Swamp Thing & Scott Snyder

Swamp Thing, a fictional character, is a plant elemental in the created by writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson. Scott Snyder is an American writer known for his 2006 short story collection Voodoo Heart, and his work in comic books, including American Vampire, Detective Comics, Batman, Batman: Gates of Gotham and Swamp Thing. 5.0/5

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It would be dope to see Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo do a Suicide Squad or Swamp Thing comic.
2 of 5 stars to Swamp Thing, Vol. 2 by Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder's run on Batman. I'd also recommend Swamp Thing, but the run has just finished.
Yo man, have u considered doing a Year One commentary? Also could u talk to Scott Snyder about Swamp Thing?
5 of 5 stars to Swamp Thing, Vol. 1 by Scott Snyder
Photoset: coldlordquietus: Swamp Thing (2011) written by Scott Snyder, art and cover by Yanick Paquette
Swamp Thing! Finished up Alan Moore's classic run and read the first 8 issues of Scott Snyder's New 52 run.
Hey. Hey you guys. I know we're all excited about Man of Steel. I can't wait to see it. BUT. Superman Unchained came out this week! Scott Snyder - The Best Writer in comics today, mastermind behind American Vampire and expert storyteller of Batman and Swamp Thing. Jim Lee - The Best Comic Book Artist of All Time. The brilliant pencils behind Justice League and X-Men. Superman - The Greatest Superhero of All Time. $5 and worth every penny.
"Year Zero," a new batman mythology by way of the DC Comic's next "Batman" story arc, will be released this June 2013. "Year Zero" will be written by Scott Snyder and penciled by Greg Capullo, and will explore Bruce Wayne's initial transformation into The Dark Knight, taking a fresh look at an origi...
Finished Swamp Thing 18. It was great. Scott Snyder and Yannick Paquette did an amazing job on this arc. Truly brilliant.
Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are taking BATMAN to his New 52 origins with an all-new year long story arc.
Scott Snyder's run on Swamp Thing was damned near perfect. I'm sad to see him leave but hopeful that his Batman run continues to kill
Batman's transformative years are getting a few new twists. DC Entertainment is going back into Bruce Wayne's past to see how he began his transformation from wealthy socialite to the scourge of Gotham's criminal underworld. Key elements of the character's history are staying the same — the murder of Wayne's parents, for example — says Scott Snyder, the writer of "Batman" since its relaunch debuted in 2011. "It's not 'let's redo the origin,'" he said Monday. "It's time for a new story showing how Batman became who he is in the New 52." Snyder said the decision grew out of the success of the first year-and-a-half of DC's New 52, a sweeping reorganization of the publisher's characters that saw many given new origins and costumes that blended those from their first appearances decades ago with contemporary changes. Snyder said readers will see how the crime fighter found his calling and what challenges he faced when first donning the costume of the Dark Knight. The augmented origin begins June in the pag ...
(also, Swamp Thing is changing because Scott Snyder reached the planned end of his year-and-a-half "Rot" story.)
New books are here! Scott Snyder ends his reign on Swamp Thing. There are a million all new X-men, Hit Girl hits stuff, and Sex your local comic shop!
How did you get into DC's "Dark" section of comics? Me, i read Scott Snyder's batman, loved it, and saw he wrote swamp thing, when purchasing it, the wonderful clerk recommended that i buy Animal Man as well since they coincides with each other...and Lo and behold i was a fanatic.
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Some will see this as another strike by DC against Moore; DC's Swamp Thing acknowledges Moore's work but unshackles itself from it ...
Here's a Masterpost for Swamp Thing, you have no valid reason not to read it now.
People keep misunderstanding me on my views on the New 52. I hate it as a whole. HOWEVER! There are things I like. Scott Snyder's Batman, Geoff Johns' Aquaman, All-Star Western, Justice League Dark, and when it starts in March I will start to read Constantine. -McManus
I'm going to catch up on my Batman comics. It's been a while. I did finish reading Ultimate Spider-Man. I really enjoyed that series. Just downloaded Legends Of The Dark Knight series and No mans land. Batman and Robin is only twenty six issues but I'm getting that two. I gotta catch up with Scott Snyder. I've heard great things about Swamp Thing also.
