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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (or simply Sweet Dreams ) is a song by the British pop music duo Eurythmics, written by Annie Lennox and David A.

Good Night Patsy Cline Roy Buchanan Annie Lennox God Bless Marilyn Manson Jessica Lange Elm Street

[...] "Sweet Dreams" by Beyoncé, "Wonderland" by Natalia Kills and more recently "Good For You" by Selena Gomez.
The Tonight Show with Freddie Krueger!!. Always signs off with "Nighty Night, Sweet Dreams".
Saw him last night in H-town. Ripped through the classics in first 30 minutes, then covered, Sweet Dreams - enjoy!
Thanks 4 wishing me "Nightmare on Elm Street" I will still wish you Sweet Dreams. U can't make me abusive
Time to go to bed. Good Night, people. See you tomorrow. Sweet Dreams
Grab your copy today & enjoy! Sweet Dreams by Jennifer Senhaji h…
One-liner reviews of Sweet Dreams boxed set. Loved it!
I became in moon, for to see you every night. Good Night & Sweet Dreams .
good Knight, Sweet Dreams and all that Jazz
"Within our dreams & aspirations, we find our opportunities..."-Sugar Ray Leonard. Good Night and Sweet Dreams
Bluegrass medley of White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" & Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" is way too cool from Kevin Dalton & the Tuesday Blooms
Thanks everyone for the awesome birthday wishes. I hope everyone's weekend is just as awesome too. Good Night & Sweet Dreams.
Goodnight My beautiful Baby angel Sweet Dreams,I love you my love👼🏼💖
Joe singing Twisted and Sweet Dreams at Mohegan Sun Casino on 6/12/15
Sitting on a cloud of Memories'. and watching the Moonlight dance. ~Sweet Dreams ~
Today has been a LONG, Yet Great day!:) Now time to catch some Zzz!:) Goodnight, God Bless, Sweet Dreams & Don't...
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Longing to live by the sea.. Take me with you,. Take me far away,. Lead me to the distant shore... Sweet Dreams,David :)
Me and my mum just sang Tainted Love and Sweet Dreams in the most awesome remix. That was amazing!
... Sweet Dreams 😍 adventures in booking land starts again when sun comes up ❤️my clients
Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams: via Just one more, eh?
I'll state something obvious: Roy Buchanan's "Sweet Dreams" is awesome.
Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics is in Ramada Encore. Download it now at
Pro Tip: if you listen to Sublime in time order you can hear Brad die, be reborn and self destruct. P.S. Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams, we shall discuss more soon. Ciao Bella!
Sweet Dreams of Derek Carr and washed up running backs. LOL, How Long? No, not Howie Long.
Singing Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams," a song she sang on her induction night, the flawless
Tomorrow is a" New Day " begin it well and sincerely. Sweet Dreams ~)) xx
Sweet Dreams are made of this. who am I to disagree. I travel the world and the seven seas . Everybody it's looking...
LOL - I'm about to kick him out. Sweet Dreams to you too. Good Night. :) Semper Fi!
Some of them want to use you... Some of them want to get used by you... Some of them want to abuse you... ~Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson~
I'm going to bed now. Perhaps I'll have sweet dreams. About skittles.
of course! 🙋 I'll text you about it tomorow chicken, sweet dreams! 😘
I'm so happy for you. That's so great. He seems very down to earth & sweet from what I've seen. Dreams …
Sweet dreams, you bunch of night owls!
Last night i had a real sweet dream even no one wished me Good Night or sweet dreams ..?:p
Nite nite, sleep tight, sweet dreams from Prague ❤. Sending many kisses, good start to the new workweek 🌸
After all the feels from listening to off the grid again, I better go to sleep, Good Night y'all sweet dreams ♡
I will hun thx sweet dreams my friend XXX :)
"Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree?"
{hugs you tight} a Night night, Rhai. Sweet, happy dreams to you.
Sweet dreams is my all time fav song
Good Night Jessie, sweet dreams lady in white.
Sweet dreams. It's been another fun filled day. Rest for what's coming. ;-)
Goodnight my perfect husband... Sweet dreams...
Night Night Jules, Sweet dreams hun, sleep tight and I love you loads and loads X 😘💕💕
Goodnight, tiny pigs. Sweet dreams. x *marks some of your doors with a cross, sparing only the good ones*
now I will surely have sweet dreams
Good Night my angels . It's time to go to Dreamland . Sweet dreams . Kisses.
[TRANS] ..To some people it's sweet dreams but to some people it's good morning..!!!^^..
you must be tired. Have a great and warm night! Sweet dreams! Sleep well! Boa noite! Hugs xx :)
Good Night sleep well and sweet dreams ..
Bed time babes, night night, sweet dreams 😘😘
Faron Young - Sweet Dreams lyrics and translations
At Marilyn Manson's concert tonight @ Terminal 5 & was shocked 2 hear him dedicate "Sweet Dreams" 2 his friend of 20 year…
󾬓󾬏Sweet Dreams wooden heart. Decorative, heart plaques in ivory with either pink or blue writing and polka dot...
Sweet Dreams md champions North with Chancellor at No. 11 Downing Street:
"I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody's looking for something." -Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams'
Lovely to be among u all ! Promise for elders respect n five time prayers? Love u all. Good Night and sweet dreams. 🌹🌹🌹.
you are very welcome my beautiful sister Leah 😘💖😘 Good Night and sweet dreams and sleep well 😽💙😽 Sleep well 😘
ok I'm going off for the night sweet dreams lovelies 💕
Night, Chey. Sweet dreams and many blessings to you.
Goodnight goodnight sleep tight and sweet dreams I love you all soo much. x
. Goodnight sweetheart . Sweet dreams my love . Xxoo
Yes 😊 Monday is done, . & thanks, I hope I do have Sweet dreams 😋. Take care & enjoy your evening (*_*)
Headache from *** please go away 😔 I'm sooo over today. I can't wait til all my babies are snoring so I can join em in sweet dreams. The only thing keeping me from being completely mizzy right now is this cup of coffee tricking me into feeling up for the next 13 minutes lol fuuuck mi vida loca sleep I miss you so so much 😣
goodnight Daryl Dixon and I love you and get your sleep archer and sweet dreams
True love doesn’t have a happy ending.. True love doesn’t have an ending x .. . Sweet Dreams x ...
“sweet dreams little one . I look like with fluffs
ok now it's time for sleep. it's 4:50 AM. sweet dreams world
Advance happy pongal friends and your family's.sweet dreams
This is last pick for today, Good Night and sweet dreams/morning and have a nice day. ;). ^Dark Wolf^
“He likes to sleep with his tongue out dreams"
Just saying Good Night ttt guys sweet dreams.
