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Swinging London

Swinging London is a catch-all term applied to the fashion and cultural scene that flourished in London in the 1960s.

Carnaby Street Saturday Night Live Ole Miss Tom Wolfe Jean Shrimpton David Bailey Jane Birkin Greenwich Village Jeff Beck Jimmy Page New Journalism Christopher Lee Brian Jones Tom Jones New York

Please beware along Thames way Northfleet coming from vale road up to London road. Flood on road cars are swinging out over the line bad
The will revolutionise your sex life. Here’s how:
Timeline pop up - The Swinging Laurels live at the legendary Hope and Anchor - Islington - London - June 1983 -...
Casually swinging a bucket of stilettos through London
Yes of course! When are you next swinging by this old London?
Trending🤔 ...women been swinging 40in on HBCU campuses for at least 5 years now 😭😭
A kaleidoscope of costume: Putting swinging London’s fashions on screen
favor não esquecer de it's magic swinging london town memory of you graffiti my soul some kind of miracle control of the knife etc
Sale Special: Light and fun, Parafernalia of Italy is meant to evoke the swinging style of London in the 60's…
Bad start for London.. Focus on recruiting.. stop swinging the Coach pistol on a hbcu program
01:00 The Story of Pop: Alan Freeman investigates the myths and legends of swinging London.
Come in from the cold this Jan and enjoy red-hot rhythms at one of our swinging Wednesday Jazz Nights
9 January 1939. Acclaimed actress Susannah York was born in London. She rose to fame during the Swinging Sixties.
When the day is almost cold enough to remind me of London!
Always love swinging from that birdcage!
'Children playing in the street with one swinging from a tree'. London (early 1950s). Photo by Robert Frank
Redmayne is his client. He's British, so it's international. Maybe it's in London. Swinging 60s. Mod era.
Tonight's our 1st Sat at w/ add. late set to keep party swinging!
Remembering shopping in BIBA High Street Ken 1969 London’s Lost Department Store of the Swinging Sixties
I know.That drives me nuts.Movies made in 60's ,supposed to be in 1800's but look like Swinging London circa 1966.…
Circus, swinging and scuba: alternative ways to get fit
Double bill of Pete Walker for the Eastmancolor Revolution project. Man of Violence and The Big Switch - Swinging London at it's best(?)
Remember when the city was aptly named "Swinging London". Then the commies took over.
"icon of Swinging modelling for John
The Rolling Stones No band better & no book better than In Swinging London 1966 & 1967 writ…
Hartmann – Malicious Rules, Book 1 of the Hartmann Series- set in London in the swinging 60s.
Hey London friends -- I'm swinging by Chinatown for dim sum at 12 today, if anyone fancies joining? 🍜
THE REAL BLOW UP. Fascinating documentary about photography in the 'swinging' sixties.
The swinging '60s London: Blow up and the rest.
Good read: how foreign filmmakers looked beyond the glam and glitter of London during the swinging 60s
It’s 50 years since Time declared London ‘swinging’ and foreign film-makers flocked to the capital to...
Blown up – how cinema captured the dark heart of the swinging 60s: It’s 50 years since Time declared London ‘s...
.Ew. Imagine swinging balls while you're trying to eat!.. Stay Classy London.
On enjoy a cuppa and immerse yourself in the London of the Swinging Sixties.
In the 1960s, they were widely seen as prosperous and charming celebrity nightclub owners and were part of the Swinging London scene
Best believe if this happened to a South London girl she's swinging at every don that jumps on her
Our new 'Swinging London' Capsule Collection is now available in stores!!!…
Check out our new Swinging London capsule collection at
london fight on the streets. Crazy belts swinging punches thrown security step in.
📷 claraclarvoyant: Swinging London fashions in Avenue magazine, September 1966 What the jet setting...
A fading echo of Swinging London in the cut of the clothes there...
"You cannot swing a cat without hitting a FinTech startup in London right now".
It's on 30 April! It promises to be swinging. Read our top 10 now!
Blow-Up: Ethereal portrait of swinging '60s London, drenched in mystery and bitter ennui. Problematically of-its-time, but sublimely framed.
Judy Garland makes her explosive London come back at the height of the swinging sixties:
My local park on this gorgeous day I was very close to swinging by and go have an ice cream 🍦 featured in NBC s Science of Love
London is swinging on a Monday night school night, people getting of left right and centre back! Big disco ...
Take a stroll through London in the Swinging Sixties with on Blu-ray and DVD now.
Writing on Swinging London & now I can't get Smashing Time's I'm So Young out of my head. Adele should do a cover.
Hartmann: Malicious Rules , is set in London in the swinging sixties
"The Count is back, with an eye for London's hotpants..." Ephemera from Dracula A.D. 1972
Just had some woman pour beer all over us, then tried swinging for us, don't you just love London
Curious about the swinging lifestyle? Give this a read! We are sure you will then want to join us ;-)
Our hot swinging trio is playing tonight at ! Free entry!
Nah, slightly cockney was all the rage in swinging London!
Gregory and partner in New London love Swinging. Help them find the party!
- Have you seen Judith Wills' witty new memoir from Pop music + 1960s swinging London!
The 'swinging 60s' in Newcastle and the North East is the subject of a BBC documentary
Shame you guys aren't swinging by London on the way back...
may have been swinging sixties in London, in Scotland it was still the fifties!
