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Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is a traditional side dish in the Southern United States. It is often served during the American holiday season, especially at Thanksgiving, and is similar in many ways to Pumpkin Pie.

Chocolate Cake Fried Chicken Pumpkin Pie Potato Salad Collard Greens Cranberry Sauce Red Velvet Cake

You know Pumpkin Pie trash because you gotta add whip cream. The right Sweet Potato Pie don't need nothing but a blessing over…
You don't like Sweet Potato Pie, you probably don't have any morals.
Ain't my fault my peoples know how to whip up sum good Sweet Potato Pie and yalls don't lmao
Pumpkin Pie is everything Sweet Potato Pie's parents wished it would have been
Unrelated there is an amazing chicken and waffles place nearby... Amy Ruth's. Got to get the sweet potato pie too
My mother made this sweet potato pie with love lol
That cream cheese sweet potato pie was lit
Some yummy gumbo and sweet potato casserole, maybe sweet potato pie too. Lady Gaga
Agreed - those sweet potato fries were lush. Finally got to try the Deerstalker pie too!
A Fav of ours, sweet potato pie. Topped with marshmallows when it comes out of oven.
Had a spot on chicken and mushroom pie at my god, the sweet potato fries are amazing.
We're having fish pie, but I haven't made enough mash to go on top. Any left over sweet potato chips would do as side dish.
Song, song of the south, Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth. Gone, gone with the wind, There ain't nobody looking back again.🌾🍃
Sweet potato pie, topped with pecans. Y'all.
until 1:30. Special: Sweet Potato Pie. Get it b4 it's gone.
Sweet pwussy satday, this that sweet potato pie pwussy 😂😂😂
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& the fish pie will have spinach in it and sweet potato mash on top, I really am being spoilt by lots of nice food at home with el parentals
here you go: Thank goodness my local Korean Mart carries purple sweet potato!
Pumpkin Pie is completely inferior to sweet potato pie. There. I said it.
Reminds me when I had to confess my love for sweet potato pie after years of being against it.
sorry not sorry sweet potato pie is way better I still love you tho
I have never wanted pie so bad in my life. apple or sweet potato, I dinner care I just want pie.
Why does Pumpkin Pie exist? can we replace all Pumpkin Pie with sweet potato pie please
Just ate a slice of sweet potato pie hopefully it goes straight to my ***
Just made love to a sweet potato pie 😫
Vídeo: shadymonstere: Sweet potato pie 🎶 Malum is such a turn on, even when they start being dorky 😄
Awww. I've YET to find/make a sweet potato pie half as good as my Nana's.
For me it's sweet potato pie. And I'm a *** good baker.
I've got great-grandma's pound cake, biscuit & sweet potato pie recipes. They're only used on the MOST special of occasions
Songgg song of the south sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth
I want sweet potato pie , where could I swag sum from
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omg this winter I made a sweet potato and choco chips pie and WWW you're making me hungry now
Made delicious stuffed mushrooms and sweet potato mash (to be topped with crushed pecans & maple syrup). Next: pie crusts, …
My sweet potato fish pie was incredible😍 (not forgetting the drizzle of ketchup on top)
I just bought my neighbor a sweet potato pie--bc we were talking about desserts while ago & I thought of her when I saw it. She LIT UP!
Sweet Potato Pie makes me want first day of school, fall crisp air, leaves crunching under my feet.
uh, U is! We flops all together and makes sweet potato pie.
.gave me a slice of sweet potato pie and told me to share it with the rest of the party. A SLICE Y'ALL.
Sweet Potato pie, slightly warmed in the microwave for about 15 secs. 😂
has some of best food we ever had! 4 dessert had coconut cake, me sweet potato pie! Yum! htt…
Pumpkin Pie taste way better than sweet potato pie
Bj deadass stole my sweet potato pie from bojangles and hid it and now I can't find it anywhere 😤😤😤😤
Watching Sundays Best and messed around and put a sweet potato pie in the oven
Making cottage pie with squash, broccoli, sweet potato, carrots and a side of cabbage.. Can you tell I love veggies?
Feast your eyes on this amazing Apple & Sweet Potato pie baked by our talented craft services.
Banana pudding, sweet potato pie, and peach cobbler are trash though.
Banana pudding, sweet potato pie, and peach cobbler is trash though
Vegetarian cottage pie ..filling done just mashed sweet potatoes and white potato topping to add…
lol aw ok I was finna say. No way is sweet potato pie is bad but bean pie ain't bad either tho...
LOL.. Sweet Potato pie is stil good... But bean pie is better IMO.
Vegetable and lentil cottage pie! The topping is grated sweet potato and a dusting of parmesan. So…
Lunch today for the hardworking people of --> mexican sweet potato shepherd's pie +…
. the sweet potato pie kind of confuses me D:
Last nights dinner shepherds pie with sweet potato and broccoli 📑 500g grass fed beef - 📑 are yummy all
Ewww I hate all pies, except sweet potato and Apple pie
you go buy Meat Pie for Sweet Sensation and wonder if 'em mistakenly give you Potato Pie
Took a whole sweet potato pie from my grandma house 😩😋
Sweet Potato Pie! research finds are a viable crop for Northeast. Details:
I wonder if anyone said Sweet Potato Pie is gross. Man I hate that ish.