Good Night Brothers and Sisters old Body is Calling for rest..Sweet Dreams ..
challO Ji.. . Good Night Sweet Dreams ^_^ love u all. apan kal b trend krne wale he ;).
Well it's my bedtime...Good Night, sweet dreams, God Bless.
Had to wish everyone sweet dreams of love.
Sweet Dream Blankies was started in an effort to help give comfort to children as they enter into the foster care system in North Alabama. So far, we are only large enough to take care of the children at the Limestone County DHR, but someday, my dream is to branch out to other surrounding areas. We are sew-ers, knitters, and crocheters, and make either afghans, 12" squares (to be joined into afghans), scarves, hats, and bags for coloring books/crayons for the kids. Please only use acrylic worsted weight type yarn for the afghans and squares, as this yarn holds up really well with children's use. We hope that through our work, we will help kids have sweet dreams that they deserve. Thanks! Is anyone interested in working with this?
- Night sweetie have sweet dreams.. 😴😘
Nite Nite peeps . Sweet dreams to all z
~~May your sleep be peaceful ~ May your dreams be sweet ~ May your tomorrows be happy and all your days complete~~
For tonight the family and kat are going to say goodnight as it has been a very emotional day on all of us. We will tuck our angel in and say goodnight and sweet dreams. May god bring a better tomorrow.
G'd Night sweet dreams and G'd morning to all have a nice day
The fact that my little brother lives in ohio & he still tells my mom every night, to make sure she tells me he said sweet dreams & that he loves me.✊😭😍
2014 has come and gone. It seems the days turn into weeks faster now than ever before. I think about all the wonderful ways I have been blessed throughout the year and I also think about those times when I didn't feel as if I could make it. I know it was then that my Father carried me. But I still question "Could I have done something differently?" You know I find in life that the more I do for God the more He does for me. If you are feeling as if God hasn't been there for you, Maybe it was you who wasn't there for Him. For He says "Draw neigh to me and I'll draw neigh to you." Just a thought. Sweet dreams all and May the Lord keep you and yours safe throughout the night. God Bless
So I thought I had my wish for you tonight until I just said something and poof your wish was transformed .. I wish you to know the difference when a Person is in need and when a Person is just needy .. For those in need, need your truth and those who are needy don't need nothing you got for it won't be enough .. Sweet Dreams .. Love & Hugs
Been sick all *** day - been throwing up since 7am i feel terrible .. finally held water down!!! Ate me some fruity pebbles,with my bf (; SHE SAYS SHE'S MOVING IN lol I don't see her leaving her Momma tho but I'M hoping she comes and stays a few days with us tho!! Anyway bout to go home take me a hot bath make my hubby a strawberry cake then relax with my HUBBY, watch a movie then cuddle up 😘💤.. night ppl sweet dreams be safe!! Lynn Hanley-Hendren
jus got back from Wal-Mart...I'm wore out...gotta get up early gn everybody sweet dreams 😀😘😉
Here she is my granddaughter little Keira with her new PJs and now tucked in fast asleep with the Faeries! She snuggled in so tightly putting her sweet little arms around me singing away to herself! it's another Eyes n Smiles night tomoz to! In case you are wondering I call them Eyes n Smiles nights because she all eyes n smiles before sleep and when she wakes up. In the morning I have the pleasure of seeing her huge eyes open! Nighty night n sweet dreams BB x
Out side is very cold tonight and I heading home sweet dreams ...
Just wanna say Hey to all my family & friends. I haven't forgotten any one,just been busy! Sweet Dreams!
Good Night everyone sweet dreams and be safe
Good Night my friends...sweet dreams!
OK, so I LOVE Hey Honey the hand cream, the lip scrub, it is Peach something and The Saint face mask. The lip scrub is really nice. Very slick in a good way, buttery finish. Absorbs nicely and quickly too. The Saint tingled a little going on. It doesn't take much of any of these either!!! A little goes forever. The Saint really washed off and seemed to make my face really dewy and smooth. NICE! I also like that you can use it daily if you like. With this crap weather, that is good. I also tried BFF and Sweet Dreams. I LIKE BFF, but it seems too scrubby for an everyday for me now. 10 years ago, yes. I like it for a weekly wash OR it would be a wicked awesome summer face wash. Sweet Dreams night cream was nice. Smooth, thick creamy but it absorbed quickly and leaves your face very soft. Lush may have you beat on the face creams by a small, small margin BUT the one I am talking about specifically is Gorgeous, and that one is/was 80 bucks a shot. Their prices have gone up dramatically and I a ...
Kathryn Mahoney is back from surgery. They were unsuccessful with doing it laparoscopy. So she was in longer to be opened up. She will sleep for the rest of the night. They are giving her pain killers. We'll see her in the AM. Sweet Dreams Baby Girl, so sorry for your pain! :-)
Sleep well, have sweet dreams, wet dreams. wild dreams, scary
And so I say to you Good Night Southern California sweet dreams and may you sleep with the angels
Good morning jai jinendra ol you farends sweet dreams
"Because today is another chance to get it right." What you did yesterday or what you ate this morning doesn't matter. You can't change it. All you can do is make the best choice you can right now. And take one baby step forward. That's it. What will your decision be? Healthy or unhealthy? Campers today made a great decision when they came to work out. And our 7pmers were rocking it out tonight!!! Yall are awesome!!! If roads happen to be bad in the morning for 5am, watch here and on our website for cancellation. I don't think it'll be an issue and I'm pretty confident I'll see you at 5... But wanted to give you a reminder about checking before you leave the house. I'll post by 4 if we cancel. Sleep tight, my wonderful awesome campers! Sweet dreams!
Good Night all my great and straight FB friends. Have a safe and pleasant evening, Sweet dreams. Talk to you all tomorrow. I have a little riddle. WHAT GOES IN STRAIGHT AND HARD AND COMES OUT SOFT AND GOOEY
It's time to say Good Night. Sleep well and Sweet Dreams. 😴💕💕💕
Will night everyone sweet dreams hope everyone Monday was good
No sleep last night.I can see the open gate into the Land of Nod.Hoping I can float away this cold rainy night. Katie is giving me sweet kisses & yawning.Good Night dear friends.Sweet Dreams!
Well, folks after a very long, restless night and a long day I'm going to bed. Good Night everyone and God Bless all of you. Sweet dreams to all
Calling it a night.a little planning before bed, trying to make it happen and then the z's.Good Night my loves, sweet dreams!
Well guess it's back to work for me tomorrow. Vacation over. Oh well, Goodnight to you all. Sweet dreams. Now watch this; bet I don't get to sleep until around 3:00am and got to be back up by 4:45 am.
Feeling some type a way .. good nite peeps . Ganna call it a nite ,Gatta get up at 3a.m. n tge morning... sweet dreams 😴.
