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Swamp Loggers

Swamp Loggers is an American reality television series on the Discovery Channel that follows the crew of Goodson's All Terrain Logging as they log the swamps of North Carolina (mostly in Pender County where much of the series is filmed).

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OH has just put a record on Sky for a program called Swamp Loggers. I will not be watching it.
Nick's been watching Swamp Loggers. It should be called The Boomhower (sp?) Show. You can't understand what these people are saying.
not a fan of gold rush but Ax Men is good. Love the swamp loggers out of it. Totally hilarious!
‘Swamp Loggers' not returning for season 4 | come back on because i love the show
I'm think that the people at deliberately commission TV shows with titles that could be disgusting sexual fetishes: Swamp Loggers.
*** I wanted to watch American horror story not american swamp loggers
that's just the tip of the iceberg for bill harris (knux for the pun ;-]) Axe man/Ice Road Truckers/swamp loggers. primetime BH TV
my Dad likes to get stressed out over Swamp Loggers.
So, dads put 'swamp loggers' on TV, this is my Q to leave. 😶
Building the Emma Maersk over for this week. Now Swamp Loggers.
Gonna have to call in swamp loggers to chop this wood down
"I love westerns, because I'm a man, what I don't love is recording over my episodes of Swamp Loggers"
Just looked at another job for the game Fish and Parks. We're NOT!! swamp loggers but I guess I will throw...
my moms boyfriend just changed my Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine movie to watch swamp loggers.
here ill help you I'm watching swamp loggers now you know something
It doesn't get much better than being lazy and watching Swamp Loggers with dad 💛👫
Can someone please tell me what Swamp Loggers has to do with history...
Johnny watches Swamp Loggers and got hit by a boat in his last day of *** week. "Ow."
I think Big Jim and I are gonna start training for Axemen and swamp loggers
It's 85 degrees and lightly raining. It might take a crew from that show. "Swamp Loggers" to unstick my panties from the cr…
it's ok by the time.i got there it was.over and swamp loggers was on!! Ha ha
A quick trip to the river today, Craig got to try out a new boat and check out an enormous tree at the same time. Home and have cookies baked and blueberry strusel muffins made for the bakesale tomorrow. Up at 6, but don't feel like sleep yet, hmmm.what to do?
Major "short circut" when DCC gets hooked up on the swamp logger On30 hand-laid track...trouble shooting means unhooking track leads and checking inch-by-inch...cut a few more gaps...forgot how much "Thinkin'" it takes to figure out live frog wiring.I did get one section of track to operate.
hey man how r y'all I'm good friends wid redneck Robert
"Christ almighty I can't wait to get home, smoke a dart and watch some swamp loggers - Honest to god she said that
The Swamp Loggers, Dave Muller and Bobby Goodson, will be returning to the event this year as food fanciers!
I am definitely going to be on swamp loggers after I drove the tractor with logs on it today...I'm outdoorsy AF🌲🌳🍃
It's great living in such a small community. When I go into the bank they know me and can just pull up my account; I tell what I want; they do the form and just have to sign for the $s. I go into the Post Office they see my coming through the window and have my packages on the counter. If we only had a good restaurant and a bar? Life is good, eh?
Sadly I really like watching Alaska state troopers and swamp loggers
Being a farmers wife is never dull. Spent 2hrs & using 3 chains to get to dryer ground (one being a logger chain that I bought at a sale for $7.00) helping hubby get his tractor unstuck from a swamp mud hole. Maybe would have gotten out sooner if I could have read his lips better as we are boring thew the mud. After we got done I explained that playing in deep mud was not a smart thing to be doing, there was plenty of dryer ground to be on.
When I grow up I wanna be a swamp logger
Been back on the logs now for 4 or 5 weeks and loving it hopefully it won't go to the crap this time, like it did a couple of yrs ago thanks to the long haired hire a greener mobs and enviro nazis,and we can get some real down to earth hard working men and women back in the bush and on the road and running family offices doing what we all love, you see its not a job but its a way of life, its how we survive and live and love. ARE YOU GOING TO BACK US UP WILL AND WIN THE ELECTION IN YOUR OWN RIGHT, BE A MAN AND STAND BY US.
