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Sushi King

Kenny Kunene Jimmy Carr

My man just picked sushi king over getting ***
Next time I'll never eat at sushi king again 💁🏻
It's the 13th & it's 😉 is showing Stephen King's Misery tonight. Why not treat you…
SUSHI KING is ok la but would be best if have SAKAE SUSHI OR ZENMAI OMG SEDAPNYA
Just want school to be over so I can go to sushi king with 💕
Sushi king has sweet potato and veggie rolls for $12 all you can eat playa
Where u got the guts thinking ur boyfriend is making me wet my panties in sushi king lol wake up girl
He said he wants to eat burger king,pizza,sushi,fried chicken and nasi kerabu on the same day after he got better 😹…
Counting the red plate at Sushi king. Mom: we hv 6 plates so 6xrm4. Me: *confidently* 18. Mom: *ignored me* 24. Me: *pure shock*. Sheet
The anime king on the bus from yday ordered sushi for lunch n grabbed chopsticks from his backpack king
loving it! How do you become the King of sushi?. Can I share with K? He loves sushi and numbers too!
I only found it too cos our friends were parked in the front. They got bomb as king prawns as well as their dragon sushi
Boss: lina we’re taking the speaker to sushi king you wanna joi. Me:
Ohh men still got another rm20 voucher for sushi king.
King Crab 🦀 roll. Join us for happy hour from 5 pm to 7 pm, Dinner hours 5 pm to 9:30, last call…
Craving for ayam mcd, sushi king and Seoul garden. Wuu great 💰
I've been to Sushi King three times so far and now it's my new fav place
had sushi for the first time, she tried the king california tempura, you trying things? I’m ya waiter, I hope you like what I’m tryna bring.
I was looking for something else on Groupon but when I saw that sushi 😍 I've never even been to Sushi King
I thought the Sushi king was back with his ZAR night club! 😂
I am gonna love sushi king !!!. All menu come with calories count !
At sushi king now and there's actually japanese eating here?!
Sushi king would be nice at this time 🍣
My new sushi king card. Super cute ❤️
I'll keep an eye out at Second Edition books next to Sushi King XD
Sushi king like that. My bad y'all lol
I'll always be a fat girl and i am happy with that 🍙🍣🍤 @ Sushi King , Kluang Mall
Anyone down for smoothie king and sushi ?
I've at so much sushi today and king cake. I gotta change my eating habits. 😄😄😄
The volcano sushi roll at sushi king is so good 😩
Let's pay a visit to sushi king jom!
Need to change my card.. "exclusive for 2017 sushi king member card"
I would say the best sushi king outlet that ive been try is at ioi mall putrajaya. The service is super fast & fresh than the others! 😍
Only available at Sushi King Express, Taipan USJ till 31st of March 🙃
Bring me to sushi king and I'm gonna eat all of them!!
At Tokyo Steakhouse for my birthday dinner...
Told myself I was gonna eat healthy today...had sushi king for lunch and pie for dinner. 🙃🙃🙃
Looking for someone to take me out on my first sushi date!
It's 11:07 and I want an eel roll from sushi king
Already missing the food in Bay Area. In N Out, Pho 99, Ghirardelli, Food from Fisherman's Wharf, Lion King Sushi, and the family.
Heading to see Stomp!!! — eating Lion King Roll, and Spicy 2 in 1!!! yum! at Sushi Village
Craving Sushi King, what have you done 🍣
Excited to try Nikkei for some incredible sushi, adding to the list of delish eateries in the area.
we also love King of Tokyo, Farkle, and Sushi Go
Want sushi king so bad but so broke 😭
8) Sushi. People who don't like sushi are the same people who fart in the car and lock the windows. Y'all suck.
Fukuda Sushi @ 10537 King George Blvd has a great deal: 22 pieces of sushi for only $6.99!
