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Sutton Foster

Sutton Lenore Foster (born March 18, 1975) is an American actress, singer, and dancer.

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Disclaimer: I am very aware that Sutton foster did not write the lyrics for Little Women. Srry. My jokes never land
also I must admit that for many seconds I could Not think of her name and just kept thinking "Sutton Fo…
This summer, the SoMs signed Corbin Foster, Austin Souice, Justin Schneider, and Josh Sutton (Jake ELlis and Noah C…
Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like a chubby Sutton Foster and it kills me
Bess:"Who's that singing?". I reply "Sutton foster" . "Oh I thaught it was you!?" . DID JUST COMPARE ME TO SUTTON FOSTER!?
What if you could see a version with Sutton Foster and Stephen Colbert? LOL
We will officially be 1 of 25 schools in the Sutton Foster Ovation Awards, MI's Statewide Musical Theatre Awards…
Yes it is! With Brian D'Arcy James and Sutton Foster as the leads!
Sutton Foster would have been a better choice. But I hope they will prove me wrong.
says the cast cried when Sutton Foster sang her ballad in Year in the Life.
Thought is an offspring of silence; Keats’ unravish’d bride of quietness, and the foster-child of mortality traveling in…
If you don't know who Sutton Foster is, may I please have your tickets to the Christmas Concert? .
MORMONS. Sutton Foster tickets went on sale at 10 and they are ALL GONE. I hate you all.
Don't miss the all-new season of starring Sutton Foster on this October. We Got This!…
i go hard to Anything Goes sung by Sutton Foster
It is way too early for Sutton Foster.
Please tell me Sutton Foster sings at some point.
it's a show on TV Land/Hulu with the amazing Broadway star Sutton Foster
Is this just a gif or do you also love Sutton Foster and/or Younger?
catch me in the basement mindlessly copying organic mechanisms while jamming out to sutton foster as Fiona in Shrek: the Musical
I could watch Sutton Foster and the cast of Anything Goes do the title song tap dance break all day, I swear
today will be great i’m wearing my favorite bright *** orange shirt listening to Sutton Foster *** yeah
Growing up means not fast-forwarding to Sutton Foster in Barbara Cook’s Kennedy Center Honors, but still rolling your eyes at Glenn Close.
We did! Saw the original cast in NY, Megan Mullaly, Sutton Foster, that guy who was the pharmacist in…
HuffPostParents: Sutton Foster on the "massive learning curve" of parenting
Broadway Star Jessie Mueller joins Sutton Foster and Megan Hilty for Broadway at Town Hall series in Provincetown...
Broadway Stars Jessie Mueller, Sutton Foster and Megan Hilty Join Broadway at Town Hall series in P-Town -
Bingeing S3 of before next week's premiere. This show is straight up comfort food. Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster, NOW ON HULU!
Steven Schwartz, Benj Plask, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, and most important in the show, John Tartaglia...
I saw the Encores production with Sutton Foster, Donna Murphy and Raul Esparza. So much fun!
Going from Sutton Foster to a double bill of Megan Hilty/Matthew this. Sad.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sutton Foster and her husband named their daughter Emily so, my life is complete.
Sutton Foster just adopted a child and named her EMILY so look who is
Congrats to "Younger" actress Sutton Foster, who is now a mom 🍼
Our Lady--->A ghetto funeral. Violet--->Sutton Foster with a scar. Dancing at Lughnasa--->Little Women but in Ireland. Also everyone is Beth.
I liked a video Sally Struthers, Sutton Foster, & Christian Borle talk Gilmore Girls: A Year in the
Sutton Foster is so tall. So mich taller than everyone else in this show, like it’s in her contract.
It's a mistake to try to use play to deliberately foster devel...
Laurens currently researching Sutton Foster... Ive never been more proud :,)
I'm obsessed with Groff the way he is obsessed with Sutton Foster
please tell me you've done Sutton Foster. I'm listening to both of you tonight and having all the feels and envy.
