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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development (SD) is a pattern of economic growth in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come (sometimes taught as ELF-Environment, Local people, Future).

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We need environmentally-friendly, sustainable solutions for development in
Check out this article by on how to make the Sustainable Development Goals work.
Canada can be a leader in sustainable development and climate action, boosting our economy
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Hubris, then crisis, then tragedy: on crucial need for sustainable development:
.University Lecture on sustainable development is now online:
Did you know that economist Barbara Ward was an early advocate of sustainable development?
We are determined to do whatever it takes to put on its path to sustainable
A child born to a mother who can read is twice as likely to live past age 5 -- via & Graca Machel
This is unquestionably wrong, and should no longer be tolerated if we expect to achieve sustainable growth and development as…
To reduce maternal deaths, & access to contraceptives are essential & http:…
.Zero Draft should be improved to halve trade-related – http:/…
Community based innovation promotes sustainable development in Madagascar.
African clerics back new UN goals - African religious leaders have backed the 17 Sustainable Development...
Our biggest chalenge this century is 2 take an idea that seems abstract [Sustainable Development] & turn it into a reality 4 all ~Kofi Annan
Trading Powers Tussle over Shape of WTO Farm Deal | International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development -
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Graça Machel, Prize Committee and Board Member, delivers the keynote for Sustainable Development at
At the meeting on post-2015 development agenda. Their conclusions should be the basis for the Sustainable Development …
Am happy to share this news that I just completed this 14-week Columbia University course on Sustainable Development, With Distinction, with a grade of 98.9%.
Equipment failure at a Longueuil waste water treatment centre caused 28,000 litres of diesel to spill into the St. Lawrence River early Wednesday morning, according to Quebec's Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks.
The truth about e-tolls. If you know anything about the government policies of Sustainable Development, National Development Plan 2030, Smart Growth / Smart City and the World Bank publication titled “Development in Practice: Sustainable Transport – Priorities for Policy Reform”, you will understand that e-tolling forms the backbone of these policies and will never be shut down or abandoned. The review panel was set up to JUSTIFY e-tolling according to these policies and was never set up to shut e-tolling down. The only way this is going to end is through civil disobedience. Proudly e-tag Free! get the full e-toll review panel report here;
International Law Reporteri: The Status of Sustainable Development in the Law of the World Trade Organization
'and Sustainable Development: Evidence from the Dakar Metropolitan Area in Senegal' Brookings Institution htt…
Its all bout about control. Unfortunately this is but a small issue of the global power grab, For example : Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment. Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were adopted by more than 178 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992. The Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was created in December 1992 to ensure effective follow-up of UNCED, to monitor and report on implementation of the agreements at the local, national, regional and international levels. It was agreed that a five year review of Earth Summit progress would be made in 1997 by the United Nations General Assembly meeting in special session. . ...
The Year of Sustainable Development by Jeffrey D. Sachs via via
Members from DAC were at the United Nations today to observe International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This year's theme was entitled "Sustainable Development: The Promise of Technology." The day was filled with powerful addresses from representatives across the world, a beautiful film festival and several musical performances from people with varying disabilities. Follow the link to learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals that pertain directly to people with disabilities:
Natural Resources, Conflict, and Sustainable Development: Lessons from the Niger Delta ... -
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The GNLF's regional forum will have as a main topic Sustainable Development!
Nigerian Association of Animal Health and Husbandry. ANNOUNCING 27th NATIONAL COMFERENCE Theme,Innovation of Animal health Technologies and Emerging Opprtunities for Nigerian Agricultural Transformation Agencies in Livestock Production and Sustainable Development. Venue,women Development centre Agege Lagos. Date,23rd to 28th nov 2014
Can the data revolution contribute to sustainable development? A UN panel of experts says it can.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kemira inaugurated its state-of-the-art chemical production plant in Nanjing Chemical Park 18.11.2014. Kemira’s already completed and future investments into the plant will amount to approximately USD 100 million in an area of 77,000㎡. The new plant is equipped with cutting-edge facilities offering the highest quality. “This investment is an important move for Kemira to strengthen its position in China and promote sustainable development in the paper industry,” said Jari Rosendal, President and CEO of Kemira.
CEMUS in Okayama, Japan! by Mel on November 8, 2014 • 1 Comment The CEMUS representative (that’s me) arriving in Okayama, welcomed by decorated stairs. How can we continue to spread education for sustainable development (ESD) throughout the world in the best possible way? That is the question that i…
Read our blog on UN report launch last week at
VO UN calls for ASEAN support on post-2015 development INTRO: UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon expressed his support for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) members and called on them to back a post-2015 development agenda to follow on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set out decades ago. STORY: UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon told the 6th Asean-UN summit in the Myanmar capital that, “2015 will be a crucial year for the international community to usher in a new era of sustainable development as we reach agreement on a post-MDG agenda and its financing,” Recapping the challenges faced by humanity around the world, the UN chief insisted that countries have to come together even stronger to address manmade and natural disasters, as well as push through a tough treaty on climate change. Taking a slightly tougher tone, Ban also noted that Human Rights abuses and intolerance, especially discrimination of minorities and violence against women, were on the increase in the region and c ...
