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Swap Shop

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, more commonly known simply as Swap Shop, was a UK children's television programme.

Noel Edmonds Keith Chegwin John Craven Copperas Cove

Mother found this stuff at the Swap Shop at the recycling center.
Swap Shop included The Gublins, that now totally forgotten Gordon Murray stop-motion thing. It turned up in the Swap Shop annuals too
I think Matt Bianco got called a bunch of Herbert's on Swap Shop as well. John Craven was cracking skulls
Ha! I just loved 'John Craven done on an Etch-a-Sketch' - do you remember John Craven playing Spock on Swap Shop?
Noel Edmonds was the British Tom Selleck in so many ways! And I loved him on the Swap Shop!
. I felt the same when I found out John Craven was a character. Did you know a different guy played him on Swap Shop until 1980?
I'm waiting for the question "What was the name of the man who dropped winners names in a glass bowl to Noel in Swap Shop?"
This is like everything Mary Portas wanted the Swap Shop to be
01 811 8055 Swap Shop - an early version of Cash Converters
I know the phone number for Noel Edmonds' MultiColoured Swap Shop.
:-). A wee tale from Belfast, 1977 about Swap Shop, or rather, Cheggers -
Noel Edmonds interviewing Kate Bush on Swap Shop from 1979 is probably the weirdest video I've watched on YouTube.
Headline news in Cape Codder local paper: Plovers in Peril. And re-enacting the mighty Battle of Orleans ( the one where some Cape Cod oyster men chased off a British warship in the War of 1812). All-important tide chart cut out and posted in kitchen; our days revolve around water here. Oh, and the Swap Shop at the dump (source of many slightly sandy and damp used games and puzzles, booster seats, etc) has been closed due to an "Insanitary incident" while new rule book and volunteer rota put in place.
Yes I was on Swap Shop as a kid at Michael Sobells Sport Centre ,Aberdare ,with Keith Chegwin & Noel Edmunds Lmao omg now I feel old haa
Yes, but also famous ppl too! They would do an appearance! I met Keith Chegwin was later on Swap Shop as a kid lmao!
We had a good 'summer break' last month and are ready to get going again! Looking for a good Swap Shop day this week! Swap Shop will be open on Thursday, July 17th, from 2 PM to 5 PM at Hillside Ministries, 2602 South FM 116 in Copperas Cove. There will be free clothes for all ages. The Swap Shop is for everyone to swap clean, gently used clothing items. You do not need to bring anything to swap in order to shop. We try to have a supply of clothing for all ages, and there is no charge for anything. Come and shop for your whole family. REMEMBER – EVERYTHING IS FREE. We continue to be grateful to those that donate their good used items! You can bring donations to Swap Shop, or anytime before on Mon. – Thurs. during office hours from 9 AM to 12 noon. 2602 South FM 116 is located: In Copperas Cove, go to the west end of town on Hwy. 190 to traffic light [Valero station on left and Dairy Queen on right] Turn south on FM 116 and go a little more than a mile. It will be on your right, directly across f ...
Just want to say thanks Fort Bragg/Mendocino Swap Shop for letting people local hook up with locals. I picked these up on the Swap Shop, repainted them and there ready to go. Thanks Again.
Bill O'Herlihy asking questions on behalf of viewers reminded me of Noel Edmunds doing the same on Swap Shop it's not that innovative
Will I take a Used Electric Trolley PX against a Set of Irons!... I certainly would if I was called Noel Edmonds & this was 'Swap Shop!'
Another smashing weekender at Halfway to Heaven. A big thank you to the team. Thanks to Myra Dubois, Scott Burey, Rose Garden, Shaun Davidson Crystal D'Canter, Kelly Mild, Tanya Hyde and of course Camp David for a wonderful weekend :-) Friday Night Live - Saturday Market slash Swap Shop - Bears Downstairs - CK Sunday - An Audience with...
We've got a swap shop on FB. Can add you and then you can use your swaps on there?
I had to have these! (Sold out now) nike didnt send the shop my size, had to size swap with the homies…
From onesies to jeans, think of the cash you save if you swap instead of shop for kids' gear. http:…
ex/current Batelians swap shop is gathering pace
Definitely. Will bring your stuff to our lunchtime Swap Shop club a few times too if you want?
Fashion Swap Shop tonight @ Maybridge Community Church 7pm. £5.00 entry, bring 5 items to swap for 5 'new to you' items.
Does your CCG have any resources you'd like to share in our Swap Shop?
no I could do with the sim today so going to shop later to swap sims.
Bruh I saw the most tiniest grinder at the swap shop.. It was like the size of a fruit loop
I have kept it for you really, it's the least I can do after you hosted the 1st swap shop session!
Busy day on your Friday edition of the WSPL Morning Show! At 7:50, we are looking for our Friday qualifier and winner for the Grant Street Grocery Gift Certificate! Give me a call also with your birthdays, anniversary and other congratulatory announcements! At 8:20, for the first time this season, Arlette Salata from Dan Chris Nursery joins us to give you your gardening and lawn care tips! At 8:40, I will be playing the exclusive interview I had with Mayor Jimmie Lansford, Police Chief Kurt Pastirik and Streator Substance Abuse Coalition President Pastor Bill Niebuhr about the increasing heroin problem in the area along with a forum being held next Wednesday at Streator High School to address the issue. At 9:10, a Streator events segment to get you caught up on the events happening this weekend along with your Streator High Athletic schedule. At 9:15, your daily dose of Swap Shop!
