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Swap Shop

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, more commonly known simply as Swap Shop, was a UK children's television programme.

Noel Edmonds John Craven Greg Vaughan

40 years ago Noel Edmonds first presented Swap Shop. Today, he talks to cats. . Who'd have thought it.
Mike Batt wrote Bright Eyes for Watership Down, songs for The Wombles & the Swap Shop theme...which he updated here…
Now you can live on the same hallowed ground that used to be the home of Blue Peter, Swap Shop and Tomorrow's World.
Join us after the WMOD News at Noon for Co Journal Live w/Swap Shop & guests, Greg Vaughan and HC Master Gardeners!
20% off your first purchase, great stuff like the puzzle below! Shop now through this link:
Swap don’t Shop! At our Clothes Closet bring what you no longer use - Take what you can use! Being held at...
Don't forget the swap shop in April is FICTION BOOKS. Bring along a couple you have enjoyed and pick up some new...
Images of Me Boutique presents Sip Swap Shop Kids! This is going to be one of many Awesome…
After six months nicotine free I seam to have a few spare tanks not used.Fancy some swap shop
Items starting to come in for Saturday's Swap Shop. Send your items in today by visiting
Decide on dinner now: visit our swap shop delicious alternatives to animal products. page ​pg36
well top, sure I seen one on swap shop once, wanted a ounce of red leb for it.
2016 Bike Swap Shop:   New for 2016, the MCA will be providing a Bike Swap for individuals and shops to buy an...
It crazy how quick you amass loads of Vape kit. such a shame no way to swap and trade kit. Bring back Saturday Morning Swap shop
Let's add TISWAS to the list too.But Swap Shop & No 73 can do one! 💩
Join us after the WMOD News at Noon w/Swap Shop where you can buy/sell/trade your stuff...add an item call 658-7328   10% Off
Today's Editon of Swap Shop is posted on our website:...
Whats a fair price for the Chinese iPhone shop to swap a iPhone screen i supply them with? €20?
maybe I should set up a swap shop for redundant individual footwear?!
I would love to swap my protein shake & banana for a hotel chocolat Easter egg like this
Best practice ideas swap-shop loads of ideas to keep teaching outstanding!!
Swap-Shop if coming up next on the Breakfast with Porkchop Show, hosted by Andrew Hornick
Order from - once you choose UK for shipping they do the $ => £ swap.
Are you an artist/arts org in Lewisham/Greenwich? Send us your Network Swap Shop Offers!
Many thanks to for hosting the Lichfield & Tamworth Swap Shop - great facilities!
If you have a clear out tomorrow why not bring it along to next swap shop in the wellbeing rooms!
Swap shop clothes shop has opened and ready for business. J270 from 10.00am. Come grab a bargain shop
Pizza place in Sydney tried to automate the pizza order in their shop, but it’s just annoying having to swap tickets a lot…
Skiing people Test Boots and bring them back and swap them, i always take things back and call the shop and try another size, you can !
*posts pics of about 100 different clothing items on swap shop*. Person- "please send close up pics of each thing individually" . Me: 😐
Someone on swap and shop is selling a McDonald chicken burger 😂😂😂
So my sister goes into an antiques shop in Arizona just to face swap with all the items inside...
. Yeah, he's funny and awesome.I met him at the Swap Shop! Lol
I think I've conflated Live and Kicking with Swap Shop there!
Can I still go to the shop and do a sim swap if my sims been lost for over 3 months?
never taking The Bobby Bones Show and swap shop for granted again
went to the swap shop with Adrian just to eat and go on rides
I swear, nothing beats being at DaMyas. But her dogs are about to get put on swap and shop. Lol
My favourite BA Robertson song was the last 'Swap Shop' theme.
Swap your kits with our edit of the best blush for spring:.
Bloody *** you might need to go to their shop and get a sim swap done.. It's free but sounds like the connection failed.
JENews Noel Edmonds spotted in Greece for the start of this human swap shop farce beginning today Vote Out Now before its to late 10mil here
Todays the day for our first Gear Swap. BikeWorks Bicycle Shop, Fredericksburg Stand Up Paddle,and others are out here with great prices!
swap shop is rockin' this morning! I swear some drunk is on right now
Loved seeing everyone at the Shop and Swap at World in Motion yesterday
Join us for Co Journal Live following WMOD News at Noon w/Swap Shop and today's guests Sharon Cossar & Julie Strope from Centennial Bank.
You might find out more about the Center from this sign at the Swap Shop:
Join County Journal Live following the WMOD News at Noon with Swap Shop & today's guest Josh LeNoir from The Gym.
YouTube is full of surprises. My OH found an old clip from Swap Shop of when he called in to speak to Gary Numan!
lol funny 😁. I knew of the show but never seen it. I was a bit to old for it. Swap Shop and Saturday Superstore were my era 😉
. Oooh it's just like the Swap Shop with Noel Edmunds...
Tamarac - That gift sweater might be someone's Swap Shop bargain: Jeremy Bowen shouted so all n... - Sun-Sentinel
Listen to County Journal Live @ 12:15 after WMOD News @ Noon with Swap Shop and guests Greg Vaughan & Chris Bell.
Mother found this stuff at the Swap Shop at the recycling center.
Swap Shop included The Gublins, that now totally forgotten Gordon Murray stop-motion thing. It turned up in the Swap Shop annuals too
I think Matt Bianco got called a bunch of Herbert's on Swap Shop as well. John Craven was cracking skulls
Ha! I just loved 'John Craven done on an Etch-a-Sketch' - do you remember John Craven playing Spock on Swap Shop?
Noel Edmonds was the British Tom Selleck in so many ways! And I loved him on the Swap Shop!
. I felt the same when I found out John Craven was a character. Did you know a different guy played him on Swap Shop until 1980?
I'm waiting for the question "What was the name of the man who dropped winners names in a glass bowl to Noel in Swap Shop?"
This is like everything Mary Portas wanted the Swap Shop to be
01 811 8055 Swap Shop - an early version of Cash Converters
I know the phone number for Noel Edmonds' MultiColoured Swap Shop.
:-). A wee tale from Belfast, 1977 about Swap Shop, or rather, Cheggers -
Noel Edmonds interviewing Kate Bush on Swap Shop from 1979 is probably the weirdest video I've watched on YouTube.
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