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Swedish Chef

The Swedish Chef is a Muppet that appeared on The Muppet Show.

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The Swedish Chef has manifested in human form
Because everyone needs more Swedish Chef in their lives.Bork, Bork, Bork 👍
once I was served in Stockholm pizza with pineapple, chicken and honey. I still don't get how the chef is walking free
Yeaterday dinner at great food designed by the famous Swedish chef
Is he the new Swedish Chef he looks like a muppet.
(I am late to this party, but suspect you have a sub-conscious desire to be the Swedish Chef from the Muppets).
*about to fall asleep, but then jumps to attention*. 'Byrgenwerth' sounds like something the Swedish Chef would say
Kevin: Ooh, now do the Swedish Chef!. Andy: I'm not familiar. What province is he from?. Kevin: He lives on "Sesame Stre…
Is it ironic that the Swedish chef on German tv is Danish or just weird?
No, but it's like getting a 10 minute segment of the swedish chef on the Muppet Show, so it all evens out
😍 the Swedish Chef. One of my faves next to Fozzy Bear.
It's when you can't find the Swedish Chef
In today's instalment we suggest, Popcorn, the Swedish Chef's version!
(Feel like thinking of myself writing as the Swedish Chef in the kitchen singing "Bork, bork, bork!" is gonna make me super more productive)
I think it should be the Swedish chef from the muppets. Their both orange and say nonsensical things everytime thei…
Who's your source, The Swedish chef in the Muppet Show 👍🏻
Get your iPhone insurance today!
One of my podcasts said jon snow's king of the north accent sounded like the swedish chef and i died
No worries. I just hired the Swedish Chef for you. He should be there shortly.
Statler and Waldorf are still old and grumpy, while Swedish chef is working on a recipe at the Jim Henson Exhibitio…
Swedish Chef voice made this even better. Thx for the tip!
"Swedish Chef (left)..." is the most savage caption I have ever read
So apparently when I sit alone and talk to myself I start to talk like the Swedish Chef without noticing o.o
Also, their realtor sounds like a cross between Dracula and the Swedish Chef.
If the Swedish Chef was properly motivated...
This *** is the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, LMAO
Trent Reznor: What have I become, my Swedish friend?. Swedish Chef: Yergen bern der huurten!
and I are doing the Swedish Chef nork meburk bedoomp
Why isn't the Swedish Chef an spokesman?
I just wanted everyone to know that there's a Swedish Chef cosplay at ConBravo today.
Hey Wil, Trump misinterpreted Gary Gnu's report from the Swedish Chef.
It didn't quite click until I put on my Swedish Chef voice.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
That time the Swedish chef went all Canadian and found a m…
The Swedish Chef and Beaker in the same kitchen? THAT’S a delicious recipe for disaster! https:/…
The Trump Administration is roughly what would happen if a malignant Swedish chef became president.
I wonder if people actually believe or think Swedish people talk like the Swedish chef from The Muppet Show.
This is what happens when you trust Swedish Chef with LITERALLY ANYTHING!
Lol .. I shoulda put on my Swedish accent and my chef hat lol !!
because we all dress like Swedish Chef and put frozen fries in 2,000 degree oil, right.
Kevin - 'Do the Swedish Chef'. Andy - 'I don't know, what province is he from?'. Kevin - 'Sesame Street *** '. 😂😂😂
It's a toss-up between Beaker and Swedish Chef.
Kermit just learned the Swedish Chef wants to cook frog's legs...
According to this episode of Masterchef, the Swedish Chef is married. Is that canon?
Tough one. Swedish Chef or Beeker for laughs? Animal for the col.
Who else turns into Swedish Chef when trying to say Fleur De Lis?…
LIVED the show where you went all over meeting chef. The Swedish chef quite interesting. All were!
Giving McElwain Fields or Corral would be like giving Australian Wagyu beef to the Swedish…
I added a video to a playlist The Muppet Show: The Swedish Chef's Uncle (with Danny Kaye)
Giggles and laughs with you- Maybe too, me Abbie could show you how to make The Swedish Chef -takes h…
No way. Like the Swedish chef in English? 😂
Totally just read that in the Swedish chef's voice.