Just what the Doctor ordered for a Good Night's sleep. Good Night Triple T Famo! Mi love oonuh inno!! Sweet dreams and bless up.
Nighty night Friends!!! Kenny Rogers here!! As you can see,I’ve made myself VERY comfortable in my Foster home!! BOL!!! It sure does feel WONDERFUL to be rescued!!! I’ve also put a few items on my wish for your viewing pleasure!! :) Check them out…. am SO excited by the thought of getting those things!! Will you get them for me?? You WILL??? WOOHOOO!!! THANK YOU!!! I’m taking applications for my Forever Home!! Easy as pie to get the ball rolling…..just go here….. it out…..send it in….TA DA!! We are on our way!! Sweet Dreams!! Love, ~~KENNY ROGERS~~
Its gonna be a long day cannot sleep mum wish you were here with us but I no you are happy now cause your with dad again and I no you been waiting for this time to come killing me saying this sweet dreams give dad a kiss from me I miss ya both so much I no you both looking down on us Good Night God Bless to ya both x
Sweet Dreams Inspire. ( Please read pinned guidelines. Before you submit and or comment.)
Good evening, everypawdy! I had a berry nice day, today. Mommy and I visited a new craft store and we really liked it. They had lots of nice things and Mommy said, it may even be better than our beloved Michael's. Nah, but it was pretty close. Mommy says, we will be back there, for sure, though. On the way home, we made our usual Starbucks run and then headed home to begin cooking. I luv it when Mommy cooks, cause that usually means that I get to taste, bol. Today, Mommy made pork, though, so there was no tasting. She did, however, take out a pupcake, for me, so I was one happy pup. Tomorrow, we will go to the natural food store, to look for carob powder, so Mommy can make me carob pupcakes. We always like to try the recipe, before we take it anywhere, so Mommy said, that if we can get the carob, tomorrow, we will see about making the pupcakes on Thursday. 😊 Hope you have a wonderful evening, my friends. I'm ready to snuggle up on Mommy's lap, for some presleep. Night, night and sweet dreams. Luv you . ...
Sweet dreams to all my family & friends may u all have a safe and blessed night .
Bout ready to call it quits, been a rough day think its time to lay in bed and watch some tv. Hope you all have sweet dreams xoxo my friends.
Temp is day is almost done.soon will be time to introduce my head to my pillow.Hope everyone has a great night...sleep tight and sweet dreams...Good Night for ice in the safe out there !
I just want to wish 🌠 my friends Dem goodnight and sweet dreams.may God Bless you all and protect u all as well.
I think my get up and go, got up and went! Day 2 of being super sleepy. Time for sleep meds and a long night of sleep. Sweet dreams and God Bless
Well guys it's that time had a bad day hope Tuesday is better have a Good Night with no pain and sweet dreams love to all
Ally and Skye made it back safely from Iowa City. Skye definitely has hypercalcemia like Bry but it is doing well right now. Todd and Blake are off to Heartshot. Ayden is still sick so he is in bed and since this girl is not feeling the greatest, I too am headed off to bed. Good Night all. Please remember to pray for the homeless and those who are near to it. Thank you :) Sweet dreams!
Wow people are cranky on here tonight! I'm off for the night! Wishing everyone sweet dreams.
BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP TONIGHT LET US PRAY! You and all the members of your household shall never be slain, slaughtered, sacrificed, wasted, annihilated, abducted, kidnapped or destroyed by the evil agents of satan in these end times Jesus Name. You shall never be a victim of the anomalies of *** strayed bullets, collapsed building, plane crashed in or out of plane, sinking ship or ferry, derailed trains, gas explosion, fire out brake, high voltage electrical upsurge, and multiple auto crashes in Jesus Name. You shall always enjoy Heaven on earth in all your endeavours, you will never beg to eat, to drink, to wear, to live, you will not depend on your enemies for sustainance, you will never know failure, shame, disgrace, dishonour, reproach and embarrassment in Jesus Name. From today, Jehovah God will open for you that door which people considered difficult to open, He close doors of mysteries and woes, He will open before you the doors of elevation, promotion, advancement, upliftment, enlightenment an .. ...
Official page: Their first single back in 1994 was called Sweet Dreams. But not even in their own sweetest dreams could...
some people should learn to grow up... on that note time to start deleting some friends and family...have a goodnight...sweet dreams... me and Carter are snuggled on the couch and about to be out
Come on down to the Side Door at the Palladium on February 12th and hear us play some old time country music, as well as a few songs from the Sweet Dreams - A Patsy Cline Tribute show with CJ Harding! It's gonna be a fun night!
❤️Sleep Desire... Look into my eyes. One last time... Here is many life's, love, passion, hurt, fire... Eternal desire. Read my vibrations, not my words... You're playing with fire Where is here hidden desires My Silence must be heard All the noises observed The time has arrived. My Silence must be heard Your Words without a meaning just fading away. Silence. I surrender I am letting myself go I can not anymore hold I'm all yours... I'm fire... My eternal flame Will Always burn Feel, Understand.and learn.. My eternal Desire.❤️ By Carla Scala Good Night✨ Sweet Dreams.❤️ souls
Sweet Dreams in our 'SERENA' Satin Sleep Shirt 🌙 @ shop with us 🎀
Fortress, they came across several of Odin's men. Sweet Dreams: When an enchanted Arthur was challenged to a duel, he fought King Olaf
Friday's activities from the Whatcom Kid Insider event calendar include: Wild Things, Holiday Festival of the Arts, Toddler Art, Deck the City Hall, Minecraft at the Ferndale Library, Paper Craft Party at BPL, Family Story Night and "Saving Christmas Town" in the evening! This is just a highlight there is much more at: and click tomorrow's date. Sweet Dreams!
This is my jam: Sweet Dreams (Are Made... by Marilyn Manson Evil13
:) Thank you Ginger ♥ Have a Good Night and Sweet Dreams to you ♥ Big Kiss
I liked a video from Sweet Dreams (Roy Buchanan guitar cover by Roberto Barbieri)
Sweet Dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a Brie? -Annie Lennox
I hope you had a goofday. Sweet dreams. X
Good Night dear friends. Tomorrow is a day of work... Time to rest. Have sweet dreams...
Good Night my best new friends and , sweet dreams by SRK 's pillow. love u all.
Good Night All sweet Dreams We will be back at 6am 💤💤😴
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you are most likely in the land of nod right now, so sweet dreams chica and have a fab Monday! Xx
Sweet things in my head, decadence on my life. Sweet decadence of sweet dreams ☁
Good Night Val hailstones here today. Had a good day Val. Hope you did too. Sweet dreams and take care xxx
I'm off to bed!.thanks again to everyone who visited today and to all likers old and new.sweet dreams until...
