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Susan Rice

Susan Elizabeth Rice (born November 17, 1964) is an American diplomat, former think tank fellow, and civil servant.

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Will you be discussing how you falsely accused President Obama and Susan Rice of…
Valerie Jarrett couldn’t have seen what was coming when she said Americans should THANK Susan Rice -
002: The legacy of Susan Rice - The unmasking of Gen Flynn, Bowe Bergdahl served with distinction and honor (i refuse to use title of Sgt.)
Also investigate Obama spying and Susan Rice unmasking US citizens and releasing Gen Flynn's name to be leaked to t…
tested on new day? LMAO! Like new day is a hard hitting show lol. You spent zero time on the Susan Rice story lol. Hard hitting
You're still talking about Susan Rice while America is still talking about Bill Cosby O'Reilly. Nic…
Why not. Seth Rich, Susan Rice & Hilary Clinton?. Ah right... Those don't align with your agenda.
Once a Liar, Always a Liar. Susan Rice graduated from Stanford and be…
McMaster making Susan Rice happy firing all conservatives bringing in more NeverTrump and DEMs, Reinc…
and NBC won't report about Susan Rice crimes and fact that Obama and company lie…
My piece on the treachery behind Trump's attacks on Susan Rice. Those Attacks on Susan Rice? Take the Bait”
Terrific insider info -- no doubt supplied by Barack or Hillary, Susan Rice or George Soros; w/FAKE NEWS naming sou…
The one acid test ALL Obama advisors had to pass was, "Can you lie to the public"? ALL of them were & are averse to the truth,eg, Susan Rice
One reason Trump has been treated unfairly - collusion: Susan Rice's husband is Ian Cameron, an ABC News Executive Prod…
It's time these liars not just be put on notice, but time to pay the fiddler! Susan Rice is NO Co…
Barack Obama and Susan Rice committed felonies, Judge Napolitano said on Fox Business News on Tuesday.
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Adam Schiff must recuse himself from House intel. committee. His statements on behalf of Susan Rice prove his bias and inability to judge!
hey Eric Shawn don't care ab Susan Rice academics she's a liar and a puppet for Obama who is rewarded for lying
.t's 'unusual' for White House officials like Susan Rice to make unmasking requests
David Bossie: These are criminal acts by Susan Rice // Well, that's for a grand jury to determine.
DNC Media will sell Nunes recusing himself as proof this Susan Rice Unmasking/thing is over. It's not. https:…
Susan Rice may have been told to request Trump team records! Do you think Obama is sleeping well tonight? htt…
Sorry, but the race card and the woman card won't help Susan Rice out of this mess. Those cards are used up now...
If Susan Rice hasn't done anything wrong why are the democrats so worried about an investigation?. There's smoke here!. T…
With its latest attack on Susan Rice, the GOP shows once again how terrified it is of black women
Opinion | Nunes is out of the Russia probe, and the Susan Rice spin collapses
No evidence for Trump accusation against Susan Rice reports on
Susan Rice's husband works at ABC News - so, of course, they don't cover the story at all:
Democrat women are teflon strong, from Maxine Waters to Susan Rice to Hillary Clinton, taking the system on, in heels, & ma…
.is right to suggest that Rice may committed a crime. We need a grand jury.
How long before Ben Rhodes gets swept up in Susan Rice unmasking scandal?
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Trump said he believes that Committed A Crime. He will probably be proven Right Again. . http…
💥Susan Rice has 3 friends that Congress, now, would also like to speak with‼️
Susan Rice ordering the unmasking of reports is not the same thing as ordering the surveillance in the first place. That'…
left says Susan Rice probs because she's black. it's because she's criminal. Will be Lois Lerner again,take the 5th,ret…
But now back to taxes hmmm nothing about Susan Rice?
Susan Rice's husband is an Executive Producer at ABC News. Ben Rhodes is the brother of the President of CBS News. Dra…
Is any American safe from political espionage thuggery?...