The Voice of Sikkim Sikkim's Daughter Makes in Global Arena Roshnila Gurung from South Sikkim represented India and Sikkim in the Florence Youth and Heritage Festival which was held from 10 to 14 November 2014 in Florence, Italy. Roshnila, was there as a Key note speaker for the International Students Workshop on ‘Value Education For Culture, Peace And Human Development: From India To The World’. The workshop was attended by students from different countries like Russia, Belarus, Italy, Turkmenistan, Republic of Azerbaijan and many more. Apart from her presentation and lecture she also screened a film titled "Sikkim: A Peace Within" conceptualized by Roshnila and a young and budding film maker of Sikkim, Bhuwan Sharma who also owns Hillman Productions. The film had been made specifically for the workshop as a part of Roshnila’s presentation in Italy. Her presentation and the film was well received by all in the festival and now she has also been invited as a speaker of a significant conference calle ...
U N I T E D N A T I O N S N A T I O N S U N I E S SECRETARY-GENERAL -- MESSAGE ON WORLD TOILET DAY 19 November 2014 One out of three women around the world lack access to safe toilets. As a result they face disease, shame and potential violence when they seek a place to defecate. A staggering 1.25 billion women and girls would enjoy greater health and increased safety with improved sanitation. Evidence also shows safe and clean toilets encourage girls to stay in school. We have a moral imperative to end open defecation and a duty to ensure women and girls are not at risk of assault and rape simply because they lack a sanitation facility. That is why the theme for this year’s World Toilet Day focuses on “Equality, Dignity and the Link Between Gender-Based Violence and Sanitation.” Addressing the sanitation challenge requires a global partnership. This is especially crucial as countries work to formulate a sustainable development agenda for the period beyond the year 2015. Meeting the goal of ...
Climate change is a fundamental threat to sustainable economic development, with devastating impacts on ecosystems, and human health
No one should be invisible in the data revolution for sustainable development.
International Seminar Science for Sustainable Development : Islamic Perspectives Paper 8, Dr. Fachruddin Mangunjaya, Vice Chairman of Centre for Islamic Studies, Universitas Nasional, Jakarta Indonesia. Visit us at
Now at IIMA ... discussing with students on sustainable models for development...
The petition below aims to put child slavery on the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda for the next 15 years.
Dear all,. we kindly invite you to the Guest Lecture "THE ROLE OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF...
Sustainable palm oil enters the UN environmental agenda: The development program for socially, environmentall...
'A call for greater focus on for Post 2015 Agenda after expire'
We use tourism for sustainable development and nature conservation
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Sustainable development is precursor for success: Najib
What can Australia do when it chairs the G20 in 2014 to promote the sustainable development as per Brundtland definition?
We use for sustainable development and nature conservation
"Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise-" Rumi|Deserving of the Nobel: |
Congrats to on confirming H.E Suliso Bambang Yudhoyono as a speaker. Plenty of good reasons to attend!
ESCAP's Maiava says to achieve sustainable development in will require new and innovative practices.
The 2014 World Survey on the role of women in development: Gender Equality & Sustainable Development -
Check it out: All key messages from our Sustainable Development dialogues -
Quebec has a "Minster for Sustainable Development, Environment" and the Fight Against Climate Change." Dope.
Perak Today : Sustainable development is precursor for success: Najib: KUALA LUMPUR; Malaysia is lookin...
"The future is in our hands today": Education for Sustainable Development, as seen by youth
I just uploaded 'Role of Human Resource Management in Sustainable Development' to
Food and Depopulation (Part 1 of 4) Posted: June 29, 2010 in De-Population 5 by Cassandra Anderson The purpose of this article is to give a brief outline of how the elites, and the Rockefellers in particular, are using food as a weapon. Since the Rockefeller family came to power (especially after gaining a monopoly in 1914 with Standard Oil) they have manipulated our government into ruining our financial system by way of the Federal Reserve, energy through oil dependency and food with GMOs (Genetically Engineered Organisms). The intention is to rob us blind and kill us. It’s time to wake up. The official name of this program is Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. It the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control over America and the rest of the world. There is no question that Americans are targeted for depopulation: GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food has saturated American farmlands. GMOs are dangerous and the proliferation of corn crops (used as sweetener, animal feed, processe ...
2014 CIVIL SOCI2ETY CONFERENCE ON GOVERNANCE, ACCOUNTABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT Theme: Good Governance and Sustainable Development: Exploring the role of Civil Society in National Transformation, Democracy and Development CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS, PARTNERSHIP AND PARTICIPATION Cross River State Civil Society, a Network of Civil Society Organisations and Sustainable Development Volunteers in Cross River State presents the 2014 Civil Society Conference on Governance, Accountability and Development in Calabar Cross River State of Nigeria between the 3rd and 5th of December,2014. The event, which will be one of the biggest gathering of the Civil Society Community in Cross River State, will feature presentations, discussions, Conference Plenary Sessions, Communique Adoption, Mandate Accountability Sessions, Break out Sessions, Interactive Sessions, Volunteer of Distinction and Champion of Civil Society Award Ceremonies, Celebration of World Disability Day and International Volunteer Day 2014 Etc. Interested Presen ...
All key messages from our Sustainable Development dialogues: cc
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On going consultative workshop on Faith-based Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development
Agenda 21 is a two-decade old, grand plan for global ’Sustainable Development,’ brought to you from the United Nations. George H.W. Bush (and 177 other world leaders) agreed to it back in 1992, and in 1995, Bill Clinton signed Executive Order creating a Presidential Council on ‘Sustainable D…
Corruption is Inimical to the Process of Sustainable Development. . (My closing speech at the Brown University...
