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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development (SD) is a pattern of economic growth in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come (sometimes taught as ELF-Environment, Local people, Future).

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Teaching Fellows in Human Geography & Sustainable Development - AO1283SB at University of St Andrews
recognized role of young pple in achieving 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Education for Sustainable Development is alive and well in all 4 countries of UK. Case studies by
Liu, E.-Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricul...
Happy to be on the Stakeholder Selection Committee High-level Action Event Climate Change & Sustainable Development
Tonight, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs gives a lecture on 'World Consciousness and Sustainable Development' 8pm
Join us tomorrow for Prof. Jeffrey Sachs’ Durham Castle Lecture on World Consciousness and Sustainable Development: https…
Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University and the UN Sustainable Development...
UNESCOstat: Our Data for Sustainable Development blog addresses measurement issues in monitoring …
.lays foundation stone for Centre for Bio Resources & Sustainable Development and Rural Technology Centr…
We strongly reaffirm the commitments our govt made with regard to the goals for Sustainable Development
Apply now to SRC Master's program in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development at why? h…
People. A central element of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. "Many children are just one mosquito...
Thanks Global Citizen... You too can help support the Global Goals for Sustainable Development
A new plan for people and planet has just launched - the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Tell...
The Global Institute of Sustainable Development at Chicago State University, in collaboration with CSU’s Office...
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Vital Energi and University of St Andrews win award for Sustainable Development
Dr. James Fletcher, former head of the CARICOM Task Force on Sustainable Development bats for Adaptation Fund
We're at the Sustainable Development & Collaborative Governance Conference today with Governor Andrew Cuomo and HUD…
Listening to Secretary of HUD Julián Castro speak at the Conference on Sustainable Development & Collaborative Governance.
Submit your valuable abstracts for Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development.
Sustainable Development: Santa Monica votes in world's first zero net energy building requirement
Programme Analyst position for Thai nationals for Inclusive Green Growth & Sustainable Development
welcomes establishment of National on Sustainable Development in Azerbaijan -
UN welcomes establishment of National Coordination Council on Sustainable Development in Azerbaijan: Baku, Az...
(Fall 2015 Report of Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development)
Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development at launches the Cornelia Sorabji Scholarship in Law.…
Measuring the health-related Sustainable Development . Goals in 188 countries - new study on progress
Decent work is key to achieving all of the for Sustainable Development. Here’s why: h…
And oil issue on lake Malawi? Since the theme is Sustainable Development!
Excited to announce Special Adviser on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will be speaking at the
This year, is about achieving 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
The UNESCO Mahatma Ghandi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) is looking for...
Jenny Campbell appointed Chair of Sustainable Development committee See today's WA Property News
1/2: Learn more about 'Internet Policy & Sustainable Development in India/South Asia/Asia-Pacific' in Session 2...
Our new MA Global Governance and Sustainable Development programme Launches this september.
A stimulating contribution from the UNESCO Chair “Sustainable Development and Environmental Education". Thanks Ibone
The theme for EduWeek with SABC Education powered by Intel for 2016 is Sustainable Development in Education...
The European Development Days highlight the interlinkages of the Sustainable Development Goals
"We are here to ensure adopts sustainable development." - Mohamed Benyahia,Dir/Partnerships
,Sustainable development should be informed by nature which has been in existance for more than 3.8billion years yet balanced
"We are here in to ensure adopts sustainable development." - Mohamed Benyahia, Director of Partnerships
Moving towards the development of an efficient and socially sustainable public transport system.
Half of world's CEOs say is most crucial way to solve global issues
Business needs to take a leading role in sustainable development
Tokyo joint conference on education for sustainable development
Shall sustainable urban development become a focal sector for EC development cooperation? Give your opinion now!
...We need to focus on resilience, inclusive sustainable development & Climate Change adaptation
The Rio+20 version of "sustainable development" would devastate the world's poor. CFACT rebuked the UN…
PHOTOS: high-level policy discussion on cooperative Sustainable development
Sust development isn't just doing the right thing, it's good biz sense. greatest economic opp of our lifetime https:…
Paul Lucas kicks off session on policy coherence
NOW: Policy Discussion around Cooperative Climate Action and Sustainable Development in Africa under the New Paris Agreement.
Sustainable community development: from what's wrong to what's strong | ... via
.president Monique Leroux pledges commitment to
"There can not be development unless it is sustainable"-
.under pressure; what does this tell us about the Sustainable Development Goals?