Holy moly my dad made sweet potato pie
I'm not gonna make it. I need Collard Greens, red beans, and some sweet potato pie.
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5. Favorite pie?. You garbage if it ain't Sweet potato pie 😂
I heard white friends say Pumpkin Pie was better than sweet potato pie like:
My mama trying to make me a bunch of sweet potato pie to take back to the LU 😎
I don't like sweet potato pie, watermelon or coleslaw
Had some of my aunt sweet potato pie that is the bes thing I've ever tasted IDC a slice of that pie is happiness
I am also partial to sweet potato pie.
Did I just see someone say sweet potato pie was nasty af ? 😭😭😭😭
I don't really like sweet potato pie...
Peach Cobbler should be served at the Thanksgiving table right with Sweet Potato Pie.
My sweet potato pie could use improvement. But I make the best apple pie & it's improving by the year. May try tarts this fall.
Only the children of trifling black women hate soul food & sweet potato pie as a whole.
I'm the only *** in the South that dont eat gravy on my rice, cornbread, and sweet potato pie
rhubarb pie Peach cobbler and Sweet potato pie
I dont like apple pie or sweet potato pie
. Sweet Potato Pie is better than Pumpkin Pie
Collard Greens & sweet potato pie are the worst. YUCK. .
Black people holiday meals will forever consist of Yams. Dressing. Ham and Sweet Potato Pie. These are facts
Had to settle for Southern butter Pecan and Sweet Potato Pie
Overwhelmed by the supporters on Small Business Saturday! Be it rain or sun you were out on the streets today and it fills my heart! Many had never been in the store before but the majority of you shopping were our dedicated customers that visit the store regularly! You could come any day of the week, but that fact that you came out to show your support TODAY for Sweet Potato Pie as well as other downtown businesses really makes me thankful for the community that we are in business for! From my family to yours, thank you for your continued support. And if you didn't get out today, our holiday hours begin tomorrow! We are open on Sundays through the holidays from 12pm-4pm!
Can't wait to dig into the leftovers Tim's Mom sent us home with last night, we got Turkey & Ham w/ all the fixings, Sweet Potato Pie & Strawberry Shortcake for dessert!!!
Sweet Potato Pie from scratch Baking might be my new thing
Happy Turkey Day! One Sweet Potato Pie, One Death by Chocolate Cake, and a 7-Up Pound Cake...I will need 2 walk 2 Europe just to recover.
What's on the menu today: Turkey, Ham, Chittlins, Green Bean and Quarter Potato's, Dressing with Cranberry Sauce or gravy or both, Mashed Potato's and Gravy, Yams, Collard Greens, Corn Bread, Potato Salad, Corn on the Cob, Smoked Turkey, Rolls, Mac and Cheese (Homemade), Cakes, Peach Cobbler, Sweet Potato Pie, Cookies, and your choice of dringks. Put all together with the Family , God is Good who could ask for anything more. Happy Thanksgiving to All!!! of you.
Recipe for top shelf Sweet Potato Pie with Cornmeal Crust + my late summer visit to…
We do Not have Lemon meringue pie today, However, we DO have Coconut Cream Pie, Peach Cobbler, Sweet Potato Pie, pecan Pie & Chocolate Layered Cake!!!
Now playing on : 02 Sweet Potato Pie - ... -
Tastes so good make a grown man cry, Sweet Potato Pie
Put my foot so far into my sweet potato pies Sunday that they're both gone. I've finally perfected my recipe, which added more years to my marriage, I'm sure...Lolz
WHY is the simplest food so hard to make for some folks? Somebody said they made candied yams..Mistake NOT boil your yams first! Cut them in slices or squares, put them in a pot (duhhh), add sugar (depending on how many potatoes you are cooking, yes, you want them sweet), add nutmeg, butter and a little salt, let the sugar and seasons cook the potatoes..taste like sweet potato me..don't add any water, the yams have enough in them..make sure they're cooking on low to med. know who I'm taking to. :)
Boy I will take a sweet potato pie over a big *** anyday
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Finna buss down on this salad & this sweet potato pie with this pink lemonade 😋
I'm about to tear this burger and sweet potato pie up!!
this isn't Collard Greens and sweet potato pie this real food don't question a Sicilians cooking ever
Hey fb family Introducing our new delicious unlike any other. It is the best banana Pudding in town. Stop by @ Wing's On Fire to try it. We also have the best melt in your mouth, Sweet Potato Pie, Red Velvet Cake, 7-Up Pound Cake, Lemon Cake & our mouth watering Caramel Cake. We have a Chocolate Cake that is addictive. One bite & you're hooked. Beat the rush & call ahead..Delicious Desserts are only in Select Locations: Snappers, 182 st.27th. AVE Miami,Gardens. Snappers,East Broward. Snappers, Opa-locka. Snappers, Pompano, Snappers, Sunrise Moby's, Pembroke Moby's, Miramar Wing's On Fire, Miami...