Susan Rice was spying on teams everyday lives! Russia story was invented to stop investigation! https:…
“It was not uncommon. It was necessary at times to make those requests.”. -Susan Rice
Today I'm sending a letter to the President regarding his despicable comments about Fmr. Amb. Rice. https…
Susan Rice incident could make Watergate look like a Traffic violation. This is way down and dirty and tentacles could r…
SUSAN RICE EXPOSED! Judge Pirro Rips Susan Rice and Obama on Sean Hannit... via wow this is going to huge
Obama micromanaged every single thing his admin did - no way Susan Rice was spying on Trump all on her own
Fmr. NSC spox. Ned Price warns on Steve Bannon still leads a "small cabal...called the shadow NSC"
O'Reilly is a "good guy", but Susan Rice is a "criminal". Our president, ladies and gentlemen...
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CNN's John King rips Susan Rice for her obvious lie - basically indicts his own network in the process
That they're having to respond to serious, detailed charges with "racist" & "sexist" shows they're in big trouble. https:…
Senate Intelligence Committee's top Democrat Mark Warner tells NPR he has seen no evidence to support the White House's Susan Rice…
Susan Rice's alleged unmasking requests not so routine, ex-officials say
Why isn’t President Obama rushing to Susan Rice’s defense? and react next!
Tucker: Dems want you to keep quiet on Susan Rice and spying. Ask questions and you're a tool of Trump or, more likely,…
The Great White Trey Gowdy just took over for in Susan Rice spying investigation 🤣🤣.
JUST IN FROM Op-Ed: It would be a huge mistake for the GOP to force Susan Rice to testify on wiretapping, HUM!!
(More on the White House's unsubstantiated claim that Rice may have abused her power to effectively snoop on Trump:
Pelosi says Trump's claim Susan Rice broke the law is 'weird' via
Susan Rice is stewed by Obama's liberal feist.
The people who attacked April Ryan and Maxine Waters last week have now turned their attention to Susan Rice. Notice a pat…
I liked a video from Obama ORDERED Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan,…
Susan Rice was only the first. Ben Rhodes, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, James Clapper, John Brennan, Clinton & Obama…
Maxine Waters, Susan Rice, April Ryan, Sally Yates...guess we'll have to flex our muscle again.
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Susan Rice has been the designated liar for Barack Hussein Obama for over 8 years now! America has her number! Liar & deceiver!…
Brian Williams invites Jeremy Bash and Richard Stengel to defend ex-colleague Susan Rice because of course! Balanced...not
Susan Rice has protective status apparently because shes a "woman & black." You know the left is out of options now htt…
Literally not her job MT Van Jones: "The right-wing media wants to burn Susan Rice at the stake for doing her job."…
Sen. Lindsay Graham will go after Susan Rice. Says "too bad" if dems oppose him. Good!
Tonight on The Factor - Sen. Lindsey Graham updates us on the Susan Rice situation.
Right now I trust anything Susan Rice says about as much as I trust Harrison Fords flying skills!
Trump, Obama made Susan Rice to unmask GenFlynn&Trump so UK David Cameron can use Dossier…
Source - Media drafting new Mike Flynn fake news stories for tomorrow to keep the Susan Rice scandal out of the headlines
Nice to see the Clinton News Network white knighting for Susan Rice, who was caught lying on nationa…
Trump's love affair with Fox News. Bill O'Reilly a good guy. (oh. Susan Rice a criminal btw) What universe does h…
Friggin Korean-hijacked leftists didn't report Susan Rice's felony but a *** couple adopted a child is the main news, thanks to Soros' HRW.
According to Trump, Susan Rice is guilty when there is no evidence, Bill O'Reilly is innocent when there is tons of evide…
Steve Bannon statement: "Susan Rice operationalized the National Security Council. I de-operationalized it"
Gee Scott Pelley, I guess that Susan Rice story was some big huh?
Ivanka Trump headlining nothing about The lie Susan Rice told. Way to go democratic national headquarters!!
Matt Walsh wrote "Susan Rice says she leaked nothing to nobody, which means there is nobody she leaked nothing...