He's putting this in his next song "Bheka, bheka, bheka..king khotini, ng'blome no Alessandro wase Gucci, eating su…
exactly why I just took can hobby my house and get some before sushi king if u need to
Can't stop thinking about all this sushi king I'm gonna eat after clas
Who's up for some late night supper 😂 if you're then try the Salmon Don from Sushi King filled…
in Ontario, King sushi, also the Perris buffet has some good ones well I love them
All I wanted was sushi and I got Burger King instead
My summer diet is Hennessy and Sushi 󾌫
Tell me why me & need to smoke and go get sushi again
King Crab Saturday's. Come join us for lunch, Open 11 am to 2:30 pm, last call is at 2:15 pm.…
Let's write this processional and go out for sushi. . Sincerely,. Clutch King
My friends want me to go all the way to Alameda for lunch at some sushi spot. I'd rather hit Monkey King tbh
End my 4th day of Syawal at Sushi King open house. 🍣
i just arrived. Igt nak ajak sushi king 😭
Dinner... before menonton later... (@ Sushi King in Alor Star, Kedah)
Because this one always be my fav food. @ Sushi King batu Pahat Mall
Yas finally got to eat sopoong and sushi king after a month craving wuwuwuw 🎉🎉
need to hit up King's soon. craving sum sushi🔌
i was so excited when i found a pokémon in king kong sushi
Here's a list of this week's new arrivals and restocks:. NEW:. Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game. King of Tokyo...
Can someone bring me to sushi king 🍣 im so crave af
Suprisingly, cheesecake sushi king sedap do
"The quality of the sushi is just terrible. We asked for the new one ( freshly made..." @ Sushi King
Surprised with the complimentary norwegian salmon sushi due to the opening of Sushi King 💯th…
Best sushi in town Sushi King in Santa Monica! Spanish mackerel is 💣🍣 @ Sushi King
Watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I'm never eating at Sushi King ever again 😥
Should've just went to sushi king omg this place is so gaddamn slow
Why sushi king doesn't have delivery service haih
There needs to be a good middle eastern or sushi food place open 24 hours
OMG yes sushi. I think I want that too. Lol u live in the u.s y'all even fry BUTTER😕
I want sushi lol or something that's healthy but it's all the lame American food places open rn
When you're having fun and your mom keeps calling you
Everytime I go to china king I always get like 6 plates of sushi, and that's it, maybe some frog legs if they got them. But nothing more.
I'm so full but I'm happy lolz sushi was on FLEEK it was called the Lion King, said quotes from the movie as I ate lol
*eating @ China King with parents*. Mom: wow you're like a pro. I can never get the hang of those sushi sticks. Me: . Chop Sticks..?
My dad started a full conversation with the yo sushi employees and the employee girl ended up sharing a lion king roll with me.😂😂😂
I am wonder do you went to sushi king yesterday night with some of ur friends? Coz I seem like saw someone like you yesterday😶
Waiting for food to come is the worst
When you go to Plaza Azteca to meet a friend but you were supposed to be at Sushi King 😞
I just want sushi king or yamatos or Mongolian grill but I'm tired of going out to eat by myself 😂😂
You're doing it right when her back starts to arch👅💦
😂😂😂 “Sushi is probably what Satan's cooking tastes like”
Sushi is probably what Satan's cooking tastes like
The sushi part 😂😂😂 “I still believe people pretend to like indomie the same way they pretend to like sushi”
My friend stopped by for some sake+sushi..This guy is the king of cool t-shirts!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I see the same people always saying they're going to sushi king like it's not $18
Games night in full swing with Sushi Go! and Castles of Mad King Ludwig.
Rock lobster and seaweed sushi: tiramisu of king crab flavored with coconut and lemon
Going to sushi king and ordering a salad, 7 different sushi rolls, 2 chicken fried rice and teriyaki steak🍚🍱 all just for 12.99😂
have you ever been to King Kong sushi? We are visiting myrtle beach and are big fans...
Sushi it is since is being all stank today 😭😂
Patiently waiting for 11.30pm to get free sushi king!
Went to sushi king for the so -called bonanza. Was extremely disappointed w the selection of sushi they offered on the conveyer belt 😳
On the cards for tonight: ticket to ride, castles of mad king Ludwig, pandemic, splendor, sushi go, cockroach poker and one night werewolf
all I wanted was sushi, but King Kong changes into a bar...
Crazy monkey roll at King Sushi. Never would have thought to put banana in sushi. But, it is amazing!…
We support and respect everyone's right to be who they are.
Stop by Sushi King for a delicious dinner before heading to the Jazz Festival.