Sustainable Development of Sea-Corridors and Coastal Waters - The TEN ECOPORT project in South East Europe
Professors Frank Zerunyan and Daniel Mazmanian of USC and Managing Partner of Cordoba Corporation Maria Mehranian were in Armenia to participate in a UN conference “Developing Government and Governance Capacities for Sustainable Development.” They spoke with CivilNet about the importance of institut…
EU High Representative Catherine Ashton travelled to New York last week to attend the 69th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UNGA). The EU identified five priorities for this year's General Assembly of the United Nations: promoting of peace and security, Sustainable Development, Human Rights, strengthening the effectiveness of the UN and reinforcing the international humanitarian system. Read more about the EU Priorities for the UN 69th General Assembly in the link
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC, right, with moderator Matthew Bishop as they discuss "Employment and decent work for inclusive and Sustainable Development" at the Ford Foundation, New York, this afternoon.
Matthew in Question Period - Do Conservatives Believe in Climate Change? Friday September 19, 2014 Mr. Matthew Kellway (Beaches—East York, NDP): Mr. Speaker, earlier this week we found out that the government is no longer working on the oil and gas regulations it has been promising for seven years. Also this week, the International Institute for Sustainable Development said that the Conservatives' coal regulations will have a “negligible effect”. So much for the Conservatives' vaunted sector-by-sector approach to greenhouse gas reductions. Now the Prime Minister is skipping the UN Climate Change Summit in New York next week. Is this incompetence or do the Conservatives not yet believe in climate change?
UN underscores good urban planning for sustainable development via
As nations zero in on final agreement of the UN's post-2015 global Sustainable Development Goals, innovations being successfully pioneered in Malaysia offer several proven tactical ideas for improving the world, says an influential international sustainable development networking organization.
It is essential that the Sustainable Development Goals respond to climate change urgently.
success is not mandatory. Is an option, u either take it or live it.however,let it b borne in ur mind dat success comes wit a sustainable development.
Poetic and Evocative – this charming memoir allows readers to reconnect with the land
Climate change, poverty eradication and sustainable development . cannot be tackled as separate entities.
Impact Crusher Develops Rapidly in the Industrial Market In recent years, China is increasing the investment in roads, railways and other infrastructure, which urgently needs a large number of stone materials to satisfy the needs of sustainable development. The gradual enlarged mechanism sand market drives the demand of sand making equipment. Then, impact crusher is becoming the focus of the market. Hammer crusher, roller crusher and impact crusher have wide application in sand production line. It plays a vital role in the coarse crushing and secondary crushing as well as fine crushing work of the materials with different hardness, viscosity and humidity. Impact crusher not only has high efficiency but also has low energy consumption. With the development of the time, this equipment has achieved some new development in design, manufacture and application. The outstanding advantage impact crusher in the process of crushing ores and rocks with different hardness is the quality of the finished products. The ...
ECOWAS begins implementation of small arms project PUNCH NEWSPAPER SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 The Economic Community of West African States has commenced the implementation of the ECOWAS-European Union Small Arms Project which seeks to end the proliferation and use of light weapons in the West African sub-region. Speaking during the inauguration of the project on Tuesday in Abuja, the ECOWAS President, Mr. Kadre Ouedraogo, noted that the various components of the project were clearly defined with targeted goals of reducing armed violence through weapons collection exercise in exchange for development incentives. According to him, other goals of the project include providing operational level competency enhancement for various national commissions or stakeholders and a wide ranging community sensitization campaigns through a robust communication and advocacy towards enhancing small arms awareness in the target areas. Ouedraogo said that the project was in line with the ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms and Light Wea ...
Monsanto belongs to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development along w/ big banks+oil industries,all are backing UN Agenda 21.
Economist Jeffrey Sachs to get for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development
New information in Consumer Behaviour paper which I am correcting . Family provides Sustainable Development — looking for intelligent life
Violence against and girls: a challenge for sustainable human development
The theme of International Literacy Day 2014 is “Literacy and Sustainable Development”. Literacy is one of the key elements needed to promote sustainable development, as it empowers people so that they can make the right decisions in the areas of economic growth, social development and environmenta…
Ten Reasons for Parliamentarians to Engage in National Evaluation Policy Process Parliamentarians have vested interest in the country in giving vision, leadership and to gear the country in right direction. The vision and right direction should be informed by evidence. Parliamentarians are the first pillar to approve/ allocate resources for development initiatives in the country through parliamentary procedures. Therefore parliamentarians should be well informed with up to date information about effective initiatives and development programmes through evaluation so that resources are wisely invested in the country. Parliamentarians have the opportunity and authority to supervise and question progress of any development initiative/ use of public funds in the country. Therefore relevant data and information are useful to properly monitor the progress through the Parliament. Parliamentarians are the key in making legislation and policy in the country. It is important that policy and legislation is evidence b ...
UN General Assembly adopts resolution paving way for incorporation of sust. dev. goals into post-2015 dev. agenda
Pamulaan – literally meaning “seedbed” is a Matig-salog ethnolinguistic term that is distinctively suited to a very unique educational system in the Philippines that caters to the several indigenous people of the country. It is the only kind of educational institution whose major undertaking is to create culturally suitable and pertinent routines at molding and transforming the indigenous youth towards sustainable development of their own IP communities. For more details log on to their
Building this new socio-economic model driven by our home grown blueprint Zim-Asset,for sustainable development...
To End Poverty, Act on Climate Climate change threatens to undermine the United Nations' progress in both of its critical missions -- peacekeeping and development: Hardship often leads to conflict, and the worsening impacts of climate change are causing hardship. That is what makes the UN Climate Summit on September 23 so important. Our development investments will fail if farmers no longer get rain or if floods wipe out their village; if ocean acidification decimate the fisheries on which coastal communities rely for their food and livelihoods; and if rising temperatures cause malaria and other vector-borne diseases to increase and spread to new areas. Some argue that we need to address poverty first and worry about climate change later. This is just plain wrong. As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says, "Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth -- these are one and the same fight." Or, as his friend and colleague, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, has put it: "Climate ...