Just made the best sweet potato and cheese pie ever 👌👅
This *** standing outside wearing a black suit in this 100º weather selling sweet potato pie
A8 Sweet Potato Pie from the Mary Mac Tea Room in Atlanta b/c I love saying it! Sweet Potato Pie ...
My family isn't ready for a new sweet potato pie recipe. They'd be like *** IS THIS??!!
After careful consideration Ive decided to use the sweet potato pie recipe for my friend's visit in September.
Brazilian Pork and Bean stew tonight and Sweet Potato pie for pudding. Interesting one!
Side note: it was sweet potato pie I made myself (first time) & also the first time I'd ever actually tasted sweet potato pie. Was glorious
I want some really good sweet potato pie 😋😋
Sometimes to feel close to my mommy I have to recreate her recipes!! Sweet Potato Pie was one of her…
Added Vintage Recipe for “Juanita's Sweet-Potato Pie” to my website. Now over 4,900 FREE recipes at:
fish pie with sweet potato topping and fish poached in vermouth and fennel. Mm!
SHARE!!RT Been eating sweet potato pie all morning.
Been eating sweet potato pie all morning.
Today at the GFS Hot Bar we have Sweet Potato & Zucchini Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Breast Niçoise, Sautéed Zucchini...
So there's this thing called sweet potato pie and. I'm in love 💕
😂😂😂 "Received ' sweet potato pie recipe today.
Received ' sweet potato pie recipe today.
This sweet potato pie is pretty good
You will by dying to dig into this Lentil Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie as soon as it gets out of the
Let's see it! What are you having for lunch?. I'm having sweet potato shepherds pie for good!...
What ever happenin' to this guy.domino...sweet potato pie...
Besides for chicken I don't like typical *** food never ate chitlins oodles and noodles any type of cold salad or sweet potato pie
Tina: "So, Marshmallow, how'd you get your name?" Marshmallow: "'Cause if you show me a sweet potato pie, I am on top of …
Shepherds pie with sweet potato for dinner to keep us warm
Our special for today is Chilli Con Carne Also Sweet Potato Soup and Corned Beef pie are here to be eaten
Im up eating sweet potato pie and nutter butter bite cookies.. im up cant sleep..
You looking fly, how about you give me a taste of that sweet potato pie
About to eat some sweet potato pie and ice cream .
Shepards pie? Replace the mashed potato with sweet potato?
I just want sweet potato pie. Somebody bring they grandma
This Sweet Potato Pie if mfing life son!!!
This sweet potato pie from bojangles is about to be life
My grandma got the best pound cake and sweet potato pie EVER!!!
J.C. Kitchen is selling Fried Fish Dinners, Hot Wings and regular Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork and much more. Today only all dinners or $5.99 lunch special menu all day today, Call or Text u r order in we also have Homemade Desserts Red Velvet 2.50 Lemon Pound Cake $ 2.00, Banana Pudding $2.25 Sweet Potato Pie $1.25 slice, text or call your order in, address is 5805 N. 50th st. Unit C-03 Tampa, Florida 33610
Sweet Potato Pie - Ray Charles & James Taylor .. stay tuned with jazz tune on with
Don't forget to support KDC immediately after Sunday Morning Service. Remember that our items are only from $1.00 to $2.00. Take a whole Sweet Potato Pie home from Sunday dinner for only $12. We will also have Soft Drinks and Bottled Water for $1. Donations are welcome. As always, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. --- From KDC with LOVE! Hugs and Best Wishes Please come and get our Sweet Dishes
Peach Cobbler & Sweet Potato pie fresh out of the oven in 1 Hr., THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS. :)
If you're looking for good comfort food check out my sister's new restaurant MaMa Made Sweet Potato Pie at 804 east 93rd Right off Cottage. They also have plenty to cure a sweet tooth!
This preacher is in the kitchen and the menu consists of Fried Chicken, Greens, Macaroni And Cheese, and for dessert Sweet Potato Pie. Drink is variety from soda to water. Thank God for elders in my life, Mama and Grandmother who passed their cooking hands on to me.
I really want to try sweet potato pie 😔
Okay I'm almost done y'all ...I have Roaster Chicken Mac n Cheese baked beans cabbage Potato Salad ice tea sweet potato pie and banana puddin with whip cream and strawberries
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Sweet potato pie is the best thing in the world!
I want a sweet potato pie from royals
Tonight im making some sweet potato pie
I turned down banana muffins & sweet potato pie ohhh I'm sooo serious about this 160 pounds lol
Umm this Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie looks and sounds amazing + I'm adding it onto our dinner rotation!
“A homemade slice of Poundcake would be clutch right now” *sweet potato pie
Spending the day with my gummy bear my sweet potato pie my main man 💑👭👬
Get out da car and some dude ask if we want some sweet potato pie...
trying to figure out how its possible that I hate sweet potato pie but LOVE sweet potato fries
I would love some weed and a sweet potato pie.
