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Susan Waldman

Suzyn Waldman (born ) is a sportscaster and former Broadway actress. Starting with the 2005 season, she has been the color commentator for New York Yankees baseball, working with John Sterling on radio broadcasts for WCBS-AM in New York City.

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Yankee radio announcer Susan Waldman right before Indians grand slam: "I'd pitch CC Sabathia in Game 5"
Heard it first from ..Susan Waldman Melky to the Royals is official.
Susan Waldman accused him of wanting Mantle's number. Cashman denied that.
Susan Waldman: "I think they sent him down". "Uh.. nope, he's warming up in the bullpen. Nevermind."
lol sour shoes just called into the Michael Kay show imitating Susan Waldman while interviewing
Hooray / Susan Waldman on 660 / speaking about " red dot on baseball indicates a slid…
I like Susan Waldman the first woman baseball announcer that in the Yankee broadcast booth for more than 10 years now
OTD in 2005 Susan Waldman becomes the 1st woman to be a full-time color commentator for the on WCBS-AM.
Mike was blunt but he's right. That Susan Waldman question was laughable lol she's a broadcaster how is she qualifi…
I would like to see Susan Waldman manage the Yankees!
what a clown that caller is. Susan Waldman managing the Yankees.
The Isles didn't make a trade but listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman call the Yanks always puts me in a great mood!
which love was more ridiculous Stephen A's commercial for Magic Johnson or Susan Waldman when she saw Clemens was Steinbrenner
Happy New Year's to Mr. Michael Francesa. The Fan will be entering it's 30th year. Susan Waldman was 1st person on air ever
fantastic show alert !!!on a day that Boomer is out bring back John Sterling..Craig does Susan Waldman w/ him entire show
former .lineman, Greg Buttle talking sports, politics-says Susan Waldman of the never shuts up!
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If I was the Yankees I'd use this start as an excuse to get rid of Susan Waldman
Ha ha. Yanks' offense is so bad. I'm shocked he & Susan Waldman don't doze off during the broadcast.
Yankees radio announcers John Sterling and Susan Waldman r worst in baseball. Sterling talks like he's the game and can't even see a HR
Soon this game will be over and Susan Waldman will be put back in her cage and fed a baby and I can cry myself to sleep.
Just so everyone knows, I do not out Susan Waldman down because she's a woman. I still find her more tolerable than Thom Brenneman.
Susan Shill Waldman is gonna in heaven tawking 2 those 2 GMs,she grew up loving da Sawk,now her bawks gets randy thinkin'bout da Boss' bawks
. his stupid impersonations of Francesa, Jim Rome, TC, Susan Waldman.its old its stupid and how many times can he say Period.stop
In branding, 'name awareness does not equal brand awareness', points out Susan Waldman of
So Ned waited to give us this...We need a Susan Waldman "Oh, who cares" for Ned Yost and his top secret actions...
did u guys see Susan Waldman on that cbs show last night? Its that all woman show.
I'll tell you what, Archer was worlds better than John Sterling, Susan Waldman or Michael Kaye.
thought it was a Yankees/Red Sox game it went so long. Next time have John Sterling/Susan Waldman do questions
keep getting brainwashed by YES and Susan Waldman
Susan Waldman is def comical. Sterling criticizes the Yankees more than he praises them.
Johnny Mac is horrendous on air though. I almost wanted Susan Waldman. Ok not that bad but bad!!
Wow, Girardi just hit Waldman with a "That's baseball Susan.".
Susan Waldman is the Joe Buck of radio
Don't mock "Can you talk about that?"! That is a Susan Waldman classic. And she's in the Jewish Baseball Hall of Fame!
Anybody notice how Mike Lupica and Susan Waldman sound similar?
Goya and the Duchess of Alba by Susan Waldman NEW! HARD COVER Art Book
that...was not a dude...that...was Susan Waldman
its Susan Waldman. At least Flo serves a purpose and isn't completely hideous.
Who's more annoying? Flo from Progressive or Susan Waldman?Both of their voices make me want to stick scissors in my ears.
Susan Waldman of all people may have the best explination 4 Verlander & Miggy being off this year. they both had hernia ops
I need to save my money and subscribe to MLBtv next year. I love listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman calling the games on the radio
female announcers like Susan Waldman make me so angry. this is why nobody takes women in sports seriously.
I hate listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman.
