Swamp Thing & Animal Man

Swamp Thing, a fictional character, is a plant elemental in the created by writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson. Animal Man (Bernhard Buddy Baker) is a fictional character, a superhero in the . As a result of being in proximity to an exploding extraterrestrial spaceship, Buddy Baker acquires the ability to temporarily “borrow” the abilities of animals (such as a bird's flight or the proportionate strength of an ant). 5.0/5

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How about the darkside of DC getting movies. Animal Man. Swamp Thing. Some characters from Justice League Dark. Any of it.
finished Moore's Swamp Thing and moving on to Morrison's Animal Man. this cover
So we lose the great Manhunter/Stargirl + Arrow/Animal Man dynamics for Ivy, Swamp Thing, Etrigan and Mera? Bad trade.
The JLU team now consists of Alanna Strange, Equinox, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Etrigan, Poison Ivy, and Mera. If that interests you, get
Why a Poison Ivy monthly? 2. has an enviromental message; Animal Man and Swamp Thing need help.
Heck, consider the first new JLU team: Animal Man, Stargirl, Equinox, Alanna Strange, Mera, Etrigan, Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy.
Looking at the new Animal Man collections over Swamp Thing because lets face it Jamie Delano (of that period)> Alan Moore
If the Sandman movie is a success do any of you think we will see lesser know DC character films? I'd like to see Swamp-Thing and Animal Man
Swamp Thing, the world has never needed your brand of swamp justice like it does now. If you need back up then Animal Man might be available. He can't be happy about the duck abuse.
Boring list alert: The best I read this year was Sweet Tooth Also good: Mind MGMT, Fatale, Saga, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, etc.
Batman/Superman, Batman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man are all good. Batwoman is really good. Wonder Woman is outstanding.
I've been interested in Animal Man (and Swamp Thing), but haven't read them yet.
Blood, whiskey, and betrayal in this month's Animal Man and Swamp Thing.
If I had the time, I'd RP- Swamp Thing, Constantine, Animal Man, Batman, the Joker, Scarecrow, Brainiac.
and a quality story can lead to better than expected sales, ala Swamp Thing and Animal Man.
I still have to read Hawkeye. My oldest brother reads Swamp Thing and Animal Man. He loves em. They're his favorite heroes now.
Characters put in the game that would likely cause me to buy the game outright are Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Black Orchid.
Fans of Animal Man/Swamp Thing: I seem to remember that Rotworld dragged on for too long and you could just skip it with no problem. True?
I'll probably get Batman,Aquaman,Phantom Stranger, Animal Man,Swamp Thing villain issues.
Why isn't Animal Man in DCUO? Why has Swamp Thing such a tiny cameo? I would love to see a storyline build around The Green...
I've heard that from a lot of people. I've only read Swamp Thing and Animal Man actually. My library is getting New52 trades soon
We've got an early look at DC's solicits for Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Constantine, Pandora, and more!
Animal Man would be killer. He and Swamp Thing could kick ***
The recent run of Animal Man is supposed to be pretty good. Swamp Thing, too.
at the moment, Batman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Aquaman. Pelletier is great but I don't like the story.
I'm giving Swamp Thing one issue, but if it keeps going this way, Animal Man will be my only one.
what comics are you loving right now?? I'm enjoying Avengers Arena, the RotWorld Saga/Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover. Saga
I have to admit, Rotworld was a huge disappointment. Animal Man and Swamp Thing had a lot of momentum going which the event derailed.
I'm assuming you don't regard Batwoman, Swamp Thing or Animal Man 'well known'? That's the only superheroes I buy regularly
Confessions: “Everything been done in Swamp Thing and Animal Man is just amazing! When I think about…
Previously, in Swamp Thing: The Rot has won. After being tricked into spending a year away from the DC Universe, Animal Man and Swamp Thing have returned to Rotworld, where the Rot has taken over almost the entire planet. Standing against it are the Red and Green Kingdoms, small pockets of resistanc...
I really think that after Rotworld I'm gonna drop Animal Man and Swamp Thing. They're fine books...I'm just moving on.
Is it just me, or does it feel like this Rot story has been going on in Animal Man & Swamp Thing since the Carter administration?
So if I want to start getting in Swamp Thing, should I just start with Alan Moore's run on the series, or should I give the original issues a chance too? I've been reading Snyder's current run on the book and loving it, and feel like I've been missing out (same goes for Animal Man, but I'll leave that for another time).
