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Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon (born Susan Abigail Tomalin; October 4, 1946) is an American actress.

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This sounds amazing, Jessica Lange as Joan and Susan Sarandon as Bette - hope we can see it in the UK
I hope Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange enjoyed filming as much as I enjoy watching it.
I hope it lives up to the hype. But you can't go wrong with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange
Hello I love Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman and Susan Sarandon. Have a nice day
I already have crippling anxiety over Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon battling it out this awards season.
Starting a GoFundMe site to digital remove Susan Sarandon from Rocky Horror and replace her with Amy Adams.
Pilot of was great. Epic performances by Susan Sarandon & Jessica Lange. And the best use of 'c**t' I've heard in ages by Stan Tucci
The casting of Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange in is a sly meta-commentary:
Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Anna Kendrick, Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard, Sam Elliot, Chris Cooper. How do I not know about this movie?
Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon are PERFECT in Feud. Holy moly. They are channelling Crawford and Davis. Glorious!
📷 Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis in Feud: Bette and Joan, 2017.
ha, thanks...Tricky *** ain't bad either. First Sally Field, then Susan Sarandon almost got it done as TV film, but not quite.
Susan Sarandon is not the same person as Juliane Moore, apparently
David Thomson once said that Susan Sarandon had 'Bette Davis' eyes
A FEUD of biblical proportions. Let the dirt fly when Ryan Murphy’s new FX series starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange pre…
There’s a touch of poetry and meta madness in Jessica Lange, 67, and Susan Sarandon, 70, taking on “Feud”
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Mayim Bialik backs Susan Sarandon by flashing her breasts on TV
I want to hear Michael Strahan interview Susan Sarandon and Stuart Smalley.
how tf did Susan Sarandon get on that list guys!? So gross. And no Selena Gomez? Amy Adams? I knew 80% from that list lol
It's like gas and water, justice and cowardice, principles and capitulation or Joan Walsh and Susan Sarandon.
Liberal Hatred for Susan Sarandon is a Symptom of People Who Refuse to Acknowledge Their Own Failure. https:…
Cat fight! Susan Sarandon has her claws OUT after Joan Walsh attempts shaming her ‘for Trump’…
Ryan Murphy is going to do a TV show about this election. Maybe he'll cast Susan Sarandon to play herself
Sorry you could not pay me enough to watch a Susan Sarandon movie.
.Seriously? Susan Sarandon as a guest? Chris, get in the car with her and dri…
Rich *** Susan Sarandon is no different than any Republican. She doesn't GAF who 45 hurts, her and he…
These neo-liberals now blaming Susan Sarandon for Hillary's loss to 45. Anyone, anywhere, but their candidate & DNC. Smdh…
Why was Susan Sarandon's voice even considered valuable enough to add to your show She illuminates nothing.
Anytime Michael Moore or Susan Sarandon have suggestions about resistance...
Sally Yates did more to stop fascism in 10 days than Susan Sarandon, with her purity tests, did in her entire lifetime.…
No one cares what Susan Sarandon has to say. She wasted her opportunity to be…
"Susan Sarandon" got liberals triggered lol left and right, she stood by her guns i respect her American patriot
Every time an innocent person or child is deported in next four years, please thank Susan Sarandon
Just nearly broke my remote trying to switch away from after seeing Susan Sarandon.
Poster-child of elite 1% privilege Susan Sarandon 🐍 was on 2nite. Deleted off my DVR. Not watchin…
Thanks Susan Sarandon, enjoy your shake up 🖕🏻many people are hurting thanks to your protest vote Ur 💰 & privilege will…
Please send this pic to Susan Sarandon, she was such a huge fan of Jill Stein because Hillary was he…
Susan Sarandon says her sexuality is "up for grabs" in People...just like her mental stability and political convictio…
Susan, NEVER call for from a You have no right to speak for us. . "Susan Sarandon"
There is literally not a single person on the left whose perspective is less valuable than Susan Sarandon's.
