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Swap Shop

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, more commonly known simply as Swap Shop, was a UK children's television programme.

Noel Edmonds Keith Chegwin John Craven Mike Hull David Moyes

The Ron's Swap Shop deal of the day is a choice of two brand new, five-piece Ethan Allen leather sectionals at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in C'ville. Cost $12,000, but asking only a fraction of that.
Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, more commonly known simply as Swap Shop, was a UK children's television programme. It was broadcast on Saturday mornings on BBC1 for 176,episodes in six series between 1976 and 1982. It was ground-breaking in many ways: by being live, sometimes up to three hours in length, and using the phone-in format extensively for the first time on TV.Its creation was thought by many to be the BBC's response to the growing success of ITV's Tiswas - although at the time the latter was only broadcast in the ATV region in the Midlands and had yet to be taken up by other ITV franchises around the country.The show was hosted by Noel Edmonds and his associates from the beginning were Keith Chegwin, John Craven and later, in 1978, Maggie Philbin. The show's presenters formed a pop group called Brown Sauce in December 1981 and released a single called "I Wanna be a Winner". The song peaked at number 15 in the UK Singles Chart and stayed in the Top 40 for a total of nine weeks. Also featured was Posh ...
For me it was Swap Shop, Saturday Superstore, Going Live. Oh and on t'other side, Tiswas, No 73 and Get Fresh
Who will be the winner of The Oakridge Boys & Diamond Rio tickets and who will win a $80 food credit plus an overnight stay @ The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort? It could be you! Tune into the Swap Shop today with Nikki to find out!
RSVP to our Saturday Swap Shop, from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday, the 22nd of February, 2014. Brought to you by the Ladies of MaFashio and Mazuba of the Fest Guru's. Come and make a Fashion Exchange! Β»
Havent seen so much love for young English boys since Saville was on Multi Coloured Swap Shop.
When I first move down here last summer the first place my parents went was swap shop.
carry her to swap shop. Jamaicans love there
Waxahachie's newest swap shop for selling, trading or buying. Remember to include picture, price and location. One post per item. Please delete when sold.
We are looking for LOCAL direct sales consultants and crafters who would like to be a part of a cash & carry swap shop. Once we have a large amount of consultants/crafters we will invite local people to join and go shopping!! Here's the link if you would like to be a part of the group please PM me your name, email, phone number, and company. Thank you!
Hollister size sm fits about a youth 7/8 bought on swap shop but was to big $5
look at the Warrensburg swap shop page on fb people always put couches on there
This is neat, I made a comment to the group Stedman Swap Shop about allowing people to post ads for spam items, and they just removed me. Can't even look at it and its an open group. Really some nice people there I tell ya. Banned in Stedman!!!
Still looking for more people for the swap shop league.!
Shouts out to cycadelic records!!! My boy Kirk in the Compton swap meet famous record shop for blessen…
Partnering up with a shop and making plans to LS1 swap my m3 this march.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
They're going on Campbell River girls swap and shop any second so get me while you can
Does any body know any other pages other than Cajun swap shop
I get very upset when people make a profit off of your kindness. My girlfriend had given 2 good sized boxes full of baby clothes to a lady that needed cloths for her new born son. Then we come to see on some local swap shop that she is selling everything she had gotten from us. What is the world coming to when a mother in need sells free clothes for her baby to most likely supply a bad habit. Just saying.
Need help getting my wife in groups like the Cajun swap shop & others
Hey Randy Rindom or Elaine Rindom do you still have that tv for sale. I can't find your post on swap shop and Amber Wood is looking for one.
Swap your party dress for a jumpsuit this weekend. Shop the high street's best styles here:
I once misunderstood Multicoloured Swap Shop, and posted them a box of assorted turds. It now masquerades as Keith Chegwin... hehehe
You knew you grew up in St.Albans if you can remember when you could turn your radio on to WWSR get the latest morning news and weather. School closings, and other important items, a little Good Old Western music, Swap Shop and all other interesting news. Today you get nothing, cannot even what the announcer is talking about. Do not care for local and Franklin County folks any more
I have a bunch of meat baby food my daughter will not eat I bought it off of a swap shop and I used all the veggies out of it so if some on u know is in need I have some make offer
If Ch4 & Ch5 want to put on debates that matter then do the BIG topics! Swap Shop or TISWAS, Edd The Duck or Gordon The Gopher. Am I right?
Today we came, we saw, we did...all at the Swap Shop!!!
Swap Shop - Hillside Ministries writes: Swap Shop will be open on Thurs. Feb. 20th from 2 PM to 5 PM at Hillside Ministries, 2602 South FM 116 in Copperas Cove. There will be free clothes for all ages. The Swap Shop is for everyone to swap clea...
Please feel free to check out my Prom Swap Shop Group. It is a fundraiser for The Elizabeth Community Fair Pageant Committee. We are setting up a consignment shop at The Elizabeth Community Building in Elizabeth Illinois on March 1st, 2nd and 8th from 11am-3pm. If you have prom dresses, formal shoes, girl sized formal wear or wedding wear and would like us to include your items in our sale please pm me. You may not list items for sale on this page BUT we have some for sale. If you are looking for items -Don't miss this sale!
I'm really confused is one post says no selling other posts saying "buying or selling" is this a swap shop/ freebie page or a selling page?
Very excited to announce our next Swap Shop 12 event will be Sat 15th March at Heebie Jeebies come along to...
Jamie is watching the last ever episode of Swap Shop on youtube. We are heckling the requests. 'Star Wars Destroyer...Dream on!'
swap you I only get tiny blue & grey section at the back of the shop !
Great swap shop organised by North London Action Network - sharing resources and pedagogical tips. Thanks to all involved!
If by chance you missed WOHS 1390AM morning SWAP SHOP with Milton Baker and Sandy Cunningham you can go onto the internet to the link below and see what you missed! Updated Daily!
Should have known not to be in the Columbia, MO swap shop group.some man is selling every single outfit his wife (formally a stripper) owns. The first few posts were a little questionable but then it got to money stuffer clear platform pumps.
