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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (or simply Sweet Dreams ) is a song by the British pop music duo Eurythmics, written by Annie Lennox and David A.

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Today’s profile picture is with Annie Lennox, 1980’s international singing sensation with the Eurythmics. One of her biggest hits was Sweet Dreams are Made of This. She went solo in 1992 and produced the hit single Walking on Broken Glass. I met her in 1986 or 1987 while studying at Université Laval in Quebec. She was there promoting Max Headroom, a fictional British artificial intelligence. I was with a friend, an autograph seeker, who knew all the ways to access the stars. I posed as a photographer with my little 110-film camera, and got through to backstage to meet her. She was lovely, and the whole experience was a lot of fun!
Goodnight all Thanks for the RT'S Lovers of Beautiful Redheads Awesome Ink Huge *** & Sexy BBW'S Sweet Dreams
"Sweet Dreams (Hola Hola Eh)" is a song recorded by German Eurodance group La Bouche. It was originally released in March 1994 as the lead single from their ...
Artist of the Week is Bing Crosby, Ed Cushman's Single of the Week is Sweet Dreams from Mark Knophler and Chet Atkins and Johnathan has chosen the Classic Album of the Week this week, which in Neil Diamond's Jazz Singer. Not bad for a Monday!
Okey dokey artichokey when I Girlfriend of mine plays 'Sweet Dreams' for me by the Eurithics inside a private residence with no one else in there. in a land far far away and long long time ago just one time and I softly told her she can do what she wants with me ( I was hinting that she could have me or not for adult behavior) and i I never told anybody about this but for some reason some persons here who don't have names to this day after me being in Vantucky here for 13 years And I end up with all this Crap in my life over the last what now? 25 years. Nobody has actually said anything to me but it sounds like someone is humming this pop ditty and throwing their voice at me from across the way I kinda tend to think something is up. And the way I have been treated for the last 29 years by certain individuals who did things to me that I see as being really Un-Cool like tell me We need to go to counseling who ends up being a court appointed advocte for abused and battered women when I have never abused or b ...
Trail Angel Piutemama here. Had an amazing weekend with lots of Trail Magic and alot of info for others looking for missing hikers. Rhino was seen at Robins Nest with Topo and Feather earlier today. Hes suppose to be headed my way, mile 605, I will keep a watchful eye out for him and take good care of him. As of tonight, I have Topo, Feather, Eleven, Microwave, Copper and Hatchet are staying the night with me tonight. Robo Doc is headed South nearing Tehachapi and she is good. Fed-Ex is steady hiking although his shin splints are hurting him. I will be picking him up at Willow Springs and take him into Lake Isabella. I also saw Slo-Gin and made sure he had plenty of water and ice for his 43 miles of NO WATER. Tomorrow I will be taking all listed above minus Rhino into Lake Isabella for supplies and then up to Walker Pass. We all had a nice dinner, showers and excellent company. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams~
Marc Bolan.It's late here to.Sweet Dreams,I'm Rayons girl in real life but I am doing well
I see where Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are splitting.He is my dream to listen to him talk,watch him smile, Zorro.They are both sweet together,even though I like him ,I am sorry for both of them...hope they can make amends,as.Im sure he isnt looking for an older fat crippled woman( but I have a great Personality),but we all have to dream...ha.Im a nut,but thats ok.trying to make you giggle.just wishful thinking. Im sure all of you have a dream man or woman...if not your not well.or maybe your eyesight is not what it should be...ha With all that crap I laid on you I will say have a good night think we are due for more storms after midnight.Sweet Dreams and leave Antonio alone
I'm so excited. I ran across my rosary today, (the one I received as a gift from Italy, it was blessed by Pope John Paul II) .and realizing now that He's a Saint!!! I mean, I knew he was canonized, but it just hit me that my rosary is even more special now! Cool to me. Sweet Dreams!
Allright Boys and Girls, this Wednesday 4th of June is the day. would you like to join us Maleficent band after our band practice and go to The Odeon Cinema In HOLLOWAY RD to see the movie Maleficent ?? 3.30PM UK TIME WEDNESDAY 4/06/2014 ODEON HOLLOWAY Address 419-427 Holloway Road N7 6LJ London, United Kingdom your tickets now and have some Maleficent Time with us and we can tell you more about our release date for our new SINGLE 'MODEL SONG' ! :) Sweet Dreams for now Xox Miss Maleficent Martini & Mortimer CAIN- Maleficent Band
Let's stay in the Rock Region: Seed Annie Lennox vs # 9 Seed Pink Annie who was the lead singer of the Eurythmics as well as going solo a while is known for Walking On Broken Glass, Here Comes The Rain Again & The Eurythmics Smash, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Pink has had a lot of success Some her best known songs are Just Give Me a Reason, So What & Lady Marmalade with Lil Kim, Mya & Christina Aguilera from the Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack.
I am not one to watch horror films. They creep me out, so u will see me write about a handful of these type of movies, but peer pressure got the best of me as a kid and I watched "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Well, just let me say it tormented me. Freddy Krueger and his fingers of steel and his burnt face.ugh! I mean he kills Johnny Depp on the water bed and I just wanted to vomit! He has actually visited my dreams a few times and it is never good. LOL!!! So here is to all u horror fans! Sweet Dreams!
June 14, 2014 Levon Helm Studios Masters of the Telecaster- Jim Weider, G.E. Smith and Danny Kortchmar A Historical Night of Roots Rock n Roll. Playing tunes from Lee Dorsey & Bo Diddley to Al Green and, of course, the classic Roy Buchanan tunes like "Sweet Dreams" and much more - by some of the best telecaster players in the country! Jim Weider- Guitar GE Smith- Guitar and Vocals Danny Kortchmar- Guitar and Vocals Randy Ciarlante- Drums Brian Mitchell- Keyboards and Vocals Byron Isaacs- Bass
. Good Night my love . Sweet Dreams . We will meet in our Dreams . Love You Forever . Night . Love You
At Emerald Billiards in New Iberia, have the best waitress daughter Kelly serving me, her brother, and fiiance Mike. Getting my feet only wet tng shooting pool,lol. guess pulling a late one tng...Sweet Dreams everyone.
Pete's, Sweet Dreams, Elm Street Cafe, Noah's Bagels, *** I even miss Rasputin's. If you've never been to Berkeley you're missing out.
