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Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing, a fictional character, is a plant elemental in the created by writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson.

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it was super weird...I think maybe the artist who drew the cover had a thing for swamp demons idk
thebristolboard:. Rare Swamp Thing illustration by Bernie Wrightson from the Comic Art Con… https:…
Dr Fate is cool. The Flash and Swamp thing are my most excites
I think your GM may be taking this "draining the swamp" thing pretty seriously.
featuring Cheetah and Swamp Thing! Tune in for our gameplay stream on March 15 at 3 pm CST!
wow. CBO was grand thing when used to stop all Obama plans. Republicans are the swamp. Drain it trump
First weekend of April is my 500 follower thing for Swamp Thing.. :( lol
Injustice 2 ATROCITUS AND Dex-Starr? First you give me Grodd and Swamp Thing now this. If you could only get the *** movies right DC.
The nail in the coffin for the DCEU is when they put Swamp Thing in a movie and he only utters the line: ME AM SWAMP THING.
One big thing that Trump's government is missing: Scientists
Only thing WORSE than a muslim TERRORIST is a SCUMBAG LIBERAL LYING DEMOCRAT! When are we going to drain the Sacramento SWAMP?
Drain the swamp means the whole thing! DC's filth needs Lysol ASAP!!!
Why Swamp thing when he's already had a gameplay reveal, should've been IVY! Why Boon, why!
The only thing you're saving it's tax breaks for your extremely wealthy cabinet the swamp creatures
There are bigger problems in the world but why is Nick dressed like swamp thing
*** good thing he is creating all those jobs then. Maybe these swamp creatures can start actually working hard for…
Swamp Thing looks so dope. Who's your favorite character to play with from the first game?
Swamp Thing and Firestorm are in a game. At the same time. That's real love.
Would you consider this swamp:. A) Drained. B) Swampier than the Swamp Thing's butt crack?.
Good. The best thing anyone can do is prevent you from populating the swamp even further.
no such thing as hard brexit. Time to drain the swamp.
Ever meet a really fine female n get confused about how not stuck up she is. then in comes swamp thing with a bag of attitude. seriously ***
One of the defining records of my 16 years at Swamp Thing by The Chameleons. Goodnight John Lever xxx https:…
Doug Wheeler had a difficult run on Swamp Thing but managed a couple of gems.
Insane McCain, Lindsey Graham & Chuck Schumer have been partnered with Swamp Thing for a VERY long time. Kick ALL of the trai…
Another character reveal for Valentines Day? But we just got Swamp Thing?!? ;).
my series Letter 44, She-Hulk, Death of Wolverine, Star Wars Lando, Swamp Thing. Hope you enjoy!
Hear Mark Hamill as Swamp Thing in Justice League Action - Star Wars icon adds another big character to his anima...
Just finished Justice League Dark: The Movie, it was interesting. I got to read more Swamp Thing comics
I pray to the gods that you get your wish and Swamp Thing is in the game. I here hoping Black Manta somehow makes it.
Happy Halloween!. Swamp Thing is always willing to help out his animal friends on his favorite holiday.
Swamp Thing is on Netflix! It's the perfect time of year to revisit the muck-encrusted mockery of a man's debut film. htt…
It's a Con Air kind of morning. As in, I'm about to watch Con Air, not trapped in a C-123K prison aircraft with someone called Swamp Thing.
Just saw this on Comics Swamp Thing Action F... by for $27.93 via
Everyone on my timeline. turns our swamp thing is from the evil dolphin planet. Do not vote for swamp thing.…
Swamp thing was actually our friend all along. He was paving the way for human evolution.
Oh, but your love is such a swamp. You're the only thing I want. And I said I wouldn't cry about. This is the last time
It was this book, Moore's Swamp Thing, and Preacher that made Vertigo the creative force that it was. Truly an impressive series.
Added swamp thing after i looked at the calendar . So it isn't perfect but i really wanted to participate! :)…
If any of my followers goingto Comic Con can find me a Suicide Squad 66, Swamp Thing 164, 170-1 or other issues marked high priority on my..
