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Swiss Re

Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd , generally known as Swiss Re, is a Swiss reinsurance company. It is the world’s second-largest reinsurer, after having acquired GE Insurance Solutions.

World Economic Forum

L&G to sell life policies business to Swiss Re for $870 million
Swiss Re is acquiring 1.1 million life insurance policies from UK financial service provider Legal & General Group…
Except Hampshire! We're so neutral the Swiss visit for refresher lessons!!!
We're happy as long as our customers are! A detailed look into how Swiss luggage leader increased their…
People are fed up with the Norway model or the Swiss model for Brexit, let's be honest, we're going to get the Chin…
L&G selling Mature Savings unit to Swiss Re for £650M
| Legal & General to sell its closed Mature Savings business to Swiss Re
Swiss Re downgraded by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The) to neutral. $SSREY
The IFRS17 conference at Swiss Re is on. Kaspar Müller and Ferdia Byrne giving context on IFRS17.
And they're off! are on their way to the Swiss Tour. First stop - Nufenen Pass.
If you think I will just dump DSTV that I have used for 16 years for TSTV because of PPV and 20GB data then ... YOU'RE ABSOL…
Think Frodo, Gandalf and the ring- but instead of journeying to Mount Doom you're going to the Swiss Alps 😂. 👇 👇 👇…
And that's why you're not president.
when the EOE show in vegas is over I need you guys to tell me EVERYTHING! And don't think you're gonna be annoying I wanna know every detail
"You're nothing without your army knife." - me to a Swiss guy
Global insurance profitability declines again, according to Swiss Re research  via
Not just monopoly sef, we're tired of DSTV Ludo, Whot & scrabble too. Welcome TSTV
Global reinsurers rocked by storms and quakes - Business Insurance
me: what are people from Switzerland?. Gabby: they're swiss. me: you mean SWEDISH
I believe you're describing a Swiss rotisserie™ ps Mayer bros. surveys bring joy to my heart
Global reinsurers rocked by storms and quakes
My dad wears his on his right as a Swiss thing and orthodox friends wear their engagement rings on…
Don't the Swiss have exceedingly high standards of education? The type fr…
Double-Swiss! Btw you’re prob on this but Cottom is a big deal - she, not talk titles, should headline,…
What a view and we're happy you love our club in Chicago. Have a fantastic flight tonight and we appreciate the kind words!
Odd how Swiss and Norway believe they absolutely need to participate in t…
Really..? Let the Swiss know.. They're fairly happy.. There are league tables to prove it..
A lot Hedge fund managers who have CAT $bonds and people at Swiss RE: . as is upgraded to Cat 5
EXACTLY! In Switzerland you’re Swiss! Period! There’s no racial classifications on any legal documentation.
You're right. It's just the bank accounts that are Swiss 😂
You're close to 40 than the Brexit vote
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
When hauled into court, the judge should tell…
You're signing a full year away of my life, James. I won't let that go without being challenged.
You're definitely a Swiss coffee if you ask me
You are deplorable. You're literally equa…
*Watch* If you're missing some cooler temps and perhaps even some snow, check this out 😉😊
If that were the case then people would be pe…
Swiss in ON court seeking financial info from Cnd companies re: potential private criminal prosecutions…
Yes I think it does LOL. We're Politically correct at Maidenhead mate. "Alan Devonshires black & whi…
Over trillion is found hidden in certain banks in the Grand Cayman Islands/Swiss accounts they're being exposed & they're being made 0
When you're a hammer, every problem is a nail to pound. Good policing requires that you be a Swiss Army knife. Pl…
'Like a BAD relationship' EU Expats rail against Brexit as they prepare to leave UK she's Swiss they're not in EU
I like vs girls that like me" you're kidding right, have you looked in a mirror lately; swiss cheese, vomit, look familiar!