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Which movies or books have made a big impact on you? — Jane Austin novels, && Artist movies like Sweet Dreams an...
Did a rewatch of Jessica Lange and Ed Harris in Sweet Dreams. What a great, sad movie...
I am watching Sweet Dreams. Jessica Lange looks nothing like Patsy Cline but she does a pretty good job on the accent. I really enjoyed revisiting I Walk the Line a few weeks ago, but lordy those bad accents! Reese Witherspoon should have been able to do better. Good movie, though. Big Johnny and June fan.
Nighty night Friends!! Remember me? Why it's Boo Bear!!! I am feeling SO much better!! And I KNOW I look better!! That left eye hurt VERY much! I am just not one to complain.But I WAS in pain!! A LOT of it.Thanks to NC State Vet School,Cindy C.and BTRTOC,I am like a BRAND NEW MAN!!! WOOHOOO!!! Rescued?? Well yes….. I believe I WILL!!! I am PRECIOUS!!! Very well behaved,a DOLL,VERY laid back,(just some of the phrases I've heard to describe me!!) Sweet Dreams!!! Mine will be!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!
"Sweet Dreams" To all my face book friends and family. If nobody has told ya today, well." LOVE YA" and here is a "hug". xoxoxoxo. off to play some texas holdem poker. Man what a life LOL.
Sweet Dreams x .. "Standing up for the protection of other animals requires time, love and courage." ~ A D Williams http:/…
Sweet Dreams had a great week, thanks to you. We had Austin Powers drop by while we were at Curtin. Had a great day at Color me Rad and also the stretch fest in Mandurah. Thank you to all the people that dropped by and thank you for all the compliments of customers returning to our stall telling us your foods was amazing. A special thanks to Matt that help us out this weekend. Remember Dreamers great tasting food can also be healthy. See you at Curtin this Wednesday. Look for our banner. ~David
Night is longer than day for those who dream and day is longer than night for those who make their dreams come true. Good Night and Sweet Dreams. ~Lord Byron
This Saturday May 3rd, Sweet Dreams will be at the Jefferson Elementary Spring Boutique from 10:00-3:00. Come by our booth to check out some of our delectable sweets. We will have our appointment book if you wish to place an order with us. Hope to see you all there. Jefferson Elementary, 1880 Fowler Ave. Clovis, CA 93611 in the cafeteria.
Sweet Dreams my Luvz💤 long day at the hospital w/my dad tomorrow. Thank u for making me smile tnight on 💕
The fun continues today in the Great Hall with Sweet Dreams & Honky Tonks as Tom Waselchuk & Jami Lampkins perform their renditions of hits by Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. Last-minute tickets are still available for tomorrow's Matinee with lunch. $32. Call (815) 220-7386.
Practical thought: A husband is supposed to make his wife's panties wet, not her eyes. A wife is supposed to make her husband's *** hard, not his life..! Good Night...Sweet Dreams :)
Good Night! What a great relaxing day. Remember that you are the greatest! Sweet Dreams
Auntie Sarah Wright is staying over tonight!! :) Church in the morning!!! Y'all have a good night!! Sweet Dreams!!
I sure do miss Tina Anne-Marie tonight...had fun but it seemed empty. Good Nite World. God Bless and Sweet Dreams.
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I must be having a mid life crisis... I went and sang Karaoke last night! First time ever! LOL! Went with Denise and Jerry. Too much fun! Note to self: Pick a song that doesn't have a ton of "Oh's and La's" in trills you don't know! I sang "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics! Annie Lennox has nothing to fear from me! If I do it again, I'll pick my song in advance. Lesson learned!
Alright, I am going to bed now. Sweet Dreams (But not the Marilyn Manson in a wedding dress kind)
Good Night! Be kind to yourself. Write three things that you love about yourself in your journal. Sweet Dreams
Hayes Theatre Co presents Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox, performed by Michael Griffiths as part of the Hayes Theatre Co Cabaret season 2014 at Hayes Theatre Co from July 2 - July 5 2014.
I added a video to a playlist The Voice Australia: Prinnie Stevens (Sweet Dreams
FUN FACTS ON MERYL STREEP Was bestowed an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Middlebury College on her nephew's graduation in 2004. Practiced playing violin 6 hours a day for 8 weeks to prepare for her role in "Music of the Heart" in1999 Accidentally left her just-claimed Oscar (Kramer vs Kramer) on the back of a toilet when she won it at the 1979 event Was a classmate of Christine Estabrook and Sigourney Weaver at Yale Drama School. Has been nominated for the Academy Award an astonishing 18 times, and has won it three times. Has a deviated septum, which she refuses to have fixed. Has only been turned down for four roles: Michelle Straton in American Gigolo (1980), Patsy Cline in Sweet Dreams (1985), Miss Kenton in The Remains of the Day (1993), and Elizabeth I in Elizabeth (1998). Took serious singing lessons. At age 12, she studied to become an opera singer. Early in her career, Streep received a letter from Bette Davis, whom most critics and cinema historians ranks as the greatest American movie actre ...
Well Family and Friends its time for me to say God Bless You All and Comfort each and every one of You...May He mend Your Broken Hearts and heal You while You Sleep...May He Wrap His Arms around You and protect You while You Sleep...Good Night.Sweet Dreams...Loves and Hugs
Our friends from Ft. Bragg are back on the softball fields for 2014 and tearing it up! Coach Rob Base reported in over the weekend from the Freedom Sports Winter Worlds: “I wanted to provide you a quick update from the 2014 Freedom Sports Winter Worlds (Co-Ed & Women's Division). Lady Code Red defeated Sweet Dreams ( SC) 17-7 in the "IF GAME". MVP: Nickey Campbell was 13-14 .929 4BB. The Team Bragg/Lady Code Red Co-Ed went undefeated and claimed the Co-Ed Division World Championship, completing a "clean sweep" at Myrtle. There were 7 Women's Teams and 12 Co-Ed Teams. Super tournament put on by Freedom Sports at the beautiful all turf fields Myrtle Beach Commons Softball Complex.” Thanks for sending in Coach!