New popular titles coming out TODAY!!!: Detective Comics (Death of the Family), Swamp Thing and Animal Man (Rot world), Green Lantern New Guardians Annual, World's Finest Dial H Thunderbotls Avengers Arena Punisher Warzone Fantastic Four Thor Godof Thunder X-Men Legacy Wolverine and the X-Men Secret Avengers Scarlet Spider Superior Spider-Man Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dresden Files Ghoul Goblin TMNT Secret History of the Foot Clan and a bunch of Image titles: Walking Dead Spawn Mind The Gap Change Non-Humans Legend of Luther Strode Repossessed and End Times of Bram and Ben so it's a pretty heavy week. Hope to see you all this week!
KA-BLAMMO! Nothing like walking up to a line of eager comic buyers waiting for me to open up the shop. These are what they're so dang excited about today: Action Comics, Adventure Time, Animal Man, Avengers Arena, BPRD, Bravest Warriors, Cable & X-Force, Change, Clone, Detective Comics, Earth 2, Fantastic Four, Infinite Vacation, Legend of Luther Strode, Punisher War Zone, Scarlet Spider, Secret Avengers, Star Wars (new Brian Wood ongoing!), SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Swamp Thing, Sweet Tooth, Thor, Thunderbolts, Walking Dead, Wolverine & the X-Men, X-Men Legacy and more!!! Great week!
Still need to catch up on Catwoman, Detective Comics, Batgirl, Batman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Justice League, and then Saga.
Animal Man and Swamp Thing this week. So *** cool. Those last pages. Hot ***
What's in the 'zone this week? We have Jonathan Hickman's Avengers Early reviews have been stellar, no doubt this will been the crown jewel in the Marvel Now crown. The new Thunderbolts kicks off this week too. If nothing else Dillon drawing Punisher again is well worth the purchase. Dan Slott continues to mess with Spidey fans in Amazing Spider-Man and the surprisingly great All-New X-Men gives another issue in quick secession. Over in the DC universe Rotworld rolls on in Swamp Thing and Animal Man, the Joker's reign of chaos hits Detective Comics, Grant Morrison's Action Comics continues and we have 2 more issues of Before Watchmen. Elsewhere Invincible begins it's arc leading to issue Willow's solo adventures continue (with an amazing David Mack cover), the ladies of Fables continue their adventures in Fairest and Hellboy returns (but is sadly still dead) in Hellboy In ***
Thanks. Morrisons Doom Patrol & Moore's Swamp Thing were stuff I've heard about. Animal Man is new (to me)
The Pick of the Brown Bag this week looks at Animal Man, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Creator Owned Heroes, Detective Comics, Earth 2, Green Lantern, Smallville, Swamp Thing and World's Finest. Let me begin however with a final analysis of the 2012 Presidential Race.
NEW COMICS WEDNESDAY! Stop on by and get some comics! Detective Deadpool (by Brian Posehn!), Animal Man & Swamp Thing, ACTION starring Neil Degrasse Tyson, and much more. We'd love to see you today! COMICS!
Awesome, I also got a lot of others if you'd like, Secret Avengers, Moon Knight, Animal Man, Justice Society, Swamp Thing.
Guillermo del Toro is basically doing Justice League Dark w/ Swamp Thing, Deadman, The Demon & more? Throw in Animal Man and I'm salivating!
loving Swamp Thing, Animal Man, I Vampire, Demon Knights and Frankenstien but they're not going against past titles really.
Comic Con was even better today. And I can confidently say that Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark, Green Lantern, and Justice League of America are going to be amazing. Get on board.
Stormwatch vol. 1 was enjoyable. Tempted to try Animal Man and Swamp Thing at my local library.
finally read Swamp Thing & Animal Man lovely,so perfectly creepy, team rotworld is KILLING IT!
Alessandro Guarita Animal man e Swamp Thing 13 estão on. RotWorld.
Swamp Thing is out TODAY! Pick it up with its Animal Man teammate as they venture into RotWorld!!! Chroma-King Lord Fairbairn and I are back to interior duty trying to give emperor Snyder justice.
Zapp Comics pick of the week!!! Animal Man by Jeff Lemire & Steve Pugh and Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder & Yanick Paquette.ROTWORLD!!!
Now that Zero Month is over, the Animal Man/Swamp Thing crossover can officially begin. Click for a preview of Animal Man
The New 52 Swamp Thing is great. Time to check out Animal Man.
