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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (or simply Sweet Dreams ) is a song by the British pop music duo Eurythmics, written by Annie Lennox and David A.

Good Night Roy Buchanan Marilyn Manson Patsy Cline Emily Browning God Bless Annie Lennox

Sweet Dreams from our Donzi Classic this past summer.
Sweet Dreams by 48th St Collective is in Harrods, London.
A day is goin 2 end again. It is nice to av a frnd like u. Making my everyday seems so great. Thnk u my frnd lastly. Gud Nyt n Sweet Dreams
I liked a video Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army
Sweet Dreams pellenzbruna photographed by exec producer cassiomaiap
Off to la la land. Hopefully... Sweet Dreams πŸ’š
Some ask "what is a Telecaster?" Lookup Roy Buchanan's 1976 vs. of Sweet Dreams. That's a Tele!
Seriously, the best part of Sweet Dreams charting so high is that this is not a ballad, or girl group feature, or hip *** €¦
Sweet Dreams, TN is peak Alex Turner torch song. Like the Stones with a samba beat and Anna Wise on a Kendrick Lamar song, never fails.
I added a video to a playlist Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams
this performance is underrated to me! i love the live arrangement. Sweet Dreams is the best POP song she's ever record…
At the gas station in Cantwell n dude who works here was playing Marilyn Manson cover of Sweet Dreams.
I added a video to a playlist Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams [Live 1988]
Teresa Lynn Johnson: YOU CAN WIN THIS WAR Sweet Dreams my friends! Pray for the victims of please T*
Nite Nite girls. Gotta turn de sleep button on & pass out pronto. Sweet Dreams xxx πŸŒ›πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄
Sweet Dreams: get comfy for a Good Night's sleep, by Kirsty Gallacher
Sweet Dreams: yoga breathing to help you switch off, by Kirsty Gallacher
With the Cooney of Sweet Dreams by Lane McCray La Bouche & Djane Monique. Happy Downloading ;)
I think this is the true masterpiece of Annie Lennox, even exceeding her greatest hit, "Sweet Dreams"
Today in 2009, BeyoncΓ© released "Sweet Dreams" as the fourth international single from 'I Am...Sasha Fierce'
lol yeah, they did Sweet Dreams no justice at all, better step it up at glasto mish
voted for Unholy Confessions but now I'm salty no one voted for Sweet Dreams. Best song for CoD montages.
One more for the road. Hubby's home, time to go into vixen mode. Sweet Dreams. πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ†πŸ˜΄ ht…
the Sky is blu... Sweet Dreams and GoodNight! FC9.
Good Night and Sweet Dreams, sorry I disappeared earlier, had to do some emergency computer repair work for a friend
I liked a video from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land - Sweet Dreams! - Part 1
Sweet Dreams! Elysian Fields - Barely recognize you via Still one of my favorite bands!
oh ok that is so weird ok I'm listening to Pandora and Sweet Dreams came on right after Separate Ways... like in TRON Legacy...
This trip is going-join us! Sweet Dreams & Honky Tonks Show at Starved Rock May 4th for age…
I added a video to a playlist Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler - Sweet Dreams.mpg
Good Night. Sweet Dreams. . Remembering special times in Taiwan.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I added a video to a playlist Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams - LIVE Austin 1976
Dark, rock, orchestral version of Sweet Dreams used for the film Sucker Punch, sung by Emily Browning
Next Suicide Squad trailer with Emily Browning's version of Sweet Dreams. Make it really ominous.
Tonight on Gary's Music Hour at 6:30:. Roy Buchanan's great version of Patsy Cline's Sweet Dreams. . Eric Clapton,...
All Along the Watchtower by Jimi is one of the best cover songs ever, along with Hurt by Johnny Cash & Sweet Dreams by Manson..
I liked a video Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics, live by Dave Stewart and Jon Stevens, Nashville 2016
Mumford & Sons and Mark Hoppus join forces for dreamy 'Sweet Dreams' cover...
Just for good measure. here's another Michael Stokes before I say. Sweet Dreams. the adorable Colin Wayne.