Sweet Dreams - Season 1- Episode 7 - What to do in San Piero Patti, Messina Italy
Dan Inreal Lyfe is killing me right now... It's festival season and me and Whitney Copeland are about to be broke before summer starts. We need a shared savings account for concerts!!! Jay-Z and Beyonce Stadium tour!! Made in America! Mad Decent Block Party! Possibly Governor's Ball.. Outkast on tour! Bruno Mars! I just can't handle this!! It's too much for my life right now!! And Yeezy is suppose to drop an album at the end of this year!! Sweet Dreams to me!!!
Beyoncé - Sweet Dreams: Sweet dreams or beautiful nightmare. He appears as what you think of him, focus on, breathe.
Blood moon early Tuesday morning. We will have one this month and one in October. We will also have 2 in 2015. After that no more for 100 years!! Get out and get pictures friends, I am!! Sweet Dreams!!
Goodnight Everyone! Don't forget to say your prayers...Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams my Friends. Enjoy your days off and Gob Bless.. Please check out Chalk..Thank You Kindly. ..Lisa
Hey everyone. I just posted the album art as a cover photo for my electronic release. I've been working on something like this for awhile. The title of the release is Kill Off The Unicorn Overpopulation, and the track listing is below. 1. Armed and Ready 2. The GLitCH 3. Manamune 4. Basics 5. Groove Face 6. Kill Off The Unicorn Overpopulation 7. Force 5 8. I Could Sell This to Pittbull 9. Funky Orchestra 10. Muramana 11. Expose Them (Radioactive) 12. Sweet Dreams
Order Miche Bag Online!
Night folks! "Sweet Dreams," by Morris Cerullo... PRACTICALLY PERFECT Are you bothered tonight by feelings of missing the mark in your Christian walk - in your prayer life, in your study of the Bible, in your church participation, or in your witnessing to others? Striving for perfection can mean unrealistic goals or impossible standards that can lead to disappointments and feelings of failure. A perfectionist can accomplish things beyond normal human expectation while never believing it's good enough. It's a dead-end of frustration always short of fulfillment. But the perfectionist who works with the tempering of God's refinement while walking toward His goals, can move mountains and achieve inner peace as well. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect" (Matthew 5:48), Jesus admonished. How can one achieve this commandment of God without crossing over the line into the impossibility of manmade perfectionism? There's a way, my friend, and the way is to strive for God's st ...
ouch. I see your Marilyn Manson and raise you a morphing thingy. Sweet Dreams.
Sweet Dreams!!. Georgia fans that support coach mark richt
Excited to speak tomorrow at NAWBO National Association of Women Business Owners. Great organization. Looking forward to being with these women again. Sweet Dreams to All:)
I saw a wonderful movie at the CMU film festival. It was a documentary called Sweet Dreams, about women in Rwanda who form a drumming troupe, which traditionally included only men. The group brought together the Hutus and Tutsis in the aftermath of the genocide that occurred in their country 20 years ago. The women decide to open the first ice cream shop with the help of entrepreneurs from Brooklyn. Truly inspiring. shop
And I'm almost positive she filmed the 'Sweet Dreams' performance from one of the O2 dates and left it out. Like why?
Good Night :) ok just 1 more lil person to come home and I'm gonna go to bed I'm So tried but I gotta wait for American Idol I wanna know what the results were from yesterday So Have A Good Night & Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams hunt in at The Book Nook. Free romance sampler & reading chaise! Find the hidden pillow.
Sweet Dreams from Los Angeles, my beautiful special friends of mine, and most especially to those living in Boston, here's a gigantic hug, just for you. I am heading to my big bed now, so I'll see you all in the morning; may you ALL have the sweetest of dreams again; sleep tight everyone. I love you all so much
It is time for me to go to bed~~I am really sleepy! Sweet Dreams to all my face book family and peeps!
Sweet Dreams x .. God Bless all the animals in the world.. And God Bless the wonderful folk that try to protect them.
Hi *** Hi *** its off to bed I go--after I take the dog out, pop my pills, and have a bite to eat. Have to eat something with the pills or its nightmare time. Hope you all have a good night and a good Friday tomorrow. If not, MAKE it good and ENJOY the day. I start my day off with a good breakfast, read the paper and then go to Cardiac Rehab then eat lunch and then I will work on my new book for a while. Goodnight everyone--Sweet Dreams from me to you. Grampa Ed, Retired, Author in the making PS--Don't forget your prayers before going to sleep
From Claudia Hevel: Dear Advocates for Women's Rights and Peace, My friend Chris Riley recently told me about this inspiring, award-winning film, "Sweet Dreams," that depicts women from both sides of the Rwandan genocide coming together to form a drumming group. Women had been prohibited from drumming in Rwanda in the past. They were seeking a way to bond and heal. They also decided they needed to pursue economic development. They brought an ice cream shop to Rwanda, to a place where people had never heard of ice cream. Watch the trailer with this link. is trying to set up community screenings of this film in our area this spring. Are you, or is your organization, interested in being part of a coalition of individuals and groups to sponsor screening the film? Are you interested, but need more information? The film could be shown with a panel after to discuss some of the issues it raises and the intersections with work that you and your organizations are doing related to peace and women's empowermen ...
Theater to host 'Sweet Dreams' documentary about Rwandan genocide survivors. Q&A to follow.
Whew !!! been a rough day need to find my mountain top soon gettin' tired. Maybe some sleep then get to do it all over again tomorrow. Sweet Dreams all night'
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Coming in at on countdown. Annie Lenox - "Sweet Dreams".
FB nation it's been a great week. A shout out to Huridasee NinaHorne Potts Vincent Mcphan Cindy Ck Mark Cross Andrea Marie ItalianDimepiece Alicia DiMichele Natalie Guercio and Jennifer Graziano Blackhawks win over Hurricanes 3-2 Tonight I am ready for Cubs and White Sox Baseball 2014 And The Blackhawks In the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I'm off to bed so Sweet Dreams and I wish you all Love Peace and SOUL! Much Love.
I wanna use you and abuse you. I wanna know what's inside you . Movin’ on, move along . Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams
Listen up Cuzo Jesse. You an the lads should jam out 3 Deadly Songs which I reckon ya will kill it. Sweet Dreams,Tainted Love an Beautiful People by the Legend Marilyn Manson. So Jay Macabre. Rit Derelict an Postmortem Matt get that Jesse into it.