"We need the role of the state to be, not for war, but for sustainable development." -
Sustainable development begins with – new paper out today: .
BLOG: The development goals of the future, in one report – but does it do enough for children?
Fast development is never sustainable
Be a part of the Age of Sustainable Development
In my town there is no sustainable development till yet. no proper roads, drinking water etc.but politicians r interested…
Scottish independence as a force for sustainable development - interesting take from
Will China's anti-corruption campaign lead into a more sustainable development?
The is developed by a number of community organisations. It calls for ecologically sustainable development.
Guest Article by Stanislav Saling Branding the Will "17" Work? - IISD Policy & Practice
The future is in sustainable ecosystems that foster economic & societal development. real financ…
Attending the 2 day conference on media development in - Moving 2wards a sustainable media envirionment
Literacy truly builds the foundation of sustainable development! Read:
To sustain our philosophy of sustainable development has planted 1.18 lakh saplings near the plant http:/…
Sustainable development class now.What i m doing here?
Improving literacy for sustainable development via
Check out the new 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN...
is partnering w/NJAppleseed at our Sustainable Land Use Forum on Oct 9
Ask the UN to make ending modern slavery a priority in the Sustainable Development Goals, sign the petition today http:/…
will take your questions on his Age of Sustainable Development online course this Thurs 10 AM ET
New paper shows education can advance all of proposed Sustainable Development Goals:
Comment sought on draft Recreation Strategy. A draft strategy to guide the sustainable planning, development and...
.Partnership for the supports network of journalists covering social & env impacts of dev
United Nations News Centre - UN underscores importance of good urban planning for sustainable development -
Dialogue bet civil society / govt is an important process for democracy and sustainable development
Making remarks at the First Preparatory Committee for the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat I…
Report highlights important role of and projects for development in SIDS
Answer for meaning sustainable construction n development in 3 pages..oh
"2015 is not the final destination,it's only the beginning" 4 our work-VillGreen-4C-4T & ICM&ITCM towards Join Us!
Why does not have to cost the earth
"Sustainable calls for massive education. have a plan:
Science: What can it do for the Sustainable Development Goals? via
Sustainable calls for massive education. have a plan:
The IMF has pledged continued partnership with SIDS in pursuit of sustainable economic development
International Literacy Day.September 8 i.e Monday Going to be held at Ambhedkar bhavan So procession takes place from pavilion ground to Ambedkar bhavan and there meeting for 1 hour .so interested students can participate in procession and make it successful and bus facility is also available. " Literacy is a key lever of change and a practical tool of empowerment on each of the three main pillars of sustainable development: economic development, social development and environmental protection".
Why are indigenous people left out of the Sustainable Development Goals?
CARICOM has made the case for sustainable development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) at the UN organised conference
For those who missed: UN forms an independent expert advisory group on data revolution for sustainable development
"XLRI to organise first-ever ‘Dr Verghese Kurien memorial Oration on Sustainable Development’
Enroll today for The Age of Sustainable Development and earn points for tickets to the Festival!
Will these Sustainable Development Goals do the job? - via -
SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Work in Nigeria, Jamaica or Canada on issues of food security, social justice,...
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Essential to sustainable development
The State Government is all set to revamp the Cooperative structure of towards sustainable development. Kudos to
In Ban sails sets sail for sustainable development
4) Sustainable Development, like Communism or is a doctrine or philosophy of governance complete with its own agenda,
What do the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals mean for South Asia? outlines the opportunities.
Great semester ahead for Age of Sustainable Development. UN Climate Summit 9/23, SDG debate, & more.
Join forces w/ professor Jeff Sachs in Introduction to Sustainable Development. Free 3-week course now or enroll Sep9
I'm fundraising to go to Kenya and help communities advance on the path of sustainable development Please sponsor me!
Join & excellent free course on 9 Sep.http…
The Fiji delegation at - united towards the goal of sustainable development.
Natural accounting can help establish more
yesterday President addressed the nation at opening of judicial year: Rule of law is foundation of sustainable development..
Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build...
Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development: Irina Bokova...
Education for Sustainable Development showing our leaders what needs to be done.
Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all: Water Needs to be a Dedicated...
UN expert believes the future of global development lies in online education - via
News About Sustainable Development Opposition: Wild Rose leader proposes new frontier Smith, the leader of Alb...
I really dont think i can take any more 'sustainable development's and 'solutions'. Im off to Mars
is celebrated worldwide on 8 September . Theme of is "Literacy & Sustainable Development".c:
Education is the key to sustainable development - in our interview series
COMING SOON! ICPEU 2015 2nd International Conference Planning in the Era of Uncertainty: Sustainable Development :)
Education is viewed as the No1 guarantor or income wealth status security & health so how does every child get one?
conference generates $1.9B in 297 sustainable development partnerships.
2nd August - Rafting on the Nile with Foundation for Sustainable Development — at Nile River Explorers, Jinja, Uganda
International Call for best sustainable development practices on food security. . Deadline: 15 Sep
Sustainable development is going through confrontations between competing discourses of different subjective interpretations.
Free e-course: I'm taking The Age of Sustainable Development on
An Alberta sculptor fights oil companies to exhibit art on his own land |
Sustainable development challenges faced by SIDS have been equally challenging for the LDCs and countries like Nepal
SAMOA: In Apia, Ban sets sail for sustainable development
Minister for Sustainable Development represents Caribbean at high-level panel discussion .