Followed back as you are one funny person! Watching GOP implode has been the best reality show since Swamp loggers. Cheers! Anne
I'll be happyhappyhappy when Duck Dynasty is over and they get to the real shows like Swamp People and american loggers.
Well I'm crying over swamp loggers.
There is a woman dump truck driver on swamp loggers!
Lookin like you from swamp loggers.
You know you're a Hull when watching Swamp Loggers is a family event
Swamp Loggers is on constantly in our house.
Laying on the couch watching swamp loggers!
Just finished Swamp Loggers.What else is there left to do in this life.
My dad was watching some show called Swamp Loggers when I left for work at 4:30. Guess what was on when I got home at 8:30? Swamp Loggers.
Swamp loggers, pecky chickens and funky straws. Fun with
may I recommend Swamp Loggers? Even more gnarly than the icy truckers IMHO
Watching "Swamp Loggers" on Sky - will not complain about my job again
My life has devolved to a choice between Swamp Loggers or Gator Boys
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Talking to Bobby Goodson off of swamp loggers! 👌☺
My dad always watches swamp loggers on his iPad while he's cooking lol😂😂😂
Ive literally seen anything good on netflix, i have now stooped to watching swamp loggers. Ill let that sink in..
All I ever watch is Swamp People, Duck Dynasty or extreme loggers.
The poor little thing doesn’t have a tv at home and she does so love to watch Dora The Explorer. Also, Swamp Loggers.
-makes a note to watch Swamp Loggers for Hotties-
Y'all ought to watch Swamp Loggers. That Justin Goodson is a hottie.
Wowed with Swamp Loggers series on Netflix. Real perseverance and determination in the face of heavy adversity.
Thanks to Billy all I watch now is Duck Dynasty, Swamp Loggers, Gator Boys or some show along the lines of those.
Me and decided that Kremple and are going to be on swamp loggers together when they are older
I've watched all the Alskan State Troopers and Swamp Loggers
Watching Swamp Loggers is like watching a foreign film 70% of them don't know English. It's like..HUH?!?!?
I've always heard that beavers help man, but I'm seeing a different perspective on Swamp Loggers. The swamps they create kill trees, and make it very hard for loggers to make money. People need wood, and people need to make a living, too.
Swamp Loggers is the imposter version of Swamp People. It *** They are in NC, no swamp. Don't watch
From Drew...Charged out the wahzoo for 252 channels of crap. How many reality shows can there possibly be.Auction Hunters, Swamp Loggers, Ax Men, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Hardcore Pawn Chicago, American Chopper, AC Sr vs.Jr, Gator Boys, American Hotrod, Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People, Kardashians, Gypsies Girls...or some type of that.Please feel free to add more
One of the reasons I liked Swamp Loggers so much is that it's one of the few Discovery Channel shows where nothing gets blown up.
Dear History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet, I want my channels back. You can take your crappy "reality tv" shows and stick them where the sun doesn't shine. If I have to see another show like Pawn Stars, American Restoration, Swamp Loggers, Axemen, Ice Road Truckers, Gold Rush, and the like, I will throw up. What happened to shows that were actually interesting and you could learn from, like Wild Discovery, the America series, Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Nat Geo Explorer, and others??? Sincerely, a ticked off nerd.
Tough call on what to watch, Swamp Loggers, Outback Hunters or Gold Rush Alaska
Lizard Lick Towing , The Campaign, Talladega Nights, Swamp Loggers etc. . . people are finally gettin' what I already know . . . Norf Kurlina has something to offer. There was a time not too long ago it wasn't
Nothing like getting stuck watching Gator Boys and Swamp Loggers all day. I'm cheering for the gators and the logs!
I've been watching swamp loggers for over an hour and haven't complained once. Seriously, girlfriend of the year.
