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Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus was an indie rock band formed in Birmingham, UK, in the 1990s.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done! Sweet Jesus, thank you for this new day!
17. Sweet Jesus. I would let him crash the car through the house & mess up my credit score I don't even care.…
The flattest pair of leather pants just passed my view. Sweet Jesus, what is that emotion😰?
Sweet Jesus in the noon day sipping tea in the shade. . Please let him never speak about/for/to Black folks again.
Sweet Jesus...Merkel had to explain the Geneva Refugee Convention to YESTERDAY!!!.
Sweet Jesus! As someone who has painted details in Senegalese twists, I applaud!
The Vietnam war is currently going on in my uterus. Sweet Jesus, take the wheel. 😰
Nutella has more sugar per teaspoon than Betty Crocker chocolate icing. Sweet Jesus you imbeciles, wise up.
Sweet Jesus! . Nick knowles gets better with age 😻 get me on that retreat! .
Oh my, Mullins chocolate ice cream is probably the best ice cream I've ever had. Sweet Jesus it's good!
Sometimes I want Jack Nicholson in the postman always rings twice cuz Jessica Lange... Sweet Jesus balance
Sweet Jesus the new Apple TV screensavers as alternate endings to Jason Reitman's "Up In The Air"
Sweet Jesus. William effing Duer REFUSES TO GO AWAY! Hear how thrilled we are about it in Episode 47 πŸ™„
Sweet Jesus... The United States' . Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, says it's morally wrong to feed hungry children. .
September 25th and are stocking Christmas biscuits, chocolate santas and other festive treats. Sweet Jesus
Sweet Jesus, Iniesta hit that like Jermaine Pennant hits lampposts.
I love that I'm in line to Sweet Jesus and behind me are fans screaming to alert people that the stars of Sing are coming out.
Sweet Jesus, Thank the Merciful and only Almighty God that allows me to worry about Muslims while ... Can you pass
Sweet Jesus the stomach flu is killing me
Sweet Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph. is every nation as vicious as Iran and Turkey with their youth and jails?
Sweet Jesus, girl, which clearly means I'll be a huge geek.
Royal Birkdale is an absolute beast. Sweet Jesus.
Sweet Jesus... So Spotify has the (and Brian Pillman's "Flyin' Brian" themes. This is GREAT...night made!!!
pain } "Sweet Jesus, is your face made of bones or bricks! Owww. And stop messing around this is serious. You are going to
Random question: In order to be a school resource officer, do Durham PD officers have to be abject *** Sweet Jesus, what a winner.
Sweet Jesus, but also Sammy's Sweet Shoppe on Dundas West, and Sweet Olenka's in Kensington Market 😸
the answer is a place called Sweet Jesus at Adelaide and John in Toronto, so you can go when your basic self is back
Sweet Jesus, this is Spanish fourth tier team Palencia's kit for next season:
Sweet jesus please marry me. "I went to college for Engineering and Technology. I worked in Aerospace for a few years"
Harry Styles had his hair cut?! Oh my sweet Jesus, what has the world come to? Does Morgan Freeman know? Maybe he can narrate the haircut! 😧
Sweet Jesus is good, but not THAT good.
Sweet Jesus. I have to get up in 5 hours to do the Darkness into Light walk and I'm here half drunk making something to eat. Will be walking
And they were facing the dining room at large as well and just, sweet jesus you're making enjoying my roast beef sandwich difficult
Me right now. 1L year is complete. Thank ya, Sweet Lil Baby Jesus.
God *** sweet Jesus why does inglorious basterds make me sob
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds. in a believer's ear!. It soothes our sorrows, heals our wounds,. and drives away our fear.
Sweet Jesus how many Granny's will Never see the dawn. The scandal on the late later. Remember stroke act FAST
Thank sweet baby Jesus for making the next Battlefield game take place in WW1! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
oh sweet Jesus praise the lord loving it
Sweet baby Jesus on high it's almost 430!!!
The new battlefield reveal trailer. My sweet Jesus. Call of duty are going to get destroyed this year. Dice are gonna ruin infinity ward❀️
Finally got off work! Sweet Jesus. Thought I was going to die there of old age
sweet Jesus! Are there spiders that big?! There is NO need for snakes, either! This just proves it!
I cannot for the life of me, wallpaper!!! Got the insulation up no bother but the wallpaper, oh sweet jesus β€” Bubbles all over!
I still weigh less than I did before getting pregnant but sweet baby Jesus my back and hips don't think so
'Tis So Sweet on repeat. But it's not always so sweet. Jesus is still before all it'll be ok.
oh sweet jesus not another Kardashian..
Oklahoma and its constant construction. Sweet Jesus can't our taxes go to more important things???
Make-up. 40+ years of make-up applying. Sweet Jesus no wonder I'm tired
on the simply be advert... sweet Jesus she's something else 😍😍😍
What in the *** are you people doing over there? Sweet Jesus what a crime for such a lovely city.
is that a paid career? Sweet Jesus, I feel a dramatic career change coming on.