Listening to Susan Sarandon tonight was poison to my ears. Don't do that to us again, please and thank you.
Susan Sarandon just triggered hella lot of salty Hillary bots 😂😂
Susan Sarandon is part of the problem & supported Want to thank her…
I love Jessica Lange, but I will be skipping I just can't support anything with Susan Sarandon right now.
Dear Please never bring Susan Sarandon on your show again. Ever. Never ever. Thanks.
Don't really understand why Chris Hayes didn't ask Susan Sarandon directly about her rich/white privilege, but ok..
Hey Susan Sarandon, the next time you drive a car over a cliff, make sure you have Jill Stein with you
Bring on Round 3 of Fight Night Chris Hayes VS Susan Sarandon. Anyone who believes that DJT > HRC should not be…
Can someone edit THELMA AND LOUISE so Susan Sarandon's part is cut out and we just see Geena Davis on a road trip talking to he…
Susan Sarandon is basically saying Trump is good because he is getting folks out to protest. CLUELESS. WHITE. PERSON.
The same people blasting Susan Sarandon tonight for her white privilege, were worshipping Meryl Streep(same privilege) for h…
Susan Sarandon is still wrapped up in her white privilege. She has the luxury of watching DT destroy this country.
Susan Sarandon, you brought the revolution. So, what address would you like me to mail my medical bills to when Trump takes…
Susan Sarandon makes most men sweat just by walking into a room. You did just fine.
Dems sinking faster then a liberal golfing on thin ice!! Mind numbing 2C all the hate for Susan Sarandon b/c she may ag…
Susan Sarandon didn't let her housekeeper & a demented pedophilic perv have access to classified info. But Hillary Clinton did.
This is not my most sophisticated criticism, but Susan Sarandon is an ***
I wish Susan Sarandon could live 1 day under as poor person or POC. Then maybe she'd check her privilege &…
Susan Sarandon's privileged. Hard to have a moral core & be monsterly selfish at the same time. She's consistent w/ her hypocrisy.
There is not one OUNCE of pragmatism in Susan Sarandon. Just a bunch of emoprog, hyper emotional, tantrums
You were so professional, excellent anger management skills.Susan Sarandon exceeds the limits of my medications.
Susan Sarandon Limousine Liberal, what abt people being round up & deported & pple losing their health ins. U can afford 2b…
What are the odds that more liberals are furious about Susan Sarandon going on Chris Hayes than they are about Milo on…
and the most smug, defensive, divider award goes to... Susan Sarandon on What an embarrassment.
. We aren't watching . Susan Sarandon . She backed Putin's Stein. Not now, not ever . She Will NEVER Be .
If you were wondering if Susan Sarandon is done being an *** nope.
If I had a choice between watching Susan Sarandon in anything & losing all my hair, I'm going wig shopp…
Okey doke, so it turns out Canada doesn't want Susan Sarandon, either. 🇨🇦👍🏻
Susan Sarandon is no better than Kellyanne Conway. . A vile lying sack of opportunistic White Privilege who doesn't fool a…
Yep, Susan Sarandon is now throwing her weight behind Bashar Al-Assad. Of course she is
Turned on Chris Hayes, saw Susan Sarandon will be on, turned off Chris Hayes.
Susan Sarandon was right. The Left is now awake for better or worse.
Bernie lost and did the right thing and supported Hillary! Susan Sarandon helped elected Trump. She is a useful ***
There isn't enough shade in the Universe to throw at Susan Sarandon in her stupid bubble of privilege. She had NOTHING at s…
Susan Sarandon can afford to take her chances with DT. The rest of us don't have that luxury...
.The only thing uniting left & right is shared hatred of Susan Sarandon. *** trying to be the wokest got…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Susan Sarandon's appearance tonight turned my stomach. Arrogant as *** Defiant in her misguided position pre-e…
I still can't believe this pic is NOT from a movie where Emily Watson and Susan Sarandon play *** moms 😩
Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis are the infamous 'Thelma & Louise' directed by Ridley Scott- 1991
Sure, the same way you developed skills from Killer Mike, Susan Sarandon and CONell West. Doc wins every time!