There are only so many boxes of Sweet Dreams tea one person can consume. Perhaps we need to start a cancer survivors tea exchange.
I receive; Thank you Pastor; for all that you do, we love and appreciate you...Sweet Dreams...
Emily Browning's version of Sweet Dreams is the greatest thing. I love it and Suckerpunch was a fantastic movie
Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams via This is just an instrumental: he does vocals too.
Sweet Dreams! What's your favorite thing about this master suite?!.
"Sweet Dreams! May you nestle at the bosom of Sweet Mother Earth... wrapped in soft MoonLight.". With Lullabies...
Think Brian Kerr got it spot on 'Theatre of Sweet Dreams'.
As much as I love Annie Lennox, Marilyn Manson's version of Sweet Dreams is pure sex
Sweet Dreams, Chocolate with Jacques Torres, 30-Minute Meals, Iron Chef, and Unwrapped will forever hold my heart
One of the toughest days in awhile. RIP Auntie Mary. ❀️ I love you but God loved and needed you more. Sweet Dreams. πŸ™βœ¨
I added a video to a playlist Air Supply - Sweet Dreams (1982)
Because everyone has been talking about cover of Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams." πŸ’›
Bono will find a way the S. American audiences can ride on a giant rotating lazy Susan through the screen/stage. Sweet Dreams.
Wishing you a lovely Sunday with these lovely baby shower cookies by Sweet Dreams by Heba, so pretty and sweet xxx
Sweet Dreams , Hope floats on a red sail boat!
songs like Naughty Girl, Freakum Dress, Sweet Dreams, Love on Top, and No Angel are different and fit into their eras.
So,..still can't sleep, I remember,..need to get my dance bag ready for tomorrow !..It's a planning thing !..Sweet Dreams ! :-) xx Sara
I bet you have a wonderful voice. You've made my night & have been a blessing. Sweet Dreams!
"Sweet Dreams, Harry"-written by Savannah Morris. A tribute to Harrison and Hayley Waldron. . via
Guiseppe Ottaviani & Audrey Gallagher. - Walk this world with me. playing on radio. nice way to end this day ^^. Goodnight & Sweet Dreams all
Marilyn Manson &Tyler Bates perform β€˜Odds of Even' and 'Sweet Dreams' at the Grammy Museum (Audio )
87% done with Sweet Dreams, by Kristen Ashley: por favor me encanta!! Laurie es una crac...
Uggh goodnight; got too much to deal with tomorrow.. Sweet Dreams my beauties😘
Sweet Dreams, & say your Prayers.. Send some Love overseas to our Troops.. Thank you all for the ~~Friendship~~ ! Always, T* z.
"How to play Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics on Piano Sheet Music"Β : via
I added a video to a playlist La Bouche - Sweet Dreams
Nite & Sweet Dreams! This is where my family, my friends & my heart lives^^(Pictured Rocks night & day)
Sweet Dreams are Made of This... | All 6 Shelby Daytona Coupes united on the track once again
Thanks for being such a Princess 2night Dove. Sweet Dreams to you and all the girls at Disney. I'm proud all you. G'nite Ladies
"I can dream about you" de la gran pelicula Streets of Fire con Diane Lane Gracias ya solo falta Sweet Dreams
"Awake, shake dreams from your hair my pretty child, my sweet one. Choose the day and choose the sign of your day"
ok i'm going off for the night i love ot4 HARRY Nytanya lia char gwen laly kristine ky solf and the ride or die larries, sweet dreams
Good Night, dear friends, sweet dreams and happy Tuesday in peace and love. Greetings, blessings a big hug. LUCAS.
Goodnight fam 😴❀️ have sweet dreams πŸ˜πŸ™Œ leave you this awesome edit with what Katrina said, so cute πŸ’šπŸŽ―πŸ’šπŸŽ―
Sweet dreams turn into clas in the morning... Class in the morning, I don't wanna wake up, I just wanna stay right here
A wish for all of you out there who are chasing your dreams + working really hard.