More excited: Susan Waldman when Roger Clemens was in the Steinbrenner box or everyone in Cleveland right now
John Sterling and Susan Waldman both suck individually but put them together and... *brain melts*
Torture is listening to the Tigers impotent offense on XM with John Sterling and Susan Waldman.
Susan Waldman has to be the biggest waste of airtime in baseball...
You get great stories from John Sterling & Susan Waldman listening to games on
Hearing John Sterling and Susan Waldman announce a Cardinals game makes me sick to my stomach.
I can't stand Susan Waldman. She has a face for radio and the voice of someone who should keep quiet. Also, I think she's a dude in drag.
..Susan Waldman's break down of each player like describing Myers hard hit go ahead RBI 1b top 14 as "An example of not trying 2do too much"
Susan Waldman is hardly average looking...
hearing John Sterling and Susan Waldman call a yanks game is akin to seeing a dad exasperated with his progeny on Take Your Kid To Work Day
Susan Waldman is sounding as dumb as ever
The Susan Waldman impression is absolutely priceless. I laugh every time.
Come on Dave Robertson, pull those panty hose down. We know you are trying to impress Susan Waldman but come on already...
Is it true John Sterling told Susan Waldman not to bring *** to the ballpark?
Susan waldman said he has a Phil Hughes fastball 😁
Susan waldman "Yankees take a 3-1 lead into the bottom of the 7th thnx to Murphys home run" she has a job cause?
I don't know how Yankees fans listen to Susan Waldman. She's unbearable with that voice.
Listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman files under "cruel and unusual punishment."
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Ive been in the car for 2 seconds and Susan Waldman has mentioned Bernie Williams already in the post game. Why Susan why
Meredith should replace Susan Waldman. Knowledgeable and a voice that doesn't make you cringe and a Jenny Dell lookalike for the camera.
how about listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman?
John Sterling and Susan Waldman are the worst.
Susan is without a doubt tohe worst. poor john. why do we have to hve every game ruined. ist this team painful enough. if she explains how putchers balls move. one more time im done.stupid cow
I don't know who is worst to listen to Keith Hernandez or Susan waldman
Do all Yankees fans hate Susan Waldman as much as my dad and brother do?
your Susan Waldman sounds like Edith Bunker! :-)
Susan Waldman NEEDS to leave the Yankees radio station. I can't standd her.
I forgot how hard it is to listen to a Yankee game on the radio with Susan Waldman speaking
I feel so bad for Yankees fans that have to listen to Susan Waldman every game. No I don't
fans, how DO you put up with Susan Waldman? Sounds like your granny and is painfully inaccurate. Do you not care about radio?
Susan Waldman on broadcast says she can't understand why umpire just ejected Max Scherzer, who isn't even in game (more)...
The juice man! The juice has worn off. Susan Waldman could figure that out.
waiting to hear Susan Waldman announce Bobby Bonilla going out into the crowd to do the same.
Jesus they showed a Susan waldman highlight on espn
If Iron Mike uppercut Susan Waldman ... Straight up out of the announcers box .. Action movie style .. I would smile ear ta ear
Ugh this Bob Costas is so overrated. Give me Susan Waldman any day.
Susan Waldman and John Sterling may be two of the stupidest people Ive ever heard speak
Do I torture myself for the next 3 hours by listening to Joe Buck & Tim McCarver or John Sterling & Susan Waldman?
Susan waldman, shut up. "Easily hitable". You couldn't hit a baseball off a tee. Hitting a 90mph Fastball is the hardest thing in sports
the NBA should bring in Susan Waldman to cover trade rumers
I never thought I could hate a person as much as I hate Susan Waldman and John Sterling, their voice just makes me cringe, the Yankees need to hire some new radio people pronto!!!
If you are NOT a Yankee fan the 8 favorite words you can hear on the radio are Susan Waldman saying " Joba Chamberlain is warming up in the pen."
Listening to clips of making fun of Susan Waldman at work dying laughing
Kim is the worst co host SMH. She reminds me of my mother talking sports. She is also annoying. Is she Susan Waldman in a mask
Susan Waldman is screaming about it I’m sure
Today they are picking people to be on The Price is Right at the casino in Philadelphia. I seriously considered going and trying out. Both of my kids are gone today. I chose the Adult thing to do... My To do list. Maybe next time!