I have only been to Sweet Jesus out of all these places so yes, chance to discover more of them
Great and fast week with a sweet downpour to ease the constant scorching sun... \=D/ Thank you Jesus\=D/
I don't know how to be a grown up but THANK SWEET BABY JESUS I KNOW HOW TO construct an inscribed hexagon and titrate acids.…
Oh sweet jesus I don't know how to anything lol
sweet Jesus, I think peed a little with excitement, battlefield 1 for me this year not cod
What if they don't like my feed?. What if i'm jumping on a bandwagon?. Ohh sweet baby jesus …
Sweet Jesus. If they land these two... πŸŒͺ🚨
Who made Owen international ambassador? Sweet Jesus, what happened to John Barnes?
Sweet Jesus, a full blown Alex Jones fan... and you wouldn't you know it, a Trumpkin as well. lol
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sweet Jesus jones! lol. Maybe it will be easy. Nicely done #
Sweet Jesus! Harper has started meeting with the Portrait of Dorian Grey?. ... Oh yeah, and
And the bar gets lower... Sweet Jesus. Private party for fsake.
Sweet Jesus! I just remembered that Bugsy Malone came out 40 years ago. Childhood classic
you're thanking poch for the development of Shaw and Lallana? . Sweet Jesus.
Devils Backbone Risen. If luxury were a brown ale. Sweet Jesus. This is decadent with the …
Sweet Jesus, Sharon Van Etten’s β€œI Don’t Want To Let You Down” just came on during a random playlist and I’d forgotten. I had
Sweet Jesus, he hit that 3 from Baltimore County
Sweet Jesus. The smell in my kitchen is pure, homemade insanity.
There are actually articles in New England newspapers blaming Belichick for the Pats "failure." Sweet Jesus.
Chris brown is BAπŸ™ŒπŸΌ I want this song to come out NOW! And that riff at 1:10! Sweet Jesus. I want that as my ringtone
In 2016, let's gain victory over sin,seek fellowship wholeheartedly and live one day at a time wanting Sweet Jesus
Sweet Jesus. 14 years ago? Josh Mathews still going strong. .
Sweet Jesus, I hear ya on that one. Smoke has claws and she likes to show them off. Cat: 1 Me: left bleeding in a heap.
Sweet Jesus,Fill my heart with songs of praise and joy. Send the light of the world into my life.
Sweet Jesus! I leave him for ONE minute and this happens. Someone will call Child Services on us...!
Sweet Mother Mary, sweet father Joseph, Sweet Jesus, we made it in America...
I liked a video 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
Sweet jesus, Nganou with a massive uppercut and Henrique goes to sleepy bye bye land. KO Round 2.
Oh sweet mother of Jesus on a double caffeine high
I can't eat oranges without thinking of Ally, tbh. Jesus!!! These oranges are so sweet
Dear sweet baby Jesus, please cure my road rage that occurs whenever I drive in bg. Amen.
Yogi went full on heat check on that one oh my lord. Sweet baby Jesus.
. Good night. Sweet dreams in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Why is everything a problem eventually to y'all? Jesus Christ let ppl wear what they want.
The force awakens. Sweet mother of Jesus I have no words.
Today's going by so slowly, sweet butter Jesus
sweet baby Jesus what did you drink ? Ever since this morning I can't eat. It's literally taking me hours to finish a sub πŸ˜‚
My God is Jesus, my truck is lifted, my tea is sweet, and my gumbo is spicy, I love Canes, Tony's and my momma. Proud to be…
Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus, What a wonder You are! You are brighter than the morning star.
Amount of scraps I got myself into like sweet Jesus
Zakes singing I luv u Jesus proves every tongue shall confess. Sweet one...Y'all need 2 stop being negative our Lord died 4 us all
Did you really comment "πŸ†" on a picture. Oh sweet Jesus lord have mercy on your soul.
Nah but honestly thank sweet baby jesus for my metabolism being faster than Usain Bolt, I gen eat like a horse but stay size …
Sweet zombie Jesus... It's like Steph is in perpetual NBA-Jams-on-fire mode.
he's doing well thanks Stink .obviously the December born rock, there's Seb, you .and the sweet baby Jesus
loving the Sweet baby Jesus stout at our lovely new local brewery - the vicar recommends.
😩😭😭 my job sent me home early thank you sweet baby Jesus πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
oh sweet Jesus lol fingers crossed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
90% done with Christmas shopping, sweet baby Jesus
Sweet Baby Jesus, this is delicious! Thanks aldiuk 😍
Praying for marriages to be restored. . Nothing is impossible with God. . Our marriage is proof. .
Sweet baby Jesus that’s a really nice butt, but his BULGE is BIG…. Big as… As… GIANT πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
Sweet Jesus...what a showdance from Anton & Katie! Never expected that!
Anyone ever dropped a hot curling iron on their leg before? No? Ok just asking for a friend..sweet jesus my leg hurts does your leg hurt?!
Oh, sweet mother of Jesus. I think my game got corrupted again and I was about to loose my mind.
Christmas (baby plz comehome); Santa Claus is coming to town and please sweet baby Jesus "Loose Ends"
sweet Jesus thank god. You had me feeling worse than the commercial
AND there was chocolate cheesecake, sweet Jesus. πŸ˜­πŸ’–
What's that?. Petition; I'll have you out by Xmas. It's August!. Sweet Jesus & Mary Jane, I'm not Perry Pissing Mason! h…
Sweet Jesus that's a sunrise over Long Island Sound πŸŒ…
.Sweet Jesus it doesn't get any better! Emily Ann you are so beyond your years. You are a very talented young lady
Sweet Jesus, yes, please let Adele be our generation's Ann Wilson.
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