Sutton Foster, Matthew Morrison and a flock of sheep!
I'm through 1.5 seasons of Love the sendup of publishing & Sutton Foster is so appealing.
I'm single. I just moved to a new city. I'm sort of starting over.
can u believe the world was blessed with a show abt ballet starring sutton foster and kelly bishop and it was CANCELED?
ADDENDUM TO NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: I can also mention Sutton Foster or Kate Walsh. Ideally all four of us will live in a Mormon compound.
Stephen Colbert and Sutton Foster perform Cats for the modern age
I choose to remember 2016 with Jeanine Tesori J Groff and Sutton Foster
2016: I performed with Sutton Foster and J Groff and he sang to me and I died. His *** is better in person.
my wish for 2017 is that Sutton Foster has a baby
sutton foster, an actual angel and hilarious and talented wonderful human being. i cannot believe I met her and saw her live, and she's been
My includes my amazing girls, my husband, meeting Lauren Graham, and a Sutton Foster concert with my…
The New York Times asked and about their favorite TV moments of 2016
It's 2017. I have to accept the fact that I am not, nor will I ever be, Sutton Foster.
Payoffs for forcing myself through Gilmore Girls: Julia Telles and Sutton Foster, so far, because I miss Bunheads so much so much.
If anyone's pals with Sutton Foster and wants to get her to come see ya girl in TMM in april I wouldn't be mad
the fact that going to Ball State means I'll get to meet + be in a show directed by Sutton Foster actually gives me chills
can believe I'd pay $12 mil to see Sutton foster make sandwiches for 2.5 hours
Cant believe I just saw sutton foster make a sandwhich while wearing tap shoes...
The Sutton Foster and Christian Borle part of Gilmore Girls Summer is the best thing to happen to modern TV
Alright Please don't wimp out in S4 premiere. Liza needs all *THE* repercussions to happen, despite loving Sutton Foster so much!
The most unrealistic part of the Gilmore Girls revival is that Kerry Butler & sutton foster audition at non-eq open calls
oh Sutton foster does not have time for the Gilmore shenanigans!
Omg Christian Borle and Sutton Foster are cameo-ing in Gilmore Girls' new series 👏🏻😍
Update from Sweet Charity intermission: Sutton Foster is still a goddess
sutton foster & Christian Borle in the Stars Hollow musical is the greatest thing E V E R
Maddie, you're not going on a date with Sutton Foster; you're just seeing Sweet Charity. Calm down with the lipgloss.
And Sutton Foster's character is like Lorelei, but without all the entitlement.
"Sutton Foster is so nice, you guys." - all knowing Musical theatre girl of the group
A: Broadway star Sutton Foster had a featured role in the Gilmore Girls revival.
Today: Carrie is back! 2009 Reading of Cult Musical headed by Sutton Foster and Marin Mazzie in NYC.
Remind me to thank ASP for having Sutton Foster sing an emotional song to Lauren Graham about my life.
In all the Gilmore Girls spoilers. no one mentioned Christian Borle or Sutton Foster? Who are you people?
When you run into at Sweet Charity AND get to meet Sutton Foster after the show AND see Jason Robert Brown in the audience ❤❤❤❤
Richard Masur is great: SLURP! and Sutton Foster's reactions are even funnier.
I liked a video Sutton Foster and Stephen Colbert Have Modernized 'Cats'
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Stephen Colbert and Sutton Foster perform 'Cats' for the modern age.
I just found out that Sutton Foster is performing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in April. 😍 I would kill to be at that Saturday show!
Sutton Foster's version of CATS is a far more compelling promo for feline adoption than Sarah McLachlan's ANGEL.
the show is so good and he is so handsome and Sutton Foster
(but also how good is it having Sutton Foster on tv again omg)
I liked a video Gilmore Girls: Sutton Foster drops a major hint about her role!
thoughts so far: . - great tech work all the changes are beautiful . - vocals are great also and i love the numbers thus far. - SUTTON FOSTER!!