Woo hoo! New episodes of Swamp Loggers on Netflix. See you all on the flip side!
ah, that makes sense.are you guys still filming Swamp Loggers?
If Shelby from Swamp Loggers and Dog the Bounty hunter had a baby. He'd be the guy doing the striping on my car :D
I can't stop watching swamp loggers!
lol meet too. Watching swamp loggers lol
you crack me up. Now repent, quit watching that Nashville girly soap opera & start restoration by watching "swamp loggers"
Caving in and watching The Walking Dead to see what all the hype is. If someone doesn't die in 5 mins I'm watching Swamp Loggers instead.
Is chilling watching swamp loggers :-)
Spending my free time that was planned for sleep and swamp loggers talking to
Watching swamp loggers. I have no life lol
I've been watching Swamp Loggers :) But check out that preview whenever, it looks to be a good political thriller TV show.
Watching swamp loggers have no idea what you're on about!!
“o! I've recorded it for after swamp loggers
o! I've recorded it for after swamp loggers
I’m watching Swamp Loggers…….my wife has never wanted me more than right now
Swamp loggers great show on discovery.
Swamp pawn, swamp loggers, Swamp People.wanna impress me. Show me Swamp brain surgeon, swamp architect or swamp physicist.
finished its always sunny... need a new show asap!"//Ice Road Truckers,Swamp loggers and Pawn Stars are personal favorites
watching Swamp Loggers and appreciating my jobs more and more 👍
I want to watch & learn about history, so I watch the History Channel. Instead I get to watch swamp loggers.
Of all the things on American Netflix... My father chooses swamp loggers...
Swamp loggers - some people should never be allowed on the water!
I find too much enjoyment in watching Swamp People, loggers, Duck Dynasty & Pawn Stars.
My dad thinks watching swamp loggers with my mom is romantic..
You will be missed im sorry to hear about you not coming back for another season
Someone should compile a list of footballers that look dumb in helmets. Ryan looks like something out of swamp loggers!
Im laying in bed all day watching swamp loggers unless someone gives me a good reason to get out
Lady Hoggers, Swamp Loggers, Storage Wars, First Week In, Air Crash Investigation. Love a hangover free Sunday morning, how are you?
Swamp loggers is on Netflix. I guess now is the time to admit I actually like that show 😖
Got me a new show on Netflix. It's called Swamp Loggers & y'all should watch it
Well...this is good!!! They are filming a New Beverly Hillbilly Movie...or A new Honey Boo- Boo Movie..or Maybe wanting Actors and Actresses for Swamp People, or Swamp Loggers...I got a text wanting people for Movies or Modeling!!! Ha!Ha! I got a phone number if you are interested!!
Southerners, let's think about our representation. Because I'm livid. In order of appearance (maybe): a.) Swamp People b.) Duck Dynasty c.) Swamp Loggers d.) Moonshiners e.) Buck Wild I am not about this. Because I just don't say "ain't." I do, however, say "y'all."
They have subtitles on swamp loggers.
please tell me you have seen storage hunters on tv. Up there with swamp loggers. Guy on it called the ragin cajun
The History Channel is SO schizo. They make 'Mankind, the History of All of Us' and 'Swamp Loggers'. Such excellence & garbage all at once.
Why is nothing on but swamp loggers.
"I think there's a happy little tree right here..."--Swamp Loggers
Kaines watching 'Swamp Loggers' these guys actually have subtitles...
Can't watch Geordie shore cause my dad is watching " Swamp Loggers " the old timer
I agree but couldn't live without my rugby or documentaries on the box! I need my Pawn Stars and Swamp Loggers fix ;)
I just have to say that the show 'Ax Men' is a horrible interpretation of logging with the horrible teamwork, the 1,000 'bleeps' per episode and the least our kind of logging.I would much rather have 'Swamp Loggers' back.
yes it is, it is Tuesday though and as is tradition I’ll gorge on Pizza tonight..might watch Swamp Loggers as an extra treat
Water in Olentangy is dropping so we have decided to start careers as swamp loggers. There's only one log in there but gotta start somewhere
For all you fans that missed last nights season premiere, you can watch it at this link.