If you have something to buy, sell or trade. Or if something is listed on this site and has not sold yet, take it over to the Scuba Gear Swap Shop. Doesn't matter if you can not fill a whole table. The only thing that has changed is the location. Contact Andrew MacKenzie at Hawaiian Diving Adventures, LLC.
Another tasty treat for your Swap n Shop goody bags! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE cards for ESPRESSO CORNER in
Next swap shop is thursday 27th feb at 1pm at tibshelf village hall
Lots of new ads on our Swap n Shop, including a price drop for an accessible vehicle. Check it out!
Check out the Camp America Forum where we have a T-Shirt Swap Shop thread:
Anyone down to go to the swap shop today?
I wish I had a vintage/thrift loving friend who could shop for me and I could shop for them.
Lego Swap-Shop *15th March, 11am-12pm* Bring your mini-figure doublers and swap with other kids for ones you need.
And you can shop at the swap meet without lookin like you just walked out of the dressing room from head to toe lol
Anyone interested in hosting Country Gold(oldies music) and Swap Shop on Saturday mornings on the radio, who has some radio experience?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
yo I think its time for that B18 swap, my Uncle Pablo got a shop in north philly he specializes in Hondas yo
Thanks to everyone who came down to our first Swap Shop. The next one will be during the Easter break. See you then!
Happy President's Day! The Swap Shop is open regular hours today. Open 9am to 530pm. Enjoy your day!
Ok I need funds for podcast & project. Selling fully assembled shadowsord primed black for $90.00. Message me if interested if no takers by wednesday going to swap shop. Then ebay.
I only rock designer wen I pop out (walmart target swap shop)
are you attending Swap Shop Saturday on feb 22 hosted by + i? RSVP here|
I bought these off of swap shop The other day and they're too short for me. Wanting to get what I paid. $20. From the Buckle. Size 28x31 1/2. Very cute on just to short for me
Oh wow...a lady just called in on Big Dawg swap shop show just to praise The Lord on the radio! What a great thing to hear on the air!
The 'Swap Shop' page at has been updated! Be sure to check back each weekday for a new list of items. Swap Shop airs weekday mornings from 8:30 - 9:30 on the KSID Family of Networks.
oh my god I'm going to die, reality has just suddenly hit me oh my. We got a load of free condoms during freshers from the students union and without thinking i just shoved a load into my bag and forgot about them, reality has just hit that i sold that bag on swap shop over Christmas. Oh my god i am dying.
Dig out all those unused items or unwanted gifts. A charity swap shop so please bring along some items to swap. Looking for jewellery, accessories, bags, homeware - anything you like really that you think others might like. Am then suggesting that if anyone wants to take away an item then there is a...
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Birdwatcher Malc Fincham's latest report and pix:
Don't forget it's the swap shop on Saturday at Park Barn Community Centre:
Went to the drive-in theatre at the Swap Shop here in Fort Lauderdale with my wife, saw Ride Along . Kevin Hart is funny, but he's no Eddie Griffin.
Swap Shop! Donate your items and see what you can pick up in return. A great money-saving way to find new things!
Swap Shop (Chelmsford) Donate some items and see what you can find in return
Do you remember Swap Shop, Rainbow and The Raccoons -how good were they? We want to know if you think Kids TV is better when you were young or do Ben 10 and Pepper Pig today top them! Let us know your favourites! Jamie and Emma xx
The Lego challenge is on today! 10-12, Β£2. Plus a Mini Figure Swap Shop and half price Lego books!
exactly ! We all need some self development and character building. Some of us are clowns at the Swap Shop circus !
Good morning & welcome to the breakfast show with Seamus & were back after our week off, Its Swap shop & good news Monday
Can someone please had me to swap shop please
This is for the arkadelphia surrounding areas swap shop for video games car electronics and nothing else
Since when has Instagram been an online swap shop..
I can't stand the people who run the JC swap shop. Like do your actual job. One you get paid for, not running a FB page.
JOIN THE REVOLUTION of women who are committed to EXCHANGING & CHANGING the lives of others with Lorna Jane with our Swap Shop Programme. Donate your pre-loved activewear & be rewarded with LORNA JANE STORE CREDIT. Help out those in need & grab some new gear by following these simple steps. Step 1. Take any 3 pieces of old workout wear, can be any brand make sure the garments have been washed and clean. Step 2. Bring 3 pieces into any LJ full priced store and you will receive $15 credit towards a new purchase.(3 items only per customer/transaction)
Swap Shop Drive-In movie times and tickets. Find Swap Shop Drive-In movie listings and showtimes on the go -
ITV breakfast swop Lorraine Kelly for Susanna Reid. Bit like Swap Shop in 1980s when some1 would offer to swop a broken toy for a computer!
I like when the swap shop lights be on >
DVD SWAP SHOP: Thought it might be a nice idea to set up a place to swap films and box se...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
water fighs in the summer and staying up a hour longer as the time whent back. Pocket money every saturday. And just 4 kids the saturday morrine pitchurs. Tv we had tes waz @ swap shop. Space 1999. The professionals. Stasky and huch. Flame and also mash. Jo 90. Bob marley singing.They were the good days.
Anybody know a tire shop that swap out low profile tires
New post from the website: "DVD SWAP SHOP", posted by Finsbury Park Ranger. Read the post and reply at
Listen to KJCK 1420 AM this week! There will be tickets given away on Swap Shop for free meals from Holy Smoking...
New low selling clothes you've worn 100s of times on Burys shop and swap πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ffs
Swap shop is coming in March. Start cleaning out the closets now, it is for everything from baby stuff to household items! I know I can't wait!
For those of you who didn't see my post before...I am looking for a Dodge Dakota for a project truck. The one on Palmetto Swap Shop has been wrecked and has a bent frame and a lot of other issues. Let me know if anyone knows where there are any for sale.Thanks
My client 'swap shop' is now OPEN!. Why spend money on new clothes when you will be moving through the sizes QUICKLY!