Pattie Boyd, the most effortlessly stylish woman of the Swinging London era ❤
SWINGERS IS BACK - London On The Inside: - We’re swinging all over the shop with this on...
Tomorow, like every wednesday, the will be from 8:30.
Mood of the day. Joanna (Michael Sarne, 1968). Breaking conventions in Swinging London. A very interesting film.
. The swinging sixties was London. All about Carnaby St & Stones & Floyd. with GG as mayor? maybe again
This is now my favourite image of 'Swinging' London. A great talk tonight!
• adventures in Swinging London cinema continue with Julie Christie in Darling (1965) • . PS,…
Adventure Bar are taking it back to the swinging 60s with their quirky New Year's Eve...
if London hit me with some emojis about food, I'm swinging on sight tomorrow
Married Daryl in East London loves Swinging. Help them find the party!
Speaking of Swingin' 60s London, here's on that very topic in Vanity Fair.
Jean Shrimpton, an iconic face of Swinging London.
Rewatching that slightly odd 1st film of Mike Sarne 'Joanna' - set in 'Swinging London'. Some good and groovy locations
Did you remove yourself from Swinging London and its craft beard revolution?
Greatly looking 4ward to joining my Rock'n'Roll colleague Richard P on his Swinging tour in Richmond today!
MOL Paramount swinging to berth at London Gateway
Our co-curator takes us on trip from 'Swinging London' to West Coast USA via Paris protests
Leites in desperation mode in this third round! Coming out swinging
A very typical Pathe News documentary about Swinging London, featuring the stores 'Granny Takes a Trip' 'Hung on...
Started in the London of the Swinging Sixties by Peter Osborne and his brother-in-law Antony Little, its very...
Cold grey day ✅ Cup of tea ✅ New book set in the London's swinging 60s ✅
Good timing. We have sneak of LEGEND the Kray Brothers story set in swinging London. 10/1
A Still from Blow-Up--Michelangelo Antonioni's haunting portrayal of Swinging London
Swinging 60's Shuttle Bus. The Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, Councillor Martin Seymour will be riding the 60s...
Looking for something to do during hop aboard the Swinging 60s Bus
Tonight will be swinging the Cafe in the Crypt back to the Jazz Age. Get in the mood!
We called it swinging the lead back in the day, get well soon mate !
I loved going to the store Biba's in London. Still have a gold bag from way back :-)
Swinging back through London to pick up some Duffel bags of Doom.
AM swinging up Scotland early next year but if you are down London way any time soon give me a shout.
Nice period shot of (not so) Swinging London to illustrate the 60s...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Twiggy was one the world's first supermodels & face of London's "swinging '60s" mod scene http:…
Things To Do In London This Weekend: 3-4 October 2015: Time travel this weekend from Victorian Day to the swinging…
Prada's Spring 2016 collection brings back memories of London's swinging '60s scene:
Prada brings back the look of London's swinging '60s dolly birds:
Swinging through London at a pub under the London Bridge.
come out swinging next week in London up.
Cynthia, JOHN LENNON, GEORGE HARRISON, Pattie out having fun in Swinging London.
Pothograpy in the capital of cool. Swinging Sixties London. Foto by Terence Donovan.
been working sweetie and I am off down In London today as of Tuesday I am off for a week x
Photo: adandyinaspic: A map of Swinging London’s boutiques and clubs in 16 magazine, 1967...
Amazing news about New Year. Any chance of swinging by London on the tour?
Twiggy, the English model, actress and singer considered the the face of swinging 60s London.
Suspended crunches! Mariesz reckons I'm swinging way too much! What you reckon?.
I've just read that Cliff Richard has rediscovered his zest for life by swinging from the back of a London bus.
South London Saxaphone Quartet will be swinging out foot-tapping jazz and popular tunes on the Bandstand at 3pm today
Swinging Ballroom in London in the Glorious Twenties and Thirties! A great
Join us from 9:30pm for some awesome jazz, cool blues & swinging tunes from some of London's best musicians!
Elio Fiorucci, designer and retailer, 1935-2015: Fusing the transgressive style of Swinging London with his ow...
Colour photography gained popularity in the 1960s. More info on the exhibition:.
Looks like I will have to get a cheap flight to Amsterdam then.anyone fancy animal sitting on the cliff tops?
The Minions visit in the Swinging Sixties, join them here and WIN merchandise htt…
VIDEO: Swinging Sixties London had a ‘water motorbike’ on the Thames! - Entertainment - London 24
Watch brand new episodes of about the Swinging London:
'Swinging sixties London' photo exhibit - Daily Mail: Swinging Sixties London: Photography in the...
Twist and shout: Swinging London at feat. Terence Donovan - see more iconic images here
Opening 'Swinging London' congrats to the curator 👏
Swinging London inspired collection by Stacey Bendet for - Covered for jsbg
Portraits of a lost world *Sharon Tate, Polanski & friends in 68 Swinging London by Bill Ray http…
Despite being more Swinging London than any other UK entry, Matt Monro failed to chart. Unbelievable.
This is where it all began! Here are my original designs for my Swinging London bus! Transport for London Wild in Art
Hedi Slimane looked at Chelsea—as in Swinging London and the type of cool girls Nico sang about—for
Yep, LFC and Arsenal at a similar level right now. Maybe the London factor is swinging it. Who knows.
currently in Swinging London. And I see you're from Sunnydale.
I promise this is the coolest podcast. 90m of tunes & media. London c. 1966.