Spent a really interesting morning with Maggie Philbin of Swap Shop and Tomorrow's World fame discussing how to unlock digital potential in the UK ahead of an independent report in July.
Hey folks! We've got a lot of new members, and I want to let everyone know to join our sister page Lomax Area Swap Shop for all your buying/selling/bartering needs. That way our arena news page doesn't get clogged with advertisements. We sincerely appreciate your membership here, as this is a good place to share information about current goings on, local club or organization happenings, questions, comments, and community oriented discussion. Swap Shop is open for buying and selling of goods and services as well as offerings from local businesses. Thanks for joining, and WELCOME!
Time for the "Big"shop, PT this afternoon the swap badges and work tonight : ) have a great day everyone
Is your church organizing a rummage sale? Please let us know in our online swap shop.
Calling all SWAP SHOP Helpers: We need YOU! Willing volunteers age 10 and up are needed tonight and tomorrow to help sort all these amazing donated clothing items. The more helpers, the more fun we have! This is great service opportunity! Come help families find clothing items that fit their needs. I promise it feels great! See you soon with your smiling faces! :D Rebecca, Shontai, Melinda, Denise, and so many others who will surprise me!
Everyday boys come into our shop& it makes me very thankful that we have a little girl!When she gets to 13 I will swap her for a boy though!
Hi, everyone! Sorry we've been quiet lately - Hope you all had a lovely Easter break If you had a Bank Holiday clear out, our next Swap Shop is on June 8th. Get the date in your diaries and start collecting your goodies to bring along to swap! We can't wait to see you there! xxx
ahhh gone be the days of the swap shop. Finish the book and get a Mars bar and lucozade if you can score a peno on Dean Kiely.
Not happy with St Richards hospice driver. Our sofa looks filthy and they wouldn't come back and swap it. Was like new in the shop !!!
Going to give in and get the Panini World Cup album today. There's even a work swap shop at 2.30.
REMINDER - The Uniform Swap Shop and Tuck Shop will be open for business today from 2:30pm in the Orchard. Thank you The Parents Group
Don't forget it's Give and Take Day at this Saturday 9-2 ish.. like Swap Shop but without the bad jumpers…
You don’t have to go digital to share your music – mass CD swap planned for York.
It's probably all going to the swap shop, unless you want anything
Hi Krystina, we'll be running the Swap Shop for a month to give everyone plenty of time to swap!
FREE swap shop event in Rose Hill 3 May - Bring anything you don't want, take anything you do want, for free!! Pls RT
The staff are well on their way with their new panini sticker album. Anyone fancy a swap shop soon ;)
Got my swapsies ready for the early morning swap shop!
Morning Ladies and Gents and little ones. Swap shop open as usual 10 - 12.
Another alternative hopping option if you're on the A6 on Sat - swap shop from the awesome pls RT
Why shop when you can swap? Thinking about freshening up your wardrobe before the summer?
Eagerly anticipating the Mirror Towers World Cup Sticker Swap Shop (first edition) later this morning, it's the MirrorFootball top five!
Just 24 hours until the Swap Shop! Have a good clear out and bring those pre-loved items along. Do drop us an...
Adam Ant Dirk Wears White Sox Live: Saturday 19 April2014, Eventim Apollo, London It is somewhat ironicthat on the weekend of one of my best buddies 40th, it was also aone off gig with my childhood icon, Adam Ant, doing a show for his true fansfeaturing every song off the “Dirk Wears White Sox” LP.  This was to celebrate the 35thanniversary of the album, which was originally released in 1979.  This was a historic occasion, somethingI always wanted to happen.  It isunusual, as people don’t normally do a gig based on a whole album; especiallyone that is based in his historic ‘back catalogue’ and no longer needs promotion ormarketing.  This gig reminded mehow fantastic this album actually is. It is a true masterpiece. There was nothing like this before, or after, (other than Oasis 'Definitely Maybe' perhaps). As I approached theEventim Apollo, Hammersmith at 6:00pm, I could feel the energy andexcitement.  The group of kids thatfollowed him on Swap Shop in 1981 were now a family of ‘40-some ...
It breaks my heart when I see people just giving their fur babies away on swap shops to complete strangers. I understand that there are instances where life *** and you can't keep your pets (like you have to move, but let me tell you, if I couldn't find anywhere to live with my pets... I would just have to move in with my momma and bring all my kids and animals). I just don't know how people do it. And it doesn't even bother most of them. I currently have one cat that annoys the tar out of everyone, but she ain't going no where, we rescued her from a shelter and she's not going back. People need to learn responsibilities.
Calling all Ladies, please put Sunday the 15th June in your diary for charity Fashion Fix Clothing Swap Shop in Crowne Plaza Dundalk from 2-6pm in aid of Neo Natal Unit in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. Fab fashion and fun for mums, sisters, aunties, grannies, BFF's. Get a whole new wardrobe for just €20 :)
I wanna stay in Reid, but my shop n swap date is May 14th 😩😭 what about you!?