The prettiest thing to come out of the swamp.
i never enter giveaways but this cute funko swamp thing was legit just "tell us what your first intro to swamp thing was and YOU COULD WIN"
KEVIN SMITH says he is going to finish his Batman series like 'Swamp Thing goes to *** - https:…
strikemedown is now listening to Swamp Thing (Radio Mix) by The Grid
Swamp Thing hey? It's not Ben Marsh doing stats about himself, is it??
I know it's an internet rumor but as Swamp Thing would save for me
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Finished my Swamp Thing and waiting for pizza to cook. No point not showing the Lair stuff now.:)
I mean I don't see a problem here since Swamp Thing is the best comic book hero of all time
Swamp Yankee Days is suddenly my favorite thing
My Swamp Thing pins arrived today and they look awesome!!
I'm walking around campus sickly green and breathing through my mouth bc my nose is stuffed like *** Swamp Thing
been a fan of yours since the Fog Stevie Wayne was super sexy also loved you in Creepshow and Swamp Thing and Back to School.
Walked into work looking like Swamp Thing *** is this sideways rain???
Catching up inktober with Swamp Thing! Quick sketch that i started in train.
love for Swamp Thing to inspire hus Batman series!
I added a video to a playlist OVERWATCH GUN SYNC - Swamp Thing ( Gun beat )
for a chance to win a PREVIEWS Exclusive Swamp Thing Pop! Vinyl Figure! https…
After MOON and SOURCE CODE I had it in my head that Duncan Jones was the guy for a proper Swamp Thing. Oh well!
Superman, Midnighter (on a good day), Swamp Thing, Firestorm, and Wonder Woman
By the of Greyskull, Ricky Gervais has to maul Swamp Thing's lips!
Too bad. Long overdue for a new Swamp Thing movie. A good theatrical one, not a direct to TV version or anything.
It would be dope to see Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo do a Suicide Squad or Swamp Thing comic.
Maybe not quite as good as Bernie Wrightson's work on "Swamp Thing" but pretty *** close
With almost 18,000 votes, Blue Beetle seems to be the favorite with Swamp Thing a close second!
I figured maybe Johnny Thunder, Atom, Constantine, Swamp Thing, Dr. Fate and Flashes were going to have a team up
All of Swamp Thing's children were born between mid-January and mid-February and have obnoxious names.
I've always wanted to make 'Swamp Thing.' I like 'Swamp Thing.' I thin...
Saw these guys and gal twice. It was funny."Swamp Thing's" mom's so fat she makes 2000 yr old pine a sapling
Fables and Scalped for TV, Swamp Thing and V for Vendetta for DC animations, American Vampire for immediate film adaptation.
I recently began re-reading Alan Moore and Stephen Bissette's Saga of the Swamp Thing, after ~10 years. My goodness gracious, the perfection
Why are guys so scared of makeup? Like do they seriously believe one layer of foundation covers up the Swamp Thing?
You should do an Epic Swamp Thing something or other. I love me some Swamp Thing.
Its one of my favourite series. I loved the seeing the previous Moore/Wein Swamp Thing return in the green/final battle too.
Just going to take the opportunity to repost my favourite thing of all-time...
Drew on stream this little swamp thing 🙈
There seriously needs to be a skip on Swamp Thing/Ivy talking cause first few times it's alright, but it gets old fast! lol
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Mr. Wein just wanted to show love and respect for you. You created one of my favorite characters from my childhood, Swamp Thing!
I AM A HUGE FAN! I LOVE SWAMP THING! I always have since I was a kid, Could there be plans to see him on screen again?
DC Comics: Let Andy B. Savage be Swamp Thing in any upcoming DC comics Film - Sign the Petition! via
Yall putting up with dudes who look like Swamp Thing is rather unfortunate.
We call it you that wet lols it's a swamp thing you just don't know
nah I always called them that WET its a swamp thing they don't know
Working with special needs kids is honestly the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I have ever done. I am so in love with this profession.