Whether you're skiing the Swiss Alps or hiking the Cinque Terre, be sure your are in check before takeoff…
If you ride a scooter around campus, you're goofy af, but also I commend you for your bravery
W/ Amb. Husy following generous donation re: role of military in compliant criminal justice responses to…
This is for dt young Nigerian girl who's been told she needs to tone herself down so she can be "good enough to marry": Bab…
Cinven sale of closed book pension business to Swiss Re based on bond prices? I think not.
I’d grow Swiss Chard just for its ornamental value but we’re going to eat it!
please play the music of "The City of Sound" they're amazing and their music needs to be heard!!
Doing in the US from a Swiss Investor’s Perspective
Hey We're at THIS WEEKEND sampling our best Stop by and
Alison Martin joins Zurich from Swiss Re as Group Chief Risk Officer. Read more: $ZURN
Steve, is like the Swiss Army knife of the team. But at the same time... He's also a great friend. You're awesome and a bla…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Cook -Swiss Chalet -
When stress is consuming u but you're acting chill
Mass immigration of white people to America caused terrorism to American Indians - you're point?!
PS Thanks for reminding the courts that when you say it "isn't a ban," you're lying. As always.
Have the Trumps got Swiss bank accounts for all the booty they're accumu…
Told my Swiss friend I'd buy him one of these because he couldn't understand why I use the word "heaps" so much. Th…
When you're Swiss cheese but coach puts you in anyway
You know when you're ordering at a restaurant "Allah have the turkey and Swiss hold the mayo extra bacon please "
Just a matter of time before they're treated like the old gangsters, ambushed in their cars with .50…
You’re no rocket scientist, there Stevo. *** do you think it is? Attack of the Killer Swiss Nuns?
*** s versatile like a verbal Swiss Army knife. It can do way more than three things. You're getting it cheap.
It is. implied:If you're Swiss, who cares?
When Zidane took over this side, they were a talented group of individuals. Now, they’re an actual team. A well-balanced, cohe…
We’re due for the next major platform shift, and and are those next platforms.
Stood with a bunch of Swiss fellas in and can't decide if we're Napoli or Juve fans.
At least they're still paying taxes :)
Little taste of Switzerland for Oooh, now we're in the mood for Swiss cheese. 🧀. Christina Bacon…
Best time of my life: Hiking from biergarten to biergarten in the Swiss Alps. We're doing it all wrong in the states.
Swiss supporter here. You're wrong on Peterson on so many levels. Watch this young transgender man defend…
Oh yeah, Bernie, because an agreement with no guidance is foolproof. Just collegiate meeting…
You're right. But the swiss are just... no.
"If words don't have vibration behind them,. and a real feeling behind them, then they're. just words.". Charlotte Rampling…
Those guns turned my body into Swiss cheese, and you're telling me that it was all for nothing...
Swiss model means lots of separate agreements, will take years. Meanwhile we're sc…
Lolz. It's cool. If anyone says u're lame cuz of it, just get back to me. *twirls my Swiss knife
US authorities have info on Swiss bank accounts that may have been used by tax cheats & they’re following the clues:
❝ Care to show me this Swiss chocolate you're so fond of? ❞
Swiss Re made its unstructured data more accessible using IBM Watson Explorer
Your anniversary and you're away for most of the weekend? She's done well there! Congra…
You could only implement something like t…
omg for when we're dying on the hike to the Swiss alps 😂
Swiss Re's statement in full on the US administration's decision to pull out of the
Cyclone Debbie to affect regional reinsurance pricing: Swiss Re
Societe Generale downgraded Swiss Re (OTCMKTS:SSREY) from Hold to Sell in a statement released earlier today.
Swiss Re (OTC:SSREY) has been downgraded from Hold to Sell in a statement by Societe Generale earlier today.
SWIS RE17 : London School of Economics - New LSE financial markets research programme in partnership with Swiss Re
miss Swiss Re's colleagues.. wonder if Ill ever get to meet such fun and wonderful ppl again
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
After thousands and thousands of predictable movies, then a SWISS ARMY MAN comes along. You're gonna love it on its merits of originality.
Weather update from no, we're not flying today ☔️🌧
Hey Murray, what're you made of Swiss cheese?