Susan Sarandon, Nick Offerman to star in NOLA-shot movie about "Confederacy of Dunces" author John Kennedy Toole:
Their rivalry was legendary. FEUD: Bette and Joan, starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon. FX’s new series from Ryan Murphy
Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins were banned by the Oscars after they urged the US to not intern HIV-positive Haitian refugees.
Remember when Susan Sarandon and Jill Stein seized the moral high ground by saying Clinton would be worse than Trump? Yo…
Susan Sarandon was right: Trump more likely to bring 'revolution' than Clinton
Susan Sarandon, Shaun King and Marc Lamont Hill. I hope y'all happy now, ***
Susan Sarandon did everything she could to help defeat Hillary. She isn't part of the resistance, she's part of the problem. h…
ICYMI: Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon bring Hollywood royalty back to life in first look htt…
Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford for
Kathy Bates will play 'Joan Blondell' in the upcoming miniseries 'Feud!' with Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon & Catherin…
1992 Press Willem Dafoe and Susan Sarandon in "Light Sleeper" - mjp00984
You know this is some crazy election when I agree with Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Roseann Barr AND Louis Farrakhan!…
'Feud: Bette and Joan' gets premiere date, stars Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon talk ageism in Hollywood
I've had Susan Sarandon play my mom, and now Lesley Ann Warren has pla...
Where are Susan Sarandon and Rosario Dawson? Preparing for their revolution, I guess.
You mean the way Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Rosario Dawson during the election? 🤔
•NEWS: featuring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon premieres on March 7.
Michael Madsen, Susan Sarandon, Gena Davis and Ridley Scott on the set of Thelma & Louise (1991).
Bernie wants to revitalize Democrats after he,Susan Sarandon ,Rosario Dawson,Jeff Weaver savaged us . Perez will lead us.
Doctor Zhivago, starring Susan Sarandon and Rene Russo. Directed by Jane Campion, music by Mary Hopkin. Budget: $500,000
2017 is the year we get Feud w/ Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Judy Davis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sarah Paulson, Stanley Tucci 🔥
Susan Sarandon should win for actress
Susan Sarandon is literally a god in actress form. So talented
Y now it's time for the Viktor Yanukovych show starring Susan Sarandon. Oh, Christianity.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that Susan Sarandon is actually an actress and not just a frequent guest on Mad TV.
Susan Sarandon on her Pregnancy I was looking for some interviews and I found this. I admire her for being so brave
Breast Cancer Awareness
Always lovely to see home birth pics - this is Susan Sarandon's daughter sharing her pictures :
E.g., Susan Sarandon is a better actress than Jennifer Lopez, BUT J Lo has more promo value, that's why she gets paid more.
''None of us is perfect. Not even the Barefoot Contessa, or Bjork, or Susan Sarandon.'' pretty sure bjork is
In 2015, Susan Sarandon, a good friend of Timothy Leary's, brought some of his ashes and put them into an art installation at Burning Man
You, Susan Sarandon, us 8 yrs of Bush and now Trump. At least Micheal Moore learned and changed his tune.
When commentators broach sexism re HRC, check their TL for how they've treated Jane Sanders, Susan Sarandon, Nina, Tulsi, Melania
Guess we gotta hope Susan Sarandon's glorious vision of revolution starts working out logistics starting tomorrow.
Hillary Loses the Left - Marc Lamont Hill, Cornel West, Susan Sarandon, Students for Bernie etc are not "WITH HER." https:…
Susan Sarandon ranted about election fraud in Ohio, and Sullivan hyperventilated through Noam Chomsky's talking head.
Susan Sarandon on refusing to back Hillary Clinton: 'I don't vote with my *** . trending : Rolling Stone Dave Chapel…
I'll add Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, David Duke, Chris Christie, Jon Voigt & Susan Sarandon (again, just to make sure).