Uncle Dave: Good thing you didn't marry that *** Nah, she just had a CHILD with him you slow witted, swamp trash.
Swamp Thing sketch I'm drawing on some mail. Here's my take on the muck man
Ugh... Good thing there weren't enemies after all. We would have been like fish in a barrel, mired in that swamp.
Comic Book version of 'Swamp Thing' tattooed by Mike Randazzo!. Mike works everyday except Tuesday's and...
Pappadeaux swamp thing is always a good and bad choice 😫
when did Terry Williams come back to Bears? I liked Swamp Thing last preseason.
Speaking of tabletop RPGs... have you checked out the latest Media podcast?
clearly stamped 18 gauge. Swamp out back was littered with them. Every thing I've read points to 70's-80's
Cool comic book tattoo of swamp thing for my good friend mbunimini back in Florida awhile back.…
The latest issue of SWAMP THING looked a lot better than it read. Have a look at our full review.
Just found an awesome Swamp Thing shirt at in Quincy Mahket. That place sure is a wicked pissah. That's a compliment, right?
Watching makes me feel not nerdy enough...reading the Swamp Thing after hearing about it from
Term limits are the only thing that can reverse the congressional corruption,We must drain this swamp.
2 of 5 stars to Swamp Thing, Vol. 2 by Scott Snyder
Swamp Thing V1 by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. 1st App. Patchwork Man. See more @
Are you saying that this could be a swamp thing?
Gotham Central & Moore era Swamp Thing are the two books that directly influence everything I've ever written for DC
DC Comics! I love you so so much, If Swamp Thing shows up in the DC Universe.Can I audition for the role?
We all know your chair is Swamp Thing and not an actual chair.
found another copy!. BUY it before we SELL it! ...swamp-comic of the day... SWAMP THING from DC, 1986. 1st...
Our fourth episode is up! We talked to about tabletop RPGs, streaming, and diversity in stories!
They are a great team of action figures! Plus one is an extreme 90s Swamp Thing.
If you swim in Laurel Lakes become Swamp Thing
Next time they have a $.99 cent sale I'll give it a shot. I loved Soule's run on She-Hulk! I miss him on Swamp Thing though.
They hike for 6 hours and don't break a sweat. I hike for 30 minutes and look like Swamp Thing.
radiation. She's not quite as unkillable as Swamp Thing, but she's close. And she knows this. And this explains a lot of
do you have any desire to work on a DC movie like Lobos, Swamp Thing or something else you like?
Walked into fm and the first thing I hear is "how do I have swamp *** if I'm not even wearing underwear" classy.. bye.
I forgot about Darkseid. Swamp Thing and Scarecrow :( . Is the second one Zsasz? I would like to see Atrocitus and Poison Ivy too
ha.. I wish more like the swamp thing!
debunked info never dies, it just sits and festers until it mutates and becomes Swamp Thing
reading Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and looking for a new job at the moment. What’s new with you?
Especially since the DC TV shows are in a different “universe” than the movies. Wonder Woman with the Amazons, maybe a Swamp Thing episode!
Last chance to win tickets to Swamp Thing!!
In a reality where humans evolved from plants Swamp Thing must be truly horrifying. I'm assuming head be made of random meat.
yeah but even that, she's barely in anything. She's in Swamp Thing only :(
How about the darkside of DC getting movies. Animal Man. Swamp Thing. Some characters from Justice League Dark. Any of it.
now you may be joking but you do know there's a Swamp Thing cartoon that used Wild Thang as its theme song, right?
I added a video to a playlist The Chameleons_Swamp Thing & Loopy Tunes and Samples
2day at the swamp. . Literally the only thing we saw was... this bridge I guess.
I've been reading more Superman comics this week and I'm all about this cover page for Superman and Swamp Thing
This beautiful Swamp Thing print I got last weekend.