Enjoyed this, thx. Expected to see Poor Cow, Up The Junction, The Family Way but I guess these aren't exactly Swinging London!
London got her hair braided (first time) remember all the swinging we use to do! Lol
Tonight the Brawlers are swinging quartet style at London's best cabaret spot in Piccadilly. See you all from 10:30pm!
Malcolm English takes us on a magical ride back to 1960's Swinging London
The spot is in London and Dhanush is swinging to Boscoe and Caerar's moves.
Swinging New Orleans style all the way over in London!
A nice place to have a bath...Swinging London!
Have you tried covering yourself in coleslaw and singing Streets of London while swinging a bicycle tube like a lasso?
I had met Gary Osborne in the Vibrant London Nightclub Scene of The Swinging 60's!
Swinging wildly between mentally planning my London fitness explosion and severe desire to sleep! 💪😁.😴
Shooting in London fr shamitabh ,Dhannush swinging to the chorographer Bosco beat.
SWINGING LONDON: Vivien says hello to Ringo Starr, member of the iconic Beatles, at a Lo...
MONDAY:We get South East London swinging when our new classes open in
If Scotland votes for Independence, i'm gonna have to start swinging to supporting a regional assembly for Yorkshire. London hogs too much..
will be swinging by in London tomorrow at 4pm. The first 50 people in line will get to meet A…
Despite being set in London's Swinging '60s, comes across just as apropos of America's here and now.
TONIGHT! We are hosted by the magnetic ! Sign up from 745 in London's swinging Kings XX (the extra x is a kiss)
Thanks to I have just learnt that swinging pigs around by their tails was a popular sport in Hackney once:
"Do what thou wilt" was the whole of the hedonistic,covert social engineering of "Swinging London." From Tavistock to Woodstock.
Swinging the Blues 1940s style tonight in a bunker! Tomorrow ain't nothin but I love x
Vance Trend quits the Bryl Boys and goes solo in Swinging Sixties London. Amazon from today.
Murray races into quarters with victory over Anderson: LONDON (Reuters) - Title holder Andy Murray neutralized the big-swinging game ...
.dissects the report into London's zero-to-hero rise in edu standards in his usual exhibitionist style
You can find out more here at the Theatre Website Let's get You know you want to!
Where is the best sex club in London?
Her Da was Norman Vaughan of the London Palladium fame..."Swinging,Dodgy"!
and from another fan in London, hope you're back out there swinging soon
Interesting, yeah I think it'll be between us 2, the thing swinging it In favour of Arsenal might be the London factor tho
“Looks at success of London’s schools ” . Laughed hard, then shed a tear at this htt…
And has also written a post about London. His one has jokes.
Swinging 'Boris' the 93kg Kettlebell at commando temple London.
Can't be swinging for these american dons and not your London lot
Perhaps growing up in 60's swinging London, times were more "exiting" generally
"Georgy Girl" is starting now on TCM, starring such British greats as James Mason, Alan Bates, a young Lynn Redgrave and a budding charlotte Rampling. The Theme of Swinging London with a great theme song by The Seekers!
Terry Southern Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share Birth: May 1, 1924 Alvarado Johnson County Texas, USA Death: Oct. 29, 1995 New York New York County (Manhattan) New York, USA American Author, Essayist, Screenwriter. Noted for his distinctive satirical style, he was part of the Paris postwar literary movement in the 1950s and a companion to Beat writers in Greenwich Village. He was also at the center of Swinging London in the sixties and helped to change the style and substance of American films in the 1970s. In the 1980s he wrote for Saturday Night Live and lectured on screenwriting at several universities in New York. Southern's dark and often absurdist style of broad yet biting satire helped to define the sensibilities of several generations of writers, readers, directors and film goers. He is credited by journalist Tom Wolfe as having invented New Journalism with the publication of "Twirling at Ole Miss" in Esquire in 1962, and his gift for writing memorable film dialogue was evident in Dr. Strangel . ...
Part II: "From the Suburbs to Swinging London: An Artist's Journey" One day, sitting in the coffee bar with Linda, Mum heard song on the juke box called “Daydream Believer.” “Linda told me it was from a TV show called The Monkees, and that they were idolised around the world—they were about as big as The Beatles,” she says. “I always missed the show because it was on Saturdays, and I was teaching dancing to pay for my own dance lessons.” “But that’s what my headmaster thought I was—a Daydream Believer—and listening to that song at that moment with my best friend and a cup of coffee in hand, I realised what a good thing that I was,” she says. Months later, Mum was lying on her bed, flipping through her older sister’s teen magazine. She saw a story about a young man from England who was in The Monkees, and he was describing his life in Hollywood. “I remember in particular being very impressed, but somewhat confused, by the circular bed he said that he had. It seemed incredibly os ...
Brian Duffy photographer in the sixties he David Bailey and Donovan,helped create and document 'Swinging London' 1963
Swinging London? Is Scott Mills reporting from the set of Austin Powers?
Mary Quant: Mini skirt creator and queen of Swinging London
The iconic Carnaby Street set the trend for Swinging London in its 1960s heyday.