"Actress and activist Susan Sarandon is backing Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein" ht…
Susan Sarandon endorses Jill Stein, an indulgence you can afford if you're rich and white and straight and unlikely to need…
She's with her (no, not Hillary): Bernie Sanders fan Susan Sarandon endorses Jill Stein... - Daily Mail
Susan Sarandon: Fear of Trump 'not enough for me to support Clinton, with her record of corruption'
Susan Sarandon has just endorsed the Green Party’s Jill Stein in next Tuesday’s US presidential election. The... https:…
Susan Sarandon to play Carol Vorderman in biopic
Totally agree. Simon and Garfunkel, Hank Azaria, Susan Sarandon, Tony Bennett, Martin Scorsese...just to name a few…
Irony: conservatives who boycott actor's movies because of things they've said (Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon) but still stand by Donald Trump.
Susan Sarandon and Tim, Tom Hanks and his ol lady, Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance..I'm probably wrong af tho
Daily gratitude post - Birthday of Alicia Silverstone, Susan Sarandon, and Dakota Johnson. It’s the anniversary...
Today is Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone and Dakota Johnson's birthday, it's also World Animal Day so be good to your furry friends :)
What do Daniel Radcliffe, Martin Sheen, and Susan Sarandon have in common? They support a pardon for Edward Snowden: h…
Shirley Bennett and Susan Sarandon, make the riff on JK Rowling.
"Do you think Dwight Gooden leaves his socks on?". This is my favorite Susan Sarandon role.
Tammy Abraham one of the best strikers with the name of a Susan Sarandon-movie. Up there with Steve Bull, Tony Woodcock, and all Joe's
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown picture by Clement Hurd, narrarated by Susan Sarandon.
Halle Berry is so pretty. Susan Sarandon is so pretty. Doona Bae is so pretty.
Clorpt is a 2007 film written and directed by Paul Haggis, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, and Susan Sarandon.
Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon and Catherine Zeta-Jones all in one show playing old Hollywood icons. Um YES. Keep the coming p…
Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford, Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Olivia de Havilland & Sarah Paulson as Geraldine Page
Sarah will work not only with Jessica Lange again but Susan Sarandon and Catherine Zeta-Jones I'm :) okay:)
Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Sarah Paulson all in one show. Ladies, I am truly shaken to my core on this day
📷 marcjacobs: Susan Sarandon stars in the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 ad campaign. Photographed by David Sims...
Vintage of Susan Sarandon and Brad Renfro in the film The Client,…
just sort of testing we are we are as Dems. Next one Susan Sarandon vs. Bush or Michael Moore vs Bush
I mean yes, let’s be excited about Susan Sarandon and Jessica Jones playing angry Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.
Venn diagram: where Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon agree with The Nimble Navigator...
So here we are in 2016 and the leader agrees with Susan Sarandon, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink and Michael Moore about the…
I like to think Susan Sarandon hacked Owen Smith's website. That's the story I'm going to choose to believe.
Her ROLE is inspirational, not her self. YahNe Ndgo, Susan Sarandon, Nina Turner, Abby Martin. . .Now we're talking
Ge. John Allen (Ret) is angrier than Susan Sarandon...or Della Reese.
Susan Sarandon, other celebrities, join delegates in protest at convention
Susan Sarandon also says that Woody Allen is most dangerous than Hillary Clinton and even the same Donald Trump.
Susan Sarandon, Shailene Woodley and more stars join event at
Arguing with Susan Sarandon about Bernie Sanders is not advised
Susan Sarandon at packed press conference of Bernie-ites supporting Nina Turner. Still unclear what happened to her https:…
Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton 'more dangerous' than Trump: 'She has done horrible things' - Elle dit vraie
Danny Glover and Susan Sarandon currently addressing the media with Bernie supporters for
Susan Sarandon on DNC: “Whether they were hacked by Russia or by aliens doesn’t matter. What matters is in the emails."
Choosing between Scott Baio & Susan Sarandon is like Sophie's choice but wanting to give both kids to the nazis.