I don't even like sweet potato pie...but I want some
Macaroni pie deluxe, callaloo, roasted chicken, beked beets and sweet potato HOWEVER were almost out of chicken Ratio
My grandma sweet potato pie is like crack to these ***
Song of the South, sweet potato pie and shut my mouth
Truth be told.Now we know where grandma got that Sweet Potato Pie recipe from.Truth!
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You are listening now:. Sweet Potato Pie, of James Taylor - Ray Charles.
All desserts are hOme-made; just $2.99! Red Velvet Cake, Sweet Potato Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake and Peach Cobbler.
Not only is Doc Holliday a great dentist, she's also a great cook! Thanks Doc for the Sweet Potato Pie!!
Two good games to end the night with some sweet potato pie
Interesting, the possible next gf doesn't kno wat sweet potato pie is...smh
If your sweet potato pie has so much nutmeg in it, it numbs my tongue?😳.. U need not brag ma'am😒.. lol tho
My dad said Pumpkin Pie is for white folks & sweet potato pie is for black folks.
Playing trek trivia and knocking off the spiced wine until we have room for dessert. we made green bean casserole, beyond meat, gravy, broccoli rabe, cheeze sauce, yams, turnips, mashed potatoes, cornbread, cornbread stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, and sautéed mushrooms for dinner--for dessert, we have chocolate pecan pie, Pumpkin Pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and cranberry bread. *** yeah, it's all vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free! Thank you so much Kate, Robyn, Adrienne. You all outdid yourselves. BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!
Ok I need big favor FB is there anyone of u that have a sweet potato pie I can buy, before I can not go back to Florida without it or a slice... Lol... Thanks for your attention ...
Ima about to eat some sweet potato pie .
Hmm where that sweet potato pie at tho 👀👀
Watching Christmas movies and drinking hot Coco and eating sweet potato pie at work!!
(Yelling) How in the *** did I not end up with no sweet potato pie? Thats all a brotha needed to fulfill my day ! SMDH 󾌡
Ate thanksgiving in Orlando with Loretta, Rita, Chris, Cliff and family, also had ham, sweet potato pie and banana pudding
Sweet potato pie should be a national holiday
Update your maps at Navteq
the real question is WHO ATE the last piece of sweet potato pie?! 😤
I really didn't get any pecan or sweet potato pie today
Oh sweet potato pie you are the best snack before bed...m! Thank you daddy! I love you
oh nah something gotta get taken down after this sweet potato pie. God devised this plan not me
To my cuzen I need me some of us first time cooking thanksgiving food an some sweet potato pie
Had a 2 hour nap from 6 till about 9 ;-) now got some hazelnut coffee and sweet potato pie, headed down to the basement for a flick with the kids, oh and Cayde whipped us up some chocolate banana milk shakes... Yum Mee!! Now sweet potato pie, that's TECHnically a vegetable, right?
OMG I have a whole sweet potato Pie all to myself 🍰
This year for dessert.I changed it up a bit. Living in Bay Area there are so many different things to try. I decided to use a purple yam for my sweet potato pie. Loving the color, it definitely is a conversation piece
Yep! I have to say i over did it this time! This black guy is done! Too much sweet potato pie and peach cobbler!! Im gunna sleep gooder night! Lol!
That sweet potato pie in there looking real good😩
Enjoyed the day today with the Moore family. Menu: turkey, ham, mac n cheese, dressing, chicken n yellow rice, greens, deviled eggs, sweet potato pie and souffle, cheese cake. I forgot to bring me some dessert home. Thank God for my nephew perming my hair. He is going to feel like he is still at work by the time he do the rest of the Moore family's hair. Lol
That sweet potato pie ain't stand a chance!! Good thing I got another one on deck! Lol
Pumpkin Pie tastes like sweet potato pie with just a little difference
Its 10pm and I'm still eating. Pecan pie and sweet potato pie...
Home from work...sweet potato pie calling my name.
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I was eating sweet potato pie all day ima be sick !
I need some sweet potato pie who got some 4 me?...
When someone makes sweet potato pie but it really looks like souffle.
I’ll DM you my address and Dwolla some money for overnight FedEx. …. Oh, nm, actually. made kickass sweet potato pecan pie.
Sweet Potato Pie is the Best thing about Thanksgiving ❗️❗️ FACT
extremely cute right now. but nowhere to go. so sweet potato pie, hot choco, & Chicago Fire with mommy!
All this sweet potato pie left..don't worry bout it
Ppl call me crazy when I say I never had sweet potato pie.
Thankful for the turkey and stuffing and latkes and chocolate mulah and sweet potato pie and Pumpkin Pie that I'm going t…
This sweet potato pie just saved my life
My nephew says I'm not black bc I dont like sweet potato pie.
Sweet Potato Pie. Doesn't sound good. Is very good.
Beba got the sweet potato pie I like from the store and maybe I'm the only one who ate it.. And took it home
Mom's spread, o how thankful! Thanks mom for food, fun & family! I still forgot my rice pudding, sweet potato pie and homemade rolls! Still loved it though! :)
Who got some sweet potato pie or sweets to bring me please?.lol
She talking bout bring her some sweet potato pie she crazy.