.president pledges commitment to Sustainable Development Goals .
Minister Birstall :There is no development if it's not sustainable
"Development without being sustainable simply isn't development at all." - Min. at
Keepin girls in sch & esp during their periods contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 4,5&6
The High Level segment of is now underway in with a panel on sustainable development in Africa under the
“Most [boomers] are in a state of denial about what really is possible and what’s reasonable for them as they age”
Just won sustainable residential development of the year for the YMCA at Eardington with Corstaphine + Wright Architects…
HOPE is dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals including and
“Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine”. * Full report, including her opening chapter on A Short...
to build . Together for Africa, for justice, peace and sustainable developm…
A perspective from the World Humanitarian Summit and the Dream to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals..
N6 goal: Clean water and sanitation, will be debated in Budapest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via
I have just received a term paper from an International MBA candidate from the Ukrain, studying on a joint...
It is important that we move from human labour to mechanisation which will promote sustainable agricultural development.
Businesses are instrumental to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals - eco-busine
Including mental health among the new Sustainable Development Goals via
I think, its the real path to Globalization and Sustainable Development Worldwide.
We've only gone and won it! chair with the Sustainable Development of the Year Award at http…
Are you a student attending the Join our blog contest! https…
Plus a number of side events to conclude d 3-day forum which discuss path to low carbon emission&sustainable development
Our vision behind is to accelerate development of sustainable agricultural & allied activities through innovation…
Proud to be a part of this initiative by to raise awareness for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
China demonstrates leadership to advance 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development →
Could and give new impetus and purpose to the This is what Director G. Pons thinks
Rise of corporate social resp. is a game changer for sustainable development. By
How menstruation affects the Sustainable Development Goals, by
The int'l community must become increasingly aware that participation & leadership is inseparable from sustainab…
Not in New York? The Informal Hearings w/ Stakeholder groups can be viewed LIVE at
Peace, Integration and Sustainable Development as Goals of the ACS .
Join STI Forum side event on role of & for sustainable development CR1 on 7 June 1:15 PM
Sport has a transformative role in Check out our podcast -
"The participation and leadership of the world's young people is necessary to drive lasting and sustainable
Rural dwellers in Sub-Saharan have lowest access to clean water:
In the years to come, science technology & innovation will be crucial to achieving sustainable development.
LIVE NOW! Follow 1st Forum on Science, Tech & Innovation for
We're consulting on future of development policy. Have your say!
Future Earth and announce a new collaboration to put science to use in achieving the Sust. Development Goals
It's one thing to read about all of the green advancements being made by People United for Sustainable Housing...
Sustainable development rest majorly on maintaining long term economic, social and environmental capital-
Our CEO is back at the for the 1st annual Forum on Science, Tech & Innovation for SDGs, streaming at
Seoul mayor awarded for sustainable development -
Settlers have uninterrupted access to tx to Israel’s drilling, while sources have dried up https:/…
Improving Quality of Life through the global Sustainable Development Goals | The Arcadis Blog.
Sustainable development - process of meeting needs of the present w/o compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own.
From beer to bananas: 8 lessons for business and government partnerships
Achieving gender equality at work is an essential precondition for realizing sustainable development.
How can we fund the Sustainable Development Goals?
Engaging the rural-urban interface most important area for sustainable agricultural development.
Good means ensuring sustainable energy for all:
Participando en Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals
Dev Habitat 3:need for clear and measurable indicators for quality of urban development for private sector.
ChBirenderSingh: We, at NDA are committed for sustainable development where we leave sufficient resources for o…
Is the private sector doing enough in attainment of Sustainable Development Goals in health.
– One World Religion: The Sustainable Development and the Nostra Aetate, Pope Francis, Obama, and the Mark of…
UNESCO has developed a Clearinghouse on Ed for Sustainable Development, an online resource-share. See the list @
Research Associate Life Sciences/JRF vacancies in Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD)
DX: Starting "Of Earth and Water: From Environmental Crisis in Children’s Picture Books to Sustainable Development"
Highly honored to have support of this tweep!. >International Centre for Trade&Sustainable Development
Armenia holds session of National Council on Sustainable Development:
Thrilled to host reception for the Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development!
Interview with Jane Ashton, Director of Sustainable Development at TUI Group via
In the spirit of Earth Day and Sustainable Development - think global: dri... (Encyclopedia Brown)
Daron Acemoglu, coauthor of Why Nations Fail, on Institutions + Sustainable Development in Latin America
French General Commission on Sustainable Development (CGDD) has published its annual s...