This is not 1978 Scott Baio is not an A llister. This not 1988 Susan Sarandon is not an A lister.
Oh who cares what Susan Sarandon thinks? She's the Scott Baio of the left.
Graceful, eloquent, whip-smart & a thespian genius... Take heed Susan Sarandon, watch Meryl Streep and learn how it's done…
Can someone please tell me Susan Sarandon's opinion? I need my "Scott Baio level of idiocy" fix. Media, get on that.
Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Judy Davis, Sigourney Weaver, Glenn Close: put them in a scene with Meryl, she'd be over. Just do it.
Susan Sarandon at "Bernie has ignited this spark and we're not letting go."
I'm so over Susan Sarandon. Someone please give her Oscar to Emma Thompson. Thanks.
A reality show where we send Scott Baio and Susan Sarandon to an island. We don't film what happens, we just send them to an island. Bye.
Exclusive: mentors a kid detective in trailer: 🔎
domain names
Susan Sarandon rips 'disgusting' DNC she nailed it!
Susan Sarandon confirms she was pretty miserable at — see the GIF:
Susan Sarandon looks like she's about to go of that cliff again lol via
Awww...isn't that sad ? NOT ! LOL ! At this point in time, with all that's happened...they deserve what they are...
Meryl Streep to speak at tonight. Let's see Susan Sarandon roll her eyes at Meryl Streep.
Susan Sarandon 'having literally the worst time' at DNC 2016
Bernie is demolishing the loony Susan Sarandon notion that Trump would be better
Me when Susan Sarandon says she is having the "worst time" at the
is still feeling the Bern and burning the DNC over email leak
.agrees: She's having the worst time at the >>>
Susan Sarandon says she was having the 'worst time' at the Democratic National Convention http…
we all love Bernie. Reality: stop Trump so that Bernie's influence will matter. via
Agrees She's Having a Terrible Time in Philly. Nomination stolen from
I’ll never forget when I told Susan Sarandon I love Cloud Atlas & she said “I knew you would.” I feel like thats a p good personality trait.
“Susan Sarandon at the DNC is literally me right now. . Love her!!
Thelma and Louise moment. >Susan Sarandon had a miserable time at the Democratic National Convention via
If Susan Sarandon is unhappy, the are doing something right.
Susan Sarandon had an miserable time at the Democratic National Convention
Susan Sarandon had 'literally' the worst time at the Dem convention
Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the
Susan Sarandon is just Scott Baio with better weed
I don't care how Susan Sarandon is voting any more than I care how Scott Baio is voting. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this thinking.
Susan Sarandon actually had the worst time at
Susan Sarandon perfectly summing up election 2016 for most of America.
Glad to see Susan Sarandon and I are on the same page.
Susan Sarandon should just stick to being Sister Helen.
Sarah Silverman just inadvertently checked Susan Sarandon. What a time to be alive.
Camera cuts to Susan Sarandon during a musical interlude. Lots of cheers (from the Bernie camp I'm assuming.)
Susan Sarandon just popped on the jumbotron. No Scott Baio, but...
they don't represent all his supporters any more than Susan Sarandon, they are just the wing nuts.
Debra Messing will speak at the Democratic National Convention. Hoping it overlaps with Susan Sarandon's garage sale for J…
once in a lifetime! Sat in the same section as Susan Sarandon, Dan Rather and Clair McCaskill!
Susan Sarandon, Shaun King & Rosario Dawson sit in a room. I would pay 1% to be a fly
She's jealous of HRC. She and Susan Sarandon and Andrea Mitchell ought to start an enclave somewhere. Far away.
Your column today is a new low for you. Why don't you and Susan Sarandon and Andrea Mitchell start a Hillary Hater Enclave?
Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon to Receive Kering, ’s Women in Motion Award http…
Susan Sarandon is still "not convinced" it's worth it to vote for Hillary Clinton
Susan Sarandon taught them all that crap. Ruined The Shawshank Redemption for me~LOL
Susan Sarandon misspells ping pong in her womb - Amy Adams, LADIES AND GENTS.