When you're about to overdose in coffee
What We're Watching: on FX has some pretty good effects (especially if you like blue cheese) but the plot is more like Swiss cheese.
.Welcome. Here in USA we hear Swiss law requires citizens to be trained + own a firearm. We're working on it.
the Swiss have a much lower % of food banks but I guess being in the EU helps them.oh wait they're not in the EU.
We're signing the Swiss Alonso I'm close to tears
To the two bouncers at The Marquis in London Road Leicester. You need to tune it down a bit. You're not guards on the Swiss border.
Best off out. Vote Leave the EU for safety & security for Britain sake. not scientists' the rich or big business. Swiss're OK
DARWIL UT 6376 Wehrmachtswerk army mechanical Swiss watch from 1970. year, NEW
🎈🎈There's a swiss birthday party & you're invited to celebrate with us 🎈🎈Join us Gary👯🎈🎈
A.M. BEST:Swiss Re Big Data and Smart Analytics Lead: Big Data Opens the Door to the Insurance Industry . …
Any Swiss folks out there booking gigs in August? We're looking in St Gallen, Zurich and Geneva. Thanks
expert watch out! The avalanche doesn't know you're an expert! . Best wishes from the Swiss Alps, a beginner :)
Made up to be partnering w/ for They're bringing Sparkling Swiss Wine so BE THERE:
Reminds me of my corporate career. So happy it's over! "Actually, more data might not be what you’re hoping for"
Swiss Re and tech firm say massive premium drop in future due to smart cars
Re-reading "The Swiss Family Robinson." Had completely forgotten they KILL EVERYTHING they see before/after marveling at how beautiful it is
He carries 1 item—a fine Swiss pocket watch, c1900; so far they're unable to ascertain where/when purchase was made.
Want to work for a company committed to making the world more resilient? Check out this job from Swiss Re
We've been HIT by "Rape-Fugee" terrorists already! If you're so concerned, tell the Swiss to take in 10M refugees! . &FOTUSAWYBS!
While we're on the *** eating cheese with the Swiss, all the everton boys are at home
you're getting Swiss roll tomorrow night when I arrive
It's so we're trying out this Swiss Chard & Sweet Potato Salad from our
my new *reliable* source also says we're in the middle of a deal with a pretty awesome swiss player. And that u would say that.
Jean-Louis Monnier is now Global Head of ILS Structuring at Swiss Re (
Judy Klugman is now Global Head of ILS Distribution at Swiss Re (
Swiss Re announced that Judy Klugman and Jean-Louis Monnier will co-head its global insu...
Join the Webinar: Swiss Re & the Insurance Information Institute: An overview of 2015’s global loss events
Great tri-sector discussion today at Swiss Re about achieving the SDGs through public/private collaboration!
Swiss Re, Veolia, Rockefeller Fndtn team up to help build cities' resilience to critical risks via
Thanks to Rowan Douglas of Willis, Jon Williams of PwC & Nick Kitching of Swiss Re for supporting
Watson doing insurance...focus will be on pricing and numbers : "Swiss Re adopts IBM's tech for underwriting"
I hate when people dress like this. We get it. You're virgins.
Are you working hard or are you just bouncing on a swiss ball pretending you're a horse?.
Amazing lunch. Grilled turkey and Swiss, juicy peach and earl grey tea. (I know you're not…
Put pressure on the Swiss to be more cooperative re black money? Searching for a best case scenario here!
maybe if you're a European soccer player
HSBC becomes Swiss Re's custodian bank in China
Swiss Re targets Nigerian acquisition: SWISS RE AG, which has had an African presence for... Via
Start a new at Swiss Re in Overland Park, KS. Technical Architect
Swiss Re employees visited reStart to pamper our residents with a much anticipated Spa Night. These lovely ladies...
Swiss Bakery. But you have to get them quick 'cause they're always gone first.