Before I head to bed. Go watch outdid himself... Sweet dreams 😘
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next to my Beautiful barbie sweet dreams my Queen *kisses you goodnight* β€πŸ’•
Wishing everyone an excellent night! Sweet dreams πŸŒ™
Sweet dreams turn into coffee in the morning
Umm... Whatdo i want to do now? Sleep? Well its 8:28pm in Singapore right now. Goodnight!! Have sweet dreams! πŸ˜„
So wonderful to be in love. Good Night everyone sweet dreams
Bitter sweet chemistry . I can't escape you anywhere even in my dreams
My DM is down :( hope your migraine goes away and you feel much better tomorrow. Sweet dreams!
Good Night sweet wali dreams to everyone..
Hope I answered all of your DMs πŸ˜… my fingers are about to fall off, but I just can't stop messagin you πŸ™ˆπŸ˜˜ sweet dreams …
Hearing his voice before bed really guarantees my sweet dreams. Goodnight lovelies β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜΄
Thanks for chattin' babes. Sweet dreams, Xx
[...] "Sweet Dreams" by BeyoncΓ©, "Wonderland" by Natalia Kills and more recently "Good For You" by Selena Gomez.
The Tonight Show with Freddie Krueger!!. Always signs off with "Nighty Night, Sweet Dreams".
Saw him last night in H-town. Ripped through the classics in first 30 minutes, then covered, Sweet Dreams - enjoy!
Thanks 4 wishing me "Nightmare on Elm Street" I will still wish you Sweet Dreams. U can't make me abusive
Time to go to bed. Good Night, people. See you tomorrow. Sweet Dreams
Grab your copy today & enjoy! Sweet Dreams by Jennifer Senhaji h…
One-liner reviews of Sweet Dreams boxed set. Loved it!
I became in moon, for to see you every night. Good Night & Sweet Dreams .
good Knight, Sweet Dreams and all that Jazz
"Within our dreams & aspirations, we find our opportunities..."-Sugar Ray Leonard. Good Night and Sweet Dreams
Bluegrass medley of White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" & Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" is way too cool from Kevin Dalton & the Tuesday Blooms
Thanks everyone for the awesome birthday wishes. I hope everyone's weekend is just as awesome too. Good Night & Sweet Dreams.
Goodnight My beautiful Baby angel Sweet Dreams,I love you my loveπŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸ’–
Joe singing Twisted and Sweet Dreams at Mohegan Sun Casino on 6/12/15
Sitting on a cloud of Memories'. and watching the Moonlight dance. ~Sweet Dreams ~
Today has been a LONG, Yet Great day!:) Now time to catch some Zzz!:) Goodnight, God Bless, Sweet Dreams & Don't...
Longing to live by the sea.. Take me with you,. Take me far away,. Lead me to the distant shore... Sweet Dreams,David :)
Me and my mum just sang Tainted Love and Sweet Dreams in the most awesome remix. That was amazing!
... Sweet Dreams 😍 adventures in booking land starts again when sun comes up ❀️my clients
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Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams: via Just one more, eh?
I'll state something obvious: Roy Buchanan's "Sweet Dreams" is awesome.
Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics is in Ramada Encore. Download it now at
Pro Tip: if you listen to Sublime in time order you can hear Brad die, be reborn and self destruct. P.S. Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams, we shall discuss more soon. Ciao Bella!
Sweet Dreams of Derek Carr and washed up running backs. LOL, How Long? No, not Howie Long.
Singing Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams," a song she sang on her induction night, the flawless
Tomorrow is a" New Day " begin it well and sincerely. Sweet Dreams ~)) xx
Sweet Dreams are made of this. who am I to disagree. I travel the world and the seven seas . Everybody it's looking...
LOL - I'm about to kick him out. Sweet Dreams to you too. Good Night. :) Semper Fi!
Some of them want to use you... Some of them want to get used by you... Some of them want to abuse you... ~Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson~
I'm going to bed now. Perhaps I'll have sweet dreams. About skittles.
of course! πŸ™‹ I'll text you about it tomorow chicken, sweet dreams! 😘
I'm so happy for you. That's so great. He seems very down to earth & sweet from what I've seen. Dreams …
Sweet dreams, you bunch of night owls!