That underground mall in Georgia is like a swap shop lol 😂
Work Party at the shop for the Kids Bike Swap. Come on in!
I ain't gon have my son dressing down with all that polo and Versace ish , how he gon learn to appreciate anything ? Swap shop fits all day
Update your maps at Navteq
How'm I posed to stunt on *** if they know I shop at Platos and the swap meet?
To my wife, swap 'drink' with 'shop', and this is for you.
Deadline for the Mckenzie City Wide Yard Sale list was today, (Sorry for incorrect info on here), if you did not get your address to the City Hall, please let me know and i will add it to the list i post on this Page and other pages on FB and Swap Shop, Craigslist, Thank you
I can't deal with the swap and shop of the same guys between the same girls. 🙈
Removed myself from this shameful site tamesides buy sell & swap shop
Hi Sam, sorry to hear you weren't so lucky - we'll be launching the Swap Shop in time for the weekend so fin…
Man i no this ant no dam swap shop but any yall old school folks got or can git a King& queen motorcycle seat,, Man just a shot n the dark,If so tie n with me,
Waddup, you know if the shop is interested in the UA "Blue Splash" or got size 8.5 for size swap?
i was THAT close to a bike ride! THAT CLOSE! Looks like more organizing of boxes = More Trash! Or just a nice relaxing night on the couch catching up on shows. or both. Tomorrow and Monday i'm hosting Midday Live as Lipper & Juli are gone. SWAP SHOP!!
Hello! The Lucky Dip Boxes are now sold out. Whilst you can't specify no earrings, we do host a Swap Shop for Tatty Devine fans!
Go green! Swap disposable plastic storage containers for our re-useable Leakproof Glass Conta… htt…
Almost done the first draft of Book Shop Gender Swap! Love &Check out my catalog! .
What time does the Swap Shop close today? What are the hours for Friday?
Sunday April 27th from 10 AM - 4 PM, The 2014 Railroad Show and Swap Shop!! $5 Admission, kids 5 and under free!
Swap shop this Saturday in gt cornard
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Swap shop this Saturday Christine if you fancy popping in
Swap shop this Saturday if anyone fancies a trip this way
Swap shop this Saturday if anyone's interested
give the swap shop a go u will be surprised I promise, last year I didn't think I stood a chance & I got some great swaps x
I'm posting public in hope someone remembers the net and bars for a trampoline on one of the swap shops around here it was $40 or $59 brand new in box gage is in need of it if so
For those of you who look forward to our "It's New to You Sales"'s back! Join us THIS Sunday at the...
Photo: My swaps. The acorn necklace & gingerbread earrings are from 2013 swap shop but I...
The swap shop hasn't opened yet and us Tatty fans are already starting swap discussions. =P
6?! nice! thats a good swap Gonzalo. gonna be proper embarrassing buying it from the shop.
Hay P- Town peeps , what radio station does the swap shop ??
The swap shop is open.. but we need volunteers! Recruit a friend and sign up openings pretty much all summer are open right now. Shift hours are still 9-12 , 12-3.
Guidelines for the swap shop -Bring items that are clean and in good condition- things that others would want. -Tokens will be given equal to the amount of things that you bring which are in good condition and usable. -Once you bring something to the swap shop it is no longer yours. -At 2 o'clock the items (kid's clothes, toys, books, baby items) will be put on display for all to browse. -After everybody has arrived and put items on display and had time to browse and chat and snack, the swap will be opened. Nobody can claim anything until the swap has been opened. -Once the swap has been opened, you may claim 1 item per token. -If there is an item which is popular, the item will go to the highest bidder (of tokens). -Once everybody has taken according to their tokens, what is left is open to anybody who claims. -This event is intended as a fun social and communal event. -Please bring something homemade to offer as snack.
Highlights of the Friday (4/25) sale at UW SWAP Shop include Plastic Pitchers from the Rathskeller for a dime and a stereo mixing console:
FOR SWAP SHOP MEMBERS ONLY! - Yard sale begins tomorrow but you can come "buy" today! Lots of craft machines, supplies, books, and chairs. No baby stuff. Cricuts, cartridges, cuttlebug, yudo screen printing system, stain glass kits, candle making kits, glue sticks, ceramics (painted and unpainted), magazines (stamping, scrapbooking, photography, photoshop, general crafts), and a ton of other stuff. 12710 W. Redfield Rd. El Mirage near corner of Dysart and Greenfield. Just knock. Please bring change. I won't be back on the computer so I will be unable to answer inquiries.
Let's get it going new swap shop for autos
Is it wrong of me to want to go through the swap shop posts, the housing shop posts, and especially the "looking for jobs" post and fix all the grammatically incorrect hurts me how bad it is. "I needs a job and I can drive they're cause I have a car".Murrica has made me sad.
mini pineapple upside down cakes and strawberry cupcakes with butter cream frosting for sale at The Swap Shop- Pauls Valley
Swap Shop item: DVD's for sale for $2 each. If you're looking for some movies, post below and we'll let you know if they are available. All DVD's are in excellent condition. Some unopened.