Well, there's a thing. Charles Soule, writer of 27, of of Bleeding Cool's more favoured Image comics, will write Swamp Thing after Scott Snyder leaves the ti
FINALLY read the first trade paperback issue of scott snyder's Swamp Thing. it's incredible.
Scott Snyder has turned into my favorite modern comic writer. Both Batman and Swamp Thing are incredible. They have no real competition.
With everyone focused on who will follow Gail Simone on Batgirl and the departure of Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette from Swamp Thing, we overlooked perhaps the biggest news to arise from DC Comics’ solicitations for March: that Captain Carrot [...]
Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette have announced that they are wrapping up their time on Swamp Thing.
Scott Snyder is off Swamp Thing as of issue 18??!!!??? DC what is going on?
Earlier this week, as well as talking about Gail Simone leaving Batgirl, I also mentioned that Scott Snyder was leaving Swamp Thing. It's possible this may have
Brace yourself Swamp Thing fans – writer Scott Snyder is rumored to be stepping away from the critically acclaimed series. In an effort to manage his growing workload, Scott Snyder has put American Vampire on hiatus and it seems as if Swamp Thing will be the next casulty. We’ll have more for you as ...
So the rumor is true.Snyder is leaving SWAMP THING. So Long Scott,its been a good run.Have fun with Supes.I wonder who is writing ol'Swamp next?I hope its a horror lover.I also hope Swampy will lose the armor and antlers. I will never understand the popularity of Superman...Even when I was a kid.Swamp Thing is an amazing character. -Walter
According to a recent report on Bleeding Cool, it appears as though Scott Snyder will soon be leaving his position as the writer of DC Comics' "Swamp Thing." Th
So. No more Scott Snyder on Swamp Thing... I haven't actually read any of it, what am I missing guys and girls?
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More Batman comic spoilers: someone tell me WHY people like Scott Snyder. He's killed Swamp Thing for me, he may or may not have given Batman an evil brother... I just don't get it.
On the opening day of New York Comic Con, Batman and Swamp Thing scribe Scott Snyder caught up with io9 to discuss Death of a Family, a new story about The Joker exacting revenge on the Dark Knight's pals.
Zapp Comics pick of the week!!! Animal Man by Jeff Lemire & Steve Pugh and Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder & Yanick Paquette.ROTWORLD!!!
Animal Man, Swamp Thing, possibly Justice League Dark, anything written by Scott Snyder or Jeff Lemire has been awesome.
Here are the things I'm stoked about today-Circa Survive's new album (just waiting for the mail to come), Scott Snyder's "Swamp Thing" comic, Chuck Pahlaniuk's "Damned", The Murder City Devils, my family, banana bread, The Avengers release in less than a month, still have two days before going back to work, Cold Stone ice cream (hopefully), Wonder Woman Converse, the new Judge Dredd movie, Greg Rucka's "Punisher" comic and Threadless.com's $9.99 t-shirt sale.
Alan Moore was really something awesome! Have you read Scott Snyder's run on Swamp Thing? It's super cool.
Picked up American Vampire and 29. Skinner Sweet is back and he’s hunting Hollywood vampires in 1954. This Blacklist arc seems like a really good pivot-point for the series. AV, Batman, Swamp Thing... I really enjoy Scott Snyder's writing.
I think Swamp Thing and Batman are my favorite comics from the New 52 and they are both written by Scott Snyder
I also highly, highly look forward to Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder. Those two are my tops, although i am liking Firestorm and JL
Join us as we talk to the great Scott Snyder about Batman,Swamp Thing and American Vampire.
To close out the evening, here’s some nightmare-fodder from Batman, Swamp Thing and American Vampire writer Scott Snyder. Scott’s unique vantage point at today’s SDCC Batman panel–and some surprise SWAG–made this following photo a chilling and irresistible reality.
Tony spends some time with Scott Snyder writer of Batman, Swamp Thing and American Vampire.
Whoa! Walking Dead is intense. I'm not going to spoil it. Batman and Swamp Thing are great endings to Scott Snyder's two first New 52 story arcs. Mi...
Despite critically acclaimed runs from Alan Moore and current scribe Scott Snyder, comics hero Swamp Thing has a history of stinking up the screen. It makes sense then for Toronto hip-hop trio
Batman & Swamp Thing writer wants you to go to (Also the booth at
Scott Snyder is an awesome writer & I've enjoyed Swamp Thing, it's like a horror story in some ways, at least right now.