Walking around the swap shop and I'm nauseous and feel weak/faint.. Terrific.
Sunday swap shop at the walmartss today
Come out to the Prom Swap Shop today at the Elizabeth community building from 9-6. We have tons of dresses at very affordable prices. Also available is jewelry, make-up and purses. Hope to see everyone there!
We are cleaning out Jade McAdams dressers. Check out the swap shop for some great clothes at great prices. We have much much more. Inbox me if interested in coming to look.i
WOW.someone who saw our FREE Business advertising promotion has snap up the deal...So My Auction Swap Shop would like to welcome Lauren's Precious Treasures pop by her page folks for all your special Baby products that you can't buy in the shops..Bespoke and Precious, Welcome to the family Lauren's Precious Treasures...
Seriously..! Just saw a post on kirksville swap shop some one sold there wit that bird game app for 6,000$...what in the world?!
Selling GS cookies in a swap shop is not permitted.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I hate the swap shop I hate the swap shop I hate it
I want to thank all my members for joining...I enjoy my swap shop very much...If there is anything you want in particular let me know and I will watch for it.Feel free to make a reasonable offer on anything you are interested in...Nothing is set in stone...The ones of you that have bought from me...I hope have found me reasonable and easy to deal with...I try and make sure everything is clean and I never mis-represent anything...If I tell you it is new, it is...Like new, of course means it has been used.If you buy clothes and get home and they are 2 small or something ..Bring them back and exchange them.I don't want anyone to be unhappy. I appreciate any feedback.Please IM me if you are making an offer...Thanks Ellen...And again I enjoying having all of you as members.I have met a lot of very nice people.:)
This is bs, u gotta b kidding me,no red bull or coke sales allowed at the swap shop, (grimmie people..
i remember when my nanny would listen to mc swap shop every Saturday mornin on the radio & everyone would call in, now it's just all over FB
Swap Shop, where everybody's trying to make a dollar!
Take all there money away & you could get that same outfit at the swap shop.
General Electric Cablevision building of 1972. I was employed here in the "new" cable television system in April 1972 and on April 4(?) my boss Bill Tabor, and I signed on the local origination Channel 7(?) showing really OLD movies all evening. We soon expanded our programming to Swap Shop, Just Music, City Council Meetings, School Bored, Anderson Packers Football, League of Women Voters (Jo McCarty), Anderson Today, Sunny Vally Speedway (Joe Helping), and the Friday report with Mayor Bob Rock. I was honored to chat with some interesting people while employed there but Indiana gubernatorial candidate Otis Bowen (running against a polished Matt Welsh) was the most memorable (he was too plain, down to earth, and intelligent to be in politics, IMHO). :) It was a good time to be young.
Ive been up since 6:30am. I hate wen im off work. N i still wake up early as *** uh oh well gonna get ready to go to da Swap shop. Ppl holla at me im in town...
Watching cbbc with pipa got me thinking who can remember multicolour swap shop with Noel Edmonds
I'm at the swap shop waiting to get a space. I hope I do good today.
Yeh bring on multicoloured swap shop
One of the most top choice collections around- the swap shop sunrise Florida
Omg so just saw a swap shop post of someone selling their iPhone bc it has flappy bird on it and someone offered 2000! U ppl are retarded! It's a game! The phone isn't worth that much and eventually that phone will stop working then it gonna feel like an *** for paying so much for that phone. I haven't played it but it can't be that great. Seems boring.
where the lady go who had African parrots for to hv away lmao man that lady was on garland county swap shop but she or he said they in Texas wow. n were free but guess what u pay to hv delivered on plain right. try again lizzy
An amazing night with Saltire Strikers, swap shop! Lovely people and food. Had my nails done by Angela and Hennah by Ani. Waited on by waiters Craig Hammond, William James Barker, Barclay and Robert Mooney. Home baking wentdown a treat thanks Ian and to everyone who supported tonight a huge thank you Β£208.30 xxx
Hamilton Collection
For sale size 9 black cross ankle boots. Bought off swap shop but cannot wear them due to heels 1870461-0711 text if intrested.
I need to join swap shop... i have a 3 yo resonable mileage... best offer
Doncaster free(cycle) and swap shop please feel free to add
I can go another 20 years until I visit the Swap Shop again, but did get my windows tinted while we walked around .. Now,home to relax xo
Omw ta the swap shop wit the fam. Family tyme is always the best!!!
Losers looking for a dog to breed with their Husky on cleveland tn swap shop. GET A JOB and stop making money off these babies!!!
Haven't been to the Swap Shop in over 18 years . Heading there today . Should be fun πŸ‘
I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't on swap shop. Not to rant but, I get on here to get away from cell phones, jigsaws and coat racks. Lol
β€œjust picked up out on bail we bout to go to sawgrass mills” maybe you should take him to the Swap Shop in Sunrise
me and my baby at the swap shop chilling... I love her.. (best head ever)
Flats are back, and we're totally obsessed. Shop the top styles of the season
Ready to refresh your closet? Head to for Swap, Don't Shop this Sun at
Cool no problem. What do you offer me in return? We could get a book swap shop going!
The pros of having a fish and chip shop next door... Can swap change for notes until 4am
I'm not sure it'd sell it wasn't a massive range I don't think! Might save it for if they do another swap shop :)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Don't forget to bring your unwanted presents to our swap shop tomorrow!
Posted this in space coast swap and shop but selling this whole pile of goodies for $40. There's well over $300...
Seed swap shop planned. BOLTON-le-Sands Horticultural Society is hosting a seed swap event at the...
Leif Garratt was also on Swap Shop (I think).
and after swap shop is still on till 5pm at Ort cafΓ©!!
2-4-1at Regal Centre this Saturday morning from 10am with the Swap Shop & the Local Producers Market
loved that cartoon, watching it on BBC1 Swap Shop circa 1980. Oh hang on.. no I didn't! it traumatized me! Bloody BBC!