The smoking gun in the Susan Rice scandal is President Barak Hussein Obama…
Reince Priebus is linked to Flynn being fired and Katie Walsh leaking the intel Susan Rice gave her.
Katie Walsh is the person who leaked the intel that Susan Rice gave her.
Susan Rice could NOT "order" the unmasking. The agencies (FBI & NSA) that hold the raw surveillance would do that. Another dumb lie by GOP
Carr: Susan Rice should get cooked for security deception.. Related Articles:
Susan Rice becomes the target of conservative attacks over Flynn unmasking - POLITICO
EXCLUSIVE: Susan Rice says the claim that intelligence was used for political purposes is “absolutely false” Watch:
Susan Rice didn't ask the FBI for immunity from prosecution. Mike Flynn did. Obama's campaign was not under FBI investi…
Susan Rice: It's "necessary for me to do my job"--asking IC to unmask US person in intel report. Ditto for SecDef, SecStat…
How did "Susan Rice asked who was talking to Kislyak" turn into "Trump was right about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower"?
Susan Rice is the new Hillary's emails
1. There is no "debate" about Susan Rice. There is a B.S. attack on her concocted by the White House and Nunes
Your alleging Susan Rice committed a felony a lie a distinguished woman fake news I believe Wendy Walsh sue me or resign now
Van Jones loses his mind over Susan Rice spying on President Trump. He was fumbaling his statements tonight on CNN…
let's not talk about Susan Rice, let's talk about your sexual assault against Wendy Walsh.
what's relationship with Susan Rice & White House aide Katie Walsh connect the dots
judge Jeanine , we the smart hard working Americans get it !!! Susan Rice is a Liar along with all the other Dems !!!
Susan Rice use to work for Bill Clinton. She was doing shady things to try and help Hillary Clinton win. And she got caught
Poor, Susan Rice. Add her to the long list of blacks who got in bed with Dems--woke up with fleas:.
Joan Walsh says Tom Cotton calling Susan Rice "Typhoid Mary" is racist, because Irish people are kinda like blacks htt…
‘Nobody on Earth has said that except you’: Van Jones slams Jason Miller for Susan Rice ‘smear’ -
I've invented the Susan Rice lie detector!!! Put motion-detectors on her lips. If they move, she's lying.
Calls mount for Obama adviser Susan Rice to testify before intelligence committees! Watch LIVE 11am-3pm CT
As an American citizen I am interested in what you know & who ordered you to do what? Susan Rice
Susan Rice does a good job explaining why the Susan Rice story is B.S.
Andrea Mitchell gave Susan Rice cover. It's ok that you lie on my show. Candy Crowley 2.0
Can't wait to fill up a trash bag with popcorn and watch Susan Rice get skewered on Capitol Hill
Susan Rice "certainly deserves her turn under oath on Capitol Hill." Indeed she does.
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Are we seriously having a debate abt whether the sitting national security adviser (in this case Susan Rice) can view unmas…
..don't forget the over-educated like Susan Rice [Stanford, Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes Scholar]. Character is n…
Susan Rice whispered into Obama's pearl black ear, "I spy, with my little eye, a threat beginning with T "
Susan Rice has a great many questions to answer, and so does President Barak Hussein Obama!
Breitbart got it right this time giving credit to Trump Haters Rush to Susan Rice's Defense
Hmmm The Rice is on it. There was once Condolezza and now Susan Rice cooking up some swamp stew.
Susan Rice was Phi Beta Kappa at Stanford and earned a doctorate from Oxford. Yet she seems destined to be this g…
Susan Rice claim is 'worse and scarier' than any Russian election meddling - Tucker Carlson
TRUMP TODAY . Carter Page is a spy. &. Susan Rice did her job. Can't wait for Trumps spin on this one...
MSM response to Susan Rice bombshell? IGNORE. Distract with a lie about Erik Prince & a 2013 Buzzfeed fabrication of Ca…
NY Times Maggie Haberman had the Susan Rice story for 48 hours, and sat on it to protect the reputation of Obama Administ…
We start with the Susan Rice story. Like Lucy Ricardo she's got a lot of 'splanin to do!
