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Susan Calman

She is a frequent panellist on BBC Radio 4 topical shows The News Quiz and I Guess That's Why They Call It The News, has appeared in Channel 4 sketch shows and covers for Fred MacAulay on his BBC Radio Scotland show.

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Pretty obvious really.. especially when that "talented" lass Susan Calman has her own slot & guests on panel shows.…
The throwback for today is Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton's American Smooth to Beyond the Sea" from 2017 week 10, i…
I know. Happened to me with Susan Calman. Some people are VERY easily offended, it seems.
Praise from Susan Calman. 😍 That’s me done for the day. Just gonna walk around with a big head telling people how l…
Who'd have thought Susan Calman would have ended Kevin Clifton's marriage. 🤣
Mentioned this with strictly, but it’s been so nice to see and hear Susan Calman and Kezia Dugdale speaking about t…
I don't know what we did to deserve Susan Calman, but I'm glad we do
I love you Susan Calman. That is all.
For such a fun show, it’s crazy that being part of Strictly has turned into an experience where Alexandra has to be…
"You're a tall man. I feel like I'm standing in a hole" - Susan Calman about
We cannot stop watching Armchair Detectives despite the fact it is rubbish. I think that Susan Calman knows this helps.
Oh fantastic! Loved the first series, got stuck in a Susan Calman YouTube rabb…
I foolishly told the husband about the Boo’s desire for another cat, which she’ll name Strictly-Susan Calman. He’s…
I cannot watch this as Susan Calman's voice gets on my nerves. Sorry Susan.
Happens every year. A top scoring non white person has to struggle through to the final. What is t…
Here's a thing of joy to brighten up your day: a cheesy low budget crime gameshow with lovely Susan Calman presenti…
Five books in HILARIOUS Baby Aliens series have been narrated by the one any only…
What has her ethnicity got to do with anything? and Susan Calman was voted out because she was a ***
Who is Kevin Clifton? Strictly Come Dancing 2017 professional voted off in week 10 with Susan Calman
Our Newest Story (Susan Calman: The actual motive she unfollowed Strictly) is being shared on Online News Gazette -…
I’ve got Scottish parents & grandparents, with Irish ancestors.. Bloody *** th…
No way, she had the cheek to run over and hug him when he got kicked off last week, never…
Kez isn't my fave contestant but just like hearing Susan Calman refer to her wife in the audience on Strictly used…
Really enjoyed Susan Calman ..she was a joy to watch down to earth full of warmth
I confess I don’t know loads about music tbh but she seems a lovely person and talented dancer.…
Just a few of my Strictly gripes! I liked Jonnie Peacock,Susan Calman and I did vote for Davood last night.…
Bet she's doing the tour hence judges overscoring on occasion, ditto Susan Calman...
They prefer the others bruv. It was Susan Calman's ejection that was scandalous. Only reason I watched.
I just heard you are bird watching with Susan Calman. When's that on air?
Our Kevin missed out on a fifth final but they went out on a high
First show in 5 years I have not watched. Tess or Claudia not saying "Susan C…
5 of 5 stars to Cheer Up, Love by Susan Calman
I mean, when Susan Calman calls her 'adorable bucket of happy' that tells you everything! So lovely.
Anything to just shed insincere tears. Hit dogs holler. If she didn't vote leave then wh…
Imagine being so green-eyed, you think Susan Calman can be less stompy than Alexandra Burke.
Does it seem strange to be watching Strictly without Susan Calman in it ?
That's why I loved Susan Calman, always made me smile but she wasn't the best dancer. She was highly entertaining a…
Oh God yes. The trembling, the looking down at the floor unable to face the verdicts... purrlease. Susan…
My six year old 'can't believe the government got rid of Susan Calman' and doesn't think…
I’m officially changing my votes to that Joe McFadden (now that beloved Susan Calman is out). Also: Katya’s dress is bringing it.
That moment you remember Susan Calman isn't on Strictly this week.
I’m afraid I’ve lost all interest in since Susan Calman has gone.
Legendary Strictly dancer finally confirms exit? 'This is heartbreaking'
Susan Calman was utterly adorable and one of the best things ever on I love how genuinely excited & giddy…
Who left Strictly Come Dancing 2017 and who is still in the line-up? Results after Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton
(last week) gotta love Susan Calman's sense of humour before the dance off.
