. In...
Thank you for having on this morning and having a real, substantive discussion for an hour! Won't see that on
Americans came together & fought too hard to be so easily dismantled. Sybil Ludington's & Paul Revere's alert ALL!🇺🇸
Sybil Ludington's ride was 2x as far as Paul Revere's. She was 16. Let's put her on the $20. https:…
Let's save Hamilton & replace Andrew Jackson with Sybil Ludington, 16-yr old heroine of the American Revolution.
Sybil Ludington rode 40 miles at night on horseback to assemble 400 soldiers for battle during the Rev War.
Sybil Ludington || 1761-1839. 16 year old patriot girl who alerted rebel forces of the approaching British.
Who would win in a fight, Sybil Ludington or Laura Secord?
Well three women other than my Mother and Grandmother would be Dorothea Dix, Claudette Colvin and Sybil Ludington
Exactly. Situation in Europe simply incredible. If I didn't witness it I wouldn't believe it myself.
I have written out a budget that balances in under five years and includes the largest tax cut in our history.
Here's the principal objective of this organized migrant crisis.
I watched refugees walking on & blocking highway. Feel bad for kids but 10K+ expected in Hungary this week. Invasion
Absolutely. Otherwise we go the way of Europe. I am seeing it first hand while in Europe.
Good. I am in Europe now - situation untenable. Feel bad for migrants but a solution has to be found.
Rooting for Stand up for your beliefs
look up Sybil ludington, Paul Revere was soft...
absurd. Research more. Women have been erased from history. Hatshepsut, Ada Lovelace, Cynane, Sybil Ludington, CJ WALKER
That's so true! Especially the history on some amazing women, never heard about them in school! I mean Sybil Ludington! 👏
Murder of elderly couple in Sicily fuels Italy's growing anti-immigrant sentiment...
Farage warns EU faces crisis of biblical proportions...
I've orderd Texas flags at half-staff to honor slain Harris Co. Deputy. Texas honors our officers.
Although every American schoolchild knows the story of Paul Revere, few are taught about Sybil Ludington's...
TIL that in 1777 a girl named Sybil Ludington went on a night ride to warn American forces…
Actually there are two legends of teenage girls who had similar rides to Paul Revere—Deborah Champion & Sybil Ludington
Sybil Ludington, the female Paul Revere, she rode to warn the militia that British troops were burning Danbury, CT.
that is the real humdinger, friend...Queen Margaret? Gilbert Blythe? Sybil Ludington? Meriwether Lewis? Secretariat?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
YES Sybil Ludington! Thank you Amy Poehler's Smart Girls for your awesome posts!
Sybil Ludington, at age 16, rode more than 2x the distance of Revere to alert American forces to approaching British. ht…
Sybil Ludington (April 5, 1761 – February 26, 1839) was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War who is famous for her night ride on April 26, 1777 to alert American colonial forces to the approach of the British. Her action was similar to that performed by Paul Revere,[1][2][3][4][5] though she…
I've learned more about women in history from than I did in school. Mary Ellen Pleasant, Claudette Colvin, Sybil Ludington...
Guess you do learn something new every day! Prior to this, I had never heard of Sybil Ludington. Or Claudette Colvin.
A little known hero of the American Revolutionary War, 16-year-old Sybil Ludington.
The Last Monday In May Is what we consider Memorial Day This is for those who died while serving. As we stand on the shoulders of the men and women who fought to the death for the honor, liberties, and freedoms we experience today and I know that not only do women still struggle with this, but women- even those that have fought and died for the same honor- have yet to be recognized. Sybil Ludington has yet to be written into our history books in the order at which she displayed importance such as Paul Revere that is being taught. I am extremely happy to have been rid of fake friends who are males and pretend as if they are platonic when they want to manipulate more than just myself but friends as well. The same goes for married men who make ridiculous comments. This is a free country for all, not just men who get to pick and choose how the world turns.
Sybil Ludington - The Female Paul Revere, is the story of Sybil Ludington, a 16 year old as who courageously rode 40 miles to save New York during the Revolutionary War.
Thx to all who played! You can read more about the young American Patriot, Sybil Ludington here:
"Sybil Ludington's Midnight Run," by Barbara Bockman - the courageous actions of one young girl
Did you know... Sybil Ludington's daring midnight ride in 1777 saved the American colonists, though no epic poem was ever written about her? George Washington defied his own mother, who deemed him a traitor? Caesar Rodney determined to cast the deciding vote for i...
Revolutionary War Day of Note: While Evacuation Day is destined to supplant Thanksgiving as a national holiday it is less probable that Sybil Ludington, who—on this date in 1777 having recently turned 16—rode 40 miles on horseback to muster the locals after the British attacked Danbury, will overtake Paul Revere in the Nation's imagination. On a tenuously related note the NRA awards the Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award annually. Among the winners? You tell me.
1777 An intrepid young woman Sybil Ludington of NY rides during the night to sound the alarm for local minutemen to defend the arsenal in Danbury CT. 1781 British and German troops led by traitor Benedict Arnold, engage and drive off the Virginia militia under General Muhlenberg in Petersburg VA.
Read abt Sybil Ludington,16yr old girl Paul Revere, youthful heroine, 1777 in new issue of
Amazing girls throughout history: 16 yr old Sybil Ludington rode twice as far as Paul Revere via
Went to breakfast with my sweetie. Now to finish sewing a colonial costume to wear for the story telling "Sybil Ludington - The Female Paul Revere" in June. Cold...46...rainy & windy. Br. Have a great day!
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