Last night i had a real sweet dream even no one wished me Good Night or sweet dreams ..?:p
Nite nite, sleep tight, sweet dreams from Prague ❀. Sending many kisses, good start to the new workweek 🌸
After all the feels from listening to off the grid again, I better go to sleep, Good Night y'all sweet dreams β™‘
I will hun thx sweet dreams my friend XXX :)
"Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree?"
{hugs you tight} a Night night, Rhai. Sweet, happy dreams to you.
Sweet dreams is my all time fav song
Good Night Jessie, sweet dreams lady in white.
Sweet dreams. It's been another fun filled day. Rest for what's coming. ;-)
Goodnight my perfect husband... Sweet dreams...
Night Night Jules, Sweet dreams hun, sleep tight and I love you loads and loads X πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’•
Goodnight, tiny pigs. Sweet dreams. x *marks some of your doors with a cross, sparing only the good ones*
now I will surely have sweet dreams
Good Night my angels . It's time to go to Dreamland . Sweet dreams . Kisses.
[TRANS] ..To some people it's sweet dreams but to some people it's good morning..!!!^^..
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you must be tired. Have a great and warm night! Sweet dreams! Sleep well! Boa noite! Hugs xx :)
Good Night sleep well and sweet dreams ..
Bed time babes, night night, sweet dreams 😘😘
Faron Young - Sweet Dreams lyrics and translations
At Marilyn Manson's concert tonight @ Terminal 5 & was shocked 2 hear him dedicate "Sweet Dreams" 2 his friend of 20 year…
󾬓󾬏Sweet Dreams wooden heart. Decorative, heart plaques in ivory with either pink or blue writing and polka dot...
Sweet Dreams md champions North with Chancellor at No. 11 Downing Street:
"I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody's looking for something." -Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams'
Lovely to be among u all ! Promise for elders respect n five time prayers? Love u all. Good Night and sweet dreams. 🌹🌹🌹.
you are very welcome my beautiful sister Leah πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ˜˜ Good Night and sweet dreams and sleep well πŸ˜½πŸ’™πŸ˜½ Sleep well 😘
ok I'm going off for the night sweet dreams lovelies πŸ’•
Night, Chey. Sweet dreams and many blessings to you.
Goodnight goodnight sleep tight and sweet dreams I love you all soo much. x
. Goodnight sweetheart . Sweet dreams my love . Xxoo
Yes 😊 Monday is done, . & thanks, I hope I do have Sweet dreams πŸ˜‹. Take care & enjoy your evening (*_*)
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Headache from *** please go away πŸ˜” I'm sooo over today. I can't wait til all my babies are snoring so I can join em in sweet dreams. The only thing keeping me from being completely mizzy right now is this cup of coffee tricking me into feeling up for the next 13 minutes lol fuuuck mi vida loca sleep I miss you so so much 😣
goodnight Daryl Dixon and I love you and get your sleep archer and sweet dreams
True love doesn’t have a happy ending.. True love doesn’t have an ending x .. . Sweet Dreams x ...
β€œsweet dreams little one . I look like with fluffs
ok now it's time for sleep. it's 4:50 AM. sweet dreams world
Advance happy pongal friends and your family's.sweet dreams
This is last pick for today, Good Night and sweet dreams/morning and have a nice day. ;). ^Dark Wolf^
β€œHe likes to sleep with his tongue out dreams"
Just saying Good Night ttt guys sweet dreams.
Good Night Brothers and Sisters old Body is Calling for rest..Sweet Dreams ..
challO Ji.. . Good Night Sweet Dreams ^_^ love u all. apan kal b trend krne wale he ;).
Well it's my bedtime...Good Night, sweet dreams, God Bless.
Had to wish everyone sweet dreams of love.
Sweet Dream Blankies was started in an effort to help give comfort to children as they enter into the foster care system in North Alabama. So far, we are only large enough to take care of the children at the Limestone County DHR, but someday, my dream is to branch out to other surrounding areas. We are sew-ers, knitters, and crocheters, and make either afghans, 12" squares (to be joined into afghans), scarves, hats, and bags for coloring books/crayons for the kids. Please only use acrylic worsted weight type yarn for the afghans and squares, as this yarn holds up really well with children's use. We hope that through our work, we will help kids have sweet dreams that they deserve. Thanks! Is anyone interested in working with this?