.broke it wide open on proving Susan Rice's Benghazi lies.
Not an innocent action. Susan Rice was National Security Advisor for Obama 2013-2017. C…
I truly despise Susan Rice but her asking to unmask USPs in SIGINT reports is utterly normal. There is no scandal he…
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. Susan Rice serves on the board of the Atlantic Council. Evelyn Farkas is a fellow at the Atlantic Counc…
made requests to unmask US citizens connected to President Donald Trump’s transition team
If Susan Rice isn't indicted, none of our civil liberties are safe.
Breaking: Report: Susan Rice responsible for unmasking intercepts of Trump associates
At least Susan Rice doesn't have a history of going on television and blatantly lying about U.S. intel.
Mike broke this one yesterday! Independent Journalists and New Media are the future.
I hope Susan Rice has a good lawyer: "Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel"
Susan Rice prob. didn't act alone. What did Obama know? Who else knew? Who agreed to it? Who approved? Who received? https:…
-> Eli Lake: Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of People Connected to Trump Transition
WHAT WE KNOW: was the UNMASKER -- Who was Susan Rice's Boss and Mentor? That's right. Crooked Hillary Cl…
Trump Team Unmasker Susan Rice is married to Ian Cameron, an ABC executive producer. Looks like we found the anonymous…
Let's not jump to conclusions. Maybe Susan Rice was watching YouTube videos about unmasking and just wanted to see if it…
Susan Rice is probably the most untrustworthy person in Obama's cabinet, outside of Obama, Hillary, Jarrett,…
Susan Rice needs burying in mud whilst Muslims dance on her grave .
.is not giving you credit for the scoop! She is crediting from Bloomberg. .
Susan Rice warns of WH that "serially contorts the facts." But remember when she repeatedly blamed the Benghazi attack o…
Smoking gun found! Obama pal and noted dissembler Susan Rice said to have been spying on Trump campaign. .
So has any mainstream outlet dared touch this yet?
Susan Rice ASKED for Trumpworld 'unmasking' over and over and over via
Hey Chris I see nothing about He Susan Rice smoking gun? Wonder why? Umm. I know. What a joke.
Susan Rice's husband is ABC News producer Ian Officer Cameron - sure raises some interesting questions about collusi…
Breaking: Report: responsible for unmasking intercepts of Trump associates
Susan Rice and why Cernovich Media is being plagiarized!
Obama aide Susan Rice sought names of Trump associates in intel, reports via
On March 23 NewsHour, Susan Rice on Nunes allegations. 'I know nothing about this.'
we must remove politics from the intel community and the NSC. Our future depends on it. Susan Rice & Ben Rhodes were al…
Democrats, after the Susan Rice revelation today.
Susan Rice attacks President's credibility yet lied about Benghazi and is now responsible for unmasking. ht…
Susan Rice keeps popping up on soc media as latest diversion. Trumprussia bot?…
So this week 126 questions should be about Susan Rice and Obama Admin spying on Trump admin. I will be counting.
According to Obama's NSC head Susan Rice opened US intelligence on Trump campaign on "dozens of occasions"
Has Susan Rice blamed her criminal activity on a hateful YouTube video yet?
Susan Rice has a history of lying and undermining national security. .
. Jeh Johnson or Eric Holder. Then of course Valerie Jarrett or Susan Rice. Obama had so many disrupters, it hard to pick just 1.
so Ben who did u unmask with Susan Rice & Valerie Jarrett? Nice illegal job but to all of u "the ends justify the…
and Susan Rice didn't go to the bathroom without a note from either Obama or Valerie Jarrett
if its Susan Rice and Barack Obama its Valerie Jarrett too
Susan Rice was ordered by Valerie Jarrett to illegally unmask names it was just reported
Time for Sessions to start fvcking ppl up and indict. Let's start with Eric Holder and Susan Rice.
because Susan Rice couldn't decide what clothes they should wear.
