Swamp Thing & Adrienne Barbeau

Swamp Thing, a fictional character, is a plant elemental in the created by writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson. Adrienne Jo Barbeau (pronounced AdriENNE BarBO; born June 11, 1945) is an American actress and the author of three books. 5.0/5

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The romantic scene between Adrienne Barbeau and Swamp Thing gets me every time.
Adrienne Barbeau nude in Swamp Thing movie via
able to talk to Adrienne Barbeau at a Film Fest in 06 nice kind guest that my favorite film of hers was Swamp Thing
My review of Creed: I haven't seen that many male moviegoers cry in a theater since Adrienne Barbeau's nude scene was cut from Swamp Thing.
If you haven't seen Swamp Thing from 1982, . Starring Adrienne Barbeau and Loius Jourdan for some reason,. You've...
Adrienne Barbeau has to be the reigning queen of the horror genre. I can't front, I was crushing as a kid, from 'Creepshow' & 'Swamp Thing'.
Swamp Thing is a 1982 horror film written and directed by Wes Craven. It starred Louis Jourdan, Adrienne Barbeau and Ray Wise as the scientist who was transf...
Swamp thing walked by with Adrienne Barbeau, thanks. Check his slime
6/11/1945: Adrienne Barbeau from Creepshow, Swamp Thing & the voice of Catwoman in Bathman: The Animate Series is born in Sacramento, CA
You say "Swamp Thing" but all I can imagine are Adrienne Barbeau's boobs. Thank you, BTW.
Just got done watching Swamp Thing and realized that it - in a form of "six degrees of separation" - it brought Freddy, Michael, and Jason together. Check it: - Wes Craven directed it (Freddy) - Adrienne Barbeau starred in it and was married to John Carpenter a the time and starred in a few of his films (Michael) - Harry Manfredini did the score (Jason) Ok, I know it's a stretch, but I thought it was sort of cool nonetheless :) I love it when I revisit films from my youth and find all sorts of connections I never realized before. Any others you can think of? - Ben
Just revisited Wes Craven's Swamp Thing. Adrienne Barbeau's gigantic boobeaus were flopping all over the place in that movie.
Not watching a benefit concert. Instead, watching Adrienne Barbeau in 'Swamp Thing' (1982). I think I made the right decision.
Why in blue blazes are the credits to "Swamp Thing" on Netflix all in French? And why is Adrienne Barbeau wearing heels in a swamp?
I'm catching the last half of Swamp Thing. Does anyone know how many times Adrienne Barbeau fell down for no good reason?
Here is the trailer from this week's movie: Swamp Thing starring Adrienne Barbeau. When a trailer boasts "Midgets...
I've been wandering the swamp where SWAMP THING was filmed for hours & still no Adrienne Barbeau!
Happy Birthday shout-outs for June 11 go to Actorctor Chad Everett (1936). He has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for Television at 6922 Hollywood Blvd. at the corner of Orange (g-6) on The Zale Map. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star Shia LaBeouf (1986) Canadian actor Joshua Jackson (1978) Flaming Lips drummer Steven Drozd (1969) Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago (1965) "House" star Hugh Laurie (1959) ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard (1949) "Swamp Thing" actress Adrienne Barbeau "Young Frankenstein" star Gene Wilder (1933) Film composer Carmine Coppola (1910; d. 1991) Legendary German actor Max Schreck (1879; d. 1936) and German composer Richard Strauss (1864; d. 1949). May this be your best Birthday yet with many more to come and, to those who have passed, rest in peace. Danny Danny E Zale
Adrienne Barbeau in Swamp Thing good way to start a day...
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