Good to hear the Swedish Chef is making an appearance in this race ... Kerkelerkeler
It's Friday and what better way to celebrate the weekend than with the Swedish Chef 😂
Or the Swedish Chef ... that's the one voice I can do really well.
Looks like has a son who's auditioning for a part as the Swedish Chef in Muppets The Musical 😆
Dagg bless the librarian who got me into Borgen. I'm like the Swedish Chef in Denmark. Borg borg borg.
Whenever I'm confronted with uncomfortable questions, I respond with my Swedish Chef impersonation.
"Borked"? Did you just turn into the Swedish Chef??
Did anyone ever confirm that Swedish Chef was Swedish or is everyone just being racist
"Shem de sherm de herf!". (goodnight from the Swedish chef). At least I think that's what he said.
SUPER HERO IDEA:. Bortman, he's like Batman in every way except he is played by the Swedish Chef
A + crossover show called "Floop or Flooped" where the Swedish Chef goes into a house and floops everything
I enjoyed the Swedish Chef's poutine routine and Wil Anderson was spec as a double act, but eating it?! 🤢 *** no!
I'm counting on you. What's a Swedish Chef if he can't chef
what's your take on the pump and dump conspiracy theory? Any legitimacy?
I'm sure that the Swedish Chef would also refuse to fire Mueller.
Maybe you could be the "tasting" chef; pick up food and hardly any hand use.😂
Meet the chef who runs a restaurant in the Swedish wilderness with a month-long waiting list
are you ready to call this a bull yet? Or not enough time/too much speculation?
Reminds me of this little beauty courtesy of Swedish Chef
I'm getting injections in my hands so that I can keep on being a kick *** chef. And do you know what the doctor said?!. No texting!!! 😱😱😱
Swedish Chef:(mumbles). Bystander: He's saying "in 1986 I killed a prostitute in Gothenburg" over and over how does no one…
Or just a live chicken between two slices of bread like the Swedish Chef would make.
I can't believe you wasted an entire morning researching Swedish Chef clips on youtube
Every time you post this is laugh, so thank you. But really, he looks like the Swedish Chef from M…
Trump makes about as much sense as the Swedish Chef. No offense to the Swedish Chef.
Mikey just sounded like swedish chef there.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Yes $2450 big resistance, if clear $2450 then only buy that I say for a target of $3000.Now you see…
Yesterday I noticed, for the first time, that the Swedish Chef has human hands
You can't say these names out loud without sounding like the Swedish chef
Now we can say that Nicklas Backstrom is a... 😎 Swedish chef.
half my TL is now muppet related. I need to follow more people. Swedish Chef # 2. But Scott prefers America First 🙄
A drunk Bjorn Borg crashed a SAAB into an IKEA table, spilling the Swedish Chef's Swedish meatballs on ABBA!
Trump to announce that the Swedish Chef is now the head of the agriculture department.
Update on unexpected entertainment today: showed up in a google image search for "Swedish Chef".😂😂😂
I can cook, and bake, but it's not something I enjoy doing. I'm like a cross between the Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay. 🙉
Chill Sunday brunch is awesome, even the Swedish Chef agrees! .
That moment when you're singing Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" as the Swedish Chef & realize the window's open.
I've never watched Bake Off, but if they replace Mel & Sue with Rusty Lee and the Swedish Chef off The Muppet Show, I'm in!
Wow it appears the Swedish chef loves TV and dogs as much as I do!
I mainly followed because my only knowledge of the people came from Swedish Chef. My how my world has changed.
Watching Swedish chef's popcorn shrimp spoof reminds me of how much I miss more silly things in existence.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
true about the religion! I asked my Swedish Exec.Chef what religion he belongs to, he gave a 1hr litany
Random: I liked Voltbeat better before someone told the singer he sounded like the Swedish Chef. It was like muppet speed metal.
i do not mind that youve sent this twice. Because swedish chef is the best.