Highlight of my day is definitely swap and shop
Swap Shop - ACCESS All ASOS: Hi ladies, I mentioned this in my latest OOTD post, but…
Michael McGrory, recovering from depression by setting up a toy swap shop in Daventry.
I seriously look like a swap shop vendor with all these belts in my backpack
Some guy on swap shop just said he's lookin for a woman roommate who will cook and clean for him & also split the rent. So you want a wife?
Some more clothes available at the swap shop
We'll be Sunday, will you? Stop by & say hi & shop for all things bike. Details:
When you list quality items on swap shop the responses you get remind you why you want to get the *** out of this town one day.
The Tin Shed are delighted to bring you news of Laugharne's first ever Militaria Fair & Swap Shop which will take... http:…
Brilliant stuff you'll be in safe hands i'm sure.Mike Batt's a legend, Bright Eyes,Swap Shop, Wombles
wonder if I should just make it a book swap shop.
First Tibshelf Baby Clothes Swap Shop today 12.30 till 2.30 village hall. Bring something for points and swap for something else. C u there
Exciting new edition for Saturday's Swap Shop - a seed swap - come bring yours, swap to get the veggies and flowers you want to plant in '14
We've been featured on Check it out!
We've got a Spring Swap Shop coming up at the end of March so start sorting out those clothes that are *so* 2013:
Come visit my table at the Western Mass Cloth Diaper Swap and Shop this Saturday, and stock up on your Mere's...
It looks like destiney and shodiah found a babysitter on swap and shop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ok ! That's perfect maybe we can the swap shop and find some goodies
*** be wanting a verse for a verse but man dats not a swap to us wit all do respect I kill ur connect now u have to come shop wit us
Swap Shop too when all you knew was the stench of death from jumble sales
The Boulder Soup Swap was a great success! Time to get recipes ready for the next swap!
New Ad Shop including consultations :) Use promo code "CHANGES" to get 20% off any space!
I think I saw D Wade's shirt for sale at The Swap Shop.
Little Giant Ladders
Shake up your evening style! Swap a classic LBD for a contemporary, presicion-cut jumpsuit.
A drive in movie on the football field is alot closer than the swap shop. And we'd know everyone. Good deal Pompano πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ₯🌟
We just added even more special deals for the bike swap to our sale section. Come shop beforehand and check what...
US brand Coach awarded $5.5m in counterfeit case against Florida based Swap Shop
REPOST WITH ALL INFORMATION: I am having a swap shop event in West Memphis on February 1. This will allow you to sell multiple items at one time. I have attached the flyer and additional information. Feel free to pass along to others. (I read the solicitation rule. I am assuming we can advertise rummage sales)
lol swap shop is full of hoodrats n Mexicans but that outside part was like a mink Disney world rides and movies lol
Know anyone who might fancy helping launch a 'toy swap shop' in
I dunno Florida I'm from NYC my grandma live in ft Lauderdale like 5 mins from that swap shop Always assumed it was broward
That me sound even older! May as well confess I know all the words to the Swap Shop 'I just wanna be a winner' song too :D
We dnt wife model's we just beat em out n swap them this Y i'm cold this is why your not u shop for your gyal i'll send your gyal to da shop
Recycle Swap Shop 9:30am Sat at St Mary's Centre, Lion St, Rye. Bring your unwanted stuff and swap with someone else! ht…
Please come to the MPR on Thursday February 6th! 10-2 Swap Shop 11:45 Social Time 12:00 PAT Parents Meeting - Catch up on School News, PAT, and Heart of the Home of the Home (April 10th and 11th). We are so grateful for Kathleen and Bill Geary hosting our Gala and Myriam and Bob Harris hosting the home tour! At 12:30 we will have Prep Moms, Susie Puckett and Jan Wade, demonstrating how to create beautiful Tablescapes for Valentine's, Spring, and Easter!!
Mike Hull's Swap Shop Sell Your Product's Today ! all those Thing's you have laying around the house you can even go into business right their at home selling your items that you have. Furniture and Appliance's ,Tv, radio, cd's ,clothe's car, truck, suv, video game's & MORE ! JUST CALL IN TO LIVE SH...
Tibshelf baby clothes swap shop starts tomorrow thursday 23rd jan at 12.30pm in the village hall. Please come along and bring any donations you have and pick up some lovely stuff. Look forward to meeting you.
Information about the Swansea Swap Shop where you can swap unwanted items with others for free.
SWANSEA BUY, SELL & SWAP SHOP Jessica Davies LOST DOCUMENT - PLEASE HELP We were driving down Constitution Hill between Brooklands Terrace and Rose Hill Terrace in Mount Pleasant Swansea, when a very important document blew out the window. If you find this document please let us know ASAP! Steven Semmens I saw that you lost your document on the road I live on, so I figured I'd go out and try to find it for you. I found several things that could be your document but due to your lack of details I am not sure if I have the right one or not. Steven Jessica Davies Can you please describe what you found! Thanks Steven Semmens Jessica, Here are the three documents...I hope this helps: The first document appears to be a receipt of some kind from McDonalds. It looks like the person paid for a McDouble and a small drink. The second document is a page out of the Evening Post it looks like a Sausage Dog getting impaled with a fountain pen and he don't look to happy. It has the TV guide for the date of December 30th, ...
This Saturday Swap Shop at ORT 1-5 totally free bring stuff you don't want take away stuff you do! Please Share this and let all your friends know x
Just saw someone on a swap shop selling rompers for $20 & swing tops for $27! SHAME on them. I'm so glad that I know I don't take advantage of my customers like that. :)
A night at the Swap Shop cannot be a shop with out items... if you have items that you do not need but someone else can benefit from it please contact a singles ministry Representative ( ME 😁) or send an email to singles.ministryto arrange a time to collect your items ... Thank you & have a BLESSED week!
For all the rejects of Cajun swap shop come on in. All goes!