This is for all of my friends that read the New 52 from DC. A study was done comparing sales of most titles with comparing number 1 to the August issue. Some of these are amazing. Aquaman - -15.23% Red Hood and the Outlaws - -31.81% Superboy - -40.7% Teen Titans - -41.88% Batman - -33% Detective Comics - -26.5% Wonder Woman - -42% (ouch) Superman - 54.9% (ouch) Green Lantern - -45.5% Green Arrow - -58.4% Flash - -60% Animal Man - -16.7% Swamp Thing - -33% Supergirl - -43.6% Nightwing - -24.3% Batgirl - -46.3% Batman and Robin - -25% Birds of Prey - -47.4% Batwing - -55.9% Action Comics - -61.1% Green Lantern Corps - 44.2% Green Lantern: New Guardians - 50.7% Justice League Dark - -51.1% Blue Beetle - -66.7% Suicide Squad - 37.1% Batwoman - -49.4% Demon Knights - 55.9% I love that my two favorite books are the ones that lost the lowest percentage (Animal Man and Aquaman) and a lot of the big names (Batman excluded) have fallen pretty far. Yes, they started with a lot more readers, but that just means even ...
I'm pretty sure if Animal Man and Swamp Thing were created a year ago, a lot of people would be left scratching their heads.
Also Batman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man and Swamp Thing are all pretty good too.
Just when I was thinking of switching to tpbs Snyder & Lemire come out swinging on Swamp Thing 0 & Animal Man 0.
I was let down by all the Zero issues I've read so far, including Batman, Swamp Thing, and Animal Man
Animal Man, Swamp Thing, possibly Justice League Dark, anything written by Scott Snyder or Jeff Lemire has been awesome.
You know, I'm a fan of the lesser known comic heroes-- the ones who get pushed aside and forgotten about or lesser members of great teams; Swamp Thing, Deadman, Squirrel Girl, Sleepwalker, Animal Man. But I cannot respect anyone who’s weakness is Fire and who got addicted to Oreos.
Never thought I'd be 30 when I got sucked into the world of comic books. Started with all 101 issues of The Walking Dead and the first Omnibus of Hack/Slash. Now I'm hooked on the DC "New 52". Already up-to-date on Batman, Detective Comics, and Animal Man. Think Swamp Thing or Justice League Dark will be next on the list. I really want an iPad now just for comics...
So I missed my comics last week, have to cut back this week, but I have to have Rorschach and Saga. I am sad to not have the new Animal Man and Swamp Thing though.
I sat in for Scott Hedlund on this week's Comic Book Pitt podcast and we talked Marvel NOW, the Animal Man/Swamp Thing crossover, Hawkeye 1, Ed Piskor's Wizzywig and why Pittsburgh is such an awesome city in which to be a geek. Check it out!
Its been a year since DC Rebooted and the only thing I still read is Animal Man and Swamp Thing,
Animal Man and Swamp Thing, just keep getting better and better. Read Animal Man a great way to start off the Rot World Prologue.
Um. So. Yea...If you're not reading Animal Man and Swamp Thing, you should probably jump on that real quick. Review coming.
I think for a while Swamp Thing was way more expository but the last couple issues of Animal man have been overload I agree
Dont miss the prelude to 'ROTWORLD' in Animal Man & Swamp Thing story is going to be insane!
New comics! The Monocyte hardcover is available today! We also have the beginning of the Animal Man/Swamp Thing crossover, Hawkeye and much more!
>Rotworld in Animal Man and Swamp Thing>rise of the 3rd army in all Green Lantern titlesso what can thes...
Well then. Swamp Thing and Animal Man cross over is go. Looks like I'll have to get in on that!
Poison Ivy will be appearing in the upcoming Animal Man/Swamp Thing crossover. Snyder will be taking a warrior like approach with her
Perusing the new Overstreet Price Guide. Some New52 issues are priced surprisingly high. $8 for Swamp Thing $10 for Animal Man
Origin of Animal Man will touch on the origin of Buddy Baker during the Rotworld crossover w/ 's Swamp Thing
looking for currently published DC titles? Animal Man and Swamp Thing. Read the first few issues of both on Comixology. Sorted.
Reading my booty of the week - Earth2,Dial H and He-Man are particular highlights.Kudos to Detective,Animal Man & Swamp Thing too!
Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Batman, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Daredevil are my regular comics. How is there no Spiderman &how is DC winning?