Edge MD Darragh Cullen presenting the Leadership in Sustainable Development award at last night's awards ceremony
"The World’s water system must be stolen by the United Nations (World Government front) under United Nations Proposition 21 of course tied in with the United Nations Agenda 21 which is hidden under multiple names such as Sustainable Development, Comprehensive Planning and Smart Growth. Clearly just hoodwink veil titles for planned genocide of the majority of the World’s populace for the Club of Rome fronted by the Peccei family and run by Emperor Juan Carlos a known honorary member of the Club as is Mikhail Gorbachev the current anarchy creator in Russia with Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton and John McCain attempting to destroy Orthodox Russia and the great Vladimir Putin. Lets not forget the power over the region that the Pontificium Collegium Russicum holds for the Jesuit Curia Generalizia." - Unhived Mind - Kreg shared The Outlawz's photo.
A new infographic from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on how forests can meet the increasing…
At 10K I will say, I work on 4 fields in Sustainable Development: the Environment, Health, Fairtrade, Human Rights.
Now the leaders have signed the protocol on Environmental Management for Sustainable Development
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
New book examines the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programs in schools across Europe
Dev Studies is not for me this semester. Sustainable Development has never been exciting hey. Just want to walk outta class now . . .
Well done Great to see you in the Sustainable Development lessons from Madagascar
TRANSFORM KENYA AWARDS IN AGRICULTURE--THOMAS OWINY I humbly appreciate the recognition of my effort in transforming lives of community members and Kenyans. This is a call on how the world can feed itself, ensure that there is food security, accessibility to clean water, conservation of environment, eco-tourism, Green Economy, Sustainable Development, Job creation, Poverty eradication etc. This is achievable through implementation of Millennium Development Goals, The Kenya Vision 2030 among other policies. “We cannot talk about Human Dignity without ability to feed ourselves---” THERE IS NO HUMAN DIGNITY IN POVERTY--
Fulbright Core Scholar application is in!. Gender and Sustainable Development in Bolivia. A comparative study of...
The head of the Sustainable Development of Croatia (ORaH) party, Mirela Holy, and member of the European Parli...
Top 8 things PM Narendra Modi said at BRICS summit 1. Terming the agreement towards setting up BRICS's New Development Bank a significant step, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said an open international trading regime is critical for global economic growth. In his statement on the agenda "Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth" at the sixth BRICS summit, he said the global economic environment remains uncertain and recovery was still fragile despite improved prospects. 2. Modi said that in an environment of political conflict and persisting weakness in major economies, countries have to be watchful for signs of a new bout of financial turmoil. "Developments in Iraq and the wider region could affect this. I am also concerned that tight monetary policies in some countries could undercut investment and growth in ours," he said. 3. The PM added his government would invest heavily in infrastructure, affordable housing, healthcare, education and clean energy, while emphasizing sustainability has been a core ...
Had a lovely chat with Director General Irina Bokova about Education for Sustainable Development and
This is to formally announce holding of the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Life Science for Sustainable Development at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), Lahore from October9-11, 2014. This event is being jointly organized with ECO Science Foundation and supported by European Union (EU). Details will be available at
David Beckwith shared The Blue Street Journal's photo. Jeffrey David Sachs (/ˈsæks/; born November 5, 1954) is an American economist and Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. One of the youngest tenured economics professors in the history of Harvard University (at age 28), Sachs became known for his role as an adviser to Eastern European and developing country governments during the transition from communism to a market system or during periods of economic crisis. Subsequently he has been known for his work on the challenges of economic development, environmental sustainability, poverty alleviation, debt cancellation, and globalization. Sachs is the Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs and a Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia's School of Public Health. He is Special Adviser to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on the Millennium Development Goals, having held the same position under former UN ...
New Video on Baha’i International Community Approach to Sustainable Development via
June 30 deadline proposal for the Rethinking Museums & Sustainable Development for the Global Profession conference.
The Next Phase of Sustainable Development. The Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative of the Brent Sc...
19th June Current Affairs: Persons in News 1. R. Ramanujam, secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, has got a three-month extension till September 2014. • The extension to Mr. Ramanujam has been approved by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) on contract basis for a period of three months beyond the date of his superannuation, i.e. up to September 30, 2014, an official release said. 2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted the resignation of National Disaster Management Authority Vice Chairman M Shashidhar Reddy, who had resigned. • Official sources said here that the Prime Minister, who is the Chairman of NDMA, has accepted Reddy’s resignation. • Reddy and five other members of NDMA have stepped down after the NDA government asked them to quit their posts. All those who have quit had been appointed by the previous UPA government. Awards 1. Tang Prize Foundation announced the inaugural Tang Prizes. The Prize will be given in four categories of Sustainable Development, Sinology, ...
INSIDE THE PRESIDENCY: VICE PRESIDENT ADDRESSES MEDIA Welcome once more to your weekly window into events and issues involving the Presidency. Yesterday, H.E. the President, Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, led fellow members of Cabinet in a friendly football match against their Permanent Secretaries at UB stadium as part of this year’s annual Public Service Day and Convention. The game resulted in a 2-1 Cabinet victory with His Excellency scoring a brace. Earlier on Thursday, the Acting Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, the Honourable Shaw Kgathi, officially opened a two day event, which is being held under the theme: “Innovating Public Governance for Sustainable Development.” In his keynote address the Minister Kgathi observed that Public Service Day was welcome opportunity for public servants to not only celebrate but also interrogate their individual and collective service delivery, observing that: “Creating access to timely and quality service to majority of the ...