Well if you tuned in to Anything Goes this morning, you probably heard poor Ty Harmon's voice is in bad shape this morning, and so because of that, we will NOT be airing Swap Shop from 8:30-9am this morning on AM 920. We apologize but it simply would not sound very good this morning. Hopefully, Ty will be feeling better tomorrow and we'll be back to normal!
Swap Shop Members. There seems to be some problems with items not working when purchased. We suggest you try out all electronics before purchasing them. Once you have exchanged the item and money there is not much that can be done. As far as phone purchases someone had suggested asking for the IMEI number and call the company to make sure it's clean, if they won't give it to you then they are probably shady. We do keep names of people and they will be banned. However we will not let you bash their names on the site. Please report them to ADMIN. Thank you!
Anyone know of local used books swap shop? ISO books by V C Andrews to complete my collection.
Has anyone been to the baby swap shop up slade road on monday mornings if so is it any good??? X
Cajun Swap Shop Gabriel came to the Lord and said, "I have to talk to you. I have some Cajuns up here in Heaven who are causing some problems. They are swinging on The pearly gates,sliding down stairway to Heaven, and my horn is missing! They play their accordions and dance all night! Crawfish shells and beer cans are all over the streets of gold and they're making sausage, boudin, and cracklins on every corner. There is rice all over the clouds! They have eaten almost every animal up here! Some folks are walking around with one wing missing. There is barbecue sauce all over their robes and some of them aren't even wearing their halos, saying they won't wear it because it doesn't have an LSU logo on it. The Lord said, "I made them special, as I did you, my angel. Heaven is home to all my children. If you really want to know about problems, let's call the Devil and see how he is dealing with his Cajuns." The Devil answered the phone, "Hello? Dang it, hold on!" The Devil returned to the phone and said, "Hel ...
I hate buying stuff off the swap shop when people aren't honest when did making a dollar or two bc more important then safety
Just weeks after Swap Shop owner Preston Henn reached what he called a "pocket change" $5.5 million settlement with Coach over the sale of knockoffs at his flea market, luxury designer brand Louis Vuitton has filed suit against him, too.
Jose: No swap shop for Rooney! JOSE Mourinho has strongly hinted that he tried to tempt Manchester United boss David Moyes to sell him Wayne Rooney with a swap deal - just as first revealed this week. Read more:
The TGI Golf Partner Forum & Swap Shop is now back up & running. Log onto MYTGI to access. An official update will sent out shortly
Check out Central Mississippi Atv Swap Shop, tryin 2 get a lot of members. Spread the word. Thanks
WELCOME ALL TO OUR NEW PAGE OF SWAPPY SWAP SHOP with Angela & Wanda, here is the following description of what we are and what we do. Please read and if you have any questions or comments please do, under this post and under comments. if you wish for us to get back to you then leave us a msg and we will be more than happy to. We do check the page every day so please don't be shy, let it shine Enjoy and Thank you SPANISH TRANSLATION: BIENVENIDOS A TODOS A NUESTRA PAGINA DE SWAPPY SWAP SHOP con Angela y Wanda. Aqui estan las instructions de lo que somos y lo que representamos, favor de leer todas la informacion, si tienen alguna duda o comentarios favor de untilizar debajo de este postal, si desean cominicarse con nosotros pueden dejar un mensaje corto y nosotros con gusto le contestaremos. Si usted es de otro pais y no entiende el Ingles usted puede utilizar el icon de traduccion a su idioma. Esperamos que sea de su agrado y que pueda participar con nosotros. Que Dios los bendiga y que tengan un Lindo dia. ...
I'm loving the purple voucher swap shop. Getting rid of the vouchers I won't use for the vouchers I will is brill. Loads of cheap days out in school holidays
That moment people are posting pictures on Swap Shop, & they look like they haven't dusted or cleaned their house in 10 years... 😳
BORED - FED UP - NO MONEY - FEEL CLUTTERED KNOW THIS FEELING ? "Southend Swap Shop is currently creating a directory and points system to enable local people to swap skills an...
We are now accepting donations for the Swap Shop Sale that will be held in the MPR on Feb 6. NOTE: The Feb 13 date previously announced is incorrect!! Plastic boxes have been put in the Jr High and Sr High offices for you to leave your items through Feb 5. If you would like, there are donation forms in each office as well. We will be selling items on Feb 6 in the MPR from 11:00 - 2:00. Please send questions to melskel63
Hi everyone I am hosting a swap shop on Sat 1st Feb from 10-1 at the Orchard learning studios in Gunnislake. It's an opportunity for you to swap any clothes, toys for something else you may need you your little ones! No more than 20 items please, and bag clothes into ages for quicker processing! :D
Beautiful dress-size small bought for daughter off swap shop and she doesn't like it just want my money back $20
I was a Blue Peter and Swap Shop kid rather than Magpie and Tiswas. I think it probably shows.
Are you blessed with abundance? Are you in need of something? Check out the new Swap Shop group on Church Community Builder. It's an online clothes closet where everything is free. Let's follow the II Corinthians 8:13-14 abundance principle by caring and sharing for the needs of our church family. Post it if you have it. Take it if you need it.
Stitched Up are having a swap shop that night but will come down after
Welcome to the Official Performance Swap Shop page. I will be updating the page as I can and will keep viewers informed of what is going on in the shop!
If you went to Swap Shop drive in and put da speaker in ur window.
I hate when I miss the swap shop hours. There was prolly a heart breakingly rad, mid century wall hanging there today.
