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Swamp People

Swamp People is an American reality series that debuted on History on August 22, 2010. The show follows the day-to-day activities for several Cajuns living in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamp in Louisiana, USA who hunt American alligators for a living.

Troy Landry Pawn Stars American Pickers Chase Landry

I'm never surprised by the things people do anymore.. Let's just say I see it happening before it happens..
Corey Lewandowski: They bugged Sessions WHILE he was a U.S. Senator. Swamp cleaning coming like you've never seen, pe…
&all the rest of the stinking dirty rats the swamp is draining CAN YOU FEEL IT? WE THE PEOPLE CAN!
. What will Trump discover about these people, they seem terrified, what is it they fear so much? drain the swamp indeed
It's Hard 2 Drain the *** Swamp when the Rats keep clogging the Pipe. It's Time 4 2 say 2 some…
kick them out trump!we see the coup the Trojan horse you were voted in!time to get dirty military backs u and the people!drain swamp
POTUS answers to the American people for his comments. The IC works for him. This is America, not some 3rd world swamp. h…
I can't believe people fell for that "drain the swamp" sham.
There are So Many People that Would Serve our President of America Drain That Freaking Swamp PLEAS…
WOW nailed Presidents' Day with multiple episodes of American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Swamp People!
Remember when the History Channel would have shows about history and not Pawn Stars or Swamp People
Wait the one with Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Swamp People doesn't cut it for you?
The "Swamp People" may be quirky, and a bit unorthodox at times...
Coach O sounds like he should be on "Swamp People". RTR.
There are more people peeing in my swamp than there is at the race. crowd
that's not a lake, it's a swamp that people use to practice kayaking in. I would never go in there.   10% Off
people are just jumping on the Mulaney bandwagon.
Walking around the Calabasas lake watching people playing Some end up in the swamp!…
whored out to Got her nowhere. Drain the swamp. What evil people.
There is a lot of dirt in Louisiana...except for Swamp People and the sweatiest city in the world, Shreveport, *** it's moist
i'd be ok with Big Tity cosplays if like cosplaying in general wasn't a swamp of hate against non big tity cis white people
Honestly that was embarrassing ...but you deserve to play for only swamp people anyways ...
Ran 3.25 miles in 31 mins. It was so hot and humid I thought I was running in a swamp
22 people taken to a swamp and executed by Islamic state.
Man! You guys are awesome! You'll never know what it means to me to have so many people read my story and give me encourag…
Never trust 605 people with one wonky plank of wood. Because as they raise the plank of wood, it is the best time for the swamp ogre to kill
I know I'm not racist I watched every season of swamp people hoping everybody filled their tags. That's how I know.
It was so hot at the Brand New show all 5,000+ people there had a bad case of swamp *** even Jesse Lacey
Scalawags, Rednecks, Mudsills and Swamp People: 400 Years on America’s Fringe Review of "White Trash."
When "All Star" by Smash Mouth comes on and you become Shrek and start telling people to get out of your swamp
Like bodies-in-the-swamp insane. When they run out of ducks to eat, he's coming after people.
Lord please watch over the people without Air conditioners
Again, people surprised that duck call millionaires still living in a swamp are nuts.
are people aware that the midwest in the summer is like the tenth circle of *** mixed with a swamp? I'm looking at you chipotle
Never more love between two people than the man who will always always be my king ❤️👑
People complain about Arizona heat but I'll take heat stroke over swamp *** any day of week.
Come on, it's been 100 degrees outside lately, you know people are walking around here with a mean case of swamp ***
Fact:Swamps are one of the few last frontiers of exploration for many people.
One of the food people came to give me trash gifts. He said the air was sticky, and he had a swamp pass.
I have a friend who needs some help with a swamp cooler. Two service people stood her up and her mom is medically...
"I’m with you*" —*Not included: women, African Americans, LGBT people, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants...
Currently at Point Lookout in Fallout 3. How in *** do the inbred swamp people turn out to be more dangerous than Enclave troops?
It's so hot in this *** house I don't understand how people can live with swamp coolers 😩😭
Morning people, remember to use and to swamp Bond's precious hashtag
There will be plenty of people trying to sell some swamp land in Florida if we believe that.
Jesus Christ, can we at least pretend we're not bottom dwelling swamp people for a couple hours?
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Don't let the sadness swamp get you!! We're gonna get them back!! . Have an amazing day you beautiful people 💖
When you want to keep people out of the swamp, maybe it would go better if you had more than 2 people to keep them out.
That moment when you realize some people have never heard the term “swamp cooler.” And you are shocked people recommend them.
Meanwhile join at 10 for and at 11 with Curse of the Swamp People!
So I went to Gander Mountain today to meet the one and only Troy Landry from Swamp People! He is…
All I really need is someone who cares about Gator Boys, Swamp People, and River Monsters as much as I do.
Ax Men, Swamp People, Iron Chef: America. I would eventually get paid, but three months from now. That's just unacceptable.
LIVE on Swamp People's Troy Landry is in the house! Niles, OH Gander Mountain
Troy Landry from Swamp People is at the new Gander Mtn. 🐊
Why do you have all the swamp loggers on Axeman? They belong on Swamp People! The only good thing is I can fast forward.Some wks 15m
what's so special about Louisiana... Besides Duck Dynasty and Swamp People... 🤓🐣🐊
I might watch if Willie Edwards from Swamp People was the bachelor...
I swear Chase Landry from Swamp People is cute af for a white boy
Low Country boil tonight for dinner !! Boiled jumbo shrimp , sausage & potatoes — watching Swamp People on History
I've been watching too much Swamp People...I've developed a crush on Chase Landry.
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