I need a stationary bike. Wonder if someone on swap shop has one for sale. Or a beach bike I guess that is what they are called.. .
The weather is looking good for our first session, 'the magic swap shop', we will be setting off on a flying carpet to arrive at a very special shop - come along and see what happens...
have a great day all. off to look at a storage unit maybe some treasures? inside? than off to the swap shop ride safe all yawl- god bless you all. I think ill stop for a beer or two at one the local country bars
Our annual swap shop and show is Sunday April 27th for every $5.00 admission PTRC will donate $2.00 to S.O.C.K.S, a local group that helps spay and neuters stray cats in the area.
I invite you to participate in our 4th Annual Spring Flea Market and Swap Shop hosted by WABF 1220AM. This 3-day event has been scheduled to begin on Friday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 4th, rain or shine.
The next swap shop at St Monicas will be held on saturday 3rd May at 11-30 that is if if we have enough donations as this last few weeks we have given out bags of clothing as we have had a lot of emergencies: Dont forget if you have mens womens boys girls clothing to donate please leave comment or message us: Thank you x
You ever want buss some Bridget sandals but the color yah want yah don't have and you have no plane ticket money or family who is going to JA. You want the National Plegde to go in your New apt but can't bother hunt down the Swap shop to see if them have it. Look no futhur Carribean Irie Delights will be your one stop shop with the convenience of at door pick up. E-store will be launching this fall
A better day than yesterday but that's coz yesterday was a writeoff. Yesterday after psychiatrist I took the night pill because I really wasn't coping. So was a zombie for afternoon bit got to sleep before 10:30 which is pretty amazing. Only woke at 7:30 on adam leaving which aint good for both him and the dogs. Today thought was ok but found I was too shaky to do anything at all for most day Took dogs for walk and very anxious and distressed just from that. Have to pluck up courage to text the swap shop people, find it very very hard to do.
The Wookieballs Customs Multi-Coloured Action Figure Fodder Swap Shop (TWCMCAFFSS 😄) is now open... Below in the photos you will see items I currently have available to swap. No cash will be exchanged for parts, you pay to send your parts and I pay to ship mine to you! Items I'm looking for...(all 1:18 unless specified) 1. 3 x non-movie 25th and later Duke heads, blonde flat top style. 4. 25th Joe unmasked human heads 5. 3 x Pairs of Joe standard BDU legs with combat boots 6. HK MP5 8. 1:18 Dog (Labrador preferred!) 9. Joe Colton Retaliation figure (loose 12. Lady Jaye Retaliation figure (just figure no accessories) 15. AOTC Anakin Skywalker Swoop Bike (just the bike, no figure needed.) 16. 25th Joe Torpedo figure loose and complete 17. ROC Shipwreck head 19. 2x pairs Joe Trooper Retaliation legs 20. Luke Skywalker ROTJ saber (unlit hilt only) 22. Repro vintage Kenner pop up saber (for last 17 R2) 23. WW2, Korea M1 steel helmet (ultimate soldier 1:18 series?) plain style without molded helmet netting . ...
Colliers arms status tizwas or swap shop my 80s question world of sport or grandstand
This SATURDAY we have 80's Band THE PATHETIC SHARKS Live On a few 80's questions for you - which did you prefer - TISWAS or SWAP SHOP ??
Any deece tunes I reckon should be shared in here. Then we can have a swap shop thing going on x :)
Hello every one, we have a new group BIG KID TOYS SWAP SHOP Airsoft, Paintball, RC, and basicly anything cool to those of us who havent or dont want to grow up ! thank you hope to see some new members first 200 members will be givin a shot a winning some cool prizes.
I have posted this on swap shop with no response so I will try the news feed. Does anyone know anyone with a child size motorcycle helmet they want to give away or sell?
Please do not post personal items for sale in this group. Those posts need to be made in the Odessa, MO Swap Shop instead. Thanks!
I joke about Tiff selling everything in the house on swap shop and tonight she puts the actual house on it.
Please click onto the link below to watch It Started with Swap Shop which was made in TC3:
I hv a lot of stuff that I don't need anymore I hv lots of clothes nd blkets free to whoever jus need to b washed!!! Clothes r all sizes nd mixed srry just don't hv time to go thru .electric stove $60 jus dont hv frnt glass but wrks!!! Also hv tvs ill take 25$ each for big ones nd hv 1 small tv 15$ !!! pics r on swap shop nd trading post nd bout to put on fort stockton yard line jus let me kno if interested! Need gone asap first come first serve no holds!!!
I have a bunch of juniors clothing for sale i have the pictures on the swap shop, let me know if you are interested and i will try and tag you, or you can just search my name in the group plymouth
Anyone looking to move to or from Windsor area: there is a swap shop being held at Old Windsor Memorial Hall on Sat 10th May from 10am to 2pm where swappers can meet up and look for exchanges. Must take photos along of your place. I've never heard of a swap shop for homeswappers before but sounds like a great idea. I found my dream exchange in October last year but I thought this might help some of you out who are still looking for 'the right one'. Good luck everyone :)
I absolutely hate when people post on swap shop when there looking for a job and wondering whose hiring! Get off your lazy *** and go look for one!!