James BakerForeman Swap Shop Attention: Our house was broken into Monday night 1-13-2014. Tammy's Wedding Ring, Tiffany's Ipod and all of my guns (except the one that I carry) was stolen by some low life while we was in Little Rock with my after having a massive Heart Attack Friday Morning. I am Offering a $500.00 reward to anyone that can help me ID the person that Robbed us. Stolen from my house 3 miles North of CrossRoads on Hwy 41 n. near Jewel Hill. 1. Mossberg 835 ultramag camo. 2. Smith & Wesson M & P 22 . 3. Tanfoglio TA-90 9mm 4. Tarus 25auto nickel/pearl handles. 4. 22 lr black synthetic stock. 5. Remington 710 270, gray stock with crack right behind bolt & Nikon scope. If know you of anyone that is trying to sell these items, PLEASE CALL ME (903) 278-0701
Sara Ann posted this on Pike County Swap makes me sad that she was treated like this and sad because I like the Chinese food there. The young girl and young boy have always been nice too me. But I feel badly for this young lady. Many of you know me and know i was a loyal, honest, punctual, respectful, dedicated employee at the Panda Chinese Buffet, located in Pittsfield Illinois. I was employed there for 6 years . I was let go due to being selected for jury duty for a length of 2 weeks. As an American citizen, I know I have no choice but to attend jury duty or go to jail. I was also let go because as soon as jury duty was over my 5 year old daughter had to have a 9 hour surgery. As a parent, when your child is having a major surgery, or any surgery for that matter, you want to be there. I have the right to be absent from work under FMLA law. I let the employer know 2 months in advance i needed time off for 3 weeks! I provided them with proof of the reasons I was going to be absent from work. The . ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Just needed to share this... It was posted on the Marlette Swap Shop PARENTS PLEASE READ!!I just want to give everyone in marlette a headsup, today my daughter was outside and a darker skinned guy with a short beard in an older white sedan slowed his vehicle down to an almost stop and asked if she wanted candy. She ran into the house AND he did not get out the car, either way I just want to let people know what happened!
Rose Garden in her Saturday Market(Slash) Swap Shop, each and every Saturday at Halfway 2 Heaven, ALL PRS Rights have been Paid, no Copyrights have been infr...
That time that Myra Hindley presented Swap Shop is still an embarrassment for Noel Edmonds
I was asked to leave the swap shop today because I wasn't in proper dress code.
Cajun swap shop,i have.a paino accordian,for sale,comes. With. Case, ,will email pictures,one of the best
Swap Shop NOW at Calvary Chapel Mountainside! See you on January 20th.
Welcome to Mike Hull's Swap Shop Radio ! Do you have Something to Sell today ? Thing's you have Laying around the house Give me a call 1- 914-338 -1025 Call's excepted only when show is LIVE TODAY 2;00 PM CENTRAL
Just watching Peter Davison on Swap Shop giving away prizes I wondered if outside the Doctor Who reprints annual which I have if anybody bought the 1986 collection which repeated the 1984 annual cover?
Tonight from 7-9, join us for the EcoSex Salon - Intentional Relationships in Intentional Community. Come talk, laugh, theorize and practice the art of living well in intentional community with Ecosex Salon facilitator, Karen Hery, a long time supporter of intentional community and advocate for responsible/responsive sexuality. Karen is the founder of the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op, the first swap and play family co-op in Portland and community counselor at Windward Sustainability Research Center, a land based intentional community in Klickitat Washington. Grow your own life skills while growing your appreciation for why other people do what they do and are who they are.
Been making some money on swap shop past few days. Nothing like sitting on the phone and getting rid of stuff your not using..thats a perfect job for a stay at home mom:)
What's with all the cajun swap shop updates?? They're dominating my news feed!! NOBODY'S gonna pay that much for your "lots of aftermarket add-ons" on your 97 silverado!
Clothes Swap Shop Cannock is a NEW! group that welcomes all of the locals in Cannock as well as its surrounding areas, wanting to swap and sell the clothes. Clothes Swap Shop Cannock Rules! # We are...998 members
My School Swap Shop wants to say a Great Well Done to Lisa Ashton on becoming Bolton's and the WORLDS number one Darts player after an exciting final today at the lakeside.Well Done Lisa
So in February we will be hosting our first TH swap shop. Everyone probably has a bunch of crap left over that they want rid of. So get in touch and we will hold a table for you. It's FREE! All we ask is that we keep it in the CDs/records/comics/DVDs/clothes etc range. You can sell as well as swap so get in touch if you want to have a clear out ! We have 10 spaces available.
Phones appear to be working again! Swap Shop returns tomorrow morning at 9:05 a.m.
Breast Cancer Awareness
UPDATE ...So, people keep emailing asking "What is My School Swap Shop?"..Well for those of you who have LIKED our page and those who will be, your at the start of the birth of the WORLDS newest and BIGGEST online rival to Ebay..What's going to make us differnt?...well, one fee for any item, no hidden cost or extra's, (only 50p) don't just Buy or Sell, you can SWAP items to.Stay fixed for more info, and don't forget to LIKE our page and SHARE wih friends.visit My Schoool Swap Shop and LIKE!
We're going to a real live Swap Shop, ok Noel Edmunds won't be there, but I see that as a plus. So excited. Take a look, join in and help make this the first of many ! See you there ?
There will be a swap shop area in the gym during the Hobby Expo. Bring your items and buy, sell or trade. There are no fees for buyers or sellers. We ask those to take part to make a donation to our charity.
I found St. Louis Swap Shop on FB, might be a new avenue to sell stuff more locally!!! Check it out!
North Fulton Autism Support Group Meeting Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Navigating the Adolescent Years Date: Sunday January 12, 2014 Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Place: Emory John's Creek Hospital, 6325 Hospital Parkway, Suite 109, Johns Creek, GA 30097 Speaker: Sue Barrick Miller, Ph.D. Description: Dr. Miller will outline the various challenges that are unique to raising a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder during the adolescent years. Some of the issues that will be covered include those involving hygiene, learning to drive, sibling relationships, transition planning, and social media. Dr. Miller will also discuss what parents can do to help their child make the most of this important transition period between childhood and young. PLEASE RSVP to debbiedobbshave permission to forward this message. This event is completely FREE and open to every one. Sorry, childcare is not offered at this time. Directions from 400: Take Exit 10, Old Milton Parkway, and go east on Rt. 120. Stay on Rt. 120 East, turni ...
Our Swap Shop: I believe that people should NOT need a dump sticker to use the Swap Shop. THAT alone is the best recycling we have at our dump! And SO WHAT if people go there to get stuff to sell at the Flea Market! Why should we deny these people, who want to put i...