I am not into jesse james I am into Sons of Guns and Swamp Loggers when will they be back on tv
Watchin Swamp Loggers season one for free.
Why is it every time I want an early night, I end up wide awake and watching Swamp Loggers on Discovery lol
Listening to theories about Bigfoot, ancient aliens, watching Swamp Loggers and filling the snake hole under the porch.
I wanna hangout with these crazy *** guys from Louisiana on swamp loggers.
DROP EVERYTHING. We are becoming swamp loggers
I was watching.. Swamp loggers and I think about how redneck this place is an how similar you guys talk with the accent
Swamp loggers is on one bother me the rest of the night
Wish the History Channel actually had shows about history instead of having to watch reruns of swamp loggers for the 3rd time
At least they're playing swamp loggers in urgent care
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I'm so tired of these stupid shows on the History Channel; could care less about swamp loggers. stop this reality crap
This time next week, tune in to the Season 6 premiere of Ax Men on History! Click “Like” if you’ll be watching!
Storage Wars followed by Swamp Loggers and then Jungle Gold. Loving no social life! Thanks
Thursday is now tele night. Swamp Loggers at 7 and Jungle Gold at 8!! :)
I used to quite like watching interesting programs on channels like the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, or the National Geographic Channel. But things have changed. Right now, the program lineup on many of those channels is this: Cajun Pawn Stars, Bid & Destroy - Haunted House Treasures, Ghost Adventures, Fast 'n Loud, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Finding Bigfoot, A Haunting, and [paranormal] Oddities. And that's just what's on right now. I can't believe this appeals to people the much. I find myself wishing for odd work shows. Swamp Loggers, where are you? Oh, red neck work day is some other day. Well, I'll take it over the paranormal stuff and the xenozoology. But would I expect too much if I wanted science on the Science Channel?
I've watched every season of Ice Road Truckers, Swamp Loggers, American Loggers, Ax Men, and Deadliest Catch on Netflix. I am sad. I'm not sure I can go on.
Remember when A&E showed plays and concerts? Remember when TLC showed educational programming? Remember when the History Channel showed tv shows about real history? I do. Here's hoping some global catastrophe wipes out Swamp People, Pawn Stars, American Chopper, Gator Hunters, Swamp Loggers, American Pickers, Ancient Aliens, and Honey Booboo.
Hey want to come over and watch several hours of the Kardashians, Swamp Loggers, Storage Wars, Honey Boo Boo?
So far, but then again I'm still in bed watching Swamp Loggers.
I wish TV wasn't all reality shows. What happened to Discovery Channel and TLC having actually educational shows? Now it's all Swamp Loggers, Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, Auction Kings, Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, American Pickers, and I wish I could think of more off of the top of my head because the list goes on.
"psh 'merica dont need no commie liberal countin' shows... kids get plenty o' info off watching good ol' fashioned swamp loggers and Ice Road Truckers" -Alex Burgdorf
Hampton and his version of swamp loggers
No tv, homeless will do that! LOL I'm like Shelby Stanga on Swamp Loggers. He's my hero- lol
that is because you are a man. :P Grey's is no Antique Hunters, or Swamp Loggers.I get it
I bet the people from swamp loggers aren't watching the debate right now.
Shoddy shop work on the Goodson's heavy equipment trailer leads to some scary moments when it's used to move their indispensable feller buncher.
Besides not understanding a *** word they are saying, swamp loggers is actually a pretty good show.
Sex in the City would be watchable if it was the cast from Swamp Loggers.