This is are thanksgiving dinner sweet potato pie candy yams stuffing Mac & cheese Collard Greens and the first new wave oven turkey that we did today and it turns out so juicy.
my grandmas sweet potato pie is THEE best. Hands down
promised sweet potato pie but brought cheesecake? Disowned twice.
Sweet Potato Pie is disgusting, yet I'm gonna keep trying it to see if I get that magical slice all Negroes praise.
Black people love turkey with dressing and sweet potato pies and cheesecake pie cobble peaches pie yell crazy love Thanksgiving feast
I wish I had more sweet potato pie.
I haven't seen a sweet potato pie all day smh
*** my mom said she gave us sweet potato pie not Pumpkin Pie I feel robbed
Why yall was eatinq all that food I'Cess had fish and broccoli .! Lol slipped up and had a piece of sweet potato pie
Thanksgiving is not just about turkey & Sweet potato pie. It's about the gratefulness expressed on this day. Wishing you all a wonderful day
Already looking forward to that piece of sweet potato pie that I'm gonna eat in the morning. It's calling my name. Thanksgiving day 2.
Everyone else was eating this sweet potato pie like it was the best thing on the planet, humming & rocking. Me? I was angered by the moment
I need somene to drop me off some turkey a piece of sweet potato pie and a sluce of pecan pie. Time for a night snack
That sweet potato pie just pushed me over my limit!
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Yeah it is nap time for me. Full of turkey, pie, and sweet potato casserole. Good tgiving though.
Purposely trying to get Diabetes or nah ? RT“I ate a whole sweet potato pie by myself 😍😐”
I just ate like 5 slices of sweet potato pie😩
Just got pound cake, almond cake, coconut cake, sweet potato pie, and lots of food from my aunt's
"I've literally eaten a whole sweet potato pie by myself today" you too? Lol
I am filled up with turkey, Mac and cheese, rolls, and sweet potato pie 😆👌
Praying it got another sweet potato pie in the kitchen 🙏🙏🙏
I don't have nothing going on but a duck dynasty marathon ... Sweet potato pie , cheesecake , Smirnoff & redstag?? Whatever that is . Between si & Mrs Kay .
Today was a good day, i cooked the turkey all night, made potatoe salad last night made devil eggs last night, got up this morning cut the turkey up, made the gravy, went and got ice and the dressing, Olive did the mac an cheese an key lime cake sweet potato pie, keshia did the green beans, veg tray, Shannon did the collards, it was nice we were all together and we were all great an felipe came home and got to see cupcake for the first time and he all ready loves her and she him how great god is, there is a god. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERY ONE.
Mince-meat, pumpkin, sweet-potato, apple- it's time for pie and gourmet coffee. Beautiful afternoon and sunset...
Tried sweet potato pie from a known local chef who has won awards for the dish (really) & it was still the foodstuff of depression
I bought a Sweet Potato Pie for later this weekend :D~***
Question of my Thanksgiving day. Sweet Potato Pie or Pumpkin Pie? I say sweet potato.
I could eat only sweet potato pie and be completely content with my life
I deserve this pie...lovely sweet potato pie..i baked you now im gonna eat you. I've been through a…
Sweet potato pie and pound cake goin up.
If your black & eat Pumpkin Pie instead of sweet potato pie your whole family is childish.
Currently about to merk some sweet potato pie
When you see moms pull the sweet potato pie out the oven
i just wanted to tell the people that had us for Thanksgiving thank you for having us. Patricia Alband and William Alband - the turkey was awesome. Yall did a good job. And I got to spend my lil man's first Thanksgiving with him. Thank you to Lindsay Tucker and family. The time spent was fun. Aurora is already asleep. A special thanks to Reggie Tucker's mom. I want to be your new white kid. The sweet potato pie was AWESOME!!!
Now that dinner is over and I feel like something sweet but I can't make up my mind between the German Chocolate Cake, Sweet potato pie, Apple crisp, Or some banana pudding.󾔲󾔲󾔲
Sweet Potato pie: If only i had some cool whip
It's crazy I didn't want thanksgiving food today because I eat soul food all week long at the all I wanted to day was sweets! So I guess I'm complete now! I had to get in my car drive to Rogers grab me a cake and all I need is fir someone to bless me with some good sweet potato pie.
So lets see Nauteachia Tish brought me a plate.hmm can we said Gone.. My niece Jazzy brought me one after her can we said Gone...then a visit from Robert D. Bush and he brought orange juice...Now all i need is a sweet potato pie sweet .not full of can anyone help a sista I feel so loved right now
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all. What a great day to spend time with family and close friends. Finishing with Tanya's homemade sweet potato pie. Yum!
I'm so full. But i can't stop eating bout to go in on some moist azz lemon cake,and sweet potato pie.
I got that crack... Callie Jones sweet potato pie!!!
Good Evening Everyone I'm on the check in. Hope All Of You Had A Wonderful And Blessed Thanksgiving with the Family With All that Turkey And Stuffing With The Cranberry Sauce. Can't forget the Sweet Potato Pie lol.
