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Swiss Army Man

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I uploaded a new episode, "Doctor Strange, Captain Fantastic, Swiss Army Man & more!", on
NEW EPISODE! discusses Swiss Army Man and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Listen for FREE:…
that's it, I'll watch Swiss Army Man alone 😂I'd watch Dr Strange, but not with our free tickets 😂😂those are saved for Wick!
Swiss Army Man has the best music and sound mixing i've heard maybe ever. Also, it has a perfect amount of laughs,cries, farts, and ***
This week at the Kino: Of honey, farts and more...: American Honey, Swiss Army Man, We...
Daniel Radcliffe on Graham Norton describing Swiss Army Man as "joyous" 😆😆😆
Daniel Radcliffe on Swiss Army Man: 'People fixate on the farting'
Charming he is , the swiss army man, was not, an hour and 36 minutes of wasted time DO NOT WATCH
Y'all ever watched Swiss Army Man? I'm only 10mins in and it's already disgustingly weird for no reason.
Daniel Radcliffe on why he made Swiss Army Man via
I just wanna finish tomolo's papers and watch swiss army man
"But enough about the flawed erection of the oil rig in Deepwater Horizon; let's talk about the *** in Swiss Army Man"
A heartfelt, hilariously funny story on friendship & survival. Now on Digital HD:
What did i just watch? Ingat best sbb ada Daniel Radcliffe. Swiss Army Man. Its just a dumb movie. 😷
"SWISS ARMY MAN is so much more than Daniel Radcliffe's farting corpse" (Independent) .Opening tomorrow at the IFI!
8minutes into Swiss Army Man and i can already understand why my friends called it one of the weirdest movies they ever saw
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SWISS ARMY MAN kinda falls apart in its final quarter or so, huh?
I interviewed Daniel Radcliffe, and he was charming.
Get ready for a wondrous, insane adventure. is coming to change your life. Tickets now on sale!
I think it's the best movie of 2016 — watching Swiss Army Man
The film that became known as the flatulent corpse movie at Sundance 2016: Daniel Radcliffe stars in Swiss Army Man…
Swiss army man is an absurd beautiful touching movie
"People fixate on the farting". Not an everyday film promo quote... Opens tomorrow.
From tomorrow we have SWISS ARMY MAN, starring Paul Dano, & Daniel Radcliffe in probably his most unique role yet.…
I'm watching Swiss Army Man for the second time. It's original, philosophical, and beautiful. Can't recommend enough.
Swiss Army Man review: Daniel Radcliffe's farting corpse rises to the occasion via
Checkout the of the film starring and
Film reviews round-up: Swiss Army Man, Free State of Jones, Under the Shadow - The Independent
Has Daniel Radcliffe finally cast off the shackles of child stardom?
Oh, what's my favorite song this very moment no doubt? Daniel Radcliffe singing Cotton-Eyed Joe on the Swiss Army Man s…
We are showing it at selected cinemas Alex >>
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The staggeringly unique and frequently funny is a breath of salty fresh air in a homogenous industry.
Why have all the showings of Swiss Army Man been removed for Crawley? :(
From tomorrow, one of the most astonishingly original films we've ever seen - experience SWISS ARMY MAN…
A turning point in Daniel Radcliffe’s career
I see Swiss Army Man tomorrow for the first time ever in my life. Goodbye.
Here's our review of Daniel Radcliffe's new movie And here's a gif of Paul Dano surfing Rad…
"It's clear that Daniel Radcliffe is equally adept playing a man who died as well as The Boy Who Lived"…
Swiss Army Man - calls it a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon sprung from the page
Swiss Army Man review: possibly the best farting corpse movie you'll ever see
Why Swiss Army Man is so much more than Daniel Radcliffe's farting corpse
'Swiss Army Man' is an awesome movie indeed, trust me 😂
Swiss Army Man is the "most beautiful and the grossest film I've ever made", says Daniel Radcliffe.
Videos of Daniel Radcliffe at dual 'Swiss Army Man' & 'Imperium' UK premieres
Videos of Daniel Radcliffe interviews to promote 'Imperium', 'Swiss Army Man' in UK: Daniel... via
It's really hard to look my girlfriend's Daniel Radcliffe pillowcase in the eyes now having seen Swiss Army Man
Did I just see Andy Hull's name in the credits for Swiss Army Man? What.
