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Sweet Little Sixteen

Sweet Little Sixteen is a rock and roll song written and originally performed by Chuck Berry, who released it as a single in January 1958. It reached number two on the American charts, Berry's second-highest position ever on that chart (surpassed only by his suggestive hit My Ding-A-Ling , which reached number one in 1972).

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Listen to rock station oldies for Free! : : your listen. Chuck Berry , avec le titre : Sweet Little Sixteen
This little trouble maker is sixteen💞 i hope you had a fabulous day and that you get ur wish, sweet dreams🌙
Little nargu baby looks so cute in her sweet sixteen outfit
"I'm Eighteen" by Alice Cooper then "Edge of Seventeen" assuming it doesn't skip straight to Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen".
Sweet Little Sixteen might set up an interesting interview?
I added a video to a playlist Little Milton - Sweet Sixteen
Happy Sweet Sixteen to my little sister😍😇 from me & your niece😄
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😘HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN 🎂 to my little girl. Oh! Should be young lady Glad that you like the…
On radiohhh_com RED "Sweet Little Sixteen" by Chuck Berry from 'One Dozen Berrys'
Sweet sixteen my little princess. Te amo un mundo!!!
Happy sweet sixteen to my little cousin, stop growing up!! Love you Kate ❤️😘
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Sweet sixteen today. She's looking like her. mother a little more everyday
A little late but...Happy sweet sixteen juj!! I love you and thanks for being you ☺️❤️ Hope you've had a good day🙌🏻
I listened to Sweet Little Sixteen by on
Happy sweet sixteen little sis!! Can't wait for you to come visit me…
about a month ago, I agreed to be a part of HIS little sister's sweet sixteen and I want to back out now but she looks so sweet
Happy birthday to my only little sister on her sweet sixteen still hate you always will
Happy sweet sixteen to my little toe!! Love you so much!!!
Here's the TV clip you've been waiting for: Chuck Berry playing "Sweet Little Sixteen" in 1958 with – apparently...
1.."Surfin' U.S.A." lyrics by Brian Wilson set to the music of "Sweet Little Sixteen," written by Chuck Berry.
Sweet sixteen time 😝 with this handsome guy lol my crazy little brother
KU moves on to Sweet Sixteen after sweeping Mizzou in straight sets: Every time Missouri flexed a little muscle…
brokenlovesong uploaded 2 new stories again after all this time which means Sweet Little Sixteen could be updated anytime :)
A little girl's night out with the birthday girl. Sweet Sixteen.
My little girl's sweet sixteen. She's getting up there, but she's still as beautiful as ever.
Happy Birthday to my little sister and I can't believe you are now sixteen years old. Have a wonderful Sweet Sixteenth birthday, Noelle!
Two - I’ve given up to remember, sweet little details about you, little talks we used to have, you...
Planning my little brother party is like planing a sweet sixteen 😒
This is the official LOD WinterFest Sweet Little Sixteen "Kickoff" party hosted by the wonderful folks from...
I added a video to a playlist Chuck Berry - "Sweet Little Sixteen" - HQ Audio )))
HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN to my little sister 💖 I love you sm you little brat. (Stay Sour 💘)
Happy sweet sixteen to my little angel face 💕
Had an amazing sweet sixteen!!! Celebrating my birthday a little earlier and here is my beautiful cake...
Sweet sixteen shoutout to 🚘❤️ and a little throwback to the good old days ;)
Chuck Berry's Sweet Little Sixteen was voted No.277 on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of all time list.
Locked and lining up songs with numbers in titles. Hopefully I'll get to use more than Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen."
playing on Sweet Little Sixteen by Jerry Lee Lewis at
Sweet Little Sixteen, Rock'n'Roll America (BBC Four) was v good; great script, plus rare sighting of Don Everly
"Surfin' U.S.A." music was based on Chuck Berry's 1958 hit "Sweet Little Sixteen." . The Beach Boys did it as a...
Finally about to see little Wayne's daughter sweet sixteen birthday all the way through. .I'm lame.I know
All the cats wanna dance with Sweet little sixteen
Marianne Faithfull - Sweet Little Sixteen lyrics and translations
Happy Sweet Sixteen to the little bro!
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A sassy, yet classy, card for a little Diva!
happy birthday to the best little brother in the world. you're a gift from God. HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN BUDDY 🎉
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. Sweet Little Sixteen. She's got the grown-up blues. Tight dresses and lipstick. She's sporting high-heeled shoe. The Beatles
HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN to my little bro!!! 🎉🎊 hope it's a good one! I love & miss you! 💕 & I'm sad I…
Things you didn't know: Chuck Berry's 'Sweet Little Sixteen' caused moral panic in the 50's because the black Berr…
With a mind a little busy, and the skirt a little high, down the street, screaming my sweet sixteen!
So excited to celebrate my big little brothers sweet sixteen! Happy birthday alec_dull! I love you!
good. I see a couple of literary devices there. It's still a bit sweet sixteen though. You can put in a little more edge.
How did this little girl get to be 16? Happy Sweet Sixteen!!
Today's little sissy's sweet sixteen. I still can't believe it.
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host Mercer tonight. Little bit of a different scenario from the last time those two met … with a Sweet Sixteen berth on the line.
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Happy Sweet Sixteen to my little sister. Love you Katie 🎉🎉
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Check out Kate's Sweet Sixteen playlist on our profile too:
.writes the latest entry in our Sweet Sixteen series:
Little ambys sweet sixteen and now it's her 21st!! How crazy.
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Check out Little Mosque on the Prairie s03e07 Sweet Sixteen
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2) I peed myself a little at my sweet sixteen
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Tb to when that one little kid tried to blow out my candles at my sweet sixteen.