Whos all going to Heart of Gold 3: Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines!
Sweet Dreams and Happy St Patrick's Day! Thank you for the love and support! I'm grateful to have you in my life. htt…
Can't sleep just up watching "American Horror Story" season 1.. Plus having some mixed feelings.. Anyways hope y'all great a good nights rest.. Sweet Dreams & Best Dishes..
Song of the day: Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics (Marilyn Mason's Version)
Good Night! Watching Jimmy Fallon and enjoying my tree. Sweet Dreams
As we are going to be to night May the Grace of Our LORD JESUS CHRIS,The LOVE of GOD,and the sweet fellowship of the HOLY SPIRIT abide with us,preserve our souls,and deliver us from all the dangers of the night,forever and ever amen. Sweet Dreams friends!
Welcome to the BED FM Radio Station. This is DJ Bed sheet hanging out with DJ Pillow. We'er playing Sweet Dreams by $$a.m. From his album titled ''Good Night''.
Good night Family and friends. I hope you have a very relaxing night for tomorrow will be another day. Nighty night Sweet Dreams.!!!
I am Home Sweet Home from 5 days in New Jersey. I took a mediumship class with the brilliant Tony Stockwell. I learned some amazing things about the spirit world and met some very cool people. (And not one of them had a pompador) Happy to be home and craving some truth, (uncircumcised truth) and a crab pretzel. perhaps tomorrow. Sweet Dreams, my dreamweavers.
Now, Birds are Silent. Buterflies are are Hanging.. Sun Is Sleeping, Moon Is Watching U. Ssh.. Its Time to Sleep, Close your Eyes.. Sweet Dreams...?
Good Night Faceboogers, Sweet Dreams with angel's on your pillows, Give a BIG kiss & hug & let them know how much you LOVE & NEED the, this should be done on a daily basis. I love you Luis D, Joshua Dejesus, Ryan Smith, Bonnie Smith ohh cant forger t Diamond
Sweet Dreams from your friends at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Arlington Heights! We hope you had a great Monday.
Been a wonderful day... Kristina had great time with Mom-Grandma Emma.. they made Lasagna for her to take home for supper... smelled really good in the car :-). We had a great date at the movie "Son of God"... really good... We gave Kristina and Grandkids a couple of stuffed hamsters that danced and sang.. loved seeing their little gerbils standing up to see what was going on when we played them :-). Then we told Kristina we would stop at Sam's when we got gas there and get her some all natural almond butter- gluten free... When we got gas Tommy looked down and there was a $10.00 bill laying on the ground... so when we brought Kristina her almond butter we told her God provided for it- the large jar of almond butter was $8.98. God is so good! Now winding down for the night... looking forward to weekend services at Gateway Church with our church family... Sweet Dreams in Jesus everyone!
Sweet Dreams / Gerald Albright Written by Gerald Albright Produced by Gerald Albright Executive Produced by Sylvia Rhone, Merlin Bobb *1990 from the 3rd stud...
Happy Birthday to the late Faron Young (February 25, 1932 – December 10, 1996) American country music singer and songwriter. His hits included "If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')" "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young" "Hello Walls" and "It's Four in the Morning" showed his versatility as a vocalist. From 1954 to 1962, Young recorded many honky-tonk classics for Capitol, including the first hit version of Don Gibson’s "Sweet Dreams". Most famous was "Hello Walls," a 1961 crossover hit for Young written by Willie Nelson. Nashville independent label Step One signed him in 1988 where he recorded into the early 1990s (including a duet album with Ray Price), then withdrew from public view. Though new country acts including BR549 were putting his music before new audiences in the mid-1990s, Young apparently felt the industry had turned its back on him. That and despondency over his deteriorating health were cited as possible reasons why Young shot himself on December 9, 1996. He died in Nashville the followi ...
...I had a GREAT weekend!! Hate to see it end, but duty calls!! Church this morning was AWESOME!! I have an unspoken prayer request for aomeone near & dear to my heart. May she find the answers she's looking for, the peace & love she needs, & the faith to comfort her. Good Night, Sweet Dreams, & God Bless!!
"A Family Affair" performs "Sweet Dreams at the Opry", an original tribute to the great country music legends Patsy Cline, Kenny Rogers, Jim Reeves, Ray Stevens, and Crystal Gayle at Indian Creek Resort, 17340 SAN CARLOS BLVD., FT. MYERS BEACH, on Sunday, February 23 at 7p.m. Tickets: $14.00. Reservations: (239) 466-7277.
GOOD NIGHT Sweet Dreams hope you have a great weekend loved the marathon can't wait till next Friday blue bloods
Thursday is gonna be hot, so come get some ice cream at Sweet Dreams on University Ave with the Honey Bee Club from 5 t…
Watched it ! The plot was about the rivalry on 1976 between F1 Racers and ! It was actually kind of biographical movie ! as James Hunt and as Niki Lauda fits perfectly to their roles ! is the director of the movie ! It's a good movie but Some may thing it as kind of boring ! But it's good watch ! :) My Rating : 4/5 ;) Good Night :D Sweet Dreams :)
Good night all, Sweet Dreams. Thanks Kim and Mikie for helping me in Hidden Chronicles. Still looking for friends for this game. Please add me and I will help u.
Good-night & Sweet Dreams. & Yes, this is Pure Michigan, where my family & my heart lives.
NEWS: Sweet Dreams: New TV series based on NAS. Xbox Entertainment Studios has announced Street Dreams, a new TV series inspired by the life of rapper Nas and his journey growing up in his Queensbridge neighborhood of Queens, N.Y. The television series will be developed by Los Angeles-based Xbox Entertainment Studios and Director Jonathan Levine who's most recent credit includes 2013's zombie love story Warm Bodies. Nas will also be on board as a writer and and music contributor for the series while his manager, Anthony Saleh will serve as an Executive Producer of the series. The half-hour series, Street Dreams, is said to be "loosely based" on Nas' experience, trails, and tribulations as an up-and-coming rapper in the 1990s in his hometown of Queens, N.Y. The title of the new series originates from Nas' sophomore album, It Was Written, released in 1996 featuring the popular single Street. Source:
The Jessica Sanchez journey on Amercan Idol so far. Including all her songs from the auditions to 'Sweet Dreams' in HD Click on show more for times. Audition...