I got blocked by Susan Calman and Frankie Boyle without having interacted
Susan Calman fails to stop herself breaking down as she says goodbye on Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two .
Susan Calman's Strictly Come Dancing journey comes to an end
Susan Calman broke down talking about her time on
Strictly Come Dancing 2017, week 10, Sunday results show: Susan Calman sent home after dance-off defeat to Alexandr…
Right result tonight... There’s NO WAY that Alexandra Burke could have gone home. Susan Calman had a great run though,…
Susan Calman becomes the ninth celebrity to be eliminated from the show after dance-off with Alexandra Burke
Susan Calman eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing after dance off with Alexandra Burke
Susan Calman leaves Strictly after dance-off with Alexandra Burke
Bookmakers Predict - Susan Calman & Kevin Clifton and Mollie King & AJ Pritchard in the bottom . My Opinion - Mollie…
Strictly Come Dancing judges accused of being &nasty&to Mollie King as Susan Calman rakes ...
Strictly Come Dancing’s Susan Calman stunned as judge Bruno Tonioli compares her to Doctor Foster for her grim-fac
Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke reveals she wants Susan Calman to win Strictly Come Dancing - The……
Strictly’s Susan Calman opens up on suicide attempt and says exercise helps to combat depression
I think that you are amazing Susan Calman. You are what Glasgow s needs to make people sta…
I love Susan Calman and is my favourite so please someone tell me who the feck Khaleesi is.
Back from seeing Michael Palin as Molotov to find Susan Calman will be Daenerys. World making sense at last?
Strictly’s Susan Calman reveals she attempted suicide at 16, but says BBC dance show has…
You must be dead in your heart if you don’t like Susan calman. She’s the joy in life.
Strictly Come Dancing star Susan Calman opens up on her 'suicide' torment | Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Susan Calman: Strictly Come Dancing is helping my depression
Hi, quoted you on my liveblog Hope ok. And thanks!
TheSun "Susan Calman has been hiding a devastating secret
Susan Calman has been hiding a devastating secret
Strictly Come Dancing 2017, week five results: Brian Conley sent home after losing dance…
Well done Susan👏👏 or should I say Khaleesi Calman, Breaker of Kevin, Mother of Cats! 👋👠🎶
So glad Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton are through to Halloween week. They are a joy to watch.
Susan Calman's face at Ruth telling the world that Eamon calls her 'witch'
Susan Calman is through to the Halloween and will be playing Danaerys Targaryan. I can ask no more of Strictly 2017
Susan Calman honestly bring me so much joy on   10% Off
Susan Calman doing a Game Of Thrones theme dance for the Halloween special? Count me IN
Strictly star Susan Calman reveals show has helped her fight depression .
Listen I love Susan calman and so does my cat
Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton's dance to The Jive Aces arrangement of "Bring Me Sunshine" was a highlight of BBC...
2017: Fears for Susan Calman as she reveals shock injuries
2017: Susan Calman details horror as prison guard pointed gun at her
Strictly’s Susan Calman reveals she and Kevin Clifton have a tattoo pact
Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton will dance to 'Shout Out To My Ex' on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend!
I just hope Susan Calman is the new Sarah Millican because she’s absolutely unbearable. .
I'm already loving Susan Calman and even more so after reading about the grief she's getting -
Susan Calman suggests she's under more scrutiny for not dancing in same-sex couple because she's a woma…
Strictly's Susan Calman: "LGBT community must stop attacking me over not wanting to dance with a same-sex partner"
Wishing the wonderful Susan Calman the best of luck on her Strictly adventure! 💃🏻 ht…
SUSAN CALMAN Happy to see you looking so good on Saturday. Enjoy your time on Strictly and ignore the horrid coments. you are great.
Are you that person that was moaning about Susan Calman?
With every new article written about Susan Calman I just keep thinking how great her Edinburgh Show's gonna be next year
(And I'm not talking about Susan Calman, etc)
For Susan Calman this is deeply unfair. Why did other *** contestants not face this scrutiny? I can only think it is her gender 5/
But now the situation has become headline news with Susan Calman. You have to question why this is 3/
Am I the only one to find the whole uproar over Susan Calman's dance partner on sexist? (a thread) 1/
Hey we go . Always one that wants this and that. Whether your *** or not, still gotta dance with a man
Susan Calman responds to backlash over partner …
Susan Calman responds to backlash over partner
Susan Calman won't thank the LGBT for interfering with the opportunity to raise her profile and earn a large fee.