- Night sweetie have sweet dreams.. 😴😘
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Nite Nite peeps . Sweet dreams to all z
~~May your sleep be peaceful ~ May your dreams be sweet ~ May your tomorrows be happy and all your days complete~~
For tonight the family and kat are going to say goodnight as it has been a very emotional day on all of us. We will tuck our angel in and say goodnight and sweet dreams. May god bring a better tomorrow.
G'd Night sweet dreams and G'd morning to all have a nice day
The fact that my little brother lives in ohio & he still tells my mom every night, to make sure she tells me he said sweet dreams & that he loves me.✊😭😍
2014 has come and gone. It seems the days turn into weeks faster now than ever before. I think about all the wonderful ways I have been blessed throughout the year and I also think about those times when I didn't feel as if I could make it. I know it was then that my Father carried me. But I still question "Could I have done something differently?" You know I find in life that the more I do for God the more He does for me. If you are feeling as if God hasn't been there for you, Maybe it was you who wasn't there for Him. For He says "Draw neigh to me and I'll draw neigh to you." Just a thought. Sweet dreams all and May the Lord keep you and yours safe throughout the night. God Bless
So I thought I had my wish for you tonight until I just said something and poof your wish was transformed .. I wish you to know the difference when a Person is in need and when a Person is just needy .. For those in need, need your truth and those who are needy don't need nothing you got for it won't be enough .. Sweet Dreams .. Love & Hugs
Been sick all *** day - been throwing up since 7am i feel terrible .. finally held water down!!! Ate me some fruity pebbles,with my bf (; SHE SAYS SHE'S MOVING IN lol I don't see her leaving her Momma tho but I'M hoping she comes and stays a few days with us tho!! Anyway bout to go home take me a hot bath make my hubby a strawberry cake then relax with my HUBBY, watch a movie then cuddle up πŸ˜˜πŸ’€.. night ppl sweet dreams be safe!! Lynn Hanley-Hendren
jus got back from Wal-Mart...I'm wore out...gotta get up early gn everybody sweet dreams πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰
Here she is my granddaughter little Keira with her new PJs and now tucked in fast asleep with the Faeries! She snuggled in so tightly putting her sweet little arms around me singing away to herself! it's another Eyes n Smiles night tomoz to! In case you are wondering I call them Eyes n Smiles nights because she all eyes n smiles before sleep and when she wakes up. In the morning I have the pleasure of seeing her huge eyes open! Nighty night n sweet dreams BB x
Out side is very cold tonight and I heading home sweet dreams ...
Just wanna say Hey to all my family & friends. I haven't forgotten any one,just been busy! Sweet Dreams!
Good Night everyone sweet dreams and be safe
Good Night my friends...sweet dreams!
OK, so I LOVE Hey Honey the hand cream, the lip scrub, it is Peach something and The Saint face mask. The lip scrub is really nice. Very slick in a good way, buttery finish. Absorbs nicely and quickly too. The Saint tingled a little going on. It doesn't take much of any of these either!!! A little goes forever. The Saint really washed off and seemed to make my face really dewy and smooth. NICE! I also like that you can use it daily if you like. With this crap weather, that is good. I also tried BFF and Sweet Dreams. I LIKE BFF, but it seems too scrubby for an everyday for me now. 10 years ago, yes. I like it for a weekly wash OR it would be a wicked awesome summer face wash. Sweet Dreams night cream was nice. Smooth, thick creamy but it absorbed quickly and leaves your face very soft. Lush may have you beat on the face creams by a small, small margin BUT the one I am talking about specifically is Gorgeous, and that one is/was 80 bucks a shot. Their prices have gone up dramatically and I a ...