Drinking a Summer Shandy, reading a stand up paddle board mag, waiting for John Sterling and susan waldman to STFU so the Yankees game can start.
there can't be any way Susan Waldman looked at herself in a mirror today before Yankees old timers day, she looks ridiculous
Susan waldman can never take this away from us no matter how hard she tries
On a ground rule double, 3rd run does not score. After fan touched... judgment call. Susan Waldman didn't get it either.
I think Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione is possibly the worst in all of sports. That being said, I would like to meet the mental GIANT that hired John Sterling and/or Susan Waldman as the radio voices of the Yankees. I have the ice pick at the ready to jab into each ear drum momentarily. Anyone that thinks any of the names mentioned above should have ever held their current job for even one moment, should seek to be committed for severe mental disorder evaluation. IMMEDIATELY. I'll make the phone call for you.
Runner from 1st does NOT score on a GR-double. Every BB broadcaster knows this, except apparently Susan Waldman. Hope she just misspoke.
There is only one set of radio announcers worse than the Mets pair. And that's the Yankees duo. Susan Waldman and John Sterling are horrendous and they forget that we aren't at the game. Guys just so u understand...we cant see whats going on!!
i guess you've never heard Susan Waldman, Charlie Steiner and John Sterling..
if you ever saw Susan waldman we don't want to know.
This just in: Susan Waldman and John Sterling still suck major monkey nuts - unbearable
Anybody else agree that Susan Waldman is the Doris Burke of baseball?
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So the highlight of tonight's Yankee rainout came as we were heading back to the car cutting through the important people garage at Yankees stadium. My buddy Roger who hooked the whole thing up was apologizing bc it didn't work out. So I turn to him and say "That's baseball Susan"and just a the moment we look up and Suzan Waldman was driving by us I'm her Mercedes. How funny is that.
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Listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman is entertaining in itself
The main reason being a Mets fan is better than being a Yankees fan is that Mets fans don't have to listen to John Sterling and Susan Waldman.
I love listening to John Sterling call the Yanks games but Susan Waldman makes it almost unbearable. She is flat out horrible. Adds nothing.
1,2,3 Down go the Yankees ...2nd biggest choke by the Yankees in 10nyears.. This is almost as good as being up 3 to 0 vs the socks then losing 4 straight... The Yankees LOSEE, The Yankees LOOOSSSEEE.. Thanks John Sterling and Susan Waldman.
I had one of my best drives home from work today. It was a pleasure listening to the Yankee announcers (Susan Waldman and John Sterling) whinning about their beloved Yankees getting their butts handed to them by the Detriot Tigers!
Listening to the Yankee game on 640 am and Susan Waldman along with John Sterling are discussing the bullpen availabilty? Got news for them! The entire bullpen should be ready, this is it!
Susan Waldman to John Sterling on radio call of "John doesn't like it when I'm messy."
John Sterling and Susan Waldman must be the 2 most stupidest idiotic retarded announcers on the face of the earth...
If the Yankees were the A-Team, Raul Ibanez would be B.A. (Bad Attitude) Barracus. We could debate about who’d be Hannibal (Girardi or Jeter) or “Howlin’ Mad” Murdoch (Swisher or Martin) and I’m not even going to get into the “Faceman” debate. I guess Susan Waldman would be Amy, but that is kind o...
John Sterling and Susan Waldman are the pits
Thank god for sirus radio so I dont have to listen to the 2 worst sports announcers in the history of sports John Sterling and Susan Waldman
Have to put up with John Sterling and Susan Waldman calling the Yanks tonight while at work... They are terrible
I've been a Yankee fan all my life but I have to say that John Sterling & Susan Waldman have to be the most annoying broadcasters ever. Can't we resurrect Bob Shepard or The Scooter???
For those of you that know me - I would like to Thank my headphones, John Sterling, Susan Waldman and my Tirlet. And Joe Thanks for having a set of balls to sit A-Hole and send up Ibanez!! Waho!
As much as I hate susan waldman I love listening to yankee games on the radio
“most logical outcome is Yanks end up No. 1 seed.” C'mon man-- lay off the kool aid! Did Susan Waldman type that? (-;
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The awkward moment when Susan Waldman is now following me.
If I was related to Susan Waldman I would've been born with negative brain cells.