Shout out to all the girls who eat sushi. It shows a gentleman that you like it raw.
New Stuff! SUSHI DRAFT, KING'S GOLD, and GOBLETS GOBBLERS from Blue Orange Games! Also, the new DARK ANGELS...
All purpose parts banner
(Made with)App . Yeay sushi king..ling time x mkn..
Sushi King Kai done. black skirt this time. and more 46cm guns :^)
Amazing Sushi enjoyed world wide see more @ | Finally got home and now to eat like a king …
Sushi king's sushi taste so good but I hate their service.
Pretty sure Crazy King Kong Sushi is a club after 8:30
Put em in the river I'm the sushi king
Flame-grilled salmon, king fish and scallop
Some of the aftermath. wolfmediagroup
Me you and bæ (should hang out soon 😍 by hang out, I mean get sushi king
Let's help out new King with the things you must do in Sacramento. I'll start: gotta get sushi at
Sushi time, gains time, this roll is one of my favorites, it's called the King Kong Roll, exactly the…
Can't go on a date with you to Ru Sans and you're stabbing the sushi with a fork...😒✋
King 👑 Buffet, here I come. To eat all your sushi 🍣👅
nah they want Chipotle or sushi u dont get park dates til she prego
Sushi King with my lovely boyfriend.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
the most delicious deep fried egg ever! Golden ball sushi king! it's crunchy and full of satisfaction!:O
That golden hair of Kevin reminds me of Golden Ball at Sushi King LOL
u finna go down to sushi king in RVA??
Sushi is love, Sushi is life. therefore it can not be replaced.
you just said Hibachi is blazing for sushi, that's like saying Mcdonolds is the best place
She wanted to give sushi king sloppy toppy but she 16 get that *** out of here 👎👎
everyday a week, before the day i chose fo start my diet . dad :. the day . dad : eh you want go eat sushi. dad : how bout burger king. sRSLY
lemme just say that sushi king one utama has the absolute WORST service
Ordering from a place called SUSHI FESTIVAL. I hope the sushi rolls are wearing tiny party hats
Omg, I'm so in the mood for sushi and smoothie king
Spicy tuna and crab rolls with the King of Katsuya and KABC
“Sushi or bdubbs?” Sushi; sushi king would be perf right now 😩
Left with wine, crawfish, shrimp, sushi, and a king cake 😳
Sushi King Saving Baby P from her sick daddy!
"I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll write your name."
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want 💗
I'm the only person in sushi boat. I feel like a king. Or The Don
Sam King if you love sushi, follow me
"On the Itchy & Scratchy CD-ROM, is there a way to get out of the dungeon without using the wizard key?"
lion king sushi from roll roll roll on Wilshire with a side of miso soup.
Lunch at Sushi King with le ELS friends
deffo the sushi part not the Burger King part 😒
Never ever ever ever ever go to any Sushi King outlet that is in a Malay neighbourhood.
I can get what i want okayyy (@ Sushi King in Subang Jaya, Selangor)
Sushi King at Berjaya Times Square with le abang 😁
having dinner at Sushi King and will catch a movie at IMAX...@ Sunway Pyramid
Anyone want to go eat all you can eat sushi at sushi king? It's $11.95 I am going to go around noon!
Amazing birthday dinner at last night. Everyone should go eat the king crab sushi immediately.
Poor Mr. Taro, he's the king of Old Compton sushi.
funny you should ask. Remember sushi king?
Sushi King why does the Gogo Tomago set not have any egg. Why does the Wasabi no Ginger set not include wasabi or ginger. I am disappointed
Thank you vscocam for covering my scars 😂 @ Sushi King
Lunch with the classmates! (@ Sushi King in Petaling Jaya, Selangor)
“I would kill for some strawberry milk and sushi right now”
TrueLife: ..I can have sushi for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Sushi king, mall trip, and haircut on Wednesday. My half day could not be any better 😍
Whenever I go out to eat now I'm going to Sushi King
When you can't afford something so you put it back.
Woke up from a nap and now I'm listening to king tuff as i eat sushi in bed😍
I just had , sushi , chicfila and burger king
Man everyone has been going to sushi king lately
Had a near death experience today and ate sushi roles in Burger King with mah homie.