Guitar Player, February 1997 Sunshine Supermen - Britain's Psychedelic Guitar Wizards By James Rotundi It was the era of dolly girls and miniskirts, freak-outs and flowered blouses, spontaneous "happenings" and all-night raves, and "Swinging London" was at the heart of it. While kids in San Francisco were grooving to Moby Grape and the Grateful Dead's lysergic deconstruction of jugband blues and Okie folk, clogging up to Haight -Ashbury and adjusting their sights to the new cosmic consciousness through LSD, British kids were busy reassembling R&B, rock, pop and folk culture into something that would totally eclipse their previous slavish imitation of American forms. Though U.S. groups like Love, the Beach Boys, and Velvet Underground and the Byrds sent the first whiffs of the new musical contraband across the water, young English bands in '65 and '66 liberated and empowered by the success of the Beatles, the Kinks and the Who, took the new music's open-endedness as an opportunity to finally act, sing and ...
Trailer for the fantastic Swinging London film Wonderwall. Directed by Joe Massot, starring Jane Birkin, Jack Magowran and Iain Quarrier, with music by Georg...
It's Total Request Tuesday! What city would you like to see a new Songza playlist for? (ex. NY Rooftop Rock, Bay Area Rap, Swinging London, etc.)
'Burning Down the House', a portrait by David LaChapelle of the late Alexander McQueen and his 'muse' Isabella Blow has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery. The double portrait of McQueen and Blow was originally published in the March 1997 'Swinging London' edition of Vanity Fair. Shot at Hedingham Castle in Essex on 1 December 1996, the photograph shows McQueen in the foreground brandishing a flaming torch, accompanied by a playful Blow, with the castle dramatically burning in the background. Both were dressed in McQueen, with Blow also sporting a Philip Treacy hat, and the article named them 'The Provocateurs'. At the time of the shoot McQueen was just 27 years old and had recently debuted his first couture collection for the House of Givenchy. Blow, 38 at the time of the shoot, was considered McQueen's muse.
HISTORY OF THE MINISKIRT Mary Quant ran a popular clothes shop in Kings Road, Chelsea, London, called Bazaar, from which she sold her own designs. In the late 1950s she began experimenting with shorter skirts, culminating in the creation of the miniskirt in 1965—one of the defining fashions of the decade.[2][3]Quant named the miniskirt after her favourite make of car, the Mini.[4] Owing to Quant's position in the heart of fashionable "Swinging London", the miniskirt was able to spread beyond a simple street fashion into a major international trend. The style came into prominence when Jean Shrimpton wore a short white shift dress, made by Colin Rolfe, on 30 October 1965 at Derby Day, first day of the annual Melbourne Cup Carnival in Australia, where it caused a sensation. THE SIN OF BATH-SHEBA 2 Samuel 11:2 We hear a great deal about the sin of David, but seldom does anyone mention the sin of Bath-sheba. And it is true enough that David's sin was very great and Bath-sheba's very small. David's sin was de ...
Quentin College was a place that I had taken a fancy to when I was studying for my doctorate at University and was very pleased when I received a letter asking me to attend an inter-view. I was one of twenty there that day and I progressed into the next interview of ten and finally for a third visit of just three of us for a position in such a prestigious college. I was the last to be interviewed and I went into the Dean's office to find two other people sitting there along with the Dean himself who had been present at my two previous visits. He was sitting behind his large desk and flanked by a man on his right and a woman on his left. I knew of them through my studies and the newspapers but waited until I was formally introduced to them before speaking. `Sit down Dr Smith,' Dean Ainsworth said, indicating the chair placed before the desk. `I am pleased to see that you made it to the last three and through your work, I'm sure you know Mrs Cynthia Carrington who is attached to the Department of Education ...
I  Back in our college rooms, it was nice to be alone once again with my husband Kit but I did miss the girlish laugh and humour of Edward and the fun of us dressing up as maidens. But the holiday was behind us and we had lots to do in preparing for the new school year as well as the cleaning out of the pool. This was a matter of dragging out what new under-growth had started to sprout at the bottom. We couldn't empty it but did the best we could as well as letting fresh water run through as though it was part of the normal river before closing up the wooden sluice gates. The tents were erected again in different spots and Kit and I had two weeks of us sleeping in our tent and having lovely sex together after our day's labours. There was one thing that occurred during this time that both pleased and displeased me. My book on the Political History of France had just been published, which pleased me to receive my free copies. What displeased me was the delayed time of this happening for it meant that many ...
I got to Penton Hall at about three thirty in the afternoon and hadn't known that Kit lived in such a fine place. Well did live, for he seemed to spend more time at the college than anywhere else, but it was his real home. The Hall itself was Georgian but built in a rather modest fashion of only two floors and none of the columns at the front that some had added in Regency times. It was about half a mile from the road and it didn't have big stone pillars to mark the entrance but more of just a gap between low walls with only a small sign to give the place its name. We crossed a cattle grid there so they obviously had some wild life in the grounds and I learned that where this was, were some sensors that alerted the Hall that a vehicle was approaching for as we came to a halt outside the main door, Kit was already there to greet me. We shook hands though I think he would have liked to kiss me but with the taxi driver and now a manservant being there, I knew he would wait till I was shown into my room befor ...
Booked my first flight today. Buffalo to Boston, and back. Off to Europe in less than 3 months from now.
Our home is Epsilon Boötis, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven—check that, the sixth of seven—counting outwards from the sun, which is the larger of the two...
Jackin' House producers are starting to make K-House. while K-House listeners are starting to listen to Deep House. where will it end?
Looking for a cake (birthday) recommendation in Colorado Springs - suggestions? Thanks!