"Sweet Dreams" currently on the Miami announcement stream... to no one's surprise, event is running on Cuban time.
Can't decide whether I want to watch Sweet Dreams or A Streetcar Named Desire so I'll probably watch both of them
(Waving @ Ken) As He Leaves Back to the East Coast... :') Back to Reality. Anyhow, G'Night, Y'all! Sweet Dreams!
Ok its going to be 6 degrees tonight can't use heating blanket ( it cuts electric off ). but I do have my heavy bedspread. So I'm going to bed & going to watch "Hardcore Pawn" Good Night, Sweet Dreams & If the Good Lord let's me. I'll talk tomorrow. God Bless & Please be Safe!!!
Alright I gotta say nite yall. Thats the bad thing about being in Florida with us being in the South Eastern time zone its 11:32pm. I got to get to bed. I know I didn't do to welL today to get that smile out of ya. I will make up for it tomorrow. Everyone take care and have a good night. Sweet Dreams..
I love you with all my heart president Barack Obama Good Night and Sweet Dreams
Chillin at home, watching "Coal Miners Daughter" prolly watch "Sweet Dreams", Gotta Love Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, reminds me of being with my Grandma Ella watchin these shows prolly why i luv Patsy and Loretta lol so *** glad i got to see Loretta Lynn when she was in billings!!
Had Fun hanging out with My friend Brandy, got home around mid-night after picking up my son from Martha Chamalbide house. I want THANK to Norma Padilla for watching the Kids for us so we can go out & enjoy ourselves at a concert & win alil bit of cash @ the San Manuel casino, :) We walked away as winners with a little bit of cash $52 Now going to bed, i want to wish everyone a good night & Sweet Dreams
Big Day for Patsy Cline: According to journalist Carl Cannon, it was on this date in 1957 that the then largely unknown country singer Patsy Cline appeared on a CBS variety show hosted by Arthur Godfrey, who in 1948 had pioneered an early TV show called "Arthur Godrey's Talent Scouts." Cline performed "Walkin' After Midnight" (which subsequently became a cross-over hit) and her appearance on the Godfrey show helped propel her stardom. She went on to have a very successful career and recorded a number of well-known hits including "Crazy;" "I Fall to Pieces;" "Sweet Dreams" and others and became a popular performer at the "Grand Ole Opry." Sadly, her life was not without difficulty and setbacks. During her brief career she was injured in two serious automobile wrecks -- and she was then killed at the young age of 30 on March 5, 1963 when the small aircraft in which she was a passenger crashed near Nashville, Tennessee as a result of bad weather. She had been in route home from an appearance at a benefi ...
yes, would b amazing g to talk 2 r favorite actor, some day. Good Night, God Bless, Sweet Dreams
Saturday afternoon recuperating with one of my favorite movies (behind Coal miners daughter and Urban cowboy of course!) Sweet Dreams the Patsy Cline story! Heaven! Wishing Vickey Puckett was here with me! ❤️❤️
Lone Survivor, Awesome Movie!! 14 hours tomorrow so Goodnight and Sweet Dreams! :)
East Coast time is now BEDTIME. Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to saving the innocent lives of dogs and cats and stray friends of other species that may wander across our path here…SHARING IS CARING. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams to all! Susan McGraw Keber and Maizie Marbles
Praying for God to dispatch His guardian angels to surround your home and keep you safe tonight! Sweet Dreams!
So long farewell to you my friends lol good night insta babies!! Sweet dreams!
Our daughter is so cute. I love her so much Hope she had some sweet dreams
//night my sweet. Sweetest of dreams :-)
the May your dreams be sweet Those waking May the birdsong set a cheery tone to your day thankful simplicit
Goodnight. I love you, see you soon. Sweet dreams. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams.💜
A girl loves it when you call or text her every night and wish her sweet dreams.
I hope your having Sweet Dreams right now of you and I..❤️❤️I Love You honey!!
Goodnight and sweet dreams people...
Goodnight and sweet dreams to all :-)
Night family sweet dreams to night..
Goodnight everyone sweet dreams for all:-)
Sweet dreams yall,this mommas crashing hard...
Bed time. Sweet dreams good people. :)
Goodnight and sweet dreams everyone! :)
Sweet dreams everyone from me and princess
Sweet dreams for now.. time to hit the sack.
Sweet dreams beautiful...hope you find the cure!
Sweet dreams FB. Be safe out there tonight.
G.E. Smith & friends play "Sweet Dreams" on their Fender Telecasters to honor the great Roy Buchanan
Just watched " Sweet Dreams" with Jessica Lange playing Patsy Cline. The music was good but I didn't think the film captured the essence of Patsy very well.
What's going on? Sweet Dreams: Eurythmics Uniting at Beatles Tribute - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Famous birthdays today: BRADLEY COOPER 39 Actor who was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Silver Linings Playbook in 2012. Marilyn Manson 45 Born Brian Hugh Warner, this shock rocker made it big with his cover of "Sweet Dreams are Made of These." JANUARY JONES 36 Film and TV actress who played the bittersweet Betty Draper on Mad Men. JOEL THOMAS ZIMMERMAN 33 Known as deadmou5, this electronic, dance, and house DJ became the most awarded progressive artist at the 2008 Beatport Music Awards. DEEPIKA PADUKONE 28 Bollywood starlet who won worldwide fans for her role in Om Shanti Om in 2007. TYLER JAMES 29 English pop singer who released the album A Place I Go in 2012 and was on The Voice UK. HEATHER DUBROW 45 Actress and reality star, most recognized for her appearance on Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County; also appeared on That's Life as Lydia. DIANE KEATON 68 Quirky movie actress who gained fame for her role in Annie Hall, Play It Again, Sam, and Sleeper. ROBERT DUVALL 83 Seasoned actor w ...
Jessica Lange as Patsy Cline in a publicity photo for Sweet Dreams (1985)
Hi Conner!! Hope you had a great evening! Woke up from a nap in time for Leno!!! And it's a repeat but a great one with Jack Black, Kyle Gass ; Rosie Perez and TENACIOUS D performs!!! LOL I remember this episode!! Have great night honey, stay warm and know how proud I am of you and how much I LOVEYOU!!! Sweet Dreams! X O X O :) :) :)
Watching Project Runway All-Stars and then the Alabama game. Roll-Tide-Roll. Goodnight, Sweet Dreams and God Bless!