ALSO have you seen/heard about Swiss Army Man ? It has dan radcliffe! i saw it last night with my mom and it's SO GOOD
Had a good chat with Paul Dano, who doubts his ability to pinpoint his own fart in Swiss Army Man.
So happy Swiss Army Man has gotten great reviews. I can't wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray. (Don't like theaters normally.)
What we throw away says a lot about our society (Swiss Army Man 2016 Dir: Daniels DOP: Seiple)
As of now, top 5 movies of the year: . 1.) Swiss Army Man. 2.) Midnight Special. 3.) Green Room. 4.) Captain America: Civil War. 5.) Finding Dory
Best male comedic performances in films so far: Daniel Radcliffe in Swiss Army Man, Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys,&Anthony Weiner as himself
Life, death and farts: The loopy world of "Swiss Army Man" Rick Bentley's review:
KSR: Farts and All: ‘Swiss Army Man’ is the Most Resourceful Movie of the Year
I am so on board for the Daniel Radcliffe Oscar campaign!
I love SWISS ARMY MAN so god *** much. Full of love for people and the weirdness of living, without shying away from…
SWISS ARMY MAN might be the best movie I've seen since HER. I only say "might" ‘cause two hrs out seems a little soon to decide. . But it is.
Everything about SWISS ARMY MAN is beyond great, soundtrack included.
I want to see Swiss army man but I want it to be a date and there are negative boys around to take me out rn!
See How Daniel Radcliffe Has Changed Every Year Since Starting Harry Potter: Before you check-out his latest movie Swiss Army Man, wa...
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Just got out of Swiss Army Man. It was a gas.
Playing movie catch-up this weekend: Finally watching Finding Dory. Saving Swiss Army Man tomorrow, Our Kind of Traitor on Monday.
‘Swiss Army Man’: Friends can be life saver when feeling isolated, even if they’re dead: The directors of “Swiss…
The Lobster and Swiss Army Man, two out there indies worth checking out.
So many movies I need to see right now! Swiss Army Man, Warcraft, Shallows, BFG, Finding Dory, Free State of Jones, Indepen…
Setting myself for quite the triple feature today with The Shallows, Finding Dory and Swiss Army Man. Wish BFG was ocean-based.
If ur feelin a little weird and artsy, do yourself a favor and see Swiss Army Man. There is no movie like it
REVIEW: "Swiss Army Man." Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe do good work in a surreal comedy that's scared of girls. https…
I wrote about where I urge you to go see this weird, wonderful film. -
Time to see if Swiss Army Man is any good.
I interviewed Daniel Radcliffe, WHO IS A BLAST. Topics incl. dancing for Al Pacino, steak and the Arctic Monkeys:
Kinda wanna watch Swiss army man 🤔 their Social Media team definitely did a good job in promoting
Yeah there's an app that blocks kardashian stuff from your devices but is there one that can shield my entire life from swiss army man
I'm convinced that Swiss Army Man is a high-point within 21st century filmmaking- a movie we need and deserve.
I should've put SWISS ARMY MAN, the easy favorite, last. That's poor polling practice by me.
I just realized this.Swiss army man came out a couple of days ago, and I didn't watch it...I WANNA WATCH IT!
May or may not be watching Swiss Army Man just to hear soundtrack in action.
that movie was so wild, Swiss Army Man 8.5/10 lots of farting and feelings
I'm pretty sure Swiss Army Man is my second favorite movie of the year right now. Also has my favorite soundtrack.
Here is my review of Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Take a look!.
This weekend, skip the fart jokes in “The BFG” (snooze!) and relish the ones in “Swiss Army Man” (bonkers!) instead. htt…
My review for the strangest film of the year Swiss Army Man
A theory on why Paul Dano wanted to make "Swiss Army Man". Dedicated to
So down to go see Swiss Army Man tonight
I need to see this. Swiss Army Man Is a Sweet, Flatulent Adventure - via
Swiss Army Man is an incredible, hilarious, wonderful film focussed mainly on Daniel Radcliffe's butt.
SWISS ARMY MAN might be this year's GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, in that it's a soothing salve for our hurting humanity. We need to listen.