More awkward potential Match Game panelist for tonight's answers--Sarah Palin for the Trump ones or Sutton Foster for Bobby Cannavale?
Catch Reba and Sutton Foster on this rerun of SVU
Johathan Groff has an obsession with Sutton Foster. But who doesn't
Nothing can put me at ease like the "best of Sutton Foster" playlist on Spotify can.
I only just realised that Sutton Foster and Hunter Foster are related... OH MY GOD
Shrek makes SO much more sense as a musical. It's amazing. And Sutton Foster is incredible as Fiona.
Jonathan Groff is also commonly known as the Sutton Foster Stan, Susan Blackwell's Obsession, Jonathong Groff, the Patron Saint of Goats,
I liked a video Behind the Scenes: "Anything Goes" Recording with Sutton Foster, Joel Grey, Laura
The next Sutton Foster did absolutely AMAZING tonight!! Much love for my fav Fiona 💚💚💚💚
I've seen all of season 1 and loved it. Sutton Foster is amazing! Google her in Anything Goes on YouTube. So great!
Hillary Duff is in it, and Sutton Foster (who I LOVE from) Bun Heads.
It just me or does Sutton Foster and Hilary Swank look like twins? 👯
Someone in the complex is blasting Sutton Foster's Greatest Broadway Hits. I miss theater and performing so much 😭
I thought sutton foster was in a rehearsal room next to me the. I remembered I go to BW
Our production Anything Goes continues to grow. We will make my fav Sutton Foster proud. Producer/Director duties are never ending, but fun.
i painted Princess Fiona from shrek the musical based on Sutton Foster :)) (ps. it has shiny paint)
I want to be like Sutton Foster, Kristin Chenoweth or Anne Hathaway and do everything that h
Remember when I saw Sutton Foster perform and just wept because she's so amazing
Sutton Foster, even blind people know you can't pass for 26. Who you think you're fooling?
I'm officially obessed with Sutton foster
Sutton Foster followed me back on snapchat so I guess we're best friends now
yeah ur cool I guess but did sutton foster add you back on snapchat?
I would watch in anything after watching She's so freakin talented and funny. Why was it canceled?? Why?
If you're in the market for a new TV show, check out Younger on Stan with Sutton Foster and Queen Hilary Duff 👸🏼
I was a very outgoing, gregarious, full-of-energy kid.
ERM I don't know? I'm assuming NY cos Sutton Foster was on it (only reason I watched lol)
Sutton Foster honestly gives me so much life.
miley cyrus . panic at the disco. twenty one pilots. cage the elephant. fleetwood mac . sutton foster . beyoncé . 💕
this is ur daily reminder that both sutton foster AND Brian d'arcy james are in shrek the musical and it makes me really uncomfortable
the last ones that really got me were Bunheads and Selfie. Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop! John Cho and Karen Gillian!
Check out my novel PANIC ATTACK in People Mag at home of Broadway star Sutton Foster & screenwriter Ted Griffin https:…
you look a lot like if Jane Krakowski and Sutton Foster had a child in this pic and it's ridiculous
GREAT but seriously no Sutton Foster & typists from Thoroughly Modern Millie? Doesn't seem right..
Sutton Foster to Star in New Group Revival of ‘Sweet Charity’, via
It can't be healthy how many dreams I have about Sutton Foster.
I'm used to working hard. Theater can be very grueling, and that's all I've...
Sutton Foster is queen idc lol and Blow Gabriel Blow is my fav
'Younger': Hilary Duff's Kelsey and Sutton Foster's Liza are fast friends, based on a lie - Los A...
domain names
From foster daughter, to runaway, to colleague
sutton foster is in chicago...and I'm not where she is.I'm..
I met Laura Osnes today, and she said that she also had no idea why she was fake-replaced by Sutton Foster in Oliver.
I have not but I will watch it real quick for you because Sutton Foster. 18 episodes is nothing, I gotchu, girl.
YESS!!! Couldn't be more pleased with my result - I‘m Sutton Foster, and you ?