WABF 1220 AM’s Swap Shop Spring Flea Market At The 181 Market Highway 181 at Co. Road 32 in Fairhope May 2-3 9am-4pm and May 4 9am-2pm The weekend of May 2-4, approximately two thousand people are expected to attend the Annual Swap Shop Spring Flea Market and Listener Appreciation Party at The 181 Market and Mini Storage in Fairhope. The event includes a live broadcast with WABF 1220 AM Swap Shop hosts Lori DuBose and Mark, door prizes, and over eighty flea market vendors. Food and refreshments will be available for purchase, live music performances, and other activities including a snake show, a bouncy house, clowns and balloons. Flea Market hours are 9am until 4:00pm Friday and Saturday, 9am-2pm on Sunday. Admission is free! Vendor spaces for the Flea Market start at a $35 daily table rate or $100 for a 10x20 space to use all or part of the three days. Vendors may also share their space with friends. Registration forms available online at,, or contact Melissa to register a ...
May Meeting - Summer Revamp! Our special guest this month is Victoria Gray of House of Colour. She will offer us an interactive introduction into style and colour! We are planning a 'swap shop' too - so bring along any fashion items that you no longer want but someone else might. Meeting on Weds 14th May from 7.20pm. Please spread the word and bring along a friend!
Just a reminder that we're having a crafty swap shop at the next meeting, Sunday 4th May.
Bout a bed for my daughter off swap shop and I have to go buy bolt for the gaurd rail BC what they gave me don't work not a big deal bought a table and chairs and it is suppose to have 8 chair but she only gave me 4 chairs kinda messed up
Baby snuggle nest paid $25 for this on swap shop its never been used make an offer need gone. Can deliver today in hannibal
Hey guys this is just a place where people can buy whatever and EVERYONE is accepted. No offense to the Poplar Bluff Swap Shop, but it's really hard to be accepted there. Consider this a Poplar Bluff Swap Shop # 2. Contact me for any information. :)
This will take some time to do, but need to know the locations of some old stores in the area and what there is ,if anything, now ... 1. Woolworths (Original location of.) Croydon (Apprently it moved to it's final resting place.) 2. Collin's Glass House, Wallington 3. The three Lyons tea shops, Croydon 4. Safeways, Croydon 5. H & G (Need to know what H & G stood for.) Croydon (Electrical store?) 6. Alexandra's (Dry Cleaning) Croydon 7. W H Smiths, Wallington 8. The Swap Shop (Now that should get tongues wagging) Croydon 9. Croydon Autos, near Broad Green 10. Croydon Technical College 11. Pitmans of Croydon 12. Hamleys of Croydon 13. The Granada Showroom, Croydon (Tv's) 14. Seccombes & Reeves of Croydon (Hardware) All Buildings existed in 1968.
I was out of town this morning did anyone hear my radio ad on swap shop?
Hipster mum and mum-to-be collective Momma Loves are holding a swap shop at cool Clapton coffee shop and record store Hayden Wylds. No money is required at this...
If you don't know about MICA's Swap Shop yet, definitely get on that. Give a little, get a little, yay free stuff!
"This group is fully moderated. No flaming, no spam, no sales. Please use the Moberly Swap Shop or similar group for selling items". Posts will be deleted.
THERE WILL BE A BIG SWAP SHOP BONANZA ON FRIDAY MAY 9!!! The Students of Sustainability present Swap Shop, a place for students to give and take unwanted goods for free. Swap Shop's permanent home in Carter Hall, 203.5, (storage area between two apartments) is open all day, everyday until Friday May 9. We ask that students respect the space and keep it organized, but are welcome to browse, donate, take, etc. at any time. There will be a big Swap Shop Bonanza on Friday, May 9, with drop-off points in all residence halls. Students can give or take all goods in the Swap Shop (Carter 203.5), Meyerhoff Lobby and Gateway Café on May 9 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Anything not taken will be saved and available in the Swap Shop in the fall.
If I had my own local live show that was similar in fashion and style to Noel Edmonds's Swap Shop and the local...
This 5th at The Water Poet again, 's Swap Shop! just a stone's throw from Old Spitalfield's Market! Join the swishing Revolution!
Lots of SW-related events this week: Swap Shop (with seed swap!) on Sun, Bike Users Group on Sat, Dale's talk tonite
At the Swap Shop. Reminds me of the Silk Road in Beijing! LOL
And if you do play console games and use an android phone then It's like Swap Shop for game people.
The Ron's Swap Shop deal of the day is a choice of two brand new, five-piece Ethan Allen leather sectionals at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in C'ville. Cost $12,000, but asking only a fraction of that.
Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, more commonly known simply as Swap Shop, was a UK children's television programme. It was broadcast on Saturday mornings on BBC1 for 176,episodes in six series between 1976 and 1982. It was ground-breaking in many ways: by being live, sometimes up to three hours in length, and using the phone-in format extensively for the first time on TV.Its creation was thought by many to be the BBC's response to the growing success of ITV's Tiswas - although at the time the latter was only broadcast in the ATV region in the Midlands and had yet to be taken up by other ITV franchises around the country.The show was hosted by Noel Edmonds and his associates from the beginning were Keith Chegwin, John Craven and later, in 1978, Maggie Philbin. The show's presenters formed a pop group called Brown Sauce in December 1981 and released a single called "I Wanna be a Winner". The song peaked at number 15 in the UK Singles Chart and stayed in the Top 40 for a total of nine weeks. Also featured was Posh ...