Added art to my CAF gallery: preliminary pencil art for SWAMP THING page 4, by
The Spirit, Samaritan, Swamp Thing, Winter Soldier, and Red Sonja … yep, I've got them all together here:
The new record is the entrance jam if Spawn and Swamp Thing were tag team champs.
Swamp Thing SIGNED by Steven Bissette in NM, Alan Moore, Saga of the
Man, I wish Swamp Thing was a real guy.
The cutest thing you'll see all day: A baby fox at Great Swamp by Ashleigh Scully 🐺
just had a trade off with Swamp Thing. Kinda scary.
Some of the guest appearance characters who were in Alan Moore's amazing run on Swamp Thing! 👏👏👏
and there's a swamp thing under that bark too. More on that this weekend at 💀
i think he would better for Swamp Thing.
Being one of the earliest ARG posters, I got a laugh out of this news story. It explains the whole Swamp Pop map thing defaulting to Kansas…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Going through the same thing lucky i got it back in place...
I think Silver Sufer deserves his own movie. Or possibly even a relaunch of DC's Swamp Thing.
The swamp navy is seething Bey is beating out their fave at the only thing she claims. Fashion
I got the New 52 Green Arrow complete collection for Christmas. Also like New 52 Catwoman and New 52 Swamp Thing.
Swamp Thing- Alan Moore has a lot of scripts already written in the form of his comics.
my grandma had a crush on Louis Jordan, which I never understood only having seen SWAMP THING. Then I saw him young.
The "Chester Williams - American Cop" issue of SWAMP THING is still incredibly relevant, everyone.
finished Moore's Swamp Thing and moving on to Morrison's Animal Man. this cover
Now Playing The Chameleons UK - Swamp Thing on Grub Radio. Listen now at
I think its a rule somewhere that every time i see a Cute Boy™ I have to look like the Swamp Thing
Well, technically, it's unclear whether Swamp Thing is actually Alec Holland or a memory copy.
first - awesome cover pic. London Calling ftw. Also, thx for the new Vertigo Absolutes. Alan Moore's Swamp Thing next, please!!!
from 2 weeks ago:. Brilliant debut for Black Widow, amazing Swamp Thing, and great cliffhanger for Omega Men!
Introducing a new emotional tale by Paramount Pictures: Swamp Thing Goes to the Beach. Starring as Swamp Thing! :D
Swamp Thing annual rough and final page by Becky Cloonan.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Batgirl -- this book is so consistent and solid & good. Swamp Thing -- OK 1st issue, better 2nd, now recommending new Len Wein series.
That swamp thing from pappadeauxs lowkey got me feeling wavy.
Swamp people was the best thing that came into this world
Collectibles Saga of the Swamp Thing, The (2nd) VF/NM ; DC comic book
I just think that band doesn't really have much swing. It's more the idea of soul/swamp rock than the actual thing.
Hey wheres that Howling Commandos Movie get some blade, werewolf by night, swamp thing, ghost rider,living mummy, and…
Time to Sell the COLLECTION ☆. ...Swamp Thing was my Favourote then Batman then Judge Dredd
swamp thing is a unexpected choice but I dig it
I got my first Swamp Thing trade on Friday after seeing Deadpool. Can't wait to read it, look interesting.
Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar is totally a thing come Sunday since he and his swamp brothers hate guys that are bigger than them.
honestly when they announced the dceu i didn't think they would ever go past the JL roster, but i think theres hope for swamp thing
Glad sawk is getting tested in nu, that thing is a beast. GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!
Saga of the Swamp Thing is one of my favorite comic series. That's probably the superhero movie I'd most want to see.
Why don't you make a Swamp Thing film ?
S23 Gearmonkey 75 has interviewed our good friend Jay Kratos of G.S.R. It's definitely worth a read.
Len Wein was great and then later Alan Moore! Swamp Thing was treated well!
This is the tragedy of the original "uncut" SWAMP THING DVD.
Only Guillermo shares the true appreciation needed for the "great" Swamp Thing
the box thingy you climbed on in the swamp in the 2 episode of Unravel is a thing that you pick blueberries with in Sweden
SWAMP THING co-creator, The Master of the Macabre, is coming
To celebrate the release of Swamp Thing here is my Take on the character.