So we've found a better word for Sushi King to Nyotaimori 👓👓 Wow.
Sushi king Norfolk has the worst service everytime I go here 😪
I want to just stay in bed all day with sushi and Stephan King movies.
Midnight movie ouija with my lovely sushi king managers and my craziest friend! Thank you for…
Go to Yoshi Sushi on King St for fantastic Japanese and Korean food.
Yup, Kenny always worth listening to, No shushing the Sushi King
Terrible journey on within 1 metre of me I had sushi, noodles & burger king being munched!
When you're at a party with people you don't know and your friend disappears
a new joint opened up in my town called sushi king but I'm very weary. I'll have to try it
Sushi is filth to me my taste buds not ready for that
If I'm in front of the Sushi King restaurant : I'll walk towards the caunter and ordering Sakai Sushi , Sushi Salmon and crunchy chicken
071014 - Dins at Sushi King..Thanks gadis gadis kesayangan for this pre-celebration ♥
I wanna go to sushi king tonight someone come!! 🍱🍣🍜😋
Thanks:D I like in Canada.I like to eat king salmon.(^_^)vI like to eat Sushi too o(^o^)o Thank you.
In the mood for some Japanese food today 🍱🍣🍙 (@ Sushi King in Subang jaya, Selangor)
Maybe blackwood will not accepting me. Maybe I should ask a job at sushi king too.
Haru Sushi, Taco King, m.. I don't know where 😁😂
Cant wait for this evening. Sushi King with abah 🎊
i want mcdonalds and wingstop and chick fil a and burger king and sushi and waffles and in n out and KFC and starbucks and chilicheese fries
okay you know who doughboy cashout is? Or pablo skywalkin? N lmao retro sushi wat kinda name
Mariah Carey: I know you CHEATED, mother f***er! [AUDIO]
Then again I could always go for some Sushi King... 🍴🍴🍴🍴
yes free. Should you want to take me to Taco Bell or sushi king for lunch before or after..I will graciously accept
I really miss Fit For A King sets and sushi dates with the whole band. Good times...
Sushi, Oysters on the half shell, Shrimp and Alaskan King Crab Legs lol
Youth and adult, coming of age, sexuality, teen angst!!!
where is closest entity for king cones, McDonald's, sushi...these snaps must live on
Took my boy out for lunch today... His first time eating sushi lol. And learning to eat with…
The King of the Sea calls your name :).
Green Point hotel wants Sushi King's ZAR to be liquidated
Sushi King on SR7 just south of Okeechobee on the west side! Amazing little hole in the wall!
This are some favourite things of enrique favorite animal: dog favorite holiday destination: Los Cabos in Mexico favorite food: sushi, some delicious chilaquiles, hamburgers with fried potatoes, tacos, exotic fruit, pizza, italian food, all kind of fries favorite dessert: apple pie with vanilla ice cream favorite kitchens: Japonese, Cuban, American, Spanish and Mexican favorite restaurant: Sushi King in Miami favorite team: Real Madrid favorite clothing: jeans, T-shirt, cap and tennis shoes favorite color: black, white, red, grey favorite movie: Raiders of the lost Ark favorite actress: Meryl Streep favorite actor: Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves favorite book: The old man and the sea from Ernest Hemmingway favorite magazine: Billboard favorite TV-programs: Addicted to MTV, Modern Family, American Idol, Two and a half man, 60 Minutes, Californication, Breaking Bad
Today Imma introduce an app which I find it's very useful for everyone of us,, an online food delivery portal which allows customers to order food from over 200 restaurants such as Sushi King, Old Town and TGI Fridays. Overall my first experience with Foodpanda was great and surprisingly it's very convenient and detailed :)
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
- From internet Worked in Kasturi KL2 for wirelessonFriday and Saturday. :) So happy to meet back all my tuition lecturers. ;D Im happy because all of them still remember me! :) All my favourite lecturers in kasturi if compare with my secondary school teachers. I met my form four bio teacher and also used to be my good friend - TK Leong. He is the one that is close with us, brought us out for futsal games, bbq party and froggie dissection class in keryi's house. Remember he was the kind teacher that will fetch us home after tuition class that normally other teachers seldom do. Pick me up from my house for dimsum in the morning and brought us for sushi king and so forth. How nice right? Next will be Mr Freddy and Ms Christina, they are both my chemistry teacher for form4 and form5. Mr Fong - my f5 bio teacher, he is one of my favourite teacher too! A good looking guy! LOL. Besides that, i met Mr murugan and Mr Lim too. Too bad cos i couldnt get to see Mr How(Jasmine's fav!), because he was in KL1 teaching ...
too rich! With cheese. Huhu. N dinner with sushi king.. N now i cant hide my big tummy. Argh!!! So cheat day!!!