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Kathryn Mahoney is back from surgery. They were unsuccessful with doing it laparoscopy. So she was in longer to be opened up. She will sleep for the rest of the night. They are giving her pain killers. We'll see her in the AM. Sweet Dreams Baby Girl, so sorry for your pain! :-)
Sleep well, have sweet dreams, wet dreams. wild dreams, scary
And so I say to you Good Night Southern California sweet dreams and may you sleep with the angels
Good morning jai jinendra ol you farends sweet dreams
"Because today is another chance to get it right." What you did yesterday or what you ate this morning doesn't matter. You can't change it. All you can do is make the best choice you can right now. And take one baby step forward. That's it. What will your decision be? Healthy or unhealthy? Campers today made a great decision when they came to work out. And our 7pmers were rocking it out tonight!!! Yall are awesome!!! If roads happen to be bad in the morning for 5am, watch here and on our website for cancellation. I don't think it'll be an issue and I'm pretty confident I'll see you at 5... But wanted to give you a reminder about checking before you leave the house. I'll post by 4 if we cancel. Sleep tight, my wonderful awesome campers! Sweet dreams!
Good Night all my great and straight FB friends. Have a safe and pleasant evening, Sweet dreams. Talk to you all tomorrow. I have a little riddle. WHAT GOES IN STRAIGHT AND HARD AND COMES OUT SOFT AND GOOEY
It's time to say Good Night. Sleep well and Sweet Dreams. πŸ˜΄πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Will night everyone sweet dreams hope everyone Monday was good
No sleep last night.I can see the open gate into the Land of Nod.Hoping I can float away this cold rainy night. Katie is giving me sweet kisses & yawning.Good Night dear friends.Sweet Dreams!
Well, folks after a very long, restless night and a long day I'm going to bed. Good Night everyone and God Bless all of you. Sweet dreams to all
Calling it a night.a little planning before bed, trying to make it happen and then the z's.Good Night my loves, sweet dreams!
Well guess it's back to work for me tomorrow. Vacation over. Oh well, Goodnight to you all. Sweet dreams. Now watch this; bet I don't get to sleep until around 3:00am and got to be back up by 4:45 am.
Feeling some type a way .. good nite peeps . Ganna call it a nite ,Gatta get up at 3a.m. n tge morning... sweet dreams 😴.
Just what the Doctor ordered for a Good Night's sleep. Good Night Triple T Famo! Mi love oonuh inno!! Sweet dreams and bless up.
Nighty night Friends!!! Kenny Rogers here!! As you can see,I’ve made myself VERY comfortable in my Foster home!! BOL!!! It sure does feel WONDERFUL to be rescued!!! I’ve also put a few items on my wish for your viewing pleasure!! :) Check them out…. am SO excited by the thought of getting those things!! Will you get them for me?? You WILL??? WOOHOOO!!! THANK YOU!!! I’m taking applications for my Forever Home!! Easy as pie to get the ball rolling…..just go here….. it out…..send it in….TA DA!! We are on our way!! Sweet Dreams!! Love, ~~KENNY ROGERS~~
Its gonna be a long day cannot sleep mum wish you were here with us but I no you are happy now cause your with dad again and I no you been waiting for this time to come killing me saying this sweet dreams give dad a kiss from me I miss ya both so much I no you both looking down on us Good Night God Bless to ya both x
Sweet Dreams Inspire. ( Please read pinned guidelines. Before you submit and or comment.)
Good evening, everypawdy! I had a berry nice day, today. Mommy and I visited a new craft store and we really liked it. They had lots of nice things and Mommy said, it may even be better than our beloved Michael's. Nah, but it was pretty close. Mommy says, we will be back there, for sure, though. On the way home, we made our usual Starbucks run and then headed home to begin cooking. I luv it when Mommy cooks, cause that usually means that I get to taste, bol. Today, Mommy made pork, though, so there was no tasting. She did, however, take out a pupcake, for me, so I was one happy pup. Tomorrow, we will go to the natural food store, to look for carob powder, so Mommy can make me carob pupcakes. We always like to try the recipe, before we take it anywhere, so Mommy said, that if we can get the carob, tomorrow, we will see about making the pupcakes on Thursday. 😊 Hope you have a wonderful evening, my friends. I'm ready to snuggle up on Mommy's lap, for some presleep. Night, night and sweet dreams. Luv you . ...
