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Surface Book

Surface Pro 4 Xbox One Intel Core

Here's what's in the September firmware updates for Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface 3:
Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 grab new camera drivers for Windows… Via Windows Central
You can now buy Microsoft's most tempting Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book
So eventually decided for a Surface Pro 4 instead of a Surface Book. The Book is just not really worth it yet, too many first gen glitches.
I see others discovered 10586.338 for Release Preview Ring - been solid on the Surface Book over the last 24 hours.
Hands-on: Asus’ Transformer 3 Pro is a slightly bigger, slightly better Surface Book: Asus' la...
Surface Book and Pro 4 now available in the UK with 10% off, free Dock and 3-year guarantee Andy Weir
No, no, no - I work from home and keep my main desktop, podcasting machine and Surface Book on Current Branch.
Microsoft releases new update for Surface Book and Pro 4 to fix...
ICYMI: Pro 4 and Surface Book have been certified by Siemens for use w/ Solid Edge https:…
Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 certified to run Siemens Solid Edge CAD tools
How are you liking the Surface Book. I've been looking at getting something new for school.
Instead of using my Econ book to do the hw I used it as a flat surface so I could clean my makeup brushes
Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 release date rumors: Both devices will come out late this year?: Previous rumors...
Now that Linux on Windows is a thing, I'm seriously debating ditching this Macbook for a Surface Book >_>
I'm pretty bummed about the rumored Surface Phone delay. I can't afford a Surface Book and I need to feel like Batman again.
Electronic Device Insurance
After a week of using my Surface Book, I gotta say first laptop isn't half bad! I think it might win over my Macbook, maybe..
Main 10 energizing gadgets for 2016: iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and Surface Book 2
Hey nice song in the surface book commercial. I especially like when used it a few years ago.
Containment by The colony was built on the harsh Venusian surface by the Founders
Well I've just ordered a 5th replacement Surface Book! Hopefully this one will be as you designed it to be :-)
Get $150 off select Book and models through tomorrow only. Save before this deal goes away.
Amazon has the Microsoft Surface Book - 256GB/Intel Core i7 - over $1000 off via
Pick up cup, put on laptop, put something (surface, book, etc) where it was.
Can Microsoft's Surface Book do the job of a laptop?
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Don't just judge a Book by it's cover (even when the cover is awesome). Learn more: htt…
Build 14316: Cannot stream or download purchased movies due to error 0x8004B823. Running on Surface Book.
The Surface Book is super dope. Best purchase of 2016 so far 👍
Just got a Drake University skin to put on my Surface Book. Pretty excited!
Why I returned my Surface Book - Bugs, glitches, and poor support via
yeah.. this is the bottom of the Surface Book so far
Tech: Microsoft rolls out updates for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 that address…
Please launch Surface Book in India. Need it desperately!. TIA
Fellow artists, what's better?. 1. iPad Pro w/ Pencil but no full version of Photoshop . 2. Wacom Companion. 3. Surface Book. ?
Short travel times are what make laptop keyboards terrible. I was saying that the Surface Book should be very good to type on
Been watching a lot of iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4 vs Wacom videos lately, but no mention at all of the Surface Book. Weird.
Spotlight: Microsoft's new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 receive firmware updates
Really hoping I can myself the surface book before next semester 😭
Deploying or Great comparison Need an IT Refresh Strategy to help?
Students who heavily use OneNote pen input and have a Surface Book
Re: The Windows 10 Field Guide: Do the Surface 3 / 4 posters apply to tablet mode on the Surface Book or only the true tablets?
Because I know you were all wondering, Yes. Pharaoh: Cleopatra does run perfectly on the Surface Book.
Don't judge a book by its cover. the real beauty is beneath the surface.
I occasionally get this on both my desktop machines running 10, so maybe not specific to Surface Book?
A surface book that dual boots to android when undocked would be my tablet/laptop dream
Bitwig Studio fully supports the ultimate laptop for musicians.
Surface Book firmware update killed my webcams. Interesting.
*This could be the true inspiration behind the design of the pen for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book*...
Stream Xbox anywhere at home on your Surface rather than TV? makes it possible: https:/…
Also, had to reinstall Surface Book drivers to get battery life to announced spec (from
You can find additional details here:.
Tim Cook pours scorn on Microsoft's Surface Book by calling it 'diluted'
Interesting! ∞ Comparing drawing capabilities of the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Book
On the surface, Paige Paget seems to have it all.
I used black pencil tool for each. The "grey" on the iPad is just lighter shading strokes. Surface Book, same screen.
You are having lots of good luck this week. Your Surface Book has also shipped…
Proposal for Microsoft to upgrade the Surface Book, Surface and Surface Pro keyboards in future.
My first impressions of the Surface Book
The is a great computer and tablet but it isn’t a laptop. How to make it better.
Play One in every room of your house with and
Well, surface book was a non-starter out of the gate and on its way back to seller. Thankfully to the rescue!
Looks like Surface Book users are having a really rough time just now:
WANT. Please get me a Microsoft Surface Book adapter stat! :)
New Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book firmware updates are rolling out Via Windows Central
VIDEO: Surface Book, iPad Pro, an illustrator's take by and
Could the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 convince Mac loyalists to switch to ... - Al-Bawaba
Tim Cook trashes the Surface Book and Microsoft should feel flattered (Brad Reed/Boy Genius Report)
Microsoft’s November updates to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book appear to be designed to fix complaints…
Congrats to Zachary Sigalov from Baltimore Gas and Electric on winning the Surface Book at
When you detach the Surface Book screen & use it in tablet form, it can't be overstated how nice the size is; everything becomes a magazine.
Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book user guides and recovery image downloads go live …
technews_google User reports of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 problems proliferate - InfoWorld
I was hoping the iPad Pro would be what the Surface Book is.
Surface Book vs. Surface Pro 4: Picking the best came down to just one thing
Microsoft's claim that Surface Book is twice as fast as 13-inch MacBook Pro misleading, -
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Chromebook Pixel with 3:2 screen ratio in 2013: "That's idiotic!". Surface Book with 3:2 screen ratio in 2015: "That's brilliant!"
Microsoft adds cheaper Surface Book with SD must of listened to Mr Dell lol Nvidia graphics to line-up
Microsoft adds cheaper Surface Book with Nvidia graphics to line-up
pierce: Flaws and all, the Surface Book is a laptop worth getting seriously excited about …
I just entered the giveaway on WinBeta!
, interesting. I figured you would be all over the new Surface Book. Also shocked Nokia exists.
Isn't the surface book the really ugly *** one?
Especially with the surface book coming out. Good time to be a Microsoft fan.
I added a video to a playlist The New Microsoft Surface Book
the Surface Book latch can be tricky. It relocks if your not quick about it. I'm still leaning towards the Book though.
Looking back at the iPad Pro after seeing this Microsoft Surface Book...
Was nice meeting for coffee earlier, tho he may have convinced me not to get a Surface Pro 4/Book just yet
We’re giving away a brand new Intel Core i5 Surface Book via
5 Windows 10 hybrids that rival the Microsoft Surface Book via &
All-around the newest, most versatile laptop. is now available for pre-order:
Got to use a Book in an event today at my Uni. 1 word: WOW! Can't wait to get one myself! :D
Surface Book is utterly gorgeous.. *throws MacBook in the trash*
Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 as new powerhouse?
Lenovo's new Yoga 900 is just a lovely, lovely piece of hardware -- and maybe a Surface Book rival via
Interesting...a maxed out Macbook Pro and a maxed out Surface Book cost the same.
Cancelled Surface Book Microsoft Store pre-orders to be shipped a few days after they are… http…
Microsoft adds Surface Book with 1 terabyte of storage for $3,199.
So I bought the surface book and I hope it doesn't disappoint.
I think the surface book is the next big thing mainly because of versatility, size to clock power relation and its Pixelsense compatibility.
Microsoft invited the media to New York earlier this month to unveil an array of new hardware, including the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, L…
Does the Surface Book also have a hybrid cooling system just like the pro 4?
Blogged: - Surface Book 1TB and Surface Pro 4 1TB Versions now available (for preorder)...
Surface Pro 4, Surface Book: Microsoft is Now the Cool Kid on the Block Thanks to Surface…
I liked a video Should I get the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book? 11
The best inking devices in now include the Pro 4 & Surface Book! htt…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Book News Update: Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950, and Surface Book accessories shown off in pictures
Microsoft redefines the laptop with Surface Book, ushers in new era of Windows 10 devices
Microsoft now offers "Complete" warranty plans for HoloLens, Surface Book, and more
is the Surface Book at the Bethesda Montgomery mall in Maryland or Tysons Corner Virginia?
The Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Band 2, and new Lumias are now on display in Microsoft stores
Pretty stoked about the Surface Book / Xbox One atm
Yep. Grab your Surface Book, your 3rd party "gaming dock", an Xbox Elite controller, some Doritos and Coke. Done! ;)
Surface Book just jumped to the top of my wishlist without second thoughts. I don't need a watch, I don't need a Ps4, I don't need an xbox
When is Microsoft planning on stopping by Pixar and Disney offices to have everyone test out the Surface Book? .
What was the Xbox team's in developing the Surface Book?
Surface Book looks promising. Microsoft could have taken the chance to include the xbox controller dongle inside the thing...
It would be literally the perfect setup. ASUS monitor, Surface Book, Xbox One.
I think should bundle an Xbox One and a Surface Book tbh. Would make lots of sense since they're all connected now.
Here's our first look at the Surface Book, Microsoft's answer to the MacBook Pro
Microsoft kicks off the best tablet computer for 2015, meet the new Surface Book ultimate 2 in 1 laptop
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ICYMI: Microsoft announced the Surface Book yesterday. This is a great summary of what it is and how it came to be.
BLOG: Microsoft’s new Surface Book to 'redefine industry' -
Microsoft reveals its first laptop ever, the Surface Book:
Microsoft's Surface Book will redefine how PCs are made
Microsoft Has Best Day Ever: Hands-on with the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 http:…
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Lumia and Band 2 launch as it happened ...
Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Band 2, Surface Book, Lumia 950 and even XBox and Hololens. Office for iOS and Android, One Note and One Drive
Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop via
I want a full Microsoft gadgetry. That Lumia 950, Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, that Microsoft Band and last but not the least, Xbox One.
details Surface Book, Surface 4, new Xbox One UI and the Band 2-
Already have Xbox One and Lumia phone, and Hololens seems a while away for consumers, so I guess I'm MOST excited for Surface Book.
The hype is real right now! Surface Book and Halo 5 Xbox One this month, Lumia 950XL next month. Team and
A closer look at Microsofts new Surface Book laptop ((Tom Warren)/WinRumors)
Holy crap the Surface Book is pure sex... in laptop form... I... I don't meet a lot of women.
Are Panos and team treated like rock stars at MS these days? I hope so. Surface Book is a unicorn. That's good btw
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