Had Carls Junior superstar burger in the morning and few pcs of sushi king later. Dont ask me why my tummy growls now!!
Someone pls take me out to sushi king pls (sobs)
lol. I think you are totally confused just like that "Sushi King" who has just opened a gangsters political party
Amazing. The man in my favourite sushi lunch place in King's Cross remembered my order. I've not been here since last June.
Okay no more mood dy. Of all places we're eating at carrefour because sushi king got offer. My efforts of dressing up, wasted.
I free on Tuesday after 2pm. 18th march got sushi king bonanza, I got member card 😛😛😛
Sushi King Bonanza 2014: Enjoy all rice-based sushi and Tsumami on kaiten belt for only RM3. Promotion is for Sushi King 2014 Member card holders only.
Sushi king's playing marathon of DBSK Japanese album. When they were still five. Tskkk
They grilling sushi king on 180 with Bob..kwa the line up for the roaster is awesome joo can't stop laughing
Tonight is of weetameal, fridge, palapes, pearl harbour, sushi king and mangga emas and dr minaketan.
huge fan, and I'm the ever in Detroit I'll show you the king's sushi bar!
Kayafm just asked Kenny Kunene to confirm if he really has the original Oscar Pistorius legs? I think so my lady, Barry Roux doesn't come cheap. Sold to Sushi King the highest bidder!
Hai hai no I don't agree with the Sushi King,I've been blunting for years and I haven't seen a train unless I'm at a train station!
So good to hear Neneh Cherry aka back in action. Raw Like Sushi was an essential album during the young Gary…
Currently lunch at Sushi King with lil sys :*
Bonding Time with my little sister. Lunch at Sushi King Kinta City. Eat eat eat.
Has the sushi king political party registered for elections 2014? ??
Quick bath before interview with Bob Mabena & Kuli Roberts this morning! Tune in at 07:30 CAT to hear what Kenny 'Sushi King' Kunene has to say!
Maybe sushi king tomorrow with the siblings 😏
I want Matcha Ice Cream (green tea ice cream and red bean paste) at Sushi King 😣
King Kong sushi date and Target date tomorrow with my bestie.I don't think it can get any better than that
Hmmm well there are a few Nori Sushi, Firehouse Grill, Dami, Umai and King Sushi are all tops for me!
Sushi king loves me so much! Additional katsudon and tofudon everytime I order ❤️❤️
- Sushi King: Enjoy Japanese-Style Spaghetti OR Okonomiyaki from only RM4.60!!. More details:...
yes! Have you been to King Kong sushi in Claremont?! That's my
Today was a library and sushi and King Lear kind of day! (^∇^)
Kuya King treated me out to sushi to pick up my dead week ☺️ 💙 😂
The king crab roll is a must have! The food is amazing. The service is great!! (@ Mitoushi Sushi) on
Is Sushi King in East Windsor on route 130 good???
Western burger, Lok Lok, sushi king and me now mcdonalds... This is the place I went just now... And it's all related...
Kenny Kunene is the 'Sushi King' because he eats Sushi with pap and Atchar. .
We're looking for a 9th roaster! Do you have what it takes to 'Sushi King' ? More:
So the next Comedy Central Roast is going to feature the Sushi King himself, Kenny Kunene. Word on is that Nando's and Comedy Central announced that British comic Jimmy Carr will be hosting The Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene Fired Up by Nando’s. Apparently Kenny will be roasted on A...
British comic, Jimmy Carr, will be hosting the roasting of the Sushi King! Does Jimmy know Kenny Kunene? Could we not use David Kau, Trevor Noah, Anele Mdoda...the local list is endless
Always remember that they want you to be better, but not better than them. _ Kenny Kunene :-) Sushi King.