Sweet dreams to all my family & friends may u all have a safe and blessed night .
Bout ready to call it quits, been a rough day think its time to lay in bed and watch some tv. Hope you all have sweet dreams xoxo my friends.
Temp is day is almost done.soon will be time to introduce my head to my pillow.Hope everyone has a great night...sleep tight and sweet dreams...Good Night for ice in the safe out there !
I just want to wish 🌠 my friends Dem goodnight and sweet dreams.may God Bless you all and protect u all as well.
I think my get up and go, got up and went! Day 2 of being super sleepy. Time for sleep meds and a long night of sleep. Sweet dreams and God Bless
Well guys it's that time had a bad day hope Tuesday is better have a Good Night with no pain and sweet dreams love to all
Ally and Skye made it back safely from Iowa City. Skye definitely has hypercalcemia like Bry but it is doing well right now. Todd and Blake are off to Heartshot. Ayden is still sick so he is in bed and since this girl is not feeling the greatest, I too am headed off to bed. Good Night all. Please remember to pray for the homeless and those who are near to it. Thank you :) Sweet dreams!
Wow people are cranky on here tonight! I'm off for the night! Wishing everyone sweet dreams.
BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP TONIGHT LET US PRAY! You and all the members of your household shall never be slain, slaughtered, sacrificed, wasted, annihilated, abducted, kidnapped or destroyed by the evil agents of satan in these end times Jesus Name. You shall never be a victim of the anomalies of *** strayed bullets, collapsed building, plane crashed in or out of plane, sinking ship or ferry, derailed trains, gas explosion, fire out brake, high voltage electrical upsurge, and multiple auto crashes in Jesus Name. You shall always enjoy Heaven on earth in all your endeavours, you will never beg to eat, to drink, to wear, to live, you will not depend on your enemies for sustainance, you will never know failure, shame, disgrace, dishonour, reproach and embarrassment in Jesus Name. From today, Jehovah God will open for you that door which people considered difficult to open, He close doors of mysteries and woes, He will open before you the doors of elevation, promotion, advancement, upliftment, enlightenment an .. ...
Official page: Their first single back in 1994 was called Sweet Dreams. But not even in their own sweetest dreams could...
some people should learn to grow up... on that note time to start deleting some friends and family...have a goodnight...sweet dreams... me and Carter are snuggled on the couch and about to be out
Come on down to the Side Door at the Palladium on February 12th and hear us play some old time country music, as well as a few songs from the Sweet Dreams - A Patsy Cline Tribute show with CJ Harding! It's gonna be a fun night!
❀️Sleep Desire... Look into my eyes. One last time... Here is many life's, love, passion, hurt, fire... Eternal desire. Read my vibrations, not my words... You're playing with fire Where is here hidden desires My Silence must be heard All the noises observed The time has arrived. My Silence must be heard Your Words without a meaning just fading away. Silence. I surrender I am letting myself go I can not anymore hold I'm all yours... I'm fire... My eternal flame Will Always burn Feel, Understand.and learn.. My eternal Desire.❀️ By Carla Scala Good Night✨ Sweet Dreams.❀️ souls
Sweet Dreams in our 'SERENA' Satin Sleep Shirt πŸŒ™ @ shop with us πŸŽ€
Fortress, they came across several of Odin's men. Sweet Dreams: When an enchanted Arthur was challenged to a duel, he fought King Olaf
Friday's activities from the Whatcom Kid Insider event calendar include: Wild Things, Holiday Festival of the Arts, Toddler Art, Deck the City Hall, Minecraft at the Ferndale Library, Paper Craft Party at BPL, Family Story Night and "Saving Christmas Town" in the evening! This is just a highlight there is much more at: and click tomorrow's date. Sweet Dreams!
This is my jam: Sweet Dreams (Are Made... by Marilyn Manson Evil13
:) Thank you Ginger β™₯ Have a Good Night and Sweet Dreams to you β™₯ Big Kiss
I liked a video from Sweet Dreams (Roy Buchanan guitar cover by Roberto Barbieri)
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