“Then later I'll resist the urge to yell "RAWGAH CLEMENS! " while interviewing Suzyn Waldman Well Susan, there comes a time
, am I the only one hearing Susan Waldman in the Obama phone clip? Of all the Obama phones I've Eva seen!
Cellphone woman sounds just like Susan Waldman... GOODNESS GRACIOUS, foodstamps knew, welfare smilin!
Susan Waldman makes my ears bleed. She should be involved in am unfortunate kiln explosion that cuts her vocal cords.
I don't know why Susan Waldman isn't doing the game & I don't care. Jeff Nelson is like a gift from the gods!
Listening to the Yankee game on the radio without Susan Waldman could be the greatest thing ever!!
I'm ecstatic I'm listening to Jeff Nelson instead of Susan Waldman! Lol
Well that was a weird ride home. Susan Waldman was not in the booth with Sterling. Nice to hear John Nelson.
Susan Waldman sounds like a man on FM!!!
Susan Waldman off for the Yom Kippur holiday. Working the radio side with John Sterling is our old friend, former Yankees relief pitcher Jeff Nelson.
Wow, Jeff Nelson filling in for Susan waldman. Awesome.
Susan Waldman smokes about 3 packs of cigarettes a day.
Susan Waldman should STFU. Already And go back to Boston & let have to deal with her
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How are Susan Waldman and John Sterling calling the game on radio and the game on TV
I hope beyond all hope one day Susan Waldman won't call the games anymore. Wouldn't mind if she took John Sterling with her.
John Sterling freaking out last night when the Yankees came back to tie. Sounded a lot like Susan Waldman when Roger Clemens came back to play for Yankees. Whatta group of goobers.
hire grief counselors for announcers Susan Waldman & John Sterling as the "Yankees lose, THE YANKEES LOSE!"
lol Sterling is just a funny old drunk, I hate Susan Waldman and John Flaherty a whole lot more.
I'm in new york with my roommate for the weekend and he has me listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman.. What a disgrace
The Sugarland Skeeters,an independent baseball team in the Atlantic League,have reached a new low. Today, they signed the infamous, bat throwing, steroid using ex-Yankee, Roger Clemens. Somewhere, Susan Waldman is screaming at this time. LOL. They play the Somerset Patriots on Sept 12-13. I guess I'll have to be there wearing my Mike Piazza jerseys and giving this embarassment to baseball what four, and maybe even what five.
Susan Waldman is just upset that Kyra Sedgwick beat her out for the title of "uglier than homemade soap".
The only thing worse than watching a Yankee game on fox is listening to Susan Waldman and John Sterling on the radio
John Sterling & Susan Waldman have to be the worst announcing team in the HISTORY of pro sports, he just called another caught home run!
Car ride home with pops from means I'm forced to listen to John Sterling and Susan Waldman
Yankee fans will understand - I love John Sterling and Susan Waldman, the first ( and only ) co-ed broadcasting team in baseball. John Sterling" Baseball games are like snowflakes ( ps- they are in Detroit, in August), there are no two alike.."...and Susan Waldman" any ballpark looks beautiful with people in it.". Not that I'm drawing tired comparisons between Baseball and, gulp, life, but.
am I the only one that HATES John Sterling? ugh, only announcer worse is Susan Waldman
you should do a " celebrity " fantasy draft with Susan Waldman and the rest of your "voices" Brook Lopez a must invite
The Yankees have two big obstacles they need to overcome and get rid of and that is John Sterling and Susan Waldman. Both of them bring the team down and are the "Hex and Doom" twins, whatever they say and predict the opposite happens.. Their antics and idiotic sayings are deplorable, sometimes I think they drink between innings they should go to the Red Sox...
The only thing bad about listening to the Yankees on the radio is having to listen to John Sterling and Susan Waldman.
No dynamic duo beats John Sterling and Susan Waldman.
Dear Seattle Mariners front office, we have decided that we did not give you enough in the Ichiro trade. We are also including John Sterling and Susan Waldman... Sincerely, NYY
I hear that every time John Sterling completely ignores a point made by Susan Waldman, an angel gets its wings.
Don Mattingly used to be my fave Yankee hero. Now it's John Sterling for having to spend 9 innings a day stuck in a booth with Susan Waldman
I can't listen to Susan Waldman when the Yankees are in Boston. She's a bit too enthusiastic to be back in her home town.