Nite Nite Val hope your day was a good one weather Yuck here sweet dreams xxx
Good Night, sweet dreams.See you tomorrow.xx
Really!I think we need to sleep well sometimes:)Sleep tight and sweet dreams!
Oh yeah... I forgot. Anyway Good Night ❤ Sweet dreams. It was SO nice to talk to you again. I love that
Soo tired, going to sleep now. School for my daughter tomorow. 😋 night night ✨💫 sweet dreams 😘
Time to wish everyone a very Good Night and sweet dreams. Thank you for staying with me and being my friend xx
Hi.. "Good Night everyone. I'm going to relax with Tom now. Sweet dreams!!!
Time for bed, tomorrow a new week starts..goodnight beautiful people.Sweet dreams...
Nite nite peeps sweet dreams. Luv u all x
Official music video for Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’. Click here to subscribe: Click here to buy: http:...
Time for bedibos now nitey nite ppls sweet dreams
Good Night all my friends sleep good and sweet dreams
Sweet dreams everyone, back in the shop early tomorrow to reset up for the new week. Loads of new items so come down and have a nosey
What a superb version by a Spaniard band called Insolito Club. Sweet dreams Funktastic friends around the world.
Beautiful sunset, Good Night and sweet dreams.
Goodnight ,,,.time to sleep...sweet dreams of me,
had a boss weekend with chris seeing friends on night out indian meal with nan. ironed my clothes all ready TONIGHT for work tomorrow am. NIGHT ALL ;) SWEET DREAMS XXX
Evening guys. Well I've had a lovely family weekend. Not a cake in sight, well except for finishing one off. I've sleep, made food (not cake related at all) and now looking forward to the next two weeks. I have been so good and not jam packed the next two weeks. It's all at a lovely pace, can't believe I managed to do it! Last year was a nightmare, so many orders and I missed all the run up to Christmas with my family, everything revolved around whether I had a cake to do. Well this year I haven't. So sorry to everyone I have turned down but I have to call time somewhere. I am finishing on 19th and not back in the kitchen until new year, except for 1 cake I have to do. Now I opened my diary for next year a few weeks ago and everyone jumped on it. It's come to that point already where I have to close my diary for the time being. If you have already sent me an inbox asking for dates I am still looking into it. Will sort out next week. However I cannot accept any new pm's requesting cakes for next year now o ...
Good Night. Love my friends. Sweet dreams and God Bless 💛💛💛💛
Be thankful for the bad things in life. They open your eyes to see the good things you weren't paying attention to before. Goodnight friends and family Sweet dreams Stay blessed ZZz
Good 9t to all my pals, have a sweet dreams and DreAm BiG. In the Name of God, We shall live to meet the end of this Year in Jesus Name, Amen. I wish you all a sound sleep.
MAKE A CANDY DECORATION FOR THE CWP FLOAT FOR THE *** CHRISTMAS PARADE THIS SATURDAY!! As announced today from stage by Pastor Scott CWP is going to have a float in the annual *** Christmas parade this Saturday. In addition to your presence that day to walk with the float we are also in need of help in decorating the float. This year the parade theme is 'Sweet Dreams of Christmas' and we will be decorating our float with large candy decorations! We asked families to make up large candy decorations that we will then use to decorate the float. So far we have the following candy ideas members have committed to making for the float: - Candy Canes - Butterscotch Candy - Hershey Kisses - Cookie - Pepermint - Lollipop We still need more however and it's okay to have more than one Candy Cane or cookie! Please get creative and let us know what kind of candy decoration you want to create for the float. You can begin bringing your completed decorations by the church during the week. We will be storing ...
Everyone who is my friend here on fb, I want u all to know dat Ntombi aka Punkies loves all of u nd dat u all hold a special place in my heart. Gud9t nd sweet dreams, "sohlangana emarenkini asemaphupheni"... hug#
Good evening friends and family. to rest well and have sweet dreams.
Who would you like to send SWEET DREAMS and Good Night dedications to tonight? O gopotse mang kajeno/
A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like you making my everyday seems so great. Good Night and sweet dreams. 😊 ALLAH NIGAHBAAN
Breast Cancer Awareness
Goodnight sweet dreams God Bless touchdown Pittsburgh jingle Bell jingle Ball It will be a good week in Pittsburgh
Good Night and sweet dreams all peoples...
Good Night sweet dreams everybody catch you all later x
Cheese n Ham Toasties for this girl then sleepy byes.sweet dreams everyone x
This is an exercise I made at home, where I tried to replace some of the instruments of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" with vocals. The only FX used is reverb. V...
Good Night sweet dreams to all friend
Time for some much needed shut eye, night all. Sweet dreams 🎄🎅
I KNW ONLY 1 Person who will never give up on me. *GOD* *GUDNYTIN pPL ,SWEET Dreams*
Good Night of the people sweet dreams 😫😪😪
Sweet dreams to all of you , my clock is ringing at 6 am ... so ... i am off Good Night !!!
Good Night my friends, I must go to bed now and I hope you all sleep well and have sweet dreams. See you tomorrow. Been busy few days so tomorrow I must rest x
I wish you all goodnight, sweet dreams.
Love it how people get involved in someone elses problems pmsl 4 onto 1 silly sods watch this space.. All i can say is keep ya cars hid and your doors locked.. Sweet dreams
Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) is now available on the Super Simple Songs Volume 2 DVD! Get it on Amazon! A speci...
The man is on tonight ladies film 4 9:00 ! Sweet dreams about Tom hardy :P
Little Giant Ladders
Good Night my Love. Sweet dreams to you
Thank u Father 4 blessing us with a quiet nd peaceful sunday nd weekend Father please grant us a peaceful nites rest pls protect us through this nite Jesus name Amen goodnite to all on this page sweet dreams
Heavenly Father before Thy throne we come. Father we would like to thank You for the gift of life that You are giving us,we know that its not our clever or our goodness or our strength to live but its Your kindly loveness,mercy andgrace that you are giving us. Aswe are going to sleep,will You please send the Arkangel Gabrial to guard us the whole night and give us a blessed sweet dreams. Will You please keep us from the fiery dats of wicked and forgive our sins so that we may proclaim the word 'Greater is He Christ that is in us than the little devil who is in the world'. Can You please guard us this night and give usa hope that all of us will shout that one day we will march to heaven. As we have Hope that tomorrow we are goin to wakeup,will You please bless everything we are goin to do. Bless those who are homeless,Heal those who are not feeling well,give Hope to those who are in agony and will You give us more time to read Your bible so that our faith will boost up and Your light shine upon us. But abo ...