Animal Man - When Swamp Thing & Animal Man finally do meet up, I'm going to flail. And hard. The anticipation level is pretty high.
Up to date on Animal Man... Now I gotta read Swamp Thing. I should watch the movie too.
I stopped reading Animal Man and Swamp Thing because I was tired of the Red and fighting the Rot.
I really have. Justice League Dark is amazing. The Bat-titles are great too. Swamp Thing and Animal Man fantabulous. You?
I believe Swamp Thing has a lot of parallels to Animal Man.
Got to see a unfinished rot world cover from the Animal Man and Swamp Thing crossover on Scott Snyder's cell phone
Biggest stack of comics I've bought in awhile. Giving Earth 2 a shot with issues 1 and 2. Demon Knights is on the bubble though I love magical DC when done right. Animal Man and Swamp Thing are such great sophisticated horror and they go hand in hand. But more of a Marvel guy these days. Avengers Assemble has huge continuity issues with Thanos and the Zodiac but boy was I glad to see those guys on the last page of this week's issue. I won't spoil who they were but I beamed a little on the R train home.
Don't get me wrong, I'm dropping Animal Man and Swamp Thing after the arcs are done so I can read tpbs if I want.
Yeah. If they do decide to go back, it won't be anytime soon. Don't want Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Snyder's Batman gone
What year is this again? I SO remember when Swamp Thing and Animal Man used to rock *** I may need to go see what Earth 2 is about, also.
It's a good week to be into comics! Today marks the beginning of DC's sprawling "Before Watchmen" event. "Minutemen" is out today, and it's the first of seven limited series that will serve as prequels to the greatest anti-superhero comic of all time. To celebrate, we're giving you the "Watchmen" graphic novel for half off - both hardcover and softcover! I'm also really anxious to read "Dial H" after being rather pleasantly surprised by the first issue last month. I love the premise: some random guy discovers a telephone that turns him into a superhero. Only problem is it picks the hero at random, and let's just say it's not picking Superman. Also, if you haven't read the new indie "Dan the Unharmable", you should; it's like the movie "Hancock" but good. Beyond that, a bunch of continuing issues of series you've already heard me rave about over and over: "Avengers vs. X-Men" "Thief of Thieves" "Swamp Thing" and "Animal Man" See ya! - Ehab
I love Resurrection Man, and Swamp Thing. I haven't read Animal Man yet, but the reviews have been great.
I am currently reading Animal Man should I go back and get issues of Swamp Thing?
I do like things out of the box. I do like Swamp Thing and Animal Man. Favorite series of mine is Alias which not many have read.
What do you mean started out awesome? Animal Man is STILL awesome! (haven't read Swamp Thing yet, though).
Animal Man and Swamp Thing both started out awesome, and have/had parallel storylines.
ha! It's how I buy my Animal Man and Swamp Thing. Plus, I double-dip on stuff I really dig.
yeah, thinking of Animal Man, Swamp Thing, to get into
I love how Green draws the panels. Seeing the Animal Man and Swamp Thing from the 1800's was amusing.
So apparently Swamp Thing and Animal Man now play Rock Paper Scissors w/ the Arcanes. *** games gettin' in everything!
It obviously took a lot of work, but the payoff is a rich shared universe in Animal Man & Swamp Thing.
Yep, love Animal Man. Helps to read Swamp Thing similtaneously - which is no problem because it is great too!
Me too! Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossing over makes me so happy.
A 1st print of Swamp Thing 1 and Animal Man 1-9 all for less than cover price? I'm not sure what wormhole I fell through, but thx, Internet.
I always leave the issues I'm really really excited for for last. Which is why it took me so long to read Animal Man and Swamp Thing.
i started reading some of DC Comics' new 52 (Batman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing and Flash). Batman and Animal Man seem the best so far.
Animal Man might be my favorite book at the moment, but Swamp Thing's a close second. The action's been pretty relentless...
I'm not so into Animal Man, but I keep it for the Swamp Thing tie-in. YJ show - too much awesome.
The only New 52 books that unfailingly keep me entertained are Swamp Thing and Animal Man: solid plotting, fantastic characters
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Thanks for finding Animal Man at the very least! I can probably afford to buy Swamp Thing on my own anyways!
Okay...I just got caught up on both the Swamp Thing and Animal Man comics. Holy crap are they both good! I don't care if that makes me a dork or not.