My daughter loves this Swedish Chef popcorn video. I like her reactions more than the video (and I like the video!)
the commentators sounded like the Swedish chef from the Muppet Show
When the Swedish Chef RP is on point…
Would Miss Piggy be River Song? The Swedish Chef as the War Doctor? Who would be Capaldi?
did u know overwatch references the muppets character "the Swedish chef"
I baked hard for that! I keep telling you, I'm the Swedish Pastry Chef! :p
New blog entry: The Swedish Chef Deer is discovered, Ryder asks out Hailey, & new sausage toothpaste?
Swedish Chef = the most interesting man in the world
My favorite muppet? I couldn't possibly choose, but Swedish Chef is up there, so is Animal.
Sounds like the Swedish Chef going nuts watching the Dutch game.
he's your fav? Mine is Swedish Chef & Statler and Waldorf who's your fav?
Happy Fourth of July! How about a song from Sam the American Eagle, Animal, Beaker, and Swedish Chef?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
ok be my chef, I would you *** for dinner because it looks so god
My moms sitting on the couch laughing at Swedish Chef memes
That moment when you realize the voice of your conscience is the Swedish Chef.
I feel like I need to punch Swedish chef in the face
Starring Sam the Eagle, Animal, the Swedish Chef & a penguin in a powdered wig! //Stars & Stripes Forever:
wouldn't be all too surprised is Farage joined the cast of the Muppets so he could tell the Swedish Chef to go home
To make that Swiss German just add the Swedish chef cadence.
On this night I will remember the time I was threatened by the Swedish Chef! BORK BORK BORK BORK!!!
o the Swedish chef joke so funny and not overused
Oh my god I'm being threatened by the swedish chef!!!
for a second I thought you meant the Swedish Chef ...
by the points you're trying to make I really think you're the Swedish chef
Mark pls I'm not the only version of Popcorn on Google Play the *** Swedish Chef one?
I am a legal adult and I still laugh until I cry every time I watch the Swedish Chef from The Muppets
I get so *** mad when someone comes in the kitchen when I'm cooking. Leave me to my Swedish Chef impersonations, please and thanks
only what I learned of the Swedish chef
Bill Nye is as much a scientist as the Swedish Chef is a chef
Dude sounds like a young Swedish Chef
ESPN Breaking news Barry Melrose has been replaced by the Swedish Chef. Enjoy the Stanley Cup playoff analysis
And now Dee chases Tim around the house with a knife while 'Yakety Sax' plays. They're then joined by Pete, Manu and Swedish Chef
No matter how many times I threaten him, Swedish Chef still sends me a fruitcake every year. Still, it makes a great yule lo…
I don't like Kermit's new girlfriend. I enjoy seeing which "stars" show up. I love the Swedish Chef and Beaker.
I don't realise what a thick accent I have until I watch videos of myself talking. I'm like a less chaotic swedish chef.
Watching wondering why all of them talk like the muppets swedish chef...
OMFG they just had the Swedish Chef from the Muppets doing the Sugarhill Gang XD
tough one, but it has to be the Swedish Chef .
The Swedish Chef whoring crumpets for a Tory donor. My heart is broken.
statler and Waldorf. But always loved the Swedish chef. 👍
To cheer myself up I'm catchin up on & have made important decision. Fantasy dinner guests: Swedish Chef, Beaker + Pepe
The Swedish Chef gets me every time
Hearing the Swedish Chef rapping on has just forced its way into the top 10 moments of my life so far!!
My girlfriend just realized the swedish chef has human hands
Rewatching and realizing I can sound exactly like Swedish Chef when I try.
I think the Swedish chef would be quite liberal
The Swedish Chef spoke incoherent nonsense so I was instantly hooked. Rowlf played piano in the house band. Big floppy ears
I only saw The Muppet Show a couple of times but remember liking The Swedish Chef. Rowlf vaguely rings a bell. Was he on SS?
Ha! Yep, big smiles for The Count. Oscar is a lovable rogue. I've also got a soft spot for The Swedish Chef and Rowlf.
LOL! Apparently in Sweden, the Swedish Chef is called the "Norwegian Chef"...same type of paradox? 😂😂
Swedish Chef doing Rapper’s Delight is one of the greatest things ever
If you need a smile today, just say Shia LaBeouf in a Swedish Chef voice.
Muppets Swedish Chef is both a chef and a puppet. Does he also cook with salt?