Yall need to leave Susan Calman tf alone
contestant Susan Calman speaks out in defence of her decision to dance with a man on the show
Oh just heard the whole this is because Susan Calman is dancing with a man. Oh do F*** off! What does it matter?!
This is so daft. If you're *** dancing with someone of the opposite sex does NOT mean betraying your sexuality.
feel sympathy for Susan Calman. Several professionals are *** and never complained about dancing with member of opp. sex...
If Susan Calman or Ruth Langsford don't win strictly then I'll be furious
The scary thing is that people are describing Susan Calman as a comedian.
This Susan Calman thing is ridic. Just because she wants to dance with a man on the telly doesn't mean she's an…
How ridiculous all the Susan Calman talk Is she really the 1st ever *** contestant or dancer? This is PC gone mad! . Ian
on : has every1 missed the point where Susan Calman herself said.1/2
why has Susan Calman been criticised when Richard Coles hasn't
Craig Revel Horwood says same-sex couples should be on Strictly Come Dancing next year
So the LGBT community turns on poor Susan ? Shame on them . Come Dancing: Susan Calman 'offended'
Susan Calman defends decision to dance with a man: 'No one can say I haven't stood up for community'…
.contestant defends dancing with a man. Read more:
Will be on show at 12.30 discussing Susan Calman/Strictly 'outcry'. Should the programme have same sex couples?
Oh wow, did not know about this, Amazing. Think I might just pass it over to Susan Calman for inspiration.
Strictly spokeswoman says show has no plans to introduce same-sex couples in wake of LGBT abuse
re Susan Calman. When we danced at school there wasn't enough girls to go have a female partner. We've all danced with a boy.
If your discussion of same-sex partners on includes Susan Calman and not Richard Coles... babye
re Susan Calman - why wasn't the world up in arms about Judge Rinder & Will Young? Pathetic. You can be *** & still dance!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Is there nothing Susan can do that doesn't end up with her being attacked? Rape threats - death threats at Indy ?
The Susan Calman comments are basically random people telling her how to be *** Apparently being a female who likes fema…
Susan Calman targeted by critics for Strictly pairing - Digital Spy
Strictly Come Dancing's Susan Calman targeted by even more online critics as she's paired with Kevin Clifton
People have criticised *** comedian Susan Calman for wanting to dance with a man on Strictly Come Dancing…
Lorraine makes HUGE Strictly Come Dancing error as they mistake Charlotte Hawkins and Ruth Langsford for ... -
People criticising Susan Calman for not dancing with a same-sex partner are going to be so shocked when they find out about…
| UK — It is my choice to dance with a man, not a woman": Strictly's Susan Calman stands up to her LGBT…
Susan Calman dances with man?!. Offended. People behaving a way slightly to the side of how 'the list' decrees them…
All this fuss about same sex is Susan Calman supposed to just wear dungarees and only dance to KD Lang as well ?
good night? Was good fun, Susan Calman and Brian Connolly are funny x
I'm actually going to watch this series for you Susan Calman and Bradley Walsh.
Who is Susan Calman? Everything about the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 contestant
Get to know comedian Susan Calman, before she makes her debut later this year
HYPOTHESIS: Britain only has four TV *** . They are Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, Susan Calman, and Clare Balding. Tell me I'm wrong. 🌈
I keep mistaking her for susan calman tbh
It's the big burly men syndrome. As used by Susan Calman and Mad Dog Maddox.
ok I'm behind... up to Susan Calman ep2. Women have belly fat cos our uterus is in there & needs protection. We need belly fat!!
We are looking forward to bringing her new show to the Pavilion Arts Centre this month! (16 June)
Casting series 2 of The Boss, which is a BBC1 quiz show hosted by Susan Calman
Have you got what it takes to be The Boss? Susan Calman's BBC1 show is looking for contestants!
Last few tickets available for on Mon 26 June! Book Now to avoid disappointment!
Comic Susan Calman has launched a search for contestants on her new quiz show.
*** comic Susan Calman is looking for contestants on her new BBC quiz show The Boss
ARTICLE: Scottish comedian Susan Calman on what it means to be *** & the impact of the *** rights movement…
Arrived in lovely Keswick. Only a few tickets left for the show tonight
Susan Calman on *** history, role models, art and progress for
North Finchley! I have arrived! tonight. A few tickets left on the door
Also, I started reading Susan Calman's book about depression, which is very good so far but also bringing up Feelings.