I REALLY want to do this with Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon films. How far will I go.
What happens in Vegas definitely doesn't stay there. Find out more in Episode 5 of
Susan Sarandon is old enough to be my grandmother, but I'd still bang her.
Hey Susan Sarandon your preaching to the corporate establishment party there already insane.
Sadly, I must unfollow Janet/Louise (Susan Sarandon). ❤️ her as an actor, but FML I can't take her rhetoric any more
What? Are you saying you haven't seen Susan Sarandon in The Meddler yet? Shocking! You have one more chance to...
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I can totally see Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis too.
Susan Sarandon even thinks she's nuts, and that's saying something 😜
Susan Sarandon has a ping pong real life ping pong spot.Ima have a spades club.
And that's how Susan Sarandon ended up making herself the story by coming at Dolores Huerta - over the rules!
Susan Sarandon predicts Hillary will be indicted | New York Post
The Universe KNOWS what's on Screen Actors Guild member Susan Sarandon's God's TV this moment in Time and Space.
Hey Rosario Dawson & Susan Sarandon. . Do you still think there is no difference between Trump & Hillary?.
Could have been written by Susan Sarandon herself.
Susan Sarandon in a shouting match with UFW's co-founder. What a time to be alive!
I think I just saw Susan Sarandon pull out in front of a GRTC bus by El Cap
Susan Sarandon hasn't been this good since Dead Man Walking (TBF, hasn't had the roles) - my review of The Meddler:
Wonder how Bernie supporters feel the BURN. Where's Susan Sarandon?
The social media uproar over the Freddie Gray verdict...
is a smart guy, but then Susan Sarandon & Tom Hanks are fine actors & I don't care abt their politics either.
My brain keeps going back to Susan Sarandon saying, if Trump wins, maybe rev.…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The Meddler gives Susan Sarandon her juciest role in years - review
Why Susan Sarandon Posed Without Makeup for the Very First Time – at 69 Years Old via PEOP… …
Susan Sarandon: "I admire the Kristen Stewarts of the world who maintain their sanity &keep working &seem authentic" https:/…
Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, and Susan Sarandon are all millionaires. they were not hurting for money, so.
Watched Twilight on with the lovely movie,great cast.Susan Sarandon,Hackman,Newman,Jim Garner.
Here is the face you are choosing to represent you. Susan Sarandon attacking Dolores Huerta, icon. No.
On Hillary’s side we have Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, Dolores Huerta, Tom Hayden, Peter Stanley. On Bernie’s, we get an inane Susan Sarandon
Bedtime viewing: Susan Sarandon's inspiring, totally 100% kickass acceptance speech at the
Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton is “more dangerous” than Donald Trump
Susan Sarandon predicts Hillary will be indicted. When the far left is right! . . htt…
Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton is 'more dangerous' than Donald Trump
Susan Sarandon on Woody Allen: 'I think he sexually assaulted a child'  | via
Cannes: Susan Sarandon has 'nothing to good to say' about Woody Allen - USA TODAY
As accusations against Woody Allen are back in the news, actress Susan Sarandon has reportedly weighed in about claims against the
I'm not a fan of Susan Sarandon, but this made me suddenly respect her.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
One if my favourites. 25th Anniversary of Thelma & Louise - Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis Reflect on Thelma & Louise
Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis were reunited to talk feminism in film at
Susan Sarandon: 'Thelma & Louise' had little impact on biz's gender problem via
Susan Sarandon slams Woody Allen over sex abuse allegations
Susan Sarandon had her say about Woody Allen
Updating: See what stars like Naomi Watts, Kirsten Dunst and Susan Sarandon wore on the red carpet.
Susan Sarandon calling out Woody Allen on a panel, in a room full of journalists.
Surrogates like Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins or Cornel West. Then there's The Intercept hooligans and Thom Hartmann.