Have not watched TV all day...exhausted current available episodes of "White Collar" on NetFlix...sans commercials via my Roku box...gotta see what I can see now ! Getting into both British & Canadian series though...they seem to be produced with a higher than "reality TV" mentality. Not saying that I didn't enjoy the sheeit out of "Deadliest Catch", "Goldrush", "Swamp Loggers", and a host of other non "Big Brother" or "Jersey Shore" reality television...but the production quality just seems to be higher and better presented in hi-def ;)
What's on tonight?..let's see Swamp People, Swamp Loggers, Pawn Stars, Jersey Shore, Jersey Shore!!! Oh yeah, isn't there a GAME tonight in Jersey? here we go again just seems like yesterday the Cowboys got their *** kicked by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Giants! actually it was January 1st. And now the Boy's go back to watch the Giants get their Rings and Banner which is well deserved. Great I get to watch it happen all over again ughh! NO WAY not again the Boys have had 9 months to get ready for this one! How Bout them Cowboys! be continued.
Not Axe Men, stupid, that's on Nat Geo. I'm talking about the Discovery version. It's called Swamp Loggers.
History Channel: Ice Road Truckers, crab fishing, Pawn Stars, Swamp Loggers, American Pickers, Shark's like history class is being substituted by the career counselor.
Swamp People, Swamp Men, Swamp Brothers, Swamp Loggers...and not one cameo from ? Somethings wrong here..
Watched an episode of Swamp Loggers...and if I didn't know any better I'd swear that was Larry The Cable Guy on that main team! LOL!
Only caught 2hrs of Cajun Justice :( Now, Swamp Loggers. Did you know it's filmed in Jacksonville, NC? Very cool! Know what's not cool? I STILL CAN'T SLEEP!
People in this house record the dumbest shows like seriously why you recording every episode of Swamp People and Swamp Loggers 😒
I really miss the show Swamp Loggers - if you do too, then maybe if enough of us keep writing to Discovery - they may change their mind. Bobby and his family and workers did not want to be fighters and cussers like so many of the shows such as Ax Men, etc.
Tune in to ALL NEW Swamp Loggers, Tuesdays at 10PM e/p, immediately following Deadliest Catch, only on Discovery! Bobby offers some swamp logging basics at: ...
What's with all the Louisiana based shows on TV lately? There's Swamp Loggers, Cajun Pawn Stars, Swamp People, Louisiana Lockdown, Billy The Exterminator and Bayou Billionaires. Apparently Louisiana is the place to be lol
Kramer re-enacts the entire 1st season of 'Swamp Loggers' in Jerry's now-haunted apartment, George is defeated by a Hulk
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Swamp Loggers is no comparison to Swamp People
Who needs Ax Men or Swamp Loggers. I can watch this from my front porch. Thanks 485.
Episode Guide for Swamp Loggers, featuring episodes from Season 3.
I was almost elated to find the History Channel airing documentaries about history for once. "The History of Nazism in America" is much more intellectual and thought provoking than "Swamp Loggers" or some related, irrelevant program. Thank you History Channel.
Mike Rowe not only hosts Dirty Jobs, but he narrates Deadliest Catch AND Swamp Loggers...he's like that drunk know it all at the bar
Full Metal Jousting: What a gem of a show. Ever since *** made this a genre' cable Tv has become more of a disappointment. This show is about ACTUAL jousting. So far...people have gotten hurt...whoa what a surprise. Meanwhile a contestant punches one of the horses in the face because the horse stepped on his foot. Swamp People, People who kill Alligators, then after that, they kill alligators. We also have Swamp Loggers who log trees in a swamp, after the mill rips them off, they go out and...log more a swamp.. We have Swamp People who found thier way out of the swamp and they..cut down trees also. These are axemen. They yell at each other all day, (yelling, that osha and 5 other departments of labor would shut your *** down for abuse)and fist fight but after all is said and done.they cut down more trees. Then we have 'axemen' that are "swamp' people who log trees out of the river. Soggy Bottom Axemen pretend to have fights with each other and ram thier boat into forests throwing passeng ...
Swamp Loggers: When the toughest, hardest swamps need to be logged, Bobby Goodson is usually on everyone's short...
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