Swap Shop! For years, it was my privilege to host the awe-inspiring, intellectually demanding radio program, Swap Shop. Listeners would call in and attempt to buy, sell or trade a plethora of items Often there would be a common denominator connecting the items. Whether it was a 35 year old refrigerator for sale, 100 year old barn wood for firewood, or a ten year old cat for sale for breeding purposes, the caller would add: " it is in excellent condition!" The first of the year is a good time to ponder our condition in three areas: The direction of our thinking, the discipline of our approach, and the delight we bring to journey. And, may I add one side-bar thought? You are on the air-always!
Last Chance! The swap shop will be officially closed as of Friday January 17th.
Welcome to the Swap Shop site! This is the place to find out our latest equipment to gift, special events and anything else you want to chat about. The aim of this Swap Shop is to show the love of J...250 members
Just wanted to thank the Swap Shop for helping me sell 3 pairs of skis and purchase one very chic hat. I'm so happy this page is here! πŸ˜„ this is a really great community!
Artist's Swap Shop was set up as a place for artist, photographers, musicians and craftspeople to sell or trade their unwanted or unused items. Items must be related to art or music or crafts. Examples of items: Guitars or other string instruments, recording gear, effects, paints, brushes, pastels, wood carving tools, cameras, lens, tripods etc. the list is endless. All sales and trade are between the individuals involved and Artist Swap Shop bears no responsibility. Thanks and Welcome!
The hotel has a swap shop in reception great for if you run out of things with only a few days left of your hols. Also can leave anything you dont wish to bring home ie. inflatables, open suncream, swim nappies !
This is an online swap shop for Porsche automobiles and parts based in the southern United States. Cars for sale, new and used parts, parts cars, and parts requests are okay. Abandoned Porsches are welcome as are identification requests. PORSCHE ONLY! No fights, or trolling will be tolerated. Please be professional.
Swap Shop will be closed this Tuesday. Play Group is also cancelled.
Be careful of people on Cajun swap shop they are not all honest pick and chose who you deal with
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
GARLAND COUNTY SWAP SHOP - I want to just point out that the way you handled the issue with the post earlier created by Karla Phillips about the animal cruelty was completely inappropriate especially to remover her from the group. I will now be in spreading the word of your methods and will be informing all members of my FB page against joining and will be creating a competing page. Thank you for showing inappropriate methods and your carelessness to the community and showing everyone your inability to show any type of concern for your community. I will also make every effort to let my 1400 plus friends which a lot of joined your page. She apologized and yet you felt it was necessary to remove her.
Stop by the Swap Shop in the John P. McGovern Children's Zoo to see the Mouse House! 6 little mice get to enjoy munching out on a house of bread, baked fresh by our Animal Nutrition Department.
SWAP SHOP Is there anything you would like? Is there anything you wanted for Christmas but did not receive or maybe something you were given but do not want? We are having a Swap Shop for all the unwanted items in your house or business in an effort to alleviate waste. Bring anything that can be legally given to anyone of any age and you too may receive something you want. It takes place on Tues 14th Jan 13:45-14:45 mob: David on 0788 756 1813.
Due to the weather conditions the Swap Shop will be closed on Monday(1-6-14)...We appreciate your business and loyalty...So please be safety first!
E-Z $ Swap Shop in Dover on Wooster Ave (at the bridge) Open 11-5 We are not like the other shops we have money in hand ready to buy today.
Saline County Music Swap Shop is now up for people that have musical gear to post or are in search of.
Listen to WFNC's Swap Shop beginning right now for all the latest things Re-Store Warehouse. Answer today's Trivia Question and you could win a $25 Gift Card to The Re-Store Warehouse. Tune in to 640AM for Jim Cooke and BillyMac!
The living legend that is Keith Chegwin joins us for our Pancast Christmas special podcast. We talk all things panto, Swap Shop, Ricky Gervais and ...
*sigh* If Noel Edmonds was still doing 'Swap Shop' I reckon David Moyes would be calling in this coming Saturday: "Offered: Ashley Young - will swap for a Space Hopper or Play Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop. Condition irrelevant."
John Craven holds the world Rubik’s Cube record, eating 17 cubes in just 2 minutes live on Swap Shop in 1982. .
If Noel Edmonds isn't on the cover with a Swap Shop annual I AM just not interested.
It's swap shop Friday again! Keep an eye out later for our random requests :-)
Hurrah it's Friday! It's swap shop again! What do you have that we might want in exchange for personal training.try us!
A Pet Swap Shop Story - Cats and Dogs can get along! - neil johnston September 27, 2013 a...
Yes absolutely I think you can get in the 1972 Chevy truck I'm selling on swap shop that starts but runs rough needs tranny battery and tires and lots of body work for $500 and drive it anywhere you want with no worries. Let me meet you with it you pay me I leave and block your number from my phone.
The Friday (9/27) sale at has bikes from $10-$25, plus a few free ones. Also furniture, copy machines:
Tomorrow on WMOD 96.7 and live on County Journal TV at 12:15 pm will be the Swap Shop program with our special guest Bertha Vaughan. Tune in for a wonderful treat listening to Mrs. Bertha as well as the swap shop items for sale. To log onto CJTV, go to and click on County Journal TV. All recent swap shop programs are also archived on CJTV for you to watch when it is convenient for you.
FREE bikes available at UW SWAP Shop sale tomorrow (9/27). Also bikes from $10-$25, orange stacking chairs, a table with a "W" in the center, and more. If interested, plan to scroll around the SWAP shop sit a bit to learn all the details about these offers:
People on swap shop amaze me. Where do these stupid people come from.
Does everybody already know about Cajun swap shop? If not its through FB and its like a kick *** craigslist. When searching for it there are several other similar ones just look for the one with 100,000 members! Happy swapping!!!
Wanders if swap shop has any used rape starting kits
What a FANTASTIC night at Back To School Night at Haledon Pta! It was so good to see such a big turnout! Swap Shop, Membership, School Shop, Haledon Library, Initials Inc. It was a BUSY night!!!