Somehow I missed that DC rebooted Swamp Thing once again last month. Any good?
This guy (stuntman *** Durrock) went on to become the Swamp Thing...
To all who've read, reviewed & loved Swamp Thing thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am honestly touched by your resp…
at 1st I didn't even know what it was.. Swamp thing,.. spider.. ? :))
"Return of Swamp Thing uses this song quite effectively." - me to Jennifer Yarbrough when hearing Creedence's "Born on a Bayou".
loved your swamp thing pick for movie fights.Alan Moore's run was magnificent.You might want these.
Master of the Macabre. High priest of the Monster of Frankenstein and Father of Swamp Thing.
or a Justice League Dark solo movie: Swamp Thing or Constantine
the other guys r nuts. New Swamp Thing movie would be great. Recent comics have been great. Might see in Dark Justice League
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Yanick, how can I get on your sketch list for C2E2? Have a Swamp Thing book I'd to add your art in
Abigail and Swamp Thing! It totally broke my heart for them to be torn between the green and the rot. 💔
It makes me sad Mark Ellis didn't know Alan Moore's Swamp Thing- it's really good.
Lexie The Wonder Puppy's errant bouncing dog toy managed to take out Swamp Thing and battle armour Lex Luthor! But they will survive!
Just like Swamp Thing, Abu Qatada has instrumental creation of his own home.
we'll be airing it again this weekend, along with Alien, Jaws, and Swamp Thing 👍
miniseries like Titan's Hunt, Lois and Clark, Swamp Thing. Unfortunately they are selling really poorly :(
The romantic scene between Adrienne Barbeau and Swamp Thing gets me every time.
Adrienne Barbeau nude in Swamp Thing movie via
What is in that subway scene? If you look close it kinda favors swamp thing. Maybe I'm seeing things.
Suicide Squad looks really good but why does Swamp Thing look so scaly?
JLD is a no brainer if you ask me. As long as Swamp Thing appears in it.
Yeah, loved coloring him on Swamp Thing. Pretty excited to see him drawing Cap.
really exited to see what he does with Cap - his Swamp Thing/Aquaman crossover issue is gorgeous
Cuphead is more real than Swamp Thing on Mega Drive. No joke!
Arghh I gotta go eat but i mess check my Swamp Thing comic books! LOL!
My vote is for Howard the duck as president, & the Swamp thing as vice president .
This country is truly a stagnant swamp made of quick sand, but the thing is there are those who have the ropes to escape but are blinded
I stuck with SWAMP THING until Wrightson left. Never even looked at Alan Moore's later incarnation.
I know not a dang thing. I've been to florida maybe 6 times because of family but we up in the swamp
First issue of SWAMP THING. Haunting swamp horror drawn by legendary Bernie Wrightson. I still have mine!
New Beginnings: The Saga of Swamp Thing 1984. With "The Anatomy Lesson" begins a new DC era. Thanks to...
I don't know...after you name a character "Genocide," there's not really anywhere else you can go:
"We've got to have major because that is..the thing that can swamp the boat fiscally for the U.S."
if you haven't yet, go check out The 2nd interview is with Swamp Thing (MC Gainey) is brilliant. That guy should have a statue.
Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Five is now on sale for $19.65 at Amazon. Product page:
I seriously apply good lotion probably a dozen times a day and ya girls hands look like somethin straight up livin next door to swamp thing
I can't wait to see what else you got. Your Swamp Thing run is still in my top 5 favorite story lines ever.
You know that you are near LA when the pizza ads on TV advertise their special- Sweep the Swamp not sure if that is a good thing
I can't believe this is a thing I'm trying to prove to you but I'm not a forest/swamp person!! 😂😒
📷 It felt like a Swamp Thing sort of day. 
I felt like making Swamp Thing today. .
SWAMP THING'S DOING A CHRISTOPHER WALKEN IMPRESSION!!. Took me thirty years to figure that out.