Ham, turkey, greens, stuffing, mash potatoes, yam, corn on da cob, mac and cheese, green beans, chitlins, rolls, fruit, sweet potato pie, apple pie, coconut pie, coconut cake, and 3 layer Chocolate Cake. YES... we definitely got it in... lol
Oof, so full! Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes, all the sides plus cookie salad and pie. Gonna have to wait for the Pumpkin Pie and the sweet potato pie.but not too much later. Big thanks and much love to my sister KayCee who cooked it all. Now we're all lazy on the couch!
Ate just enough now some sweet potato pie! :-D:-D:-D
Thanks Lady D. That sweet potato pie is DELICIOUS.
I want all my family come to my house for Christmas dinner.I will cook some meatloaf lasagna spaghetti dressing greens chittering mac& cheese green bean sweet potato pie lemon pie pecan pie butter roll peach cobbler mash potato Potato Salad baroque chicken baked chicken buffalo fish cat fillet catfish steak choc.cake lemon jelly red velvet coconut any more so I want my family to be here I love y'all peace
Our family has never had a thanksgiving tradition. I cleaned my house today instead of stuffing my face. My brother ran a 5k. My sister cheated on and supported my brother. My dad made homemade pizzas for dinner. For my mom, she works every thanksgiving so that she can be off on Christmas. I am thankful for a wonderful family. So what I I don't eat turkey, stuffing, sweet potato pie, or casseroles. I'm thankful for a house that I have to clean. I'm thankful for a brother that can run. I'm thankful for a sister that is my brothers best supporter. I'm thankful for pops homemade pizzas. I'm very thankful for my mom who sacrifices thanksgiving to be off for Christmas. It has been a great day!
Eating homemade sweet potato pie. Thank you Nancy
That southern smell lol tried sweet potato pie for the first time today
Macaroni & Cheese, Ham, Turkey, Sweet Potato Pie & Red Velvet Cake this time of night o.0 I'm starting my diet tomorrow!!!
This was one of the best Thanksgiving's! I wish it didn't end when it did and I wish that my battery wasn't about to die when it was!! And I also wish that I didn't forget to grab my "to go" slice of sweet potato pie!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
Me and my daughters Cretessa Hall and Kimberley Nicole Williams and my Grand Daughters Nicole Johnson and Nadia Hodges we did the *** thang.I was at the free buffet this year My own GC (Turkey Wings smothered in gravy, Homemade Cornbread Dressing, Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Corn on the Cob, Braised Ribs, Baked Chicken w/Creamy Chicken Gravy, Collard Greens, Homemade Mac and Cheese, Fried Chicken, Glazed Ham, Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Green Beans with Bacon, Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Baked Yams or should we say Sweet Potatoes, Chitterlings, Buttered Hot Rolls.Strawberry Cake, Hawaiian Cake, Lemon Cake, Sweet Potato Pie.Tea, Dr. Pepper , CC's Punch no spike and Water.I wish my Family was here to join us.We brought Texas to North Carolina. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Look at Cretessa Hall post to see the picture
Best. Thanksgiving. Meal. Ever. Perfectly done turkey, mashed 'tatoes, baby carrots, steamed squash, boiled turnip, a sweet potato casserole w/ pecan topping, excellent new stuffing recipe and a 30 proof eggnog to wash it all down. Followed by a new pumpkin bar recipe, chocolate pie, custard pie and sweet potato pie for desert. Yea, we definitely killed it for Thanksgiving this year, and I'm already drooling for seconds right now.
Do you believe pie can expand consciousness? You might after a couple slices of sweet potato pie. It has a creamy, earthy sweetness…and an almost...
Cajun Turkey was good and juicy but that ham was hands down best I've ever had. It was pecan praline flavored and it was fire. Made Pumpkin Pie, sweet potato pie, better than sex pie, pecan pie and peach cobbler. About to have some dessert and watch these movies we rented.
Have you ever had a piece of sweet potato pie so good, it made you want to cry? Happy thanksgiving Mitzi Washington.
Had a good Thanksgiving. Saw two out of three of my boys saw two of my nephews heard from my brother and sister. Had: Turkey and Dressing- B.B.Q. Ribs- Green Beans- Sweet Potatoes- Mac an Cheese- Potato Salad- Giblet Gravy- Dinner Rolls- Famous Kool-Aid Cake- Red Velvet Cake- 2 Sweet Potato Pies- Coconut Cream Pie- Oreo Cheesecake- Lemon Maragine- Cranberry Sauce- "Had a great dinner"
So how much running and kettle bell swinging am I going to have to do to work off that Red Velvet Cake, and sweet potato pie, turkey, ham, greens dressing.Nevermind! I'm just gonna DO IT! Full!
Everything went well today with the family, thank God for giving me the strength and ability to prepare a meal for my family. Cooking isn't my cup a tea anymore. We had the traditional dinner with 8 homemade sweet potato pies, a homemade apple pie, and a Red Velvet Cake that my sister made. No more cooking for me. I hope you guys enjoyed your thanksgiving dinner.