People of Buxton! The link to my show on my website was broken. It's now fixed! Come see the show June 16th!
7 more shows to record in the next week, guests include Johnathan Ross, Gregg Wallace, Susan Calman, John Thompson and mor…
Getting some practice in, just in case Susan Calman pulls out as…
A few more tickets available for you say? Best get booking before they go! • http…
my favourite audiobooks have been Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman and The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer :)
I really like Susan Calman & admire her for giving it a good try but this show is awful. I hope to see more of her in future.
I wonder, Did Susan Calman get her job as a quiz host for the BBC because of her hosting skills or because she's a ***
Orlando Bloom sends The One Show viewers into meltdown as he stuns viewers with his real…
My husband just asked 'is that that's not that MP is it? I give up...sorry Susan Calman
Susan Calman is on catch her on stage in worthing
I see Ruth Davidson has a new comedy quiz show on telly!. No. My bad. It's that other wee chirpy cheery cheeky comedian, Susan Calman…
The only pirate that Susan Calman could be is Smee!! 😂😂
The One Show random guest generator has thrown up a beauty today. Orlando Bloom on the sofa next to Little Scottish Comedian Susan Calman!
Can't believe Susan Calman has landed a show on the BBC. . Just wow...
So often waiting for Susan Calman to deliver a joke but there isn't one; she's just hoping the audience will laugh out of politeness
I like Susan Calman, but whoever commissioned her new game show The Boss on BBC One daytime needs a slap. Talk about a snoozefest.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Of all the public people I could be blocked by, Susan Calman would be way down the list. I'd expec…
I love Susan Calman, but is a very poor substitute for Primary school-level questions. She's wasted on it.
I love Susan Calman, but The Boss is just a bit too Numberwang.
I just confused Susan Calman and Ruth Davidson again, and spent a moment wondering why RD was hosting a game show during an election...
Who’s on The One Show tonight? Orlando Bloom and Susan Calman join Matt Baker and Michelle Ackerley -…
14:15 The Boss: Susan Calman hosts the quiz show where being number one is everything.
I sometimes wonder if Ruth Davidson is popular because public confuse her with the Susan Calman
we had Susan Calman, Josh Widdecombe and Rich Hall. Excellent show!
Help! I can't get past the mental image of Susan Calman as Karen Pirie. Please, give me a different mental picture. Good books.
I meant a resemblance to Susan calman!
Her name is rightly pronounced 'fee'. My bete noir is Susan Calman. On every panel game and she's not even funny
That's the one. Susan Calman presenting. Looked terrible and...she's OK...but a quiz show host?!
what's with Susan Calman on She needs her hands tying up. Annoying!!
There's a quiz show called The Boss in which Susan Calman plays an invisible drum when she asks a question.
14:15 The Boss: Susan Calman puts contestants through their paces to find out who is the Boss.
Update your maps at Navteq
Also News Quiz is always great when Susan Calman is on.
Susan Calman and Stephen K Amos to present LGBTQ documentary (
As part of the new BBC season *** Britannia', Susan Calman and Stephen K Amos are to present a LGBTQ documentary: https…
23:00 News Quiz Extra: Jeremy Hardy and Susan Calman are amongst Miles Jupp's guests for the extended version.
I'd actually like to see a female comedian do it: Sue Perkins, Susan Calman or Josie Long would be quite cool.
Andy Hamilton and Susan Calman will go to church in York in May for a laugh
I have a spare ticket for Susan Calman at the Lowry tonight. Anybody interested? Face value £17.
Right then. Longish journey to Newbury ahead. Check with venue for returns for the show tonight
First comedy gig of the year, Susan Calman! (March is far too far into the year for my liking)
I dislike Ruth Davidson. Then again I dislike Susan Calman. Who should I dislike the most?
Anyone ever seen Susan Calman & Ruth Davidson in the same room at the same time?
Trump state visit to be held in tenement in Kirkcaldy. QE2 stand-in is Susan Calman. May subbed by Ronni Ancona.
You could go as that Susan Calman from that Cheer Up, Love book 😃
Cheer up Love: Adventures in Depression with the Crab of Hate by Susan Calman.
The always hilarious Susan Calman is playing this coming Monday...
No doubt it was similar abuse to Susan Calman's. Invisible to search engines but it DEFINITELY happened.