South Sudan was a pet project of Susan Rice (joins Libya in the pantheon of grand failure)
Let's not forget inter alia. that she, Chelsea, and Susan Rice are Stanford alums brightest/best?
expert Susan Bowerman explains why limiting your intake of sugars & refined carbs (white bread, white rice, noodl…
my fave all time: When WH shares inaccurate information "it shakes the credibility and confidence of our a…
Susan Rice is the Wrong Person to Attack Trump’s Credibility -
Also members of Obama admin are married to high level MSM personnel eg.Susan Rice to ABCs Ian Cameron.
..> It IS time to charge people w/ accessory charges re Benghazi. HRC, Obama, Susan Rice, F…
Susan Rice set a new "WORLD RECORD" on the NUMBER of PINOCCHIO'S given out on her reporting of Benghazi !
. makes clear why Trump Admin's "vacation from veracity" is dangerous for US global leadership
31. Susan × Mike ( Desperate Housewives ). I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice. https:/…
Susan Rice, President Obama and HRC maintained their credibility after lying about a video numerous times
Its simple. If Nunes wants to end all the speculation he just needs Susan Rice to do all the talk shows.
Susan gave me some chinese rice and honey chicken for lunch :((( she knows my love for chinese food shoutout to shout u out
Susan Rice, who once blamed Benghazi attack on internet video, pens op-ed warning about "when the White House...serially…
Susan Rice was national security adviser & lied on every Sunday show.
United Nations' U.S. ambassador, Susan Rice, explained on ABC's This Week that the strike
OUCH:. Susan Rice, policy wonk and former Dukakis & Clinton aide, who had no military experience w…
Susan Rice: False statements from the W.H. pose "real and potentially profound dangers to U.S. national security.". https:…
Susan Rice: When the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe. Why veracity matters to our security. https:/…
Susan Rice stands by her assessment: The The Nazi invasion of Warsaw was due to a Hindenburg crash video gone viral.
Having James Clapper vouch for domestic spying practices is like relying on Susan Rice as your expert on spontaneous protes…
Ben Rhodes & Susan Rice are working to undermine now, is anyone surprised they used the levers of gove…
What if Susan Rice, David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarret met with Russians who hacked McCain in 08 and li…
Doubt you would have been so equivocating had he made that joke about Susan Rice or Jen Psaki.
Obama's Susan Rice lied 5 times in one day about the death of 4 Americans in where was Old Media outrage th…
Susan Rice: Trump's exchange with black reporter about Congressional Black Caucus 'notably offensive'
Wow! Steve King, in blasting Susan Rice, seems to be suggesting Mike Pence should be fired for lying to America people…
Susan Rice, UN Ambassador. Lied to the American people about the cause of the Benghazi attack on 5 TV shows in 1 day.…
Meet Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. She lied repeatedly to the American People about Benghazi.
Pelosi demands "Flynn be fired immediately." (FYI, McCain told Obama to fire Susan Rice and Gen. Dempsey, et al…
Remember that time Susan Rice lectured America about what stores they were allowed to shop at ?.
Remember that time when Republicans blocked Susan Rice from becoming Sec. of State? CEO of huge oil company fine tho
Push back on your misspeak with Susan Rice's lies of the Benghazi Massacre being just a demonstration that the media never criticized.
Did the networks refuse to book Susan Rice after she lied about the video?
.Susan Rice has a MAJOR financial stake in DAPL company
Susan Rice has a LOT of nerve commenting on anything after LYING to Americans how Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 ot…
These lackeys were appointed to jobs in gov't by Obama on the way out! Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes need…
much hand wringing w/ Susan Rice about Syrian outcome n u never asked why not destroy Syrian Air Force 2 stop chemical bombing?
Susan Rice, Mike Morrell, James Clapper, Mike Rogers, John Brennan, all with history of lying. All documented on video.
I think it was hiding in the White House when he sent Susan Rice out to lie to us on 5 Sunday morning shows
"Russia has been and remains a serious challenge across a number of dimensions." NSA Susan Rice. htt…
Interesting read --> Susan Rice: American Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Must Continue
Democrats should condemn the actions of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, John Kerry & Barack Obama.