Bare Gooners wounded swinging for man! HA HA Remember them days when Arsenal fans didn't check for the other half of North London
Very excited to be going to London, England for the Hep Cats Holiday on March 16th with the Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra!!! Going to be singing with my old pals, Bills LUCKY STARS! John O'Campo, Royce Reynolds and Michael Lescault - Can't wait!
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sent out a memo to employees letting them know it would no longer be acceptable to work from home, saying the company needs to move more quickly with teams focusing on collaboration and communication. If you work in an office, do you think you'd be more productive at home?
What has been your favorite baby purchase so far?
On the eve of my return to work I'm sure my little lady said mumma!!! Ps, feed me chocolate if you see me tomorrow!
Moody's downgrade adds to investor swing away from pound - LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's loss of its top credit ranking from Moody's added to the pound's weakness on Monday, helping send it lower against both the dollar and euro, but UK bonds, underpinned by the ...
R&B LEGEND Kieth Sweat live on the set of The Kevin T. Robertson Show. Circa February 23rd, 2013 at the Carolina Kitchen Book signing "Make it Last Forever", by Author Kieth Sweat...with Lance London, Toddrick Daniels, Micheline Bowman. Great times had by all. Keith Sweat (born July 22, 1961)[1] is an American R&B/soul, singer-songwriter, record producer, radio personality and an innovator of the New Jack Swing.
London on ma mind!!! Johanesburg on d list, Las vegas mid target, catch me all around, cox am gonna swing, God give me a lng lyf 2 succeed d mission haters hav been praying 4 me 2 fail..
Will be swinging london town in a few days. see ya there :)
Do I have any friends from Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and London? If so, please let me know.
This is kanye west live @ Hammersmith apollo 24/02/13. At the end of the show doing touch the sky he returns to the stage and begins screaming. He then throw...
Featuring the London *** Big Band at the stunning Bloomsbury Ballroom. Some fantastic photos by Sin Bozkurt. Was an incredible evening full of an amazing energy between the dancers and the Big Band. Some of the pictures really capture this.
Dallas so looks like London today :(
Thank you and farewell to Pavitt's Pies of Cambridge - I am sad to announce I have decided to close the business. Despite the great love, passion and demand for my pies it is not viable in the long term. Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and support over the last two years it has been greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Carri Pavitt
Good luck in Sheffield :) Can't wait to see you on Friday in Swinging London Town ;) xx
Lyre Heritage News 236 “The Concertina” My Aunt Kathleen Keohan, aged 3, (later Mrs. M O’Hara, who later played the organ in the Friary Church for years) Photo Keohan Dungarvan When I was a little girl I can remember my father Tom Keohan playing the little instrument held in the above photo by his youngest sister in our home. He was quite a good performer and used to swing the instrument in a circular movement as he rendered popular songs of the day. In later years I wondered what became of this instrument. A few years ago I got a notion to buy a concertina as the tone produced by it was so sweet and somehow melancholy when slow airs were played on it. The music sessions in the Lyre Heritage centre had several visitors who played one and I envied their prowess. In Dublin one week I went to Walton’s Music store and purchased what was described to me as a good starter instrument and highly recommended by Comhaltas musicians. To tell the truth the limited memory of my fathers concertina and the reali ...
A misfit fights for happiness in the world of swinging London.
Totally swell line-up at KERB KX tomorrow: Who's swinging by?
In london hanging like a trooper what a weekend tho
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
A PRIMARY school in a cathedral city has been unveiled as the first in the country where not a single pupil speaks English as their first language.
Swing & Lindy Hop dancing events in London, UK swing, lindy hop and jive classes in London, UK, swing dance information and events
London tomorrow .let me not make the same mistake again...!
The only people restricted from entering are the teaching team of LSF 2013. Otherwise, anybody and everybody is welcome. This is open to all.
Tideway isn't far off now fellow rowers and coxes! Who from SURC will be down in London? Anne Menard are you rowing? X
The last week of normality before the insanity begins again. Here's to Hotpotting 2013!
So it is official! The Greiser's Tour of France will be coming to an end sooner than we thought! August is the target date! While it is bittersweet and after all the ups and downs of this assignment I am truly sad to leave this beautiful country! Will miss so many things about living here especially the ability to travel and of course the great Bordeaux Wine. On the other hand I can't wait to see all my friends and family. Looking forward to going back to work (I know it sounds crazy)! I am just a working woman!!! So if anyone has any last minute need to come to France Hurry Up! Time is ticking!!!
but did u see how they was swinging. . . Girl
A question for my well traveled friends. Beginning to plan a summer trip to Germany and the UK. Should we start in Frankfurt or Berlin? Plan to travel by rail, through Germany, into the Netherlands, travel by ferry to Great Britain, train to Scotland and end in London. What should we not miss? Any advice? Suggestions?
I'm sure its the Country in me but I love listening to the Coyotes!! The closer and louder they get the more I like it :)
Pentecost Tango Festival 2011 in Karlsruhe. Show on Saturday on 10th of June in Festhalle Durlach with live music from Sexteto Milonguero.
Tom Huxley writes: 1. It may not have a massive headliner on the scale of Stan Lee to bring in the crowds this time, but LSCC delivered a more rounded show tha
at least the north knows how to party. London - shufflers/ north- people swinging from beams in the club.
Anyone up for Kitchen Bar tomorrow (Monday) evening?