It's amazing! Sutton Foster is a national treasure. I love her!
SAME! But at the same time, Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, and John Tartaglia are magical so not really at all, lol
State Track proud of Coach Foster and K Sutton for scoring in the fastest race in TX
Refer to people by their true names, like "Tony Award Winner Sutton Foster" or "Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker."
SAFE :D. UPDATE:. Lucky has been offered foster with the wonderful Sutton . Amazing Sponsors: Jess Gilbert...
"Side by Side by Susan Blackwell" with Sutton Foster, Jonathan Groff & Laura Benanti
"I'd like to think Sutton Foster starts every morning by singing "Morning Person" from Shrek the Musical" - 😂
how can you not be obsessed with Sutton Foster
How cool is this? Sutton Foster (signed our poster for the 1999 tour of in
Kinda obsessed with Sutton Foster rn tho
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Sitting in a theatre with near us referred to Sutton Foster as "Totally Modern Millie"...Yup. That just happened.
VIDEO: & Julien Havard's last art show Find out more about their new art show:
by the tall one who did ballet she means Sutton Foster?
Matt Karris said I look Sutton Foster with my makeup
'Explain how [the Kings] got Sutton Foster to take the utterly random & brief role as a witness'
I could listen to Sutton Foster sing forever and still not get bored 😍
I love sutton foster I would sell my soul and my left kidney to know her
Younger's Nico Tortorella on Starring in Crude and Tapping With ... -
Sutton Foster's a big one that comes to mind. Also Megan Hilty. Leslie Odom Jr. Christian Borle.
And, as an adult, I tried skiing, and I ended up in tears.
Anyone Can Whistle at Encores featured Sutton Foster, Donna Murphy and Raúl Esparza.
Current mood: watching videos of Sutton Foster performing Astonishing and SOBBING.
This is your daily reminder that I love Sutton Foster
When I get older, I want to be a Kristin Chenoweth and Sutton Foster - you ...
I don't care about the ending - why was Sutton Foster's cameo only 5 seconds long?
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I don't know how I feel about that as finale. other than it needed more Sutton Foster.
Sutton Foster in 'Younger': Will Tony champ win an Emmy for NOT acting her age? 👧👍👊
Today I heard someone say they don't like Sutton Foster but like how?
I can't believe I'm actually seeing Brian d'Arcy James and Sutton Foster here at NU in May and have the chance to talk to them 😵
When you meet John Stamos and talk to Sutton Foster and Josh Peck, I just died tonight 😍
Sutton Foster is the the BEST Reno Sweeney (umm. Sorry Patti I luv u too,but Sutton is my GAL)❤❤
When you wake up to news that Christian Borle, Sutton Foster and Kerry Butler are in the
Some surprising guests are accompanying Sutton Foster to Stars Hollow!
Christian Borle, Kerry Butler & Sutton Foster will sing in Netflix revival
revival will feature a musical performed by Sutton Foster, Christian Borle, & Kerry Butler!
🚨Christian Borle & Sutton Foster to reunite on Gilmore Girls and sing music🚨
Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff dish on what's next for
Sutton Foster and Laura Osnes together makes me very emotional:,)
Sutton Foster drew me in, but enjoying it enough to keep watching.
This Josh-Liza-Charles love triangle is exhausting. I just want Sutton Foster to be happy.
This was way more important that the last three scoops. Doyle > Dean, Christopher, Sutton Foster.
Sutton Foster is joining We can only hope she’s teaching at Miss. Patty’s:
Stars Hollow is getting its first new face! Sutton Foster joins the Gilmore Girls revival:
Sutton Foster in Shrek The Musical - It looks like she is not wearing prostetics - just green makeup
Sutton Foster as Fiona in Shrek the musical. Backstage
Laura Osnes and Sutton Foster. Thank u for existing. U are not human.
Three people could yodel AT me and I'd be great with it: Julie Andrews, Sutton Foster, and Jonathan Groff.