General Consulting and Training (GCT), in association with National Center for Sustainable Development (NCD) has...
As football teams and their hoards of fans head for Brazil, sustainability is perhaps not at the top of their thoughts… Without becoming sustainable, many tourist destinations fail to thrive and often perish, according to a research paper published in the International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development. The study's authors Ana Lucia Magalhaes of the State of Sao Paulo Technological College in Brazil and colleagues point out that, "Tourism brings significant impacts, physical, economic and cultural, with important positive and negative aspects." They have investigated the subject with a case study on the Brazilian tourist destination of Cunha. The town represents a unique part of Brazilian history, located between the gold mines and the Rio de Janeiro harbour, it was home to bands of gold thieves in the early 18th century. From their study of modern-day Cunha, they have elicited a five-point plan, a set of guidelines for sustainable tourism that is applicable to this developing world tou ...
Questions asked are what is role in unlocking land for small scale sustainable urban development? Who's been…
are being asked to leave the Sustainable Development Goals negotiations. Sign your disapproval:
Many congratulations to member for winning its 4th Queen's Award, this time for its Sustainable Developm…
Since 1992, Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) has honored individuals and organizations that exemplify Peace, Sustainable Development, and the Environment with the Lewis Mumford Award. Past award recipients include The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, T…
setting sustainable goals for by 2030. What we need to accomplish. via
BLOG: skill training is the most valuable aid to fight poverty in developing nations
Zita Cobb's video on Social Enterprise & Sustainable Rural Communities is now available on our webpage
Founder Chad Bissonette commencement speaker talks about sustainable development as community driven
Reused rainwater, bike parking & community gardens will make a sustainable development.
"Joining up climate change and other Sustainable Development Goals is important"...
You don't understand oil markets Evan. Comparing apples/oranges. Question should be, is underlying development sustainable?
Women must be at the heart of our efforts for sustainable development. -
Evan Friesenhan, Director of River Forecasting Section, Environment and Sustainable Resources Development, is speaking.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Repping during Day 2 of the 12th session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals
Great to be speaking @ Sekerbank's conference on Financing of Sustainable Development.Also, met prof http:…
Current proposals for targets on trade in don't address reality of global trade: new from
US has 1/20 of the world's population but consumes 1/5 of the world's resources. Sustainable development is important.
Wuhan joins to address “challenges that sustainable economic development represents” -
=sustainable economic development. See how joining the jewelry cooperative changed artisan Sofia's life
COMMON CORE IS UN AGENDA 21 Common Core is an integral part of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development:
IDLO presents its report on rule of law and post-2015 agenda. Justice for Sustainable Development.
Economic development for this country would mean that we need more sustainable businesses, especially small to medium companies to grow big
Call for Abstracts: International Conference on Water, Energy and Food Nexus for Sustainable Development
"We save up to 30% of production costs thanks to our methods" Guillaume Moenne-Loccoz Devel…
1-year on: Environmentally sustainable development is key
We believe working towards and is key to achieving sustainable development.
Right to water must be recognized in Sustainable Development Goals, say civil society groups
Second session of the High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development
Oxfam's Sustainable Development Goals could end poverty and save the planet
Key Point: Rule of law + sustainable development are inseparable
4 International Co-operative Day will have the theme of “Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all.”!
Confab voted against revival of Nigeria Airways “Our development would have been more sustainable and les...
Panelists discuss the necessary steps for a sustainable workforce development in the US …
Incredible econtalk w/ Long term, sustainable development takes more than cash👉 healthy institutions
CWGL signs on to Open Letter to Friends of Recommendations on Zero Draft of SDGs
Burkina Faso: New data shows the power of culture as a force for sustainable development
Human must be among the Sustainable Development Goals!must explicitly name the right to …
Sri Lanka hosts the International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development
Let's save our planet! to ensure renewable sources and sustainable development
's Jennifer Clark: "Sustainable development not just about new build but also retrofitting existing prope…
Observation at :Large corporations emphasis on development for business through
Sustainable development is what all countries should strive for.
“Education is the main catalyst of economic growth and the foundation of sustainable development. Schools equip... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Can development be sustainable without tackling change? No, say 180 NGOs in letter to
Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals: the essential role of Sustainable Forest Management (UN...
State of the Nation Address By His Excellency Jacob G Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa on the occasion of the Joint Sitting Of Parliament Cape Town, 17 June 2014 The Speaker of the National Assembly, The Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces; Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP, Deputy President of the Republic, Honourable Cyril Ramaphosa, Former Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, Honourable Chief Justice of the Republic, and all esteemed members of the Judiciary, Honourable Ministers and Deputy Ministers, Premiers and Speakers of Provincial Legislatures, Chairperson of SALGA, and all local government leadership, Chairperson of the National House of Traditional Leaders, The Heads of Chapter 9 Institutions, Leaders from all sectors, Members of the diplomatic corps, Honourable members, Distinguished guests Fellow South Africans, Good evening, sanibonani, molweni, riperile, dumelang, ndi madekwana. It is a great pleasure to address you on this ...
10th Osgood Center and East West Center Program Associate's Profile Name: Ms. Anshuka From: Fiji Graduated with a BS in Environmental Science, University of Hawaii, Hilo Interest in: Alternative energy sources which are cleaner and more sustainable. Internship Placement: Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGSD). Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGSD) is an organization that promotes just and sustainable societies and to protect the environment. Miss Anshuka is currently doing research on the rising sea level at the Pacific region. Her research is put into writing in form of a memo. Quote: "If you cannot solve climate change, you cannot solve anything.”
The Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development moved a Motion asking the Senate to adopt the Report of the Special Select Committee of the Senate on the Planning and Facilitation of Development Bill, 2013
New York (June 17, 2014)– As the Open Working Group continues to streamline the text for the next set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CSOs today made a strong call to the Members of the OWG to keey climate change action central and visible to the SDGs. “We believe that climate change is an…
Posting Title: Programme Officer, P4 Job Code Title: PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER Department/ Office: United Nations Environment Programme Duty Station: PARIS Deadline: 16 August 2014 Job Opening number: 14-PGM-UNEP-35447-R-PARIS (X) The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the United Nations systems designated entity for addressing environmental issues at the global and regional level. Its mandate is to coordinate the development of environmental policy consensus by keeping the global environment under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action. The overall objective of the UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) is to encourage decision makers in government, local authorities and industry to develop and adopt policies, strategies and practices and technologies that promote sustainable patterns of consumption and production, make efficient use of natural resources, ensure safe management of chemicals ...
Geoffrey MatthewsIn Our Common Future, the 1987 report of the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainable development …
The Intelligence Bureau has branded as anti-national a movement that's asking for the implementation of the law of the land through sustainable development.
Niklas Wennberg is a Swedish environmentalist who spent the last 25 years developing standards and models for urban and rural resilience with food as a key factor in understandable change. Niklas has been engaged by SIDA (Swedish agency for foreign development) to propose better management of aquatic resources from capture fisheries and aquaculture in ten Southeast Asian countries. He also chaired the process delivering the first ecolabelling system for fish from Nordic waters. 2008 Niklas decided to skip the tie and bought rubber boots to engage in policymaking and development of prototype workshops built up in urban reality. Not in labs. For starters he and his team Stadsjord (Swedish for urban soil) gathered Christians, Jews, Muslims and together in 2009 they introduced the first inner city pigs in Göteborg to focus the need for a more sustainable urban food model cooperating over different belief, culture and knowledge. Now pigs are normal in urban Göteborg and they are served in the best kitchens i ...
The Urban Infrastructure Initiative seeks to link up cities with the private sector to enable them to achieve sustainability targets - including climate change adaptation. World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
IISD Reporting Services (IISD RS) is covering the Twelfth session of the UN General Assembly’s (UNGA) Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from 16-20 June 2014, from the UN Headquarters in New York, United States of America. Highlights for Monday, 16 June 2014. Available…
IMPHAL, Jun 16: A five-day community based disaster management training programme was opened today at Mayang Imphal Thong-khong community hall. The programme is being jointly organised by Society for Sustainable Development, Sagolband and Thongkhong Deve
GFI calls for a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) strictly aimed at curbing illicit financial flows from trade misinvoicing by 50% by 2030.
Sustainable development is an organizing principle for human life on a finite planet. It posits a desirable future state for human societies in which living conditions and resource-use meet human needs without undermining the sustainability of natural systems and the environment, so that future gene…
A focal point for the Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Department is our Teaching and Research Farm and Agroecology Laboratory located in Fleetwood in nearby Ashe County. Students utilize the farm to enhance their classroom lessons about agroecology, agroforestry, and sustainable farming pra…
Wow! We're turning 10 years old! Party starts 7pm at the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts in Parry Sound, Ontario on Monday, June 23rd. Tickets $15 at the door or call 888.746.4466 Thank you to the countless people who help us achieve our region's UNESCO mandate for all World Biosphere Reserves: "conserving biological diversity, promoting research & monitoring, ...and providing models of sustainable development" for future generations. It's worth it!
Turistično Društvo Žetale in Slovenia is looking for an EVS volunteer for a two-month project (July-Aug). Key words: organic farm, tourism, art, sustainable development, intercultural collaboration, rural development. Sounds good..? Be quick, because the deadline is this week!
Are you a Dutch or foreign bachelor or master student studying in the Netherlands? Do you have an original and creative idea that contributes to more sustainable development in the world? Do you want to win 7500 euro? Then join the Battle for Ideas!
The 2nd International Conference on CSR & Sustainable Development going on right now in Jakarta!
The Modern School, Barakhamba Road Model United Nations Society is proud to present the fourth edition of the Modern School International Model United Nations Conference (ModMUN). This year, ModMUN would be held from the 21st to the 23rd of November, 2014. ModMUN 2014 brings forward the official motto, "In Justitia Confidimus", with 12 dynamic committees which incorporate the best forms of articulation, research and debate. Continuing the legacy of conceptualizing path-breaking committees such as the AIPPM, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and intelligence agencies such as the CIA, Mossad and the MSS- ModMUN will be simulating the following committees: 1. The General Assembly- Plenary Session (UNGA) 2. The Comprehensive Test ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) 3. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) 4. The Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) 5. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) 6. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency of Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) 7. The United N ...
Top corporates shud take initaitives to use Energy efficiently & try to make energy available for others also, dnt just keep on using Energy without even thinking. i give 1 example to u all, do u ppl Mukesh ambani's house the estimated cost of his house is $50-70 million & do u know the energy consumption of his house is 6,37,240 units of power. In stead of this i think he shud have taken steps to use renewable energy for his home or rather wud have gone for a NET ZERO ENERGY HOME. This wud have set an example for all of us!. Its nthng against any1 its just that , i feel we shud use Energy very Efficiently & move towards Sustainable Development of India. Energy & think before u use it..:) :)
I liked a video Green Economy and Sustainable Development: Bringing Back the Social
Protecting natural capital is critical for truly sustainable development. Blog by R. Mittermeier
Read how to kick-start sustainable community development & civic engagement with
Nigerian CEOs pledge joint action on sustainable development ...