Had a great Thanksgiving. But I didn't get no sweet potato pie. Lol. Guess I'll buy my own tomorrow. But on that. Have a good night everyone.
I just relized I don't like sweet potato pie.. Im gonna make me a Pumpkin Pie tomorrow
Anybody have left over Pumpkin Pie yall know where I live. .. I dont like sweet potato pie ... so I still haven't had dessert
Wow !!! The best Thanksgiving Ever !! Thank GOD ! I ate ten kinds of food, that I could hardly finish the one leg of Turkey. But the best for me was the Sweet Potato Pie ( camote Pie) . It reminds me of the Filipino food !
I want to thank god for all the blessing that he give daily. It was a great day with the fam, lots of food and plenty of love. Got to let the world know about this Sweet Potato Pie my grandma made me. You can't just eat a slice at a time more like 3. So i know it's going to be some controversy over the last slice. Just know that grandma Judy Hill caused it. Thanks for all the love from all the fam today. Love Y'all! 100
Well today was a very good day with family and friends. I had already cooked my butt off and my friend Debra Cannon and her family came with food also. When I say we put our food together, smoked turkey, fried turkey, hams, brisket, Potato Salads, beans, dressings, sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top,cabbage, 3 pecan pies, 1 buttermilk pie,2 sweet potato pies, 1 punkin pie,1 apple pie,peach cobbler, banna pudding and a fruit ambrosia, sodas, tea and water. And after all that the kids had a basket ball game and a foot ball game on 12th st. besides the football game on t.v. And who won the football game on 12th st. Nobody but those boys from San Antonio!!! Cassel Clan! Nothing but fun all day. Thank you Cannon family and Eliza and your family for coming over. A*K*A Ms Wille.
CALL this the Year of the Clutz in my family. Grandma spilled sweet potato pie putting it in the oven, I forgot to bag the turkey and Mom laughed at US BOTH!
CB Douglas, Jennifer Douglas, Courtney Borrero, Matt Borrero, Lawrence Owes, Michael Powell & Dwight Douglas - QUESTION. I took home a whole sweet potato pie, was craving a piece, but instead of grabbing a knife for a slice, I sat down with only a folk. Why is that?
I am still full. .and that's hard for me to accomplish as y'all know I can eat. .but imma make some room for grammas sweet potato pie tomorrow! !
Taylor and I have a straight forward plan for the evening...shower,cut sweet potato pie (consumption unknown) thanks Nana,criminal minds,sleep until Lisa Slim Robinson comes a knocking for her plate :) yup sounds cool he is kicking now waiting on his piece lmbo
The good lord has blessed me with the Presence of Sweet Potato Pie
We had a cool Thanksgiving my baby smashed sum sweet potato pie now waiting on bd to *** home until den watching tv gud night fb
Setting aside thoughts of turkey and sweet potato pie, I have a lot to be thankful for. I have an awesome and loving wife, and two sons who are on the right path to become men of integrity. I have never gone with out anything I need. I have never gone hungry, and have experienced fear on very limited occasion. I have only been cold as a result of my failure to prepare. I have witnessed poverty first hand, but not experienced it. I am far from perfect but I am forgiven daily. I have teachers in my life who help me to become a wiser and better man. I have friends Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. Eyup Atmaca, Dan Moroney, Fernando Alejandro, Desmond Berry, Darien Berry and Sajjan Sharma I am grateful to have you all in my life. I am very thankful to be part of God's family and for the ability to be wise enough to recognize the opportunities and blessings God has given me.
I need a small piece of sweet potato pie. Who got me??? I'm not playing lol
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Yo who got da sweet potato pie on deck? ...I need parts
This Thankgiving was okay I'm so sad right now missing my son he would eat a whole sweet potato pie and say his grandma made it just for him but I am so Thankful for my Moma and my life and The blessing that I'm receiving all I can say is thank you Lord and help me stay strong I have my day and today is one give me strength to push on
Omg!! I ate to much. Turkey,stuffing, candy yams, collard green and cabbage, Mac and cheese, Spanish rice, black eye peas, sweet potato pie banana pudding, Chocolate Cake with cream cheese frosting and lol diet coke and yes I had some of all Lord Bless the cook Dyniqua Sheila Mullins
Thanking God for traveling grace to Tyler Texas for my family, we were invited by two of the sweetest angels in this world Tim Hickman and LaTasha Hickman for Thanksgiving dinner, we had a feast Smoked Turkey, Spiral baked Ham, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, Italian green beans, cornbread dressing, Cranberry Sauce, buttered rolls, five flavor pound cake, Red Velvet Cake, pistachio cake, sweet potato pie and pecan pie, and drink of choice. Everything was great, there were 5 car loads, then we all loaded up and went to the movies to see BEST MAN HOLIDAY, A MUST SEE, YOU WILL LAUGH AND CRY. THANKS TIM AND LaTasha Hickman for making a sad day turn into a BEAUTIFUL AND BLESSED DAY, I AM SO PROUD OF THEM THEY ARE WONDERFUL COUSINS.