Sutton Foster, Patina Miller, Karen Olivo, and Anna Kendrick - Shirley Maclaine Tribute at the Kennedy Center.
I thought my sister just said Andrew Loyd Webber was married to Sutton Foster
I am making a Sutton Foster playlist with a little Finding Neverland mixed in because that's the only way I'll be able to survive everyday!
I love how I told pandora Laura Osnes and every show that Sutton Foster is in starts playing. Don't get me wrong I love her but come on.
Hopefully I have time to watch the Gravy commentary. James and Jimmi should be so funny, plus Sutton Foster is great, too :)
I want the strength of Idina Menzel's voice, the range of Sierra Bogges, and the vocals of Sutton Foster and Laura Michelle Kelly.
New photo of Molly Bernard with Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster, & Miriam Shor
Sutton Foster, Aaron Tveit & Joanna Ampil in a (songs of) Stephen Schwartz concert at Syndey! So close yet so far away. 😭
Aaron Tveit and Sutton Foster are doing a Stephen Schwartz Australia. 😒😩
Is this not the most Jessy picture of Sutton Foster?
When Sutton Foster's dog has it's own Instagram page 😊🌟🙌
I hope my roommate knows that I'm the next Sutton Foster and that she's getting free shower concerts that are worth $300.
I added a video to a playlist Flight - Sutton Foster - Wish
Oh, Sutton Foster. You can tap your way into my heart.
thats too bad I'm already working on the playwright. Sutton Foster will be the main Heroine. Its gonna be bigger than CATS!
If I could look like Sutton Foster or Analiegh Ashford for 1 day…
ANSWER: John Sutton, Paul Lambert, George Boyd and Richard Foster share their first name with the members of the Beatles.
Listening to songs from Anything Goes sung by Sutton Foster makes me miss and junior year of high school more than anything
(Full disclosure: I have kind of a stupid crush on Sutton Foster, so I liked TMM.)
The Sutton Foster episode of Ask Me Another. Or any episode of that show, really...
I personally feel victimised by Sutton Foster. no one person should the that talented. or beautiful. it feels deliberate and cruel
MT Students SHREEKING on LIRR. They've mentioned Norm Lewis Tony Yazbeck Sutton Foster so far and...
Oh and the guy who plays Kurt on Glee sat next to me at the Sutton Foster concert tonight
Photoset: jennauhskowitz: D: Chris barely knew me at all and I had like, tickets to see Sutton Foster and I...
Apparently there is a Sutton Foster show that I didn't know about. I miss her!
Ballet is an incredibly difficult, beautiful art form that takes a lot of training, a lot of time, and a lot of hard work. Sutton Foster
Start an audition by introducing yourself as Sutton Foster so they think you're Sutton Foster
So I just passed Sutton Foster and Sierra Boggess within 20 minutes 😍
Also, Sutton Foster looks like a mix of Lauren Graham, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs.
Daughter googling videos of her audition song somehow turned into late night Bunheads marathon. ♥ ♥ Amy Sherman-Palladino and Sutton Foster
Spending my morning comparing Sutton Foster, Stephanie J. Block, and Rachel York from the Anything Goes revival (and tour)
Shout outs to Faith Prince AND Sutton Foster on You go, Betty Cantrell!
Sutton Foster is great on stage but her horribleness in an Amy Sherman-Palladino role makes me appreciate Lauren Graham that much more.
Obsessed with the Thoroughly Modern Millie live soundtrack. Sutton Foster is the greatest.
He's got Violet, the musical Sutton Foster did with Amy Sherman-Palladino! The Bunheads devotee in me yearns to see it.
I had the dream again. It's the final round of "Jeopardy." I'm in 3rd place. Then Alex Trebek goes "The Sutton Foster."
I did NOT know that Jonathan Groff is obsessed with Sutton Foster. WOW. Love him so much more now (I loove Sutton even tho not obsessed)
This is a picture of me with Audra McDonald, Sutton Foster, and Lena Hall. Sorry though the lighting isn't that great ht…
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Aaron Tveit as Atton!. Brian Stokes Mitchell or Norm Lewis as BaoDur. Emily Skeggs as Mira. Sutton Foster as Visas...