Like a K-Swiss thing or like you're just wearing nurse's clogs from now on?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
we'd hardly be isolated, you've been listening to BBC too much,are Swiss, Norway, Iceland?They're in EFTA &far better off than UK
We Indians are so obsessed with fair color that we're not bringing back our own money from Swiss bank, just because it's black.
And people say that the Swiss Cup doesn’t have any surprises anymore. Well ok, it doesn’t, except if you’re YB.
I know you know the different between there their and they're.
Looks like the perfect Saturday out there. While you're out today, be sure to stop in for a mushroom swiss...
. . . they're even better with a wedge of Jarlsberg Swiss cheese available just outside the produce room.
My Spanish neighbors geek and I have no idea what they're saying lol they're always laughing
That awkward moment when you're walking & then you start thinking about how you're walking, & you feel like you're walkin…
Swiss Airlines, you're scoring some serious points here!
Cheese Days 2014 - THIS! If you're anywhere near So. WI u HAVE 2 check out this!
Afternoon everyone, hope you're Saturday is going well. Here's another oldie for you, Jackie a Brown Swiss cow.
:D nothing will ever beat a classy swiss made;) hope you're good mate, lets catchup soon on fbook. Greetings from England
Swiss Binary Robot Review Another great post from the Rockket Affiliates Blog. Check it out...
6 car convoy has hit Switzerland Heading up the Rhone valley towards Oberwald. Big up the Swiss - they're loving the cars!
Today we're in LEEDS with a small selection of Swiss and Austrian wine. Next weekend YORK Yay!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lightning strikes the Swiss Re Tower in the City of London - it was a stormy sunrise today :)
Swiss Binary Robot Review {Check out Swiss Binary Robot Review by Robert! A great post you'll want to sh..
Thank you for posting our vid on jaunted. If you're in Switzerland, come visit us so we can present you SWISS. Best regards
interesting. they must know what they're doing, cf fine print: KPMG, a Del LLP and KPMG intl, a Swiss entity
Switzerland is a country for rich people, you're swiss so you're rich. Rich k... — LMAO!! Laughing at your delusion
Swatch basically *invented* 80s fast fashion. They're like stories in Swiss mechanical form.
The happiness swiss examine concession announces the l in re doxa but cyma watches: iAtuVspG
Swiss Binary Robot Review Great post from Robert!¦Check out this postSwiss Binary Robot Review!¦My fri..
See what I'm doing, love's so scary If you really love Pater lots. You're gonna choose me, Heidi, such cutie girl. SWISS MAMMY
Don't continue critical re erection swiss bank account from yours opt-in enlist: UjR
Spent 10 mins of my time explaining deep fried pizza to so to some Swiss guys this evening. You're welcome Scotland. ;-)
Find someone Swiss and punch them. They're always neutral, so you can't be accused of being partisan yourself.
now you're just trolling so this conversation is done. Good day to you sir
Swiss chalet is chronic when you're high
““Even if you're not a Zayn girl, YOU ARE A GOD *** ZAYN GIRL. *** straight- S”AMEN 🙌🙏
Wisconsin School of Business, Swiss Re will be on campus hosting an info session Monday, September 22 from 7-8pm in Grainger Hall. Stop by …
My letter to the swiss in draft, should release tomorrow. We're also assembling a devastating motion for summary judgement for the IRS case.
“bruh bae gave me 4 Swiss, 5 tomatoes, oil and then vinegar.” People must think we're nuts but holy cow she's perf
Yes I re-booked via phone with a Swiss agent in Switzerland. However, haven't yet received the re-issued ticket...
Swiss Re executive says reinsurer has plans to cut catastrophe coverage: Report
Government must perform due diligence on terrorism insurance. Could pay for inadequate coverage (e.g. Swiss Re borrowing of BRK after 9-11).
Latest Appointment News - ClearView has welcomed three new Business Development Managers (BDMs), while Swiss Re ...
Swiss Re holds some important lessons on how to foster a diverse environment with flexibility and inclusiv...
World Economic Forum: Global Risk 2014 report with comments by executives from Marsh, Swiss Re and Zurich.