Just listened to susan waldman explain why catchers change signs, for five minutes
Susan Waldman should either be buried alive or have her vocal chords removed. John Sterling is all I need
John Sterling was already fooled twice on sacrifice flies and began his home run call 😒👋 That + Susan Waldman's voice= 😁🔫
Reason number 3429 to hate the yankees...susan waldman
He may be bad but nothing compares to Susan Waldman's Bostonian elegance.
Thanks Susan Buckler Please come! Learn about a nutritional approach to preventing breast cancer on Sunday July 8...
Stuck in car. Any idea which NY radio station is broadcasting the Macy's fireworks? Praying Susan Waldman isn't doing the color commentary
John Sterling and Susan Waldman is the funniest thing ever
I love Lou Pinella but listening him to call a Yanks game is only slightly less painful than listening to Susan Waldman.
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And then you have John Sterling and Susan Waldman...sigh...
Great Susan Waldman observation about the Natl League homerun hitters post-Pujols/Fielder defections ... Who are they?
Then, WFAN signs on w/ a classic PBP call of Super Bowl III which had Jets upsetting the Colts. Susan Waldman was the first voice heard.
Ok, now we're TWALKING. You and the are easy on the ears. John Sterling n Susan Waldman are *** the eyes
"...RA Dickey of the Mets, who we all think should start the All Star Game" - Susan Waldman, WCBS Radio, Yankees Game
I swear I could kick Susan Waldman (sp?) in the face and not even care.
Susan Waldman is a complete moron LOL
Really have that broadcast feel at Yankee stadium. Susan Waldman is doing the oldtimers game commentary and is terrible at that too
Susan Waldman doing what she does best...making a fool of herself! Get her outta here!
I get that Susan Waldman is a radio person but when u r going 2 b front & center on OTD u should really make sure your hair is presentable!
I hate that Susan Waldman is announcing this game right now
Does Susan Waldman know that no Yankee fans like her
Don Larsen is not in the hall of fame yet Susan Waldman is.what is wrong with the world
Did you know the first person to broadcast on was your girl Susan Waldman? LOL
What Susan Waldman wld liok like after partying all nite in George Steinbrenners box...
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can someone help me find my sister Susan Waldman? Please I do anything!
Time to turn off because susan waldman is on...
Congratulations to John Sterling and Susan Waldman, who convinced me on the radio that you just couldn't tell whether Wise had the ball.
I go from the car listening to Susan Waldman to my couch listening to Tim McCarver. I don't know which is worse.
Also supposedly John Sterling and Susan Waldman have no idea what a double switch is! Just pure morons those two are
Is it only me who thinks that following this presidential campaign is like listening to a Yankee game broadcasted by John Sterling and Susan Waldman. You never really know whats going on and nobody ever apologizes for their mistakes.
Susan Waldman looks like she could be Lisa Lampanelli's mother.
Driving home. I hate John Sterling and Susan Waldman almost as much as Michael Kay.
listening to NYY. Susan Waldman just said that in his green A's uni Bartolo Colon looks like a green bell pepper.
baseball from Australia. Listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman on via audio
Just imagine if Joe Buck and Susan Waldman called a game together.
Pssst wait til you read about the John Sterling - Susan Waldman exchange today on Alex Liddi
John Sterling and Susan Waldman are probably the corniest commentators ever. Sterling's call on Ibanez HR: "Raul, he's so cool!!"
The very top of the heads of John Sterling and Susan Waldman
no the Burper is Francesa... John Sterling is the Yankee radio guy. His partner is Susan Waldman
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I don't care what anyone says, I still rather see and hear Ralph Kiner than look at and hear John Sterling and Susan Waldman!!! Let's go Mets!!!
Yeah, they're horrible. Susan Waldman is like nails on a chalkboard. And John Sterling's calls are so forced.
John Sterling and Susan Waldman are a train wreck! I'd rather be listening to Hellen Keller announcing this game
Homers for Swisher & Chavez, sounds good to me, listening to Susan Waldman & John Sterling at work
I'd rather be smacked across the face with a spiked bat than sit thru half an inning of Susan Waldman and John Sterling's play by play call.
Listening to the Yankee home opener at work with co-workers. John Sterling and Susan Waldman make me wonder just how incompetent do you need to be in order to get throw out of the broadcast booth.
I can't stand John Sterling and Susan Waldman
... I was joking before, but Susan Waldman actually cried... O Suze (1:30)
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