[-- This was so much fun. Blinking at that last on his list, "Wait! You have SWAMP THING?!?!? Wickedly cool."--
The only decent thing about it being this cold this morning is that the muddy swamp of a school field has frozen over
CJ Thompson aka latest piece in on the Saga of the Swamp Thing. Read that and more here:
That, plus the Convergence variant with Plas and Swamp Thing.
Heading to the swamp first thing, hoping to put a beat down on some greenheads 👌
How about a Swamp Thing bust for the space?.
Zombie attack in SWAMP THING Johnny-Boy goes to *** in CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER
FYI, swamp *** is a thing you can get whilst on a stage.
able to talk to Adrienne Barbeau at a Film Fest in 06 nice kind guest that my favorite film of hers was Swamp Thing
.Did you ever see the masterpiece know *** Man-Thing? Or Even the Swamp Thing movie?.Lord.
My kidney is Jeremy Forrest has come under fire after his defeat in a over a painting of 'appalled Swamp Thing'.
Swamp Thing is a superhero AND a monster in Len Wein's return to the icon
I like Swamp Thing and Captain Britain best tbh
My review of Creed: I haven't seen that many male moviegoers cry in a theater since Adrienne Barbeau's nude scene was cut from Swamp Thing.
It is said that Steve Jobs's last words were "Apples are like the Swamp Thing's balls. Its true yes its true. The secret treasure --" *Dies*
Dalton reminds me of a slightly more handsome Billy Joe Tolliver. Aka Swamp Thing.
I quite loved his Swamp Thing and enjoyed She Hluk & Red Lanterns, but I prefer the work of Ewing.
You could a have Blue and Gold movie for Booster and Beetle. And a Red and Green movie for Swamp Thing and Buddy.
I see Dirk Benedict has delivered cat no legs to Swamp Thing's hospital.
Bernie Wrightson's Freak Show and the early issues of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run.
Bernie Wrightson, co-creator of one of my fave DC characters: Swamp Thing.
I think a modern Swamp Thing movie would pretty sweet as it can be unique being a comic book horror movie
Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson's early and hastily rejected Swamp Thing concept art.
keep hearing rumors of a new JLA animated show w/ Paul Dini involved, & Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill back, & Swamp Thing too??
that's a weird thing to worry about because the core members respect that I'm NB, but, bleh
I got stuck where the swamp thing guys are and couldn’t jump out of the water. 😰
I'm looking to read Hellblazer and Swamp Thing. I'll be reading Fables soon, too.
'Swamp Thing' - 'The Fog' - 'Escape From New York' - 'Creepshow' to name a few of my favorite films of this lady.
we're not *** about DPS. only thing that will get you kicked is ATROCIOUSLY bad DPS or a bad attitude/attendance
The only thing that'll make this more enjoyable is if they interview Swamp Thing™.
Sometimes drawing Swamp Thing is the bessst
If I could spend all my money on one thing, it would be drinking.
Issue 60 of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing is a tour de force. I also hope there were cosmic, apocalyptic consequences for the DC universe.
change of pace question, when does the mugginess break? Brutal out! I feel like the swamp thing!
Good thing I have plans to be in the Swamp or this could be
This is future-forming astrology, but replete with Swamp Thing like manifestations from the past.
Swamp Thing, Man Thing, ZNation plant zombies, what could go wrong?
the pre-patch lull is always gonna be a thing but even before Heavensward dropped it wasn't this bad
Your love is such a swamp. Your the only thing I want
this is where my lady gets all her work done. Been working on swamp thing/star trek TNG backpiece for 2 years
Swamp Thing is basically a vegan cyborg
“is everybody afraid of you even though you're a gentle & genuine soul?” As a 6'8" purple/green swamp thing, I get it.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
whoa nice - that has a cool Swamp Thing Steve Bissette / John Totleben sheen to it too, somehow
Two sigs I care about: Bissette's 1st Swamp Thing when I was 12, Maggin on my 1st Superman (from when I was 3
Guys ...if your girl got a nice body but look like Swamp Thing in the face, she still ugly.