Currently in the same building as Sutton Foster and Ryan Steele
Photos! Stay Up All Night with Sutton Foster, Steven Pasquale & the Cast of The Wild Party at Encores!
Sutton Foster and Steven Pasquale Have a Wild Party at City Center! See the First Production Shots
Hunter/Sutton Foster as Victor in Frank and Inga in Young F respectively swapping as Frederick/Elizabeth Lavenza maybe ISN'T the best idea
Scored tickets to see Darren Chris in Hedwig, Jim Parsons in An Act of God, and then Sutton Foster & Steven Pasquale in The Wild Party.
If you are ever feeling down, just remember: Sutton Foster started as an ensemble member in Thoroughly Modern Millie and…
So excited to meet Sutton Foster and Nico Tortorella from :D
[PICS] New pics of Sutton Foster and Jonathan Groff for the interview, Part 2.
Theater star Sutton Foster is now playing the lead in The season finale airs Tuesday
I know this is sacrilegious to say but… Sutton Foster is the best at Amy Sherman-Palladino dialogue. Better than anyone. Yup I said it.
Can I be Sutton Foster and Barbra Streisand all in one please
Watching the RHOBH reunion and a clip from earlier in the season reveals that Lisa Rinna auditioned for the Sutton Foster role in Younger.
I love you Patti! You're1 of my all time favorite hero's next to Sutton Foster & Liza Minelli!
I was hoping that this would be good, I've missed Sutton Foster since Bunheads
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Broad City, you know? That show with NOT Sutton Foster and NOT Alia Shawkat?
Spent a large chunk of today imagining a remake of Gene Kelly's navy trilogy with Sutton Foster, Anna Kendrick and Kristen Bell.
Dinner before seeing Sutton Foster carnegie hall with my fave newyorkpops and Steve Reineke!!!…
"So like my baes are young Kevin Bacon and Sutton Foster."
I just want to be Sutton Foster, that's all.
What is the last song you listened to? — Astonishing, by Sutton Foster
When someone doesn't know who Sutton Foster is
Sutton Foster and Hugh Jackman are at work
Wait, there's going to be a tv show staring Sutton Foster AND Hilary Duff?! 😍😍😍
For this March, I have tickets to see Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Bjork, Sutton Foster, and Lea Salonga. Yep. I don't know e…
“See Sutton Foster paint the city red! woman crush…
Mental health is so important. . Thank-you for supporting this beautiful cause!
Miss Sutton Foster, may I borrow your talent for just a few months please? I would so appreciate it...
Jason Robert Brown and Anna Kendrick fingerling over Sutton Foster praising them for The Last 5 Years is everything.
If anyone knows how to brighten up a winter wardrobe, it's Broadway star
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Violet. Please tell me Sutton Foster is going to be at broadwaycon and I will be there!
sorry sutton foster is more talented than everyone I know combined *** how
Anna Kendrick and Sutton Foster actually communicated oh my gosh. How did I only just see this?
Me after seeing Sutton Foster tap dance
accusations against in running agencies alongside DayJob see
Great Q&A w/ Sutton Foster! Small note; "Younger" is on TV Land not ABC Family. Bunheads *gone way too soon* was ABCFamily. Just..
Sutton Foster makes her solo Carnegie Hall debut with The New York Pops on March 13
Thrilled to have the amazing headline our spring gala! It'll be a "Roaring '20s" good time!
Anna Kendrick fangirling over Sutton Foster has absolutely made my day😂
This show has become one of my favourites. I'm in love with Sutton Foster but I actually enjoy the show itself!
Anna Kendrick and sutton foster are the cutest stooop
I need Sutton Foster and Anna Kendrick to be in the same film or something please 😍
Sutton Foster, Karen Olivo, Anna Kendrick and Patina Miller in tribute to Shirley MacLaine.