DATING TIPS: "Don't dish it out if you can't take it." Originally this quote referred to food. In other words, don't give food to others that you are unwilling to eat. People who do not adequately consider the consequences of their decisions and behaviors always pay a far greater price than they are able to measure. Even more sadly, what is done cannot be undone. Where we will never escape difficulty in life, we constantly invest in either good or bad. We get what we give.
Come and talk to me, I really want to know your name, I really want to meet you girl.. Jammin to Jodeci today
Here are The Ataris current 2013 Tour Dates (U.K. / Europe / Indianapolis / Chicago and more!) These are the dates for the first half of 2013 only. This tour includes stops in our home state of Indiana, Chicago, Green Bay, UK, Europe, Groezrock Festival in Belgium and Pouzza Fest in Montreal. Please help us spread the word. Repost the dates for us. Thanks. See you all on tour! - THE ATARIS - MARCH MIDWEST USA TOUR - (FULL BAND SHOWS) MARCH March 20th- Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn (*) 21st- Green Bay, WI @ The Crunchy Frog (*) -advance tickets available at the bar- March 22nd- Chicago, IL @ Reggies (23rd- Private Event - Closed to the public (# w/ Josh Caterer (of Smoking Popes) and Dan Vapid and the Cheats) (* w/ Dan Vapid and The Cheats) - THE ATARIS - APRIL U.K. TOUR - (FULL BAND SHOWS) w/ Mike Herrera and Versus The World APRIL 04 April- Rugby, England @ The Vault April- Glasgow, Scotland @ Classic Grand April- Manchester, England @ NQ Live April- Bristol, England @ The Fleece ...
What a good weekend, went so fast, London Federation Ball, stayed at the Park Lane Hotel which was really beautiful, spent the evening with many friends, got into my ball gown and Sunday, up breakfast then drove to Coombelands to meet Liam Cornford, Bea Wheatley, Lorraine Wheatley, Serena Amy Flower and Alison Thompson. Bren was awsome, he had not forgotten anything, he got right back in the swing of it and then Bentley flew over everything like a pro, cant wait for the next outing
I found an item that may link The Meers Sisters to Georges Seraut's painting The Circus. from How things work The Circus by Georges Seurat "In his last large-scale painting, the 1890-1891 work The Circus, Georges Seurat selected a subject that had long been popular among the Impressionists: the lively public entertainment at the Cirque Fernando." RidersFrom the N. Y. Dramatic News, 1891. Reprinted in Circus Scrap Book, No. 10 (Apr), 1931 "What lady riders do clean "jumps up?"? Emma Bell, the Meers Sisters (Rose and Lillie), Rosita La Plata and several others in Europe. - What are the particular specialties of the different riders. I can name but one trick not done by more than one rider; that is a somersault alighting on one foot. This trick is done by me, and I was the first, and, as far as I know, the only one that ever did it. - What is the greatest number of somersaults done in string? No one has ever done any number of somersaults in a string, or "swing," as we term it. The only records I have ever h ...
Tottenham have won the league twice in their entire history. Arsenal have won the league twice at White Hart Lane!
not happy. Massively inconsiderate people throwing themselves on train lines. Not like I wanted to go back to uni anyway...
Barbara Windsor,The Peddlers,Vidal Sassoon,Shirley Bassey and More at Hatchetts Club in London during the 1960s
keeping us swinging to the rhythm at the London Golf Show at the Western Fair District
Are you gonna watch the Oscar's tonight?
Chopper deal: CBI gets documents from Italy Press Trust of India | 24-Feb 18:02 PM New Delhi: Moving forward in its probe into alleged kickbacks in the VVIP helicopter deal, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has procured some documents from Italian authorities in Milan that may help it investigating whether any Indian had received bribes to swing the deal in favour of AgustaWestland. Highly-placed sources in the probe agency said on Sunday that one of the members of the CBI team who returned Sunday morning from Milan had got some of the documents from the Italian prosecutor regarding the controversial Rs 3,600 crore deal, which would now be examined in the next couple of days. The sources said a Preliminary Enquiry (PE) would be initiated in the next couple of days after examining the documents received from the Italian authorities. It has been alleged that kickbacks to the tune of Rs 362 crore were allegedly paid to help secure the deal in favour of the Anglo-Italian firm. While declining to reve ...
Quick switch-over in Singapore and now onto Frankfurt. Then I think Venus, Middle Earth, Kryton and then Dublin..:-)
I hightailed it out of Bangkok as soon as physically possible. By 7.30am the day after arriving in Thailand I was on a bus headed for the boarder. Cue the usual boarder visa scams of countries so familiar with tourism that they know they can squeeze money out of us pretty much at will. I already knew that paying in Bhat and the lazy ease of having it all taken care of for me whilst I sat in the back garden of a side of the road restaurant in the shade drinking a coke and eating noodles was going to cost me almost double what it normally would if I was going to pay in dollars and do all the queuing at the actual border myself. I would have taken the more arduous road to being allowed into Cambodia, but I missed the currency exchanged by 5 minutes in Bangkok (see previous entry). And I wasn’t aware you could change money at the border. But oh well. It’s only money and I was a mere few hours from seeing my little sister who I hadn’t seen in months! Until I was a couple of hours from Siem Reap I think i ...
Running around today picking up donations for a Family that list everything in a house fire! Hit me if u have anything to donate!
apologies for the delay in posting the topic, my brain seems to have been having blonde moments :P The topic is: The London Underground! See you all on Wednesday at Stoep and Swing!