For me it was Swap Shop, Saturday Superstore, Going Live. Oh and on t'other side, Tiswas, No 73 and Get Fresh
Who will be the winner of The Oakridge Boys & Diamond Rio tickets and who will win a $80 food credit plus an overnight stay @ The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort? It could be you! Tune into the Swap Shop today with Nikki to find out!
RSVP to our Saturday Swap Shop, from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday, the 22nd of February, 2014. Brought to you by the Ladies of MaFashio and Mazuba of the Fest Guru's. Come and make a Fashion Exchange! »
Havent seen so much love for young English boys since Saville was on Multi Coloured Swap Shop.
When I first move down here last summer the first place my parents went was swap shop.
carry her to swap shop. Jamaicans love there
Waxahachie's newest swap shop for selling, trading or buying. Remember to include picture, price and location. One post per item. Please delete when sold.
We are looking for LOCAL direct sales consultants and crafters who would like to be a part of a cash & carry swap shop. Once we have a large amount of consultants/crafters we will invite local people to join and go shopping!! Here's the link if you would like to be a part of the group please PM me your name, email, phone number, and company. Thank you!
Hollister size sm fits about a youth 7/8 bought on swap shop but was to big $5
look at the Warrensburg swap shop page on fb people always put couches on there
This is neat, I made a comment to the group Stedman Swap Shop about allowing people to post ads for spam items, and they just removed me. Can't even look at it and its an open group. Really some nice people there I tell ya. Banned in Stedman!!!
Still looking for more people for the swap shop league.!
Shouts out to cycadelic records!!! My boy Kirk in the Compton swap meet famous record shop for blessen…
Partnering up with a shop and making plans to LS1 swap my m3 this march.
They're going on Campbell River girls swap and shop any second so get me while you can
Does any body know any other pages other than Cajun swap shop
I get very upset when people make a profit off of your kindness. My girlfriend had given 2 good sized boxes full of baby clothes to a lady that needed cloths for her new born son. Then we come to see on some local swap shop that she is selling everything she had gotten from us. What is the world coming to when a mother in need sells free clothes for her baby to most likely supply a bad habit. Just saying.
Need help getting my wife in groups like the Cajun swap shop & others
Hey Randy Rindom or Elaine Rindom do you still have that tv for sale. I can't find your post on swap shop and Amber Wood is looking for one.
Swap your party dress for a jumpsuit this weekend. Shop the high street's best styles here:
I once misunderstood Multicoloured Swap Shop, and posted them a box of assorted turds. It now masquerades as Keith Chegwin... hehehe
You knew you grew up in St.Albans if you can remember when you could turn your radio on to WWSR get the latest morning news and weather. School closings, and other important items, a little Good Old Western music, Swap Shop and all other interesting news. Today you get nothing, cannot even what the announcer is talking about. Do not care for local and Franklin County folks any more
I have a bunch of meat baby food my daughter will not eat I bought it off of a swap shop and I used all the veggies out of it so if some on u know is in need I have some make offer
If Ch4 & Ch5 want to put on debates that matter then do the BIG topics! Swap Shop or TISWAS, Edd The Duck or Gordon The Gopher. Am I right?
Today we came, we saw, we did...all at the Swap Shop!!!
Please feel free to check out my Prom Swap Shop Group. It is a fundraiser for The Elizabeth Community Fair Pageant Committee. We are setting up a consignment shop at The Elizabeth Community Building in Elizabeth Illinois on March 1st, 2nd and 8th from 11am-3pm. If you have prom dresses, formal shoes, girl sized formal wear or wedding wear and would like us to include your items in our sale please pm me. You may not list items for sale on this page BUT we have some for sale. If you are looking for items -Don't miss this sale!
I'm really confused is one post says no selling other posts saying "buying or selling" is this a swap shop/ freebie page or a selling page?
Very excited to announce our next Swap Shop 12 event will be Sat 15th March at Heebie Jeebies come along to...
Jamie is watching the last ever episode of Swap Shop on youtube. We are heckling the requests. 'Star Wars Destroyer...Dream on!'
swap you I only get tiny blue & grey section at the back of the shop !
Great swap shop organised by North London Action Network - sharing resources and pedagogical tips. Thanks to all involved!
If by chance you missed WOHS 1390AM morning SWAP SHOP with Milton Baker and Sandy Cunningham you can go onto the internet to the link below and see what you missed! Updated Daily!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Should have known not to be in the Columbia, MO swap shop group.some man is selling every single outfit his wife (formally a stripper) owns. The first few posts were a little questionable but then it got to money stuffer clear platform pumps.
If you have something to buy, sell or trade. Or if something is listed on this site and has not sold yet, take it over to the Scuba Gear Swap Shop. Doesn't matter if you can not fill a whole table. The only thing that has changed is the location. Contact Andrew MacKenzie at Hawaiian Diving Adventures, LLC.