Here's a little sparkle to add to your Monday!! Sneak Peek of Gorgeous Liv's Sweet Sixteen Session!…
I'm at home sick & watching my favorite Little House episode. Sweet Sixteen. Dean Butler is dreamy.
Jenn's gonna be graduated when I have a sweet sixteen but little does she know I'll drag her there if I have to
Happy sweet sixteen u little thottie, love u so much! xoxo❤️
You had your little sweet sixteen TV show and people haven't seen you since till you pop up claiming ownership to a dance through your dad 😀
1924-07-08 *The birth of Johnnie Johnson on this date in 1924 is marked on this date. He was an African American musician and composer. Born in Fairmont, West Virginia, Johnson first played piano at the age of 4. By his twenties, he was an accomplished jazz and blues player on the club circuit in Chicago, where he had apprenticed under Muddy Waters and Albert King. A self-taught musician, bandleader and composer, Johnson composed the riffs for many of Berry's most famous tunes, including "Maybellene," "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Rock and Roll Music," which Berry transposed to guitar. Berry wrote his best-known song, "Johnny B. Goode," in tribute to Johnson. But it was Johnson who actually gave Berry his first big break. On New Year's Eve in 1952, Johnson, then fronting the his own trio in St. Louis, was stuck. His sax player fell ill and he needed an emergency replacement, so he called in his pal Berry, a promising young guitarist, to fill in. The show was a hit, Johnson asked Berry to join the band, and ...
It is nothing new either. Try Chuck Berry's Sweet Little Sixteen vs Surfin' U.S.A. for a really blatant example.
Video of the day. Chuck Berry performs Sweet Little Sixteen live.
Using the same chord progression as 'Sweet Little Sixteen' by Chuck Berry, 'Chantilly Lace' was released in...
THIS WEEK IN ROCK & ROLL HISTORY 1963 January 31 The Beach Boys record "Surfin' USA", which will climb to number three in the US by mid-April. Although it was credited as being composed by Brian Wilson, the tune was a note-for-note cover of Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen". Following a lawsuit, Berry was granted writing credit and royalties from the record.
Happy new year to all lovers of oldies! We'd like to share some thoughts and memories with you on this New Year's Eve. All of us remember being around for Leslie Gore's party, and later when it was Judy's Turn to Cry. We remember 96 Tears but have no idea about the first 95. We got bended and shaped by the American Breed and were tightened up by Archie Bell and his Drells. Besides me, did anyone else want to grow up to be a Drell? The Archies gave some Sugar Sugar, while the Stones gave some Brown Sugar for the Four Tops' sugar pie honey bunch, Arthur Conley's Sweet Soul Music and Sweet Little Sixteen. Marvin Gaye said it, How Sweet it Is! Happy new year to those who knew Barbara Ann and had Fun, Fun, Fun with those Good Vibrations. In 1960 it was a Million to One shot we'd all Come Together by the end of 1969. Let alone sitting around and talking about it as we roll 2013 out the door. The Doors? By the time Glen Campbell got back to Phoenix, the Mamas and Papas were California Dreamin'. Aretha w ...
Was rocking to Chuck Berry's Sweet Little Sixteen in the car, then it hit me, baaad Mr Berry, bad!!
Please teach me about Sweet Little Sixteen ( Chubby Checker ) in 3-lines... 3LinesPedia
Pardon we're streaming Sweet Little Sixteen. Next, Jailhouse Rock. Join us at
Excuse me we're spinning Sweet Little Sixteen. Next up, Jailhouse Rock. Join us at
The Klaxxics playing live Why Do Fools Fall in Love and Sweet Little Sixteen at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.
In 1955, Boyd Bennett & the Rockets had a hit with "Seventeen." This would make her 74 years old today. In 1958, Chuck Berry had a hit with "Sweet Little Sixteen." That same year, Johnny Maestro & the Crests had "Sixteen Candles." This would make both girls now 72. In 1959, Sam Cooke sang "Only Sixteen," in which he played a kid who said that he and his then-girlfriend were that age a year ago. This would make both characters 72 as well. In 1960, Johnny Burnette had a hit with "You're Sixteen." ("You're sixteen, you're beautiful, and you're mine.") This would make her 68. In 1973, Ringo Starr covered the song -- his version's girl would now be 55. In 1961, Neil Sedaka sang "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen." This would make her now 67. In 1963, Chuck Berry wrote "Memphis," in which a man tells a long-distance phone operator to "get in touch with my Marie." At the end of the song, we find out that "Marie is only six years old" and is his daughter, taken away by his estranged wife -- or perhaps his sister, and ...
true, but he did do a cover of Sweet Little Sixteen with Jerry Lee Lewis
Happy Belated Birthday to my Number One Honorary Adopted Daughter, Halle Parker. Sweet Sixteen. Go to Google and search "Sweet Little Sixteen" and watch the Chuck Berry 1972 London Concert Version. A different kind of music for a different time. Still, one of the best Rock and Roll songs ever! I hope your day was great! Alan (aka Maeleigh's Dad)
Track 8. 'Sweet Little Sixteen' *. From the album 'Watt'. * Recorded Live at The Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Written by Chuck Berry Alvin Lee - Guitar and Vo...
played the song 'Sweet Little Sixteen' by Various Artists on
Listening to Sirius XM with Chuck Berry singing "Sweet Little Sixteen" followed by Eddie Cochran singing "Come on, Everybody"
Musical folk; Listen to Beach Boys - Surfin' USA. Then go listen to Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Sixteen. Wonder how much the Beach Boys had to pay him.
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