Innovative is currently our guest chef at Will you be joining him for a ht…
Thanks to I'm wondering if the Swedish Chef from the Muppets has a puppet wang or a human one. I mean look at his hands!
Cranberry !!!. Or as the Swedish Chef would say, "Croonbeerah poonkooks!"
A lot of bad news today, so to cheer you up, here's the Swedish Chef doing Rappers Delight
The Swedish Chef has always creeped me out with his foam face and real people hands.
I mean, isn't it obvious that the Swedish Chef was an agent of the Bavarian Illuminati?
are you telling me Swedish chef isn't human
you hear the one woman who was basically doing the Swedish chef!
That is literally ALL the Swedish Chef says.
I avoid talking about the Swedish chef around anyone from the North. (But yeah totally love the Swedish Chef)
My dad's Swedish Chef impression is a gift from the gods
my character was Grizz from WBB. But I have switched to the Swedish Chef if the new BA gets to do that.
When I hear someone quote a Bible verse it's kinda like hearing the Swedish Chef talk.
Yes, you watching the new series? Best moment so far - lairy Muppets doing karaoke - Swedish chef stole the show. Brilliant.
is he secretly the Swedish chef from the Muppets?
Short film idea: A man falls into a coma and wakes up to find out that he can only speak like the Swedish Chef muppet. But he falls in love.
Spanish "chef" added Swedish flag to working uniform after success his "rice in paella" for National Day Reception! http…
After the on please PLEASE get rid of the RATS & More & Swedish Chef!
Me: *recites Morte Darthur in Middle English*. Prof: "sounded like the Swedish chef.". Me:
Little Giant Ladders
Kevin:do the Swedish chef Andy:I'm not familiar with that one which province is he from? Kevin:from Sesame Street ***
here's a video I made with Swedish Chef:
Swedish chef got hold to this fellers alternator I reckon.
I can't hear the opening of Vikings without thinking of the Swedish Chef.
Meet the woman reenacting every Swedish Chef segment from The Muppet Show
seems my vine of the Swedish Chef was popular this morning.
The Zebras are grazing on A Swedish Specialty, by Chef Jules,. "Frikedeller". Along with a French favourite Aligot.
mistaking the swedish chef with Denmark, way to go
Only Zlatan does better meatballs than Ikea, if he chooses to be a Swedish Chef. (@ IKEA in Petaling Jaya, Selangor)
Swedish Chef just nearly killed me.
Johnny Yong Bosch confirmed for the new voice of the Swedish Chef
How can I have Swedish Chef singing the chorus to Double Dutch Bus in my life?
Tonight's Muppet Show. Miss Piggy was having a Hot Stone Massage & the Swedish Chef wanted to know "who was Cooking the Bacon"!
Swedish Chef does the dance rap. I like Janice singing Lisa Loeb's Stay. Bunsen and Breaker duets I Got You Babe.
Swedish Chef has some of the funniest lines tonight. Favorite "someone cooking the bacon" as Miss Piggy gets a hot stone massage.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Piggy's getting a hot stone massage and Swedish Chef just walked by and said, "*sniff-sniff* somebody's cooking the bacon" LoL
Piggy getting stone massage and the Swedish Chef asks if someone is cooking bacon.
Giada De Laurentiis is dating the Swedish Chef, not Bobby Flay.
Walter White tries to teach the Swedish Chef how to cook meth
Swedish Chef finally gets his green card.
Swedish Chef reveals he is not actually Swedish, he is just burnt out Walter White in witness protection...
follow Swedish Fish, it's like if Phil Fish talked like the Swedish Chef... or it's a candy, I sometimes mix thins up.
Making myself feel better after double booster shots w/Band-Aids. Fozzie is MMR; Swedish Chef is tetanus.
There are some names that, when pronounced in my head, are always said by the Swedish Chef. Trevor Plouffe is one of them.
.and Brandis is Oscar The Grouch... Ruddock n Abetz the two grumpy old men...Cormann the Swedish Chef...
to my mind, say "scot" when talking like the Swedish Chef & you'll see what I mean. .
brilliant. Although I'm more of a Sam the Eagle/Animal/Swedish Chef girl myself.
they look like they're about to make out. Somewhere in the bowels of the Internet there is Gordon Ramsay/Swedish Chef fan fic
Have you noticed that the swedish chef is a puppet?