We expect strong weekend turnout for SWISS ARMY MAN & WEINER. Come early or get tix online:
More video interviews with Daniel Radcliffe to promote 'Swiss Army Man', 'Now You See Me 2'
Will there be a Midnight Screening for Swiss Army Man?
I'm on my way to see Swiss Army Man and I'm not alone I think this is a miracle. ((The moms supporting my indie movie habits 🙃))
Going to see Swiss Army Man on Tuesday probably up in *** Rapids and then go to Mavericks in Champlain if anyone wants to join!
We have a full list of Don't-Miss Indies for July. Start with SWISS ARMY MAN this weekend http…
Swiss Army Man's farting folly could be cure for Hollywood's 'sequelitis' via
Wow! Thank you. "Swiss Army Man" is the only film to immediately obtain a spot on my "Top 5 of all Time" list! Truly life-changing!
You should read my interview with them. They're very smart, funny guys. You will LOVE the movie.
You all got an hour or 2 left to vote. So far Swiss Army Man is winning
I saw Swiss Army Man last night. Going to catch The BFG and Hunt For the Wilderpeople before the weekend is…
i just saw this video for the first time yesterday and its made me 9000x excited for SWISS ARMY MAN
Please everyone go watch the Swiss Army Man official movie trailer.. 💀
Swiss Army Man is insane and hilarious
My review of - "[It is] beautifully strange and strangely beautiful."
I'll probably see Purge. Swiss Army Man is too far for me and the other two were both just okay.
"The BFG" was scored by the man who composed the baseline theme from "Harry Potter," played by Daniel Radcliffe from "Swiss Army Man."
Between The Lobster, Neon Demon and Swiss Army Man, 2016 has become a year for indie movies with weird premises that (1/2)
//Has anyone else seen the trailer for "Swiss Army Man"? The one where Daniel Radcliffe is essentially a human multi-tool.
Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano iTunes Apple Store chat for Swiss Army Man: Meet the Actor -
Daniel Radcliffe goes all in on 'Swiss Army Man,' poses as corpse on red carpet - USA TODAY
Their bizarre road to 'Swiss Army Man' began at Emerson College
Swiss Army Man hits home. I have never smiled, laughed, and was move by a simple message. It made me feel alive. I highly recommend it!
"Swiss Army Man" is coming to the 13th Avenue Warren Theatre and the 21st St Warren Theatre this Friday! -
Paul Dano said the directors of Swiss Army Man told him they wanted to make a movie where the first fart would make you laugh and...
Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe dish on their buddy comedy, 'Swiss Army Man'
My proposal was to use the Dwarves to get off the island, "Swiss Army Man" style.
Dr. Gary Rothfeld 'Neon Demon,' 'Swiss Army Man' lead movie weekend of the weird - USA TODAY: U... Dermatologist
New music from Swiss Army Man...hear it now!
After many months of working in the shadows, you can finally hear a new song from the Swiss Army Man soundtrack here
I just remembered the Depp/Michael Parks porch scene from Tusk and am feeling more positive about Swiss Army Man.
Heard about Swiss Army Man yet? You will. Manchester Orchestra provides the score for this polarizing comedy.
I added a video to a playlist Swiss Army Man | Official Trailer HD | reaction by askd
I saw the trailer for Swiss Army Man yesterday and I'm still having a hard time convincing myself it was real
BonusCast17 is LIVE! joins me to talk Swiss Army Man, Green Room & more!
Paul Dano on his kiss with Daniel Radcliffe in Swiss Army Man: "I'm still thinking about it."
go look at the Swiss Army Man movie trailer. It's right up your alley.
Swiss Army Man | Official Trailer. can't remember the last time I was this intrigued by a movie...
NEW- THE BREEZE: Swiss Army Man, The Path, Red Rising, the best Chris Farley roles (movie and SNL) + a few questions
Swiss Army Man is the Sundance movie where Harry Potter's corpse has gas
Adios, Sundance. My top 5 of the fest: Manchester by the Sea, Sing Street, Swiss Army Man, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Newtown.
Five favs of Sundance:. 1. Manchester by the Sea. 2. Swiss Army Man. 3. The Birth of a Nation. 4. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople. 5. Green Room
Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano and more attend 'Swiss Army Man' premiere
Laboratories : Photo of Daniel Kwan, co-director of "Swiss Army Man&rdq... $DLB
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