Most of Hollywood still has Woody Allen's back—but Susan Sarandon does not:
When I remember the fact that 'The Witches of Eastwick' stars Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer AND Jack Nicholson my mind is blown ✨
So have I. I only watch when he has people like Susan Sarandon on to see whether Maher is better than Chris Hayes to her
Susan Sarandon could still get the business wit her old ***
Monday's Live Trivia clues:. 1) "Peace in our time". 2) Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Ja Rule, Nick Cannon and Stanley Tucci
Chris Hayes, trying to sell a lemon in this interview of Susan Sarandon via
Susan Sarandon: Donald Trump Has 'Legitimized Racism And Homophobia': 'He's obviously not going to build...'
Susan Sarandon calling Woody Allen a pedophile not just in public but at a cannes panel that his movie opened is what keep…
sex abuse scandal: Susan Sarandon has 'nothing good to say about him'.
Susan Sarandon is not a fan of Woody Allen: "I think he sexually assaulted a child and I don't think that's right."
Susan Sarandon opens up on Woody Allen's child sex abuse claims via
Thelma and Louise reunited. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis talk women in film
Watch this BRILLIANT TAKE-DOWN of Chris Hayes' stupid condescending interview of Susan Sarandon
Uff! It was a play on Broadway called Exit the King starting Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush
Susan Sarandon > "Urging Mr. Sanders to drop out is also hypocritical, given that Ms. Clinton refused to do so in...
So, Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson, Killer Mike, Ana Kasparian & Shaun King are all white guys?!!
In forty years, there will be a movie w/Jennifer Lawrence & Brie Larson playing Susan Sarandon & Jessica Lange playing Davis…
Well this looks good! Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon are set to play Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in a mini...
Dear your story where Amanda Marcotte claimed Susan Sarandon was too old to play cool seems to have vanished from ur site. Pls fix.
Bernie supporters Joan Baez & Susan Sarandon at Selma to Montgomery civil rights march in Alabama,1965.
Susan Sarandon appears in new Sanders ad after fight with Hillary fans | WATCH:
I don't trust The Hill - they skewed the Susan Sarandon story and published falsity.
YES! classiconcer - ‼️Susan Sarandon will be playing Bette Davis in the first season of Ryan…
OMG, Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon are to star in a Ryan Murphy series about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.
Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon will "Feud" as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis via
This could go so very wrong but Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis & Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford!
episode one -- Susan Sarandon: from Janet Weiss to Bette Davis
Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange to act out Bette Davis and Joan Crawford’s famous Feud
Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange to play Bette Davis and Joan Crawford for Ryan Murphy
Ppl like Susan Sarandon blame Hillary for the Iraq War yet Sarandon supported Edwards who also voted for the same Iraq measure that Hill did
Tavis Smiley? Look out Caitlyn Jenner. I thought that was Susan Sarandon
Tavis Smiley and Susan Sarandon right now on lol
TOMORROW: Thelma & Louise reunion! Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon reveal who wanted Brad Pitt's role, only on
Susan Sarandon explains how we can't trust Hillary on The Late Show w/Stephen Colbert. Go
Rosario Dawson has jumped the shark and stolen the "Worst Surrogate in the World" award from Susan Sarandon. Classless woma…
What about yours on Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson, Jane Sanders, Nina Turner etc? Such lovely words... (not).
Susan Sarandon tells Stephen Colbert why she had to 'break up' with Hillary, fall for Bernie: Stephen Colber...
Susan Sarandon and Tom Hanks easily beat Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon at the indie box office:
Incredibly, that attitude includes Susan Sarandon. As if George Dubya Bush wasn't enough of a catastrophe.
A new film by Tim Robbins starring Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon coming to your primary state soon!
Susan Sarandon shares some thoughts about her relationship with David Bowie -- this is HEARTBREAKING.
Joe is GREAT if you've never seen it. Peter Boyle is amazing and Susan Sarandon is solid in her 1st role.
Susan Sarandon sounds like she was celebrating 4/20 a bit before her appearance on The Nightly Show tonight
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