You opened your arms and took me for one of your own you made me feel that i belonged. We have been through some bad times and had some fantastic times that will now become cherished memories. I will miss you today, tomorrow and forever thank you for letting me be a part of it all. I love you dad aka *** t dont you ever forget that sweet dreams till we meet again x
Well its a very early one for me tonight ,Off to work in the morning ,Its the driving into London that gets me down but its work so mus'nt grumble so goodnight peeps sweet dreams God Bless.,,see you tomorrow ,love you x
Good Night my Friends! There have been quite a few musicians passing away lately and I am glad to hear that it was just another hoax about Axl Rose love his voice. Sweet Dreams! Love and Peace to All! Luv Gran xxx
Air Supply - Australian soft rock duo "Sweet Dreams" Album: The One That You Love Year: 1981 Label: Arista Records I do not claim ownership to this song or v...
In our final week of Sweet Dreams, Pastor Pete Wilson interviews Pastor David Landrith from Longhollow Baptist Church in Henderso...
Sweet Dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis' a brie?❤cheese and
Sweet Dreams my Family and Friends and you are all the Best I,M GOING TO SAY A SPECIAL PRAY, PLEASE PRAY FOR MY CUZIN KATHY VASQUEZ HUSBAND FRED HIS SPECIAL BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 17 AND HIS HAVING SURGERY , SO PLEASE PRAY HE HAVE A SAFE WONDERFUL SURGERY HE BE OK God Bless FREDDY ! to bad the d Denver Broncos lost they suck today oh well we are just fans have a great night thanks
I added a video to a playlist Strictly Pros Dance to Sweet Dreams - Strictly Come Dancing 2014 - BBC
Good Night my dears! I'm sick and I'm going to bed early! Sweet Dreams!!
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Marilyn Manson, from with LiveLyrics®
Friendship is like the moon’s radiant glow. No matter how many dark clouds are brought in by life’s troubles, you always know that the soothing radiance of friendship is just waiting to shine on you once the clouds clear. Good Night and Sweet Dreams all of you beautiful people. ♥:-)
I want to sing Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics for oh pretty PLEASE
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Just finished watching La Bamba. Even though I've watched that movie and Sweet Dreams a GAZILLION times ~ I still cry at the end. So sad such great talent all lost in plane crashes.
Goodnight on this one .. Sweet Dreams. Ronnie Dunn - Kiss You There: via
I love you with all my heart Selena Marie Gomez Good Night and Sweet Dreams your the most beautiful angel in the world AMEN!
30 Days to 40: Day 11 1983 New beginnings! We moved from podunk Durham, NH to snootin' Newton, bedroom suburb or Boston. I started 4th grade at a brand new school (Goodbye Oyster River, hello Zervas!). I met kids I would go all the way through High School with - notably best friends Paul Scublinsky and Ryan Basil. Check out the 4th grade Halloween pic. I'm the viking! The Eurythmics had their hit 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' - the very first cassette (remember those?) I ever owned. On the movie scene - 'Give yourself to the dark side' - the final chapter of the Star Wars saga (well, for the 80's) comes out! Return of the Jedi. Jabba the Hutt's palace, Speeder Bike chases, Vader and Luke dueling and some of the most complex special effects of any movie up to that time (none of them CGI). And, for your viewing pleasure, I give you bikini slave Leia. 1983 brought swivel-grip to GI-Joe and the first GI-Joe cartoon to TV. Hours - hours of my youth spent watching that. And, by the end of the year ...
PsBattle: Maggie Gyllenhaal in lingerie. Sweet Dreams, Reddit.: submitted by beat_bobby_flay [link] [2 co...
Sweet Dreams: The Music of Patsy Cline at The Triple Door Theater and Musicquarium Lounge I want to go next yr!!
So what have I missed? I guess Jennifer Lawrence has boobs and stuff? While that happened, 1 and 4 American children are going hungry, California is essentially and quite literally running out of water and we're going to war in the Middle East again. Sweet Dreams. Way to stay distracted. I hear Kim Kardashian has boobs too btw.
Well that is it for tonight folks! I will give a special shout out to Tania Harrowfield from Tania Harrowfield Independent Phoenix Trader who managed to answer first for THREE questions! Some lightening fast fingers there Tania :) Once again I hope you all had fun! I know I did!! There are lots of other chances to join in the networking fun during the week - starting with Show Me Show Me tomorrow morning!! Good Night! Sweet Dreams! ✿Petal✿ your number one community with far more to offer than just LIKES.
“Sweet Dreams kitty! Sooo am I this cute when I sleep w/ my mouth open? 😂😂
"Sweet Dreams" - Old Grey Whistle Test, 1973/00/00 by Roy Buchanan from the album: --
You will be my sweet dream... or beatiful nightmare..,.❤ ♫ Sweet Dreams by Jessica Sanchez —
Well Beyoncé album tonight :) and have to buy a new replacement thread for my chain… ♫ Sweet Dreams by —
Have a wonderful night dear family and friends! Sweet dreams and Good Night! God Bless you all.
Happy Tuesday to you to Beautiful and Sweet dreams
not up just awake :-/ thank you. Hope you have sweet dreams too xx
Just a sweet, gentle, reminder for your heart. Rest in God tonight. Sweet dreams. 🌙⭐️ @ wise words
"Beseeched me "Please be sweet" & fell like lovely petals at my feet Or in my dreams they did. Most of the time they hid."
Good Night my lovely sleep well and sweet dreams! Big to you all Love ya!
Allright you GOOGS... Hittin the sack early tonight. OVER-tired lately, and gotta try to catch up on some sleep!. Sweet dreams and God Bless
Good Night darling sweet dreams. Miss u
Sweet dreams from Sydney Dogs & Cats Home 6 precious rescue puppies. Safe and out of harms way💛💤💤. http…
Goodnight, you & Micheal mean so much to me. Sweet dreams, always remember he loves you so much. 💙 x
the first day that you understand me, I'm going to sleep, sweet dreams bae 😘💖💞
Sweet dreams. Have a great night. :)
Goodnight, Sweet Pastry Dreams to all. The Lantern Inn is closed for the night! Coffee will be served at 9:00am
night night Nikki! Tomorrow is a new day and I hope it will be better! Sweet dreams of Jaybird 💖
“What I take from my nights, I take you to my dream.Good Night sweet dreams
Diaporama : icemft: Sweet dreams are made of this… Good Night!
goodnight sweetheart, I hope your having a wonderful sleep and very sweet dreams! Love you! ♡
My allergies are killing me today. Gosh this has been a bad year for everyone I know. I don't usually even have a problem but this year I have. I feel terrible fixing to put on my PJ's and call it a night. Hope you all have a restful night. Goodnight family and friends. Don't forget to say your prayers and sweet dreams!