Just got home from an awesome 3 hour workout & spa session at Island Club & Spa & midnight dinner special at Sushi King. Thank you Krissy Higa you are the best! I cherish your friendship more & more as each bday passes that I spend with you the day before or the day of by coincidence & never any plans are made bcuz that is how u roll. Thank you thank you thank you for another year of fun & laughter. I loved every minute with you tonight!!
"Sushi King" Kenny Kunene has resigned from Juju's EFF with immediate effect..
Guess who's coming out of the wood work (Kunene aka Sushi King.
No but someone needs to take over as our new Sushi King, Kenny Kunene's former lifestyle can't just come to an end.
Sushi King after iftar cause we don't know what 'full' is LOL . With Miss Amy , Amieza , Afiqah and Lily .
Hardcore *Polotition* meets Sushi King...cnt wait 4 the comic relief or combustion.
More irony in politics as the Sushi King who orders supercars like take-aways joins the Economic Freedom Fighters Political Party...
ANC hits back at Sushi King: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS The ANC descended on an unrepentant Kenny Kunene on Tuesday…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Guptas should have been allowed to respond to Sushi King and not Luthuli House. Lol
In response to the Sushi King's cde says the is not gonna reply to the imprudent provocation & lies
"How is fake grass a part of security upgrade" in his words; Sushi King to Kanga Pimp.
Hike Mt. Major and sushi + a king sized candy bar for a picnic at the top then swim ?!
Hello night owls - let's see who's up! Lauren is coming to see us and she's bringing a four-generation group of her family. Her goal is to find some local restaurants that are sure to please lots of different folks. So where do you recommend in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach?
Time for a little fun Ready Set Go -- D
Sushi King Malaysia has updated their menu and has better food quality! Definitely worth it
We should think so, but do call +603-79601855 and confirm with our Sushi King before going!
When I get this king size bed, y'all can't tell me nothing!
I miss sushi king. Its been awhile.
here's the list!  rules are:  a) chains don't count UNLESS they're ithaca-based which, if they are, going to just one of them suffices  b) getting take-out from the restaurant is okay  c) it's main function has to be a restaurant, no restaurant/whatever  d) it can't be part of a hotel or spa or larger function can you let me know if i'm missing any restaurants? I put a 'C' next to the ones that i've been to...  Agava Restaurant Aki Samurai Sushi Aladdin’s Natural Eatery Antlers Apollo Restaurant Asia Cuisine C Asian Noodle House Bandwagon Brew Pub Bangkok Thai Bistro & Sushi Bella Pizza Bibim Bap Korean Restaurant C Blue Stone Grill C Bubble Tea Asian & Thai Buffalo Wild Wings Buzz Drive Thru Coffee Café Dewitt Café Pacific Capital Corner C Carriage House Café Casablanca Pizzeria & Mediterranean Cuisine Chapter House Brew Pub Ciao C College Town Pizza Inc. Collegetown Bagels C Corners Deli Dolce Delight D.P. Dough C Easy Wok C Fine Line Bistro Garcia’s Gimme! Coffee C Glenwood Pines Restaura ...
Kenny the king of sushi I am a skhotane me and my fellow izkhotana we are the c.n.x cronic spenders from daveyton we say halala king mosha
Only my dad would get a craving for sushi at 10:12 at night.and then drive to king and I to get it
This is with out the three orders of sushi! a @ John Holly's Asian Bistro
lol okay, if you get it right I'll buy you king taco or sushi next time lol
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So I go to the shops to get my nails and pedicure done (stupid idea with a baby!) and within 10 minutes I see two separate very overweight mum's feeding their kids McDonald's Happy Meals at 10.35am!!! ***
Quality time with Jason this evening, surprised with roses, osakas, sushi and a romance/comedy. I love you
Tim P. or Mikiala, when either one of you have a chance, ask your dad if can make this sushi roll. Spicy scallops, red bell peppers, tempura cruch, tuna, tobiko (what the heck is this) served with a mango salsa...I AM so ono for this sushi, right now, ha!