Love going to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof. Rolling on my 'Sweet Dreams' blend and hitting the sack.
Would any of you folks be interested in doing a guest review of one of the 80s albums? It needs to be around 700 words and include info on the history of the album and also you personal opinion of it. We won't need the review until the week we listen to that album. If you're interested in one of the albums below send us a message or an email to mail– Back in Black (1980) Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique (1989) Black Flag – Damaged (1981) Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet (1986) Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA (1984) Cure, The – Disintegration (1989) Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual (1983) David Bowie – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1980) De La Soul – 3 Feet High and Rising (1989) Def Leppard – Hysteria (1987) Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms (1985) Duran Duran – Rio (1982) Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1983) Faith No More – The Real Thing (1989) George Michael – Faith (1987) Go-Betweens, The – 16 Lovers Lane (1988) Guns N Roses – Appetite for Desctruct ...
Celebrity celebrating their Birthday today: JIMMY BUFFETT turn 66 Singer-songwriter known for his songs about "island escapism," including his hit "Margaritaville." Annie Lennox turn 58 Singer-songwriter of "Sweet Dreams" with the band The Eurythmics and "Walking On Broken Glass" in her solo career. SISSY SPACEK turn 63 Coal Miner's Daughter and Oscar winner who starred in the original version of Carrie. ARMIN VAN BUUREN turn 36 Dutch DJ who produces trance music. He was voted No. 1 in the 2008 DJ Mag top 100 DJs poll again. DIDO turn 41 English singer-songwriter's whose debut album No Angel won multiple awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act. BARBARA MANDRELL turn 64 Country-pop recording artist, author, and actress who won the Country Music Association's "Female Vocalist of the Year" in 1979 and 1981. CHRIS RENE turn 30 Hip hop artist who reached the finals of the first season of the US version of The X Factor. SHANE MACGOWAN turn 55 Singer-songwriter with the Irish-Anglo band, Th ...
Good Night! We will be up waiting for jolly old St. Nicolas. Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Much love and happiness. Sweet Dreams
Good night sweet friends...It's 8:30 pm (CST) Tonight we built a fire for the first time this year. We turned off all the lights and held each other , looking at the flickering embers and praying for you...all of you. The ones we know and love and the ones coming into our lives by divine appointment. My message? You need Jesus. Not just once in a prayer for salvation, but everyday, in every way...I need's just that simple. Let us enter 2014 fully determined to walk in a wonderful daily relationship. Not because we're afraid or are saddened by some overwhelming sin, but because HE deserves 'Our Upmost for His Highest!' Be blessed...and come back...After all Beloved, it's all about Jesus...Sweet Dreams...Pastor Dennis and sweet Marie
Off to bed... Big day ahead! Hoping you all can make it to Sweet Potato Kitchen and Take Out ! We'll have regular Breakfast/Lunch service until 3pm, then close to prepare for the Grand Opening & Winter Solstice Celebration... The evening will begin at 5:30 with the Hawaiian Blessing (if you've never been to an Hawaiian Blessing, please don't be late. It is an event not to be missed! Especially with Leia Lawrence performing the Blessing!) We'll have an offering of foods afterwards with Joey Bradley on Acoustic Ukulele, followed by Jonathan Brooke and the Pau Hana Pickers! Catalina Cain will be set up with her Tarot Cards to give readings. And there will, of course, be sweet & savory pupus throughout the evening! Sweet Dreams, Everyone. See you tomorrow!
It's official.I'm now 26!! I'll admit...waking up knowing this combined with a hangover that I can only describe as dying, being bought back, then dying again, was rather tough!! BUT.with you lovely people wishing me a Happy Birthday, it has got a whole lot better!! Thank you!! ❤️󾠣 And a massive thank you to Charlotte Jackson for cooking me and all my other girlies a lovely dinner!! Now...time for bed!! Sweet Dreams lovelies!! 󾌵 Xxx
State of virginia was of satan, now it belongs to god bumba.LA BOUCHE - Sweet Dreams (european version) - YouTube
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Sweet Dreams (are made of Michelle Pfeiffer in the catwoman suit) - remixed version of Eurythmics's 1982 hit single by yours truly.
Okay, my number is 7, so here are 7 songs that I love that you may not know (and should probably listen to)... 1.) Holy Touch by Foxy Shazam is one of my all time favorite songs. I would like to make the whole list out of their music, but it'd be a little repetitive. Watch the video for it! 2.) Stains by Janus. The entire world should know this band. Nox Aeris is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. 3.) Cry of Achilles by Alter Bridge. They are more known, but less successful in America than they are overseas. Listen to the song and you'll be hooked. 4.) Requiem by Avenged Sevenfold. Definitely a band you know. But this song kicks *** from start to finish. It's dark and makes you feel as if the world is ending RIGHT NOW! 5.) Beg by Evans Blue. Terrific song by a band that belongs on everyone's playlist. 6.) I Put A Spell On You by Marilyn Manson. Everyone has heard the amazing Sweet Dreams cover, but this one is arguably darker, albeit lesser known. 7.) Anything by my cousins band The Bleeding *** ...
Beyoncé - Medley (Sweet Dreams ,Dangerously in love, Sweet Love) (I am... Yours DVD) via
Home from a Fun , Great Holiday party in Simi Valley. I can't believe I made it this far past my normal 8pm Friday bedtime ! It's tomorrow already ! Lmao! I'm so grown up today ! Waho ! Here's hoping all the chocolate I ate at the Chocolate Fountain doesn't keep me up all night! Sweet Dreams !
57 sessions down to 40. I'm making loads of progress. Take that nasty anonymous email person who thinks I should not spend time w/ family & work only on your session. Be nice to know who you are so I could actually work on YOUR session vs the fake email address you sent your hate mail from. Can't please everyone all the time, that's for sure. All I can do is PRAY for everyone! Sweet Dreams & God Bless You.