It was the same nonsense with Susan Calman.
My answers to some of the questions…. Susan Calman, Brian from Spaced, Goronwy, The Horny Nimon/The Twins and Emma…
What, like the blog Susan Calman claimed attacked her and Newsnicht said was too vile to repeat?
It worked for Susan Calman from least for a while? 🤔
Did we EVER see the alleged abusive attacks on Susan Calman? .
the same person who threatened Susan Calman probably
Susan Calman refers to it as the Crab of Hate. Her book is really good.
My top 3 are Richard Ayoade, Susan Calman and Sue Perkins. There are no better choices. These are the choices. Choose, BBC.
it came up over a convo abt Alex Parks, bless her. Big fan of Susan Calman and Elen, obvs. Hope you're good! X
Excellent. Susan Calman is on the News Quiz this week, did you hear it?
My wife's journey is being disrupted every 5 minutes for me to repeat what Susan Calman said next on is patient.
50% done with Cheer Up, Love, by Susan Calman: Enjoying this!
Susan Calman's on so I need the Scottish *** view on things ASAP. 😂😂
Fortunately we have tickets booked for the wonderful Susan Calman next Friday, so can start from there and see more the rest of the year.
So for my 200m drive home it's listen to the News Quiz featuring Susan Calman or pour boiling water in my ears, . I'll put the kettle on.
just heard on radio 4 "Susan Calman loves the News Quiz so much she battled through the elephants to get here".
'Susan Calman has battled through the'. Continuity announcer on Thank you for the image!
COMEDY LOCK IN: Last few tickets for at Mon/Tue.
It’s Susan Calman’s tenth year in comedy and she's coming to the Festival with a brand new show!.
The mighty Susan Calman on sale today. Funny, bubbly, caustic and talented. Click or call us.
Due to popular demand, the brilliant returns in September!
sounds like a perfect segment for your caravan travel show with Susan Calman!
no I don't follow him. Usually Susan Calman and Wednesday night Duncan Jones on the brits
enjoyed podcast with Sarah Pascoe.Then Susan Calman took it to a whole new level. Just the best
In my next life, let me be a cat that Susan Calman adopts.
Just heard the best burn ever on - Jack Dee, on hearing Susan Calman singing a Heart song: "I think I owe bagpipes an apology."
Richard is on on Dave at midnight, along with Susan Calman, Carol Kirkwood, and David O'Doherty. A classic episode!
Listening to the Susan Calman episode of before meeting new people was both a terrible and wonderful thing to do.
The tone with which Susan Calman shrugged "Well..." upon learning that Xmas lights harm avg 55y/o man gives me life 🎄
"how can I choose between susan calman, Sue Perkins, and Sandi Toksvig"
Just like to congratulate you on your relationship with Susan Calman 🤣🎉🎉
Another chance to hear on Radio 4 with Susan Calman talking about
I was already having a perfect day, but Susan Calman comparing Sandi Toksvig's gaze to the Eye of Sauron tipped my day into 'heavenly'
22:00 QI: Josh Widdicombe, Susan Calman and Matt Lucas join Sandi and Alan for a Noel special.
Right, so I can see Sarah Millican's face and hear her voice but the only name in my head is Susan Calman. Pass.
Replacing Sara Pascoe on RHLSTP on 14th November will be the amazing Susan Calman -
I have so many people on my wish list! Susan Calman, Josie Long, Dara O’Briain, Ed Byrne, Elis James, Jack Dee… Oh god, so many…
The BBC should just make Bake Me Up Before you Dough Dough fronted by Nadiya Hussain, Susan Calman and George Michael. I'd watch it
Finished off the fringe yesterday with great shows by Susan Calman and Stuart Goldsmith and a couple of interesting plays
Seen some class estb acts on my Day 6 at including Susan Calman & Tom Allen
It's a good old fashioned belter of a comedy podcast today!
Saw Susan Calman yesterday at the Edinburgh Fringe. Great show. Particularly liked the idea of falling off the train like the pope
Have 2 extra tickets for Susan Calman for tomorrow. Sell at face value.
we've seen Susan Calman in street. Couldn't say hello because she had a clipboard
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Susan Calman is showcasing some of the Fringe's best comedians - watch it live right here:
Going LIVE right now: Susan Calman showcases some of the best comedians
Watch Susan Calman showcase some of the top comedians LIVE here at 3pm:
The incredible “I have depression. This is part of who I am.”