Hey Everyone! We want to know some restaurants that offer peanut-free menu options! Does anyone know of any? Please share the name of the restaurant and it's location!
Dinner w Ash while parents watch London (@ Sushi King)
They had me when they named this sushi roll the Lion King. @ Red Bowl
Met the owner of sushi king last night. Lets just say I can get some sushi for really really cheap!
Tony Smooth began his DJ career in 1999. Growing up in Baltimore (USA), Tony got the first taste of Electronic Dance Music by listening to Hard House DJ's like Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vision. In 1998 he visited an after hours nightclub that played strictly Acid House and Tribal House. From that poi...
Josh and I are the ultimate sushi King & Queen.
The attorney general’s office said there is another hurdle that could stand in the way of horse slaughter plans in Roswell.
Americans getting hype seeing a computer "sushi king", we had Kenny Kunene :(
didn't Bosman say no boobs for Ubi? That sushi place got pretty dang close!
aokk. thts wht the sushi king ppl wud say when you enter the restaurant :D
Sushi date at King Kong with so glad to have ya back 😘
Nothing says class like wolfing down an entire box of sushi in the king Soopers parking lot.
thanks... I don't like Sushi or Seafood either. Except Salmon & only if I'm cooking it
I've been working downtown for two months and haven't checked it out yet. How was it? I really like Niko Niko sushi on King.
Sending out invites for my B Day this Sat 6/15 at the Sushi King on Sunset so if U get an invite to a Ric Hard event its was from me . There will be a tapping of an upcoming reality show as well as my B Day so come prepared to have some fun with the celebrities please see my time line for the post I am trying to remember everyone to invite but if some how i miss u please get the info off my time line for everyone coming to my party the cover charge is 10.00 all night
Max brought me some king salmon and some lake trout home.gotta love him, he says, "I got these for you mom." my mouth is watering to taste them. him and Dylan are in the kitchen right now prepping them up
So while the world enjoys sushi, king prawns and lasagna .. Here I am preparing Papa Ka Maas.
I'm craving applebee's or hibachi or sushi or chipotle or mcdonalds or surf taco or burger king or taco bell or emilios.. the list goes on
Need a day out w/my besty Shawnte Chandler maybe sushi king soon. Miss u
I'm still asking myself how the heck did DR DRE get ripped
I just want to be at the beach and eat sushi
A Virginia restaurant is banning children under the age of 18. They say it's because parents need a break. It's causing a large media stir there. We want to know what people here in Central New York think about age limits at restaurants.
Have you tried our Mango Tango Roll? [Spicy King Crab & Avocado, Topped with Mango, Salmon & Tobiko]
here's a very serious question by Damla Vardar hi I have a guestion to u. I have been in malta for 5 months and I am so bored eating pasta,pizza ,kebap:) what can I eat in malta apart of theese and where? I don't know, do u have a any advice for me. by the way I live in sliema. thank you in advance. when i see such a question i start to worry!
Can someone deliver mac, kfc, pizza hut, burger king, ice cream, sushi, bacon, chocolate and bubble tea to my doorstep right now?
Chose sushi over a Burger King. I bette have abs of death by at least Thursday
Sikhala ngosathane nje sawamukela kudala that time samukela izitabane and to tell the truth it will be difficult to get rid of it
i want to eat sushi at the sushi king.. but i dun want to go there alone T^T
Just got home sushi king fo dinner with my loving habibi:))
Let Mandela die and rest in peace,hes been through alot,kenako ya gore a tsile. Let him walk in the "light" already.
Sushi and donut king drink after exams HOLLA :p — I should do that tomorrow omg
Mom's treat for the last day of my year. @ Sushi King
King Fisher Madness! HAPPY HOURS Wednesday and Saturday from 5.30 to 7.30 - 1/2 price SUSHI. (no take aways)
Want that khloe and lamar relationship
Green tea no longer free flow in sushi king le
Sushi King has started to charge for their green tea?!? And your choice of sushi in your menu looks very similar to another upcoming sushi outlet?!? You guys were here in Malaysia first, you don't have to copy your marketing from other new sushi outlets. Stay original!
Good morning early birds! Lisa is coming to see us from Louisiana and she's looking for recommendations on "must-try" restaurants in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Can you help her out?
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