Website Builder 728x90
A 3ie-supported review examined the impact of SHGs on empowerment and the intermediate outcomes of SHG participation
Earthmind interview on sustainable development and wildlife ranching - Dukascopy TV
2016: Researchers in apply now! Submit applic. until May 24. https:/…
Health rights are part of the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development
I liked a video Voices on Sustainable Development from Asia and the Pacific
Almost all leaders agree that education and training is the only way to sustainable development.
Can young people drive Stay tuned for new incl 9 Actions for Sustainable Development. https…
Acronym of the day? TOSSD... not nearly as interesting as it sounds...
I added a video to a playlist A Growth and Sustainable Development Plan for Belize
Joining efforts and sharing responsibilities to achieve sustainable development
Soft power,human security and sustainable development are new priorities leading to the construction of new world social and political order
A Sustainable Development Goals target aims to reduce by 1/3 premature deaths from & other by 2030
Attending fascinating UNEP meeting on aligning the financial system with sustainable development. Must read report.
Goal 17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development...
Tomorrow starts! Find the green-print for sustainable urban development, in Hall 6
If you deliver on health, you deliver on all Sustainable Development Goals
"In many countries, measuring towards sustainable is constrained by lack of
A structured approach to monitoring and reporting on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development
The importance of investing in built-to-last via
Is a proper debate on sustainable global now due?
Have you improved environmental performance or support sustainable development? Enter
NSIA & IFC to partner with Kaduna State Govt in agriculture for sustainable development https:…
News: Global agricultural research and innovation community pledges action for sustainable development
"The commitment of this community to strengthen sustainable is crucial" -
Blog about the work we do with our Partners to creat sustainable development.
Are you advancing development locally? You could be an SDG Pioneer htt…
Welcome step by to celebrate B.R.Ambedkar’s birth annvrsry. Sustainable Development Goals,common element in both h…
This weekend, relayed our support for clean & sustainable hydropower development in
"We are faced with a huge challenge, put to us by the for Sustainable –
Read the OSCE SecGen contribution to 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in >>
Open Data: the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure leads the way -
AIESEC has partnered with the United Nations in order to promote the adoption of 17 Sustainable Development...
Regional Coordination Mechanism for Africa calling on a transformative. path on Sustainable Development &
Give the key to the owl - The National Council for Sustainable Development discussed the pr
Are Indigenous Women Key to Sustainable Development? - 60th Annual Committee on the Status of Women (CSW60) Pho...
South African Delegation participates in meeting of Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance & Trade
Green Jobs for Sustainable Development: concepts and practices (distance learning),
Taking Responsibility for Sustainable Development in the Nigerian Power Sector -By Yusuf Ali via
Sharing my remarks at International Workshop on Rule of Law and Sustainable Development.
Call for abstracts for the International Conference on Sustainable Development, on Sept 21-22 now open
Why education is essential to all the Sustainable Development Goals via
Head of Planning and Sustainable Development - Aberdeen - ABERDEEN CITY COUNCIL
WHO Executive Board consideration of Health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: At its meeting in ...
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, in the newest issue of focused on Global South and Sustainable Development
I am honoured to be elected Chair of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development.
Apply for the Global Fellows in Sustainable Development program (App due 2/14) :
Live at the 2nd Forum: Asian Development Bank - ADB Sustainable Development and Climate Change...
Initial results of Peugeot 208 and 508 model testing by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development...
News from UNESCO: Clearinghouse and Resource Bank on Education for Sustainable Development launched:
The Role of Education for Sustainable Development in Maltese Marine Protected Areas: Qualitative Study New research
The Data Revolution for Sustainable Development by Jeffrey D. Sachs, ET AL via via
Free Online course "The Age of Sustainable Development", tutored by Professor Jeffrey D Sachs.
Consultant - Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Peace and Stability Job at United Nations Development ... -
The UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, started Tuesday and CFACT ha…
Raúl Castro Calls to Follow Guidelines for Sustainable Development: With a call from the Cuban president...
From the Millennium Development Goals to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
Building resilient systems to face future epidemics. Where comes in:
declares 2017 as the International Year of Tourism for
In case you missed it earlier, thoughts from on engaging the private sector in
Sustainable a “win-win” pathway to and prosperity, says draft
Among the afternoon conferences: . - & with http…
Sustainable mngmnt: a major step in achieving sust development
Online Certificate Program. Tools for Youth Led Sustainable Development and Project Management. The program is...