Goodnight and Sweet Dreams from your fans in the San Francisco Bay Area! :)
I love having my own *** house. Capable of playing the music as loud as I want... If the neighbors didn't want to hear it they should of had their *** in bed... Late # Kevin Gates Vs. Kendrick Lamar in this thang. DJ such and such on the 1's and 2's to turn this shthe fuzz off.have class in the a.m. Sweet Dreams
"Sweet Dreams" a documentary exploring the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Drums and ice cream included:
Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms has been update with additional content concerning the mature nature of the story.
“Good night, sleep tight.” Night and sweet dreams. See you later o/
Good evening, and let us sleep. hopefully sweet dreams (met with your match) and greet the day with joy tomorrow xoxo
I wish I knew what time jared went to bed so I could say goodnight and sweet dreams even tho he wouldn't see it sighs
It cant be stopped now. there's a reason why I refuse to face some people. Well goodnight amd sweet dreams. (:
Im going to a sweet 16 next week and i have no idea what im wearing
Tbh idk you im sorry but hello. Have a sweet dreams tonight. ;-)
Ok bye ppls .. love u all ...good nyt sweet dreams
“Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true. Here is the place where I love you.”. -Katniss Everdeen
Waiting for to awaken from her sweet dreams so I can go ham on her at the gym!
I was not made to handle so much awesome
Sleep. Good night and sweet LP dreams ♥
Good night & Thank you for the lovely pictures MinHo ssi. Sweet dreams with MinHo in snow. http:…
Sweet dreams, fans! Tomorrow when you wake up, it'll be game day!
i like u :). i like donghae . Goodnight my sweet have a sweet dreams baby *^* ♥♥ *kiss* love ya *hug* *^* ♥♥♥
Although is very tiring, but I srsly appreciate all of you guys effort! I gonna have a sweet dreams! :-*
good night daffy, sweet dreams and hopefully not far from I keep ya missed you.. RT
Kak chan good night sweet dreams,, see you tomorrow morning kak chan
dreams are the best part of life.. if you miss sleep.. you miss the best part of life.. so its already late.. go to bed.. & catch a very sweet dream.gud nite & sweet dreams my frnds.P.S
Sweet Dreams last night.sipping champagne and dancing with Harrison Ford while Mr. Davis and I were flying to Atlanta on a plane filled with unsupervised children dressed in cartoon costumes! :). Oh the crazy depth of my subconscious!
At one point, Vijay Mallya had piles of cash. Now the Cash has gone and only the Piles remain. This condition is medically called King Fissure! ;) Good Night...Sweet Dreams...
Almost time to play the Oldies! Don Gibson is our featured artist today on the Saturday Morning Oldies Show! If you don't recognize the name, maybe you'll remember some of the songs he's written: Sweet Dreams for Patsy Cline, I Can't Stop Lovin' You for Ray Charles, I'd be a Legend in my Time for Ronnie Milsap, and his biggest hit, "Oh Lonesome Me. We'll play them all and more, plus take requests in the 8 O'clock hour. Talk to you soon!
It's time for bed! It's been a rough & sad day for more reason than I'd like to recount. I ask that you still remember my SIL & her family in your prayers. It's also David's Birthday & we did enjoy a nice dinner at the In-Laws. And I wanted to THANK ALL Vets who if not for them we would NOT have the freedom to do the things we do from day to day. I can't even being to think of what life would be like had not our BRAVE Soldiers gone to War to defend us. Praying for those who are still fighting for our FREEDOM! THANK YOU!! Both my Papaws fought in the Korean War (Papaw GL the Marines, and Papaw Porter Navy). Very Proud & Blessed!! Good Night, Sweet Dreams, and say your Prayers.
Regular morning storytimes plus a "Sweet Dreams" storytime at Billerica Public Library at 6:15 today. Event calendar:
Good night Sweet Dreams everyone all my John Lennon Lover all over world im going to my Golden Slumber now will be back tomorrow more posting enjoy rest of the day Peace and Love .Love Claudia :)
Good night to . Have a sweet dreams.
Oyasuminasai.sweet dreams... and I wish tomorrow will be wonderful/brilliant/happiness day for you...*pat ur head*
I'm going to have some sexy sweet dreams of Collin & Matty tonight.
I just used to discover Sweet Dreams by Beyoncé
Night my endless love , and my imaginary boyfriend ^^. sweet dreams, see you in my dream.. :-D
Good Night. Do not forget to pray to JESUS. . Sweet Dreams Dear :^) LOVE ! :-*
Popped in to see some old friends today. Sweet dreams!
Dark Shadows but need to sleep now.Been up late for past nights.Sweet dreams everyone!Welcome to the Christian World Prince George!
Night to the most perfect person ever my gorge mum sleep well sweet dreams love you millions 💋❤ ht…
Great new music video from SWEET DREAMS - Eurythmics/Marilyn Manson (Harp Twins electric) |
well I'm heading off for sch(ell)ool now so I hope you had a wonderful day! sweet dreams ☺️
Simple but beautiful. Sweet Dreams electric harp duet by
Wish you have a Sweet dreams...♥ ♥ . Guess the names of these characters... ^_^
Wearing my favourite sleeping pants and rahmanian's shirt + his sweater. May tonight be good and filled with sweet dreams.
Touch your heart, close your eyes. make a wish, say goodnight. Sweet dreams & Assalamualaikum.
Good night Sweet dreams and thank you all
R.I.P Laptop, we have some wonderful and most beautiful memories, sweet dreams baby!
kisses goodnight// have a good sleep and sweet dreams, BUTTAUGHTER ☆
I'd give anything to be the apple of your eye~ sweet dreams, love.
🎶Sweet dreams are made of cheese/ Who am I to diss a Brie/ Cheddar the world and the Feta Cheese/ Ev'rybody's lookin for S…
aww goodnight my love. Sweet dreams and ily more ❤️😘
Goodnight everyone!! Enjoyed seeing all the Bitstrips.. They are cute and eveyone seems to show a part of there personality and humor. Some are so dang cute.. Goodnight Dawn Niemeyer Jones, Stephanie Kay, Steve N Jeanine Lane, Tammy Nees D'Na Hankins , Donny Osmond, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam, Etta James, Sweet Dreams!! You never know , they might say goodnight.. lol
Marilyn Manson' s cut of Sweet Dreams is playing over the loudspeakers during pregame of a high school football game. Progress? Maybe. Either way, I'm for it!