I liked a video from Undertale EP 9: Swamp Thing
I hate that I've had to spend so much esos on bard gear that's not BiS because placeholders are a thing
That second one looks like he skinned Swamp Thing and made it into an ugly sweater. Truly Wesley was a fearsome warrior! Qapla'!
And max branning hid in the park. With swamp thing
I feel like Swamp Thing, I know the feeling.
I read Firestorm, but they cancelled it, I read JLI, but they cancelled it, Suicide Squad, Arrow, Flash, Swamp Thing and Animal>
the worst thing for Corbyn is the speech looked like it would have settled news cycle for a while, now accusations of plagiarism will swamp
Last time we played Ole Miss in the swamp the team that was supposed to win by a blowout lost the game, 🌚 same thing again?
There are 27 Batman movies, and at least 16 Superman movies and 2 Swamp Thing Movies... But we couldn't get a good Wonder Woman? Really?
College David here to tell you guys that Butch neglecting common sense in the Swamp isn't a new thing:
Hard to think of a better place to start than Alan Moore's epic Swamp Thing saga.
you guys rock. Picked up complete Hellblazer, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run, and many more!
Yeah she is so awesome...😊Sarah Douglas is a cool her in Swamp Thing..😉
I find Swamp Thing to be very relatable and badass. Especially with how Alan Moore and later Scott…
It was excellent to see a Swamp Thing comic in the background of Dark Knight returns.
Bray Wyatt would make a good Batman villain. He's like Swamp Thing and Scarecrow had a nightmare baby.
Do you want to see Poison Ivy fangirling over Swamp Thing? Want Mera being all muscley and badass? JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED.
Favorite OTPs:. 1. Ralph and Sue. 2. Buddy and Ellen. 3. Abby and Swamp Thing. 4. Barbara and Grayson. 5. Clark and Lois.
Not enough people are talking about Jesus Saiz's work. Get with the program, folks! (And start with his Swamp Thing run whydontcha?)
Yeah man, I like Swamp Thing as he is in Justice League Dark. I'd like to see it.
Noteworthy Razzie Winners:. Heather Locklear - Winner for Worst Actress in The Return of the Swamp Thing. Alicia...
I wonder how much original issues of Alan Moore's run on the Swamp Thing comics would get me I haven't read em in forever
The Return of the Swamp Thing is worse than the first one. Every henchman is just like Ellis the *** from Die Hard.
hehe I guess I'm still looking for a Swamp Thing poster. I can only find small ones like A4 pappers I want at least A2
Sipping vodka, reading classic Swamp Thing, and listening to techno-Jazz.. Life is good.
Around this time last year I stumbled upon 'does this thing really work' and have been a member of the swamp family since❤️
Killing Joke is trendy. Not the best Alan Moore. Should adapt his Swamp Thing run instead.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Pegboard Nerds - Swamp Thing I friggin' love this track. Anyone else think of killing zombies with banjos?
I've never read it! Was considering a Swamp Thing reread though.
If Swamp Thing takes a shower, the show will be less grim. It will be a very jolly and bubbly fragrant hero wearing tutu.
If Swamp Thing takes a shower, it will be Soap Thing.
Swamp Thing doesn't morph back. It hides in the sewer. I wonder why the pro/antagonists didn't say like, OMG, who farted?
No such thing as romance in the army. Can't wait to live in a swamp.
So we lose the great Manhunter/Stargirl + Arrow/Animal Man dynamics for Ivy, Swamp Thing, Etrigan and Mera? Bad trade.
"Swamp Thing has entered the con wish I were with u!
According to news Swamp Thing joins next season
Does Swamp Thing ever meet Poison Ivy? If not, there's been a huge oversight
Fooling around with brushes in Painter and suddenly Swamp Thing is hiding in the bushes. Go figure!
yeah uh, yeah... Yeah that sounds like the worst possible thing that no one would want to happen to them ever, that
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