Another tasty treat for your Swap n Shop goody bags! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE cards for ESPRESSO CORNER in
Next swap shop is thursday 27th feb at 1pm at tibshelf village hall
Lots of new ads on our Swap n Shop, including a price drop for an accessible vehicle. Check it out!
Check out the Camp America Forum where we have a T-Shirt Swap Shop thread:
Anyone down to go to the swap shop today?
I wish I had a vintage/thrift loving friend who could shop for me and I could shop for them.
Lego Swap-Shop *15th March, 11am-12pm* Bring your mini-figure doublers and swap with other kids for ones you need.
And you can shop at the swap meet without lookin like you just walked out of the dressing room from head to toe lol
Anyone interested in hosting Country Gold(oldies music) and Swap Shop on Saturday mornings on the radio, who has some radio experience?
yo I think its time for that B18 swap, my Uncle Pablo got a shop in north philly he specializes in Hondas yo
Thanks to everyone who came down to our first Swap Shop. The next one will be during the Easter break. See you then!
Happy President's Day! The Swap Shop is open regular hours today. Open 9am to 530pm. Enjoy your day!
Ok I need funds for podcast & project. Selling fully assembled shadowsord primed black for $90.00. Message me if interested if no takers by wednesday going to swap shop. Then ebay.
I only rock designer wen I pop out (walmart target swap shop)
are you attending Swap Shop Saturday on feb 22 hosted by + i? RSVP here|
I bought these off of swap shop The other day and they're too short for me. Wanting to get what I paid. $20. From the Buckle. Size 28x31 1/2. Very cute on just to short for me
Oh wow...a lady just called in on Big Dawg swap shop show just to praise The Lord on the radio! What a great thing to hear on the air!
The 'Swap Shop' page at has been updated! Be sure to check back each weekday for a new list of items. Swap Shop airs weekday mornings from 8:30 - 9:30 on the KSID Family of Networks.
oh my god I'm going to die, reality has just suddenly hit me oh my. We got a load of free condoms during freshers from the students union and without thinking i just shoved a load into my bag and forgot about them, reality has just hit that i sold that bag on swap shop over Christmas. Oh my god i am dying.
Dig out all those unused items or unwanted gifts. A charity swap shop so please bring along some items to swap. Looking for jewellery, accessories, bags, homeware - anything you like really that you think others might like. Am then suggesting that if anyone wants to take away an item then there is a...
MOVED: 3 bala sharks: This topic has been moved to Swap Shop.
Birdwatcher Malc Fincham's latest report and pix:
Don't forget it's the swap shop on Saturday at Park Barn Community Centre:
Went to the drive-in theatre at the Swap Shop here in Fort Lauderdale with my wife, saw Ride Along . Kevin Hart is funny, but he's no Eddie Griffin.
Swap Shop! Donate your items and see what you can pick up in return. A great money-saving way to find new things!
Swap Shop (Chelmsford) Donate some items and see what you can find in return
Do you remember Swap Shop, Rainbow and The Raccoons -how good were they? We want to know if you think Kids TV is better when you were young or do Ben 10 and Pepper Pig today top them! Let us know your favourites! Jamie and Emma xx
The Lego challenge is on today! 10-12, £2. Plus a Mini Figure Swap Shop and half price Lego books!
exactly ! We all need some self development and character building. Some of us are clowns at the Swap Shop circus !
Good morning & welcome to the breakfast show with Seamus & were back after our week off, Its Swap shop & good news Monday
Can someone please had me to swap shop please
This is for the arkadelphia surrounding areas swap shop for video games car electronics and nothing else
Since when has Instagram been an online swap shop..
I can't stand the people who run the JC swap shop. Like do your actual job. One you get paid for, not running a FB page.
JOIN THE REVOLUTION of women who are committed to EXCHANGING & CHANGING the lives of others with Lorna Jane with our Swap Shop Programme. Donate your pre-loved activewear & be rewarded with LORNA JANE STORE CREDIT. Help out those in need & grab some new gear by following these simple steps. Step 1. Take any 3 pieces of old workout wear, can be any brand make sure the garments have been washed and clean. Step 2. Bring 3 pieces into any LJ full priced store and you will receive $15 credit towards a new purchase.(3 items only per customer/transaction)
Swap Shop Drive-In movie times and tickets. Find Swap Shop Drive-In movie listings and showtimes on the go -
ITV breakfast swop Lorraine Kelly for Susanna Reid. Bit like Swap Shop in 1980s when some1 would offer to swop a broken toy for a computer!
I like when the swap shop lights be on >
DVD SWAP SHOP: Thought it might be a nice idea to set up a place to swap films and box se...
water fighs in the summer and staying up a hour longer as the time whent back. Pocket money every saturday. And just 4 kids the saturday morrine pitchurs. Tv we had tes waz @ swap shop. Space 1999. The professionals. Stasky and huch. Flame and also mash. Jo 90. Bob marley singing.They were the good days.
Anybody know a tire shop that swap out low profile tires
New post from the website: "DVD SWAP SHOP", posted by Finsbury Park Ranger. Read the post and reply at
Listen to KJCK 1420 AM this week! There will be tickets given away on Swap Shop for free meals from Holy Smoking...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
New low selling clothes you've worn 100s of times on Burys shop and swap 😂😂😂 ffs
Swap shop is coming in March. Start cleaning out the closets now, it is for everything from baby stuff to household items! I know I can't wait!