I remember the first time I met Joseph Benjamin. He had requested for a publicist to handle his thriving brand, and a friend gave him my bb pin. We chatted for a few weeks because he was in London at the time. When he returned we had a meeting at Protea Hotel in Ikeja GRA. Except from the life tips I received from my dear brother as a growing woman for many years, that meeting with Joseph Benjamin was the most instructive and awe-inspiring conversation I’ve ever had. Last year Joseph Benjamin won all the high-status awards from BON to Afro Hollywood Awards, even the stylish and coveted FAB Awards. So when we sat down for six hours at Protea and he told me: “I used to be a conductor in this Lagos; I was a security guard; I sold ladies’ shoes in Balogun market, and was also a waiter at a restaurant…” Everything I learnt as a child all came back to me- If you dream, and you work hard at it – never giving up, and you believe, you will succeed! Happy Sunday!
It’s that time of year again when the talk of the town is weight. London Fashion Week 2013 has come upon us, and there are enough images of skinny models circulating around to make us put down our muffins and, sighing, reach over for the celery stick instead. The Evening Standard, Looking
Is Governor Fashola of Lagos State asking the poor to leave Lagos and go back to their states.He should be bold and man enough to say so openly.
Looking forward to playing some Swing with the London City Big Band at the Spice of Life, 1:30 today. Come down if you fancy a little Basie, Ellington, Sinatra and more!
London is very peaceful early on a Sunday morning.
Well I'd better get packing for me hols. Got a long day planned tomorrow with mummykins and Terri Coates in London Village. Sanctuary Spa, and Viva forever so no time for ironing and all that boring stuff
We buried my baby brother yesterday. The rain held off until he was laid to rest. Then the skies opened up with tears. Expect substantial changes in our world... He has connections. :) He and I and my mother have the most wonderful friends. I love you all. I love you Jay.
So a nice relaxing Sunday, big roast dinner, and a Sunday matinee movie!!! NO WAIT!!! That's normal people I'm off to work for a 14 hour day!!!
Not impressed with London midland! Left London at 9pm and arrived in brum at 12:15!!! Meaning I missed the last train to Stafford!
Memory of You, Swinging in London Town and Girl Overboard SO could have been 3 more top ten singles for
Next week I will be in Swinging London Town watching at the O2. Miracles do happen.
Book idea:Family from TX moves to Swinging London, then Beirut, Lagos and Singapore. Adventure ensues. Mom arrested in Nigeria.11 Naira bond
Swinging London offers a Saturday sexy Singers Party, don't be shy, see what all the fuss is about No Pressure Fun
biggest swingers in swinging London
Looks like was inspired by London's swinging 60s!
play swinging London towns in tribute to me.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Tonight Matthew, I will be cooking for from our mid-90's in Swinging London : Langan's SOUFFLÉ AUX EPINARDS, SAUCE ANCHOIS.
Dog swinging off a tree branch in London Fields. Amazing.
Our mannequin Elsie looks like she's walked straight outta swinging London!
A couple in London in the Swinging Sixties!
On my way to swinging London to see v Charlton Oh I do love playing away! "You've lost that lovin' feel in' Whooa that lovin' feelin'!
Up and away: on a London balcony in 1970 - London Evening Standard effortless, real, striking...
Lmfao they do play alot of reggae here. I can imagine you swinging all that around 😂😂
Along with all the wannabes in swinging London Town...
Girl on campus with dunks in her hand & violently swinging her arm while she walks... Instantly thought was back from London
Great bass solos from Miles Danso & Sophie Alloway swinging on drums. Catch us this Friday & Saturday in the Palm Court - The Langham London
all gravy in swinging London town thanks! Y tu?x
Oh my God NO I'm so happy this has been forgotten forever. Graffiti My Soul and Swinging London Town, not so much...
Everything is wonderful, but replace 'Call Me Maybe' with 'Memory of You', 'Swinging London Town' or 'Graffiti My Soul'. Ta.
I added a video to a playlist Swinging London. THE SUBMARINS. Alvarortega.
Really want swinging London Town to be on there
Electronic Device Insurance
swinging london town or waiting PLS
fuq swinging london town, but I think they might actually do memory of you.
morning movie - the bizarre but enjoyable Swinging London comedy 'Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush' - '67 time capsule w Traffic tunes
Farewell Swinging London and Sunny Swindon... until next time... Stay cool
a collection of photographs celebrating Ossie Clark's faces from the swinging sixties goes on display in London
Hah, new short in a few weeks, here's a dry run! Much craic in swinging London Burnsie!?
A new 'swinging' scene is developing in London with these 'new British Invasion' artists,models,actors with their partys etc.
A US publication called Ugly Things has commissioned me to write a series of brief articles concerning aspects of my musical (if that is the word) life. Below is the first of these:- The Group That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Alan Clayson recounts a rock odyssey through a 1960s that was far from Swinging Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven' - William Wordsworth The distance from Swinging London to Fleet, the glum Hampshire country town where I grew up, was measurable in years rather than miles. As late as 1969, when my hair just about touched the collar - with ears still visible- my Dad was still wondering why I wanted to look like 'a ruddy poet'. Six years earlier, two pairs of hostile eyes had studied my rapt attention during The Beatles' debut on ITV’s Sunday Night At The London Palladium. 'This isn't good music, Alan,' declared Mum from her armchair, 'Don’t get too interested in it'. That was enough for Ace and the Crescents to come into existence a few months later ...