Everyone who isn't needs to start reading Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing run from the new 52.
Got to see a unfinished rot world cover from the Animal Man and Swamp Thing crossover on Scott Snyder's cell phone
Jonathan Juett and Jake Miracle are back from Heroes Con and they brought a whole load of autographs back with them. We have a selection of Scott Snyder Batman and Swamp Thing, Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman, Matt Fraction Iron Man and Thor, and some Jonathan Hickman AvX and Fantastic Four all starting at $10. If you sent books with them you can pick them up at the store starting today. We'll stay open till 7 today, come check them out!
Also, the guy who is rocking the comic world with his Batman writing is writing Swamp Thing - Scott Snyder.
The character Swamp Thing has gone through many strange metamorphoses over the years. And in author Scott Snyder's current (and enjoyably creepy) story line, Dr.
Scott Snyder on Batman: Night of The Owls and his Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover:
Scott Snyder's Night of Owl story arc is great. If you enjoyed Animal Man, you should also check out Swamp Thing.
Scott Snyder's "Batman" has been a thrill ride so far. I know people have been raving about his "Swamp Thing", but that book's just developed too slowly for me. His truly stellar work has been in putting Batman through his paces. He's written a story here with new enemies - no need to dredge up the old, well-used foes here - and a conspiracy that adds new layers to Gotham City, without unnecessarily stripping away anything else. Lots of great moments here, including him realizing he doesn't need to hold back against what are essentially undead bad guys. Great, dynamic art from Capullo, and a nice little back-up story with fantastic art from Rafael Albuquerque, that delves into the hidden history of the Pennyworth family.
I don't know what you're into but I'd highly recommend trying Animal Man by Jeff Lemire and Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder.
Me? I'm gonna look for some of Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing issues.
SO! Pick up 4 books this week. An all DC Comics week. Animal Man Swamp Thing Action Comics and Dial H Dial H was one of the new DC books that came out this week. Used to be one of DC's books from back in the day, and now its back. It was pretty awesome, I'd say. Animal Man was amazing! Favorite of the week! Swamp Thing was pretty sweet. Scott Snyder continues to rock the comics world! I really enjoyed Action Comics this week, but Idk why we needed to tell this story. Either way, great art and great writing. Overall, pretty sweet week, but its not the end of it! Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Can't wait!
Comic Book Resources - PREVIEW: Swamp Thing - • SWAMP THING battles his way through the BONE KINGDOM to take on SETHE and his servants! • This issue lays the groundwork for the debut of a classic Swamp Thing villain and the beginning of the next phase for this series. Source: Crave Onli...
Abigail Arcane has become something horrifying, and Alec Holland must try to reach her through The Rot. Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette have crafted a highly compelling and truly imaginative take…
Scott Snyder is writing an EXCELLENT Swamp Thing book right now
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Comic Book Resources - Snyder Peels Back Layers of Swamp Thing - CBR News spoke extensively with Scott Snyder in a 2-part interview about his work, with today's second installment covering his DC New 52 relaunch of Swamp Thing with artist Yanick Paquette.
I'd go with Scott Snyder and not just because of Batman, American Vampire and Swamp Thing are also great.
Hey everybody! You know how Twilight ruined vampires? Scott Snyder (Batman, Swamp Thing) is making them cool again! Because they're effin' monsters, man!
Anything written by Scott Snyder. So New 52 Batman and Swamp Thing for sure. Really depends on interests, though.
No wonder people are loving Swamp Thing. Scott Snyder wrote that as well!
apart from Scott Snyder who is THE best writer in mainstream comics - Batman, Swamp Thing at DC, American Vampire (vertigo)
God *** Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing is amazing. Between that and Batman, might be my favorite writer in comics right now.
DYING TO READ IT! I'm from Sweden (new to comics) and Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing is what got me hooked. Thank you Scott!
Alison Bechdel and Scott Snyder added to SDCC, woo! Big fan of DTWOF and just started reading American Vampire and Swamp Thing.
'Swamp Thing' writer Scott Snyder is a new master of horror: Scribe adds to his scary lineup with a deepened...
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