Chief Resilience Officers, CRO, to be appointed by Clinton Global Initiative for 100 Cities, lots in Asia, Swiss Re to help define the role
Swiss Re, one of the world's leading global reinsurers, is here at Illinois State today! Stop by their informational booth any time between 9:00 and 3:00 in the lower atrium. Lunch will be provided in SFH412 at 11:30-1:30, with an informational session in SFH131 at 5:00 P.M. An ex-Gamma Officer and recent Illinois State graduate, Erin Dullard, currently works at Swiss Re, and would love to provide any students interested in a career at Swiss Re with more insight. Contact her for more information. Get excited for Swiss Re Day! Contact our President Patrick O'Brien for more information. Alpha Kappa Chapter- Gamma Iota Sigma
Swiss Re estimates claims from Europe floods at $300 million via
Exclusive: Shell, Ikea, Swiss Re and others urge MEPs on Environment Committee to vote in favour of backloading
Graph of the Day: Swiss Re says sea-level rise on course to double probability of extreme flood losses
Is This a Black Eye for Buffett?: Swiss Re just announced that Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will pay $6...
Did you know? Philippines' Typhoon Bopha was event that caused highest loss of lives in 2012. Swiss Re sigma
AAAWWW LIAM, this made me cry! I'm so happy for you!!! I'm glad you're happy, love you.xx
Goddammit, this made me cry at work. Thank you so much for this and for the example you set. You're a
GSP �We all know a *** named Brittany.� I laughed so hard when I read! You're like the only Brittany I know sooo...
Kimi This made me cry a bit. I never knew. I love you for who you are, you're amazing and nothing can change that
Canada there's 2 PA shows and they're both on a Tuesday come on really this made me cry for exactly 19 hours straight
One woman to another on the train 'I didn't realise that you're a spelling
Fischer and Pedersen, you're doing it right! The Danes have won the Swiss Open by beating Zhang Nan and Tang...
Ireland You're ugly and I hate you.� HA this made me laugh! I lovee you
United Kingdom BMSNard "God rest in peace." That was the best. I laughed so hard. Thanks Nard. You're awesome.
So you're telling me Tyga is a rapper? and not the animal that ate my brother? I
this made me cry! you're inspiring and this was inspirational. You're beautiful in every way never let
�you're not about that life yet madhia.�this made me laugh Ireland
�with my changaa ? but im soo sleepy ??� lmfao this made me laugh. Watch listen to you're heart ?
Happy St Patricks Day America want to re-elect Obama? Lies,deceit,no jobs...
�Hey I just met you, And this is crazy, But you're wearing crocs, Bye.�
wow this made me cry...stay strong sweetie. you're beautiful. we're always here for you xoxo Massa
as if you're a swiss assassin. Youre getting married too young Dom im worried...
Canada I cannot believe this is what we're doing right now.
�I will wipe away your tears, break down your fears, and hold you until you're
Vettel this made me cry I hope you're proud of yourself.
this made me cry, you're beautiful and very strong. If you EVER need anyone to
Hey, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans! We're having a swiss-style Cosmo Blazer Box Tournament this Saturday from 12pm to 4 pm!...
Fed up of If you're a train commuter Labour wants your ideas to feed into policy. Join us - Cornwell Centre,Tilehurst, 20 Feb 8pm
Stop wearing fake Swiss watches. You're not fooling anyone.
Hey we got ur Email , you're sure u wanna co-own this account ?
I'm delighted that you come in Swiss ! And Never Forget That : You're The Best !
I mean they're good but not worth the money Swiss precision are my favorite. I've never actually ridden Labyrinth
we will be living like the Swiss Family Robinson, we're going up 8 feet
Honestly you're a *** head. I haven't had an appetite for two days... I ask for half your Swiss roll and you tell me no... Good friend. 😒😭
We're gonna do what lovers do. We're gonna have a fight or two.
TY! We're busy working on new tips and exercises to keep our feeling pretty remarkable.