"Who let tha dogs out! Woof woof woof. Yea booi! It's Pook comin at cha wit tha scoop. Mo Dayz Off took some more dayz off as dey only won 3 points against Sandra n Dem which basically means they have won 3 games in 3 weeks. I knows i's ain't gradumayted from Colgate but if's my's maph is correct winning 1 game a week is not gonna gets yous to the promise land. We's all learnt a big lesson nows, don't be like NDO and open mouth and insert foot, AFoot that is. Ands I'd's got to say that da wheels don *** near fell off the BMW cause somebody's done loosened the lug nuts and I'd's don't really know they's Motiv but hot diggity if that fine BMW be's sittin on 3 blocks. So who got a real Motiv to commit an assault on a BMW? If The Game is Afoot then we need to start counting toes cause it's looking like a broke foot if you ask me. The Beast of the field, Beast Mode All Day, ate Brownies with Hot Sauce for dinner as they just plain ghetto whipped their opponent into submission it reminded me of the scene when . ...
Gotta love swap shop...if it doesn't sell the first time you list it, raise the price $500 and then it'll sell for sure! People never cease to amaze me. lol
I did a lot of purging today and load of stuff went to the swap shop in vandy.
Mark Ingram says he's home in New Orleans. I wonder if there is an O-lineman or D-Lineman who'd feel more at home in New Orleans? It's Swap Shop Time!
O-1 visa approved w/agent as petitioner, for internet co executive to launch 2nd hand clothing swap & shop online platform in the US
Hey James Tyler Vaccaro and Melissa Wheeler a student stoppe me in the hallway today to ask why the swap shop was closed and suggested you reopen it. I told him i would pass along the message.
"Marion-West Memphis Swap Shop" & "Crittenden County Home Swap" both keep denying me entrance to their groups. Anyone have any ideas why they're being total snobs towards me? I kind of thought I fit the criteria for where you live to be in the group. :-/
FREE from UW SWAP Shop: "Outside Bikes - FREE: This is a one sale offer only. Whatever is left will be recycled...
FREE From UW SWAP Shop: "Lounge/Waiting Room Benches - FREE!. We just got too many in to keep storing them all.
Sometimes I call the swap shop and advertise my Cocaine Products.
That chest is on Winnsboro swap shop 150.00
Can't listen to swap shop anymore hurry up a sell your item!
How does the guy on swap shop screw up almost every phone number?
Is this the breeze way or the swap shop?
Our Angel Swap Shop's got 4 X 1m tables to give away - we'll deliver free to Angel AIM businesses
Am I the only one who yells at my radio during the Swap Shop?
All these people calling the swap shop today are retarded.
Even though we don't have Swap Shop on-air today on KSID, you can still get your Swap Shop fix on our website.
Swap shop and t-shirt exchange items...Excited to share with and learn from other schools!
PROGRAM REMINDER: Due to the Team Jack Radiothon airing all day on KSID, there is no Swap Shop today on 98.7 FM,...
hey Comedy Swap Shop can I come and play please? I'm about from November onwards..
Awesome, did a swap shop with so I get to play both :)
Stine from is the next speaker. Excited to hear about her innovative dress-swap-shop!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Wanna swish before the clothes swap, 5-Oct at The Water Poet,London? Then go2 swap shop at Spitalfields Market on 28 Sep.
Come along to our family swap shop in Corn Exchange Devizes Saturday 10 till -
/ (from our baby page Handmade 4 U Christmas Swap Shop). My Odd Girl I know it isn't...
For some reason I want some roasted corn from the swap shop right about now
that one is on Cajun Swap Shop right now lol I think Bud would let us do that to his lol
Wal mart got nothing on my swap shop
Check out the review and pics from the The Lincolnite of our fab Top to Toe Vintage event and swap shop.
Man ppl on swap shop make me laugh ctfu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My customers think I'm desperate to get married.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they also found me a dress in the swap shop news (SSN) πŸ˜’
First Comedy Swap Shop is booked in at the Wheatsheaf in Soho - Fri 18th Oct woohoo
I got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoises skateboard from Swap Shop when I was younger.
WANTED: Children's items for family swap shop (Devizes)
I was a part of this "drama free" swap & shop page. And they have about 200 rules to follow. & apparently i broke one and got banned.
PROGRAMMING REMINDER: No Swap Shop or Burn on KSID tomorrow (Thursday). We will be airing the Team Jack Radiothon all day beginning at 6 AM.
big shout out to the staff at for sorting through my big bag of CDs yesterday. Their Swap Shop Rules. Sorry about the dust.
Benny's beginning to pile it on a bit. Somebody thought "RT" was a bit like TISWAS. More of a Swap Shop man myself.
great. Also, have a rubbish amnesty and swap shop on 5th Oct on Uplands. Will share details.
TODAY is our special one day event πŸŽ€SWAP SHOP πŸŽ€. Ladies Bring in your used clothes, shoes, and bags to…
Happy Hump Day! Today we are having the beautiful ladies from A Dream Group for their annual Swap Shop!! Enjoy...
PROGRAM REMINDER: No Swap Shop tomorrow (Thursday) morning. We are airing the Team Jack Radiothon from 6 AM - 5...
I remember my daddy used to sneak us in Northside drive in underneath blankets in the backseat! That man was Cra Cra!! There's still a drive in up at the Swap Shop.
Have you all been over to our lovely new swapping page Handmade 4 U Christmas Swap Shop? There's loads of lovely...
I say if you liked TISWAS, you'll love them. Don't go if you liked Swap Shop
Tickets now on sale for our Shop for Love event!
Tried it. I've been on the phone with their tech support -- it sounds like a lost cause. I've been checking CL and swap shop
Check out Margot Madison's awesome swap shop birthday party plan, as featured in the August/September 2013 issue...
ok if were going to be silly lets have a manager Swap Shop Harry R to UNITED Moyes to QPR But i doubt they would
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