BTW, Susan Calman's current show has even more to the KLK story.
Susan Calman is back hosting LIVE AT THE PLEASANCE today! Here's a clip of her with Pippa Evans on last week's show.
Susan Calman at the Edinburgh book festival was worth being No2 in the queue on 21 June 2016 fascinatingly brilliant event with humour
Going to listen to more of Susan calman's audiobook since its amazing
Susan Calman' Cheer up love is a great and funny read -
Susan Calman is the eyes and the mouth is Craig Hills
Read how Susan Calman explains it's not so easy to Cheer Up Love to
it was terrific! I would have gone again if I hadn't had tickets for Susan Calman at the book festival...
VG piece of advice from Susan Calman
If you get a therapist and it doesn't work, try another therapist... Different things work for different people. ~Susan Calman
"My growing up *** in Glasgow was like being a vegan in an abbatoir" Susan Calman
Electronic Device Insurance
"I have depression but I've learned to live with it, and to celebrate it to some extent." Susan Calman
Susan Calman "on stage I'm the confident woman I would like to be" describing her offstage crab of hate
I don't want to bang on about it, but Cheer Up Love, by Susan Calman has so many brilliant things to say about mental health. It's ace.
Susan Calman sold out months ago. Where do I get one of your magic passes?
I always get so excited when I see Susan Calman has done anything, she's so fab
Susan Calman and Bourgeois & Maurice and Camille O'Sullivan were top of my list.
Im listening to Cheer up Love by Susan Calman and its great. On chapter 6.
So for everyone who couldn't get Fringe tickets you can now! 6 tickets for each show (including tonight) on line now
*FRINGE KLAXON* Due to demand I've released 6 tickets for each of the remaining shows Buy em now!
You can buy my book as an audio download/hardback/kindle here or in all good bookshops. (All bookshops are good)
Susan Calman mentioned Gillian Anderson and Jodie Foster within two minutes of each other during her show last night. SO good.
Fringe Q&As: Samantha Baines on baked potatoes, Susan Calman and her Brian Cox obsession
BBC Scotland^ | Comedians brave enough to take on the Edinburgh Fringe: Scottish comedians Susan Calman and D...
I went for Stuart Goldsmith, Susan Calman & Sofie Hagen. Apparently the festival was brought to me by the letter S
Live at the Pleasance is back at 3pm today, streaming online through and hosted by Susan Calman!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Felicity Ward and Susan Calman are just what the Festival doctors ordered
Really small time admittedly but I went for a pish earlier and when I came back Susan Calman was sat at my table
you can see Sandi Toksvig, Susan Calman & Sue Perkins in the new musical "Lezz Gloriosa"
Down to the last few tickets for Susan Calman, Barry Cryer also selling well,comedy proving popular in the Barton Arts Festival programme.
12:04 The Unbelievable Truth: David Mitchell is joined by Henning Wehn, Jon Richardson, Susan Calman and Jack Dee.
. is (are you posh ricky?). Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Robin Ince, Steven K Amos, Susan Calman are funny too
I heard Susan Calman has employed Chilcot to speed up her evidence gathering on that particular point.
If you missed yesterday's First Tuesday Club you can see some of the highlights here
On my way to the QMU to hear Susan Calman talk about her journey from corporate lawyer to comedienne extraordinaire!
At the with Susan Calman in Jims Bar at the QMU, can't wait till it starts!
"I don’t feel like ovarian cancer is something we talk about." Read interview with
On way home after the awards. Another great event with a great host Susan Calman!
I didn't know Susan Calman was working as a photo model for BBC.
Susan Calman Is Convicted, Series 1, Depression, The cat and the duck
Susan Calman is on Blimey: you never hear her on Radio 4 these days!
thank you! We loved the disco, Susan Calman was fab & Enactus simply took our breath away! Here's to 2016!
SocialEnt_UK: Host Susan Calman takes to the stage
Host Susan Calman takes to the stage
Susan Calman moving people to tears and laughter
Last few tickets to see me, Katherine Ryan, Susan Calman and Bridget Christie in conv with TONIGHT! h…
New BBC charter will insist 83% of Radio 4 output must feature member of Mitchell-Coren family, Miles Jupp or Susan Calman.
Fancy this? Susan Calman work in progress gig in New Cross with Holly Walsh, £5!
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