Tomorrow we pair up with the famed Swedish Chef to create the SWEDISH CHEF BURGER: A 12 oz Swedish…
Even against Muppets, the choice is clear here: Vote for Meeting Jack Bristow in today's KODTVTM
Blows my mind we don't have any rap artists that incorporate the Swedish Chef from the Muppets into their branding/image e.g. Cheef Chef
The may be Swedish Chef quotes coming from the kitchen tonight...
Great having swedish chef in SG for Fantastic lunch with
Activists climb Swedish Ministry of Enterprise to remind Swedish gov to leave coal in the ground
There's a Swedish chef who not only grows his own veg, he forages for berries and hunts his own deer. VIKING CHEF.
chef from the show plush toy vgc 12 inch tall, LINK:.
It's almost 1am and what am I doing? Watching YouTube videos of The Swedish Chef. You're welcome.
The Swedish Chef is ready to Bork the Penguins
Still freak out every time I see human Swedish chef hands.
Not really the same but I still like watching Cookie Monster and Swedish Chef videos on YouTube.
every time I see the name of this beer I hear the Swedish Chef.
Last appeal to your TV loving better angels: Vote for the incest-themed quote, not the adorable muppets. .
I'm not sure what my spirit animal is, possibly the Swedish chef from the muppets since I sound like him when I'm drunk.
You not voting for the greatest TV mom in history is an absolute failure
Dear Muppet Fans: Grow up and vote for the scary monster under the bed.
I feel like some of the books would be Muppets too (ala Swedish Chef's ingredients). We could have conversations with books!
I want scientists to find the critter that looks like Beeker next. Or the Swedish Chef.
The Swedish Chef takes a crack at making Poutine!.
The guns of Dirty Harry with the looks of the Swedish Chef... Bob's the full package
Miss Piggy just karate chopped the Swedish Chef for not making his site responsive
Not really. I would sounds like the Swedish chef.
Thought for the day: When they showed The Muppets in Sweden did they have to dub the Swedish Chef?
Even if the old owner looked like the Swedish chef and the new owner is just a normal guy. Don't let nostalgia sway you.
Kill all Muppets. Vote for The Pride & The Love in today's KODTVTM
(or maybe that was actually the Swedish Chef)
I need to know if he is friends with a Swedish chef.
Just recorded tracks for our next episode of featuring spiders & potentially offensive Swedish Chef impression
I'm saying I'd rather have a window in the corner of the TV with someone doing sign language. Or maybe the Swedish Chef.
That's because his friends included Gonzo, Beaker & Professor Honeydew and the Swedish Chef just to name a few.
My hot take on the Swedish Chef: he is not a good singer.
*hums like Swedish Chef on Sesame Street* Just need one Bruno for this dish!
I defy anyone who can look at the Swedish Chef and immediately NOT do the bork bork voice.
YouTube suggestions for stoners: Swedish chef
This is sad. Also, was flurbiprofen named by the Swedish chef muppet?
The Swedish chef Petter Nilsson comes home from Paris with a playful attitude toward traditional fare.
Shi-ya-tsu is no matched for de Cakensmoosher!. The Muppet Show: The Swedish Chef - Japanese Cake:
Some small prints of Mario, Khal Drogo/Daenerys, & the Swedish Chef. As well as a commission of Moon Knight as a Donut.
Danny Alexander trying(?) to make light of the fact he looks like Beaker cocktail, manages to point at Swedish Chef..
he is changing himself, Buffalo Bill-like, into Swedish Chef
Matt Smith cooking with the Swedish Chef. Scooter falls in love with Karen Gillen.
I love teaching Sunday School with the 3 year olds. Because ONLY THEN do you get answers like."well, I was talking to God, but when he answered it was the Swedish Chef..." (Followed by a perfect Swedish Chef impression including looking at the ceiling to find the "flip cakes" that got stuck there)...
“Jürgen Klinsmann” sounds like something the Swedish Chef would angrily yell if he saw people burning a cross in his yard.
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