Animal Man is connected to Swamp Thing, storywise. Really interesting stuff.
Yes, yes, and yes, and Batman, Inc. The other contenders are Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Dial H, and Batgirl.
Very excited about the Swamp Thing / Animal Man crossover. This artwork, from the DC panel this morning, is ace.
Scott Snyder's Night of Owl story arc is great. If you enjoyed Animal Man, you should also check out Swamp Thing.
I just finished the first arc of the New 52 Animal Man. Wow! Great new origin and mythology for the character. No I need to pick up Swamp Thing!
Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Frankenstein are very interconnected. Will this expand beyond or stay to your books?
really needs to collect the older runs of Swamp Thing and Animal Man, like the Brian K Vaughan Swampy, and A-Man with Steve Pugh!
Walking Dead & Saga (Image) the Ed Brubaker Captain America stuff from Marvel and Aquaman, Animal Man & Swamp Thing from DC's...
I don't know what you're into but I'd highly recommend trying Animal Man by Jeff Lemire and Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder.
SO! Pick up 4 books this week. An all DC Comics week. Animal Man Swamp Thing Action Comics and Dial H Dial H was one of the new DC books that came out this week. Used to be one of DC's books from back in the day, and now its back. It was pretty awesome, I'd say. Animal Man was amazing! Favorite of the week! Swamp Thing was pretty sweet. Scott Snyder continues to rock the comics world! I really enjoyed Action Comics this week, but Idk why we needed to tell this story. Either way, great art and great writing. Overall, pretty sweet week, but its not the end of it! Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Can't wait!
Action Comics was an awesome read this week as was Animal Man and Swamp Thing.
A plethora of the finest comics, available to the most distinguishing tastes, this Wednesday. Avengers vs X-Men - Round Three! This series has been a lot of fun. On the flip side - Night of the Owls continues this week - great stuff! The first of DC's new 52 collections are released this week with Animal Man (which has been an awesome read) and the mighty Justice League! Speaking of DC, their second wave of The New 52 starts this week with the release of Earth Two, World's Finest and Dial H - very exciting. The latest Image Comics book with some buzz, Mind The Gap, is out Wednesday, give it a shot! Garth Ennis back writing Nick Fury? Sign us up for Fury Max, this week. Smallville fans should be happy to see the show continue in comic form, with season 11. Valiant Comics makes their triumphant return to the shelves this week with the release of X-O Manowar which looks really good! Action, Spidey, Animal Man, Epic Kill, The Boys, Swamp Thing - nice week!
I love most of the DC Comics "dark" titles (Swamp Thing, Animal Man), but this one is falling flat. I love the concept, but they need to up their game tenfold. 2.5/5.
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So! The books of the week are Swamp Thing Animal Man Action Comics Fatale and the delayed American Vampire This was a pretty awesome week! LOVED Scott Snyder American Vampire and Swamp Thing issues! The best of the week, for sure! Animal Man was great, as usual. Fatale is a book EVERYONE should checkout from Image. If your not reading it, I question your taste in comics (yea i said it!), Action Comics was awesome as well this week, but the art was kind of all over the place. Mainly because there was more then one, *** two, artists on the book.However, Morrison delivered an awesome conclusion to his first arc. Overall, pretty great week! How was yours?
and it's Wednesday! New Action Comics, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Ultimate Spider-Man and Venom are out today!
Read so far this week: Ultimate Spider-Man, Invincible, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, American Vampire...all pretty awesome.
If the big wigs at Marvel/DC do pay attention to ifanboy numbers then it would be impressive AVX is losing to Animal Man and Swamp Thing.
Augh I totally forgot to pick up swamp thing! I've been reading Animal Man though. It sounds like they're gonna cross over soon
Swamp Thing and Animal Man. I like Captain Atom too. Obviously Aquaman. Wonder Woman...I have no idea exactly what her powers are.
Of course I would also miss some DC books- Batman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing- but not anywhere near as much as those two
check out Animal Man and Swamp Thing! They're incredible!
you can also make the case for JLI, which I always do. Also, Animal Man/Swamp Thing.
Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Demon Knights are all high quality.
Nice collection! Which of the new52 has surprised u the most? 4 me it's between Swamp Thing, Animal Man & I, Vampire.
Read some issues of Animal Man last night. Talk about "once seen cannot unsee". Should have took the hint when Swamp Thing was mentioned.
Jeff Lemire says DIAL H might be better than both Animal Man and Swamp Thing.
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