Good Night and sweet dreams my dear friends .. I wish you good luck that never ends .. I also wish you love & laughter too .. all these things I wish for you.
Friends, I am full and worn out tonight. Tomorrow I will be an early bird. I have to braid Mike's tail. I am cutting it off tomorrow. It will be 10 years old, so I will braid, bead and cut it in celebration of his 60th birthday. I want to frame it. This tail was in honor of his mom after she passed. Now he is honoring my survival by letting it go. Hugs and may you each have sweet dreams.
Oh Gracious Father in heaven i thank You for watching over us today . GOODNITE to all you beautiful people , i hope u all have sweet dreams tonite:)
I've got two hot dates tonight, one likes to cuddle, the other is all over me. My blanket & my pillow! Good Night all, sweet dreams! Love ya'
Good Night and sweet dreams. Travel day all day tomorrow...loves xo
I had a nice big salad for dinner. I just love summer time when gardens are growing and I can use fresh garden vegetables in my salad. I think it is so much better than some store bought. O by the way Penny Palmer I ate all my cucumbers, maybe you can bring your favorite daughter some more lol. Well tv then back to bed again, dr appointment in morning. Sweet Dreams Yall!
Good Night everyone sweet dreams God Bless
Update: Ray does not have a blood clot nor is his pain associated with the vein/artery flow in his legs. So then we went to his primary care doctor and he thinks it could be an overuse injury from roofing the house--which was a month or so ago. Anyway, put him on steroid taper, muscle relaxer and more potent pain meds. Nighty night my dear. Sweet dreams~~hope this helps the pain go away. Oh did do an xray. His spine looks horrible with lots of spurring and no space between 4 & 5 vertebrae but wants to see if the anti inflammatory helps first.
Zzland!! Sweet dreams my friends. Sleep with your angels in peace... And love!!
Good Night my family sweet dreams love and blessings to all
Off to bed. Did anyone go to The Circus Tonight at The Fairgrounds? I'll be there tomorrow night with Wiley & Tina Marie Dearstyne and Serena & Marie Decarlo-Drost. We're hittin' up the 7:30 show. Hope to see you there. I sure hope that Floyd Saville & Andy Rich had awesome Birthdays. Sweet dreams & Good Night.
Goodnight n sweet dreams to U.. Pray. Tms a new day.. :)
It's been a beautiful day, grateful for all the simple but yet big things in life!! There are times we take things for granted, today my hubby n I went out to the cape to uplift our spirits!! Due to the fact that he suffers from a sever skin disorder, it's been years since we went out together to the beach on a hot sunny day!! We are both so grateful to the Creator n the spirits that watches over us n hears our prayers!! Counting my blessings!! Wishing you all a Good Night n sweet dreams!! ❤️🙏❤️
Lmao.keep getting sidetracked. really getting off here this time. ...sweet dreams once again
YOU NEVER REALLY KNOW SOMEONE...why bother to be honest kind and loving when it is never honestly are just a joke and are laughed at when you hurt...never will understand that kind of person...maybe not meant too... Sweet Dreams and God Bless
Well, I finally stopped, now I am gonna drop right on the sofa! Sweet Dreams and moonbeams!
Good Night everyone-sweet dreams! Hope y'all have truly blessed night tonight and a really great day tomorrow!
Time to take the Ambian and high powered cough med with codine. Hopefully it will counteract the mega dose of prednisone and let me actually get some sleep. Oh and I tossed the chemo meds in on too just for good measure. Off to dream and no coughing land with me.I hope! Sweet dreams my friends :-)
Come to me and let me have sweet dreams m :$
Welp, my boys are here for another night...I am sure gonna miss em when school starts back...they are attacking Ron bc he has let them watch Mortal Kombat all day...I bet he is rethinking that now :) ...goodnight, sweet dreams and much love to all!!
It's 8:57- yes I believe I will go to bed now. Good Night everyone. Hope you all have sweet sweet dreams.
Made this song up today driving to work: Sweet tea is made from leaves, who am I to disagree. I boiled water over 70 degrees, and now I'm looking for some sugar please! Lmao! Sing it to the melody of sweet dreams. I love sweet tea. Just saying...
Ok well its been a couple LONG days for Tawnia n I so i think i am gonna call it a day n go lay in my bed.Feeling real weak tonight all of this scared me alot so i believe it might be the reason that i start to listen to my doctors n my body ...Night all...Sweet dreams...xoxo
Thank u everyone for your prayers and well wishes. I love u all very much and am soo blessed with great friends and family. Please keep me and my girls in your prayers. Hopefully I'll be back in a few days. Sweet dreams. Xoxo
Time to close the Emporium for another day..My poor old feet are so sore and swollen I barely can walk from my chair to my bed. The leg cramps are getting worse also.Going to try to sleep for a while before they start up again..Wishing you all sweet dreams and God Bless y`all
Nitey Nite to all of you and be sure to dream those Sweet Dreams. I will see you tomorrow.. :)
Sigh... why does it have to only be Tuesday? Ugh... today was tough again at work, until I get used to all the standing in one spot and lifting I'll be so sore... and tired, so goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams, this girl's goin to sleep.
All right let's TAKE a poll even if you do not know ME... please answer??? Serious zAzA OR smiling zAzA??? You choose! :-)! "Seek Love and Love Shall Seek You..." I Love y'all have a blessed night sweet dreams... Siempre Amiga zAzA forever friends
What can I talk about that doesn't pertain to dogs, unicorns and school.nothing I got nothing! Ok I am going to work on computer and head for bed. I knock allot off my priority list. If i didn't say this before making a daily priority list is the best thing I ever did. Keeps me in line. I can't move down the list until I get whichever chore or event is next and that really does help! I list them by priority and then the next day list by priority again. You also can see what is exactly important and what's not to you. And actually on paper your top priority become a bit more clearer and the ones you thought were important really aren't important at all. Ok that's my words of wisdom today. From here on in I am not using anymore brain cells because I am going to need them all soon! Have a great night! sweet dreams! etc etc.
Sweet dreams everyone...ready for a Good Nights rest.
Goodnight little man can't wait to see what you'll become...sweet dreams for and miss you. With Kelly Metzler and Karl.
And Sybil, and Bonneville, Normal, Prozac Nation, Sweet Dreams, Frances... the list goes on.
Today’s profile picture is with Annie Lennox, 1980’s international singing sensation with the Eurythmics. One of her biggest hits was Sweet Dreams are Made of This. She went solo in 1992 and produced the hit single Walking on Broken Glass. I met her in 1986 or 1987 while studying at Université Laval in Quebec. She was there promoting Max Headroom, a fictional British artificial intelligence. I was with a friend, an autograph seeker, who knew all the ways to access the stars. I posed as a photographer with my little 110-film camera, and got through to backstage to meet her. She was lovely, and the whole experience was a lot of fun!