From Led Zep official forums: Programming alert: Later tonight or early Monday morning, depending on where you live, Turner Classic Movies is airing Antonioni's "BLOW-UP", uncut, unedited, and in the proper frame ratio...and unlike so many other movie channels that used to be commercial-free, with no commercial interruptions. Filmed in 1965-66 at the height of Swinging 60s London and starring David Hemmings and a trio of Swinging London birds: Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Birkin and Sarah Miles. This is the film that features the Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck era Yardbirds playing "Stroll On" in a club and Beck going bonkers. Yes, you may have seen this clip on YouTube or somewhere else, but to really see it properly, you should watch it in its proper context within the movie. Plus, you also get the bonus of the infamous tennis scene. "Blow-Up" was highly influential, anticipating many of the later paranoia-cinema of the 70s such as "The Conversation" and "Three Days of the Condor" can even see some influence on ...
REVIEW © SMG Newspapers, 2001. Reproduced with permission. The heady ferment of Sixties culture: the sharp-suited world of cockney hustlers, the intoxicating buzz of Swinging London in its heyday - fashion, theatre, film and above all the great pop music, pulsing through Soho clubs, Chelsea coffee bars, Carnaby Street boutiques and decadent country-house weekends. In his Diary of a Teddy Boy: A Memoir of the Long Sixties, Mim Scala the Pied Piper leads us on a kaleidoscopic dance down the years, from ice-cream salesman in the East End of London, to gambler, agent, record-producer and hippie traveller. Wherever the action was, Mim Scala was there. Riding high on a roller-coaster of flickering fame and fortune, Mim entertains Diana Dors, hosts gaming parties with Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, evades the wrath of the Kray Twins, bumps into Bill Burroughs in Morocco, hires Dennis Hopper, cajoles Jean-Luc Godard into filming the Rolling Stones, turns down the musical Hair on the say-so of Salvador Dali, sig ...
A shy Irish-Catholic schoolgirl from West London transforms herself into the voice of blue-eyed soul, the face of Swinging London, and a worldwide superstar in 'Forever Dusty: The Dusty Springfield Musical'. Starring Kirsten Holly Smith (who wrote and performed the acclaimed one-woman show 'Stay For...
Swinging London, chic Paris, sizzling St.-Tropez. . . . When Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington left Wales at eighteen for a modeling career, it was just the beginning of her epic life in fashion.
The Naples Players goes mod with the production of SHOUT! THE MOD MUSICAL, a musical harkening back to “Swinging London.”
Big Jim Sullivan Popular studio session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan, 71, an acclaimed session guitarist who played on dozens of rock 'n' roll and pop hits in the 1960s and '70s, died Tuesday at his home in West Sussex, England, said his wife, Norma. He suffered from heart disease and diabetes. Sullivan learned guitar as a teenager and turned professional when he was 16. He played with many of the biggest names in British pop at the height of the "Swinging London" era. Along with Jimmy Page, who would later star in Led Zeppelin, Sullivan was one of the most in-demand session guitarists of his era. His website lists sessions with Tom Jones, Marianne Faithfull, David Bowie, Gerry and the Pacemakers and many others. He claimed to have played on more than 1,000 singles that entered the British charts. Sullivan, known for his mastery of a wide variety of styles, also toured with Tom Jones' band from 1969 to '74, playing in Las Vegas casino hotels and on television shows. Los Angeles Times
King Arthur's court, the Victorian era or Swinging London, which time period would you most like to visit? Tom Weston-Jones chimes in with his pick.
Were Pet Clark, Lulu, Tom Jones and especially Shirley Bassey busy or not invited? Why no Swinging London? I...
One of Swinging London's most popular models. Also one of Brian Jones' (many) girlfriends. A stunner!
Been into a Small Faces nostalgia trip lately-that band was the most talented collection of musicians under 5'5" ever assembled. I particularly like this clip because 1) "Song of a Baker" is an awesome mod anthem; 2) it is possibly the worst live synch with a recording I've ever seen (illicit pharmaceuticals may have had a hand in it); and 3) it is Swinging London's answer to Where's Waldo: see if you can spot in the audience Charlie Watts & Brian Jones (Rolling Stones), Keith Moon, Peter Townsend & John Entwhistle (the Who); Jeff Beck (Yardbirds, etc.):
Well before he became the darling of Swinging London (viz 'Blow Up'), David Bailey was a serious journalist-photographer.
Go Go Girls dancing in Carnaby Street - the heart of Swinging London
Swinging London Town by Girls Aloud reminded me of Swinging London by The Magnetic fields, added to my
Chapter Two takes place in the psychedelic daze of Swinging London during 1969, a place where Tadukic Acid Diethylamide 26 is the drug of choice, and where different underworlds are starting to overlap dangerously to an accompaniment of sit-ins and sitars. The vicious gangster bosses of London's Eas...
The iconic girlfriend to the 1960's Swinging London scene appearing on French TV in the 1960s under some sort of rotating metal sculpture. Like the Rolling S...
04:00 You'll Never Be Sixteen Again: John Peel continues with Merseybeat, mods and rockers, and Swinging London.
Dracula Ad 1972 [VHS]: It was only a matter of time before Christopher Lee's Dracula visited Swinging London, ar...
Fantastic picture gallery from 1960s Swinging London by Peter Rand. See if you can identify each face
Monaco royals attend "Swinging London"-themed Rose Ball: The annual charity event was held in Monte Carlo and be...
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