For those of you who didn't see my post before...I am looking for a Dodge Dakota for a project truck. The one on Palmetto Swap Shop has been wrecked and has a bent frame and a lot of other issues. Let me know if anyone knows where there are any for sale.Thanks
My client 'swap shop' is now OPEN!. Why spend money on new clothes when you will be moving through the sizes QUICKLY!
Walking around the swap shop and I'm nauseous and feel weak/faint.. Terrific.
Sunday swap shop at the walmartss today
Come out to the Prom Swap Shop today at the Elizabeth community building from 9-6. We have tons of dresses at very affordable prices. Also available is jewelry, make-up and purses. Hope to see everyone there!
We are cleaning out Jade McAdams dressers. Check out the swap shop for some great clothes at great prices. We have much much more. Inbox me if interested in coming to look.i
WOW.someone who saw our FREE Business advertising promotion has snap up the deal...So My Auction Swap Shop would like to welcome Lauren's Precious Treasures pop by her page folks for all your special Baby products that you can't buy in the shops..Bespoke and Precious, Welcome to the family Lauren's Precious Treasures...
Seriously..! Just saw a post on kirksville swap shop some one sold there wit that bird game app for 6,000$...what in the world?!
Selling GS cookies in a swap shop is not permitted.
I hate the swap shop I hate the swap shop I hate it
I want to thank all my members for joining...I enjoy my swap shop very much...If there is anything you want in particular let me know and I will watch for it.Feel free to make a reasonable offer on anything you are interested in...Nothing is set in stone...The ones of you that have bought from me...I hope have found me reasonable and easy to deal with...I try and make sure everything is clean and I never mis-represent anything...If I tell you it is new, it is...Like new, of course means it has been used.If you buy clothes and get home and they are 2 small or something ..Bring them back and exchange them.I don't want anyone to be unhappy. I appreciate any feedback.Please IM me if you are making an offer...Thanks Ellen...And again I enjoying having all of you as members.I have met a lot of very nice people.:)
This is bs, u gotta b kidding me,no red bull or coke sales allowed at the swap shop, (grimmie people..
i remember when my nanny would listen to mc swap shop every Saturday mornin on the radio & everyone would call in, now it's just all over FB
Swap Shop, where everybody's trying to make a dollar!
Take all there money away & you could get that same outfit at the swap shop.
General Electric Cablevision building of 1972. I was employed here in the "new" cable television system in April 1972 and on April 4(?) my boss Bill Tabor, and I signed on the local origination Channel 7(?) showing really OLD movies all evening. We soon expanded our programming to Swap Shop, Just Music, City Council Meetings, School Bored, Anderson Packers Football, League of Women Voters (Jo McCarty), Anderson Today, Sunny Vally Speedway (Joe Helping), and the Friday report with Mayor Bob Rock. I was honored to chat with some interesting people while employed there but Indiana gubernatorial candidate Otis Bowen (running against a polished Matt Welsh) was the most memorable (he was too plain, down to earth, and intelligent to be in politics, IMHO). :) It was a good time to be young.
Ive been up since 6:30am. I hate wen im off work. N i still wake up early as *** uh oh well gonna get ready to go to da Swap shop. Ppl holla at me im in town...
Watching cbbc with pipa got me thinking who can remember multicolour swap shop with Noel Edmonds
I'm at the swap shop waiting to get a space. I hope I do good today.
Yeh bring on multicoloured swap shop
One of the most top choice collections around- the swap shop sunrise Florida
Omg so just saw a swap shop post of someone selling their iPhone bc it has flappy bird on it and someone offered 2000! U ppl are retarded! It's a game! The phone isn't worth that much and eventually that phone will stop working then it gonna feel like an *** for paying so much for that phone. I haven't played it but it can't be that great. Seems boring.
where the lady go who had African parrots for to hv away lmao man that lady was on garland county swap shop but she or he said they in Texas wow. n were free but guess what u pay to hv delivered on plain right. try again lizzy
An amazing night with Saltire Strikers, swap shop! Lovely people and food. Had my nails done by Angela and Hennah by Ani. Waited on by waiters Craig Hammond, William James Barker, Barclay and Robert Mooney. Home baking wentdown a treat thanks Ian and to everyone who supported tonight a huge thank you £208.30 xxx
For sale size 9 black cross ankle boots. Bought off swap shop but cannot wear them due to heels 1870461-0711 text if intrested.
I need to join swap shop... i have a 3 yo resonable mileage... best offer
Doncaster free(cycle) and swap shop please feel free to add
I can go another 20 years until I visit the Swap Shop again, but did get my windows tinted while we walked around .. Now,home to relax xo
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Omw ta the swap shop wit the fam. Family tyme is always the best!!!
Losers looking for a dog to breed with their Husky on cleveland tn swap shop. GET A JOB and stop making money off these babies!!!
Haven't been to the Swap Shop in over 18 years . Heading there today . Should be fun 👍
I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't on swap shop. Not to rant but, I get on here to get away from cell phones, jigsaws and coat racks. Lol
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