I just found out not only did I miss Sutton Foster, but am now missing out on Bernadette Peters, and Idina Menzel...come to Cstat please...😭
Debi Mazar, Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster together in a series???
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I consider Sutton Foster the Beyoncé of the Musical Theatre world. 😏👑
Holy mother of God I totally adore her! I need to meet Sutton Foster now
I really hope Idina Menzel, Sutton Foster, Lauren Worsham, and Jessie Mueller are all in shows the fall of 2k16.
Also saw Anything Goes a few years ago with Sutton Foster and Joel Grey.
Like it sounds so bad but it's actually adorable and also HOW can you resist Sutton Foster and Brian D'Arcy James COME ON PEOPLE
I think I just saw Vanessa Bayer from SNL and Sutton Foster sitting on opposite sides of the same cafe in midtown...
I'm about to hang out with Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster on the set of their new show...any burning questions?!
I think I've listened to Anything Goes and I Don't Want Too Show Off a million times both because I love Sutton Foster.
Honestly, I don't like the Sutton Foster version that much 😕 it's too fast and too empty sounding
oh, okay. Well the Sutton Foster one is the one I usually hear on pandora. So I assumed
but the one I'm listening to isnt Sutton Foster. It's 2002 London cast
how about selfies with celebrities: Sarah Cade, Sutton Foster, Lea DeLaria, and Tatianna Shumoski?¿?¿¿
“The nephew REALLY likes Sutton Foster. she is training him well!
Sutton Foster is almost as perfect as Sierra Boggess.
Sometimes I just watch the Anything Goes Tony Awards Performance with Sutton Foster and cry because I am not Sutton Foster.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Criminally underrated. And Sutton Foster is so charming in this. It's fun.
I really liked the trailer. Plus Sutton Foster + Darren Star! (Grosse Pointe is so underrated.)
Barbara Cook shading sutton foster during her performance at the Kennedy center honors in 2011 >>>> 😂😂
The wise words of the beautiful and talented goddess named Sutton Foster:
This picture of Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff gives me life
Mom: "I REALLY like this girl's voice... Who is she again?". For the millionth time mother it's SUTTON FOSTER.
Getting to see Sutton Foster on Broadway is a memory I will never forget.
Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster have been spotted onset today with a cup of They look precious!
All I want is to write a musical where Megan Hilty, Laura Benanti and Sutton Foster are a team of Oceans-11-esque con artists. SUCH MONTAGES
Sutton Foster has to play Peter Pan in a revival of Peter Pan one day
in my defense, I was four rooms away and she was definitely listening to Sutton Foster before it. So.
Yay! and friends on a Slow Boat to China!
If watching this video doesn't make you wanna audition, I don't know what will Sutton Foster as Reno Sweeney, 2011
Legend has it if you listen to this song. you will die. ? Flight – Sutton Foster
Sutton Foster is going to be performing on a cruise ship... Was Violet that bad?! 😥
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
listening to a lot of Sutton Foster at the mo and I think she may be on the top of my girl crush list - move over...
Sutton Foster's home for imaginary friends.
I want to be a combo of Lea Michele, Idina Menzel, Sutton Foster, Jesse Mueller, and Sierra Boggess. Yep, that's be perf
My mom is listening to sutton foster sing let it go and its absolutely heavenly I can hear it through the wall
My mom is the world's biggest Sutton Foster fan.
I honestly want to marry Sutton Foster
If I hear you talk about Sutton foster at the Christmas party this year. I will jump off your balcony
I want to get married in Sutton Foster's wedding dress.
"Do you ever just stand in your bathroom for 13 minutes and pretend to be Sutton Foster?"
Lea Salonga, Sutton Foster, Norm Lewis, Christine Ebersole and more for our next Playbill Cruise to Vietnam!
Check out An Evening with Sutton Foster/ Steven Reineke, conductor w/ a number choreographed by GTAs
[BOOK] Jonathan Groff talks about Thoroughly Modern Millie starring Sutton Foster in The Untold Stories of Broadway.
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