Curtains on the 3-day Conference on "Urbanization and Sustainable Development". . My suggestion on building up...
Sustainable development is still a work in progress — our interview with Elizabeth Dowdeswell http:…
Haciendas reconversion for sustainable development. Amoltepec, Puebla case study
New out of Sterile Insects to Enhance Agricultural Development: The Case of Sustainable Tsetse Eradication
Adam Rosenfelt has the right idea, but film needs more education, producers & post than stages
Check out the new blog about African Development via
Mercosur: we call for a post-2015 DRR framework that promotes a development model that is socially and environmentally sustainable -
We have the challenge to become one of the institutions driving sustainable human development in 21 century
And the best way for the Tories to provide a 'better life for our children' is a Chancellor who doesn't believe in sustainable development
Ready for business trip to China. Meetings about development
Towards sustainable capitalism in the development of higher education business school curricula and management
Excited to sign our MOU with SDTC (sustainable technology development canada) today
Group photo in Study Visit "Sustainable development and Active citizenship in schools".
Business Development Rep Sales: Garick is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable...
The problem with Sustainable Development is that it flies in the face of man’s will to advance.
Just saw the World Business Council for Sustainable Development video on natural capital - very clever.
Join us on 6.10 to explore the sustainable components of Innovation Community! Presented with
Absolutely Renewable energy is a crucial ingredient of sustainable development and poverty eradication.
Are disasters and climate change putting development efforts in jeopardy?
"Sustainable Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future...
Sustainable investors seek investments that provide societal or environmental benefits, like community development or clean tech.
Cemex has released its Sustainable Development Report for 2013
RIO+ Centre discloses the mapping of Brazil’s positions on sustainable development in UN fora
Brining sustainable development to through investment into mining sector has its risks:
Sharing great article on link between education and quality via .
Adam Rosenfelt has the right idea, but needs more & than it does stages. .
Political stability and democracy are necessary for sustainable development and sustainable cities.
How to kick-start sustainable community development and civic engagement across the country via
It's not too late to register for tomorrow's Sustainability Leadership Workshop! Click this link to register today:
Cities central to the post-2015 development goals says Richard Florida in convo on sustainable urbanization
Without democracy no sustainable development great argument for
Affordable renewable energy is crucial ingredient of. ➤ (MT
Call for abstracts! International Conference on Women’s Education for Sustainable Human Development
Affordable renewable energy is crucial ingredient of. ➤ (MT )
There is no question of environment Vs growth; Sustainable development is very important.
Gary Lawrence now speaking at UN on sustainable urban development
How to Destroy a Civilization - The Universal Principles of Sustainable Development -
Support campaign for including culture in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals:
Women citizens at local level critical to inclusive and sustainable development says Paris Mayor
So Blessed with the visit of our friend Warren from Filanthropic. They've got high quality t-shirts with substance and 50% of their profit is invested into sustainable development projects like PROJECT RED. This week, one of our families became the 1st recipient of this donation with a micro loan. Learn more and help them create a real benefit in the world around us at:
When a handful of technocrats from the world’s most advanced nations gathered in a UN basement in 2000 to establish global development goals, their objective seemed simply to create a blueprint to help the world’s poor by 2015. But as the deadline nears and many targets remain to be met, the UN is shifting from what it once hailed as the world’s ambitious, unwavering promise to the world’s poor, known as the Millennium Development Goals, to a more inclusive, participatory and sophisticated approach of the Sustainable Development Goals. These new goals, which are to be finalised by the General Assembly in the summer, attempt to revise the previous ones by involving more global leaders and seeking to align national priorities with international goals, rather than imposing international goals on countries with widely varying needs and resources. Read More: UN replaces millennium pov ...
Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity. We challenge and inspire young volunteers from around the world to work with...
“The achievement of sustainable development on a planetary scale requires a redoubled effort to attend to the needs of the Earth's bottom billion. But in a world of 7 billion people, expected to increase to 9-10 billion in the coming decades, achieving sustainability will require redefining what man…
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) unites 183 countries in partnership with international institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs), and the private sector to address global environmental issues while supporting national sustainable development initiatives. Learn all about GEF here:
Glimpse of Education for Sustainable Development through RICE Workshop held in Ashraya International Hotel ,Bangalore on 27-28 May 2014.Sincere thanks to Our District Environmental Coordinator Dr.N.Maheshkumar and Our state Orogramme coordinator Ms.S.Rejini and One and all in Center for Environment Education CEE South regional office Bangalore for their Support and guidance. It is immence pleasure our school one of the participants among 9 schools in India, three schools from Tamilnadu,Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
Under the theme "Non-communicable diseases causing many deaths" found in The Barbados Advocate 8/28/2013 edition, it was highlighted that the four major non-communicable diseases – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancers – are responsible for 65 per cent of all the deaths within the Caribbean region. Dr. James Hospedales, Executive Director of the Caribbean Pubic Health Agency (CARPHA), made that disclosure while speaking on the topic of “NCDs and Sustainable Development – Inextricable Linkages” during a breakfast panel discussion held yesterday under the theme “Towards Sustainable Development of SIDS: Addressing the Threat of Non-communicable Diseases” at the Hilton Hotel. The panel discussion was held as one of the side events of the Inter-regional Preparatory Meetings for the Third International Conference on SIDS, which is under way in Barbados. Read the article for more information
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