Sweet Dreams ! Cuddle up with your pillow and turn on some good blues music and fall off to sleep !
anyone know how to find a TV movie an download it,,, i cant seem to get my hands on a movie called Sweet Dreams aired in 1996 and had Tiffani Amber Thiessen as the main character
Jan Hammer - Crockett's theme VS DJ Shane - Sweet Dreams is J-E-L-L-O fallacy vs point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers -- so activated. Majoras Mask, Incarnate and Wrath is Melbourne Shuffle Compilation by Krusadahz LAWL.
“I know Marilyn Manson is kinda weird but I really like "Sweet Dreams" he's the best everr
Emily Browning's cover of Sweet Dreams is so creepy, I think I just saw a bat fly overhead.
All right my lovely friends.I am exhausted after an AMAZING WEEKEND! I am off to bed and hopefully will have some GREAT dreams of my Jon Bon Jovi.and not so many strange ones like bears chasing me, or driving a car with a flat tire made out of Bacon. (yep...that was last nights dream LOL) So.Peace out, Sweet Dreams, I am blessed to have ALL of you as my friends, I love each and every one of you!!! Sweet Dreams!!!
Marilyn Manson's cover of Sweet Dreams is just as good as the original.
It's never to late to rebuild relationships with loved ones, family and friends... As I go to sleep tonight, I will sleep well knowing this!!! God Bless and Sweet Dreams:-):-):-)
kung maka sweet dreams mga thundercats d2… ♫ Sweet Dreams by (at Department of Public Works & Highways) —
OMG two nights in a row! Bill Clinton is now on Piers Morgan. Yabba Dabba dee folks, gotta listen to this interview, too, with Taffy. Sweet Dreams, all.don't forget to fluff up that pillow...
Desejo aos amigos uma Good Night por Ringo Starr!! Sweet Dreams for all!!
I always think of this as I am saying my Goodnight's. Seems we just get started and before you know it comes the time we have to say, "So long" Carol Burnett... So I say Goodnight and Sweet Dreams everyone... :-O
Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson. Deffo the best version. Makes me wanna see Gamer again. ...Okay I will.
So freaky moment of the day: I plug in Jimmy 's cell phone. I walk away and hear Marilyn Manson singing Sweet Dreams. I go back no missed calls or texts. I cut it off and walk away again. About 10 minutes later, it goes off again. I check it again. Nothing. Even the music player was off. Welcome fall!!
Well after watching Skeleton Key, House at the End of the Street, and like a zillion episodes of X Files I'm ready for bed... Sweet Dreams?
Interactive ad: Samsung Galaxy Note III: Sweet Dreams: Created by Leo Burnett LA and Chicago, the "Design Your...
Sweet dreams sleep tight I love you ! Your perfect and I hope you get your Narry/5 u deserve it! Have a great …
♫ Travis Garland - Sweet Dreams from Station by on Tobias's iPhone~
i always say that to you but okay. Goodnight sweet dreams
I liked a video Full Performance of "Don't Stop Believing" from "Sweet Dreams" | GLEE
That's a problem. I can't. I'm with my buddy Char. He's sleeping and he wants me to stay on his belly for sweet dreams.
Goodnight boo 😘 sleep with tha angels tonight , sweet dreams an have a good day tomarrow 😘😊❤
School and work tomorrow 🔫 Sweet dreams beautiful Beliebers, I love you all so much :)
Feeling sexy at home .ready for bed ❤ sweet dreams boys 😘
Hope you will have the most amazing Birthday 2morrow, Best wishes to You and the boys... Sweet Dreams Nialler :):):)
Dreams can be made my a simple thought. Close your eyes and picture it! Close your eyes and imagine you in it! . Goodnight …
Gotta go off now..An early good night to tlist,especially SHINee & SHINee World!Sleep well n have sweet dreams of ur biases too!Annyeong~ ♡♥
I'm so proud of you. I love you babe more than anything else. Goodnight my prince, sweet dreams. ❤
Great baby!! Happy to know you've arrived safely. I'm going to sleep too. Sweet dreams, Good night Gian! ♥U babe!! Besitos♥
Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree?
Sweet dreams are made of these... . Who am I to disagree?
Good luck to those in need of luck, and sweet dreams to the rest- A good mess we've all made, despite trepidation, beli…
Sweet Dreams with the most beautiful smile in the world! Goodnight..
If I ever get invited to s Halloween party I plan on going as Annie Lennox circa Sweet Dreams clip. Orange hair is HOT, as are suits.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Hope your day was good today, Gautam :-). Good Night, Sweet Dreams :-)
On that note, sweet dreams lovelies. River in the morning! 😁😊
GoodNIGHT EVERYBODY SWEET DREAMS don't let the secret police get to you okay hops off
goodnight boys. I love you, sweet dreams. xx
Imagine how gross hugs would be if we all had thick hairy skin like a pig's. Sweet dreams
well by the way u wrote this, it does seem like it lol :D sweet dreams hun
Goodnight sweet dreams class in the AM!.
If I don't add a "sweet dreams" to a goodnight message I'm probably mad at you
goodnight boys, I miss you guys so much. Sweet dreams love you :)
Sweet dreams yall :) because you made it through another day in this crazy/cruel/beautiful world.
aww really :/ I was gonna ask if you wanted to face book chat me lol but ok goodnight my bebe sweet dreams
goodnight babe, sweet dreams. I love you so much :).
I don't know what "lying" is lol and good luck with that, sweet dreams if you do fall asleep 😴☺
Goodnight babes, 3:34am in Colombia.. Sweet dreams I love youu
goodnight, sleep tight & sweet dreams. 5 more days till I get to see you :) Na night ❤😊
alright. I gotta sleep now so ttyl! Goodnight and get those sweet dreams tonight! 😃☺
I'm gonna try and go to sleep. Goodnight. Love y'all. Sweet dreams.
Goodnight from Sweet dreams and safe journey home.
good luck in your retreat. Have fun and love yah too😘 sweet dreams 💕✨
'Sweet dreams are born inside you, sweet dreams are born to last. Sweet thoughts within your makeup, these thoughts will…
Not sure why but I love Marilyn Manson's cover of Sweet Dreams. 🎶
Good Night Paris.Come to India and visit Lord Buddha place where he got enlightenment ( Bodh Gaya)..Sweet Dreams!
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