Sustainable Development Goals are fully interconnected with climate
Free-flowing - definitely a necessity for and development!
Comment: Sustainable Development Goal 3 and the risk for the NCDs agenda
SECAD CENTER a home of Sustainable Education & Career Development
Now we need action to reach decarbonization by 2050 & sustainable development--Johan Rockstrom, Stockholm Resilience Centre
This is great! Pottinger really supporting soil health development and sustainable Ag practices!
"mechanism [for] mitigation of GHG emissions and support sustainable development" = code for offsets, which do neither
.(head of sustainable development finance): Why matters to investors:
"The private sector is too short-term focused to encourage sustainable development". Do you agree? Share your views: htt…
How can the impediments to the progress of be overcome?
The nine development leaps of Finnish forestry or how Finland became a model for Sustainable Forest Management.
Based on the current text 196 govts would be committing to create a thriving economy with equitable access to sustainable development
"This deal is good for the planet, good for sustainable development and good for business."
Srinivas Satya will discuss collaboration of smart technology with sustainable development
& all countries must act now. UN declares 2017 as International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
ECONOMICS MADE SIMPLE: Resource mobilisation for Sustainable Development Goals Found at
Info: is 4 development n equitable sharing:
SDG11—It is critically important to transcend *output* indicators by developing strong *progress* indicators
Good news for cooperative approaches and new sustainable development mechanism are both in the agreeme…
In alignment with the vision: A Green Economy for a Sustainable Development set out by H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Blue Diamond Resorts Receives Top Accolades for Sustainable Development and ... - Marketwired (press release)
As a Climate Change and Sustainable Development scholar, I listened carefully to H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta's address to...
The United Nations intends to replace Capitalism and Free Enterprise with its Green Economy, or Sustainable Development translates to ??
SSI is achieving the for Sustainable Development by educating children to free them from extreme poverty.
Thought-provoking piece by Derrick Jensen – Sustainable Development is a Lie: Hurts my heart to agree so much
Here it is,Derrick Jensen's new article, "Sustainable Development is a Lie."
Sustainable Development is a Lie. by Derrick Jensen. via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
World bank turns to MOOC for Finance and Sustainable Development learning
Students presented at the Children and Sustainable Development workshop at The Pontifical Academy of Sciences today.
Pontifical Academy of Sciences is hosting “Children & Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Education” Nov 13-15
Wangari Maathai Won Noble Peace Prize for “her Contribution to Sustainable Development, Democracy and Peace ,Read...
Bioenergy from Dendromass for the Sustainable Development of Rural Areas. by David Butler Manning - Wiley-VCH.
He later obtained a Master of Science Degree in Sustainable Development (Environmental Economics) from the University of London
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030...
Battle lines drawn at COP21: French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Segolene Royal (R)...
OES will be attending the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development tomorrow and the day after. Look...
Why the new Sustainable Development agenda is “fundamentally compromised” by corporate interests:
no better way to start a sentence than "As a sustainable development major..."
High need for for sustainable development https…
My mother was part of an family I have seen it.
Through corporate responsibility initiatives like Make Your Mark, we’re acting on our commitment to UN
Leaked EU "Sustainable Development" doc Fails 2 Protect Environment from Threats of - shame on…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Accountant II: CA-Irvine, Contribute to the development of sustainable processes and procedures t...
Join our panel w/ livestream on Oct 29 at 9 AM EST on whether can achieve sustainable development by 2030
Poverty goals? No, it’s extreme wealth we should be targeting | Zoe Williams
At UN 70th anniversary of the UN Charter event, (NAM) cites the human rights & development dimensions of sustainable peace & security.
CarolRay502000: Reflexive Law has sur­passed it all. . JoAnneMoretti
If the Global Goals were a Spotify playlist via
Micro-hydro in provides health facilities with clean, reliable energy .
[Brookings Inst.] Can we end rural hunger and reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?: . Homi Kharas and...
Mandera County Government will continue to mainstream Gender equality and Women right issues for sustainab…
People don't search for the Sustainable Development Goals on the weekend.
Reflexive Law has sur­passed it all. The bal­ance of this article will show you how and why.
Focus on sustainable, long-term survivalism with a slant toward self-sufficiency.