Goodnight all Thanks for the RT'S Lovers of Beautiful Redheads Awesome Ink Huge *** & Sexy BBW'S Sweet Dreams
"Sweet Dreams (Hola Hola Eh)" is a song recorded by German Eurodance group La Bouche. It was originally released in March 1994 as the lead single from their ...
Artist of the Week is Bing Crosby, Ed Cushman's Single of the Week is Sweet Dreams from Mark Knophler and Chet Atkins and Johnathan has chosen the Classic Album of the Week this week, which in Neil Diamond's Jazz Singer. Not bad for a Monday!
Okey dokey artichokey when I Girlfriend of mine plays 'Sweet Dreams' for me by the Eurithics inside a private residence with no one else in there. in a land far far away and long long time ago just one time and I softly told her she can do what she wants with me ( I was hinting that she could have me or not for adult behavior) and i I never told anybody about this but for some reason some persons here who don't have names to this day after me being in Vantucky here for 13 years And I end up with all this Crap in my life over the last what now? 25 years. Nobody has actually said anything to me but it sounds like someone is humming this pop ditty and throwing their voice at me from across the way I kinda tend to think something is up. And the way I have been treated for the last 29 years by certain individuals who did things to me that I see as being really Un-Cool like tell me We need to go to counseling who ends up being a court appointed advocte for abused and battered women when I have never abused or b ...
Trail Angel Piutemama here. Had an amazing weekend with lots of Trail Magic and alot of info for others looking for missing hikers. Rhino was seen at Robins Nest with Topo and Feather earlier today. Hes suppose to be headed my way, mile 605, I will keep a watchful eye out for him and take good care of him. As of tonight, I have Topo, Feather, Eleven, Microwave, Copper and Hatchet are staying the night with me tonight. Robo Doc is headed South nearing Tehachapi and she is good. Fed-Ex is steady hiking although his shin splints are hurting him. I will be picking him up at Willow Springs and take him into Lake Isabella. I also saw Slo-Gin and made sure he had plenty of water and ice for his 43 miles of NO WATER. Tomorrow I will be taking all listed above minus Rhino into Lake Isabella for supplies and then up to Walker Pass. We all had a nice dinner, showers and excellent company. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams~
Marc Bolan.It's late here to.Sweet Dreams,I'm Rayons girl in real life but I am doing well
I see where Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are splitting.He is my dream to listen to him talk,watch him smile, Zorro.They are both sweet together,even though I like him ,I am sorry for both of them...hope they can make amends,as.Im sure he isnt looking for an older fat crippled woman( but I have a great Personality),but we all have to dream...ha.Im a nut,but thats ok.trying to make you giggle.just wishful thinking. Im sure all of you have a dream man or woman...if not your not well.or maybe your eyesight is not what it should be...ha With all that crap I laid on you I will say have a Good Night think we are due for more storms after midnight.Sweet Dreams and leave Antonio alone
I'm so excited. I ran across my rosary today, (the one I received as a gift from Italy, it was blessed by Pope John Paul II) .and realizing now that He's a Saint!!! I mean, I knew he was canonized, but it just hit me that my rosary is even more special now! Cool to me. Sweet Dreams!
Allright Boys and Girls, this Wednesday 4th of June is the day. would you like to join us Maleficent band after our band practice and go to The Odeon Cinema In HOLLOWAY RD to see the movie Maleficent ?? 3.30PM UK TIME WEDNESDAY 4/06/2014 ODEON HOLLOWAY Address 419-427 Holloway Road N7 6LJ London, United Kingdom your tickets now and have some Maleficent Time with us and we can tell you more about our release date for our new SINGLE 'MODEL SONG' ! :) Sweet Dreams for now Xox Miss Maleficent Martini & Mortimer CAIN- Maleficent Band
Let's stay in the Rock Region: Seed Annie Lennox vs # 9 Seed Pink Annie who was the lead singer of the Eurythmics as well as going solo a while is known for Walking On Broken Glass, Here Comes The Rain Again & The Eurythmics Smash, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Pink has had a lot of success Some her best known songs are Just Give Me a Reason, So What & Lady Marmalade with Lil Kim, Mya & Christina Aguilera from the Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack.
I am not one to watch horror films. They creep me out, so u will see me write about a handful of these type of movies, but peer pressure got the best of me as a kid and I watched "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Well, just let me say it tormented me. Freddy Krueger and his fingers of steel and his burnt face.ugh! I mean he kills Johnny Depp on the water bed and I just wanted to vomit! He has actually visited my dreams a few times and it is never good. LOL!!! So here is to all u horror fans! Sweet Dreams!
June 14, 2014 Levon Helm Studios Masters of the Telecaster- Jim Weider, G.E. Smith and Danny Kortchmar A Historical Night of Roots Rock n Roll. Playing tunes from Lee Dorsey & Bo Diddley to Al Green and, of course, the classic Roy Buchanan tunes like "Sweet Dreams" and much more - by some of the best telecaster players in the country! Jim Weider- Guitar GE Smith- Guitar and Vocals Danny Kortchmar- Guitar and Vocals Randy Ciarlante- Drums Brian Mitchell- Keyboards and Vocals Byron Isaacs- Bass
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. Good Night my love . Sweet Dreams . We will meet in our Dreams . Love You Forever . Night . Love You
At Emerald Billiards in New Iberia, have the best waitress daughter Kelly serving me, her brother, and fiiance Mike. Getting my feet only wet tng shooting pool,lol. guess pulling a late one tng...Sweet Dreams everyone.
Pete's, Sweet Dreams, Elm Street Cafe, Noah's Bagels, *** I even miss Rasputin's. If you've never been to Berkeley you're missing out.
Which movies or books have made a big impact on you? — Jane Austin novels, && Artist movies like Sweet Dreams an...
Did a rewatch of Jessica Lange and Ed Harris in Sweet Dreams. What a great, sad movie...
I am watching Sweet Dreams. Jessica Lange looks nothing like Patsy Cline but she does a pretty good job on the accent. I really enjoyed revisiting I Walk the Line a few weeks ago, but lordy those bad accents! Reese Witherspoon should have been able to do better. Good movie, though. Big Johnny and June fan.
Nighty night Friends!! Remember me? Why it's Boo Bear!!! I am feeling SO much better!! And I KNOW I look better!! That left eye hurt VERY much! I am just not one to complain.But I WAS in pain!! A LOT of it.Thanks to NC State Vet School,Cindy C.and BTRTOC,I am like a BRAND NEW MAN!!! WOOHOOO!!! Rescued?? Well yes….. I believe I WILL!!! I am PRECIOUS!!! Very well behaved,a DOLL,VERY laid back,(just some of the phrases I've heard to describe me!!) Sweet Dreams!!! Mine will be!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!