Federalist play sheathe fgb regulates casinos but enforces swiss bootlegging pig abscind lotteries, which are re... 267615
*** Swiss ... guess where we're going on hols!
Pearl Insurance Adds Swiss Re Corporate Solutions as Carrier Partner Partnership - Will Allow for Expansion of C...
they're swiss german. Got an album coming out this month. They're actually composed of two ladies. Ahhh, the irony. :)
I'm not working until Monday lmao just go in whenever you're able to & apply do yk where it is?
The Swiss Guard are special forces - don't ever think they're only ceremonial. They're extraordinarily dangerous people.
Kaylash just phoned. I've got the job! I'll be starting work with Swiss Re in the Gherkin on March 4th. Anne's 1st day of maternity leave!
We're good at everything involving snow and ice (LOL) - I'm sure we can beat the Swiss any day. *cough* LOL
Franck muller triplicate watches are the copies in re the artless swiss watches in .JSV
RT“If you've never tried jackknifes on a Swiss-ball, just ask Is that what they're called?
hope you're well. Are you still incognito? Day off for me, catching up with myself. Off to get a Swiss driving license next.
Thanks for that, nice to be recognised for what we are. How're you doing, you got any Swiss in you?
When you're learning, watch out for the "Swiss cheese effect"—gaps in your knowledge that make it hard to learn more:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Big thanks to Swiss Re (The Gherkin) and Skandia (Southampton) who are kindly hosting these sessions
V interesting meeting with Swiss Cottage school this morning re teaching schools resources. Now onto local authority event!
Do something crazy for she said, show me you're nuts.. I always get your & you're mixed up
Re-sign that Swiss at the back. He loves Newy and we love him. Always dependable Always safe
"actin like you're Swizz Beats.. All I see is swiss cheese" my ***
One brand, many owners: Findus Italy & Swiss have started running ads to explain they’re not part of Findus Group
Writing an essay isn't so bad when you're facing the Swiss mountains >
you're just a tease, I know you want to see my ***
we're doing a central Swiss tasting w BxJ 7/3. Keep you posted
Shame to you and ur Shahbaz Sharif. After Swiss court decision CJP and PMLN must re-think about PPP
They're sick. I'm really leaning towards those for my prescription pair
I'm thinking Spy or Oakleys. Maybe Bolle, they're nice as well
You're so dead. Don't ever ask to hit again in your non matching pink *** k-Swiss knock off tennis shoes.
You're like the're neutered
that changes tomorrow when I got top cheddar on you cause you're swiss featured in NBC s Science of Love
YOU'RE INVITED! A Special Invitation from Legendary Swiss Watchmaker Ernest Borel to see their newest Collections...:
Had to re-up for my daily "green smoothies"! Kale, spinach, ginger root, beets, swiss chard, carrots,…
Please, if you're out for dinner on vday, don't dress so basic.
Good news for a change!!! If you have money in a Swiss bank account you're in for a big surprise!...
I just wanna go to Swiss, screw my hockey game tomorrow
These sriracha flavored chips I'm eating have cheddar, Swiss, & cream cheeses as ingredients. Why do u think they're there?
my dad works for Swiss Re but he refers to them as Swiss Retard omfg help
Swiss RE USA L& H MD Neil Sprackling will share insights on one of the world's leading life markets Life Conference Mar 21
Insurance is important! (Takaful available for those who require.) Swiss Re study projects healthcare funding gap:
They're talking about McCarron's girlfriend on espn lmfao
You know you're a special person to me if I share my Swiss Cake Rolls with you. ☺
Oh oh. This book about German grammar is written especially for Swiss. *** Do they think we're stupid? Telling us it's NOT like Swissgerman
we're gonna need 3 bottles of kettle one vodka from 1994, a Swiss army knife, a tub filled with jello, and an American flag
I know you're there for me but I just can't open anymore...
Yeah you're probably right. Swiss then? Or Purple Door?