Higher education is sustainable development redefined https:…
tinghojob: What are the The full list is here.
Development Goal 17: Strengthen the global partnership via
Read more about the U.N.'s development goals for cities via
"Sustainable development" means over 90% Population over limit. The Farm is out of order Elites feel..You & you etc.
What are the The full list is here.
Agenda21 was adopted as a work plan to implement Sustainable Development by 179 nations including our own.
Baku hosts 1st Azerbaijan Conference on Sustainable Development and Corporate ... - AZERTAC News
Support The Global Goals for Sustainable Development - “Sorry we left you with our mess of a planet, sorry...
The boys are part of a Global Goals video for raising awareness about Sustainable Development! - A h…
Book on "Sustainable Development: Goals and Strategies" is out now.
Economic growth: The only path to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development ... - American Enterprise Institute
2016's Nobel Laureate Prof. Angus Deaton is a skeptic of the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals, but a fan of...
Selamat malam teman - teman PPIA QLD! . The Centre of Excellence of Sustainable Development for…
Pauline Conway of on the relevance of the for Sustainable Development:
Last month the UN announced 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development to achieve three extraordinary things...
President Bouteflika receives French minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy
Last week the United Nations formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development making peace...
Why a Is Key to Sustainable Development (and Why Must Lead the Way) ht…
It’s time to change the world. Tell Everyone about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
Photo: united-nations: As world leaders have adopted the Global Goals for Sustainable Development at the...
World Leaders commit to new Sustainable Development agenda calling for more Public Transport
The Internet will enable Sustainable Development - I guess Jimi Agbaje had a point.
learning & the for Sustainable Development, by OECD’s Michael Ward via
Oct 2 - Sixth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development: Event Details @ ht...
This wk worldwide heads of state will commit to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Will peace break out?
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon interviewed by Baidu CEO Robin Li on Global Goals for Sustainable Development, more
Open Data & Sustainable Development. New report from the World Bank outlines 4 classes of economic & social benefit.
our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Ambitious new agenda would end poverty by 2030
Asian and European NGOs and Students at the United Nations (Rememb. Educat. Lecture on Sustainable Development)
Latest from the blog: Sustainable Development for Humanity's Future
I highly recommend The Age of Sustainable Development by Jeffrey D. Sachs
I just bought: 'The Age of Sustainable Development' by Jeffrey D. Sachs via
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
A Descriptive Study on the Significance of Environmental Engineering with Sustainable Development -
The 3Ps Triple Bottom Line is so yesterday! now has 5Ps, says the new UN Sustainable Development...
We are excited for the accelerated program in Sustainable Development & Sustainability Management
CESD at Cttee on Environment & Sustainable Development re: Monitoring Resources & Environmental Monitoring of
Africa: Sustainable Development for All? University of Aberdeen. Just started this online course :-) might still...
The Bicycle is a Strong Link in the Social Chain of Sustainable Development - Stimmen wir zu!
Palawan Council for Sustainable Development has so far rescued 37 turtles and more are expected to surface
Malaysia to host Boao Forum meeting on Energy, Resources and Sustainable Development for China in KL in mid-June.
Africa Unity, A Recipe For Peace & Sustainable Development: Young Democrats For Good Governance on this day of...
Check out and nominate for The Young Scientist Award in Sustainable Development:
Besok 8pm! with Youth & Sustainable Development. Pasti inspiratif!
The Department of Sustainable Development of the OAS has worked with international strategic partners in...
Congrats to Wales Millennium Centre on winning The Queen's Award for Sustainable Development - thoroughly deserved
Biodiversity of Lianas (Sustainable Development and Biodiversity). by N. Parthasarathy - Springer.
African position on development finance is underway | International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
Seminar on Trade Policies, Value Chains and Development | International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
"Launch of AIM Annual Report by Dr of Center on Sustainable Development
Strategic Environmental Assessment and its role in Sustainable Development - regional event - don't miss!
CONSOL Energy’s Appalachian basin operations certified by Center for Sustainable Development. Details:
International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2015 - Biodiversity for Sustainable Development
- 'Business as Usual' Management of Water and Agriculture Will Cripple Paths to Sustainable Development
Key Elements of a Successful Addis Ababa Accord on Financing for Sustainable Development
What does cooperation mean for African trade and sustainable development? via
As private education rises globally, researchers disagree whether it's worth it
How can we achieve our goals of a better world in 2030? It's simple: put women and girls first.
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