"Sweet Dreams" To all my face book friends and family. If nobody has told ya today, well." LOVE YA" and here is a "hug". xoxoxoxo. off to play some texas holdem poker. Man what a life LOL.
Sweet Dreams x .. "Standing up for the protection of other animals requires time, love and courage." ~ A D Williams http:/…
Sweet Dreams had a great week, thanks to you. We had Austin Powers drop by while we were at Curtin. Had a great day at Color me Rad and also the stretch fest in Mandurah. Thank you to all the people that dropped by and thank you for all the compliments of customers returning to our stall telling us your foods was amazing. A special thanks to Matt that help us out this weekend. Remember Dreamers great tasting food can also be healthy. See you at Curtin this Wednesday. Look for our banner. ~David
Night is longer than day for those who dream and day is longer than night for those who make their dreams come true. Good Night and Sweet Dreams. ~Lord Byron
This Saturday May 3rd, Sweet Dreams will be at the Jefferson Elementary Spring Boutique from 10:00-3:00. Come by our booth to check out some of our delectable sweets. We will have our appointment book if you wish to place an order with us. Hope to see you all there. Jefferson Elementary, 1880 Fowler Ave. Clovis, CA 93611 in the cafeteria.
Sweet Dreams my Luvz💤 long day at the hospital w/my dad tomorrow. Thank u for making me smile tnight on 💕
The fun continues today in the Great Hall with Sweet Dreams & Honky Tonks as Tom Waselchuk & Jami Lampkins perform their renditions of hits by Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. Last-minute tickets are still available for tomorrow's Matinee with lunch. $32. Call (815) 220-7386.
Practical thought: A husband is supposed to make his wife's panties wet, not her eyes. A wife is supposed to make her husband's *** hard, not his life..! Good Night...Sweet Dreams :)
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Good Night! What a great relaxing day. Remember that you are the greatest! Sweet Dreams
Auntie Sarah Wright is staying over tonight!! :) Church in the morning!!! Y'all have a Good Night!! Sweet Dreams!!
I sure do miss Tina Anne-Marie tonight...had fun but it seemed empty. Good Nite World. God Bless and Sweet Dreams.
I must be having a mid life crisis... I went and sang Karaoke last night! First time ever! LOL! Went with Denise and Jerry. Too much fun! Note to self: Pick a song that doesn't have a ton of "Oh's and La's" in trills you don't know! I sang "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics! Annie Lennox has nothing to fear from me! If I do it again, I'll pick my song in advance. Lesson learned!
Alright, I am going to bed now. Sweet Dreams (But not the Marilyn Manson in a wedding dress kind)
Good Night! Be kind to yourself. Write three things that you love about yourself in your journal. Sweet Dreams
Hayes Theatre Co presents Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox, performed by Michael Griffiths as part of the Hayes Theatre Co Cabaret season 2014 at Hayes Theatre Co from July 2 - July 5 2014.
I added a video to a playlist The Voice Australia: Prinnie Stevens (Sweet Dreams
FUN FACTS ON MERYL STREEP Was bestowed an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Middlebury College on her nephew's graduation in 2004. Practiced playing violin 6 hours a day for 8 weeks to prepare for her role in "Music of the Heart" in1999 Accidentally left her just-claimed Oscar (Kramer vs Kramer) on the back of a toilet when she won it at the 1979 event Was a classmate of Christine Estabrook and Sigourney Weaver at Yale Drama School. Has been nominated for the Academy Award an astonishing 18 times, and has won it three times. Has a deviated septum, which she refuses to have fixed. Has only been turned down for four roles: Michelle Straton in American Gigolo (1980), Patsy Cline in Sweet Dreams (1985), Miss Kenton in The Remains of the Day (1993), and Elizabeth I in Elizabeth (1998). Took serious singing lessons. At age 12, she studied to become an opera singer. Early in her career, Streep received a letter from Bette Davis, whom most critics and cinema historians ranks as the greatest American movie actre ...
Well Family and Friends its time for me to say God Bless You All and Comfort each and every one of You...May He mend Your Broken Hearts and heal You while You Sleep...May He Wrap His Arms around You and protect You while You Sleep...Good Night.Sweet Dreams...Loves and Hugs
Our friends from Ft. Bragg are back on the softball fields for 2014 and tearing it up! Coach Rob Base reported in over the weekend from the Freedom Sports Winter Worlds: “I wanted to provide you a quick update from the 2014 Freedom Sports Winter Worlds (Co-Ed & Women's Division). Lady Code Red defeated Sweet Dreams ( SC) 17-7 in the "IF GAME". MVP: Nickey Campbell was 13-14 .929 4BB. The Team Bragg/Lady Code Red Co-Ed went undefeated and claimed the Co-Ed Division World Championship, completing a "clean sweep" at Myrtle. There were 7 Women's Teams and 12 Co-Ed Teams. Super tournament put on by Freedom Sports at the beautiful all turf fields Myrtle Beach Commons Softball Complex.” Thanks for sending in Coach!
Robert Durst Chris Borland Hillary Clinton Prince Harry Top Gear White House March Madness St Patrick San Francisco Don Quixote Jeremy Clarkson Champions League Kendrick Lamar United Airlines Middle East Kanye West New Orleans Justin Bieber Los Angeles Loretta Lynch Twin Peaks Apple Watch Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Islamic State Mitt Romney Pete Rose Jeb Bush Manchester City Saint Patrick Rand Paul Best Photo Internet Explorer 8 Comedy Central Stefano Gabbana Vladimir Putin Secret Service Saudi Arabia Paul Walker Premier League Jimmy Savile James Bond Evander Holyfield Will Ferrell Michelle Obama David Cameron Las Vegas Man City Tony Blair Internet Explorer World Cup Whole Foods Jessica Lange Vin Diesel Howard Schultz Kim Kardashian Dulles International Airport Long Island Ellen Pao Good Reason South Pacific Ray McDonald Robin Thicke White Americans Notre Dame Mad Max North Carolina Molly Ringwald Mariah Carey Marvin Gaye Miles Teller Scott Disick Taylor Swift Wayne Rooney Zlatan Ibrahimovic Grand Slam Nigel Farage Six Nations Hong Kong Century Fox Chris Christie Natalia Kills Mars One Gareth Bale Cyril Smith George Osborne Home Page Manchester United Loch Ness Jeremy Forrest New Zealand Pernod Ricard Prime Minister Benjamin Nou Camp Mutual Fund Marie Slaughter Kappa Delta Rho Kleiner Perkins Jimmy Kimmel Miley Cyrus

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