Sheeple voted for Obama and got Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Janet Yellen instead. Bend over sheeple.
Nicki Haley trumps Susan Rice & Samantha Powers for US Ambassador to UN
as if Susan Rice and Valerie Jarret were godsends...they help ignite the world on fire
Nikki Haley is a great pick for UN Ambassador. She is 100 times better than Susan Rice was.
Hilarious that libs criticize Nicky Haley for UN Ambassador as short on experience...when Obama picked now to be forgotten clown Susan Rice
Gov demeaned, degraded, debased GOP base at Obama SOFU address but UN ambassador matters not...Susan Rice is nut & HALEY IS TOO
contrast this to Obama's first Ambassador, Susan Rice, with a clear worldview and FP experience in WJC administration.
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3. UN Ambassador shapes no policy. That is why Susan Rice got the job b4. Ceremonial at best.
"Nikki Hailey" as "UN Ambassador" is worst than Obama's pick of Susan Rice. At least Rice was a diplomat.
Predict the MSM will be tougher on Gov Nikki Haley and her nom for UN Ambassador than they were when Susan Rice lied!
UN ambassador only carries out express orders of Prez, recall how Susan Rice destroyed herself as Obama's puppet doing so
Congrats to Nikki Haley for getting the UN Ambassador gig...a far cry from Susan Rice
Lindsey Graham started the Benghazi phony scandal with lies that Obama then Susan Rice, then HRC covered something up.
AFP gets an exclusive interview with Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who predicts Trump will uphold treaty commitmen…
Susan Rice not only plagues ppl w/ support for TPLF genocide but also ppl w/ support of sanctions
Susan Rice admits 8 years of weed smoking in background check
Susan Rice, John Koskinen, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, now Donna Brazile. We're running out of positions to promote thes…
At historic announcement of a new Cuba policy by Susan Rice, Rep. Jane Harman, head of the Wilson Center, shouts ou…
she global mania Powell we take Susan Rice glass castle end story Women of department of Defense.
general Powell when women of AF take Susan Rice to glass castle you now will know why. General Robinson
Powell we have woman crisis right now. We need to take Susan Rice to glass castle forever. Martin
Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, HRC team of support regime change & proxy wars that destr…
Hanging out at the Parliament Funkadelic Mothership with and Amb. Susan Rice
Ronald Reagan cut-off sending our Amb over there, obviously, BO/Susan Rice changed all that, booho😢
Nice article in The Hoya on with Amb. Susan Rice, moderated by Dean Joel Hellman.
Susan Rice speaks at first of series on Obama administration:
.. Susan Rice, and Reality aren't exactly on a first name basis.
It's hard to overstate just how much of a disaster Susan Rice has been.
DRUDGE REPORT: "Chinese Official Confronts Obama on Tarmac." But the official confronted Susan Rice, not Obama. Matt going Alex Jones on us.
John Brennan crafted the false talking points that Hillary and Susan Rice gave regarding Benghazi promoted to CIA director.
John Kirby reminds me of Susan Rice after Benghazi
National Security adviser Susan Rice claims there are too many whites in... via
Stephanie Rawlings Blake came to slay tonight. Shes tired of yall calling her Susan Rice
Comey wrote the first 14 minutes, Susan Rice wrote the last minute.
In compromising AG Lynch, Bill can add her name to the list of blacks he's thrown under the bus: Vernon Jordan, Betty Currie, Susan Rice
Susan Rice was just on TV and said that Bill Clinton's meeting with Loretta Lynch was due to a YouTube video :)
State Dept. officials believed Susan Rice went "off the reservation" with media blitz
Meet Black Singles 300x250
State Department officials said privately that Susan Rice went "off the reservation"
Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and Obama are all in over…
He has done this many times to prevent prosecutions, DOJ Holder-Susan Rice
Susan Rice: Israel currently receives more than 1/2 of the United States’ entire foreign military assistance budget.
All of the women around Obama like Debbie, Samantha Power, Hillary, Nuland, Susan Rice are bunch of Thugs
Susan Rice's commencement address at Florida Intl Univ in Miami spoke to how immigrants are vital to US security.