Thank you so much Tanja, that put a smile on my face for sure! I miss seeing you at Swiss, hope you're doing good (:
If you're awesome and you know it clap your hands~
GLASGOW! We're coming to see ya . At King Tuts , 26th Feb , tickets here :
that's awesome. I suck at any sports that involve snow lol. So you're Swiss then?
I think you're good on the piercings gf nobody likes Swiss cheese ladies
they're expensive swiss ones :) you'd love them. I would share if you were here! :)
Toblerone... you're making me crave swiss chocolate.
ordered a Chicken bacon swiss w/only c, b, s; add onions and got this. Go home you're drunk
“you're insulting other human being, and you want us Beliebers to respect opinions”
The New York Knicks & Detroit Pistons will play on January 17th in the UK! We're for London Live 2013!
Don't let anyone tell you you're too old for Swiss Cake Rolls--You're not.
If you're cool, that's cool, but if you don't like mushroom swiss burgers, you're not as cool as you -could- be. Cool?
On benefits? You're a skiver. Have a job? You're a striver. Get by with just some duct tape and Swiss Army knife? You're MacGyver.
you're welcome :D you're awesome kid be happy
3. If you help someone when they're lonely or in trouble, they will remember you when they're lonely or in trouble again.
Target sell Wenger Swiss backpacks which we've been buying for work for a while, they're fantastic.
VIDEO: Swiss Re CRO David Cole talks about the need to act now to adapt to
no-one can have just one slice of swiss roll. Especially Woolies caramel one -- so you're 100% normal at this stage ;-)
Prosecutor to open tax probe on French budget minister re Swiss bank account ... via
Laya healthcare’s policies are underwritten by Elips Insurance Ltd. (trading as laya healthcare), a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss Re.
now you're going to look like Frankenstein and the Swiss kids will be terrified!
We're sure you didn't realise this about Skiing... Lovers of Swiss ski holidays have the creator of Sherlock...
Swiss have to ask if they're beautiful enough /via
Random fact: Swiss cake rolls are made by magical elves who live over the rainbow & ride unicorns to work. And that's why they're so AWESOME
Why Swiss babies are winning at life: handy map of target countries if you're aiming to be born in 2013
"The Swiss government tries now to avoid the automatic exchange of information, but even this is no longer a holy cow"
David Cole,chief risk officer@ swiss re:"While the [digital wildfire] risks may be the same as in 2012, likelihood and impact has increased"
Interesting Swiss Re conference coming up on social insurance, focussing on age, gender and disability. Our CEO...
Jessie look what I made with a picture of u! LOL I LOVE U SO MUCH! Follow a Swiss fan please,u're the best ❤
2 complaints with Swiss trash system: you're screwed if you miss a recycling day and styrofoam is almost impossible to get rid of.
Life, P&C premiums in Latin America to grow 11%, 7% in 2013 - Swiss Re
I eat them... They're better with a kilo of swiss cheese.
If your name has more than two syllables, you're getting a nickname.
I'll see you in your next life, when you're a cat.
No worries, Bernie, you'll collect plenty of appearance fees when you're the GOAT. Better set up those swiss bank accounts!
NOT SWISS!!! =P I once read a fic where Sam, Dean and Cas are all turned into My little ponies. And one where they're care bears.
lol yea. You're right ! But He texted me after Swiss alps and said something but I didn't reply
: There's a guy fighting with security, beacuse he wants to carry his swiss knife into the aircraft. Riiight. They're going to let you. -.-
Skin deep: Swiss have to ask if they’re beautiful enough! -
you're welcome...Swiss miss is the truth!! Didn't realize you were in Ga. Thought u were visiting when we 1st met.
you're better at photos than Swiss Miss.
Capital markets should gain further market share in reinsurance: Swiss Re
From the World Economic Forum blog: "The international reinsurance company Swiss Re estimates the average weather-related insurance industry loss in the US was about US$ 3 billion a year in the 1980s compared to about US$ 20 billion annually by the end of the past decade. Allianz sees a 15-fold increase in weather-related claims over the past 30 years." Wow, just wow. Climate science is real!
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