The best entress of my Thanksgiving DINNERS.. Grandma Browns : Garlic Bread Dressing, Turkey, and Greens also i loved those sweet potatoes and sweet potato pie( & Ravens Waffle battered fried Cinnonmon rolls) :-) Grandma Fishers: Mac n Cheese and Dressin with Cranberry Sauce.m :-( i forgot to get a slice of that blueberry pie tho And then when i got home i ate some of my moms cherry dessert that she makes special for me cuz i love it!!! *** i loved everything i ate today it was all delicious. shoulda brought some home... Now im eating my dads Turkey which i must say is DELICIOUS!!!
GRATEFUL . For my family, friends, that great food I just ate, the fun I had laughing and acting like the little kid that I still am inside, my health, Love, success, my warm comfy home... And this sweet potato pie I'm about to eat!!! Hope you all enjoyed your day!!
I had a great thanksgiving with my gurl Denise Manning. She did her thang in the kitchen today!! Yep and I took home a whole sweet potato pie! About to eat me a piece right now lol Thank you for inviting us over for dinner. My butt is sooo sleepy now!!
Had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving meal with Lynn and Joe! Lots of fantastic latkes then turkey, stuffing and delicious sweet potato pie. Tomorrow I'm hitting the gym!
Mother in law gave me a WHOLE Sweet Potato pie. YEA BOI!!!
So enjoyed the day. Our son surprised us with The Thanksgiving Feast at the Hyatt. Enjoyed He and his family our daughter in love and beautiful lovelies (grand daughters). Relaxing now. Of course the fam still wanted some of mommas greens and turkey, sweet potato pie and we'll have a post Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Thankful for family and friends. Oh my girls had that cutest dresses complete with Diva wedge shoes! They call themselve divettes... :) Thank you babes. Enjoying the rest of the night with my hubby and baby son (young man)... The Big Guy. Lol Enjoy the rest of the night. "Muah!" Also enjoyed a very anointed service today complete with Minister Carthen's thought provoking and transforming message.
Sweet Potato pie.yep td!!! Tomorrow night club soundtrack be there!
Turkey, oyster dressing, and my daughter surprised me with a sweet potato pie she baked. Awesome!
Sweet Potato Pie, Banana Pudding or Cherry cheesecake.decisions, decisions. Maybe I'll have all three and cry about my muffin top later!
Eating a piece of ham and a slice of sweet potato pie. Awesome combination!!
Great food, laughter, & spreading love wit my fam, is what Thanksgiving is all bout. My Thanksgiving was great, special thanks 2 my hubby 4 cooking a great dinner & 2 my mom 4 making my sweet potato pie( my favorite:)! GN!!!
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Eatin Sweet Potato Pie.Vanilla Cake &&& Chocolate Cake at da same *** time!
Was so thankful today for the delicious sweet potato pie my aunt Tina made today. Tasted just like my mamaws, who hasn't been able to cook for many years. Great memories!
My situation rite now:) pot roast with Mac n cheese and potatoes with lemon cheesecake, tart, rum cake and sweet potato pie!! A glass of sorrel
Sorry we didnt make it, thanks for inviting us!!! Hope you enjoy your cheesecake, ima love eating my sweet potato pie.owww
Welp, made homemade sweet potato pie for the first time ever and it was spectacular. Cornish hens instead of turkey so everyone could have their own little bird and lots of other wonderful things. Roger Thompson made some amazing four layer dessert and deviled eggs. and mom, thanks for the green bean casserole.
I had a bittersweet moment at work but God is in control. Today has been full of love and laughter and I enjoyed every minute. It was great seeing my big brother Vincent G Roseborough and my Uncle Bryant and his family!! Enjoyed my mom, two of my daughters and my niece. I am full and sleepy. Lamb (ooohhh so good), turkey, ham, rice, dressing, mac n cheese, Potato Salad, broccoli casserole, loaded baked potato casserole, green beans, cabbage, greens, cornbread, cheesecake, banana pudding, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, pineapple upside down cake and I'm sure I've left something out! house my other children/grands and siblings personal reality check
Enjoyed my Thanksgiving will all my loved ones and Teresa Speigner u did your thang with that pecan pie cake, strawberry cake, Red Velvet Cake, sweet potato pie, and that pecan pie. Love all of u!
Bout to eat a piece of my granny sweet potato pie and find a movie.
Thanksgiving 2013 So much to be Thankful for and very Blessed this Thanksgiving Day ! 22 people at Dads for dinner this year and I don't think anyone went home hungry ... Amazing Food & Table Talk and a whole lotta PIES ! I baked a sweet potato pie for my Dad (1st time) and it was yummy, Mom would have been proud . We are Blessed to have a Family that Loves and works together to make days like today possible. missing my Mom today ...
Went to Zumba this morning and won a Sweet Potato Pie from Henry's Soul Food Cafe! Yes! FBF In the Bmore area, if its still on, check out my nephew Bryan's team on Channel 2! He is Go Calvert Hall!
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