Susan Rice, like Barry, was spewing Libtard crap at FIU address. Both R clueless/incompetent. htt…
Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, owns hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock in energy companies that deal with Iran.
Susan Rice, Obama's National Security Advisor, said that "white, male and Yale[-graduated]" security,...
Ambassador Susan Rice noted to this morning, that there are many things wrong with the UN.
Statement by NSC Spokesperson Ned Price on National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice's Meeting with Veterans o... (RT)
New blog post: Susan E. Rice Commencement Address Focuses on the Power of Diverse Groups
You blacks like Susan Rice lied about Benghazi using a video! You should all rot in *** Oh and if u can't
Some of your Susan Rice interview may be a joke three years from now. I think Iran is getting N. Korea to develope its nukes.
My suggest is that you save your interview with Susan Rice and see how much of it is true in five or ten years.
Mother of Benghazi victim: Hillary and Susan Rice told me “nose to nose” that the video was to blame - Hot Air
Don't hire Whites males or anyone from according to
Susan Rice says there are too many white people in top National Security positions – they all think alike.
National security adviser says are essential to US security.
Exactly .And lied to parents of the fallen Went on 5 talk shows .with Susan Rice !HRC, BHO & Leon Panetta as well😡
Susan Rice: "There was nothing that was hidden or could be hidden" on the pitch
And as we all know, Susan Rice's veracity has always been above reproach.
Must have been caused by a video...ask Susan Rice
Well.Hilary has a paid liar. I mean who can top Susan "I love to lie, and it shows" R…
Susan Rice is an *** blacks are 25% in NSA and Black population is approximately 13.2 % via
Ignorant racist tone😱. ⚠White House’s Susan Rice: U.S. national security agencies are too white.
Susan Rice says U.S. national security agencies are too white - Washington Times - via
Has“No Regrets” she Lied about Benghazi long as her undeserved paycheck keeps coming. via
- Can someone ask Hillary if she is going surrounded herself with Susan Rice & Windy Sherman corrupt deplomats
Susan Rice: The Japanese have not asked us to apologize for using nuclear weapons in WWII
Listen to Susan Rice talk about diversity on CNN-GPS, reflect on the views of your own leaders, and learn why you're a thir…
Rice do you know how stupid u sound.STFU
Susan Rice on proclaiming the. transparency of the Iran "deal" --. "the documents were there for all to see.". ***Aft…
Susan Rice says we need more Black people in the Federal Govt.
so I guess the Obama administration will NOW fire Susan Rice, John Kerry & other LIARS who misled American people. Accountability right?
Susan Rice encourages graduates to embrace diversity during speech:
Susan Rice: U.S. NatSec agencies are too white
Racist and incompetent Susan Rice says that U.S. national security agencies are "too white…
Susan Rice tells college grads that there are too many whites in top government jobs.
Obama adviser Susan Rice tells college students: National security workforce is too "white" and "male"
Susan Rice thinks people think with their skin and there are too many whites in government. In her case, too many ***
Susan Rice is an over educated fool!
Today spoke about diversity in the US national security workforce Here's what she said:
This putrid human being is a national embarrassment. She believes skin color not merit should de…
This AM, said that our national security workforce should look more like America. I agree. More at:
Because the last thing we need is hiring competence over color.
Booker T had Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and Obama in mind when he said this.
Susan Rice, along with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, should be in jail. Her role in covering-up the derel...
U.S. decries 'too white' makeup of agencies
ISIS: We will do all we can to find ways to kill Americans. Susan Rice: Ya know, we've got too many white dudes in our…
Race obsessed Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and Obama are better fits for the New Black Panther Party than they are for thei…
says it takes a + Susan Rice to lie about the heroes
Where details are known as the lead speechwriter and principal adviser to Susan Rice then U.S. Ambassador to!
Not only will Obama be gone next January, so will Susan Rice, John Kerry, Josh Earnest, and Samantha Power.
Hey Donald...You forgot, Susan Rice is the worst UN ambassador that the US ever had:)
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