Swamp Thing & Action Comics

Swamp Thing, a fictional character, is a plant elemental in the created by writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson. Action Comics is an American comic book series that introduced Superman, the first major superhero character as the term is popularly defined. 5.0/5

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Aquaman do Geoff Johns, Green Arrow do Jeff Lemire, Action Comics do Greg Pak, Wonder Woman do Azzarello, Swamp Thing do Charles Soule, etc.
KA-BLAMMO! Nothing like walking up to a line of eager comic buyers waiting for me to open up the shop. These are what they're so dang excited about today: Action Comics, Adventure Time, Animal Man, Avengers Arena, BPRD, Bravest Warriors, Cable & X-Force, Change, Clone, Detective Comics, Earth 2, Fantastic Four, Infinite Vacation, Legend of Luther Strode, Punisher War Zone, Scarlet Spider, Secret Avengers, Star Wars (new Brian Wood ongoing!), SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Swamp Thing, Sweet Tooth, Thor, Thunderbolts, Walking Dead, Wolverine & the X-Men, X-Men Legacy and more!!! Great week!
What's in the 'zone this week? We have Jonathan Hickman's Avengers Early reviews have been stellar, no doubt this will been the crown jewel in the Marvel Now crown. The new Thunderbolts kicks off this week too. If nothing else Dillon drawing Punisher again is well worth the purchase. Dan Slott continues to mess with Spidey fans in Amazing Spider-Man and the surprisingly great All-New X-Men gives another issue in quick secession. Over in the DC universe Rotworld rolls on in Swamp Thing and Animal Man, the Joker's reign of chaos hits Detective Comics, Grant Morrison's Action Comics continues and we have 2 more issues of Before Watchmen. Elsewhere Invincible begins it's arc leading to issue Willow's solo adventures continue (with an amazing David Mack cover), the ladies of Fables continue their adventures in Fairest and Hellboy returns (but is sadly still dead) in Hellboy In ***
It's another New Comic Book Day!! It's the last day of our Marvel THEN sale, too. Marvel NOW! begins next week, so come get some of the $1.50 books before they're gone! We've also got lots of NEW COMICS on the shelf right now! It's a rare 5th Wednesday and that mean DC Annuals, this time from Action Comics, Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark and Batgirl plus an all-new issue of Aquaman! And we've got tons of issues from Marvel including Wolverine and the X-Men and the first issue of A + X, the follow up to Avengers vs. X-Men!
This is for all of my friends that read the New 52 from DC. A study was done comparing sales of most titles with comparing number 1 to the August issue. Some of these are amazing. Aquaman - -15.23% Red Hood and the Outlaws - -31.81% Superboy - -40.7% Teen Titans - -41.88% Batman - -33% Detective Comics - -26.5% Wonder Woman - -42% (ouch) Superman - 54.9% (ouch) Green Lantern - -45.5% Green Arrow - -58.4% Flash - -60% Animal Man - -16.7% Swamp Thing - -33% Supergirl - -43.6% Nightwing - -24.3% Batgirl - -46.3% Batman and Robin - -25% Birds of Prey - -47.4% Batwing - -55.9% Action Comics - -61.1% Green Lantern Corps - 44.2% Green Lantern: New Guardians - 50.7% Justice League Dark - -51.1% Blue Beetle - -66.7% Suicide Squad - 37.1% Batwoman - -49.4% Demon Knights - 55.9% I love that my two favorite books are the ones that lost the lowest percentage (Animal Man and Aquaman) and a lot of the big names (Batman excluded) have fallen pretty far. Yes, they started with a lot more readers, but that just means even ...
Titles I need to sooner or later catch up on: Action Comics, Justice League and Swamp Thing top list. Maybe Teen Titans.
So many to look forward to next week: Swamp Thing and Action Comics; Harbinger (!!!), X-O Manowar
SO! Pick up 4 books this week. An all DC Comics week. Animal Man Swamp Thing Action Comics and Dial H Dial H was one of the new DC books that came out this week. Used to be one of DC's books from back in the day, and now its back. It was pretty awesome, I'd say. Animal Man was amazing! Favorite of the week! Swamp Thing was pretty sweet. Scott Snyder continues to rock the comics world! I really enjoyed Action Comics this week, but Idk why we needed to tell this story. Either way, great art and great writing. Overall, pretty sweet week, but its not the end of it! Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Can't wait!
Action Comics was an awesome read this week as was Animal Man and Swamp Thing.
So! The books of the week are Swamp Thing Animal Man Action Comics Fatale and the delayed American Vampire This was a pretty awesome week! LOVED Scott Snyder American Vampire and Swamp Thing issues! The best of the week, for sure! Animal Man was great, as usual. Fatale is a book EVERYONE should checkout from Image. If your not reading it, I question your taste in comics (yea i said it!), Action Comics was awesome as well this week, but the art was kind of all over the place. Mainly because there was more then one, *** two, artists on the book.However, Morrison delivered an awesome conclusion to his first arc. Overall, pretty great week! How was yours?
I want it to be tomorrow. Action Comics, Swamp Thing